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tv   13 News 11  ABC  February 10, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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a mother of two killed inside her home by a dog she just got a week ago tonight we hear from a family member to sheriff's deputy shot and killed inside of an arrow. witnesses described the gunfire that happen is they were sitting down to lunch and after months of going back and forth a deal that puts over back in motion at norfolk international airport the news stories of sadness and outrage for a family in north carolina after a dog attacked and killed its owner this afternoon a woman took the dog into our home the pork women's county after responding to a newspaper at the relatives of suzanne's story say the ad promised a dog that was good with small children they told brian feral they believe that
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her the dog knew they were unloading a violent animal i think they had a problem with the doe did not handle it and it was just trying to get rid of it and again to fasten money which i get in today attacked and mauled inside her home and snug harbor suzanne story was that somebody stepfather randy brown tells us the thirty six year old saw a newspaper ad for a female pit bull that was in virginia the people who placed the ad and offered the job for free. drove her to park when it's county about a week ago giving story the dog that would kill her daughter said it did always gentle viewer people do with children in their attack marion any person seen her walking the dog and the dog was really pulling her and she was struggling to maintain control from her driveway to a friend or neighbor jonathan nash caught a glimpse of the dog for the first time a few days ago
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worry about my little one. if the dog gets out what is he going to do stories family member say she was cleaning the dog's crate when the attack happened her sister they are at the time unable to help story hoodie just as night and they landed to fly her to norfolk her death leading to girls without a mother round convinced that the previous owners knew the dog was dangerous. i just think that the people that owned a dog often these people need to be held responsible. she is a great person. i mean do anything for any advice you could just a great person who should have a brown tells us he plans to try to find the people who pee story the dog with the help of an attorney. sure says the dog will be put down on thursday in perkins county brian carroll thirteen years now the man is accused of earning a three year old newport news boy with a flatiron twenty four year old nathan horton was arrested in north dakota police believe ford was watching the little boy back in november when the child suffered the second or keep burns on his arm ford told the boy's mother
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staff at the hospital said a foreign story did not add up he faces charges of malicious wounding and felony child neglect authorities extradited him back to newport news last friday virginia a fugitive wanted for shooting his own mother and had has been caught on the other side of the country police arrested twenty year old monte williams yesterday in los angeles. he was wanted for attempted murder last week williams allegedly shot his mother on cattle drive she survived and is recovering. police in los angeles and virginia based and say how williams ended up all the way in california. he is awaiting extradition back to virginia newport news man tried to do the right thing ended up having his car stolen at gunpoint it happened sunday night on quarter to trail off warwick boulevard the twenty four year old victim says he saw a man messing with his neighbor's car so he went up and confronted them and that's when the man pulled
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the victim's car to ireland deputies were shot and killed today the suspect was a sixty seven year old man and he was killed in an exchange of gunfire with police that happen in a crowded panera restaurant at lunchtime today in abington about twenty miles from baltimore police the deputies after they responded to a call at the restaurant workers at the panera say the man was homeless and they had tried to help them before customers describe the panic as the man began shooting. we're just sitting there and all the sudden i heard this loud popping noise almost like i first visited last breaking but at last bringing does not sound like that. authorities say the gunman was apparently wanted in maryland and florida. the deputies killed were sixteen and thirty year veterans of war is back at norfolk international airport for months the ride sharing service was banned from picking up and dropping off travelers are available has
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companies made to resume service on the phone is to ride sharing service many have come to love with the simple press of the over appling your phone you can request a ride within minutes it's very convenient they arrived very quickly take you where you want to go you know what you gotta pay since last november over drivers have been able to pick up or drop off passengers at norfolk international airport this because of a contract dispute by law the company has to have an agreement to operate at the location but wednesday the two companies came to an agreement allowing over to begin business again i thought it was crazy that they didn't have immunity and the first place but i'm glad that they did welcome them back in that they settled that issue as priests we think liao to write today but it was my backup plans today to get here even though the band has been lifted i try to set up a couple here
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able to but if i went out as a little bit on the app to another part of the street it showed several cars in the area. that's because over says the service will officially resume thursday airport did rock the annual fees they were trying to get from over in a contract but are still charging the company two dollars per pickup and dropoff. here's what it over spokesperson had to say about the deal while we believe the pickup and dropoff these are still too high a compromise with the airport authority will enable our partners to resume providing safe reliable rides in or what i'm here to both thirteen years now. virginia is moving forward with this portion of the clean power plan despite a u s supreme court ruling yesterday the court issued a temporary freeze on president obama's landmark climate change plan because of numerous legal challenges. governor mcauliffe today said virginia's work to reduce carbon emission should continue friday a group of power company executives and
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meet to discuss the plan a unanimous vote in the senate today for more stringent sanctions against north korea the u s is trying to derail north korea's ability to finance nuclear weapons the legislation also authorizes fifty million dollars over the next five years to transmit radio broadcasts into north korea and support humanitarian assistance programs the sanctions come after pyongyang's recent satellite launch and other tactical advances in its nuclear program north carolina voters and legislators will be kept guessing for at least several more days and the other two congressional districts will be kept as they are or redrawn before next month's primary supreme court chief justice john roberts said lawyer to sue to overturn the first and twelveth districts have until next tuesday to respond to the state's request to let the current boundaries remain
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be too confusing to redraw the lines now because absentee voting in the primary is already underway. moving on and stepping out new hampshire changed a lot of things in the race for president today the candidate shifted focus to south carolina but not everyone on the gop side is coming along. chris christie and carly fiorina both out today abc's elizabeth parr has the latest on the president on dr donald trump. fresh off his huge win in new hampshire stressing a win in south carolina is paramount. we went here after winning so big you know after all of these characters are going to give it up with around a table and we will make america great again that i could tell you that challengers not backing down or you will win or senator
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attack ads i got back the me i see the end of the public and the john consider this a complete surprise that his levels on notice. don't mess with me. ok so i'm not going to be a pincushion or marshmallow. meanwhile on the democratic side the only one win in new hampshire bernie sanders feeling the love on the youth telling that when he was always in the message that we're bringing forth that this country is supposed to be a nation of fairness and we're not saying that fairness with no fenders stopping in harlem for coffee with al sharpton earlier hillary clinton also in new york after reassuring her supporters in new hampshire she is a fighter and we've learned it's not whether you get knocked down that matters it's whether you get the and according to the latest polls clinton in trouble heading to south carolina as the front runners
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vice president joe biden says he plans to dedicate the rest of his life to finding a cure for cancer. today he spoke at duke university after meeting with doctors and researchers and touring research labs. he talked about the white house's proposed billion dollar effort to develop a cure by the son died of brain cancer less than a year ago president obama asked biden to spearhead this effort at goal high in my response to pressures to double the rate of progress for making an understanding and treatment of cancer and make it to make a decade's worth of advances in the next five years then to eventually cancer as we know the duke cancer institute hosts more than one hundred cancer physicians and more than five hundred staff members dedicated to fighting cancer. kentucky lawmakers are proposing to marriage license forms following last year's debacle that's when
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was jailed for refusing to issue licenses to gay couples one of the proposed forms with notes of the bride and groom while the other form but note first party and second party the republican senators sponsoring the bill says couples may use either version and the forms what not to include the name of the county clerk who issued the license while back at home and back on solid ground a cruise ship is back in port after getting caught in a major storm with huge waves whether blame for construction delays what we found out about the progress stalled in building the new lesson or bread and later a local world war two vet getting a chance after seventy years to find out if
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. i more time in class for some local high school fit and think could mean an extra twenty minutes a day and more school days in the year officials across dry school want the extra time so that students can move to a semester style schedule said of taking seven classes a year students would take for each semester at the end of the year that would be eight classes and more credits toward college. the division also is considering adding extra days to the school year were told nothing will be finalized until the budget is
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farr revitalization in the western branch affectionate us a big r on hold last night's city council voted to delay a proposed sports complex we told you about this last night and eleven. the plan is on hold for at least sixty days of the city manager can do more research and look at possible locations before coming back to city council some blame this delay means the field house may never happen that will effectively i believe killed the project because it will balloon to a point that it will not be proper war have returned an investment. one of the councilmembers who voted for the delay told us the motion last night was the first step in making the fieldhouse a reality and council does believe that this project could be a good opportunity for western branch road caribbean cruise ship damaged in a large storm off the east coast is back in port tonight in new jersey meanwhile the captain still trying to explain why they
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place some passengers fearful they would not survive the trip. abc's brady hitt has the latest vacation in the bahamas many passengers are ready to forget the higher the royal caribbean and some of the seas has returned the ship docked in new jersey after hurricane force winds and that over one hundred mph and thirty foot waves forced the ship to turn back up what was going over each year the sheer ferocity of the twins. the ship's captain explaining in this video broadcast internally to all forty five hundred state the magnitude of the storm when the ship set out the whole thing was nothing and is canada's export and i so testify in his order to sit inside their state rooms for hours. you never can tell that to get out to see things
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let the wind come on and survive right now in a statement royal caribbean tells abc news weather isn't great so he slowed down his speed to smooth it out. many passengers don't believe the captain should have never left port in the first place i really resent the fact that he put six thousand people's lives at risk. no one has been seriously hurt and royal caribbean has apologized to the passengers offering a full refund and then some. the cruise line says the ship see where this has not been affected brain to hit abc news los angeles the weather said to be delaying a major construction project along shore drive in virginia beach that is the new lester bridge crews have been working on the massive project for months but recently there's been a slowdown of the work the project manager told us crews can continue to work on that bridge on very cold days in the high winds are an even bigger concern we can operate is the entry in winter garden thirty miles an hour has been
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nd of january that we can operate just can't re ups of this critical work the construction is causing traffic delays were told it could be another two months before all of the construction is done and that bridge is open. finally some of you been checking your apps throughout the evening especially some of the kids say i heard him say there could be some flurries tonight. if so you've noticed definitely some constipation out there but it has not reached the ground at least here in the immediate area from what we've heard we've been asking people and all the reporting stations none of them saying there's anything reaching the ground off a little bit to the north now and it's a different story especially north of maryland and virginia line i bet you around she kp we probably seem a little bit of activity but certainly not here closer to ocean city back toward annapolis some definite snow there at times not just flurries but even a few snow showers out there right now
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to die off a little bit currently out of the west today and that's keeping the temperatures cold at thirty one degree reading right now. look how dry it is though the dew points and nine. you have to have to do pointe and temps are a lot closer than that to be able to get snow to occur. it's just so dry everything is evaporating basically before it reaches the ground but i want to talk about some weather headlines increasingly cold the next four days we've been mentioning that we've been talking about some possible snow during the afternoon are probably more like late afternoon evening across the region on friday saying that it was most likely in north carolina i still think it'll be heaviest in north carolina but it is i think maybe moving back up the coast over us a little bit slight tweak the chances up a little bit for during the day friday here for parts of hampton roads. another bigger storm though is likely early next week that one too can have some winter mix before it probably changes over to rain but that was not
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difference a hundred miles can make a big difference in what type of precipitation we see we have some upper twenties right now smithfield in the upper twenties same thing in wakefield and saw thick you can see thirty right on the dot in hampton thirty five in virginia beach these are the wind chills now and some of these are a little deceiving. sir ian smith field do not report any wind so those are the actual air temperatures of the places that are reporting when you can see it drops it down in the twenties so even a few teens actually out there right now like in hampton that's why winds gusting to twenty five look at thirty mph even for the wind gusts down around doc thirty one elizabeth city forecast for tomorrow says a wind chills in the afternoon of twenty five to thirty thirty five degrees that he gets in a sheltered location for today we said forty five it was forty two sar exactly forty two despite the streak started over yesterday we thought we'd hit it and at seven o'clock they issued a
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no the high gone a little higher than we originally said so anyway we're starting over with one thirty six then tomorrow thirty three on friday with that afternoon slash evening snow or mixed starting work its way up the coastline the stream cold saturday really cold sunday may be in effect flurries but the outer banks and then that bigger storm moving in monday afternoon into tuesday likely changing to rain. keep your app and eight. yeah exactly we are tracking the other day and night before you have a go tomorrow morning check in with thirteen news now a day break starting at four thirty are at this moment no
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women tell you about them for centuries. it's a real life romance that we've been tell you about for a couple of weeks after seventy years of separation a virginia beach the world were two that has been reunited with his long lost love. norwood thomas
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night and got to see his long lost love joy after the last time they saw eachother was before d day. they reconnected over skype a few months ago viewers around the world fell in love with their story and donated money for the reunion. air new zealand to norway to see his former squeeze use that to me the most moving thing that could happen to me good bye with a spark there. norwood and joyce will spend the next two weeks together in austria congratulations in the last of the limelight is a love affair i have no new fans and trey freeman and the strong bond of guy going on there on monday. trey friend became the first person to ever be named conference usa player of the year of the week three times in a row seriously who was going to give it to these been sizzling hot. he jumped
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the first time you remember last year with this shot last the margin to the nyt semifinals but he's more than a one trick pony that ever off his coat says is a better person than he is a player he's a really good player he has the respect and love from all his coaches his teammates and in seemingly everybody he comes into contact with. he just um he's he's he's the all american kid over the last ten games trey has averaged just under twenty eight points a game he's now sixteen in the nation in scoring he's been asked to shoot a lot filled with no looking back and see how he's on the south wall of the engine wiring out will own the coaches know cause the zones and causes only come out aggressive the numb side whatever takes away the bottom line is they were trying to win games and that's that's our best chance right now it has been our best chance of winning basketball games the mid
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lost art as well. he's got his is good i think is there is in college basketball today the mid range jumper and that's something that he's worked hard on him he just has a knack for all of his brother the light gaming that combo blueprint for money so your house every week a new art prints a recreational center. i just follow its own on the weekend snapshot of why trey told his high school coach and tell him that he would end up in the nba but at the same time he barely had colleges interested in bringing him on board. he was especially surprised and up but nobody you transferred back home from campbell university. god bless and drafting of a home spun out of the turns around now fill in the high school game looking to play on the future by sonja k so it is funny how things work so
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know her body so you can like the nba is to big evergreen leaves so that is the keyword you will see that this is one team just takes one team are college basketball tour
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see the menu is already wrapped up the regular season title in the capital athletic conference the next question can coach the korean get them through the regular season undefeated in conference play taking on mary washington
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at the freeman center early on marcus carter from broome high school had a double double fifteen points twelve rebounds there is going the first basket of the game inside brandon burrows into foul trouble but before that the first half he dumped in eight points pretty strong they hit twelve three pointers tied to the captain's this one coming from justin hampton they were never really challenged tonight tim daly one of four players in double figures he works the baseline here with the reverse. that's pretty sweet. one more shot coming up from aaron mcfarland who led them in scoring with sixteen they won seventy nine sixteen twenty one and one fifteen and no in conference i think scott were we looking at a long cold even colder than today was really chilly here in the mid forties tomorrow only mid thirties and can be interesting around here friday to be some problems for rush hour. right right and that is our news for tonight thanks for joining us thirteen is now at daybreak of course starts at four thirty tomorrow morning get
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