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tv   13 News 4  ABC  February 16, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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indicted on second degree murder charges in state trooper found quinn says remains in the trunk of slaying his car during a traffic stop in hampton last summer. marcella robertson joins us now live from hampton and marcella what happened to her previous charges for slain was originally facing a charge of hiding a body but we were in court this afternoon and and prosecutors announce that they have charged tanya slain with the second degree murder of her son quincy davis now as you mentioned a state trooper didn't find a message remains in the back obviously his car during a traffic stop last summer he pulled over for expired tags and a mane that the gruesome discovery of davis' that remains after all these months a month and pass leaving was never charged with her son's murder but again at this point investigators do b bieve that they have enough evidence to move forward with this case however we still don't really know many details surrounding the circumstances of how quincy davis and may have
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that a grand jury met two weeks ago the indie dance leaning these new second degree murder charges and they believe that there was enough evidence to move this case forward again those charges being announced in court this afternoon. nestle is still in police custody sure made in police custody until next week she has another hearing where she will appear on those first are the second degree murder charges either for the very first time. now again although we don't know the circumstances surrounding twenty davis' death we have learned from court documents and investigators do believe they've narrowed down a timeline as to when davis may have been murdered you hear that part of the story coming up tonight on thirteen years now at five now live in hampton marcella roberts in thirteen years now. while most of the rain moved out of hampton roads late this morning it is clearing up quite a bit this is a live picture from the virginia beach town center from our west and skyview bar and temperatures will continue to fall through the evening kind of back to normal jeff
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weird day with our former will be a transition itunes and tomorrow we're going to be a little below normal not alot just now three four degrees something like that this a very similar shot what you just saw from our skyview at town center. this is our sky view here right atop the station downtown norfolk and you can see just a few harmless puffy cumulus clouds in the distance. lots and lots of clear skies is a great good to clear all night right now not so quickly and let me show you why we've been talking about it for a couple of days. obviously the moisture that we had is gone with this system but here's the next when you can see that counterclockwise rotation spinning around and that's going to head to write tortoise later tonight and tomorrow looks pretty ominous out there right now but a lot of that is going to fall apart later tonight and tomorrow as it gets east of the mountains so you can see temperatures falling from the fifties back down into the forties through the forties and then during
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to end up in the upper thirty s or mid to upper thirties for most of us and again notice the clouds starting to increase after midnight. very late tonight them look at a chance for couple of showers so the big news will be a few very isolated showers but some gradually colder weather of the next couple of days and on more on that coming up i think just what's in the future for light rail expansion virginia secretary of transportation on for elaine says now is a time for make a decision he's looking for a commitment before the state invests funds into light rail expansion and jimmy lee joins us live from virginia beach and jimmy looks like time is of the essence there before the window of opportunity closes. it really is janet secretary wayne said this morning that the city of virginia beach would have to make a local funding commitment within two months in order to keep the one million dollars in state funding to extend the light rail to town center and buy
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i mean is that the state is basically just wanting the city to sign a binding agreement saying that the city is going to purchase light rail cars and find and a future construction of this project basically the state just wants this on paper because the transportation board has to abide by that code which prohibits the state from funding projects that don't have this binding agreement. now i spoke with the mayor will see us in studio and he told me that you know he this whole thing has really caught him off guard because he believes that you know the city has been following the steps the right way all along by setting aside funds in the budget and thus supporting the design effort in this project i hate to see that the average fifty family knows is in jeopardy and i hope to do everything i can to be able to preserve it and of course the problem in this whole thing is this referendum issue what happens if light rail goes to
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course we had the city treasury leading one effort to put this on the ballot and then some city council members have expressed that they want to put this on the ballot as well and in secretary leaves mind he thinks that you know the city council members want this on the ballot and that means that they aren't fully committed. so he went before the transportation board today and ask them for their guidance and said you know what should we do about this whole situation he said he's gonna come up with a resolution today and then come back to the transportation board tomorrow with a decision that for now reporting live in virginia beach and jenny thirteen years now. canadian pacific is still in the hunt to merge with the norfolk southern. canadian pacific officials will ask federal regulators for preliminary approval of their proposed takeover norfolk southern the jet rejected all of canadian pacific's offers so far. one reason is because officials are unsure if federal officials would approve the deal. another is because norfolk southern
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offers are quote grossly inadequate. well twenty eight cases of car break ins all in the span of one hour at town center in virginia beach police tell us the break ins happened on main street near constitution drive. they also responded to one report not far away on central park avenue were told they may have happened between two fifteen a m and three am this morning so far there have been no arrests in connection to the break ends. police are on the scene of a crash and portsmouth were told officers tried to pull over a driver for traffic stop before two p m today police tell us the driver kept going then crashed at portsmouth blvd in rodman avenue right now police have two people in custody and are looking for a third reporter erin the lobo is investigating the circumstances behind the crash. i will keep you updated with the details on bomb threat this morning an orphan tank via drive thru window police a man pulled up to the drive thru at
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little creek road near grandview street were told the teller saying he detonated a bomb he left in the bank the teller didn't hand over money. officers matter of minutes until the man into custody the bomb squad didn't find anything in the bank. police say they are questioning the suspect and will follow charges later today. the adwords virginia smokehouse in surry county is so close after a huge fire last month however it's not stopping employees from moving forward with recovery of facebook posts shows the fire didn't destroy the break world in surrey and that rule now serves as the company's command base edwards for doing a smokehouse opened in surry county ninety years ago its products have become a staple for restaurants all along the east coast. all right let's take a look now at the afternoon commute we're kicking off a trap the trouble in williamsburg so let's head now for thirteen years now track the camera you can see here sixty four westbound at camp
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delay due to earlier accident here and another earlier accident four miles up your life. rosie will see about traffic in that area watch out for that certainly if the traffic network maps and quickly talk about the rest of your delays here six sixty supplement the monitor merrimack six sixty four north heading toward sixty four west of the hampton area senior sixty four westbound had the hr bt also slows of your head into any of those areas that you pack your patience and my water pump gas takes a lot more in gas prices across the region to leisure. he got some kind of bad news thai guys about hampton roads has experienced a slight gas price increase for the first time since let's take a look at some of those prices here are the numbers the national average right now is a dollar seventy but here in hampton roads average is a dollar fifty three and we found that hampton roads is a dollar
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is that gas prices in the tidewater region continue to be the lowest since two thousand nine so to help you out we've actually got an interactive tool in thirteen years now dot com all you need to do was go to our website and click the traffic areas and locations of the cheapest gas prices in the area so take advantage now because according to aaa prices are likely to increase by a bit more around memorial day back to high thanks elisa and what are your thoughts on the upcoming presidential election a new poll from christopher newport university shows as how virginians feel about the race to the white house and new information on an ex nfl star and william and mary grad the details from court documents on darren sharper a
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i virginia is a crucial state in the race for
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vote our primary just two weeks away this morning we got a brand new poll from christopher newport university and it gives us an early glance at who you're leaning towards elise brown has more. this super tuesday countdown is on me today where voters in several states make it known who they want their presidential candidates to be to gauge where virginians are steering is seeing use wasson center for public policy a nonpartisan group surveyed seven hundred and thirty five registered voters quinn kit is the center's director. he says donald trump is on top for republicans twenty eight percent were kirby has twenty two percent increase is nineteen percent followed by ben carson and john case against seven percent trailing is jeb bush at four percent on the democratic side hillary clinton leads bernie sanders fifty two percent to forty percent among those surveyed marco
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approval rating in the unfavorable can a great round lead the pack at sixty four percent followed by clinton at fifty nine percent which means voters the voters aren't necessarily happy with the field of candidates they have probably not happy with the tone of the campaign so far. bernard landry junior didn't express what can it will get his backing. however he is among the seventy six percent of voters likely to vote in the primary. why not use these rights. when you talk about things that you want things that you need in my line is a lot of interest among the republican of the republican side right now in this primer so i expect we'll see republican turnout levels to be a little bit higher than the than the than the norm in norfolk. elise brown thirteen years now and let's pick up on that last point there because the poll also revealed fifty percent of virginia republicans' plan of how in the primary compared to thirty nine percent of virginia democrats coming up the campaign to now
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hampton roads are migrating has a full report for you coming up a five card room chair where supreme court justice antonin scalia once said is now draped in black he sent to the right and chief justice john roberts scalia died sunday in texas and the age of seventy nine wheel or the scaly his funeral will take place saturday at the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception in washington d c he will lie in repose at the supreme court on friday former nfl star and william and mary grad aaron sharper as a new plea hearing this week in louisiana the hearing is set for thursday. sharper pleaded guilty as part of a deal involving drug and sexual assault charges in four states a federal judge deferred acceptance of the deal last year and shoppers trial date has been general motors is recalling
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the us and canada because of faulty airbags safety the air bag if leaders can explode with too much force during a crash and hurled metal shrapnel and drivers and passengers. this recall includes saab nine threes made between two thousand three and twenty eleven and sabah nine fides made between twenty ten and twenty eleven also included is two thousand and eight to two thousand and nine the saturn astra us if you own one of these cars take the vehicle to a dealer for a replacement one of sunshine out there right now and will continue until it sets and the love mainly clear skies early this evening but after that things will give way to some more rain again on radar curious to how much it makes it down to the ground. well we think some of it will just take a look obviously we had the main area moved through just about lunch time and ended the afternoon another
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that is now long gone temperature currently sixty one degrees winds out of the west and ne a fairly dry air mass to point to lead on a forty five. pressure is on again start to fall little bit later on time lapse from this morning some sunshine giving way to clouds here comes the rain generally around half an inch give or take a lot of spots and then we saw the clouds gradually sunshine as we won in the afternoon that continues to be the case now this evening temperatures currently in the fifties for central virginia we get closer to us and you start to see some sixties and that continues down with even slightly higher sixties least a few spots down toward the water. for example sixty three right now in chesapeake virginia beach sixty six degrees. a lot of people out running and doing some outdoor activities after the cold we've had it was a welcome shift now to go back the other way. temperatures right now running twenty two degrees above where they were yesterday at this exact time
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international similar numbers elsewhere you can see we're going to drop things back to the forties this evening keep it mainly clear to partly cloudy continues that way in to nine thirty or so at night and then here come some moisture later tonight and early tomorrow. a lot of this is going to tend to be very light oral often not even reach the ground but some of it probably will go into say a few isolated showers tomorrow for northern and western areas can even rule out a very brief very light shower of maybe soul eater some sort of a mix and then temptress my lot cooler than today with a northerly a north easterly wind and then even chilly as we get on into thursday. here's the first system coming through the second one. artie organizing out there in kentucky spot forecast for tomorrow says forty eight degrees for a high today we said temperatures would be at least twenty degrees warmer here that should say warmer in the afternoon. i miss
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the wrong thing when say twenty quarter we said twenty warmer today. you're watching us say you know that's true and we actually were twenty five to twenty twenty twenty five warmer this afternoon so that gives a seven forecasts in a row thirty eight then tonight breezing cold with isolated showers and then this seven day forecast goes like this forty eight tomorrow chance of a morning shower about a fifteen percent risk only forty one on thursday and forty eight friday but look at the weekend a couple of sixty dues that will feel nice sure well are right up next me the hampton roads woman who's met the pope and president said her name is queen and she is hampton
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. welcome back everyone they color quaid as she is half the roads were healthy and look what she's done with her incredible life when after mauer has been able to
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hard work and a will to succeed. she's a beautiful entertainer and one who's racked up respect. now she's making a mark back at home in newport news. aspiring entertainers here are loving the fact that they now get to learn from her and it was a pleasure interviewing her in emerald city at the downing gross cultural arts center rejoicing remaining one of the highlights of our incredible career doing that we saw them on how the jets wonderful it was exciting to talk to sleep as tomorrow backstage at the emerald city said at the downey goes cultural arts center. i want to see the young been taken part in community here in the seventies she was part of history playing on tv and in the all african american original production on
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us. now there's no place like home when it comes to getting back to get someone who i affectionately call remember the time she had to leave it like a mother to all of its here. she went from newport news to broadway and beyond the sea became a big star in europe and perform for the pope that's when he was tapping his foot. oh happy day oh i had made a note he did say it was great presidents. she performed with duke ellington and harry belafonte and got to sing for doctor martin luther king jr day we we did so right rallies. doctor king taught me to be a gentle person. he nipped at me and now she hopes to lift up these people
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ducati still got the beautiful beautiful story in the middle of a lady haha you ask a question during the store. yeah yeah i would say to doctor king up precious floor that was a song i love to hear her sing it and i know what clean is not done she just celebrated her seventy fifth birthday last friday she said was ok to say age and she's getting ready to go back on another tour in europe at large is absolutely beautiful all living legend some predator yeah well a growing number of people suffer from gluten
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. a native elements of the trial of a former police officer charged with murder the commonwealth's attorney filed a motion seeking to ban officers supporting stephen rankin from wearing their
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during the trial. reagan is accused of murdering an unarmed teenager at a walmart parking lot back in april last year eric ainge has the leads the team will gain it all spelled out in these motions filed in court prosecutors don't want more then ten uniformed officers allowed inside the courtroom and no more than three and then sitting next to each other hearing after hearing uniform portsmouth police officers have come to court supporting the former brother in blue. stephen rankin charged with murder but a motion filed by commonwealth's attorney stephanie morales seeks to limit the number of uniformed officers during next month's trial work wasn't a long time ago earl lewis the cousin of alleged murder victim william chapman says the officers' presence during pre trial hearings has antagonize the family meal in court. we expect to be at peace with death and justice math and you feel very well constable
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why because they are endorsing the killing of innocent man in her motion rao says the officers show of unity could influence the verdict in the high profile case she writes the stifling presence of so many law enforcement officers will have a chilling effect on the jury's ability to deliberate with open minds the high rankings defense attorney nicole below says the prosecution's request is baseless and a trial open to the public should be open to officers wearing badges to the factory that had you that the jury is not going to be able to call it during their game thirteen use now legal analyst and former prosecutor kevin geffen says the effect of the officers' presence on the jury is hard to measure jurors are human too and george pay attention to a lot more than just the facts that are presented to them in case and the defense plans to argue this motion next week in court the prosecution also
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stays are a critical piece of evidence in this case coming up at five thirty with the prosecution wants to do with it. erik ainge thirteen is now that kevin quick murder trial begins its third week six people are standing trial at the same time. four defendants face charges directly related to the abduction and murder of waynesboro police department reservists. prosecutors say the six people charged are allegedly part of a gang so far testimony comes from a medical examiner a gun expert other gang members and clicks mother. well not they were counting but two thirty three days until the start of spring and temperatures are warmer today after yesterday's snow has a live look from the norfolk skyview where you can see a mix of clouds and sun but jeff you're tracking a slight dip in the temperatures never want to point out some trouble in the silver lining in things you mention how many days until the start of spring. that's according to the calendar if you just go
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spring starts in sixteen days so we're only two weeks away from the meteorological start of spring we start see tempers really rising so he could see all the clear skies out there same thing on radar putting it in motion over the past few hours. well for the past three hours we haven't seen anything everything was already moving offshore at that point we had the main area come through then a secondary batch noticed these temperatures as we go to the evening dropping back but not the really cold levels it's going to drop into and through the forties and then later tonight a couple of spots in the upper thirties but we're going to be let's say upper thirty s to near forty but by morning notice some of this precipitation coming toward us. notice the very light colors however that means a lot of it will tend to evaporate before it hits the ground so we do expect if in this is where we get this somewhat heavier batches are out a little bit west of us so through late tonight early tomorrow. a few isolated showers across the region looked worse probably on radar when craig tracks in
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does in terms of how many people see it but make sure you carry the umbrella tomorrow morning just in case and then we start to see some chilly weather moving in for the next couple days after that i'll discuss that a few minutes right jeff we have some trouble of their right ashleigh. oh yes your head from hampden and it's getting to that side of their encampment and morph into a trap the trouble near the hr bt there's an accident on the norfolk side of the jar bt that has caused traffic to stop on the hidden side of the car bt all of this and eastbound into norfolk so i do want to alert folks might be headed out this is what's going on before we get to that you can see here have a live look across hampton roads and what else you might expect and that's not where you're headed you can see a few other red spots out there but let's now get to the big trap the trouble is near the hr bt will start with our first camera when i show you here the accident scene itself sixty four eastbound in norfolk just before you
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the left lane right now is blocked because of that blockage traffic is backing up to hampton roads bridge tunnel itself on the second camera crews and actually stop travel to cool off the camera crews have stopped traffic on the hidden side of the hr bt to relieve that back up. we already have a backup to settlers landing road in hampton that will continue to grow things on the norfolk sides start to clear out of your head into the south side take the monitor merrimack which has a little bit of a delay of your head into something but at least it's moving or you can head over to the jr be a major weight isle of wight county that another option for you but i've been keeping very close eye on this and keep you posted throughout the afternoon traffic here the rest of your delays are pretty minor at this point compared to this to stick with us to have the latest around the hr bt right here on thirteen years now. i actually thank you it was just after supreme court justice antonin scalia died this weekend when some politician said his appointment should be or his
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the next president not president obama that is setting the stage for the latest battle between washington republicans and democrats is also big talk on the campaign trail. joining us is jim half editor of bearing drift dot com thank you so much for coming on giant acer have the first of all i want to start up with something that president obama said shortly after slowly and i plan to fulfill my constitutional responsibilities to nominate a successor in due time saying that he plans to fill his constitutional duty. are you of the belief that it should be delayed. actually on the belief of due process as justice scalia on so much advocated for him he was certainly a text list he was an original list and you look at the constitution as it was written and as it was written it says that the president indeed will appoint with the advise and consent of
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conversation even though over the last eighty years is we've been listening to the conversation a political conversation even though it's somewhat unprecedented to have an appointment in the political currents also kind of one presses have a supreme court justice diane that they in large letters one other time hours to write so you know i'm all for us again and having advanced to the constitution of the united states and so let's have a copy of the conversation that doesn't mean that person has pointed is going to become far less another battle and that will certainly be coming up let's talk about former governor bob mcdonnell this is obviously going to have some bearing on what he's waiting for his appeal with the supreme court what he thinks going to happen there now this is where it gets a little dicey and i'm certainly no legal scholar by any stretch the imagination by the no white world. we're looking at no four the court has become so politicized and that's a shame and i think that's meant actually is the conversation that we
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want our our jurists to be impartial and to hear these cases on the merits and the basis of the case on and so you know i can't predict what the court is going to do but if we look in it in terms of strictly partisan partisanship. it looks like it's for four claims that the appeals court to the lower coal that's right our right were you surprised that this issue became politicized as quickly as it did. i'm disappointed that he can politicize quickly as a dead on fortunately and unfortunately the political climate zones and climate that we live in unfortunately i'm not surprised are thank you so much tim frazier an appreciative eye another death is shocking the political world today here the headline from usa today dot com former un secretary general who chose bhutto's cali has died current world leaders and united nations members are
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muchas cali was an egyptian politician and diplomat he was the sixth secretary general of the united nations and serve from january nineteen ninety two to december of nineteen ninety six reports are he died in a hospital in cairo after being admitted with a broken pelvis he was ninety three years old. good news right now is america's largest city is dealing with rush hour all power is restored to grand central station new york city but as you can see that was not the case this morning pow wow in the lower level only after six inch water pipe burst eighteen inches of water flowed into the vault that holds the electrical equipment train service was not affected but about a hundred store owners and some vendors had a close up shop for while. again everything is back running as usual and there's more news about a train crash in germany that killed eleven people have been a week ago. prosecutors say was probably caused by human error on the part of the train dispatcher to commuter train slammed into
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track about forty miles from the dispatcher whose job involves directing rail traffic and ensuring safety on the tracks sent the wrong signal to the trains in addition to those who died more than eighty people were hurt. thanks for that update what does a good virus continues to pop up across the country and now a new development in the outbreak one that could include genetically modified mosquitoes to tell the hat and what's really in your
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(male vo) victoza is an injectable prescription medicine that may improve blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes when used with diet and exercise. it is not recommended as the first medication to treat diabetes and should not be used in people with type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis. victoza has not been studied with mealtime insulin. victoza is not insulin. do not take victoza if you have a personal or family history of medullary thyroid cancer, multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2, or if you are allergic to victoza or any of its ingredients. symptoms of a serious allergic reaction may include itching, rash, or difficulty breathing. tell your doctor if you get a lump or swelling in your neck. serious side effects may happen in people who take victoza including inflammation of the pancreas (pancreatitis). stop taking victoza and call your doctor right away if you have signs of pancreatitis such as severe pain
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or from your abdomen to your back with or without vomiting. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you have any medical conditions. taking victoza with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. the most common side effects are headache, nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting. side effects can lead to dehydration which may cause kidney problems. if your pill isn't giving you the control you need, ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza . it's covered by most health plans. an attorney for former new york governor eliot spitzer is adamantly denying claims. spencer assaulted a young woman at a hotel. the woman has since recanted previous allegations but police are still investigating lives with her is in new york with
4:40 pm
york governor eliot spitzer denying any wrongdoing new york papers are having a field day with this story after police say this woman seen here on twitter who knew your peepers identify as twenty five year old atlanta travis called at nine one one saturday night after allegedly getting into an argument with spencer. inside new york city's famed plaza hotel. travis telling police at one point the former governor choked her but she later recanted that statement . the according to police the two had been in some sort of romantic relationship for about two years with his lawyer telling abc news there was no criminal activity of any nature on the part of mr spitzer saying spitzer had agreed to meet rob is out of room previously booked for her at the plaza hotel where
4:41 pm
herself. travis was later taken to a psychiatric hospital for evaluation for spitzer. this isn't the first time he's come under scrutiny but i've disappointed and failed to live up to standard expected of myself the married father of three was serving as governor of new york when he resigned in two thousand and eight following a sex scandal with escort ashley dupree the governor was known then to investigators as client nine spitzer is now divorced from his wife and we are told that twenty five year old woman is back in russia and not cooperating with the investigation it was baker abc news new york the world health organization says it might be necessary to use controversial muppets like genetically modified mosquitoes to wipe out physique a virus the virus is spreading across the americas it is lead to two babies born with abnormally small hats w h o has declared a
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because it says gluten free can you really trust the label there may soon be a new device that can help people who are allergic to certain foods. reporter jonathan blum testified that she radiates used to eat whatever she wanted until college i can even carry a gun or soy and i have never had issues with food before dining out went from a tree to a chore. pastor and a gluten free in jackson hole or jakarta and that's how she got the idea for this actually hear that the crunching through serene calls it a tiny laboratory closing the lid starts the chemical reaction and this pocket sized sensor reads the results all what happened what happened it frowning of us get good because it's a warning the two hundred dollars center called me but discover that snack mix was not gluten free if i'm not generally one out of five of the gluten free dishes that were testing out in restaurants are coming back positive for gluten the whole idea behind the design is to make it
4:43 pm
child to use and in fact kids could be some of lehman's biggest users with allergies are fifty percent more among children the last fifteen years and after the gluten test hits the market later this year the company's next project our little jars the test for peanuts and dairy but each jar is only good once and it roughly five dollars each scene as ashley clark thompson says newman serves a specific route folks who have really troublesome and potentially dangerous allergies. it doesn't strike me as something that would be for b i guess casual and free person. other food centers use infrared light but nina's makers found only a chemical test was sensitive enough for people with celiac disease like a lot of the medical devices in this new exhibit at the tech museum aims to keep you healthy by keeping you informed you the person who knows your hell fast and now you have the potential to be an equal partner with your position your caregiver to reno's it's just a matter of
4:44 pm
that'll make people happy and smiling at us. oh only the in san francisco jonathan blum and minister to abc news and with those same devices no cleaning or resetting is necessary before testing different foods. pretty nice out there this evening i'm sure a lot of you will be getting out and this fairly rare lately opportunity to enjoy some nice weather here during the evening but a little later that's going to change is nothing on radar now course we had rain earlier there's this just the last five hours by five hours ago we had already seen the heaviest of the rain moved out and then the swan little batch that craig was tracking at noon came through couple little minor lines of some very light shower activity that's all gone even the few clouds we had a few minutes ago i was shelling are now way off in the distance almost completely clear skies here locally for this evening then temperatures dropping back
4:45 pm
there in the sixties in some spots but dropping back to let's say around forty nine that's the culture they will soar to be the average i think across erie at about seven o'clock or so under mainly clear skies that will be breezy and cooler but it doesn't stay clear and to show you why it's also a luckly not as windy as it was early look at some of these wind gusts that we saw today these are not currently is with a peak wind gust today thirty six in newport news almost forty in hampton and norfolk and it did hit forty is forty three in virginia beach but that's not even as high as manny aware there was a fifty one mile per hour wind so we got back into the fifties during the evening hours again mainly clear conditions but already by late evening getting into the overnight we're going to start to see the clouds moving and a lot of this moisture is going to dry out as it comes down the east side the mountains but there will still be enough left that there'll be a lot on radar late tonight early tomorrow morning for
4:46 pm
tracked but i don't think it'll rain everywhere like showing there andrea we're going to seem like isolated showers possible late tonight early tomorrow and then that clears out chilly wind out of the north drops the readings we go tomorrow night into early thursday backed down a little closer to normal and then it actually going to be colder than normal during the day on thursday high temperatures will struggle to get up into the forties you can see the satellite and the radar showing the first storm the main area of clayton is moving out and here's this little bundle of energy very fast moving system just swung into the atmosphere going to slide across the mountain some little dry out. so for tonight breezy and cold but with isolated showers westerly winds quite dusty early becoming light and variable toward morning continued variable winds tomorrow at all like three six mph sunrises six minutes to seven and a couple of morning showers are possible otherwise becoming partly sunny and considerably cooler
4:47 pm
lower sixties tomorrow forty eight degrees so it'll be probably as much as thirteen fourteen maybe fifteen degrees cooler than some of you saw today my thirty three degrees mainly clear skies and colder again that's very close to normal. winds out of the north that six to twelve mph sunsets tomorrow at five forty seven and then the rest of the forecast looks like this seven day outlook forty eight to mile fifteen percent chance of a morning shower i would say overnight chances are probably closer to thirty percent during the daylight hours fifteen thursday forty one friday forty eight and saturday and sunday lower sixties should be a very nice weekend guys and stuff i just say that we're talking about the grammys because there's still lots of buzz around the block people are talking about last night and are still talking about it today no surprise there i made this awesome even throwing a lunge at the watson the web last night on the ice all your tweets
4:48 pm
thinking so much for watching us at home and treating with us is great so i have three of the biggest highlights for me that people are still tweaking the commenting about taylor swift let's start with her she gained the acceptance speech of all speech is it wine and some people are saying she was speaking right to con us listen. they're going to be people along the way issue will try to undercut your success or take credit for your accomplishments or your fame no that was due and cooper to their receipt that speech replayed over and over again today swift talked about the importance of taking credit for your own accomplishments and success she also said she's the first woman to win album of the year at the grammys not once but twice so congratulations. alright moving on so our next story that we wanna talk to you about that happened at the greens were very excited about this gal of course we have to talk about her jaw
4:49 pm
twitter erupted with angry comments about the audio issues i'm sure you heard it listen the a so she tweeted later in the night and said the piano bikes. now onto the piano strings and that's what the guitar sound was to make it sound kinda choppy and made it sound out of tune and the recording academy president also chimed in and supported her and confirmed he said yes their doctor was a technical glitch and finally the trees at the grammys this year were unforgettable just to recap some of the few that we saw let's take a look here. we cannot talk about lionel richie. he was honored with the with the grammys tribute to his forty plus years in his career when he decided to live up to one of his most beloved sox by joining the tribute and all the singers on state. next we also saw this lady ga ga interviewed everyone was talking about this to david
4:50 pm
perfectly and for what was effortlessly saw a lot of tweets about that a lot of names as well. and finally pena tonics and stevie wonder took to the stage to pay tribute to earth wind and fire's maurice white. so a lot of interesting attributes a lot of interesting performances and awards last night. plymouth was also honored along with glenn fry and b b king are right you know what people were kind of sad about natalie cole the more of that review dimes are lots of ups lots of conversation but you know is that it was a good show overall was actually what i've been in the sci fi shotgun starts at eight o'clock followed by the muppets at eight thirty then two hours of marvel's agent carter starting at nine o'clock and join us again and eleven for thirteen years now the westminster kennel club dog show underway today ben is getting attention in hampton roads. learn more about the local dog in
4:51 pm
ended with a crash in portsmouth. i know why officers tried to pull over the car in the first place and a mother is charged with her son's murder. this comes
4:52 pm
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the virginia aquarium marine science center is using his national geographic three d theater screen. michelle oscar winning films this month titanic will be the first movie shown us this weekend the movie is priced at five bucks per person. and speaking of the oscars you can watch the awards ceremony right here on abc thirteen on february twenty eight red dot from chesapeake is set to compete in the westminster kennel club dog show tonight on leo book bore both will compete in the working dog competition that dog is getting a lot of support on social media. the best in show competition also airs tonight and also there's a
4:55 pm
the coasts and who is also in that show alright that's all we have for you today at four thirteen is now in five starts with the police pursuit and or s r virginia beach student vanishes more than a decade later his mother is charged with murder two men found shot and killed inside a van one suspect is already behind bars. newport news police just named another suspect. a mother is charged with the murder of her own son. police found quincy davis is remains in the back of time to slay his car last summer during a traffic stop in hampton today we learned slate will face second degree murder charges in this case are so obvious and get a hold of court documents and marcella you found new information on davis' death. now according to those court documents investigators believe that honestly murdered her son
4:56 pm
july two thousand and four and july two thousand and five that is ten years before a state trooper found davis' remains in the trunk of his mother's car at this point we don't really know the details surrounding the circumstances of the day this is death but we do know investigators have enough evidence that they believe they can move forward with the case. quincy davis seem to be an average kid is so happy goofing off and he chose his so nice to everyone everyone was suspect and his childhood friend spoke with us a few months ago during a vigil being held for him for years they wondered what had become of the virginia beach middle school are the smartest way he was funny because i've been a doctor a lawyer. last summer a state trooper found a message remains in the trunk of a car his mother tawny asleep was driving police arrested fleeing men charged her with concealing a body now eight months later she's charged with her son's murder in court tuesday prosecutors
4:57 pm
and announce the murder charge. the grand jury indicted sleep in for the second degree murder of davis two weeks ago. details are still unclear and we don't know exactly what new evidence may be of service to spark a new charge court records however show investigators believe davis' mother murdered him sometime between july two thousand and four and july two thousand five ten years before state trooper found his remains the last time anyone remember seeing day this was in two thousand for no missing persons report was ever filed not on your plane is still in police custody she will be back in court here in hampton to face that murder charge next we live in him to marcella robertson and thirteen is now newport news police say they've connected a second person to a double homicide. now they need to find him. investigators say twenty six year old steven hayes coke andre gray and quintin kelley they found
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