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tv   13 News Noon  ABC  February 15, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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live look right now for thirteen years now. traffic cameras the police advising travelers to stay off the road by eight thirty this morning police responded to over sixty crashes across the commonwealth thirteen years now with authority meteorologist regulars here with the rain that will pose a problem for drivers. yes rainy but certainly better than the issues we had this morning with the snow in the freezing rain and the ice it was forming in there still a few patchy resume will take a look at that but you can see the roads in much better shape now wet as opposed to white as they were earlier this morning take a quick look at some of the snowfall reported this morning smithfield about two and a quarter inches. ford's colony not far from williamsburg around two inches was about the same letter answer on something and chesapeake generally amounts between say a half an inch an inch to inch and half for many many years in a little bit more off to the west farther north to get a couple reports when she get that well to
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towards ninety five area close to three inches but this is generally what we're looking at for most of the abc thirteen viewing area and now we've seen the transition to the rain the last of the wintry weather really winding down now but think this note i often go back to my regular tactic that will for my next update. you can see how that transition back to the rain is occurring right now and we are going to see more rain chances for showers through the afternoon in the evening more fit in the shower so we will see the conditions generally improving but boy the snow was widespread early this morning take a look at the future cass and i have the temperatures on your starting to see a few errors reporting low forties including areas up towards virginia beach will see temperatures continue to warm into the mid forties through the afternoon again i slid the scattered showers most of the wintry weather still far out to the lasso around richmond as we go to the afternoon temperatures close to maybe a little bit above freezing it is colder back across the piedmont but
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will be walking out of the full forecast more chances for showers and maybe a couple heavier downpours tomorrow morning i'll talk about that and i have the complete look and your weekend coming up are i think scratch our team coverage continues this afternoon on the peninsula neighbors in newport news woke up to this winter wonderland the end of the rain is here we told earlier that road conditions are very slushy right now outside elise brown is on the peninsula with the details as you can see the very flashy out here while the rain has washed away. feminists know there are still a lot of slick spots you want to be very careful when eating the road by bryce because some people here in him to say they're not letting this weather dampen their day early monday morning snow blanketed the peninsula covering streets in card making for a messy day eventually turned to rain. he died in an oath that he can cruise down
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falcon fan little bit of slush ice and rain right now so his songs but the really slick eugene marshall said he's careful when running in the wintry mix you have to stay away at the watch you run on the on the dirt and grass because that's all. and then you pick a spot on the street like marshall one taxi driver is also putting some time out on the road he says passengers are on thinner ice to get to their destination when the streets are slick. he slows down and goes about twenty mph. we do still gotta be alert on its summit is going to take you now to lose control in front of the peaking of losing control one man couldn't resist having some fun in this now how do you make the perfect snow mom with the air that the new hampton elise brown continues now as ole man winter dumped snow in our area there was double trouble in two separate
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smoke billows from a home well this is actually from the fire in virginia beach from this morning because the roof of an apartment complex or cave in one person taken to the hospital and were told that one climbed on a balcony to escape as their key reports pets also did not escape injury flames tear through this virginia beach apartment building overnight aspiring firefighter spending the blaze on tree top drive off burnett wrote on all sides by water. investigators say the accidental fire started on an outside balcony a little after three thirty monday morning my neighbor knocked on my door and simonson fire sydney wise men in her roommate live on the third floor at the other end of the building where the fire broke out the flames of my roommate up she said
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into the freezing cold paramedics took one person to the hospital for smoke everyone was freaking out the flames spread so quickly here to climb down a pole just to get to safety and a cat even jumped out of the window to cats remain missing. the red cross came to the scene to help the ten people left displaced and others are just thankful to doesn't work so we're pretty lucky. reporting in virginia beach. eric came thirteen years now to new guinea a closer look at the heavy smoke seen pouring out of a home in norfolk and see it cambridge crescent off hampton boulevard before it still working to find out if anyone was inside that house the time and what sparked this play is over fire is he talking about a busy weekend fire officials just wrapped up a press conference releasing new details. that's right officials say they responded to four major fires
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two hours alone. the biggest before along ocean view fire to homes and other fire she spoke on their efforts to fight them he says the most difficult for them of the cruise was obviously the ocean view fire which required more than sixty firefighters fourteen buildings were damaged there eight of those are considered destroyed and will be torn down altogether about thirty to forty people are displaced. the fire chief says it could be weeks before cause is determined. summit fire and rescue is remain reminding everyone of the increased risk of fires during cold weather. they sent some basic safety tips first do not use makeshift heating methods such as kitchen oven ranges keep combustible is at least three feet away from heaters wood stoves and candles and a power does go out make sure all electrical supplies such as stoves heaters and hair dryers are in the off position while the cold weather is also affecting air travel this noon. that's right the next the snow caused flight delays at norfolk international airport it's a big problem at this
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what to do if you fall through ice ahead the critical tips that could
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. well we have certainly seen much worse snow that we got overnight but it still does cause delays across the country out of norfolk international airport right now we can tell you there are eight arrival delays and departure delays at norfolk international airport those lace cami out of detroit new york of course a big hub in charlotte. yeah and if you are traveling by car a few things that i want to keep in mind remember to take it as low as possible never use cruise control increasing following distance also accelerate and brake slowly if you do skid steer into it as if the direction of the car is moving and then let off the gas and of course always wear your seatbelt and don't forget the cold weather
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some ideas to make sure you are stranded in the cold they say you should start your car and warming up even if you're not driving it helps the battery from losing power. check your tire pressure and check your antifreeze antifreeze freezes your car could overheat and try to park in a garage if you can to keep your car a little warmer and if you're running a low don't dilute your windshield fluid with water it could cause freezing and cracks it's placing housing all right be sure to stay ahead still ahead the snow we've got something yet to see that is caught on camera a forty footer rescue in the freezing cold dozens of people trapped high in
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the result whether they're on the radar in the sun that this is wellness is a problem at this time of recovering after relatives fishing pond in virginia beach. he fell into the water behind a home on b freese a bay breeze cold in bay cliff over the weekend a division chief with virginia beach ems as a boy was unconscious when family members found him medics took him to the hospital in serious condition. or can learn more about his recovery. look for another update starting at four pm what would you do if you fell through the ice experts say it becomes common at this time of the year this winter weather we have a cold winter weather a frozen like i can look inviting but it can also turn out to be deadly abc's matt government
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survive basic skills that a few to demonstrate a certain light flashing through the ice. we traveled to the tundra temples and old tv is just a charge of making sure that i can get a serious operation. the indiana state police and fire department giving me a glimpse even demonstration but first just person decides to go freeze my teacher dr gordon gee street aka popsicle the world's foremost expert on hypothermia and ice rescue least half an hour before him good information but it's small consolation on a balmy fifty degree day. gordon says the first thing to know when you get the water you have time then can control your breathing and don't get to work in the future of america
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yourself along. it's like swimming on top with the symbol of the week especially when we're dry suits take the plunge just walking along mind numbing cold but handling it just was reading. remember the instruction sheet in july we saved but as this thermal imaging camera shows like schools in extremities were cold but that's just from the regional exposure to freezing water. my core is fine i'm not thirty but no warmth for the weary. i had them on again back to get back in the water but this time we keep the nifty tool
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myself bc i spent most of the boys fishing around in that case to make it easier indeed but single supply chain and pull the bbc news the good tips there are right now at noon a rescue mission forty feet in the air in the hatcher dozens were stuck outside in subzero temperatures when they got stuck on the tram car tram broke down to the ski resort yesterday the crews rescued forty eight people from nearly forty feet in the air or outside for a few hours but there were no reports of any injuries. officials say that tram had a service which should last place you want that after ilya take a look at this the winter storm is slamming communities across the mid atlantic to the northeast this is video from greensboro north carolina today the roads were covered in snow. police say they responded to more than thirty accidents during the first hour of snow fall alone here at home the rain
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so a way that tries to crack the question is how long it has rained on a stick around well we've got showers through the afternoon into the evening and more wet weather coming through tomorrow and back to the downpours tomorrow could be pretty heavy will talk about that as we get into the future cast right now though the winter weather advisory for the southside for norfolk chesapeake portsmouth virginia beach as well as northeast north carolina closer because that part of the advisory was dropped any and it continues until one o'clock or so in these areas just off to the west into the north but this too will be taken out before too long and by late afternoon those areas farther north and west so we do some of the advisory out there the winter storm warning farther to the west we're already seeing temperatures warming up now so we're going to see more rain on any more wintry weather but more rain through the afternoon and into the evening kind of scattered showers and the temperatures continue to walk now here is farther in the we've been watching those
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enough to support some snow were some mixed precipitation we're looking at some reports of freezing rain around wakefield earlier on for you says now i see the temperatures near newport news williamsburg game in the mid thirties self again we've seen that transition to rain but they're still gonna be some spotty areas and where there's mixed precipitation and still very treacherous roads in spots despite their best efforts to keep the roads clear and low key the roads have gotten alot better. you can still find those slick spots especially the bridges and overpasses that's where we've really seen some of the problems with the ice and snow early this morning for hampton roads though because it's now rain that we're dealing with that's washing away any of the wintry precept that was out there on the local roads and things will continue get better. you may still encounter some slushy areas see dual use extra caution and again even wet roads can be difficult enough sometimes that is north northeast wind ten mph eventually get to see a shift to the southeast in the south
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overnight into tomorrow look at the progression here with the warm weather issues and the south or east of the transition now is pushing back to the last in the northwest so it will be too much longer even those areas up to the northwest of williamsburg. the stock to warm up a bit more as well when to turn our attention down to the south and we take a look back here across louisiana and mississippi there's a tornado watch or very powerful storms erupting down in that part of the country that are slightly from but this whole line is working you want to see our chances for some heavier downpours and maybe a few areas with some gusty winds tomorrow late morning through the middle part of the day taylor the future castillo scattered showers across our area said temperatures warming up will see the wind shifting around of entry to the south the southeast and as we look ahead through the evening hours. spotty showers but the big news the warmer air continues to build across our area ahead
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the rain to fill back into the middle part of the morning is around sunrise tomorrow about six forty five seven o'clock in the morning we should be pretty good shape but as the mid morning continues and into the late morning that schools here chances for showers and maybe a few heavier showers or storms down along the outer banks will see that some rolling out during the early afternoon and improvement should develop by late tuesday. i do imagine is a slight chance the well batch of energy kind of working through and are models of them pretty consistent in trying to produce a little something. early wednesday morning but in general will see improvements coming wednesday and will look forward to that. so we had the next early this morning the snow is really transitioning now to rain lows tonight really there is no low the temperature keeps climbing so you take what you see forty six will today's high was forty five cars going up to tomorrow's high around sixty and his own eyes how that much warmer but there will be good opportunities for rain and maybe a couple of storms here
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wednesday i'll stray shower possibility early meaning to the south and then a little cooler thursday to look at your warm up for the weekend low sixties upper fifties or looking forward to the warmer weather and normally wear the low fifties this time of year so this is pretty cool we dealt with yesterday and today are well you can find more weather tips on our website just go to thirteen is now the com click on the weather tab and you can view the thirteen is now winter weather guide that god has tips on how to take care of your car home and pets will have more storm coverage on air coming up at twelve thirty i looking for a chance to dance the night away and on some delicious bits were coming up we're going to tell you how you can enjoy the tastes and sounds of new orleans and support arts
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it tastes and sounds of new orleans will soon be in hampton roads just a few weeks you can dance the night away the best cajun food and offer good cause. the other banks is here to tell us about the suffolk public schools masquerade gala when out of this and that is all about supporting arts education for a little bit about the event monday there will be on mark's person twenty sixteen at the suffolk hilton supplement anya and is
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gives back to this student the suffolk public schools' arts and music programs. so took a seven hour summit comes the ticket price is thirty five thousand tickets still available they are and it's going in the ticket include your chance to come to this pet food food entertainment was a great food great in it and all of our entertainers are actually the students of suffolk public schools so can and come up with of course help of the teachers show and this is gonna be a mess the beautiful colorful leaves and we are so so excited for the second year actually do in the seventies years given way more exciting. speaking of beautiful colorful beauties got some masks that that the guests will be given i guess when they come and tell of the mass are for sale but we encourage you to bring your all you can make them aware gonna have our teachers massive displays of the facts lead me to go purchase those as well. i believe something on a raffle him off on the scale working on the little tiny rays from
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into the education fund. yes every dime that is raised will go back to the participating schools art and music programs. oh that's wonderful and i think the really neat thing is that the folks who come out for this event actually get to see where the money's going to get to see the students again for me is actually a lot of fun who really expected to attend this event parents teachers and teacher where support of the public schools of course our superintendent deputy superintendent on city council and city council school board we just expect and you know amongst the people to just be there with a tiny little bit about the fit and we talked about third minute and we know the kids into the entertainment which will be fine what kind of what i have occasions to now i'm sick and home rises is just going to be this calm the air large fires that are nicely say the outfield morning rather than oh yeah and seal
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the theme of the mardi gras gala tickets are still available folks and find out what i know we've got some information and thirteen is no dot com or website as well but it has to remind folks of the date and time. it smarts first twenty six tina starts at six thirty. thomas himself up the hilton and so forgot the word riverfront and tickets are thirty five dollars and our phone number is seven five seven seven seven five nine six eight two great books to get a chance to write that down they can head to our website and get lots more information on what is bound to be a very fun talking as if the only things were getting too and thanks
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dealing with that snow record breaking cold and heavy snow along the east coast mets righthander has not the only state of the only area in the snow. abc's liz her is tracking that winter's warm the nation's capital under a winter storm warning bracing for up to six inches of snow overnight. more snow fell in chicago after a weekend of blinding whiteout conditions leaving highways and roadways littered with wreckage from indiana to pennsylvania multiple pilots killing three and sending dozens to the hospital and some incredible images are emerging from the record breaking cold. firefighters battling a blaze in philadelphia leaving this card completely frozen in ice in boston. subzero temperatures shattering a sixty year old record in new york. it was the coldest of valentine's day in one
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hampshire the wicked cold which of these dramatic rescues at a ski resort forty people trapped gaining more than forty feet off the ground. this one hired swung back and we knew there was a problem. this after two trams broke down. eventually everyone was rescued safely after about three hours looking ahead there is some relief from this dangerous cold forecasters say a storm moving from the south and up the coast will bring warmer temperatures by midweek it was with her abc news new york here at home this morning still has transitioned into rain and sleet. take a live look at this former skyview over hampton in seeing all those wet spots on the camera lens right there greg mahler joining us now with a look at our local weather outlook and it looks like we're in for awesome wet weather here correcting see the rain right now across most of the year a you know and the stewards can overdo it to work behind the scenes in his standing
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one to show you some of the different camera views because we have seen really changed over this morning at the oceanfront there was snow on the beach. let's take a look live right now that's the view there at the oceanfront from ri skyview atop each quarter's you can see again it is rain down there we can switch up and shake up all the other views that we have across the area and up in hampton against settlers landing earlier snowpack now just what they've seen the transition to rain there we can also show you what's happening. this is that the langley federal credit union near oyster point. you still see a little nervous now on top of a little fishy device on that tab on the sounds out there where again is very very cold has been for the past couple days with temperatures warming up and we are seeing that transition to rain so puerto sherry a few of those it is overcast the transition has occurred now to rain across year in the last the wintry weather really winding down to the north into
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for a while we were talking about snowfall amounts generally between say no a half an inch to about an inch and half or so across hit the road we've been seeing that largely off to the north were called for a little bit more one two inches maybe two three at towards williamsburg and it's really worked out i see two three up towards williamsburg up towards richmond is one trying to say and this is really worked out beautifully for its county we had just over two inches of snow right there not far from williamsburg and have your mouse were off to the northwest. i will say i got an a note from a fan out in lynchburg reporting about five inches out that way says of heavier snow out to the west for our viewing area now we have seen the transition to rein in these last little pots of mixed precipitation will look for the rain to fill in for those spots is while so that's what's happening right now we will continue to see the rain chances through the afternoon into the evening you become more fitness i had the full forecast talk about even warmer weather come up for
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for a couple of thunderstorms state you are at and if you do have to head out on the roads today to keep out the weather story with you download the free thirteen years now whether caster at sea or apple or android device and you can track the weather with our live radars a mock election with some pretty good track record here has picked the winner they do find out which virginia universities involved and who got picked as the winner of the gop presidential nominee. plus our local customs are involved in a high sea rescue
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a virginia college predicts donald trump will be the republican presidential nominee. washington lee university students have correctly predicted the republican presidential nominee since nineteen forty eight to hold a mock nomination convention every four years evan wright nineteen of twenty five times a vote of the donald tweeted about the results saying quote i hope to write at noon a familiar face say i see right there sitting at the campaign trail in south carolina today george w bush will stump for his younger brother jeb is the first campaign appearance for the third the forty third president who has until now distanced himself george w bush will who won south carolina back in two thousand
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now most polls place donald trump though as the clear frontrunner in that state's getting enough sleep is important for all of us but it's especially important for kids too. that's right so to you know how to sleep train
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that's 100 meg internet speeds, tv & phone for our best offerever. switch to better. switch to fios. new new to rescue all the high seas portsmouth the coast guard members were from a taker this morning the rescue crew there. the tag was located about two hundred fifty miles off the coast of bermuda officials say thirty eight year old crew member experience abdominal pain while aboard the six seven four foot tanker what standards to search for closer ships but no one was nearby. the coast guard decided to send a helicopter for portsmouth officials say the man is now stable and proving that it is now an investigation. every parent wants to make sure that the person in their child's classroom is trustworthy a fragmented system of background checks is licensure standards however
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are teaching your children tonight we have uncovered what safeguards are in place and what changes could be made to better protect your children. investigative reporter laura geller joins us with the story parents need to see they're supposed to be the ideal role models the people you trust with your children everyday safe and honest but we've all heard the stories and seen the mug shots of teachers who have preyed on innocent children. they're part of a nationwide usa today tagged immediate dishonor roll tonight where investigating what happens when problem teachers who have gotten in trouble game the system and move from district to district or state to state they could end up being your child's classroom. people have tried to do just that right here in virginia there's really no more important responsibility here at the department of education or out in the one hundred and thirty two school divisions that keep the kids say we're taking some difficult questions to
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education and federal organizations which focus not only on your child's education but his or her safety as well. our special investigation dishonor roll airs tonight at six. laura
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sleep is necessary for the healthy development of the baby's brain and a mom's sanity and today we're gonna focus on helping your children to learn to get good sleep. it was monday has more from the experts on to you guys know that i had to sleep train my fifteen month well baby visit kara leah to be able to do the day breaks if that starts at three thirty up there she goes but it turns out there are many ways of sleep training your children and it just depends on which expert you want to listen to. here's one of the experts at the sleep medicine departments each
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don't fall into sleep easily and then you do need to sort of train that dh can be sleek urologist dr michael strong says developmentally they're resigned to train their brain for having a set time and sat in for sleep is an important part of setting sleep up what does that training look like sets a hard bed time. turn off all screens an hour and a half before lights out front says skip naps and physically exhaust them until they are sleeping through the night once they do that for you you can add the naps back in the trick is to teach them how to fall asleep without your help not having to come to your bed hoping to learn how to fell to less monitors are better. both of them don't really help in some of them are really bad because a trigger more anxiety in parents. many parents have the golden question is there a right time to teach sleep when you want to sleep all night to help your child sleep all night all night meeting followed six eight hours of sleep can happen as
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infants he says parents have to follow their got to decide when to start the training lucy bustamante thirty news now aren't we continue to watch the weather developments across here a just society only the snow tie on its own wintry weather off to the north and west that could take it up the afternoon because we are seeing the transition to rain that something that's interesting that's out there ie can see we do have some low clouds and i actually got a twitter message from chrissy was seen at the oceanfront near fort story. he was looking at fog developing out there staying about fifteen twenty feet there's a layer off the ground and that fall was pretty dense so you're seeing some low cloud cover in temperatures are warming now and they will continue to warm through the mid forties and then tonight through the upper forties and into the fifties action to continue to warm o'shea that but what page are spot on
12:44 pm
time to do that we are have a streak going. five in a row and i could just as easily make it six because this morning we were looking for more snow showers evan put this out snow for the morning commute and we sure had it so we've since seen the transition to rain but that streak now extends to six everyday lives the forecast trend up go the temperatures in the fifties as we go through the overnight and they will continue to climb into the upper fifties to about sixty for a high tomorrow so deftly warms up temperature forty six degrees today she and as you can see the warmer eating their thirty three and we feel we've been looking around wakefield the temperatures will continue to climb out that way as well that stay in the mid thirties that change the transition to rain occurring as we go over the next couple of hours and then continued chances for showers little bit later on off to the north mid thirties robin elf and wall tile and was in the city forty two degrees for the temperature is definitely warming. ken hampton showing the wet conditions at this
12:45 pm
light rain showers through the middle part the morning we were looking at some freezing drizzle and freezing light rain still some mixed precipitation out there but really our transition now in full swing to the rain will continue to see the wet conditions were still tracking some pretty heavy storms down to the south into the southwest obviously of our area were talking louisiana into mississippi hear some heavy storms and maybe a couple of isolated severe cells going through the afternoon will continue to keep an eye to that for our area but nothing severe today we're going to see chances for showers and think later on the afternoon into the evening tomorrow we could see if you stronger storms and maybe some gusty winds down on the outer banks come late morning to see the general trend will call for continued warming temperatures climbing up his image into the upper forties this evening and then into the fifties and to about sixty for high tomorrow. you see the approaching what whether that's at seven fifteen still out to the west as we go to the mid to late
12:46 pm
a line of heavier rain coming through and maybe a couple stronger styles down around the outer banks through the midday tomorrow. after that those in the afternoon will see improvements in clearing skies by tomorrow evening. there is a slight chance for a couple of stray showers early wednesday morning down across north carolina most of us should remain dry but i just mention that chance for a passing shower everyday staying close to forty five degrees for the afternoon warming through the evening and then to mas high near sixty. tg as of this last half hour of exercise all sixty degrees that sounds great. a lot
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