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court building backing the attorney general in u s attorney's office as a symbol of their commitment to the fight against heroin and prescription drugs last year seven hundred and twenty a virginians lost their lives as more than car accidents it's not a matter of if someone will die as a matter of when cheerleading has taken the lines of too many like monica booger e the twenty three year old bought heroin off of gregory hacked who was selling narcotics in a home in virginia beach when she overdosed had refused to call nine one one. he eventually took her to the hospital but it was too late. there is nothing new in office today the attorney general in u s attorney's office pledged their continued support for local and state agencies say as a full time prosecutor on and we have asked several of our prosecutors to devote more of their efforts on it a key piece of this initiative includes education
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the one where the documentary called here when the hardest hit which were hoping to be shown in churches and schools and communities all across virginia. the da is ramping up its efforts by training first responders treat every overdose case as a crying scene and that's where it leads to the prosecution's because we're now getting information informations been turned over the state and local agencies to come up with the data and track where our dealers are prevention treatment public awareness enforcement and prosecution multifaceted approach to the relentless fight against a deadly drug. we all need to work together to turn around and the attorney general also highlighted some key pieces of legislation that would help this fight like the expansion of the use of new locks down which is a drug that immediately reverses the effects of an overdose. jenny thirteen years now and both the attorney general and the u s attorney praised our
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documentary on heroin saying it showed just how serious the heroin epidemic has become and you can watch it on thirteen is now dot com just click on the investigation tab. it's called hooked on heroin virginia's growing killer now have the man in the gym the story is one of several harrowing defendants to make their way through norfolk federal court the attorney general says in the last year his team is prosecuted twenty eight state and federal cases involving more than two hundred pounds of heroin and that includes alonzo out and his six co conspirators in portsmouth out and pleaded guilty to conspiracy to manufacture distribute and possess with intent to distribute in excess of one kilo of heroin heroin isn't the only problem adair county a couple who owns an animal hospital is facing serious drug charges court documents obtained by thirteen is now show barrett and patrice welch accused of stealing prescription drugs from
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head. that prompted a narcotics task force to start an investigation and that led to a major drug bust marcella robertson is live the now like to mention a couple is facing some very serious charges they're accused of stealing prescription drugs and museum for their own personal use or right here from this animal hospital in and said they are actually the owners of that hospital no weenie hands on these search warrants and the detail that you are very serious charges and also how the company tried to cover this whole thing not a major drug investigation in an unlikely place. police are just nags head in the hospital last week according to search warrants police seized a laundry list of pills. surveillance video and medication logs at the center of this investigation. dr barry welsh and his wife patrice both owners of the animal hospital they are arrested and
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warrants reveal details of the couple's stealing medication from the hospital inventory for their own personal use. investigators say doctor welch would then prescribe medication to his pets and pets of friends and family members to cover it all up. police also searched the couple's kill devil hills home. that's where they also seized dozens of pills. we stopped by there tuesday but no one answered. other employees at the animal hospital had no comment when asked about the charges but did say they would remain open for patients investigators say the employees there fully cooperated during the search the net this is not the first time the dr wells has actually been in trouble with the law why he was in hot water with the da just two years ago that part of a story coming into and thirteen years now and six line in nags head and marcella robertson thirteen
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this is a live picture from our sky view camera on top of the virginia air and space center in hampton this guy's pretty clear right now but jeff is tracking some green creeping up on that radar right here and one of those areas i pointed out a minute ago you could see some of the precipitation evaporating before came down to the ground really cool sorta wispy looking stuff what we call virgo and so on this picture it looks like i don't know what maybe a third of the area seeing some precipitation right now but that is not the case any of these light areas for the most part there's nothing going on he got to get a little bit of the darker greens and then some of the yellows and reds but even those are not just heavier precipitation the former rain sometimes they're indicating a little sleep and when they pass over an area that can confirm that like one of our reporting stations like west point right in here for a few minutes reported the sleep and so consequently the radar then gets that information and changes that from rain this shower look back over to a snow locker earlier today same thing that starts out
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in there that in posts and was not a rain shower was a little bit of sleep. evan was actually there to a school park and reported that most of this is probably just a little bit of some isolated to scattered rain shower activity because it's a little miler down or south so here's the bottom line what you can expect a few areas of showers this evening generally a hundred to about five hundredths of an inch so not much some sleet pellets are a little bit of snow flake activity may mix in the best chance of that is a little bit more to the north and then a big cool down coming up talk about that in just a little while i did just a couple of hours norfolk city council is expected to take steps to entice another fortune five hundred company in downtown norfolk entertain is live outside city hall with a look at how this could benefit small businesses the company the size of a bp were to come to norfolk you would bring thousands of jobs and thousands of people and they have to eat and they have to
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business leaders hope that it's here downtown the downtown norfolk is grow the buildings going up some restaurants new hotels to say the word of another fortune five hundred company planning routes here has the downtown norfolk council excited. so it's significant for downtown is just a significant over the entire city. the group's president mary miller says if the human resources company adp moves into the financial district it will boost the local establishments around the corner of grand the two thousand new employees and aunt annie has a significant impact on people that can shock either in a laundry in the street and are an independently owned and operated businesses and more on the way a creep or re is coming to grand be along with the hand crafting print shop and a place to get your dog groomed downtown norfolk council awarded these
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incentives as part of the vibrant spaces program when we were working on fire in space is one of the things we did was a lot of survey work focus groups to find out what our downtown residents and workers both wanted to see downtown thousands of new workers from a fortune five hundred company could also help fill a growing number of renovated apartments including three hundred additional propose units inside the bank of america building and this city is considering offering up a multimillion dollar grant paid out over several years we'll have details on that coming up that since reporting live in norfolk area came thirteen years now right now there are three fortune five hundred companies based in hampton roads. huntington ingalls industries in newport news which according to virginia business dot com brought in seven billion dollars in revenue in two thousand fourteen dollar tree based in chesapeake and norfolk southern is a fortune five hundreded company with the reported revenue in two
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point six billion. speaking of norfolk southern canadian pacific is not giving up on trying to control the company canadian pacific said today it plans to ask norfolk southern shareholders whether they want the two railroads to pursue a merger norfolk southern rejected all canadian pacific takeover offers to this point. in fact norfolk southern called the offer is grossly inadequate and new information on a death investigation in southampton county deputies found two bodies inside a home yesterday and southampton parkway just west of portland we've learned the victims were sixty four year old donald redford and his fifty nine year old wife and nasa the medical examiner is working to figure out how they died. investigators tell us there are no suspects in this case the search is on for two suspects in an ad to make county murder case investigators say twenty four year old yvonne cropper and twenty year old jihad trades killed robert bailey tops the fourth. deputies found the top shot last week
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they have not said what led to big tops is murder. you know where proper intrigues are called the yakima county sheriff's office right away write a warning about this next or if you don't like bugs that might make your skin crawl. norfolk state university students say they're fed up with finding cockroaches all over the dorm right. cockroaches are asking university leaders what they're doing about the problem. plus more reaction coming in after the york county sheriff decided to put in god we trust decals on every patrol
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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. they are
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your dorm room door for states to tell us they're being overrun by roaches students say they're finding cockroaches in the showers in the hallway and in their bedrooms and christina surgical is looking into what the university is doing to try and fix the bumper of the all too familiar sound because of the union say is an all too familiar sights and the year three we already know it is roach to norfolk state university sophomores tommy their dorm building has been infested with cockroaches for months the home. oh and they had the shower and a student shared with is these videos they recorded inside of abbott's mit dorm building in the videos you can see cockroaches all over the hallways past and in even the bedrooms where the girls sleep on this class that in mind we contacted many people they keep that memory can do
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buy rating and i just had a spring stuff actually repay all the what if they came the towers had to deal with and i had only one to be in office the more he says tell me that tells underneath dorm room doors are now a common sight. residents of the storm trying everything they can to keep the roaches out but they seem to get in the midst of my life where you're scared to open your door open for that because you don't want to crawl out from the side of them by the time that the bathroom washer we had a bad grade this tape and i just got off the phone with norfolk state university officials less than an hour ago and they tell us they are now well aware of the issue in cruise check things out this afternoon and were there working on a solution one this coming up at six stephen but there are more than four thousand species of cockroaches worldwide. it's good to know the experts at pest world dot org say cockroaches are so hard to
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for a week without a head hole for the and they can hold their breath for forty minutes. also because cockroaches are cold blooded they can live a month without food. now i know. ok an update to a story we brought you one thirteen is now at five yesterday the york county sheriff is pain to put in god we trust decals on every patrol car. he's paying for the cows out of his own pocket and after we aired the story last night a couple reached out to the sheriff and offered to reimburse him the fourteen hundred dollars the company offered to put the decals on for free the sheriff declined both offers and told the people to donate that money to a cause of their choice instead i people in northern virginia woke up to snow. this is video from leesburg a winter storm hit the dc area today it's moving north and is expected to drop even more snow in maryland and pennsylvania jeff that system
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the radar so does that mean showers for us in a few areas but what kind of showers rain showers snow showers sleet showers probably all of the above but in very isolated spots in very minute quantities for the most part as you can see that's changed is the last minute since i looked at it and see a lot of sunlight hitting the buildings there were looking off to the e sun setting for the west so the west facing a side of the buildings now picking up the bright sunshine you can see some of the shadows out there as well lot of low clouds in the distance that's because we have the scattered areas of light precipitation as i mentioned the case are just joining us we had a few reports of some sleep. evan reported one around the coasts in the bed to sleep shower earlier. here's one now moving up through parts of the northern neck off the middle peninsula most of what we're looking at a north carolina is probably just a few isolated rain showers but as we go to
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even though there are forty five. it's freezing couple of few thousand feet up and so the rain is falling freezing and then as it falls in most areas of having time to melt and turn back into some light rain showers but in a few areas is paul's a little bit heavier again even though it's way above freezing we're talking about a little bit of us sleep. so forty three is the spawn forecast for tomorrow that's going to be our guarantee for today we called for forty five we hit forty eight so fourteen days in a row. hunters out there right now south side look just like this generally a mid forties a few lower forties is hard to get more thirties though when you get up on the parts of the aca mac in northampton county areas back to the middle peninsula northern neck a lot more the upper thirties and just like southside were looking at mainly lower to mid forties here cross here is a north carolina and that is down at least for the inland areas compared to
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unchanged or maybe up a couple of degrees here in the immediate area so is the stuff rolls through this evening. again very isolated showers just like on sunday just like yesterday a couple spots could have a few areas of sleet mixed and better chance for any snow mixing in would be in the morning far areas a little bit more to the north where you might even see a snow shower slight chance you could have a little bit of minor accumulation but it's doubtful. hopefully with the temperature being above freezing we would have an issue on the roads or anything but we'll keep you updated in the morning with our am show daybreak if there's anything that's out there and then live the temperatures during the day a thursday. they only go from the twenties and the start of the day the thirties for the afternoon highs will be some of the coldest air we've seen this winter season so that snow storm around washington pulling out a little bit of a sort of semi related upper level disturbance that one swinging
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few stray showers maybe a little bit of a mix especially to the north lows by morning down around freezing tomorrow talking about forty four partly sunny breezy and chilly rest of the forecasts boy doesn't get any warmer and then tomorrow thirty five thursday thirty seven friday thirty six sunday and twenty nine on sunday will be the coldest air in the long time lows in the teens and then a storm comes as some warmer air arrives monday tuesday but will it be warm enough in time to mean that it's rain not snow or will a miss altogether right now we think there's a decent shot could give us a little bit of inclement weather to parts of the area to watch that and i have is that thousands of children in the us every year were talking about injuries from shopping carts how you can make sure it doesn't happen to your kids and a man went on a rampage inside a store swinging us stolen sore police say this guy did just
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check out this crazy video of an attack inside a store in florida you see a man swinging a three foot sword and a worker police say the suspects stole sword from the store minutes before this attack police say the same and jabbed an elderly man in the face several times with a metal pole that attack happened at a gas station according to a police report the suspect kept saying he wanted to kill all that was evil. police think he was high on drugs at the time he's facing attempted murder charges a trip to the grocery store isn't something most parents worry about but every year an average of twenty one thousand children are her in the us because of paul's from shopping carts that number coming from the consumer product safety commission the majority of calls involve one or two year olds
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occurred after children fell from a shopping cart onto concrete floors the overall majority of injuries are head injuries and think about falling from height and the fact that kids especially younger kids tend to be fairly top heavy the lead with their head. child safety experts say kids should be buckled into the shopping cart seat or the basket i did you know any small children chances are you've seen them use a smartphone or tablet. experts are studying the effects of technology on children but very little is known however the american academy of pediatrics has some guidelines for how and when to introduce children to technology and they say kids should use smart devices with the parent present. one mom told us she's not surprised how quickly her three year old daughter learned to use a smartphone pic i think every generation has its technological advances and we just have to be opened to
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adaptable and they're sponges and they are able to pick up things we probably had anticipated. coming up on thirteen years now and six will have more from experts in the best ways they say to introduce your child to tablets and smartphones to improve their learning president sent his budget to congress today and it didn't include good news for the navy why the commander in chief is calling for cuts for the navy on the other hand nasa is happy about the president's budget leaders say will help them
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the navy jobs in jeopardy the president planning to cut thousands of sailors the downsizing could start soon. only hours left to win in new hampshire going to keep working literally until the last day of voting past presidential candidates are fighting hard in the granite state. no credit for homework no penalty for late assignments virginia beach parents don't like the new grading system and they're working on a plan to stop it that goes from the navy next year's defense budget is
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