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tv   13 News Daybreak  ABC  February 12, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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right now. good ole be right back after his lap this mean uh hasn't seemed right and not over that is five o'clock in the morning guys six o'clock in the mornings yes that's not what we have team coverage of the winter storm headed our way to ashley's hear your starting roster right now so she can be keeping a close eye of the trouble spots out there greg. he's been updating weather forecast all morning long very busy in centre park is standing by with props in north carolina. now we already have school closings and early dismissal swirling at the bottom of your screen first we want to get right over to craig for the certified most accurate forecaster in hampton roads cracked our bench guys right now are looking as a winter weather advisory that is in place for hampton roads and you can see other parts of the peninsula we go up towards your curator this up the coast in hampton and newport news all under this advisory for the eastern shore north hampton county under the advisory on the southside out to isle of wight franklin and south hampton inn in north carolina
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northampton counties. winter weather advisories at two ten ninety five but you get into this area shaded in pink which includes her attempts of the outer banks on me when kurt at camden past letang back over towards park women's shoe on down to eat and ten in thirty counties there we have a winter storm warning potential for heavier amounts of snow for that warning area two to three maybe four inches in some spots it's a possibility i think most of us in the advisory area will see anywhere from a really heavy dusting to maybe a couple of inches it's a possibility this afternoon and as we have the roads be heavily treated now in advance of the system while advertising know the snows come and the roads may be slushy later this afternoon i expected to be some real travel issues out there with the wintry weather coming. but another major issue just about anywhere across syria where we do get even slushy conditions on the roads this afternoon we're going to see some re freezing overnight very very cold air setting up for
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pretty good shape skies are mainly clear maybe a couple flurries in spots but the lower atmosphere very very dry it'll take awhile for to moisten up the snow is coming later this afternoon a step back to see that future cast and there you go through two three four o'clock snows going to be likely exiting the scene. i have all the details for the rest of the weekend coming up here's ashley with a look at the monitor measurements on my crib we have just crossed over into the morning rush hour into it into a couple of spots all few minutes ago which takes traffic at the monitor merrimack six sixty four northbound traffic had stopped but i would get a live look now things are shaping up a much prettier picture than we saw just a few minutes ago if you just joining us. they will see a little bit of slow traffic between college drive and the monitor merrimack due to that brief stoppage but things are quickly fading out a bit of good news they are headed to newport news. no big issues if you make our way further to suffolk on six sixty four south over five six people into traffic or on
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the bulk of the delay if he will put a quote that is he around the base here. here's the exchange all the way down by sixty four west of this traffic is approaching him to boulevard. that's about it the rest of five sixty four west is clear with no big issues to report a few quick live look at the traffic network mask the rest of the area moving well which a traffic onto sixty four east has the downtown tunnel coming up next time to actually think you will cruise right now across the south side on the streets for treating all those years a live look for skyview over downtown norfolk city officials tell us cruise will be pre treating bridges and primary roads with brine throughout the morning we'll be monitoring roadways all day and into the weekend for an icy spots out there and in chesapeake public works crews are also out this morning pre treating the roads with a brine solution were told that the work crews will be doing twelve hour shifts as needed people frequently monitor bridges and ramps where it can become very slick very quickly in our next half hour of news. elise brown will show us how virginia beach is
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snow at our team coverage continues of the store in north carolina the northeastern counties they are under winter storm warning right now this is one of four thirteen is no traffic cameras in the outer banks take a look there's nothing on the ground yet but part of that area could see up to three inches and cdot said now this picture santa cruz are already running and see it well from her all the way down to hatteras avoid going out this afternoon. if you can but if you do get in your car here is what aaa says you need to have inside a cell phone water snacks first aid kit and maybe some blankets and even jumper cables. that's just in case there is an emergency. good morning america's going to have more on this cold blast is coming up at seven o'clock and we're going to keep you updated on the storm on air and online throughout the day they so let's enter a search is now the sedation unexplained explosions broken legs cracked skulls hover board injuries and fires have parent pushing for safety standards and the feds issuing a very strong warning
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investigative reporter laurie geller joins us with a story that you did not want and yes the numbers are difficult to nail down a local hospital that don't keep track of statistics by what caused the injury still local emergency room doctors say they've seen a spike in patients hurt while riding hover boards that on top of the federal safety investigation we've been telling you about has parents keeping a close eye on their kids riding bees hover board hot wheels with a ski parka to rock this before to stop and you're going to continue going for and that's somewhat predictable reaction if the hubbub order to rock it may not just stop it might be something completely opposite encounter that something you don't expect if you're not ready for that first landed on the ground pretty quick tonight at six were giving you an inside look at what our locally ours are seeing and why federal officials are taking issue with the hot toy so much so that they are warning parents to return it
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danger that story is tonight at six. laura geller thirteen years now shocking allegations this morning involving a government employee. what this irs agent is accused of offering in exchange for a big payday and a break is in store mode as
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. a winter storm warning for areas around the albemarle sound you can see from the state line south camden and camden and current tack onto that also passed with a down through the mountains so chihuahua requirements of the other counties thirty county all over the winter storm warning and then south of the sound is well down that way. two three maybe four inches in spots a possibility with the snowfall for the winter weather advisory was looking at the ranges anywhere from say a heavy dusting maybe half an inch to two inches or so in this general range so we're going to be watching and the advisory does extend up to the eastern shore and parts of the peninsula including york and the coasts in hampton and newport news here's to the north are you a few minutes now is while not dismissing his by any means but this is the area that is under the advice for anyone to share that with the temperatures this morning very cold how about west
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now. williamsburg a twenty one hits twenty in hampton upon the seashore temperatures in the teens when to the twenties for the south side near the coast upper twenties down in the northeast north carolina little chilly here in linn and the temperatures are cooler for the northern half the area that was yesterday in those temperatures a few degrees warmer down across north carolina have an interesting map there. we had some energy turning the base of this trough an area of low pressure kind of weak area of low pressure developing along the coast bringing some moisture in and creating the snow chances for us this afternoon and have a detailed look at my updated snowfall projections again across the entire region. look for the snow this afternoon in the evening while the weather right now is ok out there aside from the cold this afternoon ashley smith is going to be very very busy and again we're not only with a slushy conditions this afternoon ashley but some freezing overnights hard freezing with ice to a whole lot to watch this afternoon and now a couple of things to watch this morning that we just cut a little bit of looking the camera but this
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here in virginia beach to sixty four westbound in the insides of lanes just past newtown road. this new accident has traffic down to one lane already seeing a one mile back up to try to stay to the outsides of the blaze or use virginia beach boulevard to access norfolk and hampton we had another accident and sixty four westbound in the way from the hr bt at settlers landing roads you can see her the left lane is blocked. it was at least one car made to live it difficult to see from this angle involved in the scene of this crash right now nothing major delays passing the scene but it will slow you down just a little bit to give yourself a bit more time if you're headed in that direction again away from the hr bt passing settlers living on sixty four so i'll have the latest on these two accidents and we'll see if we need to add any other issues to the list coming up in eight minutes all right ashleigh thank you lee had a very special chance to
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i waited to hear it in coverage as the winter storm approaches our area this is a live look for skyview and not a kiss the snow isn't expected until this afternoon was a good idea to start prepping now greg is reporting winter storm warnings and advisories advisories for the entire thirteen is now viewing area our crews are planning for the storm all across the area and in newport news as well and then up another update
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deliberating the fate of an irs agent who was accused of soliciting bribes the fbi says that they caught this whole thing on camera. paul hurley apparently told a marijuana shop owner in seattle that he was lenient during a nod in return the owner needed to pay him twenty thousand dollars but that shop owner went straight to the fbi and the set up a sting to catch him so this is the hidden camera footage of that sting operation or his attorney say this was not a bribe but payments for accounting services after daybreak gma is going to have a lot more on this hidden camera footage catch their report at seven o'clock this morning oil prices are not doing the stocks any favors the other price of oil hit levels not seen in nearly thirteen years yesterday that's one reason the dow opens this morning on a four session losing streak. stocks across asia were sharply down overnight. all phones will open a new line of grocery stores this year called whole
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the idea is to attract new customers with more price conscious products the stores will also include other businesses that may appeal to younger shoppers things like juice stands and yes even tattoo parlors the first three sixty five store opens in may in l a america's infamous former seat bro mars gray leaves back in the headlines but it's not because of drug prices. he offered conn a west tenn that million dollars to withhold the release of his album and sell it to take him alone conway didn't take the opportunity to view the album along with his new clothing line at madison square garden last night bobby the decision. yes certainly the right routes now very interesting around here has a story about his years of the snowflakes will you know but no snow across the area yet and you know that's the way we're rolling out of time covering snow in erie at nolan on this note
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that through the afternoon is a stinger on probably cover that no one on the task we are looking for the snow coming in this afternoon i was talking with our spot on forecasts that are really gonna talk about the impacts to the area first of all yesterday we were looking at wind chills between twenty five and thirty five during the afternoon and through the late afternoon generally the wind chills are in the upper twenties ezra couple reported to the spot on st continues to live two days we just reset it and as we look ahead to today i feel very good about this snow develops. i think in some areas it's going to come and probably closer to say one o'clock or so but certainly by three o'clock. this is we're counting on the snow to norfolk by three and will continue to see if that is the case i feel good about this forecast today we should extend the streak the snow coming certainly through the late afternoon into the early evening it will exit and it looks like this there's gonna be heavy enough to have some impacts now few areas of light precipitation showing up just off shore east of the outer banks a lot
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it down. we will see the clouds increasing across the area in the snow showers developing so let's take a look into future cast enters this morning coming up to the twenties and in the low thirties clouds are thickening up by the late after by late morning into the afternoon here is noon still probably not a lot of action taken a couple stray flurries but the better chances for the snow to develop coming during the afternoon and initially what shows up on your radar if you're accessing maybe through your smartphone to look at our radar app or whatever your view can be seeing a little bit and then not really see them to the ground it's going to take awhile for the low atmosphere to moisten up but once it starts snow showers going to be likely especially through the afternoon and into the early evenings so you see the snow and some of the more intense color here's some of the darker purples down to the south here is the area that we expect to see maybe a little more something on the order of two three maybe four inches in spots. i think for most of the area we're
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an inch to see two inches and at the flurries up to a heavy dusting maybe three corners and in turn is potentially even up on the peninsula to the eastern shore said this is what we're looking at areas farther north probably lighter amounts but don't be surprised if you pick up pick up the coding even farther to the north so we're going to be watching that and a big concern will be the impact on the roads for the afternoon and evening commute. this is going to move out that where the roads are treated it could be slushy with very cold temperatures tonight even though the skies clear out ice is going to be an issue can take up the bay effect flurries early tomorrow morning but the bulk of the snow moves out tonight see here's a look again at the forecast amounts and you don't want to split hairs too much. be prepared to deal with snowy conditions late afternoon evening and the roads impacted are there you go right now temperatures are in the teens and low twenties guys mainly clear to partly cloudy will say so long to that is the clouds come rolling in later this
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around thirty two the snow likely this afternoon potential ice issues overnight tonight and then plenty of sunshine but windy and cold fear weekend bitterly cold sunday wind chills near zero sunday morning i'd actually watch it well craig a couple minutes ago i mentioned watching not one but two accidents working right now and the backup around at least one of those accidents getting pretty big head for thirteen years now chop the camera. what a shame that this is a mess at this point to sixty four westbound in the insides of the planes just before you get to sixty ports and just basked newtown road here's a multi vehicle crash traffic just stopped in the area looks like so that crews can kind of start to move things and shift things around. i think the record might be on scene possibly removing one of the vehicles from that seems as you see traffic not moving at all. at this point a one and a half mile back up almost to which top rope so if you're headed in this direction either stay in the outsides of the blame
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boulevard to access more book on a second camera as we head to hampton sixty four westbound at settlers landing road another accident here and again westbound is headed away from the hr bt one lane blocked here. traffic still moving. ok at this point but as you can see it's starting to build up a little bit and maybe slow down just a touch as it passes the scene here and heads toward the hampton river breaks out will continue to follow both of these accidents as you can see again big issues working on sixty four to sixty four will have the latest for you coming up in just eight minutes. all right ashleigh thank you aiden is the last day of love we can this one is for those who have had the same sweetheart for a
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valentine's day is sunday with thirteen is now celebrated a bit early so here's why our very own christine is for j co is doing a story that sees katie went a little boy named adrian saw her and faster to be his valentine know we brought adrian right to the station so he could celebrate with christina and the rest of the thirteen news now crew joined in as well adrian is currently at chc be undergoing treatment for leukemia. brave little man there if you have not seen the cute video of adrian
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just go over to our facebook page. big valentine celebration in a very special for many other great story leading to our lovely pictures. well lisa joins us now to their social media correspondent finish off the ventilator securities you got here. ok so i ask people to send in the pictures i've been asking all week and this one just came in these first couple wanting to show you this i think people really really are getting creative here but this one is really sweet approaching twenty nine years of marriage they deserve a round of applause for that to get it right with their stupid as this one is one of the creator of all the eye of the dubai wife blows me away with peril of incredible in his last and we got and honestly know this came in just an hour ago guys my rock my down time every day loving me through it all for your breast cancer survivor and this month south bank well so much for sending your pictures also continue to monitor those i will still share them on my strong will thank you so much for sending
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still have time to submit your pictures for a chance to win our love we caught a picture of the prize rather is a romantic getaway to williamsburg winery. here's how you can enter to thirteen years now dot com and click on the features tab fill out the form and submit a picture of you and your sweetheart or picking a winner today so hurry up and enter aisle daybreak is in store mode as another round of winter weather headed our way and
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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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the still press on the south side inwards rather than the others here in the studio keeping our eye on conditions plus pre treatments on the peninsula are about to get under way to keep your drive safe and fun couples under the delusion that even worse if you have to work at it. love love. it's not all you need to make a relationship work. daybreak starts now. good morning everyone it is friday and lucy bustamante time on tracy here it is coming up on six o'clock right now thank you so much for joining us for now we already have dozens of closings and delays to tell you about you can find a
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website that is now the comp they're also scrolling at the bottom of your screen and we get a ride over to meteorologist greg miller he's keeping an eye on our snow chances good morning crack. good morning guys and i'll say i was just over interacting with the preschool teacher that was talking about considering the early closure down in ch sp with one of the area preschools and she operates and it's been this type of interaction through facebook and twitter you know we're out there supporting you not only on tv here but the radio update to the radio partners have lots to digital as well what we're going to talk about right now the winter storm warning that is out for northeast north carolina down the albemarle sound maybe two three or even four inches in some areas down closer to the sound and then maybe some sleet mixing in creating a mess this afternoon for the area shaded in blue the winter weather advisory up generally amounts anywhere from say the three quarters of an inch or inch up to about two inches maybe a few locally higher amounts right
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we're going to be watching the general amounts and you see that here depicted with my latest snow forecast. even the result of northville it's a good heavy dusting to half an inch or so that could be enough to really create some travel issues we saw that a few mornings ago with our early morning snow that we shop around the middle peninsula so really what everybody to exercise caution through the afternoon that's what we do have several early releases already in place it does look like the heavier amounts of snow will be farther to the south there's couple wild cards really this the calm before the snow storm so to speak beautiful out there right now seen a couple flurries aloft not making it down to the ground yet we are still looking at mainly clear to partly cloudy skies across most of the area but later today is the atmosphere morrison's up we will see the snow showers developing to let me stand over here the latest feature cash or in the clouds rolling in and then into the afternoon here we go around two o'clock you start to see that snow pushing towards hampton roads and filling in late afternoon
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down to the south in this and all exits by about seven o'clock eyes today in the low seventies i think it'll linger a bit longer from the eastern shore but by eight nine. it should be done it that way as well. i have details on a bitterly cold weekend and it's going to get windy tomorrow as well plenty to talk about state it and craig on the traffic network we also have plenty to talk about another traffic problem that just popped up minutes ago let's head to our camera. this is in norfolk to sixty four westbound at the brooklyn bridge as you can see trap and totally stopped at the downtown tunnel due to a breakdown so right now the backups are across the berkeley are creeping back to city hall if you're headed to portsmouth use one of your other routes the midtown the jordan high right to gilbert and do not use the downtown tunnel and like to be the all clear on the second camera still into sixty four but this time in virginia beach. all westbound traffic inside the blaze down to one lane of creeping by the scene of a multi vehicle
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causing backups to which the throat of another accident sixty four westbound at settlers landing in hampton and traffic picking up a little bit around the midtown tunnel as well we have the latest on all the trouble spots coming up in the next eight minutes terry nash thank you for that our storm or storm coverage continues with a look at the preparations that have already started ahead of the snow. yet the doctors but much of yesterday prepping sand and chemicals across the area warning this morning from patrols are hitting the streets to start reading them are elise brown is in virginia beach with what the city is doing to prepare elise good morning routine and are used to that big giant igloo behind me inside of me is this the insult mr cruisin one used to treat the road crews got here around two thirty this morning and joining me from public works jim langford to give me give us an idea on their planned route. thanks for joining us to tell me you
6:32 am
all what all the primary routes as part of our snow plan usually the primary roads are your major arteries and then we also try make sure roads to hospitals and fire stations are treated so there's going to be the ones we go but we had the city divided into four sons went for a snowstorm or have two crew said it needs son is the plan right now and will monitor the threat today as the weather forced the three streets of iran as the snow starts to fall what is your game plan then on. well we have kits and add up to thirty cruise we got the full crews in here for this morning today tammy likes of wilson at eight to start with if it starts to really increase will be able to add that with no problem and also we've got plenty of sand and salt with the crew seer of snow could start hookups are in pretty good shape. even if it gets worse than what's been forecast. i think so much and again we will keep you updated on the condition throughout the day live in virginia beach elise brown thirteen years now. all right
6:33 am
that crews will also be pre treating the roads on the peninsula ahead of the forecasted snow so we're told that it will hit the road again starting at seven o'clock this morning and hansen city officials tell us that they have staff and resources ready to go and that they'll just adjust the staffing according to the need for toll police will be prepared for snow related staffing as well in newport news the crews will work twelve hour shifts to make sure that there are always trucks on the roads this weekend. the fundraiser is planned for the dooley family tomorrow the deep creek retain club is holding a barbecue dinner for the family's funerals organizers say they do plan to do so regardless of weather conditions the fundraiser is from eleven until five a deep creek united methodist church on george washington highway two weeks ago six family members died in a murder suicide. hs diving deeper into the issues bernie sanders and hillary clinton squared off at last night's democratic debate with clinton said that but sanders on the defense and as
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mode craig is working alone
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. . good morning and welcome back we are in store mode as we have some winter weather advisories and warnings to talk about percy advisory this includes the southern tip of the eastern shore northampton county there and on the peninsula. if you live
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certainly the coasts in hampton newport news. be prepared again we have the winter weather advisory for that part of peninsula down across the south side franklin at the southampton isle of wight and everybody else in the south side and then out to the west you can see towards and ninety five in north carolina winter weather advisories it does include north canton also her for county in gates county while farther south thirty i e not a nice big match juan creek women's past with tank over to kerr attack and camden counties we have the winter storm warning and that does include the outer banks south the albemarle sound mainland air washington care also learned that winter storm warning is very down to the south it's more likely to see some potentially have your snow and even there we're talking two to three maybe four inches in some areas and some sleep ah swee mixing it for the area under the advisory more likely it will be ranging from say a heavy dusting three quarters of an inch or so up to two
6:38 am
this area with the heavier amounts probably closer to the state line will be watching that right now we are still dry across here to talk about temperature changes last twenty four hours. colder air to the north melted yesterday and temperatures close to or a little bit warmer down to the south but still very cold with some energy approaching from the western area of low pressure kind of developing a weak area pioneer of low pressure along the coasts throwing more sure and we're going to see the snow chances later today so as we take alibi our notices we get into the early to mid afternoon low atmosphere morrison's up we see the snow coming in ten staying in the low thirties and over the weekend even colder and it's gonna be windy i want you to no wind chills bitterly cold by sunday morning we're talking wind chills near zero. i read an update on the downtown tunnel that our record a few minutes ago i told you the traffic was stopped on the norfolk to portsmouth side of the downtown told us to sixty four west and that was due to a breakdown trapping just aren't moving
6:39 am
the harbor particularly the dish with the camera but we do have a one mile backup still in place had it with a downtown tunnel so you may want to just avoid all together to give the midtown tunnel moving a little bit better. the jordan bridge high rise in gilbert and other alternate route the second camera here we see a little bit of improvement in virginia beach to sixty four westbound on the inside to the blaze before sixty four still some activity there due to a multi vehicle crash. but again that's improving and have the latest on the back up headed to this point coming up in the next few minutes big usc six forty one there is no denying it relationships and marriages take work day after as love week wraps up on daybreak park regular spoke to an
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the breaking news out of new jersey a massive warehouse fire that started yesterday afternoon is still burning take a look these are aerial pictures that we're just getting in the july pictures and this is in hillsborough new jersey is in somerset county think we've got those pictures for you. i know that the smoke can be seen for miles is actually video that we've gotten look how intense these misses any of this just coming to the vision while the air has been deemed non
6:42 am
urged to stay inside to keep the windows close one firefighter was reportedly injured overnight reports are this five alarm fire could rage through saturday for much more on this story ahead on good morning america or a friend or think you will in the race to the white house the democrats went head to head last night in their leaders to be in wisconsin oh yes bernie sanders fresh off his primary win in new hampshire and former secretary of state hillary clinton went back and forth on a number of issues could accuse sanders of diminishing the president's record setters call clinton's assertion quote a low blow insisting that president obama was a friend and the center does not have to agree with the president on everything. next up are the democrats the nevada caucuses and the south carolina primaries. good morning america will have much more coverage coming up here in about fifteen minutes and while the democrats took the stage in wisconsin republican candidates went after voters in south carolina poll showed donald trump in the lead ahead of the state's primary next weekend and this weekend
6:43 am
that outcome the gop candidates will face off in a debate in south carolina tomorrow nights after daybreak coverage of the upcoming debate continues on gma abc's george stephanopoulos will sit down with gop hopeful jeb bush and then you this morning facebook has added a new tool to fight hate speech and terrorism online. the social media giant has dubbed its counter speech there is no precise definition but the so called counter speakers bombard extremes pages with opposing messages images and videos of their own and instagram is making a move to compete with vine and youtube by producing new counts for video. the social media giant says it's betting the counts will be so oppressive that video makers want to post and craft clips specifically for its format. very cool of this week someone is doing double duty right here the madman
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it has been so much fun to sit with her and just hang out and promote our show is really just haven't had time to stop what we have talked about. oh my gosh were they doing the radio is just so much fun they ask you what we do our favorite celebrities we got into some random discussion with the people that call in generalizations with everyone i'd be willing to bet you guys discuss whether a little bit coming up today that's given me the idea we've done a lot of weather to talk about right now we're seeing the clouds starting to push and had a gorgeous guy that i posted that on facebook and you can find me there facebook dot com slash craig w b ec easy enough right. also on thirteen criminal or on twitter if you have twitter you can follow me there we're keeping you updated online and through the social media accounts love to hear from you to lots of folks asking hayden has the forecast changed here or there was ever going to talk about snowfall amounts and keep you updated on the timing of this as we take
6:45 am
a look at the winter weather advisory including the southern part of the eastern shore in the peninsula these areas under the winter weather advisory this includes your close to williamsburg and larry be prepared for some snow showers and maybe a little bit sticking to the ground up there as well farther south on the peninsula into the south side better chances though for maybe a little more about the amounts but generally anywhere from say three quarters of an inch will become like a really heavy dusting up to a couple inches across the winter weather advisory area one or two which is certainly a fair chance at that and then into north carolina with a wonderful morning more like one to three inches four inches in some spots were expecting the snow to be heavier than run the abu mazen it could be sleet mixing in as well so that's all gonna create some travel issues later on this knows better start this afternoon temperatures today staying in the lower thirties right now little bit of light activation upon the radar but it's a lot as it falls low
6:46 am
very dry but that's going to change this afternoon so here's the future cast notices we go through the afternoon we get this on shore flow a little bit of an easterly wind bringing moisture and off the ocean and washers and interact with the cold air is why we're going to see the chances for the snow there's an energy rotating around the base of the trough kind of marrying up with a weak area of low pressure along the coast of the combination throws the moisture into our area i'd say bye to three o'clock snow showers really developing and becoming more widespread feeling in it'll stick some areas are going to pick up again that one to three b two to three or four inches down to the south better chances for the heavier stuff you see right there as we go through the afternoon lighter amounts farther north but i think enough to make the roads pretty treacherous in some areas i know v that is out and aggressively treating the roads in and cdo to be working on that as well but with even slushy conditions through the afternoon the afternoon early evening
6:47 am
could be messy and then re freezing it later tonight as it gets cold enough that the slushy areas freeze solid so we're watching for that here's a look at the snow forecast for this afternoon again anywhere to the north you could see just flurries up to say maybe an inch or so i happened to two inches wide spread south side even parts of the peninsula can get a little bit more into northeast north carolina and then to three for much of northeast north carolina potentially four in spots some sleet could mix a can of lowering the total dc on the ground but that's going to probably negatively impacted evening commute as well right now at twenty seven partly cloudy but the clouds increasing thirty two died today. snow likely this afternoon it's going to rule out early in the evening then partly cloudy and windy overnight with me tomorrow in cold and take a look at this sixteen the overnight low tomorrow night wind chills down to close to zero. his dress a seven day temperatures will be staying chili for the weekend early next week alright read what
6:48 am
working on the roadways as well as we take a look at virginia beach and good news and bad news on to sixty four as you look behind me. it's really bad news so we had an accident to sixty four westbound in the inside for the blaine right around newtown road just past it at this point just the right shoulder is blocked at accident scene but here's what you have to deal with that independence boulevard three and a half miles away from that accident scene and it's going to be caught up in jail all the way up to where the accident scene is and you're kind of movie will be better once you get near sixty four so if you don't want to deal with this and a half years virginia beach boulevard instead stay with us because i haven't updated in a crash in hampton up in the delays by the downtown tunnel in the midtown tunnel coming up in five minutes what a mess ashley alright were wrapping of love we donned a break and today we're talking about relationships are the cornerstones of emotional and physical health society
6:49 am
maintaining strong marriages and relationships is often a big challenge that requires work to arrange marriages divorce rate among many couples achieve long term happy doctor lard and explains why they now recommend beginning work with the work to make the magic in our society we have the love relationships is no work at the beginning and both couples under the delusion that even worse if you have to work at it is not love and she says it's never just one thing that steals joy and excitement for your relationship. her advice try to ignore the bad those little irritating things and increase the good. here's how think big think about your long term relationship in its value. don't take it for granted. you work hard on your professional relationships apply that same energy to your personal ones create daily or weekly rituals like exercising
6:50 am
even watching a tv show together provides opportunity for meaningful bonding don't nit pick the little things you probably won't change your partner and often leads to criticism which erodes the relationship looking to add a spark discover new common interest part of the finest buying something that we have a ritual then have the spontaneity samui form of excitement because that actually mimics the love relationship the beginning of things when you write it so enjoyable to debbie goes on to say she says don't wait until things get bad if you feel you need to talk to somebody you wanted to tackle before gets to that point it certainly makes it easier and you don't have your spouse or your partner go in with you for counseling even one of the persons in the relationship can go and accomplish a lot and also don't think that if i going to talk to somebody it's own ongoing commitment forever just one session is talking to somebody might be all it takes to get you back on the right track. great stuff
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the good friday morning coming up next here on good morning america it's been seventeen years since the columbine high school shooting the mother of one of the killers is breaking her silence holding up in an
6:53 am
diane sawyer diane is here live this morning and it's all coming up next on cnn and hear our storm mode coverage continues with a look at all the preparations that have already started ahead of this will be the crew spent much of the day yesterday prepping sand and chemicals across the area when the frost patrols are hitting the streets to start reading them i lisa brown is in virginia beach with more on those preparations elise good morning to see and remember the little lady right you get a better look at this giant blue inside of it is housed with thousands in times of a sand salt mixture used to treat the roads now at two thirty this morning frost patrol hit the road to treating bridges ramps and overpasses city still largely divided into three zones now but on later. snow patrol retreat primary roads like bridges and shore drive in virginia beach blvd know those crews section off the city into four areas that will be keeping you updated
6:54 am
the day live in virginia beach police brown thirteen years now. all right ashley smith is here watching the roads are being treated right now in trouble spots and we got a few it was nice earlier this morning and then let the last half hour we saw several issues to pop up so here's the latest virginia beach to sixty four westbound on independence boulevard know it's going to the center left lane is a new issue that just popped up. i don't know that the breakdown an accident or what but something is blocking that lane they are adding to the backups headed to the earlier crash scene three and half miles up at newtown road to expect delays on to sixty four west or use virginia beach boulevard as another route. here is hampton sixty four westbound at settlers landing road accident blocking one lane not that delays in the westbound side just wrapping up the spout make his way to the hr bt we do have a one mile back up there we also have delays around the downtown tunnel due to earlier xp or earlier breakdown i should say had
6:55 am
picking up some were busy busy it will be this afternoon that no we are looking for the snow this afternoon how to make a quick comedy are just interacting with somebody down in central north carolina was asking about the snow bands let's take a look at the map real quick. these are general ranges today and keep in mind if you are in one of those ranges you could go to work on like a half inch to two inches across here simple turn to see that much just cuz you're there you know keep in mind some will be alone and others will be on the higher and we're not going to split hairs over this that the impacts this afternoon we expect him to be pretty significant for the evening commute so ashley very busy and cold for the weekend stay tuned we'll keep you updated throughout the day. all right thanks so much that they are melded press here thirteen years now they br good morning, america. bitter blast. record-breaking cold this valentine's day weekend.
6:56 am
the threat of frostbite and hypothermia. 65 million people being warned to stay inside. fighting back. hillary clinton and bernie sanders going toe to toe overnight. >> that's a promise that cannot be kept. >> clinton trying to get back on track. but sanders not giving any ground. >> madame secretary, that is a low blow. >> and donald trump goes positive, already talking re-election. >> maybe i get an extra four years. >> as his opponents try to derail his surging campaign. jeb bush joins us live. her son was a mass murderer. now, 17 years later, in an abc news exclusive, dylan klebold's mother is speaking out for the first time. >> could you have prevented what happened to columbine? >> a mother's reckoning. >> it is very hard to live with the fact that someone you loved and raised has brutally killed people in such a horrific way.
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