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tv   13 News Noon  ABC  February 8, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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. joining us for thirteen years now in new monterey senior and lucy bustamante our top story this weather is the weather this noon right now are feeling the whipping winds and a really cool temple yes we are then there's this take a look at this live picture from the hague downtown norfolk high tide causing some tidal flooding problems in norfolk and north carolina but this is nothing compared to what's coming. practice tracking rain showers even a chance
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that we're an hour not get too worked up about it just yet but it is something were to be watching her watching the tides up a little bit this morning we came through at high tide about quarter to nine with a little bit of nuisance flooding the official market schools point was four point four ft x four point four to one of the very precise with that but that again enough to bring the water up out of the hag and we were watching that it's also been very windy this morning at the ocean from the augusta about thirty to thirty five mph those when starting to relax now is the coastal lows pulling farther and farther away so we'll continue to watch at temperatures in the mid to upper forties right now one expanded view though we do have chances for showers later as we head into the evening and i think overnight some rain showers maybe a little bit of light mix precipitation off to the north you can see there is snow that is out across the western most parts of virginia into west virginia and basically very quick to point out a couple of features here we have
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right here that's locals low that produced all the wind across here and that's going to pull away and then here we have our eye from a boundary that is out there to the last of this is going to push through later on so we can see that coming tonight temperatures are going to cool for the rest of the week he'd see the winds are relaxing now hardly any gas reported anything of any significance doesn't take a look. hour by hour the cooler weather settling in with the chance for showers later tonight i'm still above freezing through the evening hours but early tomorrow morning maybe a couple of wet snowflakes to the north and i think we'll see better chances for a little more mixed precipitation tomorrow night into early wednesday she wore that moment state are correct thinking so much to write the students on the outer banks are enjoying a day off because of the tide had our schools are closed today. the closure is part of the dangerous conditions on nc twelve deer county ems tweeted out a warning telling drivers to slow down and avoid areas in buxton and kitty hawk. expecially between historic st and first
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high tide left high water and sand all over the highway crews closed the n c twelve for awhile while they cleaned up this morning about twenty minutes ago we got word that the area's back open again the traffic off again outlined saxophone playing today right now our jubilee restaurant in hampton roads and across the us are close to review food safety this comes after the chain was hit with a series of food borne begins a big marketing campaign this week that chain will reopen at three o'clock to this new journey a clearer picture of big changes that are coming to norfolk a national food chain plans to expand its presence in the downtown area plus a developer has grand plans for two buildings the move will have a major impact on the thirty thousand people who work in norfolk and more than five thousand people who live downtown brown has more i've been here for very long downtown in the end of the city has been phenomenal
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ceo of the downtown norfolk council is excited to see that growth continue national chains to mom and pop shops have been popping up around downtown right now starbucks is working on a location in the long building it's going to be a much larger starbucks that we currently have and auntie and they're going to serve alcohol in the evening and that's not the only new spot that'll hit the city. miller says developer buddy guy adams has big plans for two buildings to commerce plays in the bank of america building but in brief to our membership last week and indicated that he's proposing to do a full service restaurant on the first floor coffee shop will be recreation facilities plus apartments according to our partners at the virginian pilot to commerce place could possibly house a human resources company automatic data processing a source says city council is scheduled to vote on the deal tuesday which can bring thousands of jobs to norfolk which is just
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people that would deny restaurant certainly shop in our retail establishments including macarthur center in norfolk police round thirty news now knowing you are learning of a presidential push to combat to seek a virus president obama is asking congress for more than one point eight billion dollars in emergency funding to combat the disease the white house said the money would be use to expand mosquito control programs speed development of a vaccine developed diagnostic test and improve support for low income pregnant women so far doctors have diagnosed two people in the commonwealth with the virus right now we are waiting for a big political announcement representative randy forbes may have made up his mind about running for the second congressional district seat. forbes posted that he had big news to share at one thirty this afternoon on his facebook page supporters have been trying to convince forms to fill representative scott rachel's seat last month rachel announced his retirement thirteen years now is
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decision at four clock meanwhile on the national stage. there are packed schedules and sharp attacks in new hampshire they're less than twenty four hours before the polls open in the nation's first presidential primary candidates are pushing hard to get voters out tomorrow abc's kenneth moment is in manchester with more white for new hampshire voters non stop prayer rally to energize supporters in town halls the lord those undecided voters. donald trump was looking for the first when you have to go out and vote tomorrow in the republican race trump have a double digit lead the battle for second between iowa caucus winner ted cruz marco rubio. people keep you know there's the press anyway oh why do you keep saying the same thing about obama trying to change america i keep saying that a million times i believe it's true the junior for the senators combat a rivals like chris christie more hammering away
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is that he's never accomplished anything of any note the united states and sanders has tried to keep the momentum the future of rival hillary clinton is closing the gap while her her. this is not about grand theories of evolution this is about whether we can improve people's lives. new hampshire is known for being really involved in the political process. despite a forecast of snow tomorrow. the state is expecting record turnout more than half a million voters abc news manchester new hampshire and a friendly reminder for virginia voters close of business today is the deadline to register to vote or update your information if you want to cast a ballot in the march presidential primary virginia voters do not register by party so primaries are open however you can only choose one of the primaries in which to participate. for more
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years now. dot com crime on college campuses afternoon a fraternity president is facing rape charges and perhaps even more surprising is that he is accused of carrying out the attack with the help of the female
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developing now accusations of attempted rape and sexual assault at an ivy league university fraternity accused of attacking a female that eighties innocent but the school has suspended his fraternity abc's it was with her as leaders the president of an elite fraternity of cornell whose father is the owner of one of new york city's famous concert hall is ballads are seeing in this his goals are set to
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self me and now fighting charges that he sexually inside the fraternity house on campus according to court documents the woman alleges ballads are locked the door and forced himself onto her after she verbally protested several times calendar pleaded not guilty to first degree attempted rape first degree criminal sexual act and first degree sexual abuse the speed with which they took this case from the university's purview and brought it into a criminal setting suggests that the prosecution believes they have a strong case the university president also taking immediate action placing the fraternity site looks a lot on interim suspension same sexual violence has no place at cornell college junior now sits in jail after surrendering to police four days after the alleged attack last sunday. his lawyer is denying the accusations telling abc news challengers innocence will be established
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the proper place. salinger is tomorrow and for now the fraternity says it's cooperating with the ongoing investigation. it was a courageous in new york and
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. org to learn what caused this fire in portsmouth that happened this morning near crazy book reclaiming can see the smoke billowing from the building there. no one was hurt you can see the house sustained heavy damage a smoke billows from the charred ashes officials say the fire is now out and right now rescuers in taiwan are sifting through rubble
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survivors from saturday's deadly earthquake earlier today three people including an eight year old girl were pulled from the remains of a building. one woman was found shielded under the body of her dead husband. at least thirty seven people were killed in the six point four magnitude quake struck or story got to see people in london say an explosion that destroyed one of the city's iconic double decker buses left them scared. witnesses say they thought they were watching a terror act in progress watch this the tears i was just a the explosion was part of a scene for the new jackie chan movie the foreigner the production company apparently sent out fliers warning people of a controlled explosion without everyone got that notice an investigation is underway this afternoon to find out why a united airlines plane was forced to make an emergency landing yesterday the plan the plane was bound for los angeles and it made
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the tucson airport after smoke filled the cockpit and cabin there was no fire but passenger said that the smoke breathe just very glad to be today. well we're getting a look at a scary night at sea the royal caribbean cruise have to be her people and posting online about this take a look at this video of the incident as it was actually happening there chairs tables tossed around the floor right here hurricane force winds off the north carolina at the carolina coast last night a pastor posted the video showed here we also have damage pictures of what was happening there. passengers say furniture tumbled over ceilings fell down in tabletop objects crash to the ground as the ship try to gain its footing amid thirty foot waves. no one was her role caribbean says the ship sustained some damage to the public areas and cast stage rooms but did not
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wisconsin now taking a risk on some eyes could cost a dozen drivers big take a look at that more than a dozen cars fell through the ice ice sculpting competition in lake geneva over the weekend driver say the competition was so busy we decided to park their cars on the ice over the lake and taking down the people are hard and high ceilings and the boat was cousin has only had mild winter lately and the ice could hold the weight and the car started to see at least fifteen went into the water. if our department eventually told them all out know when the intern all this i'm glad everybody's ok there right now we're okay here is while skies are partly to mostly sunny really enjoy a nice little break today with the weather we will see some interesting changes coming up over the next twenty four hours or so i think as we go along you going to find
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later tonight and tomorrow is a mixed precipitation right now are looking at highs today generally in the upper forties low fifties and one will see mid forties tomorrow and low forties on wednesday trending down with those temperatures for the remainder of the workweek and into the upcoming weekend i've been talking about the windy conditions we had a lot of heavy surf and some winds blowing sand and other issues along and see twelve different issues down there we've been watching the word to continue to see the tide is running high at the oceanfront. we've also seen the tides of the issue this morning nuisance flooding as the level reached four point four feet and that we're in sea levels about three point nine with the evening high tide and then again for tomorrow morning about three point nine feet so certainly the water levels still high but not as bad in the wins are we kidding that is good news you can see the twenty four hour temperature change towns are up a little bit across the area yesterday officially temperatures
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and that was it the airport again the winds much calmer seeing gusts of thirty to thirty five mph now looky gust between ten and fifteen mph so things are easing up a bit currently we have a north northwest winds sustained at eight. the pressure is rising the temperatures will bit as well. upper forties and mention near the coast and then the lower fifties for some the inland areas you see some of these high class started pushing towards i ninety five as we look farther to the west to pick up some precipitation snow over the mountains much colder air set to move into hampton roads for the remainder of the week and just wanna point out we actually have two fronts is one right here in the second one coming to illinois. we're going to see this one coming through later tonight touching up the showers bring in some cooler conditions overnight showers and i think for the most part it will be rain showers are like the couple was still thick soft to the north the next blast of colder air
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reinforcing shot and i think we see a better chance for some scattered showers with the mix late tomorrow off to the north and then overnight into early wednesday morning he didn't look right now at the wins and they're coming in from the north right now at the coast out to the west you see the approaching system here in a few scattered showers possible during the evening hours so mainly rain see these different plot shaded in green here with our future cast taking you through then chances for rain again tomorrow morning i think on the backside of the system is a cooler air comes in we see another chance for even as we start to see the mixing late tomorrow northern that little peninsula could see some night into early tuesday maybe a few snow showers working three s into early wednesday morning one sentence that we should see some improvements but temperatures stay chilly so today temperatures upper forties in when there's a little bit warmer. tonight's low near thirty six mostly cloudy showers likely to develop tomorrow forty five
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for error is a mix off to the north later in the day and tomorrow evening again rain and snow showers i think finishing up a snow showers into early wednesday doesn't look like a tremendous amount of snowfall expected light watch just takes a little bit to lead those roads messy and that could be the case early ones were so nice out right now right now so i'll do it you look ahead to the weekend thirty two for a loud cry right now in the toy and left of this nice weather eh on the thirty degree day yeah right not so this is our story guys right here if you have a sweet tooth but you're still trying to watch the waistline with monopoly hampton is hosting the great
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the lake everybody if you are looking to satisfy that sweet tooth but you do not want to put on any extra pounds we always want it both ways so we all married local event is offering you a great chance to do both the chocolate races will take over hand in just in time for valentine's day here's house about this race is michael varner of crucible racing and ryan downie of the hinton see the baby thinks we should be here thank you to tell us how popular this race is a sound like a lot of fine if you have a lot of fun we're expecting a great crowd for the fifteen hundred runners will be happen this weekend we're just look at
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deciding which is always great. yes yes so to me what better way to get abetting a run in the mornin the promise of chocolate afterwards though so you talk about shock that works into this race but that's about as a weekend and so basically we decided let's do a ten mile race in downtown and incentivize people to do that with a great chocolate fondue party at crowne plaza afterwards and a great way to celebrate ryan's over hampton over valentine's day weekend and it was important was this race too for him to see the most awesome you know we have everybody in downtown downtown hinton over this weekend which is a great weekend as it is a also president stays alive you're going to be off to help people stay in downtown enjoy downtown restaurants and such and we know we're very happy to have the second race in downtown to be fun so when registration and the details yes we've got a great the great finisher medal here assumes the most iconic of icons from hampton
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available online now for a run for chocolates for chocolate that's hysterical iran for chocolate when you slip the voting and registration is available now the five k is will sell out today it's the other three spots left of the time allison space available so they can go to chris lawrence in the com sign up for that and get on the action have one son allen has everything going. this is the first year hampton so i let not your own seo year now and are excited about the great response so was there i was talking about suit is great for a few people stayed overnight so excited about that and we look forward to continuing to grow next year. do you know the hotels look like just yet as far as the crowds that are checking in getting rooms hotel looking grey crowne plaza specially which is the host hotels really looking good that weekend and down so we were all positive are as old as we have all that information on our website many riders expecting
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hundred fifteen hundred for specially for inaugural race for a look if we can have the lead running get excited by running through them i've been chuckling at the end his work with so much sweeter
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and thank you for joining us for thirteen years now at noon and lucy bustamante them on three senior will begin this half hour with a crime alert in norfolk with the last forty five minutes nor the police officially release the name of the man who was shot and killed in norfolk. kevin greene was found murdered along anderson street over the weekend at this hour the search continues for the person who
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spoke with family members of the victim and neighbors who tried to save his life. it was a mixture of sadness and fear on anderson street sunday after someone gunned down twenty one year old in front of his whole movie was a really scary because i have to sign in is my close to my house and we could have been one of the police say the victim was shot several times the scene in hunter's bill leaving neighbors shaken and heartbroken. we hear about the gunshots and as i'm hearing guy says i had more screen out al al in burns and that kills me to hear somebody scream out for help and nobody's there to help new and we come outside and inside three people standing over him so i hope his way while police investigated the killing some of the victims' family members came to anderson street talking to neighbors asking their own questions trying to
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were too upset to speak on neighbors said about the twenty one year old he was one of the last people they could imagine who would die at the hands of eyelets to the yuma sun that as sin business. it was polite he was nice in this weekend in your face she knew her thirteen years now tonight the virginia tech chapter of save the next girl will hold a vigil to honor the life of thirteen year old michael madison level according to the visuals facebook event and will be a hand a moment of silence by candlelight as well. anyone expecting to attend is asked to bring your own candles. officers found level stabbed to death last month just across the virginia state line to virginia tech students are now facing charges related to her murder police say one of them david eisenhower had a relationship with level state police in western virginia are still looking for the father of a girl who is accused who is accused of
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the amber alert on your cell phone for haven moses yesterday afternoon the three year old was found a few hours later troopers say her father james moses the third violated a protective order when he took her from the caretaker if your parent then you know kids love to play around with cell phone apps but some of them may be hiding a secret way to communicate. they're called a ghost absent ako allow your child is an explicit photos videos and even text messages that you can't see jimmy lee has a story a lot of these apps look just like a regular calculator app even when you open it it works like a regular calculator but as soon as you type in a secret pass code. it unlocks his head in photos. if the search for hidden vault apps in the app store google play times of the so called ghost apps pop up popular ones include keep safe vault ky and nice and smart height calculator. not only do these apps hide photos and videos we can even hide browser history. no teams may think
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their parents back but they can sneak behind the law if you're caught with nude pictures of anyone under the age of eighteen and you send those photos to someone else you could be charged with possession and distribution of child pornography. it's a league think it's this or that it's fun to let the complications of this crazy the kids are doing they're storing new photos of other students in excess tragic really but that's how i just have to really take it south you after coming out everyday and it's hard to stay on top of it but i've got some tips for parents who want to monitor these go stats tonight at six jenny me thirteen years now well it's official the elizabeth city police department is getting body news conference this week to talk about their plans for the cameras and what the camera policy will be going to let you know what happens away from the norfolk sheriff's department dozens of people receive call from
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telling people they missed jury duty and need to pay a fee. victims are told to load up one thousand dollars on a prepaid card and read the card number over the phone if they don't they're threatened with jail time if you get one of those calls are you've got one you ask all the norfolk police department at six six for seventy eight e it was an ad extravaganza during super bowl fifty at the cost of five million dollars for thirty second spot will show you the ads that got the best bang for their book class changes are coming to navy uniforms again how the average size of a sailor is making an impact and i'm taking a look at a storm system that could bring so moron settle whether for next weeks we've got some things i do everything on the internet. but it's kind of slow. my friends say i should get fios because it's the fastest. i just downloaded 600 photos in 60 seconds. that's seriously better. we're out of 2% i wonder what else could be better around here? i heard that.
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only fios has the fastest internet available, with uploads up to 5x faster than cable. get 100 meg upload and download speeds plus tv and phone for just $69.99 a month online with no annual contract.
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a behind the scenes look at nasa's progress in his journey to mars nasa administrator and former astronaut charlie bolden will deliver the annual state of nasa address tomorrow. bolden is expected to discuss the agency's scientific and technological achievements and cutting edge future work the event will take place at nasa's langley research center in hampton larger size as our coming to navy uniforms the study shows that the physical dimensions of sailors have gotten bigger during the past two decades that means uniform sizes had to be adjusted. navy officials say a proper fit is
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of protective gear including firefighting harnesses and chemical suits. a study by the army and twenty twelve showed similar results in the growth of soldiers. well president obama is calling for doubling u s investment into clean energy research and development as a way to combat climate change the president outlined a plan in his twenty eight seventeen budget proposal which will be sent to congress tomorrow to call for increasing energy funding by almost thirteen billion dollars by twenty twenty the proposal is part of the historic mission innovation agreement reached in november by world leaders in paris a presidential visit hoping to improve international relations which europe and in that area
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world today people are celebrating the chinese new year also known as the beginning of the lunar new year. it's the air the monkey which is considered a year for
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and arts maneuvers. it's also the year of optimism positivity uncertain change the chinese new year is considered the biggest celebration in the italian president will meet president obama at the white house today as part of his first seven day official visit to the u s officials say he will visit washington new york and houston. the president will also hold meetings with us secretary of state john kerry and vice president joe biden throughout the day the men are expected to speak about a number of issues focusing on the crisis in the mediterranean the fight against isis and the migrant situation in europe a superbowl commercial out of our neck of the woods is spiking in intense debate on
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peyton manning and the broncos defeated the carolina panthers is the first player in history to win a super bowl super bowl as the starting quarterback for two different teams. many people thought the panthers would run away with the win. abc's brady hitt is in santa clara with the details the a supersized favorable fifty celebration for the denver broncos defeating the carolina panthers twenty four ten thirty nine year old peyton manning though a two time champion is the oldest quarterback leading a team to victory in the final game the time to reply. credit also goes to the tough broncos defense stopping the panthers from scoring a hands on the still on the ground. i teach at
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again the bode miller named mvp who plays halftime show was bright and cheerful special guest beyonce and bruno mars joining in the action in this year's super bowl ads went to the dogs were many choosing to feature adorable animals and humor this moment though belongs to broncos fans celebrating here and on the streets of colorado the team excited to take the bins lombardi trophy home to denver and they aren't wasting any time putting a victory parade and celebration for the new champs that will take place tuesday in denver. brady at abc news santa clara california and a super bowl ad for colonial williamsburg is really sparking a firestorm online here's a part of the ad that aired in d c philadelphia and new york city last night when you reflect upon our sacrifices
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parades the ad caused quite a stir on social media for scott for showing the coverage of nine eleven and the towers including that part especially an entree people are really taking to twitter to share all of their fond of the sure word here's what colonial williamsburg had to say in response including the world trade centers is powerful and subject of debate in american history is full of tragedies and triumphs. it made us who we are today. we must remember our irish in some sunshine right now across the area lots of it actually and the temps are pretty comfortable as well a little bit just to hear on the cool side of normal but i don't think that be too many complaints especially when you consider what will be coming in terms of cooler weather on the way heading into the weekend and be on you and talk about the tides this morning we had a little nuisance flooding around the hay in some of the other is really prone to the title
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at the oceanfront in some issues down along the outer banks whilst we are mindful of that water levels are actually going to dip a little bit in the wins and really eased up considerably so we'll see the water levels about half a foot down from where they were this morning and we're going to continue to see those returning closer to normal as you go to the next three to four that tide cycles eventually i'll get back down as we take a look right now here's the next twelve hours temperatures up officially around forty six twenty forty seven degrees around a four o'clock and falling off through the afternoon and evening eventually showers going to become more likely tonight and put them nicely to scatter but we will be watching for those judges this morning started off chilly in when we were i the forties near the coast and temps have come up a little bit but not a tremendous amount of fifty two reported from williamsburg fifty and seven is forty eight virginia beach and forty seven down in the lives of the city across virginia beach partly sun right now looking good there north northwest wind eight
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we have our break right now there are clouds starting to push in from the last we really want to expand this few here and i see the leading edge of some light precipitation back out over the mountains you can see rain showers in some snow showers here in the mix as well. we're going to see the chance for showers going up here this evening and that is a front comes through temperatures are going to drop even more for tomorrow and the upcoming days is actually two fronts come through. taylor the future cat summer she the extended future cast just a moment based on the european model and you'll be able to see what i was talking about a little earlier in the show is teasing had maybe another system for the middle of next week right now though let's focus on a short term we're looking good through the afternoon but we will see a chance for a few showers overnight tonight and early tomorrow see some of the rain showers coming through at some point on the backside of the systems and coworker works and i think we'll start to see some mixed precipitation tomorrow afternoon evening off to the north maybe a few snow showers working through or areas of mixed precipitation
12:42 pm
chances off to the north we probably won't see a lot on hand to read for not calling for any real significant accumulation here locally but there might be some minor accumulations and will be watching the roads especially late tuesday night early wednesday for the middle peninsula the northern echo eastern shore part of the peninsula even the south side we could see some that makes wintry precipitation so there's that chance. looking ahead wednesday. later in the day and thursday with really good friday walk a mile zero kind of hinting at some passing showers but i want to mention the bigger threat coming into the early to middle part of next week so you can see some moisture near the coast and offshore later in the weekend on sunday but as we look ahead to monday and then into tuesday. very cold air and this blue line represents for the air is cold enough aloft to support some snow showers because we get into tuesday evening into early wednesday at this the belfry could see
12:43 pm
colder air with the potential for some accumulations of wet to wait and see it's a long way up just a model but it is something we'll watch and temperatures today in your forty seven. rain chances later tonight in that mix precipitation coming in later today tomorrow and into early wednesday swore watch add up to the north temperatures cooling through your upcoming weekend early next year right there ready to keep an eye on
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