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tv   13 News Noon  ABC  February 9, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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. the cracking down on heroin the attorney general announces plans to crack down on the deadly drug. just as police arrest two people accused of dealing out of that clinic and a virginia beach man pleads guilty to selling a deadly dose that killed a woman. gregory had just pleaded guilty to distribution of heroin resulting in a death according to documents a twenty eight year old sold heroin cocaine other drugs agents found over thirty six grams of heroin in his home last december police say the hat sold heroin to a twenty three year old woman
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at the hospital had faces twenty years to life behind bars in connection with her death he will be sentenced in me well this case is really fueling the attorney general to take drastic steps to fight this epidemic. attorney general mark herring has wrapped up a press conference and how he plans to crack down on the daily drudge reported jimmy lee was at that press conference he joins us live with the full report can be andre attorney general mark herring in u s attorney dana ben tay announced this morning that they are using more of their resources to relentlessly go after these ten traffickers and dealers to crack down on this epidemic. attorney general mark herring said that he had asked one of his special prosecutors here to dedicate more of his time and make this a priority. the u s attorney has also asked several of his prosecutors to make this a top priority now along with enforcement or prosecution peace. another key piece to this initiative is the education piece
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recently came up with our documentary on here when they're partnering with local schools community organizations and churches they wanted to try to educate as many people as they can about the dangers of heroin and prescription opioid weights now attorney general mark herring also told me that he has seen way too many virginians lose their lives because of this as attorney general. i have talked to so many parents and brothers and sisters and family and friends who have lost loved ones. last year seven hundred and twenty a virginians lost their lives that's more than car accidents. it's tragic and it's heartbreaking and we all need to work together to turn around coming up at four five in the abundant key pieces of legislation in the general assembly that will help crack down on this issue alone should also tell you how these federal agencies are partnering with our local agencies to fight this for now reporting live in or think i'm jenny me thirteen years now. all right jimmy thank you for that and
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bust in the last place that many people would expect a veterinary office and dear county was rated and authorities say the owners bear and patrice well for taking part in an illegal operation they were investigating inappropriate prescribing obtaining and misuse of prescription medication. the couple also charged now with trafficking opium and heroin or so robertson is on her way to dare county right now collecting information look for a live report in this newscast new information on a death investigation in southampton county yesterday deputies found two bodies inside a home on southampton parkway just west of portland just an update on this case the victims were husband and wife sixty four year old donald ray ford and fifty nine year old vanessa ray ford still no word on the cause of death the medical examiners working to figure that out right now investigators tell us that there are no suspects in this case watching your weather this afternoon to look for more sky view shows that the sun and clouds are
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and then and there is this familiar pop on over at the hague in downtown norfolk nuisance flooding so the roads all around that area meteorologist regulars here with a look at your tuesday forecast which includes more cold weather crazy and so by coastal flood advisory technically until one o'clock the water levels are up again nuisance to minor tidal flooding in some areas were not looking in a lot of widespread issues but we are watching those levels the skies are going to be partly sunny and we are a couple light sprinkle showing up on the radar more on that moment we get into the future cast for today. you'll notice it is a little breezy out there generally the west wind's been blowing so we're going to find again levels up a little bit today but receding later tonight and tomorrow temperatures right now mid forties in norfolk is fifty inch sb forty eight virginia beach dress and forty degrees up in williamsburg and as we pick up the future cast a few stray sprinkles certainly a possibility. i don't think or to see much mixed
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be a couple of wet snowflakes up around the northern neck or maybe the eastern shore again temperatures ground temperatures above freezing right now so not worried about any problems or just a couple light sprinkles around here later today. overnight tonight skies will be partly cloudy and then tomorrow we're going to see again a slight chance for a stray flurry or teach his four thirty am could see a flurry or two up front at the mac or maybe for parts of the middle peninsula and the northern that i'll be back to talk more about the extended forecast in a big drop in temperatures common upstate is new information this noon congress now has president barack obama the eighth and final budget plan and it's the president is proposing to spend a record four point one trillion dollars on a number of initiatives. they include launching a new war on cancer combating global warming in fighting growing threats from vices terrorists in all obama his budget would increase taxes by two point six
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the coming decade nearly double the one point four trillion dollars in new taxes obama sought in them in last year's budget and rhino are waiting to learn more about the navy's full budget proposal the plan is set to be announced at some point today and the details may not be encouraging for hampton wrote and that's because navy officials announced that they may need to cut thousands of jobs in the twenty seventeen fiscal year. this comes from our partners at the navy times. the downsizing could come via sale is normal separations and retirements defense officials familiar with the proposal say the cuts would reduce more than five thousand villages from current levels by october twenty seventeen well the presidential candidates are shaking hands and posing for photographs as voters head to the polls in the nation's first primaries last for the first time we're hearing from the father of a murdered virginia teenager missing she fall while she's in heat. what he said after
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was talking to older men on line and then a live creature that this man is accused of tossing into the drive thru window of a fast food restaurant last on the weight of thirty how local businessman plans to use his
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i can well hillary clinton started her day in manchester new hampshire polling site thanking volunteers and local supporters philly all the help she can get to the poll showing her facing a double digit deficit against bernie sanders on the republican side all the candidates are stumping hard for votes in the nation's first primary of the season abc's kind of mode has more business went from one place to another new hampshire high point that out till early this morning the candidates including hillary clinton were out and about trying to influence
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going to keep working literally until the last vote is cast so much crisscross leno once that clinton even went into the husband of gop candidate carly fiorina put partisan differences aside for picture witnessed really bernie sanders the neighboring vermont senator was baking a strong finish in the granite state unbelievable unbelievable the donald trump is also preparing for victory party tonight. he posted a video on facebook to get out the boat even imagine the new england patriots quarterback tom brady tom brady is a great friend of so many nice things about me and my ability to win. john casey has already carried its goal not the small and historic precinct opened to his nine voters at midnight said i would get in the race it could raise the money i could get to new hampshire would make the debate stage. i hope they keep under arrest the today's primary has that do or die potential for the candidates at the bottom with a vow to continue on to
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south carolina and nevada this movie. abc news manchester new hampshire and we're getting a clearer picture of the extent of the injuries and deaths after two trains collide head on plus this man tossed an alligator hope we'll get to that picture it to i do everything on the internet. but it's kind of slow. my friends said i should get fios because it's the fastest...
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for information on that deadly train crash in europe the body count stands at nine people killed when two trains collided head on in germany at least one hundred and fifty people were injured when the train slammed into each other in bavaria which is about four hour south of berlin emergency crews had to use
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the wreckage which happened in a remote area that happened this morning a german transportation official says the trains could have been traveling at least sixty mph the time investigators have recovered black boxes from the trains they hope will provide more answers once analyzed here in virginia the father of a thirteen year old girl nicole level. now speaking out for the first time since his daughter's death. david lovell says that they tried to stop her from going down the wrong path. abc's eva pilgrim has the story the father of murdered thirteen year old michael lovell speaking out for the force times is learning the details of his daughter's death she fought like a wildcat. i mean she's ninety two virginia tech student a two year old david eisenhower and nineteen year old natalie keepers are behind bars accused of allegedly plotting to murder the thirteen year old for weeks authority see eisenhower had an inappropriate relationship with her communicating with her on social media levels
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her family trying to step in and are finding out she was talking to older men online my daughter in ohio who had dug around in the polls going in to console me and she screeched only a few years abc news citing this screenshot ever kick account showing that around thanksgiving she was chatting with a guy named david. they had actually had some very vigorous and on point discussions about her social media activity in november and december leading up to this they had taken her phone away from her because they felt like she was having some inappropriate conversations what a levels friends telling abc news team apart eisenhower as her boyfriend authorities say eisenhower told them he saw her the night she disappeared giving her a hug before going home for days later police finding the girl's body
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home in the same sale with you. i'm pretty sure i can get answers to my little girl was abc's eva pilgrim reporting you're looking at images of hundreds of loved ones who lit candles sang songs and pause for moment of silence last night to remember level the blacksburg middle school principal the chief of police and the mayor also spoke at her vigil here is the story know that you might find hard to believe a man tossed a three and a half foot alligator into the drive thru window of a florida fast food restaurant that's right joshua james pulled up to the wendy's in palm beach county florida. he ordered a drink and when the server handed over reach into the back of a stroke and the window. here is a picture ended up on the menu the twenty three year old the side of the road picked it up to go with them is now charged with aggravated
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among other charges. what a bizarre story that was while tell you what the weather i'm getting more and more bizarre as we head into the weekend much colder weather settling in and a chance for some interesting whether he was in the next twenty four hours for some parts of the area and when i say interesting i'm talking about some light showers possibly mixing with a little snow off to the north right now skies become partly sunny and we are starting to warm it up a little bit. it was pretty cool this morning temps are staying in the low forties you have a little nervous about my forecast just needed a break i bumped it up to a hiding your forty nine and eleven o'clock was still forty two. ah here we go a little marine layer something going on but actually now are sitting forty five and on its way up to that high in the upper forties temps will drop off later this evening in the mid thirties cool enough to the north and cold enough aloft that we could see a few snow showers now
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well above freezing when the forties to near fifty across most of the area as an h is forty five at the airport in the west winds are blowing eight mph. it seems some gusts up around twenty mph so not a lot of precipitation early this morning the roads were wet we had the rain that's pulled off to the northeast and now we're getting what we refer to as instability showers again air aloft very chilly and just warming up to the service which gets in the shower trying to pop up that out towards i ninety five will be tracking it as the middle peninsula northern neck you might see a passing shower across peninsular south side as well as we expand the view this is where it is really cold in the colder air is set to roll across the mountains and invade our area later tonight into tomorrow so it's going to get even cooler temperatures today near normal upper forties that's where we should be right around fifty degrees or so and as we go through the day
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even cooler highs will stay in the upper thirties for thursday friday and saturday as you can see there's a chance for a couple stray showers mainly rain showers off to the north as you go to the evening hours cold enough that we could see maybe a little bit of light mix northern neck and up into maryland for our viewing area i think will be a pretty good shape although a few stray certainly a possibility we could see a little of that early tomorrow morning anywhere from the northern neck metal fence over the eastern shore to watch for that most of it should remain dry as we go through the day tomorrow. partly sunny day and then we'll see more sunshine it looks like for thursday but still little bit of wintry precipitation late to hop around maryland so plenty to watch keep an eye all that will keep you updated for now you can see things looking pretty good through the afternoon a high around forty nine invariably caught in a stray shower to a possibility we'll see low tonight you're thirty two with that slight chance for a mix off to the north and then
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and cooler temperatures night and after that the temperatures staying chili if you're looking for warm weather go down to florida after norman with aliens are actually the gators close anyway temperatures in the mid thirties three saturday in the high sunday upper twenties and thirties really cold canadian air coming down into the region. you know it's common to get prepared why do i think about the summers when it's so hot the way for to be cool and that's only deal that actually works. yes love well tonight. portsmouth city council is expected to talk about next year's budget last year the city had an almost twelve million dollars shortfall in their budget council made up the gap by increasing the real estate tax now they also took a million dollars from the sheriff's office budget this comes just one day after embattled mayor kenny wright announced his plans to run for re election more money could be on the way for
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division employees school employees that is our partners at the virginian pilot reports that superintendent james roberts is calling for a two point five pay increase in his budget proposal under the plan for the year twenty sixteen twenty seventeen the division would add twenty eight elementary school positions and replace fifty three lb losses are to be hell balancing your household budget or getting out of bed listen up the city of newport news is offering free help to anyone who needs that he re commit
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i will balance the budget can be tricky overwhelming at times fourteen income taxes and bills you might need some help keeping your check to balance the city of newport news wants to help her to tell us about a free budget seminar is daniel winn and sonia mitchell thank you ladies for joining us now this all year with another organization that daniel you with the city of newburgh his personal health organization with the cooperative extension so that organizations apply a virginia state damaging attack university and the pretty much what we do in the community as we take the research based based education at the university's own talent to the community arts are a few days into february a lot of people have pledged to get their finances in order to have not done so i jz wanna start up i ask you what would you encourage
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fallen off the wagon for weeks into the year five weeks into the air. well it's never too late to go ahead and rain in some of that spending a lot of people are now receiving their holiday bill than looking at them and this is a part of the reason why we have this buddy class series are offering to help things and get things in order that their budget and right now a lot of people are getting their tax returns sia so you know we do take an appeal for your bills start with that because i know a lot of people are about to get the facts in the mail right now. yes only beverly do have a part of the series is going to talk about spinning a tax refund wisely. nothing that we want to encourage people to do is plan out how you want to spend that tax refund if you want to focus on getting out of bed if you have something specifically that she wanna buy actually write down a spinning planet some goals that you want to use that tax refund for instead of just going out having fun with it just gotta make a little bit more important to focus on what your goals are to deal with how that played into the blowing entire money came to the yes absolutely you can that's why we think that it's
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the indian mind. so before that refund check even arrives or you know eating a regular paycheck. if you already have a plan in place you're more likely to succeed. this is to save a lot of frustration sunday tell us about the series the guys are offering to the residents of newport news yes i said i never wanted anybody in your partner than anybody in the area who wants to come out as a free series with just any comment about how you can create a spending plan which is a fancy with a budget and also how you can identify some of your spending weeks in some areas are you spending a lot of money on where you can actually save that money and use it towards debt or uses toys putting it in your savings in general ideas photos when the series will be held at newport and joy it will be a monthly classes beginning tomorrow actually you can choose to participate in the daytime classes at ten thirty in the morning or you can participate in the evening courses which are at six pm and they'll be meeting once a month for february march april and may you have several muncie to participate
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spending most of the budget on an ode to spending out eating out all the time to actually vote on a copy of one of the one thing that we find people spinning a lot of money on tx tx people to calculate how much money they think they spend a week or month in coffee and we identify the people spend about two thousand dollars a year in coffee allow you to call this a budget killer with you. yes it's very deceiving because you're spending two dollars maybe three dollars a copy so does it seem like life a daily thing that adds up. well exactly and that's where the spending leak comes in and just like with a plumbing leak you mean i think that that trip really means much but it does and so if you are aware of those leagues think that we can fill them or steal them or cut them off then you'll see they are usually the difference talking about searching the money in your inside of that wonder when daniel wayne and son mitchell thank you so much for joining us the series starts wednesday as they go through next few months and i'll have all this information when filing
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. think it was joyous for thirteen years now in new monterey senior and lucy bustamante our top story this half hour is a big drug bust in the last place you would expect yet. police arrested a couple for selling drugs out of a veterinary clinic adair county robertson is in dare county right now collecting information on this subject is now mine now is actually a couple that was the right to hunt whitetail news animal hospital here in nags head and they are both charged with trafficking heroin or opium now buried and that reason wells turned themselves in to police yesterday i just got the ball with an investigator he said they had their first initial court appearance in court this morning all we know so far is that police searched the animal hospital here in
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week on february fourth. now both are accused of misusing in obtaining prescription medications here at the animal hospital again the couple was arrested yesterday they turn themselves into police and they were released on bond after that we're going to continue digging into the story hopefully we'll have much more on this coming up starting tonight i'm thirteen years now and for clocks in our lives in nags head marshall r rerts in thirteen years now other firsts in downtown norfolk tonight the city council will hear proposals from businesses hoping to get their piece of property in the middle of the activity one of the players is starbucks which has two locations and sites on the grammy street norfolk keeps evolving renovating buildings and creating niche neighborhoods the arts district is one of them in the city that people are flocking to rate it certainly is it's part of a revitalization plan elise brown found out what the district is doing to build itself up for the arts district is really starting
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years ago a lot of these buildings had empty spaces in our business and are feeling them bringing new life to the area right now in the arts district officially been me on this track which stands for new energy of your fat with splashes of color and murals. it's hard to miss this vibrant section of norfolk area is near the intersection of virginia beach boulevard in grandview street surrounded by institutions like the chrysler museum in the harrison opera house rachel mccall with the downtown north county says it's all about uniting in creativity and color guard and to take the main cultural institution and get them together with small local businesses and artists working and living in that area businesses like push comedy theater work release in physics beans in balls and soon they brand the social club which is scheduled to
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pours a nice bah. co owner ddr in court says it will also have karaoke pool and a seasonal food served concession style of the small chicken are both going through the mall itself keeping with the spirit of the neighborhood due in court as proceeds from the pool tables will benefit the arts they're going to a local charity here where we're trying to purchase instruments on some of those instruments to schools helping kids in bringing even more life to the arts district in norfolk. elise brown thirteen years now and now onto us soil they are only in a sea of thirteen years now people in police and chesapeake are looking for someone who caused thousands of dollars worth of damage at home in brentwood that damage the result of a hit and run brian carroll looks at the damage and tells us what could help find the driver was. this is kind
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the vehicle hit this car so hard that it the where the rear taillights supposed to be is now at the back glass ship directly from japan chris reynolds nissan skyline was the worst of the casualties in brentwood sunday afternoon a pickup truck to work laws neighbors yards on battery park road and took out a speed limit sign before blasting through a fence into his mother's driveway. reynolds car pushed a good twenty feet through a gate and into a friend's car you know i keep a nice yacht and i pay my taxes and i have to come to this bs unified been here i would've heard it and thank goodness i wasn't here because i was there probably would come out smarter with a baseball bat or probably wouldn't kill them. a neighbor who was found a partial plate number in a general description of the truck involved reynolds still find traces of the truck monday night there's a little bit of blue paint left here on the wood and as we said the neighbor across the street the firm was all blue ford pickup that did this that russia had extensive damage to its fun when it went through the fence but also have a
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back and it looks like it back down through the fence after hit the cars even tell that from the direction some of the poster now point after that is when the truck took off. i don't understand how he could have left driving it without somebody seeing it because the light bulbs in the light covers were hearing that are in a drive with the reynolds is spent much of the day monday looking for the truck looking for each driver is someone responsible for hit and run that took place in a driveway. it'll be an amazing thing for the police to actually find someone to hold them responsible for something like this because this respect the property and this day and age these we dealt with because there's a lot of people these days i feel that they could do things like this and just run away in chesapeake brian farrell thirty news now it's a consumer alert that you definitely need to know about hyundai is recalling tens of thousands of vehicles a problem the problem that could cause the engine to
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?@ u1&. and you recall that honda owners need to know about the hyundai is recalling forty five thousand of its twenty sixteen six equipped with four cylinder engines a missing or improperly installed piston clip could cause the engines to fail or even catch fire and anew at noon the obama administration is taking steps to fight cybercrime the white house is creating a new high level federal
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cybersecurity across civilian agencies and to work with military and intelligence counterparts. it is all part of his twenty seventeen budget proposal that comes out today. it includes a nineteen billion dollar increase in cyber security funding across all government
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. half a million to a million people are all expected to pack into downtown denver today blocking the streets of the big broncos party for most of the afternoon. yeah the denver broncos will take a victory lap through the city after their twenty four to ten super bowl when there is a parade and a big concert the concert started at ten a m but people were already staking their claim to a spot along the parade route at work this morning wow. and speaking of parades largest parades in the world
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sister states and their anchor team in the morning anchor team there including erik paulson sally ann roberts it actually robin roberts a sister in the red wig right there. well we would love to show you the parade rather actually unseat all have a new but they're doing a live cut in right now they're all in costume as so many people during mardi gras do this their entire ride a great team and i got a great party is that the parades roll all day long andre is a great vet was like what are your feelings down to the ladies are they look like they're from or just a new blackboard life that is their team theme and this morning with a mattress over there just a great time so some of the krewe of zulu just finished rolling probably and i just re timed it so here's an oil rig to move around too much idle ucla gymnast is taking over the internet for routine is trendy but not for
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. if it is time now to look at what's trending right now. elise abraham your social media group joining us this week elisa what are people talking about online right now right now it's all about target and k and his gender neutral approach it to children's toys is seeping into another aspect of the retailer's business. now they're moving to home decor take a look. a brand called pillow fort will debut in stores february twenty first marking yet another step in to the retailers move toward that gender neutral store formats you can see some of the products you that they're going to be selling you can see some of those gender neutral colors here can be interesting to see how this turned out with these products look like we posted all that information on thirteen years now dot com cn go ahead and take a look at some of those products yourself there i write an adorable seven month old giant rabbit named atlas means a new home take a look at this he's about the size
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and people continue to keep growing. spca center in class gal put out a call on social media saying they're looking for specific home for at least based on his size and breed make sense because of this story under thirteen years now facebook page and the comments are continuing to just keep pouring in and finally jim isn't known for their grace and poise typically well this next story is definitely a sign of the times ucla soapy ten days is the rocks our world with a hip hop inspired floor routine in to meet with the university of utah. now social media won't stop talking about her and sharing her video take a look between
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dead on the beach in the past six thirty to ninety million u s house. yes i can say this because i'm a former gymnast you would never see that server. yes it was ever for my cancer was in the ocs soda for now but you know everyone loves it and it's gravy while very young very exciting that she comes every morning the water and then we all endeavor particular can i do this the dough with a lot of fun more about that with more live look ins sir yes sir. oh there we go back up due to all or almost almost done we just have a photograph. it's a picture of what we're hearing is going great and alyssa was right everything here right on central avenue guy or hot day get this right. one of the largest cruise that runs on mardi gras day today is
12:40 pm
the parades will continue for about another six hours and every writer that you see on that float has spent an average of two thousand dollars on what they're throwing off of those floats so it's nothing big investment this reading is headed back to the technical side but that's great information for you guys were to show you guys the weather down there cannot be better right now said one radar images they are dry across region temperatures the low fifties so it is a fantastic fat tuesday when a focus on our weather right now and it's not looking so fantastic back out to the west the mountains out there showing the snow and it is starting to develop there's much colder air out to the west for our area temperatures actually warming up we have high levels still high still running above normal coastal flood advisory until one o'clock for the area shaded in the bright green the darker green actually a coastal flood warning that includes the eastern shore
12:41 pm
of the middle peninsula that area until two o'clock so the water levels have been high they will get better as we go to the next few high tide cycles temperatures are in the forties right now we have mid to upper forties and again right now partly sunny and at the airport the west winds are blowing eight mph here's one of the satellite radar images the wet weather is throughout to the west some spotty showers here with a focus on this date a real detailed look with our future cast breaking it down for you as you go hour by hour through the evening you can see some spotty showers developing a little bit off to the north node is just cold enough aloft that we might get a little bit of mix precipitation up around the northern neck as we take a look into the evening and overnight hours to a few passing snow showers to the north low risk of that kind of activity around here i think we will see a few sprinkles but it looks like the better chances for snow showers little farther north as you go to the overnight into tomorrow you'll notice from the eastern shore over the middle peninsula. maybe a few flurries early tomorrow but nothing heavy base of
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now. temperatures today will top up close to forty nine degrees will see lows tonight are thirty two it will keep an eye the radar keep the updated look at this so that ran a much colder as we head towards weekend highs by
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