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tv   13 News 530  ABC  February 11, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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but another storm is likely early next week with some wonder whether changing over let's talk about the big one and that is that early at least the first one anyway and that could be the big problems tomorrow starting in the afternoon. this is i showed you three different computer models here over the past hour and half and are a couple hours and this is the one the american model that i was mentioning i think it's fairly close i think that's a decent starting point here across most of our immediate area. i think it however is too low down here to the south areas let's see bertie county and back here through even to near the album on pimlico sound even down here through maybe mainland aaron terrell county's too low. how much more than probably anywhere up to maybe double that at least but a fairly close around here again when i come back i'll give you the exact breakdown and talk about another system early next
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even before the bad weather heads we've been checking on preparations across hampton roads we found out something public works crews hit the streets this morning were told their operations throughout the day focused on applying brine to major roadways and bridges because it's about to get so cold ponds will start to freeze but not all the way of course and that creates a dangerous situation. ice covered ponds can be inviting especially for kids. first responders are warning parents to keep their kids off the ice expert said the ice needs to be at least four inches thick for any kind of sports. if your child does fall through the ice call nine one one don't go after them the forecasts can change dramatically over the next twenty four hours to stay up to date on the snow. download the thirteen news now app for your phone on and you can track the system using live radar get any weather alerts as soon as they have a man accused of pimping out a young girl in virginia beach pleaded guilty today. this case is drawing our attention
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roads sex trafficking marcella robertson is here with more on what's being done to crack down on this type of crime of sex trafficking is something local law enforcement has made very clear they're not going to tolerate along with the fed they're working to put an end to it. this case just being one example disturbing details in the case right here in virginia beach boat wheel or a girl from new york promising her a better lifestyle telling her she could make money by giving massages when she got to hampton roads he made her have sex for money advertising her services on back page. we pled guilty in federal court thursday morning and unfortunately this case is not the only one human trafficking is akin to modern day slavery over the summer police arrested several people for trafficking a young girl in virginia beach and recently several massage parlors have also been investigated for prostitution. now lawmakers are stepping up to help too right now the general
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bills regarding human trafficking. we're not speaking for them and who our god to themselves. one would require teachers and law enforcement to go through training to detect it the other would give victims more time to take their traffickers to court in a civil suit as local and federal authorities try to tackle the problem they're asking for the community's help. the pc an individual's movements being restricted or not allowed whole conversations for themselves if they don't have identification on them to someone else's possessing the identification documents as are all clues that might be something fishy going on we are jakarta applying the judge will sentence twenty in and may he faces up to five years in prison marcella robertson and thirteen is now a prostitution sweep the leaves to the arrest of twenty four people in newport news police took part in several undercover prostitution operation prostitution operations over a two day period the sweep involved operations on the streets in
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it was all part of national day of john's arrests which was started by long horsemen in chicago agencies across the country take part in anti prostitution arrests and we have a full gallery of those arrested in this week and you can find that in thirteen years now but calm right now woman is accused of setting in newport news apartment on fire twenty three o charmaine marches behind bars charged with arson fire happened last october on marcus drive off of old oyster point road. no one was hurt in the fire investigation is still ongoing so officials are not releasing any more details in this case a fire forced a chesapeake family out of their home and into the cold this morning we were on scene on canal drive in deep creek firefighters say a neighbor noticed smoke coming from the house and told everyone to get out the family of three is looking for a new place to stay. no word yet on the costs as stranger danger warning in norfolk police say
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several kids monday night on carrillo avenue and large month the children said they did not know them and were told extra officers are patrolling the area just in case this happens again wright is over we're talking about the standoff at the oregon wildlife refuge the last protester turned himself in today. what it took to get him to leave the refuge. plus new information on the deadly explosion who's now facinges in connection with the blast that leveled three buildings and here comes the snow along with even colder temperatures believe it or not and on the traffic network a two mile back up to sixty four eastbound start of the broad creek bridge and heading over to new town is still remaining after an earlier crash another two mile backup sixty four westbound from victory to bland remains after an earlier crash just past din
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. eleven people are dead after tuesday's head on train crash in germany police a man from munich died of his injuries in the hospital
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people were seriously hurt many of whom are still fighting for their lives another sixty two people suffered minor injuries in that crash tonight five people face an indictment in a deadly explosion that leveled three buildings in new york city last year one of those charges a building owner. prosecutors say any of the illegal gas delivery system led to the explosion that killed two people and injured twenty two others it's now up to a grand jury to determine if the charges of criminal negligence homicide and assault should be certified a north carolina state university professors accused of stealing thousands of dollars from student clubs fifty seven year old charles scott was man turned himself in yesterday afternoon he shares with three counts of embezzlement. investigators say he took more than sixty five thousand dollars in club funds between december two thousand and fourteen and last year the university says was not resign from his position the last remaining occupier and an oregon
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custody. david frei surrender to federal agents this afternoon he was one of four holdouts who surrendered to authorities today four hours after the three surrendered fry was on a phone call with the fbi a blogger and other supporters of the occupation he told them he was suicidal and that his grievances had not been heard or acted upon this marks the end of the standoff at the wildlife refuge which began january second. longtime business owners in virginia beach forced to make a change the expansion of which doug road meant big changes for prices transmission planning on coming up we'll tell you the decision they had to make family have to memorize spilled for an ambulance ride after police shot and killed their child as national outrage grows. cleveland officials are speaking out then and six virginia beach
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biases desk well for more changes in the woodstock road area of virginia beach or play and that means some tough decisions for some businesses in that area were told some shops around which talkin to sixty four may have to close their doors l flanagan talk to one business owner about the fight to keep the shop open house prices a third
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operating prices transmission on which the crew when the city unveiled plans to widen which the person his father had to make a decision by the acre of land that he in virginia beach feed and seed saddle. we bought it under threat that could be condemned and it was a huge gamble but if you don't own property rights when it comes and mn you have a different set of rules of the price of one of the surviving allows a young technicians with families to keep their jobs but it meant telling who tallies next door in virginia beach he conceded he had to go man curtis first met when he was four years old he loved god but they needed his space. the hardest thing i've probably ever had to do besides losing my brother was going to harry that he had to get the lining of which will take eleven thousand square feet from price's transmission. this is how he will redesign its operations and offices will wind up in harry's feet and see if an emotional day and it is going
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when we move over there because i miss terry's places far as i'm concerned when we bought the property we never went over there to act like landlords that was harry's place curtis spoke with kerry today who moves on after fifty five years. kerry says it's memories of his customers will take away when he leaves this week all the roadwork on all through the years but still coming into two or three road projects the expansion of woodstock road will go all the way to the boulevard the third generation prices want everybody to know he's here for the duration. in fact he hopes for the fourth generation to take over in virginia beach opening and thirteen news now a verb in central virginia is fighting for more parental controls on the messaging app kick that made headlines recently when it was connected to a murdered virginia team investigator say thirteen year old nicole level communicate with her accused killer on the at blacksburg
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the silent what lawmakers to make it comply with the children's online privacy protection act that includes adding age verification to the app and more parental consent. an online petition also calls for the app to notify parents that it may contain graphic images and sexual discussions so called religious freedom bill is making progress in the general assembly this week a committee approved a bill that would allow officials to refuse to marry same sex couples the vote was split along party lines with republicans supporting the bill and democrats opposing it. supporters of id say it would ensure religious freedoms for all virginians but critics say it allows for discrimination against gay couples who want to get married and about to unveil has died in the general assembly vote law would require virginia students to use bathrooms based on their biological sex and not how they identified but a house subcommittee voted the bill down comes as gloucester county high school student gavin graham appeals a ruling that keeps him from using
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was born female claim when city leaders explained today why the family of a twelve year old shot and killed by police received a bill for his ambulance ride to the hospital. the city's mayor says a family of tamara rice will not have to pay the bill and should have never gotten it. officials say medicaid originally paid a portion of the bill the city absorb the rest of the cost and consider the bill paid in full but earlier this week the executor of the two mirrors est ask for a billing statement and that triggered an automatic process that filed the five hundred dollar claim to be a state known to man. we even tea into click money on this type of deal the mayor says the claim should have been flagged and apologize to the rice family rice was shot and killed in two thousand and fourteen and police say he was holding a replica gun that resembled a real gun the officers
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were not indicted by granger e and rice's mother has filed a federal lawsuit against the city and the officers bitter cold weather is slamming the nation in some places the weather has turned extremely dangerous look at this video from near cleveland ohio the state says dozens of cars and trucks and vans collided as they get snow and ice on the interstate at least seventeen people were hurt there were even reports of some vehicles trapped under two others. hi we're in store mode tonight the bitter winter weather as lead to a winter storm warning for some of us and winter weather advisory for others so jeff has all the details on the situation we ask what's the difference the difference is how much snow was expected to fall advisory expecting less snow than a winter storm warning but in reality in terms of the road conditions it doesn't really matter it's going to be just as bad in areas that get an inch as it is in areas that get three inches in fact it could be
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little thinner layer of ice and friends more easily ice instead of just being a snow sort of pack so it's going to be pretty nasty potentially around here tomorrow evening this then this evening not so bad cold but at least it's clear temperatures upper twenties in one falling to near thirty for the rest of us by mid evening. high temperatures today mid thirties in norfolk there's a couple of forties virginia beach encouraged to capture them as we said falling this evening back quickly into the twenties and then dropping down so far that in the morning. i think a few spots where women will actually make very rural spots will make the upper teens most of us will be in the mid twenties luckily the wind will gradually ease overnight and be very light so we don't expect much of a wind chill in the morning and then tomorrow speaking of the morning you might see a really nice sunrise tomorrow with some high thin clouds at that point but the thicker clouds rapidly begin to stream and then as we get into the afternoon will start to track the moisture craig
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at noon twelve thirty one o'clock but might not be reaching the ground in fact probably won't be reaching the ground yet. at noon at least not here in the metro it may some of the areas where you've seen the snow a little earlier in the atmosphere was able to voice an optional still be evaporating before it comes down to the ground but then as we go into the evening will start to see certainly some of these heavier batch is the best chance for really significant accumulations on talking several inches would be in areas down low put more to our south would take much to get a couple of inches up here but i think for the most part we're talking heavy dusting to an inch maybe an inch and a half or two again it was sort of vary across the area really like the map that craig put out earlier tweet that just very very minimally. you can see the winds out of the northwest in the mid teens and a boy temperatures will continue as i said that was one of our future castle want to show you different one and show you how identical it is with again
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movement up to hampton roads with the snow and the heaviest of sliding across erie's again of northeast north carolina say here's your bottom line where thinking you could get a few inches to the fore in an area down here was that sitting down near the albemarle sound maybe a little rain and some sleet keeping him out eventually down when she gets dusting to two inches here for most of us with flurries to a heavy dusting possible a little bit more to the north satellite and radar sweeping again nice and clear across the region so here's the forecast thirty two for a high tomorrow with mainly afternoon snow developing and then clearing out tomorrow evening cole twenty three thirty two for the high on saturday to feel like the twenties cold cold cold for valentine's day and then another storm monday tuesday that may start out as a little bit of winter precipitation before turning to all rain that's latest from the weather authority friday just a few hours the next presidential debate gets underway tonight hillary
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will face off in wisconsin after sanders win in new hampshire in clinton's win in iowa both candidates are pressing on and on the republican side the candidates are focused on south carolina tonight john k cik is attracting larger crowds after his second place finish in new hampshire markel will be open is now calling out donald trump for his foul mouth even in our political culture. i teach my kids to be respectful. there are certain words you don't say a new town a tv at a leading presidential candidate saying profanity from a stage crumbs campaign confirms the change of tactics in south carolina they are pulling all attack ads and say they will run only positive messages the south carolina republican primary is february twenty federal investigators looking into cancer risks from something you may have in your home. details of what may be wrong with some floors from lumber liquid gators
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winter weather warnings are issued for our area. freezing temperatures coupled with the possibility of snow i'll tell you what public works crews are doing to keep our roads safe and the mother of a woman killed by virginia beach police shares her heartbreak on mine. now
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possible cheating scandal is being investigated at the u s coast guard academy the academy says there are allegations the group of cadets cheated on online quizzes school would not say how many cadets may be involved but if they're found guilty of cheating were told they could face expulsion the government says flooring from lumber look when ayers
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cancer that's according to the u s consumer product safety commission the feds tested the flooring after allegations that chinese made laminate had high levels of formaldehyde while that eschewed the floors are not likely to cause cancer experts say the product may cause irritation and breathing problems. this report comes less than two weeks after through an oil based company was sentenced for illegally trafficking would share some of the most disturbing crimes with some of the most vulnerable victims were talking about sex crimes against children right now federal authorities are finding what they call a monstrous problem many the most heinous cases happening right here in hampton roads. daniel harris is a convicted child pornographers virginia beach man had a picture perfect military career he threw up all the way after his actions behind a computer screen. dan harris is just one predator and a much larger problem a problem authorities are trying to get under control
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exploitation of any sort in this world and i will say is if anybody decides to engage in this activity that i assure you he will be coming after coming up tonight and thirteen news now at eleven will show you some staggering child exploitation statistics also for the first time you will hear from one of the agents responsible for putting harris behind bars that's all for thirteen years now at five thirty thirteen is now at six begins with winter storm warnings affecting tonight a winter storm warning for north east north carolina and a winter weather advisory for much of hampton roads thirteen is not as complete storm coverage of this potentially dangerous condition headed our way thirteen is now reporter jimmy lee is live a south side crew start to treat the roads but first let's go to jeff lawson who is tracking this bitter blast and i want emphasize a
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people is getting home from work or school the difference is that an advisory don't expect as much snow but in this case with the cold temperatures. if we get in she then it's going to be just as bad driving conditions as it is in areas that get three inches because you get that sheet of ice forming from the cars as everything starts to melt so again i expected to be as bad likely here for much of the metro area in terms of the evening commute tomorrow as i do for areas down the self in general it looks like northern areas are going to see flurries to maybe a heavy dusting wall most of our metro area's going to get a dusting to two inches we certainly could be on the high end of that figure if we get a little bit extra moisture but it really won't matter much if we get an inch verses to be almost identical road conditions versus even two and a half or three it will likely be extremely
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the ice tomorrow late afternoon evening and then down the south of the best chance of getting some of the somewhat heavier amounts so the temperatures that's partly the reason we're setting the stage for this we've been talking about it for the past at least two days if not three or four hinting at a south for this storm for the southeast lower the temperature in the light blue is the wind chill with the winds dying off this evening we're going to be looking at wind chills that are identical to the air temperatures and that is cold dropping back down into the twenties for most of us some upper teens for the far inland areas and with that cold you get the snow coming and again no chance of any kind of a change over here in hampton roads. it will stay all winter type reset the only thing that could mess this up if you're a kid looking for getting out of school would be if there's such dry air that all of that shows up on radar but evaporates first we don't think that'll happen but i'll be back with more details coming up. i think steph now let's head outside with our storm mode coverage jimmy lee
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