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tv   13 News 6 Weekend  ABC  February 14, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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schools are closed tomorrow because of the presidents day holiday so fewer people out on the road we do have that winter weather advisory that is in effect later tonight to one o'clock tomorrow afternoon that includes the northern neck middle peninsula the peninsula interior southside suffolk west gates county harford county northampton county north carolina also wonder that winter weather advisory looking at the radar not much out there right now couple snow showers out towards the west nineteen all of this is reaching the ground just yet as we winded you can see this developing storm system that's bringing snow to parts of ohio kentucky west virginia western virginia and north carolina. everything here is moving off towards the east in with the cold temperatures that we saw today when it starts to fall of snow will fall as snow to at least the first half of the morning commute tomorrow kind things out to the evening hours a cold evening temperatures in the twenties even some upper teens thirteen to eleven o'clock how much showing up to get into that morning commute tomorrow five am start to see a few snow
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continue through seven a m the warm air will start reporting to the storm system so as we go through the morning into the afternoon will start to see some wet snow changing over to rain all the right along the interstate ninety looking at snow and sleet as well. also some freezing rain the temperatures up into the forties. we're looking at everything the changeover to rain as we go to the afternoon hours to have some the snowfall totals time things out a little bit more to have the seven day forecast coming up in just a few minutes from our eden sank to a spokeswoman for the dot says it will have trucks ready to roll to treat and clear roads as needed crews will not be doing any kind of pre treatment of the roadways that's because they're still a solution on the ground that the dot put down for the winter weather we had on friday the dot is remind people keep an eye out for icy patches and take your time while you're out there driving and we will be following things throughout the night tonight and then tomorrow check in with thirteen years now at daybreak ashley smith will have a check on road conditions. craig colorful track the storm as it moves
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coverage begins at four thirty a m everything burned up my shoes my clothes my documents for me my daughter dozens of people are homeless after a massive fire destroyed several buildings on willoughby spit this weekend almost a full day after that fire started burning emergency workers still are on wes ocean view avenue the city of norfolk in the american red cross have been providing services to the fire victims some of whom return to the scene the fire to see if anything could be salvaged to her is live in willoughby spit into demolition crews are tearing down some buildings short time ago. well that's right brian like i was told by fire officials yesterday this is not going to be a quick clean of those crews are out here tonight monitoring any hot spots here and started demolition on any buildings they've deemed a total loss this massive fire required more than sixty firefighters to get under control. fire officials say several people
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there was only one person who had to be taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation. there were no other reported injuries several people who live here were let back in to grab belongings while there they looked around in disbelief at the damage some considering themselves lucky. but feeling for their neighbors who weren't as fortunate as non mountain without knowing i have still stayed in the most heavily is not the right no investigators still don't have the calls for the fire but i was just told that the fire marshal will be out here tomorrow hopefully investigating and finding out what the possible cause could have and will continue to update you with that information as we learn more love nor fix newhart thirty news now the people who are most directly affected by the fire stood there lastly powerless to do anything to stop it. joe
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of them earlier today as they talk about the chaos of the night and their loss remember last night driving on interstate ninety the flames from the interstate but i knew everything was gone when you get the valentine's day cleanup in this twelve hundred block of west ocean view avenue you knew there were broken hearts on this day as victims recall the horror of the saturday night fire. everything burned up my shoes my clothes i documents many of my daughter are all many uniforms burned up so he's a close i went to the ship with yesterdays the same as in person yesterday it was joshua's brother brian who call nine one one saturday evening the action with a call about said and i was actually my room playing video games and i thought is really bright orange layers like rivera told her about her sometime quantify the level with the left side of houses on fire. there was a couple living in the yellow apartment building who only
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charlottesville in everything that could happen especially when you empower those buyers and police officers or people this would have to come out of house you know the part of the eyewitnesses told us they could not believe there are one month out from playing and i thought it was coming this week either with the downstairs. i just try to keep the clinical detachment about you know like make sure all my neighbors are saying i know the people where the fire started they had two dogs but i don't happen to them and in that unfortunate not heartfelt valentine's day in ocean view joe flanagan thirty news now. right now hazmat crews on the scene of a possible meth lab in newport news the location middlesex road right off of work boulevard police got a call about a possible home invasion around one this afternoon when officers got there they found chemicals used to make math a woman two men were inside the home. a
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don't know if those people will face any charges as a result of that situation middlesex road is closed between work boulevard and fifth place as many people look back the life of supreme court justice antonin scalia following his death some on capitol hill and on the kean
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a major battle is shaping up in washington d c following the death of supreme court justice antonin scalia lawmakers already are arguing about who should take his place while many people wonder how the court will function effectively without an odd number of justices here's abc's elizabeth her the battle for the bench has already started rock obama rammed down our throat a liberal justice. it's called delay delay delay from fighting words in the gop debate last night the challenge is issued this
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you're going to filibuster anyone anyone that pres obama nominates absolutely this should be a decision for the people of course i would send somebody but that the visions are real. so let's just wait for election the sudden death of supreme court justice antonin scalia adding new bitter divide in this election year it is the job the president of the united states to appoint nominate members of the supreme court and the senate confirms barack obama is president of united states until january twenty at twenty seven today. that is a fact my friends whether the republicans like it or not with them on the bible we serve the high court for three decades he died in his sleep saturday at a texas ranch during a quail hunting trip. so what happens now president obama has already pledged action. i plan to fulfill my constitutional responsibilities to nominate a successor but senate
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threatened to block any of his potential candidates the short list likely includes circuit court judge creation of us in the largely considered the frontrunner and someone republicans like in the meantime we'll continue to deliberate with just the justices a year it's up forty four decisions by divided court is completely in the court is set to address the major issues including abortion and the unions a forty four tie decision by the way would mean any lower court walling stance was that their abc news new york the weather authority is tracking a winter (donkey sound) (elephant sound)
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between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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. well we didn't set any records today with the cold temperatures although readings with twenty six degrees below normal with the cold air in place in a storm system approaching from the west we're looking at some snow showers later tonight into tomorrow morning
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towards western parts of the area showing some snow on radar but the atmosphere still very dry is going to take awhile for the atmosphere to moisten up before any of that snow starts to reach the ground where we are seeing some of these darker blues that's what we are picking up that snow to parts of ohio kentucky west virginia even western virginia and north carolina as a storm system moves east. this is not the normal track of a system that brings us a lot of snow we're looking at a changeover to rain as we go to the day tomorrow so not looking at a big snow but with the timing of the snow tomorrow morning i do think it will be some issues on the roadways with my morning commute to hang out this evening a cold evening temperatures holding in the upper teens to around twenty to twenty two degrees the clouds will continue to thicken up later tonight just like leaving going up a degree or two as we head to the morning hours. so some things here at five o'clock tomorrow morning the start of the morning commute to some snow showers moving through parts of the peninsula pictures everywhere below freezing so anything that falls tomorrow morning at five six seven o'clock in
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the form of snow or snow showers continuing back to western parts of the area's well on ninety five corridor in the warmer air will start reporting to the storm system as we go to the morning hours to see that rain snow line working its way off towards the north by about nine thirty likely start to see some that snow mixing with some sleet and freezing rain starting to change over as we go to the later morning hours so by noon the warm air pushing its way up the peninsula and interior south side. that's why the winter weather advisories in effect to one o'clock tomorrow afternoon along ninety five corridor noticed after still around freezing so likely there will be some sleet and freezing rain even back to central virginia to lease the early part of the afternoon before we finally see that change over later to the afternoon hours by three o'clock in scattered areas of rain captures now reaching up into the forties cross southeastern virginia northeastern north carolina so some thirty when she had back closer to richmond will continue to go up tomorrow
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showers as we head to the monday night hours we head into tuesday after starting out in the fifties all of that line of showers possible even a thunderstorm or two rolling through as we head into the midday hours so we looking at a wet day on tuesday mild readings temperatures near sixty degrees so any snow that is out there will be washed away by tuesday afternoon. how much are we talking about before everything changes over to rain possibly a trace to an inch across parts of south high northeastern north carolina went to get back towards richmond west or franklin close interstate ninety five we could see one to two inches of snow with a heavier miles west of richmond spot on forecasts for today we talking about single digit wind chills this morning and that's what we saw at six am seven eight or nine am single digit wind chills at five forecasts in a row and i spun forecast for tomorrow. scattered snow showers around for that morning commute. so here's the forecast for tonight we're looking at mostly cloudy skies snow showers developing late and tomorrow
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high temps of forty five degrees just continuing to go up to more night with occasional rain on tuesday heavy a time sixty degrees when we clear out the middle and the end of the week the temperatures by next saturday near sixty. all right thanks a lot of time for sports we come back a recap of the night that was for uva men's basketball norfolk state shares the lead the maniac and it's that time of year that qualified for the top two spots for the daytona five hundred will let you know is on the front
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sprint cup drivers back to work after some time off today the quest began for the great american race were talking the daytona five hundred and two rounds of qualifying this was the first round offending shoe five hundred champ toilet gonna try to get into the round of twelve he would do so would knock out casey mears in the process and preventing him from getting in and out of the rabbit well back and the two time winner of the five hundred was fast enough just for a second he could not overtake the rookie chase elliott son of noel a two time champ kelly taking over for jeff gordon twenty four car for under motorsports becomes the youngest pole winner of
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caught up with them afterwards. how does it feel to be on the poll right now how does that register get with it. i think has a little bit i add that inquire at and around the fact that weary and down year to compete in a five hundred much less come have a shot that pulled a time to do a pull that off is great in a great way to start down sixteen to i get the sense you're ahead of schedule on schedule how do you assess this right now i don't know is going to say a thing can see it or not i said this is a this is one day too long we can now restart the bowery finish next sunday in the road to get there's one thing but actually racing on sunday executing throughout that five hundred the most is the most important thing just twenty years so sprint unlimited last night under the lights a big one happening lap twenty three couple cars going into the garage brian vickers gets loose here is the fourteen car in for an injured tony stewart causing this chain
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kevin harvick greg biffle and dale earnhardt jr no one injured. now with three laps to go the richmond area native denny hamlin making a move passing rate as last came later to go to overtime system they're handling jumps in front a look i know i he would avoid the wreck that was behind him and denny hamlin to win his third sprint unlimited when six overall win at daytona in my mind losing to do and you just you win in the courts are closing in fast you've got to you almost have to anticipate we're going to go or else you're going to get your going to direct so luckily it worked out for us this is not a leader driven resize we've seen an uglier every home just won the virginia cavaliers seem to have things figured out in step stoop to mess things up the seventh rank whose falling hard last night from durable let's head to cameron indoor. there's a rally down seven the lobby about the bride delays in and just
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eight apiece for dinner with a chance at the leeds coach tony bennett making some moves. mary l shea are finding bride did underneath him on his scoops in a second look just as impressive i had eighteen points for the booms as they want on a one out six seconds left in the game who doubles as the paul grayson allen will travel around and he and elaine puts up the unbelievable game winner cannes win streak ends at seven with a gut wrenching sixty three sixty two loss they host nc state tomorrow night i'll be there yesterday the remarks had their four game win streak snapped at the expense of the rice owls that's marcus evans of rice he played his high school the great bridge later cape henry is one the more talented freshmen in conference usa averaging just under twenty points a game will be surprise if he wins rookie of the air. evans led rice with twenty points include matt steele leads to
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u seventy five to sixty six on the last thing god has been more than i expected from not had a lot of success in his home is just an amazing thing just get to see my post the items inside the gates the norfolk state hosting morgan stay there honoring former spartan and current nic paolo quinn would bobble head night mission control the first half alex long with a two handed flush led by thirteen at halftime the lead ballooned to seventeen second status martin's building on that lead is sean taylor outlet to jeff short for the slam added eleven points and added fifty one thirty nine that was taylor's turn off the pain nice reverse the bad twelve jordan butler lead with thirteen points one more play from long added twelve stocks the woods and seventy nine seventy three hoop and harm that i was camped in for the lead in the bx and over in virginia was late they were holding the annual
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this is area too which is the largest in southeast in the southeast region second largest in virginia nearly six hundred athletes are participating this week at the rock hampton roads included basketball here polling figure skating and speedskating more for my interview with daytona pole winner just twenty years old chase elliott was born in nineteen ninety five. hines has a long time after you report that says as long as i drove around that long to take away before you go in the next coming we are so tomorrow morning for the commute i do expect that will be some slick spots out there on the road was actually checking that out on daybreak with temperatures rising as we go through the day so everything can change over to rain and a wet day on tuesday with highs near sixty. all right that's me do it for us for now of
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welcome to "world news tonight." remembering justice antonin scalia. and now, the battle to replace him. the conservative titan of america's highest court. brilliant, sharp, provocative. his sudden death in an election year. obama vowing to appoint his successor. the republicans saying no way. the new justice could shape the supreme court for a generation. southern brawl. the fiery republican debate in south carolina, the next primary state.
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angriest yet. >> the world trade center came down during your brother's reign. remember that. arctic express. the bitter blast of sub-freezing cold. bone-chilling and dangerous. the whiteouts. the accidents. and the new winter storm on the move. 100 million people in the way. and, deadly stunt? the zooming car. then the fiery accident, killing three young women. did a new social media trend, an app that clocks your speed, encourage the young driver to go too fast? good evening. thanks for joining us on this sunday. i'm tom llamas. we begin with the developing news after the sudden death of supreme court justice antonin scalia. he was a powerful conservative voice, dedicated to defending the constitution against what he saw as the nation's liberal


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