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tv   13 News 4  ABC  February 10, 2016 4:00pm-4:59pm EST

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a week later all the way across the country new year coming to a list of the city's police department there plans to use body cameras in the coming months falling behind on the left or bridge construction why the project including some fed back and right now we're following what could be a shakeup in the race for the white house after big wins by bernie sanders and donald trump in new hampshire who could be gone. the news of four starts right now. a virginia based fugitive wanted for shooting his own mother i said all the way across the country. police arrested twenty year old yvonne tay williams yesterday in los angeles. he was wanted for attempted murder and stealing his mother's car last week williams allegedly shot his mother on the mall drive near ocean lakes high school williams was last seen driving in his mother's car
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virginia beach did not say how williams ended up all the way in california williams is awaiting extradition back to virginia we reached out to his family today but they declined to comment williams' mother survived the shooting and was able to go back home the same day as the incident. alright despite the sunshine we are really feeling the cold right now for taking a live look at a hampton from the virginia air and space center the skyview right not awesome picture their job the temperatures will continue to drop tonight yeah she said it's cold well as that old saying goes you ain't seen nothing is going to be how really really cold here coming up and you think it's cold tomorrow. well it will be very cold even colder during the day on sunday clear skies again a little bit deceiving because those temperatures. nothing on radar right now if you look really closely though you might see a little into
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let me show you that in fact all the way from raleigh down to fayetteville we have a couple really light flurries there are a few more around the western part of virginia and a few more northern virginia were sore to areas that are going to split the region a little bit later tonight. so for most spots all we're going to see are some cold temperatures dropping from the lower forties back into the thirties back through the thirties and ending up in the upper twenties and of course natalie to a very cold day again tomorrow even colder than today significantly colder but a little bit of slow some snow flurry activity could affect mainly northern areas and areas of north carolina both north and south sort of splitting as two different systems later tonight so i wouldn't completely rule out a cup was isolated flurries. i'll be back to talk about just how cold it is tomorrow into the weekend and then especially on valentine's day wait to see the numbers on talking about but that's all coming up in
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the weather is causing some setbacks with construction on the left the bridge project is falling behind schedule that's because crews can't work safely in the strong winds. kristen and murdering his live from virginia beach and crissy not much of a stall we talking about in the ym told the project is looking at about two extra months to complete meaning you knew last year bridge will be done until well the fall months of twenty seventy one to show you exactly what the crews are dealing with out here you see the pieces for the westbound stretch of the bridge are in place but crews can not continue with construction unless it's about forty degrees outside in freezing temps and will prevent the materials from working properly together the biggest challenge has been the way is the machinery in place can not operate in the high wind because it simply in danger
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all parts of this project have to be put on hold even though there may be some delays and put the superstructure up on the bridge. it's not stopping us to continue continue into the building of the sub structure which is going on the side to let him in much more on this project t well as how presidents those who live around here are reacting to the news on the delay coming up in about an hour reporting live in virginia beach christine for takeout thirteen years now today byee systems norfolk ship repair agreeing to settle a class action lawsuit. this comes after allegations of sex discrimination against women va agreed to pay female workers three million dollars according to mike putting the company will have to pay even more then that's when it's all said and done under the settlement va systems repair norfolk will pay three
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gender discrimination to women who work for the company between two thousand and seven and twenty fourteen the company agreed to pay an additional one point one five million dollars for attorney's fees and expenses along with additional payments to some of the workers in all one hundred sixty six plaintiffs will receive between five thousand dollars and thirty thousand dollars apiece depending upon how long they work to their ship fitter janet of ellis is one of four named plaintiffs in the class action suit she's happy it's finally over not just i was right in juneau on line called women in our rights within the city i think everybody should be treated equally. you know we as women came it's a work in outs and eleven class families and not just the way we should be treated any different from men and women were systematically denied raises
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subjected to a recommendation system only their bosses and the suit alleges that they had those same bosses were engaging in sexual harassment of these women so it's a bad situation. va spokesman carl johnson released a statement this afternoon it said in part while we deny the allegations in the complaint we elected to settle the case and put it behind us. va systems values all of our employees and is committed to treating each an everyone fairly and with respect will have the full statement on our website thirteen years now. com reporting my bike and thirteen is now a special victims unit investigation for child neglect in newport news leads to an arrest and north dakota twenty four year old nathan horton from my not north dakota faces one count each of malicious wounding and felony child neglect authorities extradited him back to newport news last friday. police believe a three year old boy received two significant burns while
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horne told the mother the burns were accidental the boy's burns are healing and after his injuries a relative took custody of her new video gives us a clearer picture of a newport news pizza hut robbery police are still on the lookout for two men they robbed the pizza hut on warwick boulevard near bland boulevard the night of january twenty third the suspects forced a worker at gunpoint to open the register and hand over money. no one was hurt in the robbery get any information on this crime contact the crime line at the red cross is pitching in to assist a family whose home went up in flames last night in newport news a house caught fire on garden drive and did the family of four wasn't home at the time but needed help after their home was condemned. caseworkers will work with the family to help them with the recovery plan. the red cross also gave the family comfort kits and personal care items such as toiletries officials say the flames started from an
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look at traffic conditions across hampton roads the bulk of your heavy traffic as you can see behind me on the traffic network is mainly around the monitor merrimack and eat our vet's let's focus first on your ride from the south side to the peninsula as we had for thirteen years now traffic camera so here is sixty four westbound at grammy street and caught a couple of stoppage is at the hr bt before you get to have been and things are moving now to see the damage has been guarded so a pretty good back up about six or seven miles at this point that will continue to grow up people some how it shapes up throughout the afternoon. now it's about to ride from the peninsula to the south side as we head to our travel times to be able to see here in just a moment the traffic and sixty four eastbound at in hampton for him to bridge the hr bt just now starting to slow down take an additional four minutes to get the south side. if you're taking six sixty four. it's going to take you a lot longer the usual seven minute drive is now twenty four minutes all have the latest for you to ride from
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little bit. audacity than we've seen a roller coaster economy before this next story it's a good thing kings dominion opens next month and looking to hire seventeen hundred jobs need to be filled by opening day job openings include food and beverage rides in admissions in security positions are available both entry and supervisory levels. park officials say they recently overhauled the entire pay scale for an across the board rate increase for all positions president obama released his budget plans for the twenty seventeen fiscal year and those plans included funding for the chesapeake bay watershed chesapeake conservancy officials say the plan included twenty nine million dollars for the bay the funding would help protect habitat for wildlife and historical sites here in virginia and up in maryland the national park service and other federal agencies would receive those funds sanders and trot came out on top in new hampshire last night's results made a ripple among
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and the white house race and his silence on capitol hill drew widespread anger. martin
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. we're tracking changes in the race for the white house new information is then republican carly fiorina is now out and there are questions at this hour about chris christie now all eyes on south carolina as the race heads their motors in new hampshire last night lived up to their reputation of being independent thinkers and delivered resoundingly victories for outsiders donald trump and barry sanders abc's elizabeth her is in new york with more from the campaign trail only his big win in new hampshire bernie sanders feeling the love on the view telling the ladies he's all when message that we're bringing forth that this country is
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fans and we're not seeing them this way then there's the shopping in harlem for coffee with al sharpton earlier hillary clinton also in new york after reassuring her supporters in new hampshire. she is a fighter we learned it's not whether you get knocked down that matters it's whether you get for the republican front runner. donald trump is crediting his huge win to the huge voter turnout were getting just great signals would have a rally in many many people would show up more than we ever anticipated his challengers are already back on the campaign trail in their sights set on the next primary in south carolina with a surprise second place winner john key who promises to keep his campaign message is positive not interested in being out there and is going on the attack against and iowa winner senator ted cruz sounding defiant despite finishing third last night one of the most important conclusions coming of
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the only candidate who can be down from his knee and the gop field appears to be narrowing with carly fiorina just announcing that she is suspending her campaign and governor chris christie expected to do the same. it was with her abc news new york and stay with us at four thirty for more analysis on the race for the white house abc political analysts cookie roberts told us about the latest news from the campaign trail vice president joe biden is hitting the road to promote to the white house's cancer moon shot initiative today biden visited duke university to observe cancer oncologists and researchers. a white house spokesperson says officials chose duke because of the schools cutting edge research. this is biden's first trip to a university since the president announced his budget request this month the budget calls for one billion dollars to accelerate progress in developing a cure
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former pharmaceutical company ceo martin skelly is firing back and lawmakers on capitol hill. scully made headlines for raising the price of a drop from thirteen dollars and fifty cents to seven hundred and fifty dollars last week's clearly invoked his fifth amendment rights during a house oversight committee hearing on drug prices and a letter published online the attorney accused the committee of trying to publicly humiliate his client he wrote and they demanded his appearance and then ridiculed and condemned him for invoking his constitutional rights that congress is expected to respect and defend not ridicule in c twelve is back open in kitty hawk an oprah coke. here's a photo of what in cdot had to work with an overcoat this morning crews have been working since the beginning of the week to get the highway back and driving order high tides from a weekend storm washed sand and water on to the flood
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away some of the dunes that serve as a buffer against the ocean. well for the past couple of days we've seen a few very isolated sort of wintery priests a berry as a star to see flurries but in some cases it was sleet we had that sunday again yesterday this morning some of very minor areas of flurry activity report and a williamsburg for one an hour looking at more tonight you can see there's really not much out there as i widen his perspective there can see two different areas we talked about this early set them into motion you can see there's a batch to the north that is going to gently drift to the south and east tonight cell while any of us could see a stray flurry sometime later this evening the best chances are going to be some of these a little bit more northern areas and then there's another batch that sliding through eastern north carolina little bit also filling in as you can see
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right near the state line. so in general will have the best chance is south of us in north of us as we go to the evening. right now forty two degrees ones of the west southwest at eight for metra pressure is holding steady and it is dry out there to point right now down to sixteen degrees that's part of the reason we're going to get cold later tonight because it's a very dry air mass you can see the clouds moving at times but that during the morning quickly leaving us lots and lots of sunshine to the middle part of the day and then as we get into the evening were starting to see just a few clouds every so often so we're going to call it mainly clear some trees out there right now colder thirties inland near the water were still generally in the forties we have forty five is one of the warmer spots in chess be in ca forty five or forty to it nor fact forty one there from newport news up to gloucester same thing in hampton with forty one of not quite as cold forty seven in virginia beach right now temperatures then this evening dropping back notice a little bit of that
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northern areas as we get to the evening and the southern sort of system again just a very very few very light and isolated flurries by morning we're going to be down in the twenties and a lot of spots when you factor in the wind will be even colder than that during the day tomorrow will see those temperatures rising up but only into the mid forties maybe a few upper his mid thirties maybe a couple of upper thirties and then it really gets cold again tomorrow night some inland areas actually got into the teens early in the morning on friday so there's your forecast for tomorrow thirty six friday twenty three to start the day unless there is in the teens and then only thirty three during the afternoon and late in the day a system slides by across the carolinas that might bring us a little bit of precipitation if it does it would generally be some snow or sleet best chance though for anything it should be a mix will be down across areas of north carolina and
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saturday and especially on sunday before another system approaches during the day monday at salinas now thirteen is now whether authority. breaking news entertain is now miserable work can operate at norfolk international airport again effective immediately. over in the airport finally decided on an agreement today allowing over to resume service. the ride sharing services had been fighting the airport's operating fees according to the new agreement over will have to pay the airport two dollars for each pickup or dropoff at norfolk international eye for the month of february joe flanagan has been concentrating on cold weather jobs. joe's job today is
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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i call this a month until his job was focusing on coal jobs and
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weekend so by getting prepared for those cold weather job and joe pay a visit to m and g surf class which specializes in work clothes for the cold and then you have some coveralls those that keep you warm and forty below mansion for don't like to be working in that the guy no thank you so we were there and it may not get that cold around here working on or near the water however can have a chilling effect and you've got to be prepare chicken shows us more to come they're considering is cold weather around here and that people have no choice but to work in a very free is a third generation operator here g surplus he started me off with an amazing piece of headgear to protect my face in cold weather and what i'll face it was scary than it was
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is a sub zero refrigerator ago. it's designed for heavy work and stay warm. the other pair of gloves. larry where they're insulated neoprene and much more flexible than the refrigerator where thirty dollars for these beauties keep all your clothes on a regular clothes. sometimes you may add another layer under it and this is designed to keep by the feature by the arty generates keep it warm and keep you warm consequently these are car her coveralls good for thirty below you see them a lot around here they feel great fit well and i was totally warm. yeah it's right on cue works the waterfront in nineteen was actually here to buy a pair. talk about timing he tried them on was sold a hundred ninety five dollars what to wear before the war were to paris with its two
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this is to discover if we keep the wall. this couple actually was time for socks this is perhaps lew wallace's minus forty degree sockets. i had one of my employees feel test was taken back with rave reviews so excited to start the week mom and a military issued warsaw next larry socked it to me with long underwear top like this i think it's really important to cover the neck i think that's one of the ball most parts of the skin of my personal experiences that's why i like those so much so head to toe i was now ready for the lavender bridge job we're going to do expose this winter's chill factor but i'm confident you'll be ok and you'll be mad at me. alright all jewellery don't get mad at yale as new bridge next week we're going to be high above the chesapeake bay's slice of the forty below but it's going to be cold and need someone that i am really into hats off that had included for those of you who work outside in that cold
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it's tough for the winner hang in there right thing to initiative and elizabeth city
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. it's a hot topic across the country we're talking about police body cameras. it's a controversial topic in elizabeth city residents have spoken out city police will start using those cameras elise brown tells us police say the images captured by these cameras will help protect police and the public. this is a sign of great news for those of fun and sure this is right no elizabeth city police department plans on watching you with its new
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trust and transparency of audacity to wait three to protect the officers was the general public through city funding and two state grants the department is in the process of purchasing cameras for each of its patrol officers total cost of cameras software and equipment is around fifty three thousand dollars we have forty four on patrol all forty of those frontline officers will be equipped with a body can police chief any buffalo want to have the devices hit the streets within the next ninety days he says officers are starting to train on its guidelines for example on when officers can turn the camera off and when to leave it on to minimize just a casual place along the citizen off to let the citizens know that on the bike and all. however the chiefs as a citizen can request that remains on district attorney in to
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help provide information the investigation and certainly anything that cool robberies there in court testimony revealed the police chief says he hopes to also outfitted specialized units like detectives with body cameras as well. in elizabeth city. elise brown thirteen years now. well no snow here but a lot of went along the oceanfront. check out the skyview at the dq on seventeen and atlantic you can see the wind kicking up the lame stuff lawson has more on how long these windy conditions will last well we're going to continue to see some gusty weather for the next several days that's part of the reason we have in the cold air come and take some wind to get that air at a candidate and down here across the east coast right now wore little hint of a flurry up there on king's dominion. we're also seeing a couple hints of a little bit of flurry activity. riley and especially down the south and a little bit trying to fill
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least are starting to sort of bubble up a little right near the state line of virginia and north carolina will see a very light couple snowflakes there as well. let's talk about the wind chills though the wind obviously makes it feel even colder than the actual air temperature and by this evening. it's going to feel like the lower to mid twenties in most areas because the combination of cold and the wind and by morning it's going to feel like the teams figure tomorrow once the sun comes up it's going to get better right well yeah but it's still going to be cold. most of the afternoon we're going to be in the twenties if you're sheltered from the window well it'll be up into the lower to mid thirties but for most areas tomorrow is going to feel really cold again but not as cold as it will feel once we get into the weekend especially on sunday so things pretty quiet out there right now in terms of the sky cover but it will be cold that will be talking about for the next few days ago
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i have been to the three of us are playing kids in the warmers and all sorts of things is to get through that right now the roads are a little warm to in some spots mail and sixty four and six sixty four so when i head back to the south side now and talk about where the delays are on sixty four if you're leaving naval station norfolk and a pretty decent delay right now coming from five sixty four and headed toward sixty four you can sit a little bit on the maps and then just a minute we'll get to those red spots there you see around the hr bt and the modern era max let's take a look now at our camera to see the delays after leaving naval station norfolk or had from bob graham e streeter bay avenue making the way down to two sixty four you do see heavy traffic here it's moving can be a bit slow between five sixty four and northview avenue to watch out for that a job bt of the mighty merrimack and four for traffic updates throughout facebook twitter and i'll keep you posted right here on thirteen years now are turning to the latest on the two thousand and sixteen presidential campaign what a
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candidates really really happy and others very concerned. carly fiorina has dropped out and chris christie is expected to follow donald trump bernie sanders and winners last night. earlier i spoke to abc political analyst coke iraq it's hillary clinton has quite a big challenge ahead of her after yesterday what does she need to do this lo of mr sanders moment hillary clinton has an enormous challenge after yesterday's she's going to have a very hard time slowing sanders him and he's really got a head of steam behind him fueled mainly by those young voters and that he's going to go forward from new hampshire with a lot of energy and a lot of enthusiasm on the gop side you hear a lot about people talking about the race for second place behind donald trump are the candidates not doing
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not just the front runner he won that most handsome going away and he goes into saskatchewan and b i'm very much with a lot of enthusiasm behind him as well and i were coming up pretty soon on march first year in virginia was hearing that much from the candidates but i suspect that that's going to change really quickly i suspect you'll have them all over you like a cheap suit. it is not usually so sorry you just said that can have three of the fact is virginia is a very important state and of course my first in their races all over the place so they don't have to again have to pick their targets but again he's going to be a huge target because everybody hospital on the marker doodles that such an important state the general election. yeah and um and so yes you're done you'll certainly see his face. i had
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virginia. ok thank you so much we appreciate it. janet and her best friend cookie roberts with jet blast off here the headline to want to play right now in usa today dot com a picture perfect launch take a look for rocket carrying a payload for the us government the delta four rocket lit up the skies at three forty a m as it took off from vandenberg air force base in central california the rocket carried a payload for the national reconnaissance office the folks there operate our system of intelligence gathering satellites and can they do it again the u s women's national soccer team kicking off its latest bid to win olympic gold them a qualifying game against costa rica today are women are going for their fourth straight gold medal. how awesome is that nerdy guy and get there pretty good and returning olympians are probably boy alex morgan hope solo a big start leading the team and the summer olympics are in reno this year must go high on assignment in truth no one to
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changes with the way you scroll through tweets only fit for him he has more on how to navigate the new social media format you may notice something different on your twitter feed. that's because twitter is rolling out some changes to your timeline that will show your tweets out of order kind of confusing i know but let me explain. starting today tweets on twitter things people most want to see will appear at the top of your timeline beginning with the most recent first. so say goodbye to the traditional chronological order your kind of you steal. here's the silver lining the new timeline will be turned on by default in coming weeks on all your devices but users can turn it off themselves if you don't like it so he got those details posted on thirteen years now dot com if you want to learn some more tweaking go and let me know you think of these changes are coming up the captain speaks out after his crew ship gets tossed around in stormy weather what he says
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out in the first place and
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. one year ago today a man gunned down for a muslim college students in chapel hill two of those tunes attended university of north carolina and the other in c state and their families remember the positive impact their children left on their campus communities. angelica alvarez has the story to families first joined in marriage and tragedy growing closer than ever over the past year and finding strength in each other and in the growing legacy of their children. we don't fail to see in millions of americans by our side says study or attend last year scholarships service awards and programs here and around the world have flourished in the names of the american and his wife
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younger sister was on to this day their pants are still finding our ways their lives have touched so many they went to the dmv last week and i owe lady looked at the paper or console my son in he looked at me you know he helped build my my home another year has been full of blessings peace is named our three winners are continuously sparking it's also been full of waiting for the legal sign of what happened to them or inventions of seas and the tails docked around with allies as donors were killed execution style. his son in law shot multiple times awaiting trial for the murders is da new sores now former neighbor craig takes his attorney say he snapped over a parking dispute the federal investigators are trying to figure out if they should tack on a hate crime charge
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witnessed aggression from hicks toward her daughter and mentioned several comments he allegedly main lesson that i didn't like you wouldn't like a real candle a new draft for now as a way for the legal battle they prepare for another year without their children and of sharing and legacy of love and kindness several events will take place tonight at unc to honor the three students that includes a call to prayer and accountability. virginia tech researchers are studying the z virus to try and prevent any further outbreaks labs are housing thousands of mosquitoes and researchers are focusing on how the virus spreads they want to know how it overcomes the mosquitoes immune system in order to even be transmitted to humans can do for the world's busiest airport were talking about hartsfield jackson atlanta international airport for a lactation pies are now
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as they travel. airport officials say the pot flop from the inside and provide an intimate seating a small diaper changing table and an electric outlet for the pubs the stations are inside security checkpoints construction will soon begin room lol royal caribbean cruise ship damaged a large storm off these coasts is due back in port today after the captain tries explaining why they headed out to sea in the first place. some passengers fearful they would not survive. abc's brent hit has the least. who knew a vacation to the bahamas many passengers are ready to forget royal caribbean anthem of the seas is expected to dock back in new jersey after hurricane force winds sunday over one hundred mph and thirty foot waves forced the ship to turn back up what was going over each year the sheer ferocity of
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explaining in this video broadcast internally to all forty five hundred state rooms. he didn't realize the magnitude of the storm when the ship set out the whole thing was nothing and is canada's export and five passengers were ordered to stay inside their state rooms for eight hours i could tell that to get out to see things happen and you just have to let the wind come on and survive right now in a statement while caribbean tells abc news weather isn't great so he slowed down his speed to smooth it out but many passengers don't believe the captain should have never left port in the first place i really resent the fact that he put six thousand people's lives at risk no one was seriously hurt and royal caribbean apologized to passengers of cruise line says the ship's a wedding this is not affected. alright
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flurry just because of somebody sees something i don't think the goal of the crazy sometimes but most of you will not see any kind of winter weather i think we can say that right off the bat can say with confidence but like today we talked about a few spots seeing some flurries or even a snow shower we had that to the north the best chance tonight is going to be to the north with than a sort of secondary area well poor sap to different spots sort of giving bias. here's the one to the north you can see up there north of richmond east of west panic and drifting toward to the east. that's why will have the best chance again in some of these little bit more northern locations at the same time there's a system swaying to the carolinas so skyview right now looking toward the carolinas walk in the distance you see live in a class out there but a lot of clear skies as well for most areas than just breezy and cold those of the watch words for tonight with a stray flurry in a few spots a
4:41 pm
gusting as high as twenty five mph dropped as wind chills quickly down into and through the twenties. as for the actual temperatures you can see they'll be falling through the thirties. here is that northern batch of snow that i mentioned what some flurries and not of the question we can see heavier snow shower and some far northern areas and then a little bit of a chance down across here is a north carolina as well from a second little much weaker system in the upper atmosphere with their tempers know well down in the twenties tonight when chills will be in the teens tomorrow but today was chilly and it was waiting to see the temperatures tomorrow are not going to get out of the thirties they'll be in the mid thirties in most locations but we sweat a lot of sunshine and then tomorrow tomorrow night we see readings that are very cold before friday we start to see another system approaching us from the south we've been talking about this one for a day or two and at right now it looks like we're going to
4:42 pm
viewing area are likely to get some winter weather. if this stuff creeps up a little bit more toward the coastline obviously we be cold enough as well to get a little bit of snow so just be on the alert for late friday friday night will probably have to deal with some winter weather at least in areas down or south and possibly even hampton roads. here's the batch that i was talking about that starting to form and rotate through eastern north carolina and the somewhat heavier action just a little bit more to the north so uneven flurry possible an evening snow shower is possible well north of us. otherwise just blustery and cold lows by morning twenty six with lower twenties and one by mostly sunny thirty six so unseasonably cold and the rest of the forecast is going to look like this fri sun shine in the morning increasing clouds forty percent chance of some frozen precipitation that's for hampton roads and put the odds more like sixty to seventy percent for outer banks areas that would
4:43 pm
night again this could be real close call as it slides across the region saturday just blustery and cold sunday even colder we can have some big effect snow on sunday and then we'll watch for another storm approaching with a rare snow changing to rain potentially monday night and tuesday i think jeff were waiting for spraying those that are frozen and the just for has now added on about something big that's trending now are it's out you probably know we're going to talk about with that you know great little eater and there were frozen before we get to the story. have y'all seen frozen hand i have achieved at the other. yes that's when day i'm the one i drew trail the whole song when i got the windows it's all right so speaking of the song it looks like disney just can't let go of the day i rose and is headed to broadway the road to catch up of guys are the popular movie will come to the stage in
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couple of years from now the tryouts for the shower going to begin next summer we do not know that right tryout dates are the locations will let you know it seems we get that information but really cool released in november of twenty thirteen and went on to gross over one point two billion dollars as with a b at the global box office and of course we know the movie also won two academy awards so we gotta catch up on alot of stuff with rosen phenomenon guys are really quickly what it was a story here. check out this college gymnast and have not seen this you can enjoy this ok she's getting worldwide attention for her hip hop moves check this out in ucla has subpoenaed a seuss the value of day when she nailed her tumbling passes which of course is very important and she wept when she made at me and she
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the good old dad. the crowd standing and shooting a perfect and now she got a nine point nine two five but her team still won the meet so you know you always win with a dab right angle the camera there at the table though you didn't win on sunday but we will talk about the whole it can decorate the car the attendant has to be bad to be with you. well coming up tonight on abc the model starts at eight o'clock in the gold bar to eight thirty and nine o'clock and all new modern family band black ace at nine thirty and an all new american crime at ten o'clock into an us again and eleven for thirteen years now coming out the glasses help people create spending plans and managed that most people do have long term goals in if you want them to be realistic
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the end in mind. more on how newport news is teaming up with a virginia cooperative extension to help people with their finances than thirteen years now and five is going to take longer than expected to replace the lesser bridge in virginia beach. what's causing the delay and a man
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. check check check check. i and emergency workers are removing the wreckage from the head on train crash that killed ten people and injured dozens in southern germany yesterday transportation authorities are trying to determine why the multiple safety measures failed allowing two trains to travel the same single line try and smash into each other they are considering both possible technical errors and human failure a huge crane was brought in to start moving away the wreckage from the tracks about a hundred emergency workers were helping with the removal of a record now broken for harvard university ivy league school
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student applications that number thirty nine thousand forty four applications for next fall's freshman class and nearly five percent increase over last year university attributed the rise to efforts to reach out to lower income students last year five point three percent of the applicants were accepted and applicants will find out if they fit mid march thirty first and they have until may first to say that they're coming or not aren't putting together a budget getting out of debt and setting long term money goals. that's the game of a series of workshops in newport news the city is teaming up with the virginia cooperative extension will offer classes to help people create spending plans of man which debt and the hope is to help families live better lives the family's life and they don't really know how to start early believe they can save money and so what this class day. it teaches you how to create a spinning class and the classes are scheduled
4:49 pm
months they are free but you need to register check out thirteen years now but calm under the features tab for more information and that's all we have for you today at four thirty news now in five starts now. if you think is cold now just wait at temperatures of below normal right now and they'll keep dropping today will actually be the warmest day of the rest of the week was go to jeff to see just how cold it's gonna get and not just the coldest day by a little bet it's going to be the coldest buy for five miles today by a little bit it's going to be the mileage today by far that we see over the next three for five days in other words really significant changes from what we're already seeing in seeds begin to change as we have a little bit of moisture trying to come sliding across areas of northern virginia best chance for any flurries or even a snow shower this
4:50 pm
night and talked about will be some of these in more northern areas slight chance of a little something popping up here locally but really the better odds sort of second best chance if you will for anything this evening is going to be across eastern sections of north carolina just a straight couple of flurries potentially since midnight you can see nothing in our immediate area but again these northern spot williamsburg for example some light snow this morning same thing over the eastern shore you are the areas that saw some of that florian snow shower activity so the bottom line so isolated flurries to the north a possible floor e elsewhere increasingly cold for the next four days another bigger storm is likely early next week that could have a little bit of mixed precipitation changing over we think at this point a little bit of rain a lot a lot more on this and that talk about. eventually a little bit of a warm up when i come back right at the weather said to be delaying a major construction project along shore drive in virginia beach. christina
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the leicester bridge to look
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