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tv   13 News Daybreak  ABC  February 8, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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. the search is on this morning for a father who cause statewide panic when state police issued an amber alert for his little girl breaking overnight super bowl celebrations go too far rambunctious crowd in denver forced police to get a little physical. this is thirteen is now at daybreak ashley's watching the road for trouble spots and craig is forecasting partly sunny skies but there is a chance on the horizon for me and yeah some more weather coming back in the picture later tonight maybe a little bit of mixed precipitation is while but today we're in great shape still breezy at the coast but in general things are looking pretty good right now north winds sixty mph those are sustained winds with those gusts reaching twenty five teams in thirty thirty five mph in some spots along because temperatures are milder theirs while forty three
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the temperatures are cooler we have mid thirties out towards i ninety five take a images the wet weather offshore no longer an issue around here. we will see clearing skies is already clear out to the last area of low pressure racing off to the east northeast will go away now to still win it because the mansion this morning the winds will ease of thirty six mph at pier twenty nine mph gusts and oceania as we take it today we're starting off with variable eat a mostly cloudy skies become partly to mostly sunny though with highs today around forty seven so enjoy that to the early afternoon by late afternoon evening increasing clouds and there will be a chance for a little bit of precipitation overnight. i think some rain showers maybe a few spotty areas of light mix precipitation tomorrow we can also see a little bit of mixed brown one for general heavy but there are some things to watch abby doing that will keep you updated
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going to see what else is watching run the hr bt oh we're all pretty calm and quiet for a traffic conditions but that's only like here you can see here things are moving pretty well across the area and as we give you a live look at traffic leaving him to making its way to norfolk near sixty four eastbound traffic passing settlers landing road headed to mallory moving very well right now as it approaches the car bt the show has been a mile away from the tar bt into westbound traffic headed away from the hr bt also doing very well and speaking of very well we head back to the traffic network now some good news here at the chesapeake bay bridge tunnel we had leveled one when restrictions of the tunnel. those restrictions have been lifted we don't have to worry about that anymore on thirteen. but as we head out west we still have standing water reported on multiple routes in southampton isle of wight and surry counties that has been very careful if you're headed out there this morning i reminded the coleman bridge opens twice today once at noon and then again i've won this afternoon and then
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have the six sixty four traffic south to newport news at martyrdom and breaking overnight a rowdy crowd in downtown denver causing trouble for police they ended up closing the streets leading into downtown amenities pepper spray to try and disperse the crowd as of midnight officers arrest a close a dozen people now no officers were hurt but that ground and shatter police cruisers window and costs and damage on the sixteenth street mall which is the city's pedestrian zone celebrations in fort collins and boulder also turned around to stick around highlights from super bowl game that triggered all this chaos that's coming up at five fifty in a park or thirteen years now so much its level three. some scary moments for north carolina governor pat mccrory overnight. california highway patrol says a car rear ended the governor's vehicle he reported some minor pain but wasn't hospitalized the governor released a statement shortly after saying in part we were very fortunate and while i am still proud of the carolina panthers. this puts the game in proper perspective. a warning from the norfolk
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of people received calls from someone to be pretending to be a sheriff's deputy the color is telling people that they missed jury duty and they need to pay state victims are told to load up a thousand dollars on a prepaid card and read the card number over the phone if they don't they threaten to go to jail if you get one of those calls or if you've gotten one you have got to call the norfolk police at six six four seven zero one five before it's official the elizabeth city police department is getting body cameras they're holding a news conference this week to talk about their plans for the cameras and what the camera policy will be that's happening on wednesday let you know what happens and new this morning authorities in florida and captured a fugitive from virginia over the weekend james kent both was wanton and michael county for leaving a work release program without permission on friday he crashed a car in palm coast and ran an off duty officer found him hiding in a shed the very next day
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other people were in the car when the crash officers arrested a woman and another man known only as mike is still on the run. well authorities in western virginia still looking for the father of a girl was accused of taking her chances are you've got the amber alert for three year old haven moses yesterday afternoon probably on your phone. state police canceled a few hours later after the founder trooper say her father james mills is the third violated a protective order when he took her from a caretaker and the suffix school division is set to unveil next year's budget proposal this week they're hoping to add english specialists and full time graduation coaches our partner the virginian pilot reports superintendent a rand whitney laid out several priorities when he met with city council last week when he says graduation coaches help boost high school graduation rates. he also says that he wants to plan a salary boost for his teachers this year an antibiotic alert this morning the fda is in
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. good morning five o nine is that we checked the temperatures for you right now we have dry conditions across the area had the rain in the pre set that we saw yesterday is gone now and the temperatures are the upper thirty s to near forty on the eastern shore we ask the forty close to the middle peninsula kill morning checking in with thirty nine thirty a cost or forty one at kroger. check out some locations along seafood agency langley and thirty nine the same grandview hinton forty thirty nine immense fill an open outside temperatures in the low to mid forties near the coast we do of upper thirties in one out toward five this morning thirty
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low forties around the outer banks said this is our starting things off with our temperatures the precept that we saw yesterday in the stronger winds associated with the area of low pressure that will continue to slide off to the east and things will relax around here little bit later today were actually for awhile i think the late morning through the middle part of the afternoon things are looking great. showers will approach from the last one to focus on our area here across the region. look for upper forties officially at the airport right around forty seven or so forty eight from virginia beach low fifties and one including septic and wakefield as we take a look off to the north low fifties around williamsburg forty eight hampton slightly cooler at the eastern shore and down in to north carolina mid to upper forties along the outer banks temps in the low fifties in the centers that we see today this is as warm as it's gonna be for the coming week or so it gets cooler especially as we head into next weekend temperatures trending down
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see some showers were maybe a little bit of light makes tomorrow off to the north and west will talk more about that show you with the future cas coming up here's ashley all right we head down to the monitor merrimack checking traffic south to newport news on six sixty four and there is your ride there just past college drive headed toward the bridge in the tunnel traffic moving well and they are for southbound lanes here very quiet as it heads further into newport news on the traffic network maps will check one more spot for you chesapeake and won sixty eight expressway moving very well so that traffic and up to sixty four the next few minutes as you pass del you'll be at fifty five as you pass hillcrest will be at forty nine still did very well. as you head up to sixty four the next few minutes we'll head over to sixty four on the peninsula and will take traffic into perkins right ashleigh thank you i am so excited at the store yes even talk about every week
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break and when diving into the waves and choppy at five thirty lucy breaks down the love languages that could help you get through
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later today a michigan man is scheduled to get to be sentenced in court after authorities say they plan to attack the church twenty one year old kali loved will write on is facing terrorism charges yet but the fbi agents say that he expressed support for isis via social media and according to the fbi criminal complaint grandfather found the gun bullets and mask to his son planned to use to attack a detroit church. what do people are dead and ten others have been injured after shooting at a florida nightclub. it happened early yesterday morning in orlando police are still trying to figure out why someone opened fire and believe most of bystanders. detectives say they're looking for at least three suspects and this comes after another weekend shooting just down the road on i four. saturday evening eight people were shot at a strip club. new this morning one at north carolina town is making waves for proving an ordinance that allows some
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to carry handguns in city buildings. hendersonville is about three hours south of greensboro. the new city ordinance allows some employees to get a concealed carry permits permits in using government buildings the city manager says it's intended for those who may find themselves in danger situation while on the job the federal drug administration is facing a lawsuit over the side effects of an antibiotic the lawsuit alleges the fda commissioner conspired with pharmaceutical giant johnson johnson to hide the side effects of lepak when the financial gain to cling to to work together to miss label the drug level when was the subject of an fda hearing back in november two congressional committees overwhelmingly voted that level when labels didn't fully explain the rest of statistics found twelve hundred people have died and have suffered side effects like crippling pain from that drug. let's get to the story everyone is talking about
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hundred and twelve that's how many days it's been since the denver broncos won the super bowl. alexander went up early with a thirty four yard field goal from brandon mcmanus and four year four minutes later by miller stripped the ball often carolina quarterback cam newton lee jackson recovered to score the game's first touchdown. noone would even end up being sacked seven times during the game carolina would score the second quarter but the denver defense proved to be too much only allowing carolina to kick a field goal in the fourth broncos win twenty four ten and really saved and re called it the elders last night actually that bad that i got there we were all text last night not to mention adjust their defense is amazing and you know bombings excited about cam newton is any body a lot of interference here he's grateful for the broncos and the defense is forming so interesting and now
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says seems like it's the right is riding high now and with a fully anyway whatever will the means nothing in the world. i was selling everybody as henri body last night as a professional forecaster yea i was like being pelted with rocks and garbage at the super bowl party because the same i think the broncos are going to do it. we'll see i truly have i am here. try as survive at temperatures of the day topping out in the upper forties pretty good look and eight is going to become partly to mostly sunny a thing for awhile the middle part of the morning through the early to middle afternoon i think it's going to be really nice across the area we have our next system coming in this one is exiting its rolling out so we'll say so long to the windy conditions obviously the what where are we out here this morning but the next system approaches from the west bringing chances for little unsettled weather later tonight so we'll be watching that as you can see in the middle a nice stretch of
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excited about this as yet you can see some of the spotty showers initially just rain showers but there could be a little bit of mixing especially late late tonight early tomorrow morning and then during the day i think a little more mixing potentially off to the north and west something we will be monitoring carefully through the day tomorrow wednesday thursday friday look good but its kind in turn cooler so i want to be prepared psychologically i hate to start preparing now tempers getting cooler with highs in the low forties by the end the workweek and it looks like temperatures will top out perhaps in the low thirties by sunday. big drop in temps coming up high right now we have low thirty four year this morning out to the western world forty one at the airport north winds at sixty mph. highs around forty seven it becomes partly said he may be even partly mostly sunny showers possible late but not very likely better chances for showers overnight with some mixing possible toward sunrise tomorrow mimi
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looking for anything real heavy with this tonight or really tomorrow but aries mix precipitation possible tomorrow temperatures should top out around forty five tomorrow night. any lingering precipitation ends early and then we're going to see the conditions for this wednesday i think partly sunny mostly sunny thursday but look at your highs upper thirties through saturday and low thirties for our high nationally on sunday and a love that the hall to see the sarcastic smile on my face into her time to look ahead. well you know it's still that time of the year so it's not like you know it's april may or june and saw this deal until we get there but right now we don't have as much to deal with in terms of traffic things acts as the looking very nice across hampton roads to give you a live look in newport news on sixty four to westbound traffic passing din be an eastbound traffic they're moving very well with no big issues out there are major delays to report so
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over to williamsburg to live it for the west about newport news you can see here you may croak or old state open can't carry busch gardens all moving very nicely here eastbound toward newport news passing pro kirk brit seventy five boats with passing newman so again things look nice in williamsburg. coming up in the next few minutes which attracted him to norfolk. all sixty four eastbound at the hr bt if you're heading to hampton in the next few minutes and give you a live look at a ride around fourth you coming up next reaction to so much white valentine's
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a local war war two veteran will spend valentine's day with a long lost love he hasn't seen her in person credible story here guys are at the airport on friday as norwood thomas and his son left for the first leg of the trip to australia where thomas will re unite with joyce to ron's they have not been together skip this since
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the runs began training as a nurse and thomas got his orders he was heading for france as one of the d day troops so fast forward several decades and of months i've found thomas to the internet allowing the couple to reconnect this conclusion i really am anticipating meeting this woman for whom the action will be. he is actually on saturday thomas says that the two things he is looking for to the most is seeing her smiling quote giving her a squeeze was a pervert i mention this right. it's a lovely week here on daybreak and you can submit a picture of you and your sweetheart to enter to win a romantic getaway at the williamsburg winery e mails pictures to share it at wbc dot com also if you share them on facebook twitter instagram be sure to use the hashtag thirty love week will also show some of
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daybreak you all have already started submitting some great couples pictures we have a gallery on thirteen is not calm. this picture is from alejandro in virginia beach here's one from amy as well you see right there. this one of the next one is from a anna in virginia beach by the last one from the forties and the smooch is from amy in newport news. great for sending them a kiss on him we would share them with you and the rest of the audience here on daybreak. there'll be some sun today but temperatures will remain chilly stick around craggy talking rain maybe even some of that pesky snow only tonight and in the news colonial williamsburg under fire this morning for this super bowl ad that some say was in poor taste. see more as daybreak
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oh-oh, oh-oh oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-ooh, oh hearts are made for sharing. spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. . a controversial super bowl ad you see right there out of our neck of the woods sparking an intense debate now on social media and the virginia primary election is right around the corner what you need to do today. if you are like your voice be
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in the thirteen years now at daybreak and lucy bustamante time on tracy year is coming about five thirty we certainly hope your week after watching the big game last night we had to switch changes on the way said meteorologist greg muller is tracking a chilly start to your work week the morning crack. good morning guys it's cool this morning especially in line but it's getting even chili or later this week and that's one of the big things i want to stress folks were talking last week you know it was so warm say you know what it is still winter time we're going to get our cool blast coming sooner or later and guess what it sooner. ok today temperatures upper forties which isn't too bad it's a little bit below normal but it gets even colder later this week right now visibility is excellent skies are invariably to mostly cloudy but the clouds are going to thin out when it's a lot more sunshine i'd save for mid morning through the bulk of the afternoon clouds increase again later this evening. it's better
5:27 am
windy in wind and temperatures are chilly air the of low to mid thirties already cleared out toward i ninety five was killed the clouds you the coast the wet weather is offshore and that will continue to slide away so we won't have to worry about this much longer history of low pressure spinning here on breezy at the coast as you wind gusts just a one to twenty nine mph and oceania as we take a look at the forecast for today temperatures climbing back up into the upper forties this afternoon lot of sunshine from mid morning through the early afternoon will see chances for some wet weather later tonight we'll talk about that and maybe some mixed precipitation some snow in theirs while a little bit off to the northwest that and a big blast of colder air coming in later this week right now is second in the hr bt with ashley. all right great what now to the ride westbound on sixty force that can be morphed into hampton at the hr bt
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the tunnel so here's traffic passing forth you the shot here is that about four miles away from the hr btn as you can see we don't have any issues this morning are delays report. eastbound traffic headed further into norfolk also in fine shape let's head back to the maps are a couple of spots i will be watching this morning on most of them are further out west we do have standing water reported in southampton isle of wight and surry counties will be keeping a close eye on that to see when that clears out. hopefully i'm not too far into the morning rush hour and head to the coleman bridge is set to open twice a day went at noon and then again at one this afternoon and coming up in the next few minutes we'll head back to sixty four traffic this time around battlefield and greenbrier and to speak by thirty two or crime alert a norfolk where this morning a family is dealing with the pain of act of violence said officers found twenty one year old man a victim shot to death male hunters hill area this morning we're hoping to find
5:29 am
just yet. elise brown is following the story elise andre luiz the neighbors are heartbroken calling the victim a good person today were hoping to learn his identity from police around ten yesterday morning please tell us several people called about gunfire once officers arrived on inner since st. the phantom and a line in front of the home shot several times he died on scene neighbors tell thirteen years now and during the gunfire they heard a man yelling in pain. a witness says three people stood over twenty one year old trying to help them. family members also came. police have not yet released any details on who may have done this now viewed any information you should call the crime line elise brown thirteen years now. all right elise thank you for the reminder for virginia voters close of business today is the deadline to register to vote or update your information if you would cast presidential primary
5:30 am
register by party primaries are open however you can only choose one of the primaries to participate in more information visit thirteen years now. com the new hampshire primary is just one day away and fresh off the republican debate marco rubio went on the defense yesterday after being criticized for using what sounded like rehearsed lines the latest polls show rubio has a good shot at placing second in new hampshire behind donald trump of the democratic side bernie sanders is edged in new hampshire over hillary clinton remain significant among likely primary voters look for extended coverage of the upcoming primary election live from new hampshire ahead on good morning america and in this morning president obama is calling for doubling u s investment into clean energy research and development as a way to combat climate change the president outlined the plan in his twenty seventeen budget proposal which will be sent to congress tomorrow. it calls for increasing energy funding
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dollars or twenty twenty the proposal is part of the historic mission aviation agreements reached in november by world leaders in paris and this week we're going to get a behind the scenes look at nasa's progress on its journey to mars nasa administrator and former astronaut charlie bolden will deliver the annual state of nasa address tomorrow. bolden is expected to discuss the agency's scientific and technological achievements and cutting edge future work the event will take place at nasa langley research center in hampton. major changes could be coming to downtown norfolk tomorrow night the city council will hear proposals from businesses hoping to get their piece of property in the middle of all that activity there. one of the players is starbucks which has two locations inside on granite street meanwhile apart is that the virginian pilot reports the bank of america tower on commercial place and the building next door are also in for big renovation it was in an extravaganza during super bowl fifty at
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dollars for thirty seconds no big deal. furnishing the ads they got the best bang for their buck. then there's backlash over won a controversial commercial out of our neck of the woods. see for yourself then hear
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now to quiet start to the day the wet weather we had over the weekend is gone and so little breezy though near the coast and those wind chills as a little nippy out the letter sent to i would give this area of low pressure tracking away really enjoy a nice little break with the weather's more sunshine through the middle part of the day i think late morning early afternoon as we mostly sunny temperatures this morning in the lower forties year because he and thirties in one and again it has been a breeze or the coast so the wind chills that actually feels like it's in the low to mid thirties there and it's feeling like the mid to upper twenties in one. obviously it is a chilly start the day but you know what it's going to be even colder later this week so it's all relative and today's temperatures are up from this time yesterday morning as you can see across the region the high today d c around forty six fifty in richmond forty four wallets for the chance for showers from raleigh to roanoke up to charlottesville these areas out to the west with the next system approaching we have a
5:36 am
overnight tonight in a better chance for what weather tomorrow and things can be cold enough aloft an attempt is kind of borderline for some areas north and west we could get some mixed precipitation tomorrow so we'll be watching that carefully for you right now the temperatures today were tapping out upper forties for the most part around the peninsula middle peninsula little cooler low to mid forties for the eastern shore and in north carolina highs around forty seven a kill devil hills fifty one was the city in fifty four for eden to tomorrow's highs stay in the mid forties again there could be some rain or snow mixing in a little bit mainly north and west were out looking anything real heavy here but it's up to watch forty one on wednesday even chilly with highs in the thirties thursday and friday we see the weekend i have that coming up here's ashley alright regularly check traffic now in chesapeake sixty four east and westbound around greenbrier parkway moving very well right now with her head toward indian river or making her way toward battlefield of the issues
5:37 am
keep the chesapeake theme going here and head to route well taking away toward north carolina passing court when you're eight fifty five and up toward sixty four passing douglas also at fifty five so traffic flow across the region coming up in just a few minutes we'll see of traffic looks just as good on two sixty four in virginia beach. all right ashleigh thank you. it is officially a lovely week on daybreak and were looking into what keeps the spark going into it so yeah you might recognize one of our volunteers the pee stick around we'll tell you i love languages can help you learn exactly w you've finally earned enough reward miles on your airline credit card. now you just book a seat, right? not quite. sometimes those seats are out of reach, costing an outrageous number of miles. it's time to switch... to the capital one venture card. with venture,
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y sunday near thirty two. new this morning a super bowl ad for colonial williamsburg a sparking a firestorm on mine. here's part of the ad that aired in washington d c philly and new york city last night when you reflect upon our sacrifices our brave troops. yes our parades the ad caused real stir on social media because it showed the towers on nine eleven. andre people are really taking to twitter to share their thoughts and know they sure are both sizes issue in fact one twitter user said quote his name is ethan he said colonial williamsburg ad invoking nine
5:40 am
display of offense. this whole super ball and on the flipside of that we have this one from erin is a great commercial even the thumbs up and said the whole commercial is about history and whether good or bad it is all about us as americans and where it all started. you can rewrite it. you can't sugarcoat it it's real and they rocked it and then here's what colonial williamsburg have to say in response to the social media firestorm including the world trade centers is powerful and subject to debate but american history is full of tragedies and triumphs. it made us who we are today. we must remember all fifty is in the box now denver broncos dominated the carolina panthers in a twenty four ten when and for some the commercials were as entertaining as the game was to check this out yet that is your body's the marty he round the world when he
5:41 am
winner in december. listen folks i have to apologize again that and then the kids are back in this precious auntie nad this time it's girls getting here without help from nana fell daddy's n n life inside the heat of the day and a locally owned company is creating buzz with an ad featuring an iconic boxer book is wild or low prices will knock you out about the nurses were the only thing causing conversation last night it might have been coldplay show but bruno mars and beyonce they brought the flock to the super bowl halftime show beyonce performed her new
5:42 am
released over the weekend there was also a tribute to the previous half time shows in honor of the game's fiftieth anniversary and people are on twitter to share their thoughts about the show for it with a quote bruno then be on say i'm sorry was there a band before them the planned another user was not impressed. sherry quote. why did they have time to just turn into a powerpoint of past performances our blogroll the frye led to the big game coming up right after this newscast in the morning america that starts at some of the school they brought all the and the peas from the sas has always been so neat to see how the hell all these out and tom brady comes on and just set me thinkin here he is going on i should be here. reply yes but i really cool stuff. yes it was very impressed when you are pretty impressive
5:43 am
does not have to stop being jealous of all the candy he's got some new job data now to talk about the spawn forecasts were going for a high of forty six east eight forty two said guess what after the streak recess we had a really good ron and i think today what we're looking at a generally breezy conditions this morning that were there i have seen some gusts around thirty mph this morning so we can start off with one for our new street will reset and will see how far we can go how many enrollees had some great street at one point the hand up over twenty days spied on forecasting this last one ended at like nine or ten something like that so we get hot and everyone so we take one on the chin. temperatures today are to get up into the upper forties i want you to enjoy this because we're going to see cooler air moving in later this week we had our storm system is a reason why it's breezy this morning but it won't be as preview later today because this low is moving farther
5:44 am
close it was pretty sian when the rain just to ride a yesterday and now it is out so as it moves away will see improvements especially middle part of the day the next storm system set common in colder air just waiting waiting to be unleashed on the east coast it's come in and temperatures tomorrow will stay in the mid forties low forties on wednesday and then thursday and friday were looking at highs in the upper thirties it's even chili or over the upcoming weekend so a real blast of cold air coming in. you can see right now with our future cast of the skies will be invariably cloudy this morning then partly to mostly sunny by late afternoon evening the clouds start to roll back in could see a few showers here off to the west and i think to the north overnight tonight there might be a little bit of white mix precipitation especially toward sunrise tomorrow we could see a little bit again we're not anticipating anything real heavy here but missing that chance as we go through the day tomorrow some more areas of light mix precipitation into late
5:45 am
wednesday morning when they looked pretty good i think later in the week. skies are generally going to be partly sunny but the big news with the colder air settling in temperatures right now in the thirties and we have low to mid forties at the coast and as you can see the downtown area looks pretty good north winds sixty mph. highs today close to forty seven is a mention we will see lows tonight in thirty six showers likely and maybe a little bit makes off to the north and again tomorrow we could see some areas and next through tomorrow night light precipitation as we look ahead wednesday and thursday more sunshine for the weekend highs upper thirties and sunday's high around thirty two that is not a typo you're looking at morning lows sunday morning run twenty two in the afternoon high thirty two lead. what a big drop on friday ashley come on now to be brave here get so late in the beach to me rolling my eyes so hard when a high of thirty two omg our lives. it
5:46 am
you a live look in virginia beach on to sixty four right around when haven parkway westbound traffic in eastbound moving very well this morning so we don't have any issues a report for the morning commute in virginia beach as we head over to the traffic network mass will take another spot for you also doing very well sitting for six the insult of moving steadily. so we'll check the wild fifty eight you're coming from further out west making the way toward six sixty four heading east on fifty eight between lakewood and dance man just a nine minute ride so still very good out there in fifty eight as well coming up at six o'clock things will start to pick up for the morning rush hour switching traffic and sixty four at the high rise bridge in just eight minutes starring ashley thank you island this week is the love week on daybreak and we're introducing you to the five love languages the ways that there are to show love to each other so we had so much fun with this we have matched up dr gary chapman the psychologist who wrote the five love languages with our own ashley smith and
5:47 am
for a pre marriage counseling session via sky cycling we introduce you to the future mr and mrs robert dennis roberts says ashley smile caught his attention the more i know you even robert ashley who is his spontaneity i hope you know you're going to compel this emotional high we call being in love. dr gary chapman author of the five love languages says that he's discovered learning how to speak your partner's language is what keeps the spark going. she would be to learn to speak each other's language nail so that when you get in a marriage is pretty normal. ashley and robert at mit. they have their disagreements that we want to come to the way that we express love and i think there of. so here they are words of affirmation like complimenting each other quality time going for a
5:48 am
gets such as buying flowers acts of service doing something for the other person that you know they would light the unity and finally physical touch like hugs and kisses out of those five each of us as a primary love language arts therapies for you which one did ashley pike which when the robber picked find out in the next half hour also going to tell you how to figure out what your love language is more importantly what your partner's love language is will be back with that story on day and in honor of love we are giving you a chance to win a romantic getaway to williamsburg winery. here's how you can enter submit a picture of you and your sweetheart to share it at wbc dot com if you put your pictures on twitter facebook or instagram page make sure you use thirteen love week as the hashtag will also show some of those pictures live on air and then five lucky couples will be chosen after daybreak on friday are all rumors are buzzing all last
5:49 am
finally happened. yeah see a presidential hopeful hit the s o s e the snl stage with a little help from comedian larry david once more on that and if you're just waking up the answer to with ingredients like roasted hazelnuts and cocoa, the delicious taste of nutella takes pancakes to a whole new level.
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now at havertys furniture, it's our annual presidents day sale. which means it's the perfect time to create the perfect home. now through february 15th, everything in our store is on sale. plus, we're offering thirty-six month, no interest financing. come in today for our best prices of the year. with havertys, your home can be perfect. even when life isn't. sfx: knocking. we're early! the presidents day sale. from classic to contemporary, havertys. the internet is abuzz over creamy this morning. oh yeah the odds they release a new
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big suitable for mystical and the anger the anger i am blindly obey the call this video for formation even has a cameo from her daughter blue ivy beyonce is getting rave reviews this morning for her halftime performance last night with coldplay and groom artists and fans of saturday night live were seeing double over the weekend democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders appeared on half an hour and performed a skit so fun to look at as yet he was shot and comedian larry david yes but socialism to democratic socialists of what the difference you have the tools you to whole day the larry david gill elementary center and is also
5:52 am
the musical guest later on in the show. yeah let's not build robot you've ever wanted to trump donald trump now you can before the website trump donald dot org is making its rounds online with the hashtag trump donald treading on social media you can take control of a trumpet blast and off key note saying that the gop candidate and his hair but also release confetti and the night watches over us a little note about the au force is still going strong for the new star wars film crossing get this nine hundred million dollars mark at the box office domestically it is the only film in history to reach this milestone taking just fifty days since its release in december that is not all folks. the fourth to force awakens is projected to surpass the two billion dollars globally. this saturday the fourth of the line. the film sets molten goodness. well this really is going parliament at
5:53 am
palsy have some fun and a skate park in sacramento tree some admins posted the video to youtube showing her husband jared and their eight year old son atticus after his ride had his hand had a blast. matt is that cool or what little sweetheart us on the yeah you can see can happen you can get their phone no matter what you know what the affliction what they're going to watch that's a pretty red day ago the stories trending right now stay with us for more news weather traffic at six the search is on this morning for a father who caused statewide panic when state police issued an amber alert for his little girl and breaking overnight super bowl celebrations go too far rambunctious crowd in denver forced police to get a little physical. this is certain is now at daybreak is five fifty
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for any trouble spots and
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