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tv   13 News Daybreak  ABC  February 10, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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the other results are in from the nation's first primary votes and there's as much talk about who came in second as who swept its the city of portsmouth is facing new budget woes the missing millions that could have been looking for ways to tighten the purse strings this is certain is no daybreak it's five o'clock on the dock ashley will be up a few minutes to tell you what's happening on roads and greg is here to check in your forecast the berry called forecast before you walk out your dough in a drag. good morning guys and a few snowflakes flying out there early this morning is well worth checking right now with our sky view of rainier space center just to see there see anything around hampton ia and they're not not yet a little farther up the tents around williamsburg some light snow showers and flurries and that extends up to the middle peninsula in the northern neck very light activity not in his painting real significant. i would love to hear from you on facebook if you're a facebook
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here you can hit me up on my facebook page and let me know or see anything down to the ground or you know of you look at the window has come and am pretty good or it's just gonna stick with the deck whatever love to hear some at the bottom line is this comes too early this morning is really light will take a look at the progression you can see is working down the peninsula so that sold them watch you run the air and space center but right now it's light activity and it is a little farther to the north and west does extend across a little peninsula over the eastern shore starting to see a little bit now for parts of north hampton's will continue to watch that temperatures or at or a little bit below freezing for most series wins and wind gusts really been that big a deal that little bit breezy down on the albemarle sounds of the syrup over twenty mph but we will see the winds picking up a bit later today with just twenty five and the wind chills. it's feel like it's in the twenties right now so even though we're not looking at it from a sound of wind gusts sustained winds are keeping those wind chills cooler as we didn't see
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out around forty three get a few snow flurries or snow showers early this morning then skies partly to mostly sunny pretty good looking day i will have the full details coming up on much colder air more chances for some wintry weather as we finish out the work we can look ahead to early next week. lots to talk about ashley. when you get an update right now midtown that read we did have a brief stoppage at the midtown tunnel a few minutes ago maybe about ten or fifteen minutes at this point as we head to our camera you will see traffic is now well i don't know maybe there's another stoppage the last third. ok here we go to make sure i didn't miss anything here. traffic is moving in the midtown tunnel we did have a brief stoppage their cbc minor delays you head into norfolk. it looks like this one lane here making its way into port in to check on the edges to make sure traffic is moving in the port to this point we do have a couple of stoppage is that happened at the midtown tunnel so there may be an issue here or traffic might be alternating lane closures south austin what made you can stay here until five ten
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at the midtown tunnel for now i do want to do an update around the downtown tunnel on a second camera so i've been watching the scene of an earlier car fire to sixty four eastbound at the morton avenue or near des moines avenue in portsmouth at this point the right lane is still blocked as crews respond to that car fire scene but at this point the left lane is open as you head toward the downtown tunnel systems that use their say to not have the latest from the midtown tunnel will see traffic is alternating lane closures there that's coming up at five ten rsv they use level three talk about the race for the white house now in the new hampshire primaries are over and both the democratic and republican races have a clear winner that's right donald trump swept the republican vote and bernie sanders took the democrats nationally when you get a slam dunk in the new hampshire primaries what do you do whatever senator sanders you go shoot some hoops at nearly sixty percent of the vote leaving forty percent to hillary clinton. here's what one voter had to say about why he
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pretty loose and with money from the beginning common dilemma for me was just the passion he brings to the issues of quality. well don't tell to thirty five percent of republicans john casey came in a distant second with sixteen percent no candidates dropped out but chris christie did say he's going home to new jersey to quote take stock of his presidential bid. what does this all mean the voters are still undecided about who they support neither of the winners in iowa took first in new hampshire. so the race to the white house is still very fluid. the next test will be in nevada and south carolina on february twenty eight super tuesday is march first. that's when virginians will get to cast their votes good morning america will analyze what the results mean for each of the campaigns right after daybreak at seven o'clock and you this morning portsmouth is facing a multimillion dollar budget deficit for the second year in a row this comes from our partners at the virginian pilot city
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year's budget to city council last night saying that there will be a four to six million dollar deficit. now we told about this presentation yesterday on daybreak the budget assumes that the city will not raise its taxes and then a crime alert in virginia beach police hope that you can help them find this man they tell us that he left lowe's with more than eight hundred dollars in tolls without pain for them they say he has shopped with them before as well the texas a is actually part of a bigger problem when shop lifters leave with free stuff that cost has to be made up and sometimes stores are forced to hike the prices so you end up paying for the crime if you recognize who this person is called a crime. well it is the question that is people around the country scratching their heads. it was eli thinking after his brother scored the winning super bowl touchdown. here's a hint it's got nothing to do with
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. or i will take a look right now as our coastal flood advisory runs until one o'clock this afternoon includes a little peninsula peninsula and southside histories along with easter sure what to show you a couple of the tide charts and will start with a look at what's going on at schools point we expect levels today to be around four point four feet that's down a little bit from yesterday morning's high tide but these levels still high enough that there could be some nuisance to minor tidal flooding again levels expected to drop considerably within the next few high tide cycles but we've been waiting for the water levels to go down still running a little high there a yorktown is well that is paid level four point three feet this morning as we start off today we are finding the temperatures cold enough to support a little bit of light so there's really more flurries and anything else off to the north we've been watching it we will continue to
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chance for a few passing flurries early on maybe even a little bit of very minor accumulation a light dusting of brown areas farther to the north on grassy surfaces wouldn't surprise me to get some reports that around the middle peninsula or even from williamsburg colder air set to move and the rest of the weakening of the weekend very cold so get ready for temperatures near twenty nine in st louis forty in new york thirty nine in boston but for some wintry precipitation in those locations as we focus on our region were going to find temperatures today in the lower forties and skies generally partly sunny so not too bad today after those morning flurries pass through colder tomorrow and friday friday evening i expect some more precipitation snow showers north and it looks like maybe some rain or mixed down the side. let's get a check of the midtown tunnel here's ashley i heard about ten minutes ago we did check traffic at the midtown tunnel it looks like traffic was moving in one direction had
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traffic but now you can see the couple of other cameras as well. traffic is moving on both sides of the midtown tunnel. we're not seeing any substantial delays at this point in the mornings are in fine shape here between norfolk and portsmouth the third or second camera not be the latest on to sixty four i've been following the scene of a car fire to sixty four eastbound near des moines avenue. but as you can see it looks like all lanes are now open and traffic is moving very well as you head out to the downtown tunnel and out to norfolk so no issues now to report here stay tune that will take traffic at the monitor merrimack coming up in just a few minutes. all right ashleigh thank you lt sanders turned to dive into the dating scene full of
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this morning sources tell us that we should be worried about the home homegrown terrorism and north korea's nuclear program that is what the director of the national intelligence and the director of defense intelligence told members of the senate yesterday on capitol hill they say i still will
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attacks on the us this year he also warned that north korea is restarting a plutonium reactor making them a plausible nuclear threat new this morning at five fifteen the u s army court of criminal appeals has temporarily halted the desertion case against certain vogue or dull the court said it needs more time to consider dispute between the sides about how to handle classified information. ergo walked off an outpost in afghanistan in two thousand nine the taliban later released him in a prisoner swap monster energy is a popular way to get a quick fix of caffeine but five new lawsuits filed in florida say the drink causes healthy people to have serious health issues. the suit claims a lack of ingredient testing and warning labels are making people sick. the plaintiffs range from fourteen to forty two years of age and all have suffered heart attacks strokes or brain damage kidney failure on you this morning a florida man is now facing assault charges after
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an alligator to a drive thru window we told you about this yesterday police say twenty three year old joshua james pulled up to a wendy's drive through and toss the three and a half foot gator through the window. his parents called the incident a quote a harmless prank that has been blown out of proportion authorities caught the gator it's bizarre that are not right yet but seriously video of eli manning watching his brother peyton game clinching td all as the rest of the family shared the line didn't react at all but eli says it's not because of all rivalries his brother despite the internet firestorm me said the moment you suddenly realize you can't brag about having more rings anymore truly i tell tmz that he's actually thinking about whether the broncos should kick the extra point or go for the two point conversion as the means he said quote it's all good stuff so it had was in the game with his
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playing alone his brother and worrying about what's going to happen next. i had a lot of folks and asking to you is a super pain when you sit there you see the you know the go ahead and say wow this really is really funny and oh the other loose that's all that's what the concerns of space so as fans wearing a snow tonight and i'm happy to know and so why in and i would ever recognize somebody special who does not get nearly the notoriety she holds this whole place together jane davis. i ask she is our eight minutes with a mother who she takes care of everything in the nation she is in this morning kate are any delays or anything we haven't had a nice hahas she's in here i know we talk after every time there's a chance and so we talk about yet as flurries out there but fortunately and no major impact from those so jane we love you and we're glad that you're in with us this morning and we wish you were in bed right now. well they
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go for high of forty five the actual was fifty three yesterday so um you know that's a boss for going to start over with a new streak starting today and i very much like his forecast. if you watch daybreak i actually bought that temps are up because the stuff that came in yesterday morning was according to a high closer to fifty one forty nine so we did have that just when you watch daybreak but we've got eight have honesty up front this with the spot on. so today we both agree we should be in the low forties and that's the way it's shaping up so shower for the peninsula middle peninsula and off to the north of barrie like to be just flurries really and as we take a look at expanded you very cool they are set to move and this is gonna settle and for the next several days we've seen mid thirties. com an up and it looks like it's getting even colder in this sunday you for both jeff and i talking about temperatures topping out upper twenty s to near thirty on sunday really cold and it's going to be windy so we got a rough week
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to the west winds generally today in the skies should clear later on we do have the flurries out there light snow showers this morning as we take you through the afternoon you can see a few passing clouds but generally it should be partly sunny to mostly sunny today really looking good. more sunshine for your thursday into friday late friday i expected to be another chance for some snow showers or maybe some mixed precipitation friday afternoon temperatures right now plenty cold thirty degrees at the airport less wins and six that high again today around forty three with partly sunny. i get a few passing morning snow showers or flurries especially to the north mainly clear tonight twenty six and thirty five tomorrow. very blustery want to bundle up with those winds blowing gusting up to thirty mph. looking ahead to friday we had the chance for some late afternoon evening snow showers or maybe some rain mixing down farther to the south we're going to see cool conditions through the weekend very cold on
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another system bringing some more pre set monday night into early tuesday about the monitor merrimack right now i know ashley's been looking into that we have crates of books newport news traffickers will begin to focus on now for this traffic reporters we head to our camera right around the monitor merrimack so here's a live look at traffic making its way past college drive headed toward the bridge head out to the tunnels right now not nearly as eventful of the traffic network masses that is of course for craig but he's tracking this week but as you can see things are moving well they are and they're also moving very well in chesapeake on route seventeen with no big issues if you had between sixty four and north carolina making your way down ha passing douglas or i headed down toward al haq we are at core when you're fifty five miles an hour. if your head up to sixty four passing douglas you are also at fifty five that were very calm and quiet here. coming up in the next few minutes but hope to naval station norfolk. now things have been a pretty content here this morning with a couple of issues in portsmouth and in those top it is over at the midtown
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has cleared out coming on five thirty now traffic is picking up so we'll see if we have some bright lights on five six before coming up just a few minutes you sir of heavy duty this morning. oh yeah i write out the gate to say and people are the aisle ahead on daybreak. let's talk about valentine's day can you
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the rj listen up this morning turns out february four teeth might not be the most romantic day after all. go figure new survey by an internet services company shows that most women ranked it as the current most romantic day the first is actually their wedding anniversary issue dating and relating them to be willing to do and the sack and if their birthday so it found that only ten percent of women range valentine's day as the most romantic day in the year and should you expect a gift of a fourteen pound forty percent of men say they prefer no gifts and twenty two percent of women did as well from now yes at least on our level of week here on daybreak they were giving you a chance to win a romantic getaway at
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here's how you can enter for thirteen years now dot com click on the features tab fill out the form and send us your picture of you in years we hardly see her him your social media correspondent is here she's got some great sweet pictures of some really beautiful the police were these. that's right well if you want to show off the person you love use the hashtag thirty ml of weeks so here's some of the ones you haven't seen already this marshall said this in saying i keep from smiling mr mrs marshall was happy to hear calvin said this next one it says eleven i hang out with super heroes in new york city and those pictures actually are coming up right now but these are some of the ones we got into that kind of explaining them see you next week the talk of it was smiles from cap and there it is. thanks for all your pictures everyone we've been seeing so many come in all day. we keep compiling them for you online and bring them back to one year on the crucial very nice very nice she's been busy all week she's looking at those
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check in with a little bit well the first thing i sewed onto the door than ways to pull that off the dregs of bad news for lucy today and temperatures are only continuing to drop and then use the fight over portsmouth federal federal confederate monument continues one councilman is now asking the city to do lists disturbing allegations against a school volunteer charged with making the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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hearts are made for sharing. spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. one of our area's biggest employers could be forced to pay up amid allegations of widespread sexual harassment and confederate controversy strikes again the new commitment one local councilman is now calling for good morning it is wednesday this is thirteen years now at daybreak and lucy bustamante time und receiver is coming up on five thirty right now thank you so much for joining us. a cold snap is coming force big drop in temperatures me on his color is here to break down how low are going to go. yesterday's
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forties and as we go through the day tomorrow temperatures in the thirties. we'll start ups quick live look this is norfolk we can also take you to town point park and things are looking pretty good right now the downtown norfolk area we've had some live images out there no snow to southside but up in the middle peninsula we just got a call from a viewer reporting around the gloucester court house and andrea can hear mike we do have but we did get a report of some still kind of a dusting up around the courthouse in gloucester so wun let you know there is some measurable precipitation is not heavy it's a concrete too many problems but a grassy surfaces and elevate services you may pick up a light dusting up that way also along the peninsula we're seeing it snow flurries and some snow showers and towards williamsburg and love to hear from now on facebook or through twitter. if you want to have this with the masses in a state which amateur we know certainly helps. southside still drive going to see the chances for a couple passing flurries
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parts of the south side maybe run the airport or over towards fort story wouldn't surprise me to see a couple of flurries easter story can also see a little bit of very light activity centers right now upper twenty s to low thirties in the winds not too bad we're going to see the winds actually increasing later on when chills in the twenties that's what it feels like for most highs today near forty three. i'm gonna be back with even more information talk about the tides and look ahead to a cold weekend here stash. all right we'll take a look at the traffic network now as we head over to our thirteen years now track the camera when i give you a live look at that base traffic as it's now starting to pick up so here's a live look just past the runway total for three quarters of the way down five sixty four west at this point you can see her traffic making its way toward him to boulevard the rest of your base gates starting to slow as it passes a three a and you can see here this right lane making its way toward gate three a certainly slowing as it usually does at this point in the morning before this point five sixty
5:25 am
hopefully it stays that way i'll certainly let you know but for now we'll head back to traffic network maps and make our way up to williamsburg where traffic is moving nicely on sixty four eastbound in the direction of newport news only take a new eighteen minutes to get them help them all the way down to route one ninety nine and that's pretty normal and not too bad for some still watching those delays around the bays will have the latest there in just a few minutes also give you a live look at to ride sixty four eastbound at the hr bt all right ashleigh thank you. well after much debate to the elizabeth city police department is getting body cameras they're holding a news conference this morning to talk about their plans implementing those cameras and what the official camera policy will be the conference will be held at the passport and county public safety building is set to begin at ten o'clock look for an update on this story ahead on newsnight new it's going about five thirty three later today a ruling is expected in the sex discrimination suit against the systems norfolk ship repair a judge is set to decide whether the company should pay certain members of
5:26 am
to make changes to promotion practices and how it handles sexual harassment complaints the two thousand three class action suit alleges widespread sexual harassment or discrimination when it comes to promotions new this morning a portsmouth city councilman is calling for the city to get an estimate on a proposal to remove the confederate monument in old town councilman mark whitaker says it would only be a commitment to find out the costs are partners of the virginian pilot reports that it could cost more than a hundred thousand dollars to remove the monument and seven thousand to repair the streets after it's gone it's unclear how much it would cost to move it elsewhere. state law prohibits removing a war monument or a one memorial building now the indictment of norfolk city treasurer anthony burke is prompting review how business is done in that city councilman and mayoral candidate andy harris requested that the city auditor take a closer look her foot is accused of accepting gifts and money in exchange for the use of his
5:27 am
conclusions about perfect. so when you look at the processes that were in place of the end of two thousand and five to two thousand and eleven those processes just didn't seem to work and it was there was no there was no check and balance in the process and that was really really need to get in find the solutions for but maintains his innocence also during last night's meeting the norfolk city council decided to move forward with a multimillion dollar grant to lore fortune five hundred company adp to town. the ordinance authorizes the city to allocate five million dollars for performance based grant for the company it would be paid out over several years city officials believe that the company's relocation would create thousands of new economy to a crime alert on the seashore take a look your screens now investigators are looking for twenty four year old avon cropper and twenty year old jihad trades are wanted for killing robert
5:28 am
the top shot outside a home in a port town last week. if you know anything about her whereabouts call the acme county sheriff's office immediately time now is five thirty five and still to come on daybreak a lithium ion batteries that power phones and laptops yet but if handled improperly. they also have the power to potentially bring down a plane will break down the new warning from the faa just ahead the first disturbing revelations after school volunteer gets charged with making child porn. ahead why parents say their
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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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. good morning welcome back with a coastal flood advisory until one o'clock for the eastern shore you can see the little pencil of the peninsula and southside hampton roads and away from the co she go farther inland where we have on the water levels expect to be higher on norfolk and portsmouth also hampton back toward south aiken aisle lights in these areas along the chains that are still subject to the tides increasing in the rising and falling water we're still seeing those tides running high so that souls point we'll check that area out first of all you're going to see the water levels getting back up over four feet right around four point four feet
5:31 am
nuisance to maybe minor tidal flooding levels expected to drop in the next several high tide cycles and for your town about four point three feet so again nuisance tidal flooding this morning for yorktown in around hampton roads and schools point will be watching that we're also watching a few flurries and snow showers when this is not heavy and what's really significant here i can show you this we didn't report of a dusting on the ground near the courthouse and loss really appreciate that report coming in will continue to monitor actual report stemmed the ground up on the peninsula the little prince one of the eastern shore look at the radar trend here last couple of hours you can see how the activity is winding down. not as much coverage is actually shrinking and said she was deep purple showing some of the heavier precipitation that was farther west. it's really winding down now so why do still think you'll see some flurries drifting by over the next us a couple hours or so we will see very light amounts in most areas
5:32 am
temperatures right now upper twenty s to low thirties across the country's little on saturday traveling to the northeast things looking good in this entry us warmer out west it's gotta be cool here for awhile. our temperatures today low forties the skies partly to mostly sunny after these morning flurries push through we'll see a nice day tomorrow with sunshine but look at how cold thirty five the high thirty six on friday in another round of wintry weather potentially late friday friday evening. let's check in now with ashleigh with a look the monster man greg headed over to six sixty four north this morning because we did have a brief total stoppage at the monitor merrimack unlikely down just a little bit less give you a quick live look you can see six sixty four northbound of the eminem traffic was stopped in just a moment ago just started moving so that we see that heavy traffic there. i'll check again just a bit if you're about to head to newport news image when he is a jr bees you don't have this delay but things will fade out here pretty quickly so the good news there. a quick look at new way to tell
5:33 am
coming up here looking ahead now to that new information i have your metric that's up and running if it's not we'll try that again here in just a few minutes we have a great new way to show you travel times working across the regions where to check traffic from naval station norfolk and around the chesapeake bay bridge tunnel coming up in the next few minutes. all right ashleigh thank you lets last week here on daybreak it for some people really can be very tough to get back into the dating scene especially after a breakup or divorce the head here from a professional matchmaker about
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our presidents day sale is happening now. from classic to contemporary,
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the new revelations in the case of an elementary school volunteer in maryland was charged with making child porn you long before his arrest parents say kids had been talking about the arctic airways activities. well this is a student suspected disturbing things happening as far back as twenty fourteen when the school first hired him she said students would talk about it in the hallways and school administrators could have prevented this way everybody know about it on cable about a bed of the ball hits the fan out from a pitcher lisa stepped in when a child
5:37 am
photos sent to carol way through the cake at school officials say care we passed a criminal background check is being held in a million dollars but you this morning as sweeping sex assault lawsuit has been filed against the university of tennessee six unidentified women filed a federal suit claiming that the university violated title nine regulations they say the school has created a student culture that enables sex assaults by student athletes especially the football players the suit accuses five former athletes of sexual assault one current player who has not been identified at five forty five new this morning the justice department says it's exploring legal action against the city of ferguson missouri. this comes hours after ferguson city council called for the doj to revise a tentative agreement to reform the city's police department council fears the proposed changes would bankrupt the city. the deal comes more than a year after police fatally shot eighteen year old michael brown an
5:38 am
riots across the nation and new this morning one of the world's most famous soccer players might get the olympics because of the vehicle threat u s goalkeeper hope solo says that she is real concerned about competing in brazil this summer. solo says that she wants to start a family someday. the mosquito borne disease has been linked to birth defects in thousands of babies in brazil however the u s olympic committee has not advised athletes to reconsider competing on the question now is would other athletes follow in hopes of footsteps but for much more on the story had money in their new this morning the federal aviation administration is issuing a safety alert to airlines about lithium batteries are the same batteries that power phones laptops and cameras this video shows what can happen when they're handled improperly. see that explosion right there. such fires down a boeing seven forty seven in dubai and south korea in two thousand ten and two thousand eleven the faa is now urging
5:39 am
assessments and re evaluate their protocols coverage of the faa concerns continue on good morning america coming up in just about an hour and thirty minutes from now on i will craig is here now he broke up the snow tire earlier today they dropped the men who want to do with some flurries out there it's interesting you ask for some feedback i got reports of heavy flakes that was never reported from yorktown appreciate that coming in and again we had that dusting of brown gloucester were out looking a tremendous amount and actually the aerial coverage the amount of snow is falling it's shrinking in the intensity the news is i can be with us in fact i'm hoping i can put on my blue tie and you know really complete the outfit here are a whole more dapper appearance a little bit later and maybe the next hour or so we'll see but those flakes are fine you can see this note i hear it right now we have good visibility across south side a few flakes will be in the forecast for today yesterday's high was fifty
5:40 am
that just a little bit of pre sip of the airport yesterday just one one hundred to manage to give the flurries out there this morning highs today near forty three and look at the trend over the next couple of days mid thirties friday that forty percent and the snow showers in the rain. i think we see another batch of precipitation coming in later friday she that with our future cast right now this is overlooking we had some more widespread still farther north of the abc thirteen viewing area but for our immediate area this is what we've been focusing on we've seen some snow showers up or on the northern neck very light activity this area here was more intense in the last couple of hours it's really winding down. nothing too heavy but on grassy and elevated surfaces certainly a dusting of snow i decent shot that we've already had his report from the middle peninsula this stuff working on the peninsula really turning more to flurries and it's falling apart will be interesting we may see a couple of snowflakes light flurries across the northern parts of the south side that
5:41 am
the fort really even impacts the immediate metro so we'll be watching that the trend will be for decreasing snow this morning it's just very early. later today that stuff moves out skies clear out it's going to be mostly to partly sunny one to talk about what happens. tonight's guys mainly clear for the most part a few clouds in the evening that it will clear back at and as we go to the day tomorrow a mostly sunny day but i gotta talk about friday. this is what we were talking about bush's would increase from the west as we go through the day by noon still dry around here but during the afternoon moisture is expected to move through it looks like we could see some snow showers mix and then rain showers farther to the south friday afternoon for that evening commute could be messy we're going to be on top of that one as we get into friday the weekend looks better as far as the drier conditions but it will be very very cold saturday in tucson especially beverages right now upper twenty s to low thirties downtown norfolk still good
5:42 am
increasing at the airport west wins and six when chills right now in the twenties and that i'd still running high the height of their own forty three partly sunny skies passing flurry or snow showers this morning early but that'll go away. twenty six alone tonight thirty five tomorrow you better bundle up and talk about needing to bundle up and mention a chance for cynics free surprise a late lead a blustery saturday bitterly cold sunday that high in the upper twenties are nashua to watch and hr bt oh great we have about ten minutes before the morning rush hour kicks off the usually traffic doesn't really start to pick up at the hr bt it's a little bit later on this morning i think that's the case right now if you live look at a ride from him to norfolk sixty four eastbound at settlers landing road no big delays or issues to report as you head toward mallory and make your way to the title if you're headed westbound in the direction of the hampton river bridge six sixty four maybe eventually up to newport news. you can see here also in fine shape now as we had to cover travel times are you'll be able to see the traffic five sixty
5:43 am
still an issue this morning it's not severe but it's something to watch out for normally don't take you two minutes to get from the rally told him to boulevard right now is taking you sick so again a major delay but something to kind of factor into the morning commute as you can see her though that traffic at the chesapeake bay bridge tunnel thirty northbound is actually moving pretty well so we don't have any issues to report their day too and will check traffic at the top of the morning rush hour coming up at six o'clock already. so much is lovely here on daybreak and today were looking at relationships from all different angles and includes ending a relationship that may not have been working and also figuring out how to get back into the dating scene once again yet always so easy said parker has been looking into that for a season that is right it is not always easy you know sometimes people need help getting back out there they can help it can come from family can come from friends coworkers and yes even a matchmaker i don't even know where to begin to get bateman after twenty five years of marriage that's what marla hall is having to figure out she's
5:44 am
little more than a year and she admits to taking care of her two children is truly her top priority not dating but she's thought about it i have heard stories are stories of friends that are back into the dating scene and on and then hop on and a lot of people have said it's not fun dancing and having to go out there and ate again and that's when the one phrase from my tent matchmaker to help out when you cannot just sit at home and expecting to happen do have to put yourself in scenarios where you are meeting people that's what she tells clients when they come to work as a matchmaker she screams dating prospects before she set anyone up on a date she wants to make sure that each person succeeds first she make sure that they're actually ready to date and then she make sure they know how to handle themselves on a date though a big part of what i do isn't my thing happen it is introducing you to the right person know that you're compatible for but the other half of making short the euro breathy to meet that person
5:45 am
time maybe something that we need to kind of go through to get her ready. so what other tips that she gives clients that can help. really anyone in the dating field. grab a pen and paper and have those for you in our six thirty half hour after nash's leg sit idle in honor of love week we're giving you a chance to win a romantic getaway at the williamsburg winery so covert that is now back on. click on the features tab and from there to spell out that form make sure you've picked your pack sure that you want to submit of you and your sweetheart. five couples will be chosen after daybreak on friday. all right this next story sounds interesting the baby's father has a twin and it leads to endless confusion baby's father has it that way yet i will see
5:46 am
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i do i new this morning o j simpson's white ford bronco remember that it's finally been found like it was yesterday. well inside edition tracked it down it's owned by central california man has kept it in pristine condition that simpson was in the raga leading police on a chase following the murders of his wife nicole are murders rather his wife nicole brown simpson and her
5:48 am
way back in ninety four where is that is what happens when dad that way in a man steven shared this video as they try to think about which was israel that had a busy baby was back and forth between the two this video has been nearly ten million times on that stretch of the riders with knowledge from the field rather than the other brother leaves win some seats and i love the difficult job enough as it is but here's a video that shows why moms are pure. that's mom cory white trying to wrangle eight month old triplets and a two year old into their pajamas that respect for the eye. mom says it was a lot of fun if you laugh the whole time was right there like herding cats yeah the video has been viewed more than three hundred and eighty thousand times on youtube i'm sure it's going to get tons more
5:49 am
to do it with half the city that our little baby panda a lot the giant panda cub has to do what is growing so fast guys and is attempting to find this tree is now in place of a great job though a little hesitant and needed some help from his mama that is awesome to help get you a clip from the game show family feud is going viral online. she's already cracking about this i mean she is after contestant has some serious trouble guessing the category was other ways to save mother and one teammate had already guessed that. that's when contesting sheila reversal and the vision the top left drug is used when she saw o c or b points out that nana had already been guess so he asked her to make another choice and that's when sheila says mommy which is already
5:50 am
that you would think at this point she has learned her lesson and you would be wrong for next guess is mala which had also already been guessed correctly you should get in the school only at o the again a little when you aren't missing a few happenings in and near our house to the weights and shes the edges with the show had his pre teens will enjoy from lee and genie by moving into the mood to do this he third voting to raise a new trailer debuted on the tv show and in this reboot stephanie and jimmy are helping dj take care of three why is all thirteen episodes will be available on netflix starting
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