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tv   13 News 11  ABC  February 12, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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found meth making materials in a shed. crews working in the snow to clean up the scene i and we always the ones that are truly in need and making sure the homeless have somewhere to go to get out of the scooter called the news starts now out in the cold tonight a fired chesapeake damage to apartments and left five people without a place o'clock on playing dexter street and jackson avenue the essence of norfolk firefighters found heavy flames coming through the roof of the two story building that had everything under control in about twenty minutes. kobe though though and thus those who have the monday blues now is this lady who was all about who's
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he's so what does this tell us they would do it together by the sutton grabbed was that we couldn't get the sun because of the fire is under investigation no one was hart's snowfall across hampton roads today and down in to eastern carolina enough to cause some excitement and disrupt schools and create some traffic jam is not snowing now but will still be under the grip of winter weather this weekend of losses here to tell us about this. teeth chattering cold drafty as this system pulls away we're going to see really cold air coming into the region so cold that i actually went and made sure that i looked up the records for sunday the record low i didn't think we were going to quite get there and it turns out were not but i want to check the coldest afternoon we've ever had we're not going to miss it by a whole lot as you can see the heaviest snow was gone just a couple really light flurries out there last hour or two mainly on the eastern shore you still can see a couple that northwest when coming across the bay this evening when the temperatures though that is cold but not
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lot colder than the actual air temperature because of the windchill so let's talk about that also unofficial snow amounts to about as for second three inches in kill devil hills one point three down in eden ten was that city about an inch chesapeake some spots about an inch a lot of others about half the three quarters and downtown norfolk about half an inch but this is the big news is we go to the next twenty four to thirty six hours. this is how cold it will feel because of the winds down and the teens or even a little bit colder tonight and then most of the day tomorrow it's going to feel like the teens with highs in the upper twenties the lower thirties so that is really cold and stays almost that cold again terms of the wind shell and actually colder in terms of actual air temperature on sunday and saturday lot more on that coming up right now bone chilling temperatures are in very serious weather concern the freezing temperatures are dangerous for anyone outside
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some are getting help to stay warm tonight at st theresa catholic church in chesapeake they were welcoming the homeless they were busing people in from coursemates long warm nights game we always need help entering that are truly in need for the last week linda has been doing just that at st theresa catholic church in chesapeake she's one of many volunteers with the group or stefan tears for the homeless who have been preparing a warm place for people to eat sleep and relax. they're even providing some much needed services. we have a podiatrist bad checks to be we have a barber isn't hair cause she says most of the people needing shelter have just fallen on hard times. if you look closely at who is almost like one paycheck away from being homeless but instead of a
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the group will let people stay for an entire week which means in the morning they won't have to leave with dangerously low temperatures these volunteers are hoping that this will provide a safe and warm place from the cold in chesapeake. i'm erin you are both thirteen years now now the senate house and also have shelters open this weekend tonight and tomorrow anyone who meets a warm place to stay can go to the community presbyterian church on fox hill road sunday night a shelter will be held at first united methodist church on east queen street just a big man is in jail right now after authorities say they found a meth lab in his backyard ernest brock was arrested by the isle of wight sheriff's office and also faces a number of fraud charges. now authorities say they discovered the meth lab while brock was being served a warrant for identity theft as people in the area tell too
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caused by their quiet neighbors. it was allowed star to friday morning for kendall carr minds who lives on meadows landing in chesapeake. about five cops one of them was banging on the door trying to get somebody out obviously and kenny yelling and screaming and trying to get there via their chin chin or whatever the isle of wight sheriff's office in chesapeake police were looking for this man ernest brock to serve a search warrant in regards to identity theft case the law enforcement found was much more a meth lab in a shed in brock's backyard at it and it was all going down also have a granddaughter over here so hope it was very upsetting to see something like that's going on right next to our car mine says police fire crews and sheriff's deputies were on scene all day virginia state police also are at the home in hazmat gear yet they came in with
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carrying with us a five gallon buckets white rockets into israel or that they were taking some were even as the next door neighbor car mine's doesn't recall talking to brock much or the woman she says live there they were very nice they would wave and say hi but they would never really make a lot of contact especially him i was in like i said don't you know their names in chesapeake. she knew her thirty news now this startling developments and the martyr of the seventeen year old boy portsmouth police are searching for for a man charged in the death of his abang hell a woodrow wilson high school student a few months ago all four suspects were already behind bars for this crime are partners of the virginian pilot reports two weeks ago prosecutors dropped all charges against them and because the commonwealth's attorney needed more time to prepare for their trials the men had been and i that they can but now the suspects
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the teen died last may after getting shot and deep creek boulevard. one other person charged in the death turned himself in earlier this week the man arrested for alleged assaults and tara virginia beach general hospital police told us thirty six year old gary newell was involved in an altercation with hospital personnel sunday night a juvenile was also arrested both suspects are facing several charges disorderly conduct and assault on law enforcement officers and hospital staff. no word on what led to the fine new information tonight about the deaths of two fifteen year old girls in high school in arizona glendale police say this is a case of murder suicide police said they found a suicide note at the scene of this morning's shooting both teens were shot once in a weapon was found near their bodies the shooting happened near the school's cafeteria under a covered patio. the teens names will not be released because they are minors former virginia governor jim gilmore is giving up his bid
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his campaign today. gilmore has poor showings in the new hampshire primary on the iowa caucuses only twelve caucus goers chose and i love gilmore served as governor of virginia from nineteen ninety eight to two thousand to him in a greased and ready for the two thousand and eight republican presidential nomination as well. the next big presidential battle ground is soft carolina where democrats and republicans will hold primaries on two different days later this month the republican candidates will debate again tomorrow as they continue their fight. meanwhile hillary clinton needs a solid win over bernie sanders to reassure her supporters here's abc's chuck secrets and new democratic rivals hillary clinton and bernie sanders has their party manners on display in a political dinner. they clashed interstate thursday edition houghton secretary
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they're both vying for african american votes in south carolina with tv in the hillary clinton's invoking the charleston church shootings she said the shooting around the top for donald trump is marking in the south carolina with a big lead in the pool we won every single category in new hampshire from confident enough to pull negative campaign it's still drawing a new bead on rival ted cruz weeding if ted cruz doesn't clean up his act. stop cheating and doing negative ads. i have standing to sue him for not being a natural born citizen. there's more than a little irony in donald accusing anyone of being nasty. it's a likely preview of saturday night's debate when trump will be the man to beat in a state heavy with evangelical voters. is anybody here worried about front running candidate
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of children that this is what they mean i would bomb think that if i was going to say that i won't say that trend is already swearing and swearing i want is a language i'm just not good just in time for the south carolina gop primary to february twenty two which abc news new carolina lawmakers have scheduled six public hearings to determine what new congressional map should look like but they're still waiting for a decision on whether those maps must be redrawn by next week. federal judges last week struck down the first and twelve district saying they had been racially gerrymandering the judges want new maps by the end of next week state attorneys argued the maps are legal and should be used in next month's primary. pope francis met the head of the russian orthodox church in havana today it was the first time a pope and russian patriarch had that experts calling it a symbolic moment in the thousand year old schism
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the two leaders signed a joint declaration on religious unity were told it touched on a major issue for both the catholic and orthodox church's persecution of christians in iraq and syria by the islamic state after the meeting pope francis left for a five day trip to mexico. a woman with local ties killed in a freak accident were learning about a driver killed after a manhole cover flew through her windshield. another sign of progress in the relationship between america and cuba will tell you about the next step and when the details will soon be released on the bobbin
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a graduate of the college of william and mary was killed in a home with an accident today thirty five year old caitlin climate died when a manhole cover came loose and flew through her windshield as he was driving this happened on the interstate in boston today. police believe he died instantly. they are still investigating what caused the manhole cover to come loose and go airborne climate was an art teacher at an elementary school in massachusetts. see also studied art of william and mary amanda had a jetblue plane that was parked at logan international airport in boston the plane was full
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world into it this morning police say the delivery driver failed to put the van in park. a witness said he saw people chasing the van before it struck the plane one of the plane's wings was damn it's the passengers continued on a flight on another plane the pentagon is taking steps to protect troops from the sikh a virus the defense department issued official guidance to servicemembers deployed in areas where the virus is a potential threat. those tips include staying in air conditioned buildings with doors and windows wearing long sleeve shirts and long pants and using lots of bug repellent last week the pentagon also agreed to move pregnant women out of areas where the z virus exists the mosquito borne virus is mainly a concern for expectant mothers because it may cause birth defects in babies local humanitarian group operation blessing says it's expanding its fight against the z virus last month volunteers first announced efforts to help people in el salvador and haiti since then they've
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peru guatemala and honduras the group is using mosquito eating fish to try and stop the virus is also handing out mosquito nets and insect repellent. governor terry mcauliffe today announced that virginia is the top state for agricultural and forestry exports to cuba virginia sent more than forty one million dollars in agricultural products to cuba last year mostly soy beans that's a nearly one third of the imports cuba takes in from the united states the governor traveled to cuba last month to promote foreign trade and business with the commonwealth. well the united states and two but will sign an agreement next week to restart commercial flights it will be the first time in five decades for commercial flights between the two nations the transportation secretary flies to havana on tuesday to cement the deal and will let u s airlines been on routes
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resuming passenger flights would be a significant development since the country's decided to restore relations back and twenty four t and ambitious study is underway to monitor lead levels in hundreds of homes in flint michigan monitoring program will determine which homes have the highest lead levels are going door to door passing out testing kits and showing homeowners how to collect samples and send them in for testing all of this of course after state officials changed the town's water source to save money bringing course of water into homes and in some cases exposing people to high levels of lead were looking primarily for these sentinel sites that we can monitor over a period of time to determine the effectiveness of our corrosion control treat samples will be collected every two weeks for twelve weeks testing results will take a couple of days to process the weather in california is playing tricks on thousands of runners there is a big marathon in los angeles this weekend
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but the real question is mother nature. organizers were expecting cooler temperatures it's february but they are in the middle on a winter heat wave out there still runners and coaches say they will be prepared hydration is the big g and i shouldn't touch it started like a week ago. it's not the hydration that you do on the day is the hydration that you do leading up to the race as well they and the low sixties when the race starts but the high temperature for sunday is about eighty five degrees more than twenty five thousand runners are signed up for the race. interesting million of fun to show you why that's happening in just a minute i didn't know we have that story in the news right now couple are really light flurries up there and sent to virginia the heaviest stuff that came to a little bit earlier is long gone off the coast line captures the band holding fairly steady and noticed the wind
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wind at all. later tonight as the system pulls out and that's what we were talking about with the wind really picking up by morning so they're still out of maybe a dancing or something new maybe a late dinner and get ray to come home. it's not terribly bad out there with the wind chills but again that's going to change significantly as we go later tonight and into tomorrow with temperatures dropping from where they are now only in the twenties spawn forecast for tomorrow says a high of only thirty one degrees. despite a lot of sunshine today spot on with snow starting before three p m at one of the reporting stations we had light snow flurries started to be reported at one o'clock that didn't count when it mattered and still would be right but heavier precipitation was reported to fifty two forty six norfolk international and two fifty one at newport news williamsburg international so exactly on time within a couple minutes even three
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temperatures out there in the twenties to show you how the current windchill was twenty seven that's because there's no wind at all nor factor in most other locations so gradually these temperatures are going to drop the next hour to and then once that system moves offshore. the jet stream coming in from the north is really going to drop some of those temperatures more consider blacks want to go back to that really quickly i want to show you a couple of things here we go with the jet stream taking his big dip down into the east but it takes a huge rise up into the western part of a country and that's why these temperatures are well above normal across areas of the southwest so cass calling for a slight chance of a stray flurry still late tonight early tomorrow but in general. temperatures just really really cold for this time of year and then believe it or not it gets even colder on sunday at least with the air temperature the wind chills might be a little colder tomorrow and sunday but actual temperatures i think will be a little colder sunday we're going to
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in the twenties sunday night some western moves in with another system probably a little mixed precipitation here changing over any leftover flurries and watch for some slick roads were bad report a number of them especially in virginia beach has some very slick roads some of the back roads and also some of the bridge's western bridge was apparently extremely slippery earlier thirty two then tomorrow and windy and then on valentine's day a high ninety getting to thirty two will stay in the mid to upper twenties will feel colder than that and maybe a big effect flurry or two especially areas of coastal north carolina the outer banks forty two on monday saturday night. sykes is the sunday night into monday. some mixed precipitation likely changing pretty quickly to rain then rain monday night and tuesday as temperatures dip acquisition be hard sf with a winter weather. what better
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are the gate you were them i didn't ride well this is ten to ride it was held in minnesota today despite the cold weather. second graders lined up with their robes and sleds for the race the students have been studying the iditarod sled dog races for the last month and today to take part in their own race so thirty minute loop around the school's nature trail is good makes more spotlight the idaho and the answer is no lie and sleep on bed though winter sports that you play indoors right now its part the routine brody who says they join conference usa play game on thursday then do a quick turnaround with a saturday game that's what we've got tomorrow at two o'clock at the ted against rice. of course on thursday oh you beat north texas by twenty the slow and they were sleepwalking whole first half but got awaken time the second half the seven for
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wins overall they're still seven games left in the regular season for old dominion of her play with when the best passable even when the season which is going to keep trying as we try to keep the momentum and keep the momentum up and saw this and we plan some some solid basketball and got to make sure you're ready to do the same thing and bring our energy in the ready at two o'clock on saturday we can't we can't wait for a wake up call didn't have time over the last three weeks the apples have been alternating a win with a loss and with that trend you would think ok tonight or do to win and they're playing reading and the apple scored first alexis lloyd so scored in the first period one nothing after one second period the average score again. dean will lead part in from the net. it's a good place to be the thing reading would score the last of four goals
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would end the reading beat the apples for two there were
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welcome back for our weekly tradition kind of it's still a weekly tradition is just that this week's
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the and the am ammo am the extent to which the right way lead in the world solo shot or another but it was perfect check out this hockey shot well the swings and misses that's worth watching again rain from the point. well maybe next time. cyclocross junior world championships
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another lap left in the race to buy things and slow confusing sometimes i can cross a little bit understandable but still hot mess fenway park fans and the game he grabbed some big air at fenway park this week the figures and catchers report in the week that in florida so there are plenty of time to get things under control up in boston and that wraps up this week's edition on a friday special edition of anoka was special thank god we're looking into marjah cold temperatures the lies that were lucky again to get up to thirty two right at freezing but it will feel like the twenties maybe not even that much of the day and even colder for valentine's day are a bundle of pink stuff and that is certain is now an eleven day break starts at six o'clock tomorrow morning and of
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and now abc's "jimmy kimmel live."
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"jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- george clooney. plus dave salmoni and animals. with cleto and the cletones. and now, most of all, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i'm jimmy. i'm the host. thanks for watching. thanks to all of you for coming. [ cheers and applause ] i'm so happy that you dressed. groundhog day. happy groundhog day. punxsutawney phil did not see his shadow this morning, which means one of two things. either spring will come early this year or punxsutawney phil is a vampire.
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