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tv   13 News Daybreak  ABC  February 16, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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we're looking at temperatures in the upper fifties to low sixties and a couple spots it's rainy out to the last those showers are going to increase the legal line of pretty intense rainfall here that is working eastward through central north carolina nothing severe here so that's good but there are some heavier downpours want to see the rain overtaking our area as we go through the mid to late morning hours and issued be some showers but the rain is gonna come through and i expected between ten and a new good chances for his bank on that coming through and then move through and clear the coast so very very warm this morning and windy it because we've seen gusts between thirty and forty mph several locations including hampton virginia beach general is the city thirty mph gust their downtown norfolk visibility is good to be little damp again keep the umbrellas ready early this morning showers developing. keep in mind late morning to noon rain is going to occur and as we get
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be a strange lingering shower skies become partly cloudy late this afternoon in the sea bath overlooking now have the rest of the forecasts including a drop in temps in the will climb again as we head to the weekend. here's ashley all right fred we've been talking about this for probably the last i'd say thirty minutes or so. naval station norfolk traffic. if you plan to take five sixty four west before you leave the house take a look at this camera this is five sixty four west and one of the more dramatic shots here because it really shows you the brake light extending all the way down five sixty four headed to the railway tunnel the shot right at chambers field where backed up by sixty four west all the way to sixty four and then on sixty four between chesapeake boulevard in the sixty four interchange mainly in the hov lane so if you normally use those lanes are probably either just a one a boy five sixty four west. altogether this morning and take him to boulevard twenty one of the alternate route into the base or if you do have to take five sixty four west
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worry about getting to work late this morning that is the bulk of our delays i'm kind of watching across the road mainly roundtable station norfolk in to check things out around the midtown tunnel to give you an update they are coming up at six ten and we've got breaking news from christopher newport university the wasson center for public policy just released a poll of virginia voters which shows two weeks before virginia votes on super tuesday donald trump leads all contenders in the virginia republican primary and his fellow breaks down to the top four republican candidates donald trump z twenty eight percent marker will be always behind with twenty two ted cruz just behind him with nineteen percent. dr ben carson trailing with seven percent as far as the democratic primary voters go fifty two percent of those surveyed said they would vote for hillary clinton while forty percent say bernie sanders is their man of the wilson center survey was based on interviews with seven hundred thirty five registered voters was conducted from february third through the fourteenth both republicans and
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presidential primaries in virginia on march first we have more on the survey including some interesting information about donald trump's favor ability rating by those folks were surveyed all have that coming up at six thirty for the house in a park or thirteen is no reason to think you and their mother this morning there are still several school delays due to yesterday's storm. i love white northampton county north carolina southampton county in surry county all opening two hours late and we've got a full list of closures on thirteen is not state police say that winter storm caused ninety seven crashes just yesterday three of them fatal state police and is this picture of one of those fatal accidents from chesterfield county here in hampton road state police say they responded to five accidents newport news police will search the high school this morning before it opens this comes after administrators learned of a bomb threat. our partners at the virginian pilot reports the school notified police after they got that threat we're still working to get details on the nature of the threat despite the heavy
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schools say they don't think the threat is credible. there will also be extra security at the school today in norfolk parts of west ocean view avenue are going to be closed until tomorrow night so crews can clean up the mess left behind from a huge condo complex fire drivers traveling westbound between twelve and thirteenth streets will be diverted firefighters are still trying to figure out what caused these flames but don't believe arson is to blame saturday's four alarm fire left about thirty families homeless that willoughby spit fire is just one o four the norfolk four department investigators are also trying to figure out what cost to other home fires and a business fire the lomax title loans and north military highway also caught fire saturday and on sunday there was a second house fire in crews fought a two alarm fire on cambridge crescent the fire department to some of them may be weather related some college crowd funding some call it digital
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is taking a closer look at the latest way to raise money right here in hampton roads thousands of dollars raised on websites like go find me and you caring last year as we all know anyone can start a campaign for just about any reason we spoke to the ceo of go fund me rob solomon about the crowdfunding phenomena great traction in the throes of awareness is due to a boarding house really empowering people to help people. it's a really exciting to see the growth so each person goes in knowing that if their own choice to donate sometimes people's generosity is taking advantage of what you need to know before you give your money away would have a special forum at six o'clock to six o six is your time steps have been blamed for deadly accident this morning i would have been behind the wheel and how the social media company is now responding to this. plus how
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including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened, as have blood, liver and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. talk to your doctor and visit this is humira at work. right now things are quiet around town point park and most of hampton roads will check things out at the westin where it's looking pretty good as well. little damp out there but we are free of any significant rain
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now we will see chances for showers later this morning the showers will push towards the coast now it is breezy out there and you can see some of the sea grass out there blowing a little bit at the oceanfront up in hampton things are pretty quiet look at the flag still blowing and around norfolk visibility is excellent will check the conditions for you here as far as wins go with a look at the gus you could see gusts around thirty mph and alpha norfolk newport news almost thirty and aggressive thirty two down there chesapeake at dock pier a gust just reported a thirty six mph gust between thirty and thirty five mph for virginia beach and up in hampton. higher temperatures are very mild when you step outside you can feel the warmth that it feels great but know this. here is what whether that is going to roll in from the last word is he good chances for rain later this morning in through the middle part of the day temperatures are up a lot from this time yesterday you could see temperatures between thirty and forty
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morning what a difference a day makes more colder set to roll in though. later today to get the kids ready for the bus stops temperatures mild this morning they're going to see the wet weather around midday in improvements to the afternoon temperatures will drop back into the fifties later today and temperatures cooler tomorrow and thursday. let's check in on the midtown tunnel here's ashley r i was just ten minutes after six at this point craig in right now trying to pick up a little bit at the midtown tunnel in the usual delays we start to see into the morning rush hour traffic leaving portsmouth had into norfolk you can really make it out here we see that steady stream of traffic headed into the midtown tunnel. watch out for that maybe at about seven to ten more minutes your commute to so that you not sitting in a slowdown is going to make you late for work this morning. now on track and are actually on our travel time to check that first because on keeping a very close eye on traffic around five sixty four west we still have a pre substantial delay would only take you six minute to cross the span of five sixty four headed to the base is now
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giving you a lot more time to try to get to the base on time this morning. now on the other hand if you're headed from the coleman bridge between yorktown in gloucester and seventeen it's taking the normal two minute drive to head north but again the focus is going to be on the base traffic so have the latest they are coming up next ninety two national analysts consider leaving late to work some of you may be stiff today but could you do it for six years love to be unbelievable true
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. six for teacher top u s coast guard is trying to finance as for the family members of the elf our crew hearings into the cargo ships troubles begin today in florida the freighter sank near the bahamas during a hurricane last year killing all thirty three people on board among the victims the ship's chief engineer a composite area of virginia beach. the biggest question at the hearing is whether misconduct negligence or shoddy safety inspections contributed to the apparent demise. the u s surgeon michigan today in the wake of the drinking water crisis after flynn switched its water source to cut costs. it lacked adequate treatment can cause the lead to leach from all pipes. michigan's governor once the beds to expand medicaid to cover pregnant women and people under twenty one so they can get medical attention for lead poisoning. here's a question whether a popular social media outlet to a
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this video of three young women in philadelphia died when their vehicle slammed into a tractor trailer back in december their families getting snapped at for encouraging them to speed a feature on the temple was used to record how fast they are going. one of the family's planning out a subpoena for final snaps well it is a question that has been debated for years how young is too young for a child to have a cell phone in twenty fifteen survey by coupon company boucher cloud reveals the average child is given their first cell phone at age six when pediatric psychologists recommends getting your child the phone between eight to eleven years of age no matter what age they get a phone experts recommend talking to your child about cyber bullying inappropriate content and social interaction. new this morning the obama administration is approving the first u s factory in cuba in more than half a century a big deal here it's a two man company from alabama plant expected to assemble as many as one thousand small tractors a year for sale to
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officials already have publicly endorsed this project. asian stocks rose for a second straight day today as a jump in crude oil prices gave investors a bit of relief. the us markets closed for president's day yesterday was st is hoping to rally today as well. friday was a winning day for investors here the dow gained three hundred and thirteen points to fifteen thousand nine hundred and seventy three the snp jumped almost thirty six points and the nasdaq was up seventy six seventeen talk about iraq and check out what myers in the african country of angola found the four hundred and four carat gem is worth nearly fourteen million dollars. it's two point seven inches long that will be hard to fit honoring you might imagine the white try them it's the largest diamond ever found an angle pretty cool i was with us now the rain were actually may be quite a bit but in a short amount of time so we have a window coming up with this
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to get reaeay intense probably about half an inch or so expected. i think that window probably between ten and c twelve fifteen twelve thirty i called my mom to take my word for wushu certain cash back and take a look right now and we do a couple sprinkles out ahead of it and i was just taking a look at a live sky view over nor fic you'll notice hamilton avenue the traffic moving along steadily inching maybe a little bit of a shine down there on the roads were out looking a lot of rain right now but i noticed a little bit of moisture starting to spot the camera and we will see a few sprinkles out ahead of that name push whether they will come through when talk is not about spots of rain that are spot on forecasts yes they were called for snow for the morning commute obviously we had that snow monday morning so the streak is at six or calling for temperatures to be much warmer about twenty degrees warmer and as i mentioned at least twenty degrees warmer yesterday morning we were thirty degrees cooler than where we are right now so
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to continue and will extend it as a day or the rain chances for today i mention we're going to have that window between ten and say twelve thirty or so we're going to expect rain and some gusty wind as well might even have a couple stray storms after that the chances for rain drop off significantly there could be a couple isolated showers even buy two or two thirty. it's going to be mainly trying the chances for a dew drop significantly especially around the airport and that's what those rain chances represent what's going happen for an orphan as we take a look here today going through the day temperatures cause the sixty one and dropping lately afternoon into the evening noticed the skies becoming partly sunny later this afternoon to mainly clear heading in the evening. we've got your sunglasses with you while you won't need him so much this morning. you want an umbrella. later in the day with the clearing skies the sun glasses will come in handy right now the weather out to the west again there might be a little spinner sprinkle here or there but the bulk of this moisture coming through later this morning to the middle part of the day. here's a look at
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see this and see exactly how this times at a few spotty showers temperatures upper fifties to low sixties this morning as we take you through the middle part of the day nine thirty ten o'clock. there's your rain coming through and as we go through eleven thirty and twelve bc the rain pulling off the coast and by twelve thirty one o'clock again most eerie starting to dry out showers may be lingering around the outer banks the eastern shore for concert scene clearing out to the west by late afternoon into the evening temperatures will be a little cooler tomorrow and thursday in the warming up again for what will be a very nice weekend looking forward to it temperatures are right now upper fifties to low sixties it is windy out there especially along the coast to see some of those winds gusting thirty to forty mph at the airport south of these wins and seventeen the highs today close to sixty one degrees in the showers likely and maybe a couple of storms especially into north carolina. there's a full
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the tenth rebounding for the weekend jordan braid see what's going on out there ashley's been keeping our eye to its all right craig a lot of the area has been moving very well this morning the jordan brand a great example of that so we'll give you a quick live look now at the jordan bridge if you're headed between chesapeake and portsmouth. here's a westbound traffic approaching the portsmouth side so if you're headed to the norfolk naval shipyard or something like that this morning to be in fine shape and eastbound traffic headed toward four sixteen for moving very well this morning across the jordan bridge but not everywhere is moving so well we've been talking about that based wrapping so back to the map now when i give you an update. also with the good news here so i was telling you about the delays on sixty four west headed to five sixty four west. i just checked the cameras. it looks like this has now fanned out so we're not seeing any substantial delays on sixty four hundred to five sixty four but as soon as you get to that interchange it's going to be that slow go into naval station norfolk. also seeing delays on fifty poured on sixty four medicines you
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four on to bay avenue bay avenues also can be very slow if you're taking that bait into the bay so a bit of good news but are still dealing with pretty bad delays out there and have the latest delays across hampton roads and up into your bracelets coming up at six thirty nine ash think you will many of us have resolved to lose a little weak this year and maybe one day and that's holding you back yet six thirty i take a look at how
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i do the sixty fourth time a bizarre bill making its way through the kentucky lead slater has been dubbed the viagra bill before receiving a prescription men would be required to have at least two doctors visits must have a letter from their wife and must swear on a bible it's intended to counter the state's informed consent law which requires women to consult a doctor twenty four hours before an abortion lawmakers say there's no chance of this bill will pass and that it's meant to draw attention to the government involvement in medical matters. the story has many of you talking online home and skipped work for six years and no one even noticed think at this. abbas is only found out after they tried to award him for twenty years of service. the man worked at a water treatment plant in spain but felt that there
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position on now the plant is suing him for collecting pay all of those he's taken an incredible part of a break is giving one lucky person a chance to win a trip for two people to new york city. it includes airfare hotel and tickets to see good morning america in times square. so during the six o'clock hour watch for the keywords and entering their teen years now to calm you can have several chances to win throughout the week looking to pick the winner white after the daybreak show on friday only in virginia after snow yesterday morning were in for weather in the sixties as you head out the door and to date no leave you with wind outside right now but leave the umbrella to crack says he's tracking significant rain and then the headlines the va once again under fire
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armed with a double barrel shotgun of the book use of the crime spree of several different cities putting service members' lives at risk by letting crisis calls go to
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better way to lose weight see this kind of like nutrition for debris that might be the key to helping you shed those extra pounds good tuesday morning tia this is thirteen is now daybreak a monterey senior and lucy bustamante thank you for joining us today we have a few delays to start off with this morning public schools in isle of wight county north hampton county in north carolina southampton county and surry county will all be opening two hours late oh yeah now we were going to be around just regular and he is tracking the warmer weather but we'll have wind and rain as well and forecast we are going to see some rain rolling through later this morning right now skies are variously to mostly cloudy and it is windy out there we'll check those conditions in a moment but his word to show you the temperatures right now across the area again as mentioned a couple there is still on the way but
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fifties to low sixties across the area so you have to believe the temperatures this warm that the ice it was out there's not as big a problem still though the data issued a couple statements about some of the year is out to the west be very very careful and the roads are damp even where you don't have the ice like we had yesterday morning's to have damp conditions and can still be very slick. temperatures are going to stay warm today the drop off late afternoon we have an approaching system rain out to the west right now just a couple stray showers around hampton roads but a line of heavier rain rolling across central north carolina and it's all part of the system that is going to bring rain to our area later this morning and into the very early afternoon and see the best chance is between ten and c twelve thirty or so for most of the area. now it is windy and those winds are coming up from the south in the southwest of that push temperatures up so it's going to be a windy day and we will see the warmer conditions look at these temperatures close to sixty three the middle part of the day in the rain developing late this
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between will see nine forty five in twelve thirty and then as we get past one o'clock things drying out and we should seize more sunshine with temps back in the mid fifties later this afternoon on the full forecast talk about rainfall amounts coming up in my next update right now ashes gonna update you on naval station norfolk. all right craig has been the topic on the traffic network since about five thirty this morning maybe a little bit before five thirty those brake lights you read that you see you on the map behind me still very much in place headed toward naval station norfolk. let's get you a live look in the middle of the delay on five sixty four west is right past our terminal boulevard headed for chambers field made his way to the runway title it's moving but it is really really slow this morning the good news now we do not have delays on sixty four headed to five sixty four but what you don't five sixty four you still have to get through this mess so give yourself enough time to report to work on time this morning will see delays on
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that they skate as well known the traffic network maps i do have an accident. working out and or county that information in just a little bit and i have been up in your bridge that's all coming up at six forty and breaking news we are digging deeper into a new survey that was just released from christopher newport university the wasson center for public policy just hope virginia voters two weeks before presidential primaries now here's what the survey found. while donald trump leads all contenders in the virginia republican primary about two thirds of virginia voters actually have an unfavorable view of trouble. marco rubio is new as the most favorable among all the candidates and seventy six percent of those polled say they are very likely to vote in the march first primary fifty percent plan to vote in the republican primary in thirty nine percent in the democratic primary know what it comes to the democrats the survey shows that hillary clinton is leading a twelve percent of you can check out the full survey for yourself right now that she's now the com very interesting thank you sanjay
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distinctively dress robber may be responsible for crimes in three different cities yet check out this photo given to us by virginia beach police a man with a double barreled shotgun and diamond springs road last week in dc right there frightening scene authorities believe this person also responsible for robberies in portsmouth and chesapeake lauer least brown joins us now with much more on this investigation that's a crazy picture least it is after me let me show you guys where these robberies happened on this map for the first one happened last tuesday on the ninth in virginia beach at this sicko than three days later the second one happened at this bp in portsmouth and the day after on the thirteenth that same person wearing that same white in color top hit to seven eleven is just blocks from each other in chesapeake photos given to us by police in those three cities showed the robber wearing the same color top appears to be blue with an orange front pocket he also looks to be holding a shotgun in all three
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how much the robber took but in one case we do know he ordered a worker to empty the register. detectives in portsmouth chesapeake in virginia beach are looking for this person if you have any information you can call the crime line that number is a one eight lock u up police brown thirteen years now. all right elise thank you in later today the person accused of killing a man at a virginia beach barbershop is supposed to face a grand jury edward brooks is charged with first degree murder in the death of her l stevens police say that broke stabbed or else even just outside of the members barber and salon on virginia beach boulevard that happened back in november. stevens died at the hospital but brooks is currently in jail without bond. six thirty five no later today adair county woman accused of hitting and killing a young girl is set to face judge doris downs is charged with killing the brea boulevard back in november that old male victim riding her bike in kill devil hills at the time she later died in
6:33 am
hospital uses charged with misdemeanor death by motor vehicle and failure to stop at a red light in this morning in norfolk man will stay in prison for decades after an armed robbery that he committed when he was fifteen years old the virginia supreme court upheld former governor bob mcdonnell is partial pardon which produced radio on blount sentenced to forty years in two thousand and six blount into eighteen year old robbed people at a party the older teenagers pleaded guilty and received ten and thirteen year sentence is allowed to went on to a trial and a court sentenced him to six life terms plus one hundred and eighteen years six thirty six now taking action to stop trouble teachers from cheating background checks but authorities are doing a close a dangerous loophole is even more evidence the federal government is not taking veteran suicide seriously imagine making a phone call
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the morning six thirty nine in sky's invariably cloudy we are tracking a line of intense rainfall out to the west it's going to come in ahead of it were looking at winds are gusting up from the west are shooting from the southwest and south at
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some spots we had some really high gas and run to appear to virginia beach earlier right now looking at gusts to thirty three mph both those locations. what a show in the rain that is out to the last and there is a thunderstorm warning down to the southwest part of this is not the bc thirty new year there's a line here that is producing some gusty winds so watch edits out to the west of rocky mount to get one to share that with you to such a know it will be watching for some of those stronger cells down to the south temperatures are going to be warm today the other thing we're looking at a decent shot of rain coming through. i think about a half an inch or so of rain in pretty short order not that it could be some timing issues on the roads will continue to watch at temperatures though much much warmer than yesterday look at the temperature change over the last twenty four hours temperatures today tapping on the low sixties it will turn a little cooler tomorrow we're going to see more sunshine not a match upcoming weekend in just few minutes here's ash are going to talk now about how things are
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few trouble spots but i want to focus on including of course the traffic around the table station norfolk i mentioned a few minutes ago that we have an accident working in york county sixty four westbound just past life what is your approaching kroger white on the left lane as blockages spoke with police. they tell me that a car went off road and into the wood so expect delays if you're headed to that area and talking around naval station norfolk and it isn't good news update. we are not backed up as far as sixty four on five sixty four west notably start with the around here a terminal boulevard that the drop down from fifty five to twelve miles and hours that's good news because it shows the laser starting to thin out so a slight improvement there as we zoom out with two of the laser on the midtown tunnel nature bt will talk about that next and i found that bridge the puppy for you that's coming up at six fifty or ashley thank you for those of you who work very odd hours. you know the struggle is real. oh yeah really fully rested may not be the only problem though you're dealing
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sleep week our lack of sleep
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waiting for today's keyword for daybreak contest is manhattan. yes we're giving away free trip for two to new york city and includes airfare hotel and tickets to see good morning america well now they have that keyword to head over to our website or to use the com click on the features tab and enter that keyword that just gave you for a chance to win will pick the winner after daybreak on friday. like everybody all new this morning the va is under criticism yet again after the veterans crisis line ignored nearly two dozen people according to the partners that we have a military times at least twenty three veterans troops or family members who called the crisis line in twenty fourteen were sent to voicemail. no one ever got back to them the investigation also found that the centers may not have adequately trained counsellors to answer calls from those experiencing a mental health crisis twenty
6:42 am
suicide. we have to do everything we possibly can and that includes answering the phone at the very least when a veteran reaches out to the report revealed the va does not train back up center employees or monitor training requirements the department has no way of knowing if her training is sufficient for one six forty six am learning new information about a national investigation that's tracking teacher misconduct a state by state audit has now been ordered in the wake of that investigation now we first told you about the dishonor roll last night on thirteen is now at six. it revealed that teachers who are stripped of their licenses can wind up back in the classrooms by crossing state lines. it's because of gaps in a national database that tracks these teachers education agencies in every state will now be required to participate in the audit. new this morning the body of supreme court justice antonin scalia is back in virginia as a political grudge match take center stage in dc over his
6:43 am
away on saturday in texas president obama could nominate a replacement as soon as next week when the senate returns the white house says the president is discussing the vacancy with top advisers look for much more on this story ahead on good morning america this morning get ready for a brand new type of wearable device a couple of former samsung employees have deployed the law. it's smart shoe contains a built in sensors special meters to h hp coaches create personalized workouts for the person wearing it. and how's this for way to keep things tidy in the office chairs s at park themselves manna which you have been around here in this class is all you need to have all the tears right back where they belong. this was done by nissan engineers to promote their new intelligent vehicle parking feature active as i was to climb and if you believe my desk
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how they had fun walking around is read by was really very simple people hear the gunfire across syria simply warm weather and it's going to be windy as well i am tracking there's one thunderstorm warning down to the south and south side of you your iraqi my area and west of that in the north carolina. so there's going to be some gusty wind but were looking it just rained more than anything across the region we will continue to monitor the situation through the morning winds are going up from the south as invariably cloudy and when you step outside you're certainly going to feel the warmth as you can see the temperatures in the upper fifties to low sixties across syria best chances for rain coming later this morning it's kind of fill in and continue just past noon and then later this afternoon skies are clear but the temperatures are going to drop. let's talk about rainfall chances over the coming hours in here you go for norfolk we're seeing chances a few spotty showers by eight but i'd say by nine thirty ten o'clock rain
6:45 am
the rain and were looking at a decent amount of rain probably close to half an inch in many locations the rain chances falling off afternoon and then later this afternoon that gradual clearing so that's what we're looking at the bulk of the rain coming up late morning to early afternoon and then the improvements as we dig into the day the temperatures will be up and then dropping off is a mention this afternoon here's where the rain is now and that thunderstorm warning again out to the west of rocky mount with this line here it is working me so down the south will be watching but they should maybe change up a little bit over the next hour or so will continue to track that the rains got a comment and we will see the potential for very gusty winds i think a few heavier cells down to the south as we go to the late morning into the early afternoon. you see the rain there temperatures in the low sixties a late morning and then falling off this afternoon the rain pulls off shore by twelve thirty one o'clock most of it should be eased to the coast. i do think up more on the eastern shore will see a little bit of lingering rain into
6:46 am
but look at the clearing out to the lesson takes place by three thirty four o'clock and as we head towards the evening hours for your commute home that looks like skies going to cleary a deathly watches sunglasses with you and the temperatures will fall off as we head into the evening as far as rainfall amounts go as a generally half an inch or so you can see some heavier amounts down to the south maybe some lighter amounts in a few spots really depends on how things actually come together as one moves through but plan on the rain in the could be so heavy of downpours that we cease upon the issues on the roads the winds are gusty right now are looking at gusts up around thirty thirty five mph several locations sustained winds are from the south southeast seventy mph and generally today the winds will blow fifteen to thirty mph so showers likely if you have your storms and of those heavy rains also possible los nineteen thirty nine and then tomorrow going to see a high of about forty eight again a shower possible early then
6:47 am
tomorrow night thirty four with mainly clear skies take away the rest of the seven day forecast temperatures near fifty on friday after a cool down for thursday will see temperatures rebounding through the weekend so we'll look forward to a nice weekend we are not looking forward to is traffic trouble and there's word of an accident. what's going on ashley and craig we just got a report of traffic trouble in newport news let's head to our camera now explain exactly what's going on here actually suppress wages you can see what's going on six sixty four southbound on what your thirty ninth street in newport news. this accident is blocking the right lane as you see hear and notice if you're headed for the monitor merrimack take a look at the delay making its way toward the accident scene until about a half mile one mile of heavy traffic they're trying to pack that seem to make its way in the direction of the monitor merrimack so if you are headed that way you may want to take the jar bt which is moving just a little bit that he won't have that big and the backup making its way to an accident scene so that's a quick heads up there on the traffic
6:48 am
bridge lift up to hear the gil martin bridge opening twice this morning one at seven fifteen and then again at eight fifteen this morning when jr be opening that was scheduled for eight o'clock has been canceled you don't have to worry about that anymore. and as we zoom out again we do have a few of the delays in a few other spots and have the latest there. and of the two accidents involving this morning. that's coming up in five minutes or ashley thanks so much here on daybreak we get to bed really early i wake up at two am to get to work on time. i often don't get the recommended sixty hours a sleep over night so you don't if you made a resolution to lose weight this new year and you aren't reaching those goals. not sleeping enough. maybe the reason. and here's why the mind is kind of like nutrition for the brain healthy body. you've heard the saying before i can do wonders for how tough a curveball a certified personal trainer says it's a critical part of your health and fitness routine. if you don't get enough when you
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further than dr k to be where your body's metabolism thing that we don't get enough sleep. the chief of division of ems sleep medicine has been studying sleep for forty years. if you stay up late at night you're working in the hospital at night you're going be more attractive job to think about it when you're tired you might reach for that. noted for pick me up and then later you skip your workout in exchange for take out the regular sleeve same time and a regular exercise because exercise could be a good sweet sweet relief to have in place by the right clients all the time we try to get as much sleep as possible to see that you are actually all of us coming they will do because we work discreetly ship. i certainly don't get that recommended the worst sleeper night so the guys tomorrow night
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i spent the night at the sleep space to let you sleep lah. so i can put those probes all of the heathens the field and celery. it's very no makeup so that the riaa has not got the warriors guys and much
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your tops or in the morning rush a distinctively dressed robber may be responsible for for crimes in three cities yesterday virginia beach pictures of someone with a double barrel shotgun to rob the sicko and on springs road last tuesday days after that a similarly dressed robber had a bp station in the kirkland area portsmouth hours later to speak of is is wrong the scene of two robberies there the person sawed off shotgun and was dressed like the robber in portsmouth. if you have any information about any of these incidents to see here in this video call the crime line the person accused of killing a man at a virginia beach barbershop is supposed to face a grand jury today edward brooks is charged with first degree murder in the death of her l stevens police say brooks that derail stevens outside of the members barber and salon on virginia beach blvd in november. stevens died at the hospital brooks is currently in jail without bond. right now newport news police get ready to search
6:54 am
opens today and this comes after administrators learned of an apparent bomb threat our partners at the virginian pilot reports the school notified police after they got that threat school officials don't think the threat is credible but say they're taking it seriously and were told there will also be extra security at the school today well today congressman bobby scott will visit norfolk state university to talk about dealing with student debt people from other local universities will join him for a roundtable discussion on college affordability they will address the steps colleges are taking to combat student debt. scott will also discuss what congress is doing to make higher education more affordable or ashley's been a busy morning on the roads for it so everybody getting back to work after the long weekend there we had knots in your county that has cleared the sixty four west past like but we still have an accident in the clearing stages in newport news sic sixty four south at thirty nine pdt now's the right shoulder is blocked they are still about a half mile back up trying to get past that seem to expect delays on the traffic network
6:55 am
on naval station norfolk. but they are improving just a little bit. eastbound of the hr bt and the midtown tunnel and don't forget the gilbert and re opens in about fifteen minutes and then again at eight fifteen this morning i got is very bleak cloudy windy and warm today we get right into it because the jewish a couple of things first of all i look outside to see the clouds out there right now sustained winds are from the south southeast at about twenty to twenty five mph upper fifties to low sixties very mild but down to the west into the southwest i want to show you we do have one cell and that's a long gated there's a couple of thunderstorm warning just outside of our viewing area bottom one is some gusty winds that cell is weakening as it moves eastward which is good for our area but the bottomline is i expect some heavy rain to move in later this morning and now we get heavy rains and gusty winds a couple stray stronger storms there that was yesterday's are an old forecast there were not worried about snow today temperatures low sixties it
6:56 am
tomorrow and thursday morning again for the weekend i cut the amount of reps of their tees now daybreak or beckon you with up good morning, america. weather whiplash. a wild swing in temperatures and slick roads spark major accidents. a massive pileup overnight. 17 reported tornadoes in the south destroying homes, businesses, and cars. and a new batch of bad weather moving in right now. just four days until the next showdown, jeb bush calling on his brother to charm voters. >> i've been -- misunderestimated most of my life. >> as donald trump unleashes a tirade against the bushes and ted cruz. >> aye never seen anybody that lied as much as ted cruz. and he goes around saying he's a christian. >> now threatening to take cruz to court. donald trump is joining us live
6:57 am
stunning revelation. the wrestling superstars now speaking out about the secret they kept for so long. why wwe star daniel bryan's wife agreed to keep quiet about her husband's concussions, the ones that eventually forced him to call it quits. everybody and the grammys rocking all night long. lionel richie saying "hello" to music's biggest night. taylor swift taking home a huge award and taking on kanye west. >> you don't let those people side-track you. we could be heroes just for one day >> and lady gaga with an out-of-this-world tribute to david bowie. this is ground control to major tom >> this morning, the secrets behind that electrifying night only on "gma." and good mork, america.
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