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tv   13 News 4  ABC  February 12, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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minute. we're bringing you team coverage on the field giving you the latest information you need to now it's all about snow and safety so schools in virginia beach let out early on joe flanagan will have the story and the power of people who care. remembering a coach who made his mark the news in four starts right now so i'm loading in full effect. we're looking at a winter storm warning in north carolina advisory in hampton roads leasing some flakes and snow on the sand in virginia beach from our skyview at the dq and seventy and atlantic just as you predicted if you're leaving early gonna get caught in some messy slice yet but i think there's a little less on the roads than we expected as a notice know is exactly as we expected i guess partly because they treated it but you can see and for example this picture
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lots already getting quite a bit of white showing up on them but when you get onto the actual roadways we don't have a lot the other good news is it's not gonna last all that much longer if you're out franklin or even into western areas there of isle of wight much of western suffolk nothing more than a few flurries are going to come through here over the next couple of hours. all these dark dark pocket sliding to the east of things working out as we had said yesterday with the dry air we're going to continue to watch again. the snow moving out we had the dry air earlier and that's why we said a lot of it would be on make it down to the ground so we were going much lower amounts than anybody else and seems to be working out that way with the again northern areas seeing maybe a light dusting but generally a lot of flurries we get down to sort of of southern newport news hampton you see a little bit more these darker colors
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there and then down into south side starting to see some of these pockets where it's just very light precipitation although right here over downtown we still have it starting to fire up just a little bit down in north carolina some of the heavier areas but the really have your stuff has tended to be south of the albemarle sound and you still have some that you have to go through over areas around manny as some of those locations the outer banks so the snow ends in a match or at least the steady stop in the next two hours in some spots in the next hour. watch for slippery spots overnight especially elevated things like bridges and overpasses that kind of thing the secondary roads that weren't treated are going to have a little bit of an issue and then finally can tell how heavy is snow is by the kinds of visibility is that you're looking at in hampton quarter mile that's actually heavy snow half a mile is more moderate snow and one mile
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moderate with two miles or two and half miles vegan pretty light snow so we have these pockets getting ready to move out the good news is it doesn't last all that long or the bad news is and the flesh that out there and as the temperatures drop could cause still some road problems this evening a lot more coming up in just few minutes i to north carolina customers made their way to hardware stores to stock up for their own personal snow cleanup or cane shows is how people make sure their storm ready to snow has begun to fall here in katy hog dare county and the whole can see at the three inches of snow take a look at the roadway fear not too bad and cdot has already begun pre treating the roads they handle a lot of the snow clearing for the county and some locals are also getting ready. many of them coming to ace hardware store stocking up on salt and some shovels they hope they don't get too much snow because getting around to be pretty hard in a town that doesn't even own a snow plow this area is in a winter
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the locals are getting ready for this winter weather in our reporting in kitty hawk air came thirteen years now i don't think you hit the road large school district is watching the storm and the clock virginia beach is one of the distance that decided to close early. they're concerned about two s words right now snow and safety but think about can is life force in virginia beach the case no space no now you mentioned those two great word snow in safety. that's exactly what it was all about today as we look to virginia beach blvd right now this has been coming down for couple of hours but like jeff said doesn't seem to really be sticking ard on the roadway itself. earlier today we were at princess anne high school as they dismissed early on me it was eleven thirty five in most schools in virginia beach let out early on this friday. students seem to be in an upbeat mood because it was friday after all they
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they were off on monday to do what we often use the site of the beaches with eleven thirty five and text are being sent all over the place there is just how weak the thirty five. typically there was a rush to the bus when the bell sounded the faculty that we spoke to were pleased but they kept their game faces on and declined a chance to go on camera and express their feelings but it was easy to find students who want to talk about this snowy early school dismissal if they think the school may have acted too soon to shorten this day. oh yeah the big day this lie not even a hint of snow right now playing doesn't make me no nevermind already re yeah school buses ran their normal routine even though they were nearly three hours early for this home delivery driver we spoke to was glad things turned out this way but i was telling him i'd add a comment about home early to make up the day we didn't win it all for today from spring break or
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we so city schools acted on behalf of snow in safety and public works crews are prepared to act in case they're needed. pretty much good shape with a lot of analysis going to be the next six seven hours monitoring what the weather's doing see the forecast is back out here live you can see the snow sticks a whole lot better to the grass than it does to virginia beach boulevard that's a good thing i think coming up at five more on those two s's snow and safety will add one more schools and just chest that was the third one and it was evident five reporting live in virginia beach all messed up in the snow joe flanagan back to you guys aren't they so one north carolina was in the most snow from the storm in our region with a few inches in the forecast and snow already starting to blanket the ground crews are taking action. jenny lee joins us from elizabeth city
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see it snowing pretty hard and fast here in elizabeth city but as far as the roads go to actually look pretty good right now you can see just how much has accumulated by looking at the grassy areas where the snow was actually sticking but as far as the roads go once the snow hits the pavement. justin immediately melts. that's because and cdot was out here yesterday pre treating these roads with brine which is simply just a mixture of water and salt. now once this snow does actually start to stick to these roadways publics works public works will send both of their salt trucks out to the bridges and overpasses person and the primary and secondary roadways until the city actually has a brand new salt truck that got just a couple of years ago before that it only had one a salt truck to cover the entire city so as you can imagine his new truck has really been a great help for them over the past couple of years now as far as supplies go until they had plenty of sand and salt to
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but if we run out for some reason and cdot has backup supplies for then you also have crews on call so better be coming out taking her out please stay off to rome as much as possible so that we can get into out of mom also told that the city has three private contractors on standby just in case they need to plow the streets until we get more than four inches of snow no call those contractors for help because the city does not have any plows it only has salt trucks so that's pretty much the story here in elizabeth city right now the roads look okay but that could change very soon once the temperature starts to drop for now reporting live in lisbon city i'm jenny lead thirteen years now and want to be really careful outside this weekend especially with your kids be sure to tell them not to wander on to any ice for my new children's health and ponds that may
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the ice needs to be at least four inches thick for any kind of sports and unseen emergency like a child falling through the eyes call nine one one. don't go in after them and remember always watching weather like this way you can always get the latest information that we put out. download our weather caster app now that we won't miss a beat wherever you are it's free and works on apple and android devices you can find a link to download it on thirteen is now docked on our storm o team coverage continues on thirteen years now and for jeff is busy behind the scenes right now getting the latest information and throughout the newscast and the night we'll hear from our reporters as well up to the minute updates are also on thirteen years now dot com right now let's see if all this mess out there is causing problems on the road is ashley. well you know without going to be one of those days where weather and traffic are certainly going together we do a couple of issues working right now that will slow you down in the art
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years now track the camera take a look now in virginia beach a scene that is clearing of the good news there but certainly something to still watch out for sixty four westbound as you're approaching the twin bridges to the past indian river road right now it looks like just the right shoulder is blocked to traffic will build as you get closer to the interchange to expect that stop go traffic they are approaching to sixty four when a second camera speaking of two sixty four. this just happened right here to sixty four westbound at the sixty four interchange with the kids off to parts of the children still partially blocking one lane here this whole scene is going to certainly cause big delays into virginia beach on to sixty four. stay tuned i will have the latest on the belief here and when he died in more crashes to the list coming up in the next few minutes. our thanks ashley our storm coverage continues to show you a live picture of the road in or fade from our mobile weather lad jeff and i e she will join us in just a few minutes with the latest on the weather condition causes call doctor at
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the two stations are dead after a shooting at an arizona high school. shots rang out this morning at independence high school in glendale police said the two students who died were both fifteen year old girls both girls suffered a single gunshot wounds and died at the sea. these two young women were found in the next each other there was a weapon found the side and we don't believe there's any suspects they're out there at this time right now there is no information on how the girls may have known each other or what may have led to the deadly shooting the school district provided buses to parents so they could pick up their children from the school i missed or a stomach bug force college officials the call of class today in pennsylvania and
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students became ill and or sign is college. they reported symptoms of a stomach infection. many students started to get sick tuesday night the school temporarily closed in all the cafeterias were close but health officials are unsure if it's a food borne illness or transmitted from person to person right now the school was going through a deep cleaning. we're also taking some proactive measures to make sure the residence halls and high traffic areas are being cleaned as well with obviously special attention being paid to the areas where students have been sick over night classes are scheduled to resume on monday are ready lets go into storm mode here look at the back edge of this system in many many spots it is about over the snow still here cross outside especially the farther down south to get the chesapeake in virginia beach little bit still up
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definitely some heavier stuff still bow across areas of the outer banks in sort of east central or interior sections there just one of north carolina just west of the outer banks but putting it all into motion. we had more snow for hours before it started falling all the way in making it to the ground we had talked about that yesterday again the good news is that we're not seeing as much on the roads right now the twenty seven degrees light light winds and the southeast are going to ship pretty quickly this evening out of the northwestern really pick up a look at a beautiful sunrise this morning some brilliant colors out there some partial sunshine and then the clouds began to think again and our itinerary can start to see some of that snow one thirty two o'clock and then the snow gets heavier at times and the visibility is obviously going down everybody right now in the twenties but i guess partly because they treated the roads were not seeing the forecast has been perfect but we're not seeing as much taking on the roads as maybe we had fought so that is the good news still
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this evening as the temperature falls a little bit and as the snow pulls out especially on the bridges in the overpasses the secondary roads. watch for some that black ice and very slippery conditions. so there's everything clearing out a little bit later on as we said over the next hour to two and then by morning nothing more than a stray flurry cross the eastern shore a little bit of day affect temperatures tomorrow are going to struggle to even get up into the lower thirties and then tomorrow night down into the teens that will feel even colder than that and then will continue to watch for right near the coastline maybe on sunday especially for north carolina a little bit country if it goes north northeast will definitely see some benefactor acre ocean effect across the outer banks i have not touched this since yesterday this is the exact map we showed you and at one point we were all conversing and texting back and forth and sing with these people getting these numbers up you know two or three inches here in the metro area we don't see it are we missing something. we were
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happen that we were leaning toward the lower part of the ranges here because of the very dry air that has worked out absolutely perfectly with more on what happened and why this ended up working out good i should explain supplication me and you know and speaking of that dry air it was really the demise of this system we had the snow falling a lot earlier this morning when i came in we actually had two points which actually measures the amount of waste or the atmosphere they were in the single digits as we started to move into the afternoon would start to see the dew points climbing so that actually moisten up the atmosphere. i just a little bit so when faced with the dry air and place them into the new points climbed into a battle out the snow to actually make it down to the ground and that's what we've been saying really late afternoon. right now is continuing to see the snowfall across the region but the system will push out of there pretty quickly and that means some very cold air moving and joe have won. i just have more on that. well joe will to lead
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to the viewer on the early morning show. you can really see the effect of the storm and how it pulled out down or south as expected and how the heaviest of that precipitation on the brighter colors tended to be down to our south spine forecast for tomorrow says a high of thirty one degrees with sunshine for today we said snow starting before three pm we actually saw a light snow almost everywhere between one and two and then officially reported heavier snow at the airports both of them one at two forty six and won it two fifty one i believe it was so that now makes three forecasts in a row for tonight evening snow and being fairly quickly watch out for the slick roads though mostly sunny tomorrow high thirty one or thirty two windy and cold it'll feel like the twenties and then maybe a tiny bit of a effect especially the outer banks or eastern shore on sunday twenty seven for the high and then a little bitter winter weather possible in fact likely i would say a monday before turns to rain monday afternoon monday night and
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. welcome back everyone is there someone special in your life who made you a better person you're about to see a real nice tribute friends from high school getting back together again to salute their hero their old wrestling coach's impact they say will last a lifetime. happy hour turned into something so much more as they show us how he made his mark feeling you get when you reconnect with old friends that's what happened here wrestling teammates back together for beer. everybody raise a glass to my brother david major remembering the man who meant so much
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the way they wrestled together in the nineties that brandon middle school with coach won six straight middle school championships. some of them also won six different titles with twenty one and all what high school as an assistant coach them while i was here from the nineteen ninety nine championship team but they suffered the biggest loss of their lives last week when coach died. that's when we started to see the heart of these champions thousand and five pounder on the other team in head coach richard puts me all the way up to be a state champion from what i didn't realize is that coach roger was teaching me how to succeed in life when i opened the menu was no stopping everything was always empty all of you my brothers teams before going to families lose that one person can own your life that stays with you forever by
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and now i was really down today we would never let a little more said chris snyder is the person who contacted us he deserves to have a story told about my success today that a coach who believed in me and i didn't have the heart of the doubt he really made its world a better better price and size all those championships we talked about in the story he also won titles at salem junior high school that's what was called back then in nineteen ninety one in nineteen ninety two he was fifty four years old unfortunately he died of a heroin overdose. he survived by his side other family members and his family of student athletes and certainly miss wrestling head coach and they are making sure you stay safe on the roads how b dot crews are
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i do i bought a lot close to your valentine the caldera setting records for this weekend i and that weather impacting road conditions. what you need to know now for your safety and that includes inside your home preparing your house for the extreme cold temperatures are dropping in hampton roads thirteen years now has brought you continuing coverage of this winter storm there is a live gloomy look from the west and skyview campus and town center you can barely make out town center here the south side is saying some snow and you can see those gray skies and a few snowflakes floating here and there less second out of stuff. yet the good news is if you don't like the snow or slippery conditions it's about over in the next hour so much of the metro areas you can see still the low visibility is the white covering the ground we've had that minor dusting about half
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downtown norfolk. look at the live view they're still little light snow up here across the middle peninsula tiny bit around the coasts and maybe but all that's left is generally not even in downtown norfolk it's mainly virginia beach. very light snow could just talk to me from the south central la chesapeake and said it's really pretty light there and then it gets a little bit heavier downpour portions of the albemarle sound going through time you can see we had a few pockets work a little bit heavier in fact one of them right in there was just across the state line again craig called tell me that his total ended up being about three quarters of an inch down there whether headlines then snow ending in the metro in the next two hours in fact most of it's really going to be over in the next hour. watch for slippery spots however and especially on the secondary roads and some of the bridges in that type of thing the temperature forecast doesn't go down much. early this evening in fact we might even go up a degree or so ago hold fairly steady and then
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morning so that's when you slash or anything that's out there could tend to re freeze so the good news is the snow is already ending across parts of the area. the bad news is it is sticking on some of the roadways and causing a few issues with his abilities and the big news coming out now will be again the drop in temperatures as we headed through the rest of the weekend on a lot more on that coming up. i think most of the four does this was coming the cold weather is breaking records for valentine's day weekend ie says god has more from the weather. yeah you know it may be a good weekend to just snuggle up and stay inside is definitely going to be a cold ones i want to take a look at what we have going on in terms of what's happening with the colder air to take max for we are gonna see a dip in the jet stream what that means it can allow some of that colder air to come in from canada and we're talking temperatures twenty to thirty degrees below normal as we head into saturday as
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saturday only in the thirties highs sunday only in the upper twenties so here's what we're talking for valentine's day the afternoon high temperature about twenty degrees were forecasting a record low high temperature for this day is twenty three degrees that was set back in nineteen sixteen so we're gonna be watching that closely so good day to just stay indoors lotsa movies and some popcorn for valentine's day is going to be a rather chilly one ard suntec tackle like that i use it while the snow is falling and the virginia beach oceanfront take a look at the beach quarters was on its side view that's the south end of the strip the atlantic. check out the white snow covering the sand the ocean is i think this is looking very gray today jenna has more with dominion power on how this storm could affect your whole heart yet the cold weather might have you questioning how do you prepare your home from a shortage of power to broken pipes burst pipes that
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talk more about how we can all be prepared for this really cold we did get to see and seize all right so what are the problems that dominion is expecting. well we don't expect much of an operational threat fortunately for us we're not getting a huge accumulation of snow right keeping a close eye on the weather forecasts and we have made sure that all of our offices are fully staffed through the weekend just in case there are problems. so what can people do inside their home when they're trying to make sure the first of all the cake that he bailed out right with this call we're staying inside more i were cracking up but he soon people might wanna consider putting on a sweater instead of turning up the heat by throwing an extra blanket on the bed you know and and energy conservation really is key because how much heat you use is the number one factor in your bill and the other thing is sealing up those air leaks in your house you wanna make sure you're not paying for the heat goes outside in the cold ok and when those bills come and their little higher because you know people have turned up thirty
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able to do with me and how those dominion work with customers in situations where the bills get really really high. well i will try to tell people ahead of time like this now about energy conservation measures and try to keep the bill from getting high but absolutely if they have a problem paying their bills are always willing to work with them as best we can and if they have tried everything all of the call to one one to get resources if you actually need some social service assistance and if you've tried everything else we had our energy share program will help pay bills if you're in a tough time i remember last year one of the coldest weekends and our power went out but of all times. what happens when the power goes out you should contact him in right away absolutely that's the first thing in the easiest way to do it right from your smartphone to spend on dot com and report your outage that way you can be sure that we know that you have an out and were given to us and as we can and does not communicate with us today on the comic and santa for text alerts were very active on social media facebook twitter instagram. so keep in touch
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you power goes out when you have any other problems larry and report that not out a showcase me so much to give tips to help the family they wore lots more to fund on the com. ok ok. appreciate it right yeah you can find more as she mentioned weather tips on our website is well that's thirteen years now dot com and click on the weather tab and you can do the thirteen years now winter weather guy that died has tips on how to take care of your car your home and your pets. all right regina high schl. thanks to aunt were checking on traffic conditions this afternoon we rough ride this afternoon with the snow coming down so the main thing i'm keeping an eye on his accident and we do have a few of those are the ones i'm watching our multi vehicle crashes so now that things are starting to really come down and folks are really starting to see that snow layer out there it's going to be an issue for the ride so stick with us throughout thirty news now we have been very latest on areas you can avoid and how to get where you're going
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we'll start with a look at a couple that since we have not yet discussed one of them is in norfolk on sixty four secure had anywhere near the hr bt here's a live look now it's what you're seeing here. sixty four westbound at tidewater drive begin a multi vehicle crash right now you can see right here along the right lane the exit ramp to tidewater is shut down right now crews respond to this crash with a one and a half mile back up that goes past chesapeake boulevard. we also have another accident in newport news we had our second camera. now this is not the best camera in the world to just work with me he really kind of make it out right here sixty four westbound just when you get to fort eustis boulevard you can see here the left lane is blocked the back up out here if a massive five mile backup all the way to jefferson avenue creeping back to victory boulevard and it flamed out there so you can use jefferson avenue along with the four uses and hop back on sixty four west that can be your best bet probably sixty four between jefferson and fort eustis l a
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watching in virginia beach an accident to sixty four westbound right at the fifty four interchange right now the two left lanes are blocked. nursing a one half mile back up almost switched up the road as we zoom out we do have the dot issued icy conditions advisories at the monitor merrimack in the hampton roads bridge tunnel also watching some icy conditions advisories out isle of wight county and then just take a look at hampton roads in general around a lot of the bridges and tunnels substantial delays right now take your time as you head out to keep you posted with constant updates on facebook and twitter and of course right here on thirteen years now. our thanks ashley to keep an eye on those road conditions check on the thirty news now traffic cams they sell the latest traffic conditions on the peninsula and the south side go to the thirteen years now dot com website and check on the traffic kept on coming up the latest on your weather conditions this is a live look from the thirteen news
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has more on these freezing temperatures and over is
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. i a very nice as it is ready for whatever this storm might dish out crews pre treated the area's roads overnight and they're monitoring the situation right now ready to do whatever it takes to keep hampton roads moving my getting spent the day of the district operations center joins us now live mike origin from where we stay on the roads are perfectly fine right now i suppose or something crazy would happen it might be that they get worse as the day goes along and if that does happen the dog does say it is totally ready. now the personnel began the day working regular shifts but they're prepared to go to a twelve hours on twelve hours off schedule if need be depending upon how bad the storm might turn out to be ready for this event at the virginia department of
4:40 pm
operations center in virginia beach workers kept a close eye on the road conditions and there's much to watch this area has more than nine thousand miles of roadway in more than seventy five percent of the state's critical highway infrastructure. we look at things we can do before the storm was going to do during the storm and even what will have to do after the storm. the department has four hundred and fifty pieces of state owned and a contractor supplied pieces of equipment at the ready. much of it already pre positioned as for the sand or salt or braces and brian used to treat the roads the knots as it has an ample on hand supply of between eighty five to ninety percent having gotten replenished after using up some of it during the last snowstorm on january twenty seconds. crews began pre treating area roads overnight by friday afternoon it was a matter of waiting and being ready to respond as needed. the district acting maintenance manager bill collier says although the storm is forecast to be
4:41 pm
long busy week and will be looking at what will have to do through the weekend obviously the snow will stop getting the roadway clear but on the interstate in some areas we may still have snow on the shoulder. we have to watch them that melting and that water re freezing in the lane so we'll be paying attention to that the roadways all weekend and this should be one of those things that goes without saying it does need to be said the dog warns that drivers should allow a lot of time to get wherever they might go to be completely safe out there and to allow themselves enough time to book a break to hit the brakes and a stop if the road conditions do become hazardous for now reporting live in norfolk by getting thirteen is now breaking news on the white house race jim gilmore dropped his republican presidential betty gilmore served as governor of virginia from nineteen ninety eight to two thousand too. he made a brief bed for the two thousand and eight republican presidential nomination as
4:42 pm
year because of the lack of funding a new find in the palace attack investigation. unidentified dna appears on two explosive belts link the two assailants and that november attacks on terrorists. investigators say the dna traces found on the ballots were not and islam but those of an unidentified person that person's dna was also found on the suicide belt of islam's brother ibrahim who blew himself up turning to the two thousand and sixteen presidential campaign democratic presidential hopeful bernie sanders is opening a campaign office in norfolk tonight that office is at the little print shop off lease little creek road and he's coming to virginia sanders will appear at virginia state university in petersburg next wednesday that's february seventeen and so far the time of that event is not released. well not to be outdone hillary clinton
4:43 pm
office. also tonight governor terry mcauliffe is opening one in richmond virginians will vote in the democratic primary on march first ride on the republican side one of chris christie's most high profile fundraisers is throwing his money behind ohio's john casey casey campaign she says scanlon go need the billionaire co founder of home team up depot is now backing the casey campaign lingo knees spokesperson confirmed the decision. christie dropped his bid wednesday following a disappointing sixth place finish in the new hampshire primary. congress takes aim at north korea check the headlines we are right now on usa today dot com. our lawmakers on capitol hill are sending a bill to president obama to punish north korea for pushing ahead with its nuclear weapons program. today house republicans and democrats overwhelmingly agreed to slap the north with sanctions after north korea launched a rocket carrying a satellite
4:44 pm
fourth nuclear test legislation passed the senate earlier this week singer barry manilow was resting right now yesterday he was rushed to the hospital there were complications from emergency oral surgery on monday canceled some concerts because of it but he tweeted out to his fans he should be ok and hopes to be at the upcoming grammy awards and actor george clooney is taking on a much bigger role is very involved in the refugee crisis in europe he canceled events to promote his new film in germany and instead he and his wife a mom at the chancellor of germany to talk about the migrant crisis reports are he also wants to meet with a group of refugees and many have fled syria which as you know is in the middle of a civil war i think this out. well two women who are among the fifty who accuse actor and comedian bill cosby of rape are speaking out. colorado lawmakers are considering a bill that would extend the colorado's statute of
4:45 pm
twenty years the two colorado women who have come forward cats have their cases heard under current law because the statute of limitations has passed. i am a survivor of sexual assault being drugged and sexually assaulted by bill cosby in nineteen eighty six in denver colorado. no one would have believed that mr jell o pudding pop mr dr hawkes table was capable of rape and sexual assault. i would have been laughed off the planet if the new bill is passed in colorado it would not change anything for these victims but the sponsor of the bill says and will help future victims benefit dinner is taking place tomorrow for the dooley family six members of that chesapeake family were killed during a murder suicide last month the general take place at the deep creek united methodist church from eleven
4:46 pm
will be eight dollarsrs person and all proceeds will go to the dooley family trust one at town bank are tracking the snow still but it's all in fact it is over in a number of locations is going to continue to move out pretty quickly for the rest of us the only spot getting anything at all right now that still accumulating eastern shore and then down across areas of northeast north carolina still a few very very light flurries coming here through parts of the southside same thing up here northern neck middle peninsula but all the areas with the accumulating stuff that's the blue now moving out except for again generally northeast north carolina or a tiny little bit here. maybe still right in sort of south central virginia beach or down toward creeds in moii ah but in general everything definitely starting to move out and you
4:47 pm
just a dusting here downtown a little bit happier when she got to the south couple of other spots to the north got just the heavier dusting but really the big news the evening the snow that out there is ending an ending quickly. watch for slick roads though not much wind this evening but it will pick up later here we go with that last little bit continuing to pull out this evening temperature staying steady for a couple of hours in the upper twenties and then dropping a little bit later white lake by this evening we're not going to notice as much as well again during the overnight hours and then believe it or not with the really cold air coming in tonight and early tomorrow they affect is possible for parts of the eastern shore with some very minor amounts but temperatures will struggle to get up in the lower thirties here's the system again heading toward us and then over top of us and then pulling out with the heaviest again down to the south where we had three inches reported in kitty hawk in kill devil
4:48 pm
four for the low by morning with most the snow almost over by now tomorrow thirty two mostly sunny windy and cold in the seven day forecast is a cold one through the weekend that's for sure even colder sunday then on saturday with a high maybe a little bay effect is well on valentine's day only twenty seven monday some mixed precipitation possible that maybe more like a likely changing over though to rain and then all rain monday night into tuesday as temperatures warm back up closer and little bit above normal actually most of next week guys smoking part about twice as snowflakes of the only things in the air love is to kill is trending now you know we had a talk about valentine's day is friday and went looking forward to have already gotten red was either going right to know what we have passed now that the focus all right so interesting story here isn't a thing about this ride sharing company over is having a valentine's day
4:49 pm
writers can select any one would tell you the story does include include us but this time it doesn't the route riders in hampton roads is how it works three lucky work well with an all expenses paid weekend trip to new york city. all you have to do is ride over today before eight o'clock see about three hours in nine minutes. make that phone call or get my handed to you right now rather holds both the promotions tab apply the code dream date and the winners are going to be picked up a special upgraded vehicle for the cool air when it is all about. i'm going to say what it'll be up there will be alright for the coverage right. speaking of valentines them to keep that theme going here. some people will be given a gift that has a bit more value than a box of chocolates now according to wall of hope fourteen million marriage proposals are made on valentine's day i mean is when the best ways to do with it. so if you're not proposing that ok but you'd better buy something for your valentine because fifty three
4:50 pm
would break up with their significant other if they don't get a gift ladies when you think about that second one to give a little brain right brain to move below the break the a better be good that did the yeah right last story in the silly valentine is really cool light reading the whole this new music video is out of this world literally. ok the band ok go you have heard of them filmed this video and it did not know that he can say that we can all do this just right and minority do the dancing on the ceiling and eighty dating at the outer bands are good enough the three weeks that include twenty one flights on an seven airplane to get the shot so ok go has a long history with viral new music videos. the kind of interesting stuff like this but their most famous video
4:51 pm
on treadmills so they like and yet here the light of my beloved paper that zero gravity but both very cool things really cool to know the value of the hike a mountain on an abc getting ready for valentine's day starting at eight o'clock a charlie brown valentine been an all new shark tank at nine o'clock and attend an all new twenty twenty. join us again for thirteen years now and love our cat max has been about a week but a north carolina congressman is still talking about the superbowl find out when he bet on
4:52 pm
morning ted! scott! ready to hit some balls? ooh! hey buddy, what's up? this is what it can be like to have shingles. oh, man.
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if you had chickenpox, the shingles virus is already inside you. 1 in 3 people will get shingles in their lifetime. after almost 3 weeks, i just really wanted to give it a shot. you know, i'm not feeling it today. talk to your doctor or pharmacist today about a vaccine that can help prevent shingles. i know. in about two hundred and fifty new landowners and roanoke could face a pipeline problem energy companies behind the atlantic coast pipeline are proposing a new route through national forests in west virginia and virginia dominion resources says
4:54 pm
one third the pipelines pass through national forests but add thirty miles to the project five point three million dollars in preservation funding is heading to seventeen civil war battlefields in virginia according to the national park service the primary source of that funding is from fees paid by oil and gas companies drilling off in offshore waters among the virginia battlefields receiving the preservation funding our mathematics courthouse fredericksburg brandy station games mail and sailors tree or games overtime to make good on a super bowl back to north carolina representative robert passenger delivered as promised bo jingles fried chicken and buttermilk biscuits. the colorado congressman mike coffman at the capitol and ginger says north carolina both jingle bo jingles is about as pure as you can get and of course
4:55 pm
twenty four to ten. i guess all we have for you today for thirteen years now in five starts now. get ready for night time the novel lot of panic but people are definitely preparing for it dare county is under a winter storm warning the snow is coming down fast here in elizabeth city. i'll tell you a public works crews are doing to keep these roads safe. after the snow comes the deep freeze temperatures this weekend falling into the teens but it will feel even colder than that i wear store loaded the snow still falling. north carolina will see the most but that doesn't mean hampton roads is in the clear we have team coverage of this winter storm our reporters will bring you a live look at conditions in chesapeake norfolk virginia beach and elizabeth city first we need to go to jeff to see when all of the snow
4:56 pm
we've seen in stopping all ready for the western half of the viewing area continuing to watch the heaviest precipitation now moving either offshore or just affecting parts of the eastern shore and down into northeast north carolina are a few other spots where there's some very light precipitation the heaviest right now down here the southern end of roanoke island just south of manti own clothes over one cheese then you can see it's a little lighter over nags head kill devil hills. my sister in law sent me a picture a little while ago about two and three quarters inches there as a fifteen minutes ago southern shore still some heavier pockets so we continue to watch than here eastern sort of southeastern sections of virginia beach from nemo back down to creeds again nothing like came through earlier even that wasn't super heavy but it's definitely a little heavier than some of the flurries other spots are seeing really clearing out now on the peninsula middle peninsula most of the spots now snow free with
4:57 pm
light flurries up when silent how much rain has fallen if you melt all this snow hardly any hundredths of an inch now some of these are a couple of hours old. every three hours in general sometimes in some stations reported every sick so we do expect these numbers to go up a little bit but it shows you just how little moisture was so be ending in the metro area in the next hour. watch for slippery spots overnight especially the secondary roads and the bridges will come back and talk again about this big freeze that set to move in for the weekend when i come back. jeff we want to head to elizabeth city now jimmy lee tweeted this picture around three o'clock this afternoon you can see snow covering live to jimmy now see just how much snow has fallen and how people they're dealing snow isn't nearly as heavy as it was a few hours ago when i tweeted out that photo you can see how much has accumulated by looking at the snow is sticking by
4:58 pm
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