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tv   13 News 11  ABC  February 13, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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right now will be spent largely is in the dark who has been there at the scene all night despite the size of that fire only one person was hurt. that's right brian they tell me one person was taken to hospital earlier for smoke inhalation. other than that no injuries have been reported you can see police are still here at this very active scene the fire also very active at this moment over to my left you can see the crews are still out here the police tape up right now this is the closest we can get to it at this moment you'll notice very little light out here right now dominion power has been out here and has been told to shut the power off for safety reasons. willoughby spit is pitch black illuminated only by police cars and firetrucks i have never seen so many units at a higher before the attention is on this massive fire has forced people to stand in
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all standing outside were all talking and offering home and help my neighbor rodney gave him a nod or a list of the you know we've made on their door nobody got out in the world say the dogs saipan and i hope they are all safe norfolk fire rescue officials say calls for this fire came in just after seven o'clock. soon after that police taped off west ocean view avenue and surrounding streets. marian mcgovern says she saw the fire while she was driving on the willoughby bay bridge and she immediately panicked saw the flames shooting up about twenty thirty feet she says she found out from police officers. it was in her house but her neighbors the flames were moving quickly to kind of know where you live and i just kept saying god please know my posts left to wait in the bitter cold temperatures and high winds. neighbors say
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on and to build eachother up the slums of asia. this cannot be rebuilt on this one was a lot. i just feel for the people that are losing their homes. i was scared to death o'brien also speak to one homeowner who was clearly too upset to speak on camera he told me he lost two dogs in this fire right now still no word on when the power will come back the fire officials tell me they will put the fire but the electricity back on as soon as these fires are under control again right now no timeline and dominion power is on scene of a new feature to her thirteen years now the weather tonight me fighting the fire especially challenging for this fire crews there were strong winds out there gusts up to thirty mph and stories here now with a look at those rough conditions and that right brian certainly some rough conditions for those firefighters we could actually pick up the smoke from that fire here on the radar with those winds blowing out the northwest this is that smoke plume between about seven to nine
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coming from the willoughby spit and those winds blowing from the northwest down towards the south east and we still have pretty gusty winds out there a naval station off of a wind gust of twenty eight mph twenty four international airport and thirty five of chesapeake bay bridge tunnel so that wind blowing across the bay creating more issues and wind and naval station norfolk international airport and seven degree wind chills of the chesapeake bay bridge tunnel and wind chills later tonight will be down to the single digits and a few spots below zero so cold start to the valentine's day temperatures not getting out of the twenties i am tracking another storm system that could bring some more snow to parts of hampton roads details on that in the seventy forecasts coming up in a few minutes. hi thank you evan three year old boy is recovering after relatives pulled him from an icy fish pond in for a new beach the water behind a home on bay breeze coven bay cliff this afternoon a division chief with virginia beach ems as the boy was unconscious
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medics took him to the hospital where he still was in serious condition earlier tonight. state troopers in indiana think a driver from newport news may have been under the influence of drugs when he hit a car an suv killing three people including pregnant women priests eight forty eight year old bryant a cat was driving the wrong way on interstate sixty nine near evansville last night he hit a car head on then collided with an suv a passenger in the car was five months pregnant she died there on the interstate. the driver of the car died today at the hospital. the person who was driving that suv died at the crash scene. his passenger as well as pack at our at the hospital doctors expect both of them to survive the police say they are continuing their investigation and have not indicated what charges they may file deputies in mackinac county say they arrested two people who were accused of murdering a man last week in fort ann a twenty year old to
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jail with no bond set. yakima county sheriff says the trades and proper shot twenty two year old proverb a tops of every fourth. medics took him to hospital where he died he earned a reputation as the u s supreme court's most steadfast conservative and a force with which to be wrecking tonight the people across the country. remember justice antonin scalia who died this week and seventy nine year old was supposed to speak to a group in texas this morning when he didn't show up to breakfast someone to check on him and found scalia did the uva law professor turned supreme court justice was considered by many to be a hero to those who believe the constitution should be enforced as closely to the letter of the law as can be abc's one of zach looks back at his life and looks ahead to name his replacement. justice antonin scalia was known as the conservative anchor of
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sudden death was marked by republicans and democrats alike influenced a generation of judges lawyers and students and profoundly shaped the legal landscape he will go down as one of the great justices in history this republic but there is already a political battle brewing. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell threatening that republicans will not confirm any obama nominee for president saying he will fulfill quote his constitutional responsibility and there'll be plenty of time for me to do so and for the senate to fulfill its responsibility to give that person a fair hearing associate justice antonin scalia was the longest serving justice on the current united states supreme court nominated by president ronald reagan in nineteen eighty six getting nominated to the supreme court is a combination of the dream of course and i'm greatly honored that the president would have such confidence in me down on the bible he was confirmed unanimously by the senate and
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american member of the court justice scalia reportedly died in his sleep of natural causes at a resort in west texas. he leaves behind a wife and nine children he was seventy nine years old and the justice scalia was ever firm in his conservative beliefs. he wasn't afraid to reach across the political aisle counting among his very closest friends. liberal justice ruth bader ginsburg long as at abc news washington and we have more about justice scalia including this time a supreme court on thirteen years now com tomorrow morning america will have reaction to his we also will follow the nomination process for his replacement please into local cities are investigating a series of convenience store robberies investigators think a single person is behind at least four of them force of officers released video of the first robbery the bp
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church when detectives say the robber walked into the business with a gun got money and then left. police believe that same person who'd on the chesapeake where he hit three businesses the first was on portland road in south norfolk the second on north battlefield blvd in greenbrier and in the third one on south battlefield blvd in grief rage. the officer say he got money from the first and last locations but not from the second now there were two other robberies in chesapeake detectives aren't sure if those are connected to the earlier ones some with a sawed off shotgun held up stores on providence road in indian river road. police say there are some similarities to those other crimes the weapon though was different and the robber wore a different mask on his face detectives in both cities are working together to find the suspect or suspect it get any information about the robberies. you can call crime line two people are in the hospital tonight after a fire at their home this morning in virginia beach when emergency crews got to the house for a drive a woman
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was inside the home firefighters went into the home and found him he was unconscious when he was breathing he pulled them out we ended up assisting them furthermore to rescue the nationalization of the time we turn them over to rescue the chest with a gentle hatha two dogs were in the home at the time of the fire one of them died investigators are working to determine what started that fire and of course we're continuing to follow some breaking news out of willoughby spit more than sixty firefighters have been on the scene of a massive fire there all night plus been put in maybe ten feet from the convent and cows and helped inflame a person risks his own life to save someone else what police say he did right after that and the state of virginia may say no to funding light rail in virginia beach the hesitation that could put the project in jeopardy and an earth shaking
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after an earthquake in oklahoma what scientists say may be behind it. continuing
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. am resting atop the freaking news out of willoughby spit that's where crews have been fighting a massive fire that engulfed a set of condos dispatcher say it started around seven tonight in west ocean view avenue at least one person was taken to hospital treated for smoke inhalation that area will be spent right now is without power for fire rescue asked that dominion virginia power cut the electricity for the safety of the crews that are out there. many will be there and will have power turned back on susie gets the go ahead stay with us here thirteen years now the calm as we get more information. virginia's secretary of transportation aubrey layne says he will pull state funding for light rail in virginia beach. if the city hold another referendum on the issue. we gave our partners at the virginian pilot a copy of
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ron dillon wave in it he told the waiter he would recommend that the state for one hundred fifty five million dollars earmark for light rail construction. if there is another public vote on it the money would go back to virginia's high priority transportation projects program council members tell the pilot they still want a referendum memorable sessions says the project can't move ahead without the state's help. he promises to do everything he can to protect that funding a person in reagan county wasted no time in jumping in to say the driver who was in a burning car this morning conyers was on his way to work. we saw a car with smoke coming out of it. connor says it was his first instinct to get out and see if anyone was inside the car driver was there screaming for help pull into the path to douse our window to get him out that wayne didn't put in maybe ten feet from the convent and
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sedan may use this moaning and groaning that he was in i get the ac was in prayer firefighters got there about the fire medics took the driver the hospital he did have significant injuries as for conyers police say he went on to work after saving his life. dangerous driving conditions in pennsylvania appear to be responsible for interstate pileup that killed at least three people and hurt dozens of others more than fifty cars and trucks were involved in the massive crash on i seventy eight outside of harrisburg people who were there described extremely hazardous conditions at the time of the wreck. it was blowing and it was it was so close almost almost a whiteout condition people don't realize how dangerous it is because of the wind blowing you a new people run in packs a fit if one person decides to cause an accident. everybody's involved. medics took around forty people to the hospital some of those patients have serious injuries. crews brought in buses to take people who were not hurt to
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eight states say they felt the effects of a large earthquake in oklahoma happen this morning about one hundred miles northwest of oklahoma city. the five point one magnitude quake is the third strongest earthquake ever recorded in the state the power and frequency of earthquakes there has increased in recent years scientists have linked the earthquakes to oil and gas companies injecting wastewater underground. and it is shaping up to be a cold night one of the coldest night we've seen so far this winter the reason the clear skies and clouds are back like a blanket on your bed to keep the heat and the clear skies a little bit he got during the day today it's back out into the atmosphere that's what we're seeing now those wins coming in now the northwest clear skies and a very cold night tonight i am tracking our next storm system though that is moving into northern parts of the united states this area of low pressure will dive south would make one for hampton roads and by this time tomorrow night. we are
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showers trying to show up on the radar. i do expect that most areas will see a few snow showers before things change over to rain during the day on monday so little time about your future cast we had passed midnight mainly clear skies temperatures dropping back into the teens and wind chills in the single digits in a few spots even below zero so a very cold night tonight. bring those pets indoors they have to be outdoors nature they have plenty of bedding shelter to get away from that window make sure that anyone who dishes out there are not frozen to be sure to check that early tomorrow morning to go through the day with those wins coming on the northwest will see lots of sunshine bitterly cold day with temperatures only topping out in the mid twenties one of the cold this afternoon we've seen here so far this winter season in my late mid eighty s when the clouds will start to thicken up a bit as we head into the evening hours clouds will continue to thicken and those temperatures holding around twenty degrees and just after midnight to see if you are the snow showers rolling through as we get in the monday morning five am of course it's president's day
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on monday but i am looking for the chance of scattered snow showers as we start the morning commute monday morning notice even to seven am looking at scattered areas of snow with some heavier snow back towards the north and west eventually some warm air will be pulled into the system you can see that you a future cast that rain snow line pushing back towards the richmond area to buy new things should start to be changing over to rain exception right here along interstate ninety five we could see a period of some sleet and freezing rain before the rest of hampton roads is warming up into the forties as we head into monday afternoon monday evening will be looking at areas of rain and temperatures will actually go up as we head into the overnight hours monday night into tuesday by tuesday we will look for morning rain is a very warm temperatures temperatures near sixty degrees as we head into tuesday before the changeover how much are we looking at as far as any kind of snowfall accumulations not a lot dusting to an inch across most of hampton roads which get back closer to interstate
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general about some of the snowfall totals are some of what we saw yesterday with just a dusting on the grass and the tops of cars and act like i've only watched very closely. melody a mainly clear skies out there right now twenty two degrees was coming now the north and fifty giving us a windchill of nine degrees it's twenty five in chesapeake nineteen right now in surrey nineteen in gloucester the team in west point twenty two in portsmouth twenty three dollars the city and twenty six and duck. so for tonight mainly clear skies fifteen for an overnight low wind chills five below to five above with those gusty northwest winds ten to mark twenty six degrees mostly sunny skies. increasing clouds tomorrow night with some scattered snow showers after midnight down to twenty will start the day with a wintry mix on monday changing over to rein in the afternoon centers warm up to the forties and into the fifties we head into the day on tuesday morning rains and afternoon sunshine fifty eight degrees fifty four wins a forty five thursday fifty one friday night the sixty by next saturday a cold water
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romantic fire would not be as a question very good as brian smith's recommendation that is a true romantic yes still a little barry white on a hero but does not hurt very hurt a little bit when we come back when a college hoops said including virginia the big acc showdown at duke we've also got a historic day on the peninsula the hampton pirates begin a new chapter with their men's
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. with this being black history month the hampton pirates fulfill the dream of a former hq student michael crawford grew up loving the sport of lacrosse and started putting
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division one program. sadly he died just over five years ago from an enlarged heart but his dream became reality today the pirates debuting their men's lacrosse team at armstrong stadium espn broadcasts in the pregame across the country that became the first historically black college to do so in thirty five years the last program that had one was morgan state head coach lloyd carter was on that nineteen eighty one squad of the ten bears he was asked what a day like this would mean to him and his players were members of the day like this god is in this amazing amazingly does make things happen that you would never expect so i'm enjoying the blessing and we play lacrosse so messy that i guess it's a gut over to play will do and we talk about a week later moved with him he loves making this trip
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big these guys may have been blessed with a war that you really feel sick to master the game itself among those in this historic line of norfolk made apparent edmondson play the bishop sullivan catholic i in the peach they were taken on roberts wesleyan i division one and that folks is the first goal in program history that scandalous after brock robinson and that's pretty much kind it was they were down ten to want and nothing at that time too much to the redhawks one of pulling away twenty three with a great day for the pirate lacrosse team. it seems like yesterday kyle busch won his first ever sprint cup title little over the weekend from now he will be in the field racing in the twenty sixteen daytona five hundred tonight they're under the lights in the sprint unlimited last twenty three was the big one a couple cars going the grimes you see here brian vickers in for an injured tony stewart in the fourteen car gets loose chain reaction clint boyer involved kevin harvick greg biffle even dealers are junior no one injured in this
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denny hamlin richmond area native making a move passing a brac is lousy then they go to overtime varied hold off toilet condo for the win his third sprint unlimited win and six overall as you see the wreck coming afterwards at daytona to denny hamlin your winner at the sprint
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seven ranked virginia has been on a roll in conference play winning seven in a row the past problems at duke have been haunting them who have dropped their last seventeen in a row at cameron indoor let's head to durham rallying back down seven of brockton just lays it on the lot just like that were tied at fifty eight apiece for dinner with a chance for the lame as tony bennett set things up marrying shy on finding drugs in under name yet eighteen points as it moves one going up one right now which is six seconds left in the game goes with the paul grayson allen to see a second look when it's all grayson allen he's going to
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somehow gets the shot all and to wear veils and gut wrenching sixty three sixty two was for those that suck a good matchup between the ot monarchs and the rice owls it's marcus evans from out of chesapeake trey freeman from out of the beach showing early inside that's brendan smith hoop and harm yet sixteen boards in the game the defense with seven of the leech ray had twenty seven points came on twenty seven for the owls just too much evidence the freshman as you see trey again evans wind up with twenty points to lead the owls may beat the monarchs your final seventy five to sixty six it's over norfolk state the spartans of course honoring kahlo quinn now with the next with bobble head night and who controlled the first half alex long the night slam to lead by thirteen by halftime. second stanza spartan is building on
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the long now that to jeff short who goes in for the slimy at eleven point seven eight fifty one thirty nine that was taylor's turn off the pain you get the nice reverse. he had twelve points toward butler had fourteen
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