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tv   13 News 11  ABC  February 8, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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mix tonight it would be similar to what we saw around superbowl time yesterday where a number of people are a number of areas really reported some sleet mixed in with some of the rain and that absolutely cause no problems on the road same thing over night. in fact some of these areas where we're seeing a little bit of the yellow that's most likely some sleep at least a thousand or so feet up and as it's coming down the ground likely that it's just rain but i would not doubt that we have a couple spots seeing a little bit of snow a little bit of sleet mixed in general as i said no worries whatsoever overnight if you're out on the roads or tomorrow morning for the rush hour. tempers as you can see way above freezing we talk about all the time but it doesn't have to be freezing for wintertime precipitation not the ground it just has to be freezing a little bit above us so that by the time it falls it doesn't have time to melt through these temperatures that are down near forty degrees so that's what we have right now freezing just a couple of
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than that above us overnight as some of this moisture comes through again not to labour the point but a very few spots could see a little bit of sleet or snow mixed and even then we're only looking at isolated showers out there hardly any precipitation through the day tomorrow we expect westerly winds that'll help to dry things out a little bit and then we have a couple of the more significant storms to talk about later in the forecast period some real serious cold i'll have all of that coming up right a man dies after a car hit him in elizabeth city please tell us that happen around six thirty last night on homestead boulevard a witness pulled over to try and help after seeing the victim walking in the middle of the road that's when we're told the victim was hit by another car police say fifty eight year old lewis white later died from his injuries the driver says she did not see them and because it was raining at the time and he was wearing dark clothing police say they do not plan on charging the driver deputies in southampton county have yet to identify
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found on southampton parkway just west of cortland this afternoon and lebeau joins us now just back from southampton county nearly any idea how these people dies at this time day now and there's still so many unanswered questions about what exactly took place there but one being neighbors tell me is that this is very unusual for something like this to happen here. now deputies with the southampton county sheriff's office were called out to this home office southampton parkway. this is about a mile away from the high school were told two bodies were found around twelve thirty this afternoon deputies have not said anything about how the people die their possible relationship or who they are no they didn't say they were not looking for any suspects in this case. one neighbor tells me he didn't know the family too well that live at the home but he identified them as an older man or woman around sixty years old and we were able to find a woman and a man around that age
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address but were waiting on a sheriff's office to confirm that information. we did ask the sheriff's office. this could possibly be a murder suicide situation they say they'll have to wait to hear back from the medical examiner's office before did i mean that we live on air you both are juniors now that are not enough a college student pleads guilty to charges of coercion or enticing a minor twenty six year old dylan jeffery says he talked to at least two girls on facebook who he knew were twelve and thirteen years old. jeffries also admitted he illegally stored photos and videos of underage girls that he received through social media and e mails he faces a minimum of ten years in prison the maximum could be life in prison. jeffers will be sentenced in may. now a store you'll see only on thirty news now people in police and chesapeake are looking for someone who caused thousands of dollars worth of damage in a home in brentwood that damage the result of a hit and run crime film looks at
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could help find the driver this is kind of dream car mine had the vehicle hit this car so hard that is the where the rear taillights supposed to be is now at the back glass ship directly from japan chris reynolds nissan skyline was the worst of the casualties in brentwood sunday afternoon a pickup truck to work laws neighbors yards on battery park road and took out a speed limit sign before blasting through a fence into his mother's driveway. reynolds car pushed a good twenty feet through a gate and into a friend's car you know i keep a nice yacht and i pay my taxes and i have to come to this be a unified been here i would've heard it and thank goodness i wasn't here because of what was your problem would come out smarter with a baseball bat or probably wouldn't kill them. a neighbor who was found a partial plate number in a general description of the truck involved reynolds still find traces of the truck monday night there's a little bit of blue paint left here on the wood and as we said the neighbor across the street the firm was all blue ford pickup that
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damage to its fun when it went through the fence will also have a good amount of damage to its back and it looks like it backed out through the fence after hit the cars even tell that from the direction some of the poster now point and then after that is when the truck took off. i don't understand how he could have left driving it without somebody seeing it because the light bulbs in the light covers were hearing that are in a drive with the reynolds is spent much of the day monday looking for the truck looking for each driver is someone responsible for hit and run that took place in a driveway it'll be an amazing thing for the police the actually find someone to hold them responsible for something like this because this respect the property and this day and age is easily dealt with because there's a lot of people these days i feel that they could do things like this and just run away in chesapeake brian farrell thirty news now. also new tonight a search for two people who may have set fire to an apartment in newport news fire officials just released surveillance pictures of the suspects it's hard to make them out
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someone will be able to identify them. investigators believe they set fire to a vacant unit at the seven oaks apartment complex on madison avenue nearly two weeks ago the building was heavily damaged and the apartment was condemned by city councilman andy put his euro officially kicked off his campaign for mayor tonight that included a huge celebration at an association greek orthodox cathedral on grandview street hundreds of family friends and other supporters were there but as euro talked about a number of things he will make a priority if he is elected mayor including school funding and bringing more jobs to the city the idea of regional ism is significant and the idea of family integrity because that's really what tonight was about the words character integrity family. that's what this city is about mass where we want to take the picture above the cave and state senator kenny alexander are also in the race mare paul frame announced last fall that he would not seek
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it to win and that's what course with mary kay wright is saying about his run for a second term announced his reelection bid today on his facebook page has been mayor since twenty ten when he finished the remaining term for former mayor james holly wright won a full term in twenty twelve with a link to his facebook post in our story on thirteen news now dot com. republican congressman randy forbes made a big announcement today ford said he's leaving the fourth congressional district and running in the second where scott riddle recently announced he was retiring ford says the way the fourth district has been redrawn recently by the courts makes it impossible for any republican to win that district the fourth congressional district has we knew it is completely changed people talk about it and tweak it went weak half of virtually half of it's gone now knows gerrymandering that would be impossible for any republican to win that district force must secure his party's nomination in the second district that will
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primary on june fourteen ford isn't alone in setting his sights on ridges all c state delegate scott taylor and virginia beach attorney pat cardwell have announced they're also running. taylor is a delegate from virginia eighty fifth district cardwell is a richmond native who moved to virginia beach in twenty twelve. scott taylor says the statement after ford's announcement. it reads quote i am very disappointed in his decision not to run his own district where he lives there is nothing in my dna that tells me it is acceptable to leave for people behind to save yourself by virginia law you the congressional district you represent some of the fight is playing out in north carolina over gerrymandering state attorneys have asked a federal court to delay its order directing legislators to draw new congressional districts. they're asking for the delay because the state's primaries are just five weeks away and thousands of absentee ballots have already been returned a three judge panel found lawmakers packed too many minority voters into the first in twelve districts
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boundaries drawn by the end of next week. it's the last hour before the first presidential primary of twenty sixteen tonight in new hampshire the candidates are fighting down to the wire for every vote polls give donald trump a big lead among republicans while bernie sanders holds an edge over hillary clinton. abc's martha gonzales reports many voters in the granite state say they're still undecided tonight the first ballots are about to be cast three small precincts in new hampshire voting at midnight there is a privilege to be part of the democratic process with the rest of the granite state now just hours away from making their decision. i want this job because i love this country the candidates worked into the night when memorise it is sort of our final of fast or i because tomorrow you have to get out and you have to vote no matter what donald trump still ahead by double
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marco rubio and ted cruz the truck drawing huge crowds tonight and leave a message from genesis and its movement folks it's the movement sanders with what he calls a revolution is ahead of hillary clinton by twenty three points in the latest poll tomorrow. the people of new hampshire we'll have the opportunity to say that enough is enough. clinton though feeling confident the bill in chelsea's help looking for a repeat of the success she had in new hampshire in two thousand a i will get up everyday at the law that had to make a real difference for you all your families and our country and while there are clear but wonders in the polls the outcome tomorrow of course would be much different with forty four percent of voters tonight still undecided. marci gonzalez abc news manchester
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message from sheriff's deputies local squad cars will bear the nation's motto in god we trust will tell you who put up the cash for the decals. plus police officer scoring some points with the neighborhood kids all the officers came up with a big surprise for them and an unusual fireworks display
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the lunar new year which is celebrated by many asian countries this is how people in one chinese village have celebrated for five hundred years. you can call it an extreme and dangerous fireworks celebration villagers throw molten metal against the city wall the iron is melted and nearly three thousand degrees only local blacksmith perform this tradition because it's so dangerous. by the way this is the year of the monkey york because the deputies patrol cars have a new decal they read in god we trust. sheriff danny diggs spot the decals with a national model for all fifty squad cars and paid for them out of his own pocket to decals for each car costs the sheriff more than fourteen hundred dollars the sheriff says most of the comments on the department's facebook page have been supported in honors god. god certainly blessed me nothing less the sheriff's office and it's on my way of honoring god and be unpatriotic all the same time shift diggs told us of
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opposed to the decals he would consider removing them from that deputy's patrol car and a sheriff in north carolina also is looking to send a similar message starting this week every deputy car in rutherford county will have a decal bearing the motto in god we trust. chef chris francis also made sure taxpayer money was not use for the decals fairview baptist church donated the money for fifty decals is certainly a statement but you know we've we've done so for i believe as a country where we need to be and i really only have you any any say sunni power inside a row for county and its import to me is to be a spokes person be a leader for canned phrases also in bold letters above the entrance to the rutherford county courthouse constant waves causing worry for people who live on the outer banks weekend storm brought high winds and surf which cause some significant erosion along and see twelve the highway has a history of
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the day clearing piles of sand off the road in kitty hawk. officials tell us massive sandbags kept the highway from collapsing but residents told us they're worried they may not be so lucky when the next storm it's not a lot over wash and dry hears about things condos that you can even live in because of the damage when you build it out a hundred feet or so then you crash the waves and leave in increase the run up is a calling card so that you got less activity less energy and hopefully dissipate the way before it gets over washes chaos mare told us a beach nourishment project will begin in a few months bids for that project begin tomorrow. dominion power is teaming up with the north carolina energy company to create the largest solar farm in hampton roads the project would bring nearly ninety two thousand solar panels to a site in chesapeake. the farm will generate enough power
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is among several other solar launched in hampton roads include projects in norfolk virginia beach among others under the agreement in chesapeake dominion will purchase the power from sun energy one under a twenty year agreement last year set the record for the most shark attacks there were ninety eight attacks worldwide the florida museum of natural history release the numbers today the united states had the most attacks with fifty nine eight of those happened off the coast of the carolinas. scientists expect shark attacks to increase as shark populations grow. they say the previous record was eighty eight attacks back in two thousand throughout the evening i've been tracking some very isolated showers they tended to move and sort of die out i just checked the reporting stations almost all of them not putting even a hundredth of an inch so far but now are the first areas that will
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of light precipitation because the lightest colors of green here so light that might not be reaching the ground but certainly the darker green and yellows absolutely are a few areas of at least somewhat heavier shower activity and as i mentioned earlier in a case like this where it's really cold aloft but not terribly cold at the ground often this is a sign of a little bit of sleeve or maybe couple of snowflakes trying to mix and so i guarantee if you want in a helicopter a thousand or so feet. you definitely have a little bit of sleet or snow but that the ground depends on how fast it falls into fall slowly as time to melt so some of these places around all grim and jah left over toward water view the back edge of taylor road to the north then east again little bit of light precipitation mainly rain but i wouldn't rule out a few sleet pellets mixed in a probably a little better chance of a few sleet pellets are a little bit of snow flurry activity mixed and
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route fifty eight up toward boaz in continuing back toward cars will that area looks like a little more promising than the temperatures just like i was talking with yesterday's event. they are so far above freezing that anything that does fall is just melting so quickly down at the ground pressure is falling is little bit of a weak area of low pressure storm moves toward its own readings right now. almost everywhere here locally in the forties we have thirty nine in the eastern shore was thirties in richmond but as you can see everybody so far above freezing that anything that falls really having no chance to survive so for tomorrow. swan forecasts a high temperature of forty five for today it was that we would be quite breezy in the morning and winds were gusting three straight hours at the airport twenty four twenty five them back to twenty four. some people might call that windy absolutely quite breezy though that gives thirteen in a row. try to make it fourteen in a row tomorrow to get up anywhere near the mid
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the precipitation slides through during the overnight hours. tomorrow i don't do not expect much in the way of any kind of moisture a few very isolated showers are possible and notice how there's even a hint that something if it does fall might have a couple asleep pallets or something mixed and little bit better chance tomorrow in general most of us are not going see any precipitation tomorrow better chance to be tomorrow night some of the far northern areas and temperatures getting gradually colder everyday as we go to the middle and latter parts of the week and into the weekend so let's talk about that part of the forecast will start off tonight low temperatures down to thirty seven five i probably ought to lower that fact i could do to help atlanta take a few seconds isolated showers and thinking that i may change that to about twenty five or twenty percent chance of isolated showers tomorrow forty two on wednesday and then thirty seven thursday right about that same number friday saturday and is later in the weekend and
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that we get really cold and with the storm system headed our way it's not inconceivable weaken a little bit of winter weather to deal with someone across the region. pretty chilling i think jeff whelan after winning another super bowl peyton manning took a one day family vacation to southern california has disneyland
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you know, i'm not feeling it today. talk to your doctor or pharmacist today about a vaccine that can help prevent shingles. nice play by some police officers in laughlin ohio three officers were on patrol when they saw a group of kids playing basketball but the volpe didn't have a back porch so the officers went to the store spent their own money to buy new basketball hoop. complete with the backcourt to start the divine has something really different to the protracted we try to put it in one he says the am officers deliver the book in the middle of the night so they could surprise the kids let's just get the best one and we got back words that came ready made already assembled lori some will
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com class again has turned into quite a showcase for the best high school hoops talent in the area for instance to defending state champs going out tonight kate henry and nora kate henry and their head coach mark all want a private school championship last year the dolphins jumped out on a snorkel but here come the greyhounds. that's a three pointer by k j davis with twenty points eleven rebounds and welcome to attend lately the traverse fields on the run makes the shot gets fouled the greyhounds took a fifteen twelve lead in the first quarter. mark seaman led the team in scoring for the dolphins its sixteen including that three porter tying the game up then at the end of the first quarter with a buzzer beater not the weather's for three yes the dolphins led a team to fifteen second quarter it's more travis fields pulled up to the jumper he's got all kinds of great moves he had twenty tonight greyhounds led by two at
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they took charge great crossover then pull up jumper by fields and finally darien allison off the inbounds pass for the three north them wins in sixty four to forty nine the earlier game tonight lance ten against last christmas. the tigers in the blue uniforms the pull up jumper from desmond domain it was that i made a forty thirty seven and donald hicks with the layoff coming up here. the games tied for fourth quarter in the process with the smiths were the first two baskets of that fourth quarter back comes lance and this one went right down the wire maurice jones tied the game open forty two daring as evans had one basket all night with just over a minute ago and again lance ten forty five forty four lee under twenty seconds ago actually when he puts up a shot or seven seconds sex with a jumper in the game winner donald ex boss chris smith forty seven to forty five winners but couldn't in
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the super bowl mvp but i guess you could say yes the lifetime achievement award so he was at the happiest place on earth no iconic i'm going to disneyland commercial this year only the second time and about every time he still won the weekly excitement calmed down a little bit before making that decision is solely as an emotional two we should get asked alot of question about your high school coaching a college coach in cu do some thinking and reflecting all people that have helped you get to that point to a pad on that with every super bowl of that fortune to be a part of a visit and reflect and thank some people in college hoops type of norfolk state hampton run the spartans beat maryland eastern shore seventy six seventy and hansen is the real issue tonight maybe howard sixty eight to sixty five. coming up after the break is it too
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. and this just keep on coming fro you foot log been trying to work at a football series with uva for sometime now. mission accomplished. they've agreed to two schools have agreed to a contract for a three game series twenty eighteen twenty twenty two in charlottesville they will play at s b ballard stadium and twenty twenty so he's worked out agreements with five teams now from the acc they've already planned to stay at home and you get to north carolina virginia tech wake forest and now uva will be coming to an offer to play the schedule yet ready right this got to ride tomorrow morning. allen put a little about the pines because i'm
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morning was for half the four point two a couple of hours ago before the half in the morning so what kind of level she saw early this
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but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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