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tv   13 News 11 Weekend  ABC  February 14, 2016 11:00pm-11:20pm EST

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the ground franklin something outdoors though she and a husky so there have been a few snowflakes making their way down towards the ground some of this evaporating before it reaches the ground just check outside here the station we're not seeing any snowflakes just yet but we are looking at the snow to start over spread the region as we had here through the overnight hours and even into that morning commute as we time things out through the day tomorrow starting off at six am calling for temperatures still below freezing twenty six degrees with some scattered areas of snow that will continue to eight am as well so much in the morning commute. we will see snow falling from the sky and with the cold temperatures likely see some accumulations in parts of the area by ten am to some warm air starts to work its way and will start to see the snow transition over to a mix of some freezing rain sleet rain and snow the notice by the midday hours temperatures up into the forties for most part things will start to switch over to write how much snowfall we talking about before the changeover across parts of the south side in
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inch of snow pointing back towards franklin pour into parts of the peninsula middle peninsula northern neck. we could see one to two inches of snow because the transition will take a little bit longer timeout that transition show you what to expect as we go through the day tomorrow. had the full seven day forecast coming up in about seven minutes or so brian r e will see them in public works crews in local cities and counties are working to make the road conditions are safe as possible for drivers that includes newport news worker started pre treating roads with brine solution tonight crews are ready to start spreading salt and sand mixture on city streets when the snow begins to fall that will help to improve traction on loose surfaces. a spokeswoman for the dot says its crews are prepared to treat roadways and interstates is needed the doc did not do any kind of pre treatment for this storm as because crews put down brine solution before we had snow on friday and the solution still is on the roads remember matter how much pre treating or treating is done crews do those treatments but there still could be icy patches where you are driving and we will
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the storm system overnight before you head out the door tomorrow you can check in with thirteen years now at daybreak. ashley smith will have a look at road conditions craig muller will keep you up to date on weather conditions as the storm moves across the area our coverage begins at four thirty am. doesn't the law enforcement officers converged on a home in newport news today after police found suspected meth lab officers shut down part of work boulevard to investigate the incident and so the hazmat team could go into the home on middlesex road joo hart tells us the situation began with a call about something entirely different. this is the intersection of warren boulevard and middlesex road has been closed off by police because yes right over here in this home several agencies are investigating what initially was a robbery call now also a hazmat situation flashing lights flooded the quarter in height and weight sunday night state and
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agencies joined newport news police and firefighters. what started out as a call about a home invasion when officers got here they quickly realized they had much more than a robbery investigation on their hands they found items inside the residence that appear to be possibly items to make met the officers called for a hazmat team members of the team suited up and went into the house to begin removing potentially dangerous materials investigators say a woman and two men lived in the home police are questioning them about the materials found inside those people are victims of the alleged robbery that took place officers still are looking into that claim. talking to several people who may have been involved. we have two female suspects in two male suspects entered the residence on one of the females was armed so we are investigating that as a possible robbery as well in newport newss to her thirty news now the american red cross is helping about thirty
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after huge fire destroyed their homes last night the flames reached park condo and apartment buildings along west ocean view avenue at the height of the firefighting efforts more than five dozen firefighters with their crew spent hours putting out the fire and they were there through the night into today knocking out hot spots and earlier today demolition crews started tearing down what was left of some of the buildings many of the people who were displaced went back to salvage what they could some of them describing the scene from last night a month out from playing and i thought it was coming this week i know when i got scared as chaotic and fire fighters and police officers or people this would have to come out of house to another apartment. so those people who are investigators still are looking into how that fire started. the family of supreme court justice antonin scalia is making
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body home to virginia someone found dead in his room at a resort in texas saturday morning a judge there says the seventy nine year olds official cause of death will be listed as a myocardial infraction a heart attack his family is in the process of planning his funeral. president obama says he will submit a nomination before his term ends to replace scalia despite criticism from republicans who say it should be left up to the next commander in chief separated for decades reunited in time for valentine's day a local veteran who parachute on the normandy beach on d day celebrates this the day with the woman he dated more than seventy years ago a look at some of the images from their date and later on sunday sport special qualifying day for the daytona five hundred brian smith talks to the youngest driver ever to win the pole not have more on the snow that we can expect for the monday morning commute and when temperatures
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. on this very cold valentine's day snow is starting to fall this eveng and we will look for snow as we go through the overnight hours into the morning commute on monday. the good news a lot of schools are any clothes tomorrow but we do have a few more schools schools that are being closed or delayed the running of the bottom of your screen will have that here as we go throughout the newscast noticeable take a look at the radar we are looking at snow starting to fill and it's been slow going over the past couple of hours because the lower part of the atmosphere still pretty dry and while we're not seeing the snowflakes here at the station we have had reports of some light snow already back to franklin husky parts of seventeen out towards virginia beach and up
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walk through a future cast here as we go through the overnight hours and through the day on monday starting at two am. each cast calling for temperatures in the twenties some areas of snow will continue to overspend the region as we go through five a m so for the start of the morning commute tomorrow we will look for those scattered areas of snow and notice even to six o'clock seven o'clock looking at scattered areas of snow in temperatures well below freezing. no software to southwestern to see some of these pinks and greens making some warmer air starting to be pulled into the storm as we go through the morning hours notice how the rain snow line works its way from south to north by nine o'clock will start to see that changeover down across north carolina and we're seeing this pink color this is what we will see a mix of some freezing rain some sleet and some snow as temperatures hover right around that freezing mark and nine a m still falling as snow across parts of the peninsula back interior parts of south side anyone to the middle of the northern neck and the eastern shore by a one o'clock is that warm air
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transition working its way a bit farther to the north by noontime most spots across hampton roads should changed over to elise rain intriguing dwell upon that in his lower back was interstate ninety five when temperatures are still near freezing as we go to the afternoon hours temperatures surging up into the forties to areas closer to the coast. even still in the thirties parts of interior south side of the peninsula as we go through the afternoon and evening hours warmer air will continue to work its way and everything will be falling in the form of rain as we head into the evening and the overnight hours temperatures will continue to rise tomorrow night and as we head to the day on tuesday will start things off in the fifties and noticed this line of showers and even the possibility of a few thunderstorms coming through during the midday hours as temperatures reach the sixty degree mark in the cooler behind the system as we enter the day on wednesday but by the weekend temperatures back up into the lower sixties so real roller coaster ride coming up as we go to
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what the future cast a showing as far as forecast snowfall amounts. notice outside north carolina for about a dusting of two an inch when she moved across the peninsula middle peninsula northern neck and back towards franklin an inch to two inches with heavier amounts back west of richmond very similar to what i was forecasting tonight at six and one still forecasting southside in north carolina that traced to an end one to two inches back north and west of franklin up across the peninsula middle peninsula northern neck before we start to see that changeover so lot of this will start to melt away once we see that changeover to rain outside right now we're looking at a couple snow flurries out there twenty five degrees was on the south at seven mph. they're still pretty dry out their two point eight degrees humidity and forty nine percent that someone to take a little while for all that snow that showing up on radar to reach the ground that we will look for those scattered snow showers overnight twenty two for an overnight low the morning wintry mix changing over to rain by afternoon forty five degrees
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tomorrow night with a few showers for occasional rain on tuesday may be heavy at times in the morning high temperature of sixty degrees on southwest breezes and twenty mph. looking ahead towards wednesday skies clear out the high fifty five degrees on the forty six on thursday fifty one friday night the sixty two on saturday fifty eight sunday so really once we get past the snow no more morning and the rain on tuesday. pretty nice rest of the week and a nice weekend coming up looks great it's just a note season is right now right. i don't think mother nature knows what season it is i don't think she does spell things little late on sundays were special brian smith chats with the youngest daytona
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twenty year
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ranking from top to bottom. luxury cars just seem like they would be top awarded there better be some awards behind what you are paying for, right. the final answer. chevy. the most awarded car company two years in a row. wow, it's like a luxury car. i was shocked. i mean it's like, this is chevy? current qualified gm lessees can get a sign and drive lease on this chevy cruze limited for around $179 per month. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. a local world war two veteran celebrate valentine's day with his long lost love in australia nor thomas of virginia beach traveled there
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joyce toronto. it was the first time they were together in more than seventy years thomas' son tracked down to run through the internet we start following the couple's story a few months ago as it was building towards their reunion valentine's day celebration included dinner and a toast very nice good way and on about this today and of course has been doing for us for gas lease for special is up next remember we got with thirteen years
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(donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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i here's the chevrolet on the sunday sport special court transition how the son of a former nascar champ is now on the inside of five hundred. we recap the historic day that was for men's lacrosse at hampton university and who was behind it and call the bids farewell in his last all star game a high flying a pair of the sunday sports national now. i was a bridesmaid than welcome to the sunday sports bets we begin with the great american race. rookie chase elliott had some big shoes to fill he took over for retiring four time sprint cup champ jeff gordon. what better way to make a statement than a race the future nascar hall of famer one net three times
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qualifying today this is the first defending five hundred champ toilet down trying to get into the rather twelve he would do so but at casey mears expense. mears get knocked out now on to the rabbit while back and a two time winner of the five hundred was fast enough but for second. he couldn't overtake the rookie chase elliott son of bill two time champ himself. ellie taking over jeff gordon in the twenty four card hendrick motorsports. he now becomes the youngest pole winner at daytona at just twenty years old got caught up with him after the run. no pressure at all you're following a four time sprint cup champion jeff gordon add the manager on the pole that has that feeling right now i would say certainly am doing different for me come down daytona and coming to be a part of five hundred and eighteen of the fire itself is different and this is this something new for me as a whole so you
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sunk in yet another law that will see your sin on agreeing about to roll off for the first five hundred i think will be very very very special and i think some some of that will sink in and look for us it's a great way to start off we do i get the sense you're ahead of schedule on schedule how do you assess this right now i don't know is going to say i think auntie get going i said this is a this is one day too long we can now restart the bowery finish next sunday in the road to get there's one thing but actually racing on sunday executing throughout that five hundred the most is the most important thing still to come on so the sports press we recap


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