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tv   13 News Noon  ABC  February 12, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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yes we do get ready for another round of winter weather at last storms that you see are expected to bring several inches of snow to parts of our area and that's why we begin in storm of this newness interest prepares for another battle with mother nature oh yeah thirty newshour has recovered before and during the storm we have team coverage for you this the mobile weather lab in virginia beach where they're getting ready for the snow to start falling. that's right and alicia is going to take us through how we to prepare for the snow with our winter weather guy and generally well she's reporting live from with the city but first we begin with meteorologist frank muller in the weather lab cracks allow seen any snow yet just some light flurries reported so far when a shakeup of the sky views because this is really telling you notice the clouds
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this morning it was mainly clear partly cloudy clouds been increasing. we've had some flurries a lot but not quite making it down to the ground this is the view over norfolk village a couple more down at the oceanfront overcast conditions but still dry out theirs we take a look and then up at oyster point right now we also have cloudy conditions and we will find again the snow flurries perhaps reaching up that way as well little bit later before snow showers develop the airport at around wakefield down across parts of northeast north carolina we have trees position across the northeast part of the tar heel state is we're anticipating the snow to be a little bit heavier down that way lighter amounts farther to the north but we've been watching the development of an area of low pressure along the coast that would draw some moisture into our area give us the chance for the snow as you can see i talked about this this morning on thirteen years now daybreak we'd see stop on the radar that wouldn't quite be making a band the ground as a low level the atmosphere moisten up you'll start to see it filling in and were
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of that now down to the south but that trend continues as hours and eventually the trends a call for the snow to fill in so we're again will see the best chances for the heavier snow down across northeast north carolina and across the south side but you notice a few in overton middle peninsula the eastern shore and we give the potential for some minor accumulations may be a heavy dusting to say an inch and a few spots here probably half an inch to a couple inches across the south side in the heavier amounts to three maybe isolated spot reaching four inches in north carolina and all those out this evening then windy and colder through the weekend i'll talk a lot more about all this was she all of our snowman forecasts and everything you need too much weekend in just few minutes are correct said we have a little light flurries out there and cruise already preparing for the winter weather they have been and schools are taking any chances either. that's right many local school divisions there and in their day early and that includes virginia beach city public
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live in princess anne high school where students are getting ready to get a job that we can lease. that's right guys the ground is bare but it sure feels like it's going to snow in preparation for the storm. schools across virginia beach are getting our early teens here at princess anne high school ran out the door as soon as possible while they're excited that their weekend is starting early it's going to be a long day for virginia beach public works crews virginia beach public works crews are ready force now be prepared have been since hot summer days. public works spokesman jim langford says they put in a sea and in some orders in july the mixture is stored in a giant igloo shaped shed. we've got about three thousand tons of salts and it's already mixed and we have another three thousand tons of salt and sand can be mixed if we needed but
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reserves during this storm ross patrol crews were up before the birds or friday morning. that's three tracks are going to treat the bridges ramps and overpasses they went out this morning two thirty start reading everything and redundant after rush hour. no it snow patrol's turn that group retreat primary and secondary roads especially those living up to hospitals as we go longer in the day we kind of keep now what the weather's doing if conditions get worse will probably start and to those cruise we go up to five thirty crews during the height of the store if you're out driving in the snow plows langford said it's important to give workers faced don't rank rather them get in front of him slowed and they got a job to do this a certain way they do this job means it's it's all based on safety safety is definitely the name of the game today. if you're out driving you want to remember to go slow and watch out for
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beach elise brown thirteen is now at work at all to help keep you safe and warm during bouts of winter weather we are thirteen is now winter weather god we put it all up on our websites full of great tips lot of reminders in their need to get through the storm we should begin to tell us some of the feature solution. yeah we have you covered on thirteen years now i come like you mentioned everything you need is literally right at your fingertips i picked out three key parts of this guy i kinda wanna show u guys really quick you know the key here is going to be to prepare in advance we've got tips on how to prepare your home and how to prepare work if unfortunately have to be stuck at work and also got tips on how to prepare your car as well because that's to be key in trying to get around. i also have tips to our protector pads you know we don't want to forget our four legged friends during this time so again this guy's post on thirteen years now the common it's right on the homepage for u cn go ahead and check out for yourself or your fingers that the bitter cold temperatures also cause for concern for to the social services building
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warm up the port norfolk rec center also open the main library and church library open at ten o'clock this morning. the walkers across the south side out all the street right now. pre treating those roads you know it's a live look right now right there from skyview this is downtown norfolk now city officials tell us chris have been pre treating bridges in the primary roads with some brine that the new map throughout the morning and there to monitor the roads all day long and into the weekend for some icy spots it's a blessing were told in chesapeake public works crews are also out their pre treating the roads the cruiser to be working twelve hour shifts as needed though frequently monitor the bridges in the rams reader can become very slick very fast and the dot crews were also pre treating the roads on the peninsula head of the forecasts of their work picks back up again this morning at seven o'clock getting those roads rated for older drivers are to be heading home early from work and head to city officials tell us they have staff and resources ready to
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staffing according to need to tell police will be prepared for snow related staffing as well in newport news crews will work twelve hour shifts to make sure there are always trucks on roads with snow already or flurries already in the western part of virginia staying updated is download the thirteen is no weather cast wrapped your smartphone for help along the way you can track the system using the live radar and you can get weather alerts as soon as they happen on other news democrats they are broken down in wisconsin is called and we kids called him a disappointment the secretary is low blow hillary clinton bernie sanders is it they're squaring off one more time the competition getting fierce are the before to add the jackson county man under arrest is accused of sexually assaulting a twelve year old girl how police say he communicated with her then there's this he was a completely different world that he was living in. she's the mother of columbine
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the first time she's telling her story only to abc news now. yeah she's speaking out about a relationship with her son and much more that's coming up in the second half
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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. williamsburg police say a twenty two year old man had sex with a minor that he talked with on a message now to texas a twenty two year old eric martinez use the name when leaving this message a twelve year old girl and kick the girl told police that she had sex with him several times he was arrested wednesday now faces five counts of rape and another count of forcible sodomy renewing noodle iconic look for the past is making a return to grab the street thirteen years now was there this morning as crews install the arches of light downtown the use to eliminate gritty street back in the early part of the twentieth century well now eleven of the arches are returning downtown partners the virginian pilot say
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cost about five hundred and sixty five thousand dollars downtown property owners agree to pick up the tab for the army corps of engineers included some big local projects in its recent book to spend sixty four million dollars in our area twenty two million of that would help replace the deep creek bridge chesapeake almost ten million would pay for dredging in the james river and another four million will pay will help with the cranial expansion in portsmouth. now the army corps of engineers needs congress to approve their plan. we are learning new details about the pet bull that attacked and killed a mother of two of the queens county partners a virginia pilot got in touch with the dog's original owners and again if the pilot this picture saying that they are shocked that their loving lap dog killed someone. yesterday we brought a reaction from the victim's stepfather he told us that the people who gave suzanne story the doc told of the animal was gentle store was attacked on wednesday while clearing the animals crates they say they're tom i would still be
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day cares were stricter know they're bringing their message to the statehouse more of the fight for tighter regulations for child care providers and we're seeing the west approaching and ninety five ron emporia little bit more intensity picking up here in northeast north carolina we're getting reports of flurries up on
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for thirteen years now is in storm notice several inches of snow are expected to fall in nags head that's what we're hearing to hear more
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coming up in just a few minutes but now going head to the weight we race for the white house the democratic candidates bernie sanders and hillary clinton will they were getting heated. at last night's debate yet trading sharp words ahead of the next caucus is his boss he cannot he has the highlights from last night's show her phone insult the intelligence of the american people looking to keep up momentum in the race bernie sanders keeps up the charge against big money influence. why in god's name does wall street make huge campaign contributions i guess just for the fun of trying to regain her footing after a double digit defeat in new hampshire hillary clinton hammers home the details in her responses and pushes sanders of core mormon on his healthcare plan the american people deserve to know specifically how this would work with numbers don't add up and many people will
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they are right now i know we in a testy exchange over the candidates relationship to president obama has called and we kids called him a disappointment foreign secretary that is low blow one of us ran against barack obama. i was not the candidate the meanwhile the republican front runner shows his confidence at a rally in louisiana already projecting a run for re election to be there and manage a great job hopefully maybe i get an extra four years maybe donald trump is changing tactics ahead of the next primary polling all attack ads from the air in south carolina but his challengers aren't backing down. donald trump has zero foreign policy experience you want an entertainer in chief the democrats will meet again tonight when they both attend a dinner in minnesota and the republicans face off again in the next debate tomorrow night in south carolina bostic nani abc news
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is no more danger after two teens were shot at an arizona high school now these are live pictures this is from outside independence high school in glendale that is where the shooting happened this morning police say they are not sure if the victims are students at the high school did not release the condition of those teams have been shot. they also have not said if anyone was taken into custody that school remains on lockdown appearance of a one year old who died at an in home daycare in chesterfield county last year are telling their story. jackie had met al enjoyed the number of families yesterday to richmond to fight for tighter regulations the allen say their daycare provider had more than twenty years experience was highly recommended. they say was not until after their son's death they learned of either had too many kids under virginia law and should have had a license to import for many families especially for working parents to have a safe and reliable place to send their children while their work. well the als provider was charged with a misdemeanor. they're now
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make it a felony if a provider operates illegally and it leads to the death of a serious injury which are going to take a look at the weather issues in front of hampton roads that only today but over the weekend is well here the headlines and get the afternoon snow showers in areas of snow probably will but heavier in north carolina it's all coming together will spend a lot of time talking about that but the concern is that it's going to create an issue through the afternoon rush hour into the early evening as well and then even with the roads tree. if we get some snow even a dusting heavy dusting to an inch they can treat some slushy spots with overnight lows tonight in the mid twenties and even colder air moving in through the weekend we are going to see the potential for some icing on the roads and that could be some real big issues overnight and early tomorrow morning is gonna warm up a little bit early next week we had this next storm system early next week as well
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little more snow or snow mix on monday changing over to rain into tuesday as temperatures to warm up next week. what you know is going to be bitterly cold sunday morning we'll talk more about that moment let me give you the official word from the national weather service they've had these winter weather advisories up lower part of the eastern shore part of the peninsula including york and her cousin newport news and hampton and southside out to isle of wight in southampton also franklin and then something obviously the area is close to the city's virginia beach chesapeake portsmouth and norfolk. as you can see down into north carolina gates county hartford in northampton under the winter weather advisory with the area shaded in pink under winter storm warning. more snow expected down there and maybe some sleet in the next is well in general this is the thinking for the afternoon and these are ranges so that everybody in this light blues got to see avril had him on my to see some flurries and some errors
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but some areas in this light blue could see maybe up to an ancient there's a heavy snow burst or snow shower that prolonged over an area you could see some minor accumulations off to the north is here in this kind of nod or a shade or medium shade of blue. more like a heavy dusting to an inch and a half to maybe two inches closer to the north carolina virginia state line down south. more like one or two to three inches and then maybe four inches in a couple spots especially south of the albemarle sound there could also be some sleet mixing in which takes the snow that falls in kind of pants and down a little bit but that would create even more issues for the afternoon and evening ride so we're going to be watching that carefully temperatures still below freezing around norfolk and hampton newport news the upper twenties or thirties now than in north carolina thirty five in a new right now thirty three was in the city and we are getting some reports of snow showers or flurries for some parts of northeast north carolina
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the immediate norfolk metro area overcast still nothing here at the station but we have had i got these reports come in and on facebook a lot of them say they were getting flurries up around new york and back into handed off to the north up towards for use in reports of some light flurries so get over that from newport news as well that was earlier this stuff here still falling a lot but starting to get a little closer to the ground going to see this trend continuing to expand the new year new you can see the moisture really filling in across south central northth carolina this is what's going to sweep through as low pressure draws in more moisture in this cold air going to see these darker purples this is where the snow is heavier making a down to the ground filling in of eastern north carolina and spreading up towards hampton roads so the radar trends support this thinking that there will be the snow and this is not going to be the mother of all snowfalls but it doesn't need to be even a little bit of snow heavy dusting to an inch or so with the timing on this through the afternoon into the evening could be enough
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travel conditions who are really going to be watching this especially south side and in north carolina with some locally touch and go areas farther to the north as well as you can see even the dc area could see some snow showers later on. so we're going to be watching all of this forecast today temps staying near thirty two officially seen the clouds increase now the snow showers developing through the afternoon. mosiah twenty four to the evening snow moves out windy and cold overnight tomorrow very windy and the wind chills tomorrow night into sunday near viera write very cold sunday morning. definitely for valentine's day or just a little closer contact with someone another chance for the wet weather on monday to tuesday initially some snow mix changing and just got word that the city of norfolk to be closing their offices because of that cold weather the area and really don't want to take any chances after rush hour. we'll see how things come together of
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media throughout the busy ness you aren't that well just because it's going to be cold outside doesn't mean you have to stay locked up inside for valentine's day weekend there's still plenty to do if you need a last minute idea i guess his back all dailies had this run is uncovered. that's less than
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plans for you and your sweetheart don't worry all dailies has run has you covered with this weekend's event and welcome back some of the week that guy is in her right down to hire a taxi and fantastic with the wisdom of cubicle that's not the stock chili chili cook off taking everything off tonight friday six to nine p m at o'connor o'connor very serene house for food trucks to each bring a special kind of chilly it's forty eight dollars for each of the different kinds of chiles and no ticket required just show up bring your appetite expect some great beer is the one i'm looking forward to colorado elk chili gotta be kidding me that it must be really good and very different soda for that let's head down to north arts district read the work release. they're having an opening weekend for this great huge group art exhibition called me that at all twenty locally kind of be smart and the show is all about how they're at their local geography in this area
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connection in sunny palm very cool. yeah that sounds pretty cool art let's talk we had more to grow this we add to the speakeasy wii yet orleans style of our out of this event so called the bee's knees speakeasy visit tomorrow night at seven p m oats per band muse a music by the child died and and heavy hors d'oeuvres monte carlo games. it's twenty five dollars a ticket plus a cash bar. bee's knees love it right this next one what a prude or anything about what you say that i can show that the comedy show called pennies in its last at an all female sketch comedy show thing kind of like chelsea handler amy schumer iran's economy but it can be super fine that the wealthy enter all weekend long. i went to this one and then have the time and heard another adult and end of the down times and gulping witches ball which is going to be a burlesque show at the o'connor brewing company is about twenty dollars admission for that and what these at the local cabaret it's tomorrow night at nine tomorrow night and i've got every valentine's day kind of
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more though and when you add the chili cook off on the dhl easy everything everything's fair as they were so glad you're back because i believe with the last few weeks why are we having a baby and i've i'm so in love with and that's what i'll be doing all week and is running all over again it's run it's a much welcome bag will see back here again next week all the information of course to be on our website thirteen years now. dotcom our storm
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. here comes the area flurries in some areas like flurries another round of winter weather seattle weather authority says parts of our area could see several inches of snow on where to start the second half hour right here in the business by and was glad it is getting incredibly sick but i do is say it again some of your
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disappointed if you're really a snow lover. how come i wanand to go the other is gonna be some passerby i come as relief but there are other areas or a c morton you see that snow filling in the end of the south. the guys know here in thirteen years now we all work together. our weather team is very close i should have been talking all this morning i've been texting back and forth with jeff and one appointed me to jeff the low levels of the atmosphere are still bone dry skin very dry he said scary dry high. what we mean by that from a forecast and point a lot of what falls for a while is going to subway or evaporate before making it down to the ground. ok so it looks like it's doing right now across chesapeake in virginia beach. but and bass were just seeing just a few very light flurries down to the south though we are seeing more snow filling in across north carolina and that trend should continue you see the future cast with the snow showers increasing across north carolina over the next few hours and then into the south side as well
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showers developing a couple bands of snow showers up north if we don't see some of that spreading a little farther to the north here is again to the north may just be left with flurries are very light amount still officially there's the potential for a dusting maybe a heavy dusting in spots up to about an inch up in this area if some of these bands come together we should see more like say i happened to two inches across the south side and two to three down across north carolina and some locally higher amounts are certainly a possibility we just have to see how it all comes together as we go into the evening you'll notice a lot of the year the snow pulls off shore and by say fifteen eight thirty or so most theories drying out so a few snow showers off to the north on the back talk a lot more about this game will update the snow totals bans those maps that we like to show you will talk about the next storm system coming up for next week plenty to talk about and again the impacts even if we just get a little bit of snow the roads could be really messy late
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temperatures continue to fall state. jasper's heard from craig this week and it is going to be dangerously cold so you know what happened is going to have several shelters open tonight and tomorrow anyone needs a warm place to stay can go to the community presbyterian church on fox hill road starting sunday night a shelter will also be at the first united methodist church that's on east queen street and ld now out west an arraignment is scheduled for the four people who surrendered at eight national that move and the more than month long standoff with federal authorities abc's martha gonzalez has the latest today before final occupiers of this national wildlife refuge in oregon preparing to face a judge on felony charges after the laws of the players finally surrendered peacefully ending a more than forty day standoff the tense negotiations with federal
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stream phone call i was group was demanding the federal government turn over public lands to local control. last month the standoff leaders were arrested during a traffic stop and the group's spokesman was shot and killed when investigators say he reached for a gun following a police chase in all at least twenty people are now indicted on federal charges linked to the occupation the wildlife refuge still close to the public but now free of arms occupiers for the first time in more than a month use it since day one our goal has been in this illegal occupation peacefully and we are grateful that we're able to do so as a fbi bomb teams are at the site making sure no explosives were left behind their officials say it could be weeks before the refuge reopened rc gonzalez abc news new york she's the mother of one of the columbine high school shooter said for
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telling her story. he was a completely different world that he was living in and you could ever hear more of a preview exclusive one on one interview you'll see tonight on twenty twenty and imagine internet speeds on your smartphone one hundred times faster well it could soon become a reality as a major
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. the it has been seventeen years and still in cleveland eric harris opened fire at columbine high school and murdered thirteen of their classmates. now the mother of one of the killers is telling her story. soo clean bowled spoke only to abc news about her relationship with her son about the victims and what happened inside her home leading up to that shooting clean bill is also shared her story in a new book a mother's reckoning this new beginning a preview of her exclusive interview with dan so there is never a day that goes by where i don't think of the people that can harm to a nice new solar car and i think it's easier for me to say harms been killed and it's still hard for me after all this is said about a certain need to deny what
12:38 pm
perhaps perhaps it is very hard to live with the fact that someone you loved and raised his brutally killed people in such a horrific way i think we like to believe that our love that our understanding is protective and if anything were wrong with my kids i would know but i didn't know and ah it's very hard to prove that she says she now knows her mistake not considering that an adolescent phase can in fact signal something else i felt that i was a good mom that he would he can talk to me about anything. part of the shock of this was it was that learning that what i believed in how i lived in how i parted ways and invention in my own mind it was a completely different world that he was living in hard to believe that was
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up tonight on twenty twenty that's a ten o'clock right here on abc thirty. moving on now. cheaper gas prices mean a comeback for suv's and might be the case for one automaker they're introducing
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the third he is now in this story mode and this is the reason why several inches of snow expected in some spots in part a very under winter storm warning there are flurries already light flurries out in the western part of says well we'll have an update from craggy in just a bit of general motors is recalling nearly half a million vehicles because of problems with their brake pedals the piece as the petals can come loose and fail to work right. among the vehicles affected certain two thousand fifteen in two thousand sixteen chevy silverado and gmc sierra and should be taught whole police vehicles now gm says it will contact owners about getting that
12:42 pm
launching for all new sport utility vehicles during the next few years crossovers will continue to grow and in the us the percentage of passenger cars will that shrinking the automaker says there are no plans to eliminate any models but you can expect to see the new suv's are allowed within the next four years would be every boy or phone was just too slow a tnt is almost ready to test their new five g service. the news follows a similar announcement from verizon last year. five g or fifth generation wireless means customers will have speeds that are up to one hundred times faster than today's connections a tnt will be working with erickson an intel on the new technology field trials will take place in austin texas. no word yet on when to roll out nationwide and we are in store mode this new that's right with a live look at the virginia beach oceanfront we get to where the flakes are already falling we could be in store for a messy evening commute. it has what you can expect for the rest
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it's about time the taco...came out of its shell. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. look at this sweet face. so sweet. ok, we're going to need a napkin
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i ok stop what you doing to come check out his video from virginia beach will moreland posted this to our facebook page shows the second hour there for jamie's police officers to a little time to shoot some hoops with a group of kids while and says that he took this at the sea top rec center and looks like there's officers an amount of the kid's got game on about the office a little practice to a lucky both of those boys that's for sure look like they have a good time to see that interaction absolutely with police officers that the work of the hour was going crazy busy all afternoon long. yeah we continue to watch this across the area winter storm advisory or to the winter weather advisory in the winter storm warning down to the south how it can to watch the snow filling in and we continue to look for more updates we're getting reports of some snow flurries that
12:45 pm
seen anything here in norfolk and the air very very dry but all of this is as forecasts so far two of everything continues to come together we should see a heavy dusting to an inch and a half maybe two inches across the south side and then to three inches down in the northeast north carolina four inches in a few spots and you can see the wire amounts up to the north that you can still get a good dusting to maybe three quarters of an inch or inch up around the peninsula and the little peninsula and it doesn't take much to really mess up the road it's really the timing of this in relation to the afternoon and evening commute and then on top of that with the dot and cdot treating the roads some of what falls obviously on the road travel is going to become slushy were wet and freezing temperatures really cold mid twenties and i are going to be watching for some potential icy spots are plenty for us to watch this afternoon in the national weather service issues advisories and warnings we pass them along with our forecast updates temperatures right now in the upper twenty
12:46 pm
across the area still overcast and no snow here no flurries here our director of engineering. jess came the dress code no flurries nothing yet here i that's the word from keith o'malley and he's been around long enough to recognize flurries nothing here the station yet you are these winds seven mph the pressure is holding steady anything under the radar to locate crates fill in and we got snow. now we really not seated on the ground yet but the atmosphere starting with my pc this darker shade of purple here across central parts of chesapeake. that's an indication again of some more intense activity will often is that falls in stock to moisten up the lower atmosphere we're already getting reports of snow down through central north carolina and some mixed precipitation there as well and this is eerie that is more likely to see a couple of inches maybe three or even four inches in some areas around the albemarle sound so washington carol adair counties are likely to see some heavier amounts of state
12:47 pm
showing in jest most recently with this latest radar images this is where it's really coming down so we'll see the atmosphere continue to moisten up chances for flurries and light snow showers farther to the north for the better chances will be this afternoon as it fills in right here we'll take a look of the and again you see this trend continuing through three three thirty and four clock really filling in across the south side maybe a little bit reaching up to the peninsula over the eastern shore and as we go to the evening and continues up along the eastern shore overnight into early tomorrow there could be a couple bad effect flurries and then as we look ahead to sunday another chance for a couple they affect streamers early sunday generally the weekend going to be mostly sunny but it is going to be cold thirty two died today officially look for the snow showers to fill in again that potential for snow accumulation that a tremendous amount but you don't need a tremendous that's what we're committed to covering through the afternoon and we will keep you updated. i would say there will probably be some
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disappointed they don't get more but trust me even a dusting to an inch could be enough i do everything on the internet. but it's kind of slow. my friends say i should get fios because it's the fastest. i just downloaded 600 photos in 60 seconds. that's seriously better. we're out of 2% i wonder what else could be better around here? i heard that. switching to better internet is now easier than ever. only fios has the fastest internet available, with uploads up to 5x faster than cable. get 100 meg upload and download speeds plus tv and phone for just $69.99 a month online with no annual contract.
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