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tv   13 News Saturday  ABC  February 13, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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another round of wintry weather as a system gets set to move in they could bring snow sleet and ice but before the snow arrives frigid arctic air is moving and packing lows in the teens this weekend i and we always need no words that are truly in need and making sure the homeless have somewhere to go to get out of his bitter cold the news starts now the morning and thank you for joining us on thirteen years now daybreak on joe flanagan will have all those stories in a moment but first let's get to your bitter blast forecast you might want to stay in bed a little bit longer most of you waking up to below freezing temperatures. no wonder snow still sticking to the ground in downtown over temperatures it's only going to get don't need to hear from a
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tracking these freezing temperatures. burr and good morning i shall colds are going to get today. good morning joe you know what it's going to get pretty chilly we're actually starting off already with a lot of spices but everybody in the twenties and as we head throughout the day is going to be wendy's they will feel like the teens it's gonna be a pretty chilly weekend overall solicit a look at the numbers twenty eight degrees right now in norfolk racks and thirty n korea were coming in at twenty one in chesapeake we've got twenty three degrees right now hint and allows the city waking up to twenty one also a twenty one and gates felt that we don't have much of a wind out there but we are seeing some breezy conditions we are picking up on those wind chills and that scene so it actually feels like it's seventeen right now gloucester newport news also feels like seventeen in west point in williamsburg the winds will be picking up as we head throughout the day so we'll be able last three day windy and cold here's a look at satellite and radar we do have some clouds across the area also some leftover light snow showers those are
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the eastern shore will remain mainly dry today and will see a lot of sunshine will call a partly to mostly cloudy look at these temperatures well below where we should be for this time of the year we're only going to climb near thirty degrees as we head into this afternoon and then will quickly drop back into the low twenties once the sun sets it's going to be a cold night tonight we'll talk about those overnight lows and i've gotten even colder valentine's day forecasts have the seat of coming up in just a few minutes so all right thanks a show. well you may want to take it easy on the roads this morning because black ice could be out there you won't see it but you'll know as soon as you hit it if you do hit a patch ease off the accelerator if you find yourself skidding turn gently into it and don't use cruise control when you're driving in icy conditions that can make things even more dangers if you lose traction. now another big concern is bone chilling weather the freezing temps are dangers for anyone outside mary le bow has more
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much needed help to stay warm this week and say theresa catholic church in chesapeake they were welcoming the homeless they were busing people in from coursemates for one night stay we always need help entering that are truly in need for the last week linda has been doing just that at st theresa catholic church in chesapeake she's one of many volunteers with the group or stefan tears for the homeless who have been preparing a warm place for people to eat sleep and relax. they're even providing some much needed services. we have a podiatrist bad checks to be we have a barber isn't hair cause she says most of the people needing shelter have just fallen on hard times. if you apply see andrew is almost like one paycheck away from being homeless but instead of a
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the group will let people stay for an entire week which means in the morning they won't have to leave with dangerously low temperatures these volunteers are hoping that this will provide a safe and warm place from the cold in chesapeake. i'm erin you are both thirteen years now and the same half in laws weekend tonight. anyone who needs a warm place to stay presbyterian church on fox hill road tomorrow night a shelter will be held at first united methodist church on east queen street also make sure your cell phone is charged to have the thirteen is now mobile app downloaded the cold with temperature updates and live radars. it's in the free app store and google play. in other news to people into animals or her after house goes up in flames at the pictures that happen in virginia beach boys were
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fire department we did these pics about the fire early this morning on victoria place that's near south plaza trail and south rose bar road officials haven't released the condition of the two people were injured but they say they removed two animals with injuries and smoke exposure. also new this morning a crime spree in two cities police think the same person is responsible for four armed robberies overnight chesapeake police tell thirteen years now detectives think the same person robbed three stores in chesapeake and one in portsmouth. it all started in portsmouth police say someone armed with a handgun walked into the bp gas station on twin pines road just after ten thirty last night. police say the suspect took cash from the clerk and then got away. no one was her the other three robberies were all in chesapeake please tell us officers responded to armed robberies
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battlefield boulevard and south battlefield blvd just weekly spokesperson tells thirteen news now it's still very early in the investigation but detectives think all four robberies are connected he says the chesapeake and portsmouth police department are working together to catch the suspect right now we're waiting for another update from police and will pass along as soon as the information comes in coming up on daybreak the clock is ticking republicans prepare to take the stage to make their case just before the south carolina primaries where you can expect next. plus the dogs and i feel a boomerang hand like uh what i think it's the middle flies as police escort the president to the airport how this officer walked away from the crash and were
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. i in the morning and welcome back everybody were off to a cold start on a saturday morning i was miserable to look outside his ideal overlooking downtown norfolk as the sun starts to rise over the horizon twenty eight degrees is cold. we've got calm winds. check out the dew point nineteen degrees in the air is also pretty dry mexican is used in points fall as we had throughout the day today so it will be blustery and pretty crisp as well known take a look at the wins we've got winds generally out of the north and west that that's bringing in that colder air from canada but tonight as we are really dealing with too much of a win especially across the south side north carolina is a little bit breezy on the eastern shore reporting seventeen miles right now and now flat and then as we head towards williamsburg about
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thirteen. petersburg the winds will be picking up as we had throughout the day today so it will be windy. no satellite and radar showing some very light snow showers pushing to the area mainly the eastern shore starting to enhanced an area very very light again the dew points in that scene so that's not allowing a lot of that moisture to make it down to the surface on the other big story these temperatures were in a scene feel like temperatures into the teens this action only as we head into saturday night and into sunday morning look at these temperatures is going to feel like it's close to zero in some spots many locations will wake up in the single digits again these are wind chills we factor in the air temperature and the wins it's going to be pretty chilly out there. my goodness. yet attempts for one hour for it yet and that the temperature overnight will fall right around fifteen degrees to be pretty chilly overnight as well as have warm hearts on valentine's day now to be pretty cold hearts on them
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to do is stay indoors the arcade. thanks aishah coming up on daybreak the above are the road for marathon runners going to tell you the problem they were not expecting for a winner of that and then coming up at six thirty a seven year old cancer patient gets the courage to ask our own christine average a code to be his valentine see the surprise that made his
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the pentagon it is taking steps to protect troops from the z virus. the defense department issued official guidance to servicemembers deployed in areas where the virus is a potential threat. those tips include staying in air conditioned buildings with doors and windows wearing long sleeve shirts long pants and using lots of bug repellent last week the pentagon also agreed to move pregnant women out of areas where the virus exists the mosquito borne virus is mainly a concern for expectant mothers because it may cause birth defects in babies local humanitarian group operation blessing says is expanding its fight against the z virus last
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announced efforts to help people in el salvador and haiti since then they've expanded their efforts to peru peru guatemala and honduras. the group is using mosquito eating fish to try and stop the virus it is also handing out mosquito nets and insect repellent. all eyes are on south carolina as candidates get ready for another round of primaries for many candidates these primaries are key to solidify their bid for the white house the republican candidates will again debate tonight as they continue their fight meanwhile hillary clinton needs a solid win over bernie sanders the reassure her supporters. here's abc's taxi percent democratic rivals hillary clinton and bernie sanders has their party manners on display in a political dinner. they clashed interstate thursday edition houghton secretary that is a low blow. now they're both vying for
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south carolina with tv in hillary clinton's invoking the charleston church shootings she said the shooting around the top in the donald trump is marking in the south carolina with a big lead in the pool we won every single category in new hampshire from confident enough to pull negative campaign it's still drawing a new bead on rival ted cruz weeding if ted cruz doesn't clean up his act stop cheating and doing negative ads. i have standing to sue him for not being a natural born citizen. there's more than a little irony in donald accusing anyone of being nasty. it's a likely preview of saturday night's debate. trump will be the man to beat in a state heavy with evangelical voters. is anybody here worried about front running candidate shouting out obscenities in
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what they mean i would bomb think that if i was going to say the full on i won't say that trend is already swearing and swearing i won't use foul language is not just in time for the south carolina gop primary to february twenty two to abc news the incredible new video this morning from california it appears to show the president's motorcycle escort smashing the wall in l a police say the man on the bike is a california highway patrol officer escorting the president l a x you can see the motorcycle wipeout and pieces of the bike go flying miraculously the officer wasn't seriously hurt police say he was able to walk away from this crash investigators say they don't know what caused the crash. meanwhile we do know what caused these crashes icy roads one direction of a major michigan highway was shut down after a pair of multiple vehicle accidents in all about a
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semi truck crash because of the snow and ice. thankfully only minor injuries were reported among the few drivers right now icy roads are a big problem in hampton roads overnight temps dropped into the twenties solidifying yesterday's snow. ayesha tells us. temperatures will stay cold for the rest of the weekend. oh yeah that's a pretty cool joann's in the twenties and most spots is going to feel like it seems today and feel like the single digits as we head into your sunday. let's take a look outside in terms of our temperatures it is cold degrees right now next war were twenty seven and mouth up on the finance also the northern neck hanging in the twenties were twenty four right now the kills are coming in at twenty six and salute and on the peninsula we've got twenty is also some low twenties being reported right now in newport news twenty five and hansen were also a twenty five and cocoa side more of this saying we've got twenty three right now in crowd but look at
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twenty right now in king's fork were thirty one in king henry and then down across northeastern north carolina twenty one allows the city as well as morgan's corner also coming in at twenty one and core peek here's a look at what's happening we actually had a dip in the jet stream so that allowed all that cold air from canada to penetrate into our region that's going to put our temperatures twenty to thirty degrees below where we said before this time of the years we had the right the weekends with to be cold and also pretty windy. now on satellite and radar you'll notice some light snow showers pushing across the bay right now over the eastern shore pushing off of the peninsula and we do have some clouds out there but as we had to wrap the day to day we will start to see more sunshine so that some good news but yesterday we dealt with the snow actually have a time lapse of the snow coming down this was on top of our studios here in downtown norfolk a gorgeous shot and luckily we didn't have a whole lot of snow so we didn't see any other dangerous road conditions i will call it as we head
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evening hours but we are still dealing with those slick spots this morning to definitely take your time if you're going to be headed out early. let's talk about our future cast as we go to the rest of the morning we could pick up on some very light flurries again with that that is moving through and then bind this out but about mid morning late afternoon we could pick up also on a few bay effect flurries mainly for the eastern shores it will be on the lookout for that otherwise will see a lot of sunshine this evening it will be cold but mainly clear heading into the overnight hours and as we start the day on sunday more sunshine sunday morning but clouds will be increasing throughout the day sunday and another when certain switch around we could see a few ocean effect flurries along the outer banks. notice what happens though dark clouds will increase as we head throughout the day on sunday especially sunday evening and then more snows in the forecast as we head into your monday morning to the monday morning commute may be a bit on the tricky side that will keep you updated. today thou pretty chilly temperatures right
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of sunshine twenty eight in hanson twenty seven and newport news in mid twenties on the eastern shore of northeastern north carolina likely climb into the low thirties and some spots look at the seven day forecast thirty today twenty seven for valentine's day but look at the overnight low fifteen degree that can be cold overnight and wendy as well and as we head into your presidents they were watching the system that could bring more snow into the area as we start the workweek job out you're a runner the weather in california is playing tricks on thousands of runners is a big marathon in l a this weekend. runners are ready but the real question is mother nature organizers are expecting cooler temps in since february but they are in the middle of the winter heat wave out there still runners and coaches say no be prepared. hydration is the big key and they shouldn't touch it started like a week ago. it's not dehydration that you do on
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leading up to the race will be in the low sixties on the restarts with a high temp for tomorrow is about eighty five degrees in l a more than twenty five thousand runners are signed up for that race well coming up in sports with the winter weather had that we deal with the most
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and a recent study found that it can help lower cholesterol 2 times more. take care of those you love and cook deliciously. mazola makes it better. . in sports news the other marks are home today fighting to keep their streak alive plus the ultimate winners for the admirals take to the ice again at school sports director scott cash has the highlights in your sports weekend is part of the routine for overuse them since they joined conference usa play again thursday then do a quick turnaround with the saturday game that's what
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afternoon. old dominion and home to a clock at that and against rice and with just two nights ago the mocs beat north texas by twenty after a very sloppy first half they turned things around after intermission and are now seven four in the conference that's four straight wins in the season now for old dominion are still seven games left in the regular season. i believe in us and what anybody all the pieces of spicy almost four years now which is a good solid plan of his best was going off somewhere must always play with when the best basketball player all season we just gotta keep trying as we try to keep the momentum and keep the momentum up and saw carver center. we plan some some solid basketball and got to make sure you're ready to do the same thing and bring our energy in the ready at two o'clock on
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wait for a wake up call didn't have time said eric value and his norfolk admirals and home last night against the reading royals the animals have a bit of a habit going on over the last two and half weeks they've alternated wins and losses that they were supposed to win last night based on that and they took their lead alexander lloyd so with the score and the first period then and the second period it was to nothing apples after dean will let one score. however the royals would tie up by the end of the second period and then the royals scored two more in the third period reading beat seattle four to the apples on the road tonight before they come back home on wednesday for a seven game homestand for our nascar fans the wait is just about over. it's not a points race but the sprint unlimited is tonight in daytona speed weeks have begun. then its qualifying for the daytona five hundred on sunday. of course they
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november thirty news now a day break time scott catch art scott thanks so much roll another round of winter weather. part of the road still cleaning up from yesterday's snowfall now another round could be on the way and it's a similar story across the country more than twenty states bracing for subzero temps in the threat of a foot of snow find out where the worst could hit plus flames shooting through the roof firefighters called out in
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good morning everyone thanks for joining us on thirteen years now daybreak on joe flanagan and i shift back talking all about the snow that happened yesterday and it sounds like
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the contest the three inches now we have been reports about the re and to think of another little bit over that and this was a really unique storm because typically we see the highest snowfall amounts like bricks man points of the northern at this time we saw a lot of snow right along kill devil hills look at this gorgeous shot some video that was recorded yesterday of the snowfall coming down the beach and it's always so pretty. we have snow fall on the beaches look of the absolutely gorgeous with a nice treat for the snow rain especially into north carolina. i don't typically i see a lot of snowfall with the system's here's a look at what's going on right now we've got partly cloudy skies and we still have the snow blasts on the avalon fishing piers it's a pretty nice shots till this morning but boy it is cold out there twenty eight degrees the winds out of the west northwest at seven. the dew point is right about twenty four degrees so it's not only chilly but it is pretty crisp out there also know as we speak of the wins without wind generally out of the northwest are bringing in that colder air from canada
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much of a breeze this morning but in some spots was a little bit breezy air were saying those feel like temperatures and it seems that actually feels like sixteen right now and gloucester feels like seventeen in newport news and eighteen and williamsburg feels like fifteen right now in suffolk so definitely also chilly start this morning and this will not improve so much as we go throughout the day here's a look at satellite and radar were mostly drives a few very light flurries starting to show up along the ice outside mainly pushing across the eastern shore as we go throughout the day will be a mainly dry day today. i would have the asian festival going on in williamsburg speaking of williamsburg at the williamsburg pottery it's going to be a bit on the chilly side to definitely bundle at twenty nine degrees or high temperature but actually starts at eleven it will be mostly sunny but blustery as well so definitely bundle up and bundle the kids that if you're taking them with the will talk about more chance for wintry weather in the seven day forecast and we'll take a look at what we
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valentine's day that's coming up as well. joe thinks a show at the rose isn't the only area feeling the bitter blast sixty five million americans are feeling the freeze to the national weather service issued an alert for life threatening cold from the plains to new england then down to the carolinas abc's lindsey davis reports the subzero temps are expected to shatter records the lake effect snow machine on full blast some areas in western new york getting more than three feet of snow abc's into peterson's is in buffalo. it's been a relatively mild winter so far by buffalo standards but that is about to change a dangerously cold arctic air mass moving in meetings is that a hundred year old record in minnesota firefighters already battling negative wind chills from the midwest all the way to north carolina national weather service is warning conditions will result in frostbite and lead to
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precautions are not taken i think it's a very serious situation. the cold is already causing damage. a burst pipe in scranton pennsylvania during these homes into ice castles in some places it could feel like forty below zero this weekend and in temperatures like that. frostbite can set in in just minutes especially susceptible. fingers toes and ears with the divas abc news new york this morning over fire rescue crews had to love the cold weather dispatchers tell as fire fighters responded to a commercial fire on north military highway this morning. it's just a few blocks away from northview avenue dispatchers tell was no one was hurt or working to find out more information we'll bring you that update as soon as it comes in. also out of the cold this morning a fire and has big damage to apartments and left five people without a place to live it happened around nine o'clock last night on poindexter street and jackson avenue. that's in south norfolk. firefighters found heavy flames coming through
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building they had everything under control in about twenty minutes of a load going to come downstairs to have the monday blues now is this lady was all possums the bus i was too big but he's so what does this tell us they would do it together by the sutton grabbed was that we couldn't get the sun because of that fire is under rash investigation no one was hurt. also in chess become it is in jail right now after authorities say they found a meth lab in his backyard the isle of wight sheriff's office arrested ernest brock authorities say they discovered the meth lab while brock was being served a warrant for identity theft are sure to her talk to neighbors about what they saw it was a loud start to friday morning for kendall carr minds who lives on meadows
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five cops one of them was banging on the door trying to get somebody out obviously and kenny yelling and screaming trying to get there via their chin chin or whatever the isle of wight sheriff's office and chesapeake police looking for this man ernest brock to serve a search warrant in regards to identity theft case the law enforcement found was much more a meth lab in a shed in brock's backyard at it and it was all going down also have a granddaughter over here so hope it was very upsetting to see something like that spoil my text or car mine says police fire crews and sheriff's deputies were on scene all day. virginia state police also are at the home in hazmat gear yet they came in with the mass of seats and were carrying with us a five gallon buckets white rockets into israel or that they were taking some were even as the next door neighbor car mine's doesn't recall talking
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she says live there they were very nice they would wave and say hi but they would never really make a lot of contact especially him i was in like i said don't you know their names in chesapeake. she knew her. thirteen use now later today a fundraiser planned for the dooley family six family members died in a murder suicide last month in chess today this morning of the deep creek working club is holding a barbecue dinner the help of the costs for the family's funerals organizers say they plan to hold a benefit regardless of weather conditions the fundraiser is from eleven to find the deep creek united methodist church on george washington highway heartbroken and demanding answers this must be done justice and protection for my students that i see everyday i would see them come back the sister of one of the arizona shooting victim speaks for the first time was seventeen years after
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. well then saturday morning we're starting off with a look outside overlooking hansen this more earning and we've
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clouds overhead and it is pretty chilly look at these numbers everyone below freezing twenty eight in norfolk where twenty three right now in newport news for coming in and the low twenties and all of this city and mouth on the eastern shore you're sitting at twenty seven degrees. we do have winds at the north and northwest is over bring in that colder air from canada but still not is not soo bad in terms of the breezy conditions across the south side of northeastern north carolina but doesn't a little bit when the air as you head of the eastern shore twenty one right now being reported in mouth of the sixteen hits in the winds will pick up as we had throughout the day today so will not only be chilly but it will be pretty blustery as well as satellite and radar showing some for re starting to pick up across portions of the southside had some flurries moving across the eastern shore this morning. definitely if you're saying anything let me know because the various openings rise a lot of that moisture may not be making it down to the surface so for today
6:40 am
can muster up partly to mostly sunny cold and definitely windy with those glasses up to about thirty five mph in spots along the eastern shore will see those gusts a little bit higher. i will talk about another chance for some wintry precipitation in the seven day forecasts and will break down your valentine's day that's coming up as well. jun ri things asia coming up a story i don't wanna miss a cancer patient asks our very own christine over j co to be his valentine does sweet story more on what's with him? he's happy. your family's finally eating vegetables thanks to our birds eye voila skillet meals. and they only take 15 minutes to make. ahh! birds eye voila
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. this morning for the first time family members are speaking out about that double shooting at an arizona high school to fifteen year old girls die. glendale police say this is a case a murder suicide police say they found a suicide note at the scene of the shooting both teens were shot once in a weapon was found near their bodies. the sister of one of the victims is a teacher at school she says she was waiting for an update with her students when she heard the news they said two sophomore girls to shop that's when i ran to my phone and i call the attendance at mass kit in key locations to peace than i knew there was me wrong
6:44 am
the school's cafeteria under a covered patio. the teens names will not be released because they are mine or those aerial pictures after school shooting have become all too familiar in this country it's hard to believe it was seventeen years ago nation watched the horror unfolded columbine high school for the first time ever doing people's mother is breaking her silence about warning signs missed and a life in hiding for seventeen years. here's diane sawyer with her exclusive report police were there and helicopters were going over and i remember thinking if this is true if dylan is really hurting people somehow he has to be stopped in at that moment i prayed that he would die. did god stop this just make it stop to let him hurt anybody and so her quest begins. she says she goes back over every year
6:45 am
glass looking for the path of her son's descent and the clues that she missed it sometimes he would seem distant are quiet and i remember asking him are you okay are you sure you're okay you seem so tired in his stand up and say i've got alot homework i just need to go and you let it go and i let it go and that's the difference if it were me today i would dig and t and t i felt it was a good mom that he would he can talk to me about anything. part of the shock of this was it was that learning that what i believed in how i lived in how i parted ways and invention in my own mind it was a completely different world that he was living in she says not a day goes by she doesn't think of the victims and their families. i just remember
6:46 am
about them only can a teacher and i keep thinking console a thought how i would feel if it were the other way round one of their children to chop mine i would feel exactly the way they did i know i would i know it. a very cold start your saturday morning and heading out early definitely bundle up and add the layers we've got temperatures below freezing all across the area here's a look at rallies have rain is in williamsburg we still have some of that snowfall on the ground because of those temperatures being so cold overnight. we are releasing any melting going on and it's even causing us and some icy spots on the roadways to definitely be careful this morning twenty seven degrees right now in williamsburg with that those went out of the north northwest at sixteen mph. just a few minutes ago we were reporting com at williamsburg sourcing
6:47 am
going to be the case as we head throughout the day i was in zoom out and show you the nationwide numbers because we've got his big dip in the jet stream across the eastern half of the us is allowing all of that cold air from canada to penetrate our area look at these temperatures in canada below one below and took a lake again all of that cold air region's with maybe a chilly weekend. here's a look at satellite and radar were mostly dry but we've got some flurries pushing across the south side and we had a few very light snow showers or light flurries that pushed to the eastern shore but really let me know if you're saying anything because some this may not be making it down to the ground because we had two points primarily in the teens across the area nineteen in norfolk has lost recipe again some of that waste or may not be making it to the ground if any is it's very light in nature. look at the dew point and petersburg below zero and so we're going to see not only colder air filtering and it's been a
6:48 am
throughout the day as well so future cast as we got there the rest of the morning will see a lot of sunshine will call it mostly sunny by the afternoon in the evening hours we could catch on a few abbe streamers as we had mainly across the eastern shore but other than that we're going to remain dry mainly clear it's going to be mainly clear overnight and definitely call we're going to start off sunday morning with mainly clear and a lot of sunshine and as we head into sunday night about mid morning into the afternoon hours with the wind switching around we could pick up on some ocean effect flurries mainly for the outer banks but most of us will once again remain dry as we head into sunday evening overnight sunday will start to notice more cloud cover. mostly cloudy skies for sunday night and then as we head into monday morning watching another system that could bring us snow showers and or mixed precipitation before all of that transitions over to rain monday afternoon and into tuesday. today though mainly drive thirty degrees
6:49 am
going to be windy as well with those wind gusts up to about thirty five mph in some spots look at this temperature tonight fifteen degrees mainly clear the wind coming down just a little bit about fifteen to twenty mph and as we head into your valentine's date twenty seven that's really all we can do for valentine's day a perfect day to stay inside and then we're tracking that storm system as we head into the early part of next week joe are days you want to learn more about baby streamers are like me on this cold day when a heartwarming story printed issue to adrian
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those stories that just warms the heart yet tomorrow is valentine's day in sweden and the thirteen years no team had a special date to celebrate the absolutely seven year old adrian rodriguez has been battling cancer for three months in a sweet turn of events a grand so reporter christopher j co outside katie last week and with the help of his mother the shy little boy asked christina to be his valentine she said yes thank goodness and took him for a date he will never forget seven year old adrian rodriguez on his way to what he thinks is yet another doctor's appointment at c h katie the three little did he know a surprise was right around the corner memory wanted to be my valentine the soviet era tank
6:53 am
were on the menu i promise you those cupcakes skinny dip frozen yogurt bar it was our place of choice. this is my valentine's day or a moment in time to know when that ice cream float freely in the feeder toppings filled the bowl. everyone who are wounded including a jury and forgot that he's battling a potentially deadly disease the queue for wes to continue a trance mother could wander rodriguez says it was three months ago when adrian was rushed to the hospital for a backache after a few tests doctors broke the news that forever changed. this family's life i owe everything dropped it as the whole world this season its most part since then. adrian has been undergoing weekly chemo treatments and blood
6:54 am
there where they're from like eight thirty in the morning and someone will ask him to leave at like five thirty six o'clock in the evening it was after one of those long days that i first met adrian he saw me reporting outside the hospital and mustered up the courage to ask me to be his valentine gifts and make your way later tonight or land on you hard to believe that this mature yet still fragile child is going through so much that larger than life smile will continue lighting up the lives of so many makes me happy and he's been thing that really keeps us strong and most days like he'll say he scared but i think i was stunned that that's what makes him breathe is because he can remain a christian is for j co thirteen years now. fantastic i thought i would get a little water a gun to major in writing mistakes i did he was one of his sweetest
6:55 am
so excited that he got a chance to come up here and it's so neat that his mother will be able to talk about this event for weeks months years to come even to remember this forever is really your christina great job on your part to endure photographers the fantastic ok well we have a special edition of the shelter saturday. today we do when ou know what coming up in these at pretty cold temperatures slightly. we're going talk about that as loud as our puppy's name by the way i met i see the little guy or i it's a girl. ok eileen i'm not mistaken was a gallery of how
6:56 am
6:57 am
. another round of wintry weather as a system gets set to move in they could bring snow sleet and ice but before the snow arrives frigid arctic air is moving and packing lows in the teens this weekend we always need help and who better to leave me and making sure the homeless have
6:58 am
his bitter cold the news starts now. thank you for joining us on thirteen years now they've got joe flanagan will have those stories in a moment but first let's get to you might want to stay in bed a little bit longer this morning most of your waking up to below freezing temps it's no wonder snow is still sticking to the ground in virginia beach as you look at the live shot temperatures there are only in the twenties and it's going meteorologist lisa scott tracking the freezing temperatures in the morning asia and the question remains how cold it is going to get today we not going to get pretty cold algo morning and the warning everybody were starting off already with all locations below freezing this morning down into the twenties and as we had throughout the day attacks and i feel like the teens here's a look outside overlooking downtown norfolk from our tower cam you notice the camera shaking a little bit the winds are starting to pick up and we do have some
6:59 am


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