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tv   13 News Daybreak  ABC  February 11, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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they are presidential politics taking another turn today a debate between the democrats could swing the momentum at a key time for both candidates lost a mother of two killed by a dog just weeks after she brought home new developments today as we hear from her family. this is thirteen years now at daybreak is five o'clock on the dock before we get to the news actually is watching the road for any trouble spots and then greg is here with nothing but bad when we are facing that sets one with the lukewarm big baby that's right it's really not that today's gonna be beautiful but it is surely we've been talking about that is going to be very cold today temps are staying in the mid to upper thirties home for hyrum thirty six this can actually be even colder over the weekend with
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the weekend low thirty saturday upper twenties or mid twenties on sunday. right now are dry and that's good deeds we do have another fly in the ointment so to speak tomorrow with some snow across the area we're going to see chances for minor accumulations but accumulating snow maybe a heavy dusting to an inch across much of the area tomorrow afternoon so off she that the future guests coming up for now enjoy the dry conditions and just deal with these temperatures in the twenties you factor in the wins and the winds really are just starting to gust around the eastern shore down on the outer banks have had some guests fifteen to twenty five mph but the wind chills sphere like than the teams right now so very cold out there again something you and take seriously. measure out the door make sure you dress appropriately as addicted to the day you're gonna enjoy the sunshine temperatures up to that high of about thirty six and sky clear and cold tomorrow clouds increasing the chance for snow was she the future cast and usher in
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snow potential in just few minutes right now check the downtown tunnel here's ashley r craig just after five o'clock in the downtown hole actually still moving very well on both sides will take a look at traffic leaving norfolk and headed into portsmouth next to sixty four westbound near the live look right inside the tunnels you can see just a little bit of traffic there i headed to the total making its way into portsmouth but nothing major nothing that will slow you down with the commute into downtown tunnel is very nice right now so that the back of that rapid network map just want to remind you the abridged list for today the berkeley bridge does have one open at nine o'clock this morning and then we headed to the coleman bridge that set to open at noon to watch out for that between yorktown and gloucester again as we kind of odd zoom out and take a look before we head to newport news here you can see again the rest of the area moving very nicely some of the dishes to report just yet crossing our fingers hoping we stay nice for the morning commute coming up at five o'clock had over sixty four and will direct traffic around jefferson j clyde in newport news. all right
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another day another debate tonight in milwaukee. bernie sanders and hillary clinton will go head to head in a tbs sponsored my yes sanders had a rezoning victory new hampshire just a couple of days ago it looks like he has a lot of momentum now. he made an appearance on the view yesterday telling the ladies he's all in the message that we're bringing forth that this country is supposed to be a nation of fans and we're not seeing the families right now hillary clinton is hoping to make up the ground she lost she is favored in the next set of contests in nevada and south carolina on the gop side of the herd is thinning out carly fiorina and chris christie dropped out of the race that leaves only donald trump marco rubio ted cruz jeb bush john casey and ben carson their next debate is this saturday nights after daybreak gma is going to dive into clinton's new plan of attack to defeat sanders and the latest on the gop race you don't wanna miss it right after the show. local
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the unanimous senate vote calling for more stringent sanctions against north korea tested nuclear weapons off its coast us is trying to derail north korea's ability to finance its nuclear weapons. senator tim kaine had this to say this recent past was expected and it is a proof of the north korean grim determination to develop nuclear weapons even if it's hampering him hobbling their economy and causing their citizens to suffer. well now that sanction bill will head back to the house for a vote the mother of a plastic county boy found dead in a septic tank is set to go to trial today a judge will rule on the case rather than a jury because moyer struggled to find jurors that could be objective. ashley white and her husband are charged with child abuse and neglect police say that they just laugh their five year old son noah home alone last year noah wandered away after an
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him dead at five o four later today the perkins county sheriff's office plans to have a dog put down after it killed its owner deputies tell us the dog attack suzanne story yesterday she cleaned out his crate at her home. medics rushed the mother of two via helicopter to see terror in general but she died so his family tells us she got the dog about a week ago after seeing an ad in the newspaper they believe the previous owner knew the animal was dangerous thing they had a problem with the doll and did not handle it and it was just trying to get rid of it and again to today a story stepfather the previous owners say the previous owners gave story the dog for free and told are the people was attorney to norfolk first shipyard workers today to thank them for their help the three workers pulled a sixteen girl to safety after he jumped from the campus celebrate yesterday where
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the whole situation unfold and launched a tugboat to get the teenager. the teen is with his family at cine tearing off a general undergoing a mental evaluation for ten years now we'll talk with though shipyard workers and first responders when the meat the fat story this afternoon guns in schools is a nationwide controversy coming to ahead right here in virginia ahead on daybreak the bill going through the general assembly that would armed school security
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. cold air today and it's getting even chilly air over the weekend we will enjoy a lot of sunshine but you're starting off right now temperatures in the lower twenties if you live out around petersburg and pour yourself a twenty one right now loaded for his runaway field and something close to the coast a little bit warmer but not much twenty six right now in norfolk and current top twenty for elizabeth city virginia beach a relatively
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blue font for the sarcasm and also boo hoo for my lips and gums everything right home just so cold night temperatures are only going to warm today in the mid to upper thirties and a good team and chile over the weekend talking mid thirties four year high tamara lowe the mid thirties and then we're going to see temperatures staying in the low thirties on saturday and staying in the mid to upper twenties on sunday that sit across the region no real significant warm up we get down farther south charlotte around forty six fifty three in columbia that south carolina there but for our area it will remain quite chilly going for i ride around thirty six at the airport thirty seven for downtown norfolk i think upper thirties for many the cities across the south side little cooler up from the northern neck mid thirties here low thirties for mackinac county mid thirties for the lower part of the eastern shore in for the peninsula williamsburg may reach forty. also for
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even that sore looking at again the cooler air on the way tomorrow during the afternoon really from about noon through say six or seven o'clock tomorrow evening we had chances to pick up heavy dusting to maybe an inch or so of snow across much of the area we'll talk more about that moment here's asher with a look at newport news that read this i saw in traffic conditions out there in newport news right now the little bit of traffic that i am continuing to fall at this point not much working here westbound as you head toward jefferson and if you're taking away eastbound on headed toward baby j clyde morris blvd in fine shape right now no big issues there to report as we take a couple more travel time will be able to see if you traveled to williamsburg on sixty four e's come in small stage headed to busch gardens we are at our normal travel time of sixteen minutes and the chesapeake bay bridge tunnel coming from the eastern shore of virginia beach to get our normal travel time of nineteen minute that we do look good in both of those spots. stay tuned we'll check traffic norfolk to hampton beach or bt coming up next right
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all of you procrastinate here's how he got a
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one. this morning should school security officers be allowed to carry guns. well virginia is one step closer to saying yes as a bill makes its way through the general assembly but there are some stipulations guards would have to be retired police officers to get permission from local school boards opponents say this bill is a stepping stone to a big problem if you can find a door opening to crack open the door and next week and add more things and push the door open wide. that bill passed the education committee yesterday and now heads to the full house for vote with the bitter blast it is important to use caution when heating your home half of home heating fires are reported during the month of december january and february so keep anything that is flammable three feet away from heat source. also you can seal the air leaks with plastic or newspaper to keep the cold air out and don't forget to insulate pipes in
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that they do not burst fourteen billion dollars that's how much americans waste each year on credit card charges for services were not even using were talking about payments automatically deducted from debit and credit card accounts like credit monitoring services and gym memberships. well now new website are popping up to track recurring charges and alert you to them. some are free but the easy solution checker bill barber park the home of the norfolk tides could be getting a new name our partners at the virginian pilot reports that the city is looking for someone to sell the naming rights. it's a pretty common practice actually this is not the first time that the idea has come up the city got bids for the naming rights a few years ago but decided not to go with any of those awful happens one big cities soldier dies big way for city the mix mixture into the crate motor park that's what i was going to have a great idea of human big fan of bse is that the first
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outdoors as the day i guess if you layer up and up the house in the north all the time you can make it it is really not that bad given what's coming up over the next oh say that's why say it's really chilly stuff i will never find our temperatures topping out today in the mid to upper thirty s and one talk about spot on forecasts yesterday hour looking at temperatures in the mid forties and we made it up to forty two degrees officially so we were within three degrees and that starts the street again at one so sad about that and today after the wind chills in the upper twenties to low thirties it is going to be very chilly skies are gonna remain sunny right now are looking at wind chills in the teens so very very cold for you as you're out the doooor. this guy's art mainly clear right now it will be sunny today so the cats and a not bad maybe go for walk in you can do that just make sure you dress appropriately winds are going to be brees year at the coast
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winds gusting up around twenty to twenty five mph up from the eastern shore at the outer banks so it is cold out there in the wind chills biting a little bit this morning as we kick into the afternoon it will continue to be mostly sunny but still breezy and into the evening skies mainly clear tonight a cold night ahead and then tomorrow that's when things get really interesting this is why we are focusing on the future cast here you can see our models producing some snow showers around bristol that's at seven am around here the clouds roll in as we head to the mid and late morning snow showers start to show up in the north carolina initially the activity very light just flurries and light snow showers but i think as we go through the middle part of the day. here is twelve thirty a stop our future cast you see this area shaded in purple ish colors showing some moderate snow across the area is going to develop and push through the northern
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southside hampton roads in northeast north carolina according to the models on buying it where it got pretty good model agreement here looks good. probably anywhere from say a dusting or a heavy dusting up from the pan and slide south side to get into this hearing. he looked more like half an inch to an inch and it could be some locally higher amounts than in northeast north carolina this all takes place during the afternoon tomorrow so unconcerned about the evening commute tomorrow. you talk about driving conditions between say four in five five thirty could be very messy around here in north carolina it will move out by tomorrow evening and skies will begin to clear out for saturday. it gets even colder with a reinforcing shot of that cold air temperatures right now in the twenties plenty chilly out there in the wins west tenn it feels like it's in the teens. highs today close to thirty six degrees and that's it a little bit warmer for inland areas upper thirty s to near forty. tonight's low near twenty two nd and
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cloudy afternoon snow likely with those minor accumulations some areas maybe an inch or a little bit more into north carolina down to the south we're going to see the conditions dry out late the day and beautiful as we go saturday into sunday sunshine but very very cool really cool car i crave well with a quick look here in traffic again things are still very calm on the traffic network now so that's not really the issue this morning of course were very close eye on forecasts a lot going on there but in terms of traffic were actually moving pretty well volumes just now starting to pick up. here's a live look in norfolk a great example of how traffic is moving across the area sixty four westbound on fourth street traffic headed toward thirteen view eventually of the hr bt moving still very well and eastbound traffic headed off further into norfolk also in nice shape is a little bit of volume and that's it you're still moving very well so let's get back into traffic network maps now we'll check out seventeen in chesapeake so if your head between north
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sixty four will it arrive there as well so headed south down with al haq passing court hundred fifty five making her way past douglas headed north up toward him in junior at fifty five as well so different out there in chesapeake. coming up at five thirty traffic is picking up little bit from naval station norfolk zogby that live look in just a bit of i think it is. last week on daybreak in today. actually even delve into the world of online dating at five thirty how looking for love via
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six years ago and the one on the last is from a couple of days ago so it's even tougher sexier in the eye as it ages yet is what she's saying yet what exactly the same cell thank you everyone for sending your pictures when last seen them the web showing them on air in online so keep sending him and you look into those on facebook and don't forget to submit your pictures for a chance to win our lovely contest the prize is a romantic getaway the williamsburg winery. here's how you can enter just head over to thirteen years now the com click on the features tab fill out the form and submit a picture of you and your sweetheart that is real we can enter to win that free trade and for a cap a big guys we're in for temperatures just in the thirty c and we're in for a great cuddling weather over valentine's weekend. it's
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the well there are three things we'll hear from the marrow virginia beach during today's state of
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overnight a tense month long standoff in rural oregon consumed and or santa parker has the late breaking details thursday morning this is the teen is now at daybreak and lucy bustamante time on greasy hair is five thirty on the dot right now. wow what a start to the morning it is bitter cold outside right now really isn't her walking out at mit meteorologist greg mullen only say it's dropping even more. yeah i like to be that of day or see and no worries here but i honestly was like to want to get out of him and doing this you know it's gonna get even colder over the weekend so be prepared. this is kind of a transitional day ok temperatures right now in the twenties and when children and teens so when you step outside the wind picks up a little bit you really feel it coming through some of your close one to make sure that you wear layers and as just really be beat the cold with your with your attire and make sure that sunglasses while visibility is excellent skies going to be sunny today so
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bit of the edge off later this afternoon as we go to the day tomorrow though even colder air is going to get chilly or through the weekend we're also looking at pretty good chances for snow tomorrow across parts of the area during the afternoon temperatures this morning low twenties out towards i ninety five upper twenties to near thirty around virginia beach is actually twenty nine right now that they were sittin' thirty for a while so temperatures are cooling and the wind starting to gust up twenty to twenty five mph for the eastern shore down on the outer banks so the wind chills are actually pretty cold right now it's feeling like the teens in many locations norfolk feel like sixteen seventeen in chesapeake fourteen the current windchill in something and at the hampton it feels like twelve degrees right now as we go through the day we will see the sunshine highs around thirty six tomorrow low thirties and it's getting even colder as we head through the weekend will talk about the snow the snow potential in the amounts what
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system for next week. plenty of talk about the weather let's check in on naval station norfolk years ashley r craig just after five thirty for the picking up a little bit around the haitian orphans to take it out here behind me on the maps were not seen the deep green to the base anymore as we head to our camera you'll see a woman of a slowdown here on five sixty four west of the camera up and running matchup we do but in there we go bigger divide sixty four westbound just be on the runway tunnel you can see your gate three a traffic started to creep back to the tunnel just a little but the tunnel is a just before this point and the traffic you're headed for him to boulevard and the rest of your base key to moving a little bit better but it does can just because you get him to boulevard to battle the traffic network map still watching those words that reports are still steady are coming in here to the brooklyn bridge opens at nine am and the coleman bridge will open up this afternoon at noon i should take my twelve o'clock to watch out for that you're traveling between yorktown in gloucester i knew that coming up in the next few minutes we
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pretty well in virginia beach and we've got breaking news out of chess of who we are just getting word of a house fire there now according to dispatch the fires on canal street is as close to south military highway and highway seventeen that call came in about four thirty this morning firefighters still there on the scene so far no word on the injuries or the extent of damage we do have a crew that is headed to the sea will bring you more details as soon as we get them all right sandra thank you for that later today virginia beach mayor will systems will deliver the annual state of the city address system systems is expected to highlight the city's progress and share his vision for the future our lease brown joins us now with more on what he is expected to talk about in morning was seen and read over the years the mayor has talked about what he wants for this city and where he's easy going and if today's title is any indication hold do the same. it's called connecting to our brightest future mayor says and will give that address at noon in front of a packed crowd at the convention center will
5:26 am
the community issues see development success plus items impact in the region in business. some topics that will likely come up include light rail in a new eighteen thousand seat arena at the city hopes will attract big acts know if you aren't planning on attending the state of the city will be live streamed on vb gov dot com also will be sure to update you after the address live in a studio release brown thirteen years now. all right elise thank you and starting today you will likely see over drivers making the rounds at norfolk international airport for months the airport and the ride sharing service from picking up and dropping off travelers because of a contract disputes but yesterday the two came to an agreement the airport dropped to the annual fees. it tried to get from over in a contract but are still charging the company two dollars per pickup and dropoff five thirty for now later today the virginia beach human services department will offer free tax preparation assistance
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place in the department's resource lab one virginia beach blvd we can make it to today's schedule session between one five this afternoon. there are four others this month. for more information visit thirteen years now. com this morning service members veterans and military spouses are invited to a free job fair and education expo next month in virginia beach the event is scheduled for tuesday march fifteen at the westin in town center more than forty five employers are expected to attend including lockheed martin the virginia beach police department and wells fargo remember bring your resume and dress to impress this morning we're learning the weather is the reason the construction project is delayed and slowing traffic for drivers along shore drive in virginia beach. crews have been working on the new lesser breaks for months now we're told high winds is one issue the other crews can work in the cold is expected to be completed in june of twenty seventy and some scary moments when a student brings
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onto a school bus ahead what another student day that may have averted a major incident
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the skies right now mainly clear we will enjoy a lot of sunshine today it is going to be a cold one no doubt about that
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now in the twenties and we have upper twenties near the coast but it's breezy are from the eastern shore down through the outer banks so kind of offsets the slightly warmer conditions we have low twenties in line and my twins upper twenties to the coast but stronger winds bottom line it feels like it's in the teens across most of the area and as we go through the day the wind chills will generally be in the upper twenties later this afternoon so it is going to be a cold one. despite all the sunshine across the region thirty four died in a charlottesville thirty two roanoke richmond and thirty six for traveling to raleigh low forties their mid forties around charlotte new bern in a little warmer for columbia south carolina here locally or temperatures will top out in the upper thirties going for an official hide the airport right around thirty six downtown norfolk and thirty seven smithfield in chesapeake. also franklin about the same maybe degree or two warmer in suffolk and virginia beach could see thirty eight maybe thirty nine degrees up on the eastern shore very cold for at the mac county low
5:31 am
around cape charles in northampton. edu the middle peninsula and then the northern neck these areas into upper thirties and we'll see about the same for the tenants although williamsburg should be a little warmer around forty maybe forty one degrees. ross to look it sounds close to forty rout heard from elizabeth city captures upper thirties low forties at the outer banks a cold day today but it gets even sillier with snow chances tomorrow. now we give the potential for accumulating snow tomorrow afternoon. that's the best chances will come from midday tomorrow. the late afternoon by evening it clears out but we could see anywhere from a heavy dusting to maybe an inch or so across the area tomorrow so we'll be watching that and its impacts on the roads tomorrow afternoon right now see how things roll on the roads with cash or check in traffic right now in virginia beach on to sixty four again and live right now there's a westbound traffic around lynn haven park ways that traffic is headed in
5:32 am
with the oceanfront also moving very well so we do look good there and look in a few other spots we take a look at our fast five traffic here you can see here from harborview inn on seventeen were moving very well the coleman bridge between yorktown in gloucester and seventeen picks catalog fifty eight and supplementing very nicely and repairs boulevard on one sixty eight also in fine shape but notice we have a yellow light flashing year one way tunnel to the hardware naval station norfolk and i think they are coming up next day so much time goes by forty one. you may be much more than your dating profile picture but a prospective love interest may never know what. so as lovely continues on daybreak are ashley smith spoke to an expert about how you can focus on substance rather we stop arthritis pain, so you don't have to stop. because you believe in go. onward.
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breaking overnight in oregon the last four armed occupiers out a roar wildlife refuge say that they will turn themselves into the fbi by eight o'clock this morning overnight the fbi moved in to contain the final few members of the group special agent in charge released a statement saying that the situation had reached a point where it quote became necessary to take action to ensure the safety of all involved david frei jeff vance and married couple sean and sandy anderson are the last members of the group that seized control of federal land a month ago the holdouts among
5:35 am
felony conspiracy. but for much more on the story ahead on good morning america. time is five forty five new details out of the city of ferguson missouri the justice department says they will sue to prove in court that the police department committed numerous constitutional violations yesterday on daybreak we told the city council members pulled out of a deal to reshape the police department citing its cost. well the fed say police department baseless stops and searches a black drivers and excessive use of force by officers the move was triggered by the shooting death of unarmed black teenager michael brown for more on the developing lawsuit ahead on good morning america at seven o'clock right after daybreak this morning there is a new study out that finds people are more likely to miss identify a toy as a weapon after seeing a black face rather than a white face even when the faces of those in question are young children researchers at the university of iowa had their findings published in the journal psychological science that happened earlier this week of the study is being touted as a teaching
5:36 am
examine their own racial bias by forty five new this morning a loaded gun and a ski mask was allegedly found on a teenager riding a school bus another child on the bust texted a relative who then alerted police and the tampa bay area eighteen year old marcus sims has been charged with two counts of possession of firearm authorities say that gun was stolen from or on the story ahead on good morning america coming up in just over an hour from now right after daybreak here at home students at gloucester high school could be in class an extra twenty minutes a day and have more days added to their school year the division is considering switching to a semester south schedule instead of taking seven classes a year students would take for each semester at the end of the year that would be eight classes the division also considering adding extra days to the school year. nothing will be finalized until this spring our kids to school today will have to bundle up in the best way possible
5:37 am
isn't you know you're dressed appropriately batch of su on the other hand was up the point by saying i would undress you with beautiful but she's gotta be bold you will do what we do tv again losing taking one for the team or we're gonna find out right now temperatures yesterday up in the lower forties today we are staying in the mid to upper thirties we typically average fifty c remember a couple days ago when we were very close to average we hit fifty i said hey this is was its gonna be for awhile the colder air is coming and now it's really arriving no pre sip yesterday for the year we are four and thirty inches above normal so we had plenty of rain and plenty of moisture for our area for the area today don't have to worry about anything additional would just come to see really cold temperatures with highs today top and around thirty six maybe thirty seven but that's about it and i think while some of
5:38 am
little bit warmer. the bottom line is it is gonna be cold with temperatures expected to stay widely stay in the upper thirties now as we expand the view here things are quiet right now but we do have some energy that's going to pull into the picture for tomorrow and this is what we want to focus on. so enjoy the sunshine today just where an extra layer or so of clothing and make you get your sunglasses with you you want to protect your eyes as we look ahead you're going to see the winds kind of shifting around a little bit to the north and then as we go through the day tomorrow snow showers and flurries approach from the west the southwest as we get into the early afternoon this is twelve thirty tomorrow notices snow flurries pushing up in the south and hit the road snow starting to fill and then across eastern and northeastern north carolina that makes line farther to the south to see the transition to rain down there been snow likely through the afternoon and then by early evening seven o'clock or so most of this moisture should be pulling
5:39 am
that there is a potential for accumulations and i wanted to show you a couple of the models the european model in a more conservative not as crazy about the amounts of snow really looking at a heavy dusting to say half an inch or so across much of the area i that's taking into account a dry low atmosphere taking awhile for the snow to overcome that before start to make the ground. bottom line you'd still have some messy driving conditions. if the europeaeamodel verifies you look at the g f as for the us model and this one's a little more bullish you can see that we have the potential through the day tomorrow through tomorrow early evening to maybe have half an inch to even an inch across and the areas from say the peninsula down towards franklin and a greater amount southern chesapeake team to maybe one to two inches so will probably be somewhere in between there i'm thinking maybe a heavy dusting to an inch for much of the metro south as well looking and
5:40 am
off to the north is while but i hope little bit lighter so it doesn't impact the travel is much still it is something or to watch very carefully right now are twenty six watching chilly conditions cited a new thirty six sunshine mainly clear and cold tonight the low near twenty two one two mile thirty three mostly cloudy afternoon snow likely is a mention it will clear out tomorrow evening and we're going to see the partly cloudy skies overnight tomorrow nights as we look at temperatures staying cold thirty three on saturday sunday upper twenties with morning lows around fifteen another system comes in bringing snow changing over to rain on monday and then again tuesday some leftover showers. i checked the western freeway here's ash already have about ten minutes before the morning rush hour kicks off in traffic on the western freeway actually still doing very well so can you live with the west norfolk bridge eastbound traffic just a few cars out there you can almost count to this point it was
5:41 am
tunnel westbound headed towards six sixty four not much going on at also a good route if you're headed to portsmouth and you plan to take the western freeway this morning on the traffic network map that you have one delay of continuing to follow and that's around naval station norfolk and is actually building just a little bit you can see there that we do have the red half way down at this point by sixty four west to drop down from the fifty five miles an hour you are at a terminal down to fourteen as you pass chambers field so ah prepare for that give yourself enough time to report to the base on time this morning and then coming up at six o'clock traffic on sixty four in chesapeake alright it is day four of love week here on daybreak. and today i took a look at a relatively new way people all over the world are making potential potentially long lasting love connections and the core of course talking about online dating has become a popular resource for those in search of a romantic relationship and for many that has been a success
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with virtually endless choices right at your fingertips. it's easy to judge potential connections based on the nice a selfie or the most impressive profile but in the end if any of that really matter. are you really getting to know dan as a person are you getting to know a married man a curator very cure a good representation of them initially the physical attraction to some extent be on that. i think we both cry no personality definitely bears more weight. ri how has the internet affected the dating game and hasn't changed what you look for on your quest for love. i talked to two professionals to answer those questions and assess how online dating may be making you too picky. it's all coming up in the six thirty edition of daybreak it will have either ashley and another lovely to give you a chance to win a romantic getaway to williamsburg winery. here's
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thirteen use the com click on the features tab then fill up the form and submit a photo of you and your sweetheart five lucky couples will be chosen after daybreak on friday. all right well time now five fifty three and still to come on daybreak you seen johnny depp on several roles in his acting career but this may be the role of a lifetime. yeah we'll explain as daybreak continues. simply that shine and i forget self respecting action cams all you need is a smartphone and a cable to capture this magic incredible story you wanna
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. donald trump says he wants to make america great again and johnny depp wants to make fun of him but i'm sure people are reading what much of the oscar nominated actor teamed up with funny or die to secretly film biopic parody about the presidential republican candidate donald trump the art of the deal was actually filmed last year and was kept under wraps until this week. there are several cameos in the fifty minute run power cleans herself at mile twelve years as merv griffin and henry winkler pops up as three term new york governor ed koch after daybreak. good morning america will have much more of this very film making waves on the internet for a defining one for getting your
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breath the t g i c lineup returns tonight right here on abc thirteen on the rhymes big tv dramas grey's anatomy scandal how to get away with murder all of them coming back for midseason for mirrors grey's anatomy star the navy the clock followed by scandal at nine am and how to get away with murder and you guys like regular deck it with you today that's true that these guys watch it more than we get down they really do i'm not kidding people plan their days around this to collect the money in this great day because they're that excited about another three that came in and said again today over with and come home and watched revenge of the few that are the wives are going to dvr this for sure and again today it's crazy i think it's time for thirty second dance la the trees but it was good to see how all the new episodes for taking so much lisa for the reminder. that's one thing he got us to the forthcoming album has been seen several title
5:46 am
yet again the title was originally so help me god but the rapper has changed it twice now before its release west a street onto the life of pablo. he shared information with his fans via twitter was also posted a picture of albums complete track list and i don't know why he changed to that neighborhood probably minutes of the catches he can't make it to the upcoming harry potter plays in london here lots of folk version is coming out in july harry potter and the cursed child will open as a two part play this summer takes place nineteen years after the end of the seventh harry potter book. according to the author j k rowling's website and there will be a special edition with a personal copy of the scrap book will be available in both print and digital copies a minute after this was tweeted that he was re tweeted one thousand trees per side. swiss skier reach more than two million views with his mesmerizing footage
5:47 am
around like a lasso is unreal what i don't try this though the phone was secure with a custom made three d printed rig and yes it is difficult as it looks this year says it took him nearly two years to perfect this move to get out there had to pull this beautiful on the catcher's job and everything it's awesome are those stories are trending right now. yes they were the soap more news weather traffic light presidential politics will take another turn today a debate between the democrats could swing the momentum at a very key time for both candidates plus a mother of two killed by a dog just weeks after she brought home new developments today in this tragic story. this is certain is now at daybreak it to the news ashley is watching the road for any
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