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tv   13 News Noon  ABC  February 10, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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will pay out will exceed four million. the breaking news out of california where police caught a local fugitive a man accused of shooting his mother is arrested on the other side of the country more than an hour ago police told us that authorities in los angeles arrested yvonne tay williams yesterday we told you last thursday about the incident that took place on the mall drive in ocean lakes details as to how the twenty role allegedly shot his mother remained unclear but she did survive. work is underway right now to extradite him to virginia to face attempted murder charges and thirteen is now is following the story of course look for full report. starting at four o'clock this afternoon. also this afternoon of bitter blast of cold air continues to chill residents across our area that is right and we have to wait a bit longer before going to get a chance
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cold meteorologist regulars here with how much longer that the chosen cigarette pack guys were just getting started with the cold air coming in right now looking at temperatures will climb up into the lower forty certainly cooler than yesterday but not as cold as it's gonna get tomorrow and friday and saturday temperatures staying in the thirties even colder with another push of a new year coming in as we get into sunday take a look right now the temperatures we have him for the upper thirties around or pick up towards newport news and hampton forty five in virginia beach forty three in chesapeake these temperatures are cooler than this time yesterday were down seven degrees in norfolk so it is a chilly day as we take it through the data to see the temperatures climbing up the lower to mid forties for most areas. skies are going to be mostly to partly sunny as we ended the evening there's a chance we could see a couple of stray flurries very isolated activity down to the south maybe a little bit more off to the north will keep an eye to that in general get ready more cold
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tomorrow and friday. even chile are the weakest h mention there was a little light snow flurries on the peninsula this morning in our transportation officials are not taking any chances of the don is working to make sure the roads are safer drivers overpasses and bridges were salted for slick spots are asking those who are on the roads to be careful on shaded pavement there could be a buildup of plaque ice that could cause your vehicle to lose traction we'll have new information on a landmark settlement in a class action sex discrimination lawsuit that's what the lawyers for the women who work at bea systems norfolk ship repair are calling an agreement outlined in u s district court today we have the company has agreed to pay the woman three million dollars by cutting is just back from federal court judges now with details on this mike and sandra and andre in the end with lawyer fees the amount va actually pays out will exceed four million dollars under the settlement va systems repair norfolk would pay three million dollars for
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to women who work for the company between two thousand and seven and twenty fourteen the company agreed to pay an additional one point one five million dollars for attorneys' fees and expenses along with additional payments to some of the workers in all one hundred sixty six plaintiffs will receive between five thousand dollars and thirty thousand dollars apiece depending upon how long they work to their ship fitter janet of ellis is one of four named plaintiffs in the class action suit she's happy it's finally over not just i was right and in no sign of the women in our rights within the city i think everybody should be treated equally. you know we as women came it's a work in the notes and eleven class families and not just the way we should be treated any different from men and women were systematically denied raises
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subjected to a recommendation system on with their bosses the suit alleges that they had those same bosses were engaging in sexual harassment of these women so it's a bad situation in court the eighties attorney carson sullivan said the va either agrees the settlement is fair and reasonable but va denies the allegations. litigation is uncertain and costly the company spokesman told me by phone a short time ago that ba will release a formal statement after the judge formally approve the settlement judge to render wright allen said this morning that she would take the case under advisement and she will have a ruling by the close of business today reporting live by cutting thirteen is now about ninety minutes ago bond was set at twenty five thousand dollars for the assistant principal of madison alternative center in norfolk air jordan was taken into custody on monday charged with taking an indecent act with a minor for public schools says the sixty four year old is on administrative leave during
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court next month. huimin were getting our first look at new body cameras for the elizabeth city police department the department is outfitting each of its forty patrol officers with these cameras to see right there the total cost of cameras software and service costs around fifty three thousand dollars the city contributed about two thousand dollars on top of two grants to the north carolina governor's crime commission the department hopes to receive the cameras within the next ninety days of any buffalo says the goal is to increase public trust. some breaking news from the campaign trail at some time today new jersey governor chris christie is expected to announce that he is dropping out of the presidential race comes one day after he finished seventh in the new hampshire primary. outsiders donald trump and bernie sanders won big and despite suffering a huge double digit defeat hillary clinton says she will keep fighting. abc has the power is in new york with the very latest now on my lap
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of new hand chair donald trump and bernie sanders rocketing out of new hampshire with resounding win the capture of the senators and urge the oldest candidate in the news when he'd done but we have sent the message that will echo from wall street to washington. trump on the phone and give me this morning that his huge win and voter turnout were getting just great signals would have a rally in many many people would show up more than we ever anticipated. ohio governor john cusack finishing in second place is now believed to be the top contender in what's called the establishment lead i absolutely don't believe that i can not only unify the party but i also believe i can bring back that reagan blue collar democrat who they were for reagan and her idol winner senator ted cruz florida governor jeb bush and senator marco rubio. it
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tie for third. now it's on to south carolina with tim dowling to march on the if the entire country the old clinton hand sanders born from the truth and city to both hindus and stops the room and on the view back on the republican side governor chris christie well he hasn't officially dropped out of the trees which will be suspending campaigning for now it was that her abc's are on fed chair janet yellen this morning she testified before house committee yellen told lawmakers that global the fed to raise interest rates again in march and that would come three months after upping a key interest rate for the first time in nine off triggered by low oil prices as investors hoping the fed will hold off on that move well it's a story of love that's separated by more
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a story that we have followed extensively and today we're going to take you there as two long lost lovers reunite half world away it's dangerous and it's spreading
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i well there are now sixty six confirmed cases in the us including two here in virginia. yet as that number grows concern grows as athletes prepare for the summer olympics in brazil was it that is spreading rapidly. abc stephanie ramos has more the real olympics begin seven months from now instead of worrying about their fitness levels of some top athlete to worry about physique of irish soccer star hope solo helped lead team usa to a world cup victory in twenty fifty. so tell sports illustrated because of the rest of the gun she would skip the olympics a force to make the choice today i would never take the risk of having an unhealthy child. i don't
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for jeremy and me but i personally reserve my right to have a healthy baby z chi is spread by mosquitoes and has been linked to a birth defect that causes babies have abnormally small head the virus could stay in the system for about a week but once it's left the body the cdc does not believe it affects future pregnancies still solo says no athlete competing in rio should be faced with this dilemma. some say solo will not be the last to reconsider going to brazil women are now forty forty five percent closing at fifty percent of the entire olympic games and almost all of them are of childbearing age. for now the u s olympic committee tells abc news is closely monitoring the situation through the c t and is passing on its recommendations to athletes the good news for athletes concerned about the real games is that by august the mosquito population will decrease significantly colder temperatures the summer games are being held in what is
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ramos abc news washington plans for beautiful sunsets during a stress favorite free vacation aboard a cruise ship they were suddenly interrupted and now that the trip as over the passengers are describing the nightmare that happened there and there's also word this nude that the crew should have know better will
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of the day has finally come after three days of travel and seventeen years virginia beach or two that is reunited with his long lost love. we've been following the story of noah thomas and joyce to run for months now
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the new information email or on guys you could consider this the next chapter in a love story seventy years in the making. norwood arrived in adelaide australia late last night our time. joyce was waiting for him with open arms and ready for that squeeze we told you norway has been promising oh cool the way they have filled her feet to the activities we well the last time norwood enjoys embrace like this was back in london before the now ninety three year old parachute into normandy as part of the d day invasion since then the two have lived separate lives and have been separated by oceans. we told you the long lost lovers reconnected over skype a few months ago. air new zealand donated the plane tickets to get norwood and his son across the globe for the re union while they are in australia there are plans for some sightseeing and of course a valentine's date date we are coming through
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as he witnessed this long lost lovers were union and as you can imagine they're a lot of laughs smiles and memories shared. we will have the full story for you starting at five tonight laura geller thirteen years now or thinking so much for the touching story there well today a nightmare vacation will come to an end for thousands of cruise ship passengers local ribbons and some of the season scheduled to dock back in new jersey today. check out these images of the damage from a storm of the carolina coast waves were as high as forty feet when all this happen to see right there just things running off the side tables in the rooms now meteorologists say the ship should have known better the crew should have known better than to go into those conditions they see a storm was predicted before the ship even left a bitter blast is causing trouble on the roads in richmond you can see a tow truck driver who live in an suv after driver in a patchy black ice this morning and flipped his vehicle was right in that
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more than thirty crashes this morning due to icy roads here tracking our own chances for some wintery weather. yes our talks more about another blast of cold air coming in cooler temperatures in the coming days some wet weather or maybe a little more wintry weather down the road where to start with a look at our tide levels and this is round the head of this either hang up and out of its banks early although the waters now receding is going back down and this is not major flooding really not even minor flooding more nuisance than anything else we still have our coastal flood advisory through one o'clock this afternoon so we'll continue to monitor that not only are on the south side but little farther up to the rivers that are still influenced by the tides are watching those levels up to the middle pencil and the northern neck also the eastern shore as you can see we add that snow early this morning to snow showers rolling across to impart to the area really didn't see much come south side there are a couple light flurries but that was it and things have quieted down now and doing a lot of sunshine
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couple of stray flurries later this afternoon or in the evenings starting off down to the south will take a look at future casting moment enjoy the sunshine right now but it's a little mis leading thirty eight degrees and windsor west at nine mph so we had the sunny skies right now it is clear across most of the region will see some more cloud cover late afternoon becoming partly sunny once again and maybe just maybe a few areas of light precipitation few flurries this evening down to the south are off to the north either those locations could pick up a few flurries most of us won't see chance out there will continue to watch for that clearing overnight and tomorrow mostly sunny gonna welcome and i stay there but temperatures staying chilly highs tomorrow in the mid to upper thirties and thats it will continue to see cold air sweep in as we go to our friday and one s clouds roll back in. now i will say our future cast earlier this morning was more impressive with the amount of moisture
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air but even with our new our latest future cast you can see there's the potential for some extra wintry precipitation to develop later during the afternoon on friday maybe some snow showers or rain snow mix across parts of the area temperatures are going to be in the mid thirties maybe mid to upper thirty s for highs when this comes in but with that colder air aloft he could see some snow or mixing down to the ground and then as we go through the evening hours and all roles offshore better chances for showers farther to the south saturday was pretty good sunday not too bad either but monday and tuesday another round of whether said today's eyes closed forty three partly sunny again later today and right now enjoying the sunshine slight chance of a stray evening flurries mainly north or down to the south and north carolina was your twenty six chili stuff there. thirty five tomorrow mostly sunny and blustery afternoon to bundle up and as we look ahead to the weekend we get that
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or evening especially near the coast and down into north looking at the saturn a blustery cold on sunday sixteen the high the low in the morning and twenty nine for twenty nine is high that they said i don't go around bitter cold a lot when you hear me say it. he seriously is very cautious about that bitter cold is when shaq this comes around only way to evaluate everything that's happening again he was second with a leash in alpine and that's my information of the lineup. i do that's exactly what i was thinking i hope it's a little bit warmer by that time but you know that sun coming up until may but right now people are taking to twitter to share the height or using the hashtag shag fest to talk about some of the performers let's take a look at this moment we did check this looking like a concert of december while that's they're really excited about that pretty strong party for the shack that first act as a diploma dj guy and i'm pretty stoked for this and one last comment saying travis caught
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minds in all capital letters here people are really excited for this so you know my conversations just in team building and people are going to be anticipating that's a lot to see how that turns out you know so all caps means they're shouting the sound of an insider joke to us in there in the eighties bands that sell and why and how sad is that if the right will go it's fun you have to take me to introduce me than i would have it all right coming up guess what the future fashion local student show off their
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aha! oof! weee! slurp. mmmmmm. cinnamon. milk. cinna-milk. cinnamon toast crunch. crunch! crave those crazy squares.
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. who wouldn't want a piece of clothing that was inspired by works of the chrysler museum of art and it's just that you can see the common thread wearable art fashion show an exhibit exhibition and here to tell us all about is liana graham was the visual arts department chair at the governor's school for the arts in leon. i am very excited you're like a put this wasn't actually wearing like a shot and this one is inspired by georgia o'keeffe yes jack in the pulpit number four and this is made by michele donato a senior at the governor's school for the arts comes with a mask yes very cold this is nice not tell us about this these students put all of the song we have some other ones we can show folks what's this about the students went to the chrysler museum and they were a challenge to look at
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wearable art in response to our work that was on exhibit at the chrysler museum so you can come out and see the fashion show at the macarthur center mall and then go to the chrysler and see the works of art that inspired these creations. ok so tell us about this on fascists of this is a really cool one ok so we've seen this one and only get the other will you tell us a little bit about the um the fashion show when this is going on this weekend right yes it is that arthur center court and it is at noon on a sadder day camp so the students at the governor's school for the arts will be modeling their creations we also have a collaborative event going on instrumental music students from the instrumental department will be playing jazz music food and a few of the dancersrs are also helping model and the visual artists will be there showing off their clothes and this is another outfit that you brought in
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the students and sustained by caitlin heather and hold it this way she can see she was the topper to happen yest was the same breakfast at tiffany's. yes not doing it justice by holding it properly their ego and is named by cane land and this was in response to a chuck close by a work of art. so now that the students made these designs and they're going to be on the fashion show what happens today i mean and then then what happens to them after after the show after that these will be on display at macarthur who attends this up people can go place their vote for people's choice award and we will have these on display until the twenty seventh. seeking god cast your vote for your favorite ok so they'll be at the mall for you to cash this check the show out this weekend and the show is free for anyone to attend which is great in this great way to up to inspire the kids and show how much we appreciate the hard work that they're putting a few exactly alright and then i think it's kind of neat that you can see these works and then go to the crisis museum and see their inspiration and how things took a different angle of coming up with sam this is
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incredible things of the commercial. thank you very much appreciate you being with us to tell us about this again that the fashion show is this saturday at noon center court macarthur center. ok sounds like the place today to check it out and then get out there and vote help these kids inspire them except it's
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i think is so much for joining us for thirteen years now and knew the monterey senior anthony parker lucy has the afternoon off our top story this half hour is another city official is under investigation including the city under microscope city auditor is going to begin looking at procedures within some offices after the indictment of city treasurer anthony barr for the perfect faces a number of federal charges including political corruption and perjury allegations are
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city council brian carroll tells us the current council requested the audit with the goal of identifying potential issues with the practices and investigate have a copy for everybody when lisa free to add to it with that hand out tuesday the review begins councilman andy porter zero requesting the city auditor examined practices and the culture with the norfolk city hall it comes after the federal indictment of city treasurer anthony berkeley often accused of taking hundreds of thousands of dollars in kickbacks and bribes from a developer while he served on city council in exchange for his votes berkeley saying through his attorney that there is no basis to the allegations were zero pulling seventeen paragraphs from the indictment. each one raising question after question about procedures from two thousand five to two thousand eleven. the time period when berkeley is supposed to have committed the crimes good example is why would you sell a piece of property valued at millions for for ten dollars or
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with that was the given that taking the acceptance in the offering that the review mental that would produce zero wrote his letter to the auditor appears to have been a system of governing in places and times that was broken. the intention not to pass judgment on barefoot or comment on the case their juries that do their job and that will happen. there's a fine lawyer involved will find truth in this case through cross examination but in the end if we accept this justice true to figure out what we're doing that we can set we can fix our policies and procedures as they are now crying foul thirteen years now. well there is no set timeline for the audit could take as long as several months was a city auditor completes it. welcome back to city council members with his findings and then from there we'll discuss them really know what happens the city of portsmouth is facing a multimillion dollar budget deficit for the second year in row. the scones were part of the virginian pilot. city officials presented next
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be up four to six million dollars deficit the budget assumes the city will raise taxes. of course a city councilman is calling for the city to get an estimate on the proposal to remove the confederate monument in old town to mark whitaker says it would only be a commitment to find out the costs now part of the virginia pilot reports it could cost more than one hundred thousand dollars to remove that monument and seven thousand dollars to repair streets. it's unclear how much it would cost to move the monument elsewhere state law prohibits removing a war monument or memorial putting together a budget getting out of debt and then settling long term goals that's the aim of a series of workshops on the peninsula it starts today in newport news. we told you about yesterday. thirteen years now at noon we had the interview with the ladies from the program the city is teaming up with the virginia cooperative extension starting today will offer classes to help people create spending plans and managed at the hope is to help families live better lives. most people do have long term goals and if you want them to
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to begin with the end in mind the family's life and i don't really know how to stock still and they can save money so what this class that is a teacher who had three spinning classes are scheduled throughout the next few months they are free but you need to register check out thirteen years now dot com under the features tab for more information. traffic alert that may impact or afternoon commute drivers should plan for delays on southbound of the boulevard in chesapeake. i now only one traffic lane is open between the northwest river water treatment plant and call bush wrote. utility crews need to do some work there now that closure starts and ends at three pm today. bikers will guide traffic general motors is issuing a major recall more than four hundred seventy three thousand trucks and suv's in the us and canada are under recall for bad brakes the brake pedals could come loose and stopped working some vehicles impacted include the chevrolet silverado and gmc sierra and chevrolet chevy tahoe police vehicles
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crashes or injuries at this time a midair scare forces and emergency landing. he started going around in the euro going to die while unruly passenger tried to confront a pilot mid flight how his fellow passengers stopped and we have a dip in the jet stream colder air sent to roll in across the area folks were looking at highs tomorrow in the thirties and it's not a warm up anytime soon. enjoy today even though temperatures are below normal it's going to get a lot colder. we'll talk about that we'll talk about our next chance is for some snow and
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well investigators are blaming a hover board for fire that destroyed a one million dollar home. this is all that is left of the national home after the christmas present burst into flames while the law said it remains a family escape for a second floor window but the home a total loss. the family says they are very lucky that everyone was safe. this is the second homework home blaze in nashville tennessee this year a federal aviation administration is issuing a safety alert to airlines about lithium batteries
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phones laptops and cameras and the skinny see right here shows what can happen when the bomber who set the fires down bowing seven forty seven to buy in south korea in two thousand ten and two thousand and eleven the faa is now urging airlines to conduct safety assessments and to re evaluate the protocols you are new to while riding in the sky a flight attendant on flight rather heading from boston to san diego had to make an impromptu landing at denver. it was all thanks to its own unruly passenger and cell phone video from denver police actions biblically is escorting the man off the plane. alaska airlines says he was drunk and belligerent he was told to calm down by the flight crew but then started getting verbally abusive unnerving at first as he started yelling rugged i am going to die but then we realized it was really drunk i was just on his own still care. syria but will wait to see them and threaten the flight crew and even the captain. one
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to stop the man in his tracks plus he had gotten up and he was going toward the other captains the flyer so i got up just in front of them said that given by me and preventing him from going any farther. well in the end no one was hurt all of this the captain decided to land at the nearest airport the play eventually went on san diego's so far police have not said if a man will face any charges a police officer storm or drug store to stop a robbery in progress
12:36 pm
a crime alert in virginia beach police hope you can help find this man you see right there they tell us he left. lols with more than eight hundred dollars in tools without paying and they say he was his shop lifted from the store before detectives say it's part of a bigger problem when shoppers leave with free stuff that costs has to be made up and
12:37 pm
to hike prices so you pay for that crime. if you know anything about this particular crime at the slowest all the promise of new ad man a big scare to virginia pharmacy petersburg police responded to reports of a masked man with a gun at a cvs drugstore only turns out he wasn't there to rob the place. officials say that the suspect wore a bandana over the lower part of his face too high a health concern shopper saw the mask and the gun and they thought the worse the call for help immediately. it is that both a and others is belief now police say he did not have a permit for that gun officers charged him with a concealed weapon violation disorderly conduct and wearing a mask in creating public alarm all disney fans your dreams could become a true beloved musical could be coming to a feeder in a fierce stage near you
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. i all right we know that many of you are watching us but also watching the social media to find a no and mean and frozen is pretty right now your computer the computer the middle east and that the screeners broken shattered now that's what they paid so brain i guess all the stories i mail you love frozen very excited about business you know in a lot of people do sell off disney fans are really excited right now because roseanne is coming to broadway disney made this announcement on twitter how fitting and fans are going nuts right now the musical froze and will have an out of town tryout which is pretty cool and that's coming in summer two thousand seventeen but they haven't announced where yet so stay tuned for that information and we can expect to see that on broadway in two thousand e t the showing of the controversial video for black history month has sparked huge debate among
12:39 pm
high school in and write though the graduate student at vcu showed this video to the entire student body and you can see that video there chilled men and women both black and white running a race through american history lots of controversy from thirteen years now facebook page he posted that story earlier this morning and people have been shining and so head over there and let us know what you think about it as well are and finally my favorite story today what if i told you. owning a test well is a lot more attainable and affordable according to bloomberg. tesla has confirmed that the model three will only cost you about the remakes and i still kick the can for u s government this is even better because the us government's offering and seventy five hundred dollars tax credit and some particular states even offer more rebates and credits so
12:40 pm
thousand bucks for this what that's like the other yes i did was actually fits into its finally the different areas offering any of those discount guests of the readings are i think isn't much we detest listen alright their ego or not not one of the circles with the top down one still the one you know great looking cars. i really had a certain price point and saw how i didn't have any idea what to say right now whatever you're driving keep the windows up to keep the heater on because it is chilly out there was a lot of sunshine into sunglasses well you won't need the umbrella not during the early to middle part of the afternoon late afternoon there's a chance or could be a couple of stray snow showers or flurries in a couple spots of shade the future cast in a moment. gotta come clean on the spot on forecasts that we said monday night that we would see a high tuesday a forty five i did bump that up for daybreak yesterday but the actual high was fifty so just miss at one spot on st resets and we're going for forty three today and i agree i think that's a great
12:41 pm
three degree should be right on the money we currently have thirty eight will get this next updated temperature should be close to forty years we get towards one o'clock in the low forties around three and then comes falling back down to about thirty by one am. i expect lows tonight in the mid to upper twenties who is going to be cold and staying that way captures well the water for some areas you could see were generally up and thirty two low forties right now we are enjoying the sunshine at the airport west wins and nine mph the pressure is rising and the snow showers this morning really appreciate all the feedback on facebook and twitter updates votes as saying hey we had some snow up in matthew's over gloucester on the courthouse williamsburg some light snow yorktown big heavy snowflakes to differ reports now help tell the story this morning on daybreak it's long gone from out of the snow tying back into my blue tie. as we don't have any snow now but later this afternoon there could be a few more areas down to the south russell get some
12:42 pm
virginia and kentucky to pick up the future cason again look for a few spotty snow showers or flurries perhaps at a north carolina little bit maybe off to the north of brown the eastern shore very very light if we see anything at all this to live through it tomorrow morning we should be pretty good shape this guys mainly clear plenty of sunshine tomorrow stay in chile in the mid thirties when to jump ahead to friday because i do think friday gets a little more interesting. this is seven am we should be dry with me weekly to partly cloudy skies but look what happens by eleven o'clock somemore she starts right up along the carolina coast cold enough that we could see some snow pushing into our area late friday afternoon three thirty four o'clock start to see some snow s swers or flurries working in and maybe some heavier amounts of times down to the south. this is going to continue right along the coast so through the evening rush hour chances for those snow showers or flurries and after that the improvements for the weekend but it will stay cold so temperatures again
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dry this morning they should get that little bit closer normal for the next several high tide cycle so that's a good trend will be watching
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