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tv   13 News 5  WVEC  February 12, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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light flurries up when silent how much rain has fallen if you melt all this snow hardly any hundredths of an inch now some of these are a couple of hours old. every three hours in general sometimes in some stations reported every sick so we do expect these numbers to go up a little bit but it shows you just how little moisture was so be ending in the metro area in the next hour. watch for slippery spots overnight especially the secondary roads and the bridges will come back and talk again about this big freeze that set to move in for the weekend when i come back. jeff we want to head to elizabeth city now jimmy lee tweeted this picture around three o'clock this afternoon you can see snow covering live to jimmy now see just how much snow has fallen and how people they're dealing snow isn't nearly as heavy as it was a few hours ago when i tweeted out that photo you can see how much has accumulated by looking at the snow is sticking by
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got maybe about an inch out here but take a look at these roadways they look really good right now that because then the deity was out here yesterday pre treating the roadways with brine but that could be a very different story later tonight when the temperatures begin to draw the snow coming down fast and was of a city not go anywhere and do anything to watch now as folks rushed to the store to get with the new the public works crews were gearing up for the possibility of two to four inches of snow. open the gates out from top and put sand in it and then we put our salt on top and we have a conveyor belt on the inside that turns and we have the spray got hooked on the bank two years ago the city bought this old truck to help treat the roads before the public works only had one salt truck to work out because the city doesn't
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private contractors on standby to help. street superintendent doug davis will call them for bad debt if we get more than four inches of snow. anything less than that the salt trucks can handle the sun comes out you know the milk they were going to be okay but there is a chance to re freeze when temperatures drop this weekend and i also have crews on call so better be coming out to compare out pleasant enough to just go home and locked the public works crews just got in a new order of seeing just a couple of weeks ago so they should have plenty to last them through the weekend but for some reason they need to extract all the need to do is call and cdot for backup for now reporting live in elizabeth city i'm jenny be thirteen years now. it was the river titles is responsible for keeping the downtown and midtown tunnels clear the artic rose already pre treated roads near the titles and that will hopefully stop
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the roads and we checked in with hampton that area isn't supposed to get as much now but crews are ready anyway and were told the city has one hundred and twenty workers twenty six snowplows six brine trucks and seventeen hundred tons of salt on hand. people rushed out to get ready for the snow erik ainge talk to folks in kitty hawk today interact how heavy is the snow there i sit still coming down. well the snow has been falling steadily now for the past couple of hours i think we have a little bit more than in each school was let out early and the kids parents went to the store to stock up for will be a snowy weekend as snow began falling in dare county. hello antioch residents flocked to ace hardware carrying him to get stocking up on the tools to beat the blast of winter weather is not a whole lot of panic but people are definitely preparing for it they're buying a lot of ice snow shovels a winter storm
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to three inches of snow possible. a decent amount of town that doesn't even own a snow plow but no we're not equipped for it if it ends ups now a hard freeze as it's it's gonna be a world of trouble and cdot handles clearing the primary roads but those living off them will wait for the weather to warm up time on the sofa watching movies eating chocolates. remember to get the bmw bread milk and i got some some rock salt just make sure it's safe so nobody slips and falls. jim douglas is putting this all down at his restaurant which might require this weekend because of the store usually it's a busy weekend with president's day and all but i'm afraid there's no reason to come down here if it's if it's this cold and there's some good news about this storm kitty hawk officials don't expect beach erosion to be a problem they certainly don't
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reportingive in dare county area came thirteen years now and our storm old team coverage continues of joe flanagan and virginia beat until the tops of happy kids got to school early today absolutely janet we sure did a princess and high school just like public works as preemptive strikes to treat the roadways beach city school officials took the same approach and decided to dismiss early and beat the storm the many many men are in the eleven thirty five this morning the announcements were made in the halls of princess anne high school were full of students scurrying for the bus is almost three hours at a time school was out due to the snow would buy and today things were pretty laid back home we had a shortened schedule so all of our classes are really only like forty five minutes lo so we're in and out pretty great and all the news last night with eleven thirty five and text are being sent all over
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dismissal and off on monday night for a long weekend usually i'd be excited but i was a little concerned the times has run away and yet soothing mist mixed emotions yet the long line of buses run time and one bus driver agreed with the decision city school officials made even if it was a bit personal but i was telling them i'd rather come and go home early because we'll have to make up the day we didn't commit all their today from spring break or whatever down the line the school seem prepared to deal with inclement weather and so did public works crews will have people at the police and fire ems helps a lot to say will call in say we found a trouble spot you need to send somebody over here back here live you can see the snow stuck to the grass but take a look at virginia beach blvd or just down from princess anne high school and it is where you don't have to go out tonight don't reporting live in
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thirty news now i question parents might be asking now will my kids need to make up in the snow days while we reached out to several school districts and here are some of the responses newport news still has one bad weather day in the calendar so students will need to make up any days at this point your county made february twenty ninth a half day instead of a teacher workday and they will meet february twenty nine that and norfolk and suffolk tell is that students there will not need to make up in the days when out to students are recovering after a bus crash in isle of wight county police say a pickup ran into the back of a bus on route to fifty eight on waterworks road. students from smithfield middle and smithfield high school were on the bus at the time to those students were taken to the hospital were told the bus driver was also heard no word on any charges in this crash. right now force of police are searching for four men charged in the death of the woodrow wilson high school student. the strange thing about this case a few
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were already behind bars for this crime according to our partners at the virginian pilot two weeks ago prosecutors dropped all charges against them and because the commonwealth's attorney needed more time to prepare for trial the man had been indicted again but now the suspects are nowhere to be found seventeen year old j xavier dot hill died last may after getting shot on deep creek boulevard. one other person charged in hill's death turned himself in earlier this week to fifteen year old girls are dead after a high school shooting in arizona police in glendale say they are not looking for any suspects in this case we know the bodies were found near an administration building and a weapon was lying next to the bodies right now police are not saying if the girls were friends or if they knew each other and will keep looking for new information go to get dangerously cold we're talking wind chills in the single digits are storm mode team coverage continues with a look at what's being done to try and make sure
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sleep tonight and on this cold day we need a heart warming story will introduce you to a jury in the last our own christine is for j co to be his valentine. he has a story that's bound to inspire you can pay it is a great story meanwhile the big story in the weather department the snow ending but the cold set to move in and you know that's impacting traffic with major backups or under bridges and tunnels a backup due to an earlier crash to sixty four westbound sixty four another accident sixty four west a tidewater as we head to our first camera a new accident in norfolk to sixty four eastbound at the broad creek bridge causing major delays and our second camera a solid five mile backup sixty four westbound started jefferson avenue due to a quack crash way up just before four youth everyone to see snow in your
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. for thirteen years now is in store mode several counties in north carolina are under winter storm warning has a live picture of interstate six sixty four in chesapeake check out the roads right there they're looking pretty clear. jeff is getting the latest track on the system and he will have an update in just a few minutes once the snow moves out the region will be dealing with freezing temperatures this weekend and dangerously cold winds. annie le beau is live in chesapeake an area the city is making sure no one is going to have to spend the night out in the cold that i dated just moments ago there was actually a bus load of people were let off to head into the shelter but
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organized by people in portsmouth. they actually go to their city and then bus people in here to chesapeake as st theresa catholic church or you can see the snow is still kind of coming down is still blanketing some of the ground over here but for people when most of the options would be to sleep outdoors in this. this shelter is very much needed as the snow and temperatures fall more people are looking for a warm place indoors but for those without homes options are limited to making this a the trees if they oftentimes have to rely on emergency shelters like this one in chesapeake at st theresa catholic church. it's where volunteers provide shelter food and activities for the homeless the church is opening up these doors for people as part of the program portsmouth volunteers the homeless they bring people from portsmouth to chesapeake not just for warm place to stay but to show
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about them in their time of need. we always need help winter that are truly in need and as a bebo know there are several of these emergency shelters throughout hampton roads but coming up at six all have a little bit more about what this one is doing his part some special services and extending their hours to really help some people in the morning in chesapeake area about thirteen years now i hear is a story that will warm your heart. seven year old cancer patient from c h k d muster the courage to ask our own christine is for j co on valentine's day date adrian rodriguez was diagnosed with cancer of three months ago since then he has been going through weekly treatments at the hospital it was after one of those long days at sea hk d that he saw christina reporting outside and after some encouragement he asked her to be his valentine. his mother tells us he is a
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learned to endure all that is one new thing is trying to stay inside and to close the doors and turn on lights de ica he gets up everyday and he's ready for school in his grave to keep the routine we had before oh this isn't a normal way happens to your life be such a lovely little boy tonight at six. follow along as christina trees adrian to a valentine's day surprise our eyes we talked about things winding down now you can see in this shot though there's definitely a number of areas that we have things covered in white but luckily not as much on the street actually as i had expected even though we got less lower snow amounts and then some other people were calling for the forecast was perfect other than how much stuck to the roads i figured
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we got a little bit more but that's the good news i guess meanwhile with all the moisture moving out still some pockets here across extreme southern protect county little bit of warm oh ya going over into southern virginia beach little bit still around one cheese and mm oh ya back up the kill devil hills. but even that is getting set to move out tempers right now twenty seven would think with the kind of snow that we saw twenty seven we find it's taking on the streets but we haven't had a whole ton of reports like that not much wind right now and condition still relatively dry but not as dry as early and that's why we ended up as we expected with less snow than lot of the computers were printing out a spot of forecast tomorrow i don't think i'll even hit freezing and say officially thirty one today. spa town was that snow would start falling before three pm. most everybody reported light light light light snow around one to one thirty and then the actual airport start reporting heavier snow at two forty six and at two fifty one
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back up to three haven't touched this at all this is the exact map that i showed yesterday late evening and we said generally flurries for the northern areas. that's what ended up happening dusting to an inch and a half and then one two three down to our south and we said that they are in the metro areas we were leaning toward the lower end of this range and indeed that has happened cuz we were really struggling and looking all the other forecasts going are we missing something everybody else's culture so much more than this but we thought that was so much dry air out there that we would end up getting a lot of evaporation or actually as we explained it's called some bling nation when it comes from a solid two going away completely so as it turned out that worked out so bad news for you snow lovers good news for those that keep track of our forecast accuracy meanwhile twenties as you can see in many many spots eastern shore northern neck middle peninsula is a lot of twenties even in north carolina and then you get to the south and you start to see a little bit more of
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now killer hills and manny oh it's right at thirty two so we talked about the heavier snow to the south. how much fell while we are a few pictures to show you i should stand by over in the weather pot with a little more information. that's right ever to have a few pictures that you've been sending and we want to keep them coming so let's take a look at this one from virginia beach chris sent this and cringe a shot but we didn't have quite as much snow along the south side as we didn't and here's a look at intan from douglas we also have another shot from kill devil hills is just under three inches just after solat three says that this one and and we had a lot of snow reports mainly the heaviest of the snow falling across northeastern north carolina and along the outer banks lighter totals on the southside and even lighter totals as we head across the peninsula and the middle peninsula at rit and as we said show you on radar is now getting set to move out a few light flurries left but in general the system heading out into the atlantic so the evening
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some slick roadways tomorrow barely making it up to freezing and the rest of the forecast looks like this only twenty seven on sunday for valentine's day and then we're going to be talking about temperatures warming up for next week with a little bit of a wintry mix changing over to rain for a day or two guys back to you thank you we have breaking news in chesapeake. right now police and hazmat teams are on the scene of a meth lab. this is going on in the neighborhood on meadows landing near portsmouth boulevard in old taylor road please tell us they were helping the isle of wight county sheriff's office served a warrant at the home they believe they found materials for meth lab in a shed behind the house with a crew right now headed to that scene and we will bring you more information as soon as
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. the list of gop presidential hopefuls just got shorter. jim gilmore
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more served as governor of virginia from nineteen ninety eight to two thousand to be made a brief head for the twenty o eight republican presidential nomination as well. the remaining candidates are wooing voters in south carolina was economic brings us the latest in the race for the white house in south carolina ahead of tomorrow's republican debate the candidates take aim at frontrunner donald trump. we have a entertainer a guy who's a reality tv star who has been successful in his own life but he also pushes people now to make himself look better the latest poll showed thompson leading by a wide margin in the palmetto state where he is confident enough to change tactics pooling all attack ads from the air going positive. the strategy john k six as propelled him to the number two spot in new hampshire the light she outshine the darkness of negative campaigning and i think it's awfully cool both the democratic candidates hope for a boost
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i'm not asking people to support me because i'm a woman i'm asking people to support me because i think i'm the most qualified experienced and ready first hillary clinton tries to re gain her footing after a double digit loss in new hampshire cameron bernie sanders for details on his proposals and criticism of president obama has called and we kids called him a disappointment. one of us ran against barack obama. i was not the candidate sanders my attacking clinton for ties to wall street why in god's name does wall street make huge campaign contributions i guess just for the fun of it. the democrats meet again tonight when they both attend a dinner in minnesota the next democratic caucus is in nevada just one week away bostic nani abc news washington the weather authority is busy tracking a winter storm via god is busy
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doing to ease your commute next and having more control
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god says it's ready come what may
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in norfolk that story coming up. shh. the authority is tracking more snow tonight and freezing conditions coming this weekend plus the man is behind bars for allegedly having sex with a twelve year old girl. more on the story right now snow in hampton roads this is a live look over the virginia beach oceanfront you can just see the snow covering the same hand and the snow started coming down this afternoon thirteen news now has been tracking the storm for days now jeff you said rush hour today could be a little messy what does it look like right now. actually i have to admit even though we had the forecasts perfect is a little better on the roads than i expected with temperatures in the mid to upper twenties i thought the snow would stick more on the road so i think we've dodged a bullet a little bit in terms of the rush hour also i know a lot of people for the rush hour left early
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had anywhere from a dusting to as much as an inch or so when she got down to the state line and then down into north carolina as much as three inches reported around nags head kill devil hills kitty aka some of those spots still little bit of snow down there still some snow here over back bay a little bit of very light precipitation stretching back right near um oh ya can up with the state line. not much left on the eastern shore not much on the northern neck middle peninsula amounts today only a few one hundredths of an inch again in our immediate area and down the south we probably had closer to a couple of tenths of an inch that's why you had more but the snow and across the area already heavy stuffs gone a light snow even land in the lect the next hour. watch for slippery spots overnight though especially on the secondary roads and the bridge is the big news coming up a drop in temperatures especially late tonight tomorrow and then really tomorrow night sunday all of the details on that. all right we have
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