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tv   13 News Daybreak  WVEC  February 12, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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oh yes we do cell sites. and southside so preparations are underway as we speak are lisa brown is live in virginia beach with what's being done ahead of the wintery weather and because of the snow in the fork as daybreak has team coverage this morning. yes meteorologist regulars in the weather lab and ashley smith watching the rose good friday morning to you guys is thirteen years now at daybreak and lucy bustamante time under a senior it is four thirty on the dot this morning dozens of schools are either closed or delayed or releasing early and you can now find a complete up to date list on our website that is now back on the also scrolling along the bottom of your screen and we know it's cold right now but the question many of you wanna know is when will the snow moved across the region craggy when can we expect to receive the snow
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into the early evening a machine the future cast here just a moment things very quiet right now it is chilly out there in the skies would increase with clouds and when to track the moisture across the region a little bit later through the day you can see right now things very quiet here. we do have a lovely bit of snow a lot starting to push through south boston i want to keep this in mind is one of the reasons why the snow forecasting a little bit tricky today that that the low levels of the atmosphere are bone dry right now so it's gonna take awhile for those levels to moisten up but i do believe by late morning into the afternoon and that snow will overcome the dryness will start to see the snow showers developing so temperatures right now in the teens for it when there is like wakefield petersburg it's the low twenties for newport news and something that hit close to the coast here we find mid to upper twenties one to talk about the snow and its timing this is what you want to know so let's talk about it with our future cast you can see the clouds on the increases
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the snow off to the southwest but coming in pretty quickly and i suspect as we go through the early to middle part of the afternoon the snow will begin initially some flurries and then the snow intensity picks up heavier amounts down to the south lighter amounts to the north but in general we're looking at maybe one two inches across southside hampton roads one of three from north carolina maybe two to four down around the albemarle sound. there could also be a little bit of sleet in the next knock down some of those totals down to the south of the bottom line is travel across the region is going to become messy this afternoon this evening and that's why we have some of the early releases from the schools and some of the other cancellations to the north lighter amounts of one am a full forecast map showing you exactly what to expect in terms of the amounts right now though in the early look at the ride into work and here's asher with a look at the midtown tunnel at rates starting there because we did have a little that rock in trouble at the midtown tunnel and
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traffic is moving now this is if dat's bout making its way into norfolk and the slain here is headed in to port with intractable stopped totally at the midtown tunnel just a few minutes ago due to a breakdown a breakdown has cleared as you can see traffic is now moving well expect a few delays out there who had between norfolk and portsmouth waiting to see traffic making its way into port this morning i'm hoping that we had two alternating lane closures right now. no we're not all kids want to make sure the traffic was moving there on both sides of hunger to be ok so keep an eye on this much of anything pasta the midtown tunnel could live with her thirteen years now traffic network to newport news. i am watching some roadwork sixty four westbound at fort eustis right now the left lane is blocked as you head for yorktown and williamsburg bridges that humans will have to fix sixty four traffic south to newport news at the monitor merrimack i actually think you are storm of coverage continues with a look at the preparations that have already started ahead of the snow. oh yes the doctors spent much of yesterday prepping sand and chemicals
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frost patrols are hitting the streets to start reading them i lisa brown is in virginia beach with much more on the preparations elise chilly morning with the actors are right but i mean you see a big giant glowing cited that igloo is a sand salt mixture with thousands of times in that mixture year of operation site for us patrol the crew out of the crew responsible for spreading this mixture is now in full force this morning they left here around two thirty ready to go there's a lot of area covering the city public works divide in virginia beach into three zones for each other three drivers cover ramps bridges and overpasses now once the snow starts to fall. we're told that when crews will hit those primary roads lakeshore drive virginia beach boulevard again throughout the morning we are keeping in touch and public works to find out if their plan of action changes we will keep
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the morning live in virginia beach. elise brown thirteen years now are readily stay warm out there think you ve done crews will also be pre treating the roads on the peninsula i have the forecasted snow where it all the crews will hit the road again starting at seven o'clock this morning and then hampton city officials tell us that they have staff and resources ready to go and that they will just adjust to the staffing according to the need. we're told the police will be prepared for snow related staffing as well in newport news crews will work twelve hour shifts make sure that there are always trucks on roads the forecasts can change over the next few hours to stay up to date on when you'll see snow in your area download the thirty news now whether caster app for your phone contract the system using live radar to get weather alerts as soon as they happen. good news for farmers in suffolk and surrounding areas. federal agriculture officials say that they are eligible for emergency loan assistance to cover the losses from all the rains last fall. suffolk
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disaster area several areas surrounding some pic are also eligible for some assistance from the farm service agency including chesapeake hampton newport news in portsmouth also isle of wight and southampton counties all diving deeper into the issues bernie sanders and hillary clinton squared off at last night's democratic debate will tell you hillary clinton said that put bernie sanders on the defense just ahead and daybreak continues in a storm mode crack is in the weather
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all right we'll take a look there's the next three days in a snap shot you see highs today in the low thirties were going to be even chilly as we get in the sunday temperatures expected to be in the upper twenties and starting off of the teams are now is going to be cold sunny but very windy as well plenty to talk about with
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snow showers showing up on the radar but this is our own south boston and you can see south of lynchburg a lot of that stuff falling but not make it down to the ground yet because again the low levels of the atmosphere very very dry but that's gonna change of these at temperatures right now reflecting the very cold conditions but viewpoints very very very low so as the motion comes it'll take a little while but once at lower atmosphere moistened that we're going to see the snow developing through the afternoon of energy right around the trough here that we've had cut out over the eastern us in order to see some moisture streaming up from the south and the potential for snow this is the g f s model you can see not a tremendous amount by the g f s heavy dusting to maybe an inch or so across parts of the year this one likely under playing it a bit take a look at the euro and here again you see that half inch to an inch or so and there's the belief that could be a little bit more say in stiches two inch and half or
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snow burst across the south sides of this is what worm bait bracing for some of the snow lovers that were really hoping for a super heavy snow may be disappointed. i think the bottom line is we're looking for messy travel conditions late afternoon evening so we'll be watching that down around the albemarle sound it could be two to four inches of snow some sleet mix down that way so that's the area that could really be heavily impacted with the heavier amounts but it looks like for most of us it's a manageable amount that you want to be very very cautious on the road this afternoon as we take a look at temperatures across the area to stay close to thirty to maybe thirty three at the airport downtown maybe a little bit warmer but not much in these temperatures again really just showing a very cold conditions that the chances for snow showers probably lighter activity to the north heavier stuff certainly down to the south this is the way it looked right down as i mentioned it's going to get even colder over the weekend. let's check in right now the monitor merrimack ashley roads are fine right now weather wise but the set in a different
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this afternoon i'll be back for thirteen years now and four and threw six thirty just to make sure you're getting home and wherever you're headed safely right now have a little into the camera here at the monitor merrimack you can see there will be back and forth at this point but we'll have a whole lot of traffic on the subject cited the eminem there is the northbound lane they're headed toward on the northbound lanes i should say make its way toward the bridge or tunnel. so we're fine we're in very nice sheep are headed to the peninsula just wanted to give you that live look coming up just a few minutes an update on the road work and were checking traffic in virginia beach bash thank you all right there's no denying it relationships and marriages take work as love week wraps up on daybreak
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. thirteen years now daybreak is in store mode here's a live picture of virginia beach. our lease brown is there keeping an eye the sky look for her live updates on how city crews are preparing for the snow throughout the break and when the snow does start to fall don't forget to share your photos with us you can upload those pictures in thirteen years now dot com. let's see you enjoying it just put it under the sharing tab in the race for the white house the democrats went head to head last night in their latest debate in wisconsin every scent is fresh off his primary win in new hampshire and former secretary of state hillary clinton went back and forth a number of issues could accuse sanders of diminishing the president's record. sanders called quinn's assertion quote a low blow insisting that president obama was a friend and then a senator does not have to agree with the president on everything. next up for the democrats in nevada caucuses in the south carolina primaries for more ahead on good morning america and while the democrats took to the station wisconsin republican candidates went
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carolina polls show donald trump is in the lead ahead of the state's primary next weekend and this weekend could play a very big role in the outcome. the gop candidates will face off in debate in south carolina tomorrow night after daybreak average of the upcoming debate continues on good morning america abc's george stephanopoulos will sit down with gop hopeful jeb bush the forty fourth time a new this morning cooper has agreed to pay out more than twenty eight million dollars to settle a class action lawsuit class action suit claimed the company said it had industry leading background checks while the lawsuit is settled now almost the money will go to twenty five million riders if the settlement is approved by the court. passengers who used to burn in the us between january of twenty thirteen in january of twenty six team will be notified by e mail you'll have to refund options for credit or refund on your credit card it is the final day of love week here on daybreak in today's your last chance to enter to
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the williamsburg winery just over thirteen years now. com click on the features tab from there you can just fill out the form and submit a picture of you and your sweetheart. five lucky couples will be chosen later today and we have another contest to tell you about starting monday were giving you a chance to win an all expenses paid trip to new york city and includes airfare hotel and tickets to see good morning america live in times square. be sure to tune in to daybreak everyday next week to learn the special keyword for chance to win big next week is actually going to be slowly weaned. yes something that we don't often get enough of here on daybreak how precipice at teaching your kids how to sleep telling ourselves how to sleep better but you're not gonna get any sleep in her role as leader today with no action is in move out later this evening so we are looking at improvements coming up but you know what the problem is going to be we're going to have the slasher what every they treated the road and a good job and this is not going to
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not looking at feet of snow or anything like that but maybe a heavy dusting to an inch in some areas others wanted two or three intangible possibly down into north carolina but you get the roads slushy and with the cold air coming up i expect icy conditions later this evening even with the reds been treating get slushy cold enough overnight tonight and later the weekend that we're going to have some potential travel issues yesterday's high was thirty five we normally are fifty so we were well below average and will continue to be below average take a look here at the forecast through the morning sky as very bleak cloudy increasing clouds becoming cloudy by mid day and then the snow develops this afternoon and continued winding down during the early evening. right now are dry across syria out to wes is we're starting to pick up some patches of snow but we're going to find is actually going to be a weak area of low pressure is going right up along the coast use of energy kind of wrapping around the base of this trough that has been carved
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the country and the combination of the bush kind of coming into this cold air is going to set up the potential snow and we are looking for that snow to develop so reading it in to that with our future cash you can see the north winds again soon this moisture coming in the moisture riding up from the coast. the combination through the afternoon likely to produce a snow now we'll take a little while for the lower atmosphere to allow to moisten up and allow this to reach the ground so the onset of this is a little tricky but i think the best chances will come during the afternoon through the very early evening hours and you'll notice down to the saddle to get some of this mixing batter on the albemarle sound this is eerie that has the potential to see the heaviest amounts of snow here we're looking at maybe two to four inches of snow potentially somewhere down around here but there's also going to be the potential for some sleet or rain to knock down what you see on the ground so it looks like we could see some heavier bursts of snow down there but that mixing or sleep will make it kind of
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then again with the very cold temps are so worried about the freezing on the road so this is going to be a real mess down in this area for most winter roads probably ranging say i heavy dusting a half inch to one or two inches that's a potential with the heavier amounts towards the state won eighty seven parts of virginia beach and a downer on hickory maybe in chesapeake we can see a couple inches down that way as you go farther north. it's more like say abt half an inch to an engine should a half and then up on the pencil probably lighter amounts but still enough to create travel trouble so we'll be watching this show knows how it moves out and things quiet down overnight and tomorrow we're looking at mostly sunny skies see saturday with really good sunday's going to be bitterly cold it is going to be very windy saturday with gusts thirty to forty mph it's comin' so just be prepared for that i didn't take a look at conditions out there and as far as the snowfall potential of shoe you that's the euro not
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cfs also looking at half an inch to an inch across much of the area there is the potential for heavier amounts but what actually sticks around. that's going to be debatable as well so we're looking at this again the heaviest amounts tenor of the albemarle sound temperatures this morning in the twenties as you can see and the temperatures will be in the team so we're looking at this as far as of the cold conditions no getting around that winds are calm twenty six right now at the airport but those winds are going to pick up so today temperatures are going to top out will say pretty close to thirty to maybe thirty three degrees i have to move the heart of rio been doing all of this graphic stuff that the snow on everything else i read move the heart so last sunday valentine's day. if you think it's in monday. you're in big trouble. i just wanna say that right now he's a big effect flurries on valentine's day sunday and monday another system was some snow or mix changing over to rain rain showers tuesday we did a nice a warm
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i don't like write much here on the traffic network maps were still pretty calm and quiet across the area but i do want to give you a looking your commute ahead of the dorchester you can see how things look where you might be headed to look at the lab in virginia beach will start their two sixty four around which the crowd really old to sixty four looks like this at this point we don't have any major issues. eastbound traffic headed toward the oceanfront and westbound making its way in the direction of norfolk again we're in very nicely with no big issues to report so let's head back to the maps now and head up to newport news we had one overnight construction project sixty four westbound it for you says right here as you head toward yorktown and eventually up to williamsburg that roadwork has cleared and traffic also moving very nicely sixty four east and west on the peninsula so no big issues here in just a few minutes were headed to five sixty four right now i am tracking a lot of green making its way into the base but we know that can change at the drop of the dive we are coming up on by the clocks like expecting to pick up between five and five
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bit again the rest of the area moving pretty well but if we need at any issues to the list will do that in eight minutes. taryn ashby q is for fifty one is still to come on daybreak after a tragic incident parents are pushing for tighter home day care regulations right here in the commonwealth ahead the issue that may lead to the trails debt and the changes that could prevent it from happening again. and while some hotels are scrambling to add new amenities. others are attempting to restrict some things like that keds will
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. for her before her time a stranger danger warning in norfolk police say a man pulled over to talk to several kids monday night on carrillo avenue in larkspur the children said they did not know the man told extra officers are patrolling the area just in case this happens again. new this morning the parents of a one year old who died in his home daycare in chesterfield county last year speaking out now. jc and max allen joined a number of families yesterday in richmond to fight for tighter regulations the allen say that their daycare provider had more
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and was highly recommended they say it wasn't until after their son's death that they learned the provider had way too many kids under virginia law and should have had a license is important for many families especially for working parents to have a safe reliable place to send their children while there were the allen's provider was charged with a misdemeanor they're now pushing a measure that would make it a felony if a provider operates illegally and it leads to the death or serious injury of a child a group in central virginia fighting for more for parental controls on the messaging app kick that made headlines recently when blacks were teen use it to me her keys killer members of stand for the solid what lawmakers to make it comply with the children's online privacy protection act that includes adding age verification of the app and more parental consent. this morning saying no to take heads usa today report an increasing amount of hotels
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european countries that are going child free. they're banning those under the ages of fourteen sixteen in some cases and even under twenty one are very few adult only hotels in the us most of them are spas in california so far no domestic hotel chain has placed an all out ban on children and our tms for fifty six we would tell you all morning about the possibility of snow to me are just regular will break down the chances of snow in your neck of the witches the head yes and the bitterly cold temperatures can be dangerous to your health ahead where you can go to avoid the chilly temperatures and our store mode continues with wintry weather in the forecast for how to look
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alright it is five am here on daybreak you have team coverage of the winter storm that's headed right for
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the rose for slick spots while craig is updating its forecast right now said reporter standing by with props in north carolina to know we already have school closures and early dismissals swelling at the bottom of your screen if you haven't gotten that phone call from your school system yet we want to go right over to craig for the certified most accurate forecast in hampton roads cracked our guys going to take a look first of all i use all right piers we were starting off the show there's a graphic up we always cry while i'm updating this stuff constantly in order to shake em latest thinking on the potential snowfall it really kind of tricky because the models e g fs in the euro and they both come back down a little bit on the total amounts but the bottom line the impacts are not changing in that the roads are going to become messy later this afternoon in this evening whether you get half an inch or inch and half that the roads become snow covered and slushy and then with the cold temperatures coming in tonight is going to be icy
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