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begins to happen as early as this evening look at these chapters up up up. you can tell that leads to warm also one that might include thunderstorm when i come back we'll talk about that. i love the snow this morning kent state police busy troopers responded to more than five hundred crashes statewide hundred and twenty six of those crashes happen in hampton roads there was a deadly crash and talk to your county. another crash near northern virginia involved a cattle trailer and dozens of cals will show you pictures from that crash in the next half hour and the weather authority is tracking another chance for rain tomorrow to get forecast updates on the go download the thirteen years now. app to your smartphone. after fighting for fires major fires in just seventy two hours north and firefighters are exhausted this morning a house one up in flames on cambridge crescent. yesterday crews battled a house fire on parkview avenue and on saturday two big fires the biggest being a four
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left dozens of people home to her is live for a crew just demolished and that charred building into you say still no cause that radiated still no cause that's what chief jeffrey weiss said earlier when i spoke to him take a look this is all that's well that's left of anything that was here at this fire the investigation right now is still ongoing. it could be weeks before we find that out because they have however determine which building it started from that night i would do the fifty fifty whether the house of the year not the people living in west ocean view still can't grasp saturday night with a massive four alarm fire ripped through several buildings leaving between thirty to forty people displaced. we're going to bed in the week in a way to wake up from norfolk fire rescue chief jeffrey
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buildings were damaged. eight of those they consider a total loss and have worn them down in my thirty seven years with awful virus you ever seen a handful of fires like the one saturday night despite the loss and devastation of homes chief white stressed how faithful he was no one was severely injured or died just one person taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation i really thought that the devastation would be worse than it was extremely proud of our firefighters job that they did in emotional chief talking about the lost citizens in georgia and the countless hours his crew spent fighting the fire with help from other agencies. one was sure the citizens of ocean view that your firefighters did everything they could learn some very difficult conditions to stop the spread of that fire as quickly as possible. she flies also adds that deed
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fire could be our sin now earlier today he did heavily stress being very careful with alternative heat sources such as space heaters fireplaces or wood burning stoves he says to be attentive and be careful they believe all of these major fires could be linked to colder weather coming up at six hear from neighbors who been able to move back into their homes eleven or fiction you heard the news now there's still no cause for this morning's two alarm house fire on cambridge crescent an officer told a man who lives in the house and his dog got out safely nearly fifty firefighters worked to put out the flames the fire caused extensive damage to the home and to some damage to some neighboring homes. norfolk isn't the only city dealing with massive fires in virginia beach one person was hurt in an apartment fire off a tree top drive off of bird neck road we brought you live pictures from the scene this morning and thirteen news now at day break coming up in the next half hour we'll hear
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out of the building in time virginia beach is in jeopardy of losing millions of dollars in state funding to extend light rail are jimmy lee is live at town center with more on the ultimatum from state leaders of this is where the city wants to extend the light rail to from norfolk and ultimately the one taking all the way down to the ocean prime. but the city is in desperate need of state funding because there is no federal money for this and with the possibility of this issue going to referendum in november secretary of real angel says that he can not support a project that's contingent on a boat because that would be fiscally irresponsible twenty one hundred and eighty three dollars for each city treasurer john atkinson crunching the numbers in his office and often right now the taxpayers are paying thirteen dollars and twenty six cents per round trip. he says extending the light rail to virginia beach is just too
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to go to referendum. but if that happens the city could lose a hundred and fifty five million dollars in state funding. secretary of transportation aubrey layne told delegate ron villa nueva in the latter but the money would go back into the state's high priority projects program because the state can only fund projects to completion so far atkinson has gathered seventeen thousand of the twenty seven thousand signatures he needs to put it on the ballet was first in the presidential primary on super tuesday we're going to have man every precinct weekend and i fully expect to get another ten thousand signatures. my stomach leases the executive director of virginia beach vision she says the region needs a multimillion transportation system in order to grow if we got to be gridlock and we're not going to be able to bring new businesses new jobs in the area she says without this funding the region may lose its chance to extend light rail once and for all
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for the city to come up for the region to come up with the kind of dollars necessary to do it independent and i spoke with mayor will stephens on the phone today and he told me that he is in the process of writing secretary lane a letter to get some more for clarification because he believes that the money shouldn't be jeopardized as long as the referendum does not affect the actual timeline of the project and coming up tonight i sit down tell you exactly what john the signatures he needs to bring this issue to referendum now reporting live in virginia beach on jimmy me thirteen years now. right now there's a fierce debate over who will replace late supreme court justice antonin scalia asked leah died over the weekend and his death has set up a big political battle senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says the next president should nominate scaly as replacement. the gop presidential candidates agree top democrats say the process should move forward and president obama has promised to nominate a
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confirm or deny that appointee when election is over the president plans to have a chance to send qualified nominees of their philosophy to the senate will vote for the mets are qualified even though i would not have chose them with scaly a seat open that leaves a sitting supreme court justices meaning of four for ty as possible this could be bad news for former governor bob mcdonnell like gooding is here to explain that lets ride even if in fact there were a tie then the lower court's ruling would withstand which of course was guilty of public corruption with a sense of two years in prison. one local legal scholar told me today that that's still a big enough the death of u s supreme court justice antonin scalia could have an impact on former governor bob mcdonnell's appeal or it might not at all. well i don't think we should pre suppose what justice scalia would die and back eighties field evans is the sandra day o'connor professor of law at
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mary's marshall with school of law the future will tell us that al of whether the governor is said with a four four split or whether identify three or six two decision even unanimous decision most supreme court decisions. actually our unanimous decisions last year a three judge panel the richmond based fourth u s circuit court of appeals unanimously upheld mcdonald's convictions and the full appeals court declined to re hear the case but then the supreme court agreed last month to hear madonna's appeal sometime in april without scaly although there could potentially be a four four time the court which would affirm the fourth us circuit upholding the convictions and mcdonnell would begin a two year prison sentence the way mary xd evans isn't so sure it'll play out like that. i think it's very hard to read the tea leaves and maybe that the justices work hard and achieving consensus and not appearing as if their partisan and too real possibility that we'll see surprising number of unanimous decisions that are
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the region after for the court to stand up is a court of law as opposed to a court of politics and that's a real possibility and it's also a real possibility the corps will provide four to form partisan lines it's really hard to predict what will happen. i had just run in to make da last thursday two days before scaly had died and at that time he mcdonnell was upbeat about his chances before the supreme court. i reached out for comment today from the mcdonnell legal team i was told by their spokesman. i don't envision respond to this time but will let you know if i hear otherwise. reporting live by cutting thirteen is now a virginia beach man charged in an up skirting incident thirteen is now learned this isn't the first time he's been accused of taking inappropriate pictures and very public places. parents trust that the person teaching their child is safe to be in the classroom but
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. i a virginia beach man is in jail yeah laughter and up skirting incident police say andrew madison used his cellphone to take pictures of a young girl scurried inside a restaurant back in december and is not the first time madison who has been busted up skirting more so roberson sat down with one of his former friends and it's a story you'll see only on thirty news now in the second time addison has been in trouble for something like this the most recent was here and this panera bread where he was caught using his phone lookup the start of a young girl i don't want him to be able to buy lee anyone know i won as many people out there to be aware of who he is twenty five year old in
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tonight police say he secretly recorded of a young girl's skirt and a spammer off alaskan wrote back in december once lined up under the table and get pictures up first for a former friend of mattie's use is speaking out she didn't want to show her face but says she's doing this to warn others discussed and nauseous that i hadn't been so close with this person for so long and say he was just pouring the entire time. the friend tells us matters to admit to having an entire collection of pictures because he secretly took of unsuspecting girls. flashback a few years. this is madness to win twenty eleven the first time he was arrested for the same thing taking pictures of a young girl skirt at the lead story in lynn haven mall. obviously he hasn't learned his lesson yet. mattie sue will be back
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being held without bond. i'm hoping that he'll get enough years in jail until finally learned his lesson in virginia beach marcella robertson thirteen years now it's a fair go through the minds of many parents what the person teaching my child everyday is not safe to be there. we've learned of fragmented system of background checks and licensure standards could mean predators and up in your child's classroom thirteen is no investigative reporter laura geller joins us with the story everyone should see well we've all heard the stories and seen the mug shots of teachers who have preyed on innocent children tonight we're uncovering what safeguards are in place and what changes could be made to better protect your kids from dangerous teachers they're part of the nationwide usa today tag new media dishonor roll tonight where investigating what happens when problem teachers who have gotten in trouble again the system and move from district to district or state to state
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that right here in virginia so there's really no more important responsibility here at the department of education or out in the one hundred and thirty two school divisions that keeping kids safe we're taking some difficult questions to the state department of education and federal organizations which focus not only on your children's education but their safety as well. our special investigation dishonor roll airs tonight at six. laura geller thirteen years now but parts of hampton roads on inch or so snow this morning areas farther to the north saw even more of this is video right here from charlottesville to see the snow blanketing the ground at uva university canceled classes today because of the snow. jeff we're dealing with more of a rain event right now correct yeah definitely no snow but we don't have a lot of heavy rain will come a little bit later tonight or really more like tomorrow hopefully after the morning rush hour. this is a shot as you can see from dawn to kiss behind the visibility is a little better but we're going to
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high atop the station and if you're watching just a half an hour ago you can remember hopefully that we just pointed out a few of those cars down in the parking lot down where you see the on what is that eight nine cars are so right down here you could barely make those out matt was yet now you can see some of the buildings the noaa building definitely an improvement in conditions out there right now and all of the rain really gone from the immediate area even around she get the gray had some a few minutes ago it's pretty much gone there might be a little bit of a sprinkle here just north and west of williamsburg right now thirty eight degrees no wind and it's been a week earlier had a northeast wind are now a northerly wind. now it's calm eventually it's going to turn around to the east the south east and then the south and that will bring the temperatures up and up pretty rapidly later on our forecast for tomorrow is that temperatures will be at least
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what we saw this afternoon a spot on forecasts for sunday for monday from sunday for monday was that snow would be around for the morning commute and of course we saw that this morning sore spot on streak is at six and will try to keep going tomorrow i can tell i am pretty confident it will be much warmer we'll see if we commit twenty. we believe we will twenty warmer that is right now still from the some thirties here near the coastline but you got forties already and even a fifty there in congo that's the warmer air gradually waning out there gradually coming and it'll come in little more rapidly later tonight same thing mid thirties on the sun the air is a little bit more to the north lower to mid thirties still for some of the far northern areas like on the northern neck around white's down just above freezing so lewd and hudgens yet a little bit of that ice earlier look at the fifties this greenish area here all the way to eastern north carolina mo ya current back and headed to the north as we
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that's why temperatures will hold steady or slowly rise the first couple of hours and then we'll really see them rising later tonight as that wind picks up hopefully the rain hold off for the beginning of rush hour tomorrow but then will start to see it moving in the end of rush hour the middle part of the day before clearing out again and it will be warm up into the sixties that could trigger a thunderstorm and a few spots tomorrow as well watch out for some potential for some gusty winds and then chile or tomorrow night chilly during the day wednesday as ratings fall back below normal and we look for a chance of a stray shower during the morning hours so here's the rest of the forecast then looks like this sixty one tomorrow ninety percent chance of showers and again maybe even a stray thunderstorm forty nine on wednesday was chance of a shower would even rule out a few sleet pellets are a flurry mixed in with that if it's a round and forty three really chilly thursday and we go back up
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sixty three for the weekend look at that we can get closer to spring. all right we'll take it so i had a dramatic rescue at a ski resort dozens of people including a baby stuck inside a tram car dangling forty feet above the ground a look at what it took to get them down and looking to bring closure to the families who lost loved ones on the elf our u s coast guard now
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the coast guard is trying to find answers for the family members of the elf our old crew hearings into the cargo ships troubles began in jacksonville florida they begin tomorrow the freighter sank near the bahamas during a hurricane last year killing all thirty three people on board among the victims was the ship's chief engineer richard that area of virginia beach. the biggest question here at the hearings is whether misconduct negligence
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contributed to the l far as the mines running jumping in weightlifting all will help recruiters figure out what military jobs best fit certain people were told it will cost about three million dollars to buy all the testing equipment the new tests come as the pentagon is opening to all combat posts to women. the army is also adding more female recruiters to better target women a bill to keep the names of all virginia police officers and sheriff's deputies a secret moves to the house the bill introduced by state sen john cosgrove from chesapeake even close. abc officers in virginia marine police. it would keepfficers names off public records. hasbro says the bill is meant to protect officers from being targeted for violence but critics say it will make government less transparent war of words on facebook days after
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by virginia beach police posted a viral video speaking out about the deadly shooting another person connected to the case posted this response yet. she enjoyed the show in gma to write here more of the video where this woman explains why she says the police shooting was justified and a fire to virginia beach apartment
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. a woman's emotional plea on facebook more than just a she's demanding for her father who was shot and killed plus pope francis continues his tour of mexico the latest on his trip and his message for the people there and a couple attacked with a machete hear from the pair from their hospital bed. most of hampton road saw a blanket of white snow outside this morning but rain washed some of that blanket right away thankfully there's no threat of a re freeze of all that slush tonight thirteen is now the weather for tracking warmer temperatures jeff jaeger
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considerably overnight and fifteen degrees in most locations as all of this moisture moves out and moves to the north we're going to continue to watch the winds going from calm when they are right now to add to the south like the upper level winds are you can tell the upper level winds around the south because that's the way all the moisture is moving but we haven't had that doubt the ground had just the opposite light northerly winds how much rainfall will we see coming through again not this evening when i can see hardly anything this evening beside some drizzle some rest some fog that kind of thing but the next twenty four hours will see around half an inch twenty inch probably as we continue to watch all this moisture streaming in so far since midnight last night we've seen anywhere from a quarter of an inch to in some spots about two thirds of an inch average to around half for the most part again that's liquid that includes the rain that fell that includes the snow that was melted all of that is again taken into account we get numbers like
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go back up tomorrow temperatures will go up and go up many big way overnight and into tomorrow as well i'll have more just how hot it gets coming up a daughter is crying out for justice for her father who was shot to death in virginia beach. i'm not i'm downloading great and even there i met holding red lizard man any payments that it means the heat. her father di kasi was murdered last august simply say angelo perry was late to cut the staff virginia beach police shot and killed perry in a shootout in september twenty eight year old in the educator also died in that shooting last week we showed you the viral video but takers mother gina best posted on facebook demanding justice for her daughter anne perry now copies daughters reacting to that video


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