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tv   13 News Daybreak  ABC  February 10, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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matters redo redo the eye well the time until the thirty three right now with a weapons were much more news weather traffic and six alright so the results are in from the nation's first primary votes and there's as much talk about who came in second as who swept the city of portsmouth is facing a new budget woes now the missing millions that could have been looking for ways to tighten the purse strings. this is thirty news note they really get right to your forecast by the way we've just learned yakima county schools on a two hour delay right now. so craig you're wearing this note i clearly goes hand in hand with school canceled just that well we know we're not looking a lot of heavy snow here but up in ackerman don't take any chances that all will show you the radar here a moment nothing to the south side yet but we have seen some light snow showers showing up on the peninsula had a report on
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from williamsburg a little bit on the ground up there a little bit ahead you're dressing up from the gloucester court has some large snowflakes coming down around a yorktown that was a report as we take a look right and this activity the coverage and the aerial coverage is really starting to wind down now and the intensity is weakening as well so that trend going to continue but i do think you might see a couple of flurries work across the south side is this continues to dive to the southeast up on the eastern shore around at northampton we've got some light snow showers at that weight not a lot of attack a mac right now but again they're not taking any chances in the on that two hour delay this morning we had the more widespread snow opera waves for earlier but again decreasing rapidly and the same can be said over the eastern shore temperatures are currently in the upper twenties low thirties once a stock moves and wind chills in the twenties trying a death they want to bundle up a once a stock moves out this morning were actually enjoyed the sun on a sunshine today
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forties so pretty to look a day to night turning colder and tomorrow highs in the mid thirties out say about that look ahead to an even colder weekend plenty to discuss coming up here's ash the traffic network mask read we just kicked off the morning rush hour about two and half minutes into it and most of the area is actually moving very well you can see that behind me here we do see a little bit of a delay there into naval station norfolk so let's talk about as we head to our camera you will see delay starting around the runway tunnel mother shot his limit further down past the three a approaching on hampton boulevard that sort of thing that's where traffic is still very slow before the runway tunnel you're moving at the speed limits are no issues to report but again i would add maybe another five to seven minutes to the commute because of that slow down past the runway tunnel on the traffic network map to get the rest of the area does look pretty good as we head down to the expressway in chesapeake won sixty eight north and south. no issues out there to reports of your head
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past hillcrest are not pleasant at all the way up to great bridge boulevard only a twelve minute ride that's not too bad. so stay with us on how the layers of people very close eye on it wrap it around naval station norfolk also give you a live look at for sixty four the south norfolk. thanks ashley six o three the way for the white house now the new hampshire primaries are over in both the democratic and republican races have a clear winner donald trump swept the republican votes and bernie sanders said the democrats naturally when you get a slam dunk in new hampshire primaries would he do. apparently senator sanders went to go shoot some hoops. it took nearly sixty percent of the vote hillary took forty percent. here's what one voter had to say about why he quotes felt the burn i was pretty well set with money from the beginning common dilemma for me was just the passion he brings to the issues of quality doll from thirty five percent of republicans john casey came in a distant second with sixteen percent no candidates dropped out but chris christie did say
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to quote take stock of his presidential bid. what does this all mean well voters are still undecided about who they support neither of the winners in iowa took first place new hampshire. so the race to the white house still very fluid at this point the next test will be in nevada and south carolina on february twentieth super tuesday mart first. that's when virginians will get to cast their votes. good morning america will analyze these results and what it means for me to the campaigns here that's coming about daybreak at seven o'clock and new this morning portsmouth is facing a multimillion dollar budget deficit for the second year in a row this comes from our partners at the virginian pilot city officials presented next year's budget to city council last night saying that they will be a forty six million dollar deficit that we first told you about this presentation yesterday on daybreak the budget assumes that the city will not raise taxes if you need some help putting together a budget and setting long term money goals
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in newport news i can help the city is teaming up with the virginia cooperative extension to offer the classes they are free and start today but you need to register for more information go to thirteen is now dot com or click on the features new this morning we're going to be checking today with the newport news fire department to see exactly what sparked a house fire the flames broke out last night at home on garden drive that and dandy. fortunately no one was there firefighter sentosa sandia of them fighting the fire and they tell us despite a lot of smoke and flames they managed to get the fire control in about ten minutes a crime alert in virginia beach police hope that you can help them find this man they tell us that he went to lowe's and stole more than eight hundred dollars with it was they say that his shop lifted before detective say that it's part of a bigger problem when shop lifters leave with free stuff to them that cost has to be made up somewhere and many times stores are forced to hike their prices so you end
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you know anything call the crime after a disappointing game and a disappointing conference carolina panthers quarterback cam newton is speaking out guess what he had to say about losing the game as daybreak continues. and then an alligator a wendy's and then assaults one man accused
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i aren't this morning with the buses pull ups guys going to be partly sunny to very bleak cloudy depending on where you are we do have a few flurries out there so we'll check the bustop weather for you and again what you want to find with the conditions this morning wes was born about ten to fifteen mph few higher gusts and we do have those flurries will take a look that just a moment. also we have coastal flood advisories in place to one o'clock and this does include the lower part of the chesapeake bay's was the eastern shore. we could see some nuisance tidal flooding today that may be minor tidal flooding a couple of spots where start with look at schools point and here's the latest eyed predictions four point four ft eleven today yesterday morning we made up to four point eight feet sore down a little bit from that and you can see levels will continue to drop over the next few high tide cycles for yorktown this morning high tide coming
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feet and that will take place around ten thirty this morning so that's a look at your tides as far as a priest who goes to snow showers and flurries really winding down anytime you see this red tie on with the snowflakes is no tie you know somewhere across the viewing area we have some snow showers or flurries and that's what we're tracking right now on the eastern shore we had this working down the peninsula. let me just quickly show you the trends here will zoom in i did people start to see more these for each reaching the south side in the metro a few very light flurries no significant accumulation at all like the stings were reported up on the peninsula little bit over two words northampton right now at the mac quiet but remember the schools on a two hour delay at there and it looks like they will see a few snow flurries or snow showers a bit later. high temperatures today near forty three thirty five tomorrow and another system producing some mix precipitation and snow late friday. let's check in now with ash are a great way to head to the peninsula this morning i just got the phone
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certainly some issues on interstate sixty four we need to discuss its going to impact a ride between williamsburg newport news and really the new cat lying self police tell us that the roads are starting to ice over on sixty four east through williamsburg parts of newport news and again up in you can't until because of that we do have actually four crashes working right now in different spots that would assure you one of the now lives in the one i v the queen's creek overpass you can see here right now i look like just the right shoulder is blocked multiple lanes are open but again the roads are icy we ask you to be very very careful be done is aware so they are seeing and treating the roads but it's going to be kind of a messy ride on the peninsula which are to see what the conditions of the other accidents are going to give you an update here in just a few minutes. all right thanks ashley lettuce and a stern to dive into the dating scene
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. new this morning the u s army court of criminal appeals has temporarily halted the desertion case against sort of overkill. the court said it needs more time to consider a dispute between the sides about how to handle classified information. bird all as you remember walked off an outpost in afghanistan in two thousand nine the taliban later released him in a prisoner swap. a florida man is now facing assault charges after authorities say that he threw an alligator to a drive thru window. police say the twenty
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pulled up to a wendy's drive through and tossed a three and a half foot gator through the window. his parents called the incident a quote harmless prank has been blown out of proportion authorities caught the gator and released it into a can new this morning panthers quarterback cam newton is depending how he handled the post game presser following his super bowl loss newton says he has no regrets. i mean of the director to sam's to lose let's lose shown ago losing the muscle you lose the pot that is about the panthers general manager dave gentleman and coach ron rivera also defended newton gentleman said he doesn't just want players who win but who hate to loose. well you've probably seen this video of eli manning watching his brother peyton's game clinching td in the rest of the family happy cheering
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from ely to nothing but eli says don't be mistaken he wasn't not happy for his brother it's not because of sibling rivalry despite the internet firestorm. oh yeah when you said the moment you suddenly realize you can't brag about having more ratings tell tmz that he was actually thinking about whether the broncos should kick the extra point or go for the two point conversion to a football in his mind half brothers as surgeons that's what was all about through means he said it's all good stuff so he's having a little at all of this very cool tile new this morning gas prices are expected to drop to ninety nine cents a gallon across the midwest and less girly side is weak or to gasbuddy dot com gas prices dropped to a twelve year low of twelve year lows in oklahoma kansas and several other states in the heartland miracles of virginia prices are averaging one sixty gallon. i'll take it to fund this gasket or thirteen years now. com and click on traffic will find all the information
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to those ever shrinking airplane seats. now stephen collins says that he is going to introduce a bill tomorrow that would require the faa to establish minimums for seat sizes on commercial airlines cohen says that smaller c3 safety concerns especially if a play needs to evacuate in an emergency. it's official disney's frozen is coming to broadway productions and has the musical based on the blockbuster film will be opening in the spring of twenty eighteen auditions will begin next summer time peterson won the no word if the voice of elsa and current broadway star demons l will be part of the production in my head or just want to be all off all of the boys i lost a favorite with
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right now are trying to let go of the snow out there made but we have issues yeah we sure do and we're going to talk a little bit more about that you just got word northampton county on the east region yeah talk about northampton county north carolina. this is up on the eastern shore an aca medicare right both on a two hour delay what they're doing is they're allowing the snow flurries and snow showers are out there to kind of come through all the activities been very light we just had reports of dusting you know here and there on it's just enough that the roads get a little slushy and it's cold enough out there some freezing that we are looking at some icy or slick spots on those roads to the north so let's run through these weather headline snow showers flurries they are decreasing as we speak won't be too much longer i'll be able to put away the snow tied for the rest of the day but they're still out there with sze the radar roads again northern areas may have a few icy spots especially the bridges and overpasses it's gonna be chilly and breezy today temperatures in the lower forties as we take a look that i'd still running
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tidal flooding a concern to look at this another shot of precipitation late friday and bitterly cold this weekend those are the highlight of the headlines and weather highlights for today don't know how crazy you are about those but this is what we're going to deal with temperatures topping out mid thirties tomorrow and friday and again a chance for some wintry weather to the north and i think mix or rain down to the south on friday during the afternoon. here's one of really weakening pretty significantly there will be more snow showers up act like that's why they're on the delay up that way you could see across the south side just artists a few flurries approaching a naval station norfolk and back down to the south of the parts of suffolk portsmouth heaving chest because couple light flurries this activity almost on top of the peninsula flurries winding down and here's a look at the radar loop you can see again there was widespread snow showers early this morning up from the middle peninsula that to weakening this stuff really more intense up into delaware
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parts of mackinac likely to see some more snow showers later this morning so this activity works through one is run through the next couple days very quickly partly to mostly sunny for it to the afternoon forty three the high today and then tonight's guys mainly clear to partly cloudy want to see tomorrow a lot of sunshine but temperatures stay in the mid thirties. look what happens friday though and this is what i want to show you out to the west you can see increasing clouds and here comes that snow that chance for snow during the afternoon. southside and areas to the north of that done in a north carolina some mix and rain showers farther to the south souls see that friday late afternoon evening and then in the sadder things looking ok but very very cold here's a look of a seven day our temperatures right now upper twenties low thirties just about everybody below freezing right now forty three the high colder for the next few days the weekend looks alright the bitterly cold sunday morning lows in
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with the snow earlier some of the slushy erie is frozen in some icy patches what it will be that has been busy on the peninsula this morning craig saw a few minutes ago got word that c police and the da to working together to try keep folks safe on the peninsula course president mentioning this now in the flurries out there also the interstate starting to ice over so right now i'm watching for accidents seen the looks of this starting to clear up but still don't know what will happen throughout the morning. this was in williamsburg sixty four eastbound at the queen's creek bridge you can see here looks like one lane is blocked and traffic is trying to get around that and as it heads in the direction of newport news. that's obviously going to slow you down in the int in the in addition to my goodness gracious. in addition to of course the icy patches out there that will also slow you down so i'd definitely want to take a little bit more time this morning to commute because it's going to be an issue quickly will head to our second camera just to show you one of the accident scene that was watching i view the boundary road overpass that one has cleared the traffic moving a little
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the roads are icy and sixty four route between new kent and newport news to be very careful out there i'll keep an eye on those crash scenes and give you the latest coming up in the next few minutes all right ashleigh thank you ahead on daybreak and let's talk about valentine's day in you guessed it two days that many women think are more romantic
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. oh listen up guys turns on febuary fourteenth might not be the most romantic day after all hallmark holiday that has a new survey by the internet services company shows that most women ranked don't think they as the third most romantic. the first anniversary the second their birthday. it found that only ten percent range of valentine's day as the most romantic day here and it's the third deal of week wednesday will be celebrating or giving you a chance to win a romantic getaway at the williamsburg winery and here's how you can enter thirteen is now that cobb has had for a website click on the features tab fill out the form and submit a picture of you and your sweetheart yes sir we corresponded to the readers here to show some pictures of the tougher and tougher every day to pick out some of the best pictures to
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many coming in so we take a look at some of those right here that this nice couple from virginia beach this is how to study at the stars yet sorry. and it looks like that's the way for great beer get this picture coming in from chesapeake virginia is now here are ashley and ashley finally here we have this picture from our dry and this coming in from virginia beach as well so again like i think you have a very tough to pick those pictures but there's a ton coming in still send us your season i said that in the week will feature those on aaron's love these ghosts are certain look exactly the dilemma to some yesterday that like but will that will please the folks who saw them like them and all of them are actually shower the first they said when i walk through the door it's so true not just the way to get lost through art station it was so cold outside sledding across the face if they break the bad news for lucy today's temperatures early continuing the drops are right and in
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. one of the biggest employers in our area could
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scathing sexual harassment allegation and confederate controversy brewing once again as one city councilman calls for a new commitment or compromise that we shouldn't settle and hear from a professional matchmaker on how you can get back into the game after a breakup or divorce daybreak starts right now good morning it is wednesday i'm lucy bustamante and i'm on tracy we've made over the hump with you some information though the weather is affecting schools in our area after may county schools and northampton county schools in virginia on a two hour delay because of light flurries so let's get right over to meteorologist greg muller who has been wearing this note i all morning it's just flurries right now not too bad right. it's really not that heavy there's been a dusting on some of the places up to the north i wanna start with a quick skyview him off camera because of a change the camera's view here in
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skyview up in hampton from the air and space center taking a look at settlers landing and you can make out the markings very clearly not much to worry about right here in hampton in the downtown area so that's him to look at the skies over norfolk right now we still had mainly clear to partly cloudy skies as we look that way as we swing the camera around a little bit and see what will do use on a swing out to the west and as we take a look here you can see the camera just in we do see more clouds and there's even some snow flurries starting to push towards naval station norfolk so good let the camera kind of focus in on that you see the clouds out there to the west the light activity right now we will continue to watch as it is winding down its really dissipating and you can see the trends here we had some heavier amounts up to the peninsula middle peninsula reports of a light dusting around williamsburg sum up around york county in the middle pencil gloucester mathews a little bit heavier dusting up there and then for the easter show we have a
6:25 am
a lot that can be winding down so we do have those concerns and up on the fence around williamsburg where they had a little more temperatures below freezing we had some icy patches on the road so we are concerned about that. ash has been updated here. temperatures today near forty three i have a lot more to tell you about with the rest of the seventy four cashew gotta stay tuned here's ashley i crave you just mentioned those icy patches on the roads and really i'm watching zoom out here really quickly which is any kind of a wide overview of how things are shaping up across the area. of course need to be careful wherever you're headed this morning but i do want to focus on the ride on the peninsula that's where police and b not really treating the roads get icy conditions let's head to our camera. i can't necessarily say it's totally due to the back of the roads are icy out there but we are watching a few accident scenes on sixty four between your county and newport news right now so this one is in your county sixty four eastbound right around the queen's creek overpass you can see here the white lane is still blocked and
6:26 am
to expect some delays there about eight miles up the second camera with a couple of accidents seems i've been watching actually one of the mages cleared out of me that this is kind of what's left of it here. sixty four t spell just before you get to lee hall could see the other one here for the bulldogs to the shoulder lanes are open but that will slow you down as well in addition to the icy patches out there so few it is working on the peninsula also hearing about possible trap of trouble around the downtown tunnel and the berkeley breaks if you're headed that way they tuned for an update in a pants we've got breaking news involving an off base carry a new internal u s navy report just released says an iranian drone that flew over the uss harry s truman last month was the first to conduct an over flight of an american carrier since twenty fourteen of the associated press just attain that report of the january twelve incident this but it just shows what the navy identifies as the iranian shaheen drone that flew over that room another new report says the last iranian drone over
6:27 am
september twenty four t and evolve the uss george h w bush aircraft carrier. all right sandra thank you for that we'll check in again after much debate elizabeth city police department is getting body cameras after all they are holding a news conference this morning to talk about their plans to implement the cameras in what the official policy will be for those cameras the conference will be held at the passport and county public safety building that is supposed to begin at ten o'clock this morning. look for an update on the story ahead on thirteen years now at noon at six thirty four later today a ruling is expected in the sex discrimination suit against b e systems norfolk ship repair a judge is set to decide whether the company should pay certain members of the suit and require the company make changes to promotion practices and how it handles sexual harassment complaints. the two thousand thirteen class action lawsuit alleges widespread sexual harassment and discrimination when it comes to promotions new this morning at portsmouth city councilman is calling for the city to get an estimate on a proposal to
6:28 am
monument in old town councilman mark whitaker says that it would be only a commitment to finding out how much it would cost our partners at the virginian pilot reports that it could cost more than one hundred thousand dollars to remove it another seven thousand to repair the streets after it's gone but it's still unclear how much would cost to move the monument someplace else state law prohibits removing a war monument or a war memorial building now the indictment of norfolk city treasurer anthony burr foot is prompting a review of how business is done in the city councilmen andy per share or requested the city auditor take a closer look pretty here also running for mayor is accused of accepting gifts and money in exchange for the use of his power per share of stress review is not meant to draw any conclusions about her foot. meanwhile maintains his innocence and the time now is six thirty five lithium ion batteries the power or phones and our laptop yes but if handled
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or difficulty breathing or swallowing. tell your doctor about any medical conditions, medications you are taking, and if you have kidney or liver problems. using invokana with a sulfonylurea or insulin may increase risk of low blood sugar. imagine life with a lower a1c. are you loving your numbers? there's only one invokana . ask your doctor about it by name. i write this morning we've been focusing a lot of the flurries or snow showers
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dusting for some areas up from the middle peninsula lighter amounts generally on the peninsula might seem a little bit of snow there and a few flakes even starting to push farther south but it is winding down pretty quickly now the tides are still running high we have coastal flood advisories were anticipating any major flooding anything too terribly bad but the water levels up certainly nuisance flooding and maybe even a little minor flooding in a few spots or watching this tools point level four point four feet today forecast a drop to three point one tonight at high tide coming at ten eighteen this morning that's for hampton roads so it's a little bit lower than yesterday but still running high a yorktown four point three feet dropping to two point nine and the following hi tides will be even lower height the snow showers are finally winding down really just some flurries and about to run outside this tv is here to see forgetting anything here in the downtown area just a few light flurries this activity is more widespread and more tense up in the peninsula was looking a little bit north
6:33 am
up towards north hampton and areas farther to the door still in line to get a few more snow showers up on aca mac but again this activity has been winding down for some good news there will keep a lot all of this temperatures today staying in the lower forties for the most part to the afternoon. right now looking at temperatures upper twenties low thirties where they did have a little more snow up on the peninsula there some icy patches reported up around williamsburg especially bridges and overpasses middle peninsula may be little touch and go this morning and afternoon highs low to mid forties and temperatures turn colder over the coming days are dashing get a new accident out there you hate to hear about this but we're not really that surprised some of the traffic condition had not at all i've been tracking traffic trouble on the peninsula for a few minutes now we've had multiple issues crashes and breakdowns and things of that nature because of icy patches out on the peninsula but this traffic issue is actually on the south side right where you see this warning symbol
6:34 am
traffic camera heads up if you're headed to the downtown tunnel into sixty four west avenue accident just past the hole i believe as they exit the city hall right here so you're kind of approach in the berkeley bridge there looks like it's blocking one lane as you make you eat with the berkeley and the downtown tunnel as you can see traffic approaching the scene will stay with the zumba have the very latest on the delays out there and of course with a collector alternate routes as well. that's coming up in just a little bit busy day for you here are a litte is love week here on daybreak if for some people really can be very hard to get back into the dating scene after a rough breakup or divorce hear from a matchmaker about the major mistakes men and
6:35 am
new revelations in the case of an elementary school volunteer in maryland was charged with making child pornography of parents and kids have been talking about don t care was activities long before his arrest the mother says the student suspected disturbing things happening as far back as two thousand fourteen when the school first hired caraway she says students
6:36 am
the hallways and school administrators could prevent that way everybody know about it on cable about a bed and go head to fan out from a pitcher police that taylor tells relative found a nude photo sent to care way through the cake after school officials say carol we passed a criminal background check is being held on a one million dollars bond. new this morning a sweeping sex assault lawsuit has been filed against the university of tennessee six unidentified women filed a federal suit claiming that the university violated title nine regulations meaning that the school has created a student culture that enables sex assaults by student athletes especially the football players the suit accuses five former athletes of sexual assault and one current football player who has not been identified six forty six is your time a new this morning the justice department says it's exploring legal action
6:37 am
missouri. this comes hours after ferguson's city council called for the doj to revise a tentative agreement to reform the city's police department council peers impose changes could bankrupt the city deal comes more than a year after police fatally shot eighteen year old michael brown and on our team and it sparked riots across the nation. new this morning the federal aviation administration issuing a safety alert to airlines about lithium batteries now they're the same batteries that power or phones laptops and cameras. this video shows what can happen when handled improperly see this it was right there in the streets such fires down pulling some forty sevens in dubai and south korea in two thousand ten and two thousand eleven the faa is now urging airlines to conduct safety assessments and re evaluate their protocols coverage of the faa concerns continues at seven o'clock me appear less than fifteen minutes record a break. well now maybe the right time to get one of those virtual reality headsets is why starting next
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computer and opulence rift headset combo you get the computer you get the headset the games and all of the accessories for fifteen hundred bucks starting price for a good band. twitter is taking steps to keep users safe from internet trolls it has formed a new trust and seek the counsel the goal is to prevent various types of cyber abuse ensure that users can speak freely are right why i'm pulling double duty this week spending some time as a radio personality that is bad then from one one three two wd she is up to last a guy as the season it there. oh yeah the company completely so we have been promoting lovely and we have so many cool specials coming up the next couple of weeks and i just heading over to the local tv stations through intercom has been often much rates will be on today again we have more stuff next week to revisit your resolution and was working out or getting into debt. it's really interesting as some by the gym i have work the day and the iaea the hell they're
6:39 am
was actually fitness cliff day. ok well that's interesting. basically february nine to gold's gym actually did a study on this morning thirteen the founder members that continue working out past february nine typically stick to their resolutions latter folks come in all charged up and then you get dress ago today i get to the end of january for radical sleep and a little bit more maybe the bottom line is going to the gym today. keep it up to make it that's awesome. i hear that's gonna make it through this morning snow showers flurries decreasing there are some icy spots and some of the roads to the north especially some of the bridges and overpasses ashes in a wonderful job keeping us updated on what's happened up brown waves for we will keep you posted on any more developments we also have those delays at the mac and the northampton county schools both those in virginia on the eastern shore on two hour delays. now temperatures today are going to remain quite chilly low forties that's below normal
6:40 am
this morning i mention coastal flood advisories and we will see that i'd return closer to normal in the coming high tide cycles another shot of precipitation comes in friday i show you the future cast and then bitter cold this weekend saturday night in hassan am thinking about church services early sunday and those poor parking attendants there really seriously cold temperatures in the teens sunday morning upper twenties for high. take a look now the satellite radar images showing the snow really quickly. tapering off. it was for the most part snow showers and flurries but we had enough and started to stick on the ground especially the middle peninsula as several reports of a dusting some places a heavy dusting up around matthews in gloucester knew the courthouse so we had some at yorktown some flakes reported their light dusting around williamsburg generally flurries farther to the south and maybe a few just now reaching the south but also the southern tip of the eastern shore. there's more often the north that
6:41 am
maryland and delaware but a few more snow showers potentially for aca mac as we take a look at the future cats need to get into this we're going to see the skies clearing out much today going to be partly to mostly sunny it'll be fine. temperatures in the low forties today we got the overnight maybe a few more snow showers passing farther to the north but in general most of us will be a pretty good shape tonight and tomorrow tomorrow mostly sunny but colder mid thirties you gotta see what's coming up here as begin friday. this is what i was talking about earlier i said stay tuned as we go friday to the afternoon around three o'clock we could see another round of wintry weather storm think of the friday afternoon and evening commute could be messy with snow showers coming through and then into the evening will see it moving out some rain showers down along the outer banks more improvements for the weekend in terms of clearing but it is going to be very very cold as i mentioned here the sunday outlook or temperatures turning cooler and sunday's high staying near twenty
6:42 am
there what deal can now look right in the last probably half hour or forty five minutes or so i've been watching five separate accident scenes most of them on the peninsula those accidents are starting to clear but we do have one still working there and one still working on the self i'd love to be the latest art with a one on the southside to sixty four westbound in norfolk not too far from the downtown tunnel just past the city hall avenue has acted and here is blocking one lane as you head with the berkeley bridge causing one and a half mile back up to bramble ten that that will help me grow into that lane clears out so expect delays or take another route. ellis also had our second camera went into the latest in york county as we take a look at sixty four around the queen's creek bridge in york county can see here an accident scene is clearing the right shoulder is still blocked heavy traffic passing the scene. don't forget we still have icy patches on the roads between new kent and newport news and coming of the next few minutes we'll talk much or delays or under bridges and tunnels. all right ashleigh thank you alot week continues here on
6:43 am
talking about dating after divorce and why many people use a matchmaker do ye said to parker told us about a matchmaker earlier in the center or how much does hiring a matchmaker really costs lie did ask and she said. every person is different now the price she pays going to depend on how much time and how many connections you need the first visit which is a consultation is free because she needs to make sure that you're both on the same page about dating and speaking of free well we got some free advice on how to have a successful first date that leads to a second date matchmaker lauren price is a lot of what she does is a filtering process to make sure that each person i've become a client not only save insane but are also ready for relationship and watch are ready to go out on that date there are few things to remember she says men have a tendency to get nervous and talked too much about themselves. yes of course we want to know about you. we
6:44 am
the conversation is to weigh the your asking questions. as for women she says the dems give off the vibe that they don't need and especially if you divorce or to make sure your welcoming someone to life she says it's also a good idea to stay away from conversations about politics religion and your acts on the first date. instead keep things positive and something marlon hall is keep in mind as she ventures back into the dating world after twenty five years of marriage she says she's gotten some great advice from friends taking time to figure it out don't rush into anything and have fun. price says that's important but so is remembering that as you enter into a relationship the more you give the more you get you shouldn't settle for someone that isn't your ideal person there a compromise that we shouldn't settle and that of course is good advice for anyone now. i asked about how many marriages you have the connection she sent me a lot of marriages she says but to her success is not a marriage because a lot of people are looking for
6:45 am
committed relationships gain lots of those lao lao da interview for like another three i know the ladies there were people the power to the rest of friday keeping the sparks in your marriage
6:46 am
. good morning to meet next year on good morning america and east or tonight in new hampshire outsider candidates bernie sanders and donald trump walking away with big wins john joins us this morning and we'll talk to john he supplied about his search to second place with full team coverage from new hampshire all next on gma and your top story in this morning's rush a ruling is expected today in the sex discrimination suit against b a t systems norfolk ship repair the judge is set to decide whether the company should pay certain members of the suit and require the company to make changes to promotion practices and how it handles sexual harassment complaints the two thousand thirteen class action suit alleges widespread sexual harassment and discrimination when it comes to promotions and after much debate elizabeth city police department is going to get those body cameras after all are holding a news conference this morning to talk about their plans implementing the cameras and setting the official policy the conference will be held at the passport and county public safety building that is supposed to begin at ten
6:47 am
for an update on the story i had on thirteen years now at noon the city of portsmouth is facing a multimillion dollar budget deficit for the second year in a row the scones were partners at the virginian pilot. city officials presented next year's budget to city council last night saying there will be of four to six million dollars deficit he first told about this presentation yesterday on daybreak the budget assumes the city will raise taxes. all right ashley joins us now one more check in at well this is one of those mornings where weather and traffic are certainly going together to have the focus now is going to be on crashes working on the interstates and we do have a couple we had this one here in norfolk still going on to sixty four westbound is past city hall at the downtown tunnel a one half mile back up in one lane blocked there seemingly is the midtown when he or other alternate routes now back into traffic network maps of us are still working of course on the peninsula on sixty four dac icy patches but to give you a heads up in williamsburg just that were numerous accidents eastbound on one ninety nine not too
6:48 am
lanes blocked right now so try to avoid that area. if you can then again that's really something i'm sure craig even be watching throughout the morning and really this time is winding down we had light amounts generally it for the peninsula and up towards williamsburg had reported light dusting it was actually a little pencil it's all a bit more but it just takes a little bit if the roads are traveling to be slushy temperatures are below freezing so some icy patches i just checked outside and no snow here it is breezy and the flurries really winding down very quickly not much showing up on the radar right now we'll see cold conditions or the week another batch of wintry weather friday evening or afternoon and cold this week twenty good morning, america. political earthquake. outsiders donald trump and
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