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tv   13 News 5  ABC  February 16, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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and announce the murder charge. the grand jury indicted sleep in for the second degree murder of davis two weeks ago. details are still unclear and we don't know exactly what new evidence may be of service to spark a new charge court records however show investigators believe davis' mother murdered him sometime between july two thousand and four and july two thousand five ten years before state trooper found his remains the last time anyone remember seeing day this was in two thousand for no missing persons report was ever filed not on your plane is still in police custody she will be back in court here in hampton to face that murder charge next we live in him to marcella robertson and thirteen is now newport news police say they've connected a second person to a double homicide. now they need to find him. investigators say twenty six year old steven hayes coke andre gray and quintin kelley they found
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fourteenth street and wickham avenue police arrested the scene they fired a low ratio dancer and later took him into custody. dancer is charged with two counts of first degree murder police are searching for hayes a big storm system moved quickly through hampton roads this morning leaving behind sunny skies and above normal temperatures but the weather authority is tracking the cooldown so jeff is going to be a bit of a roller coaster the rest of the week and we're going cs or a gradual stair step down for couple of days and then go right back up the good news about that is that because backup just in time for the weekend those of you that are lucky enough to have off as you can see we had quite a bit of rain around earlier that huge mass came through late morning and then moved offshore little bit of very light precipitation than a couple of hours behind that for the next twelve hours though what we're looking at clear skies this evening chilly air temperatures as we fall back fairly quickly from the sixties in the forties
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because of the wind but then later tonight thing sort of steady out and we start to drop four to forty degree mark noticed the clouds on the increase overnight i think a few spots are going to see a little bit of a light rain showers even a slight chance far northern and western areas could see a couple of sleek palettes mic stand. but in general as you can see we had a lotta rain today almost an inch in wakefield two thirds of an inch newport news little over half an inch here in nor fact slightly lesser amounts chesapeake and some of the southern areas but now i gotta watch that they are filling back in with a few isolated showers late tonight and his roller coaster temperatures which i'll give in more detail i come back a crime alert in virginia beach police say dozens of cars were broken into overnight in a parking garage at town center were told twenty eight cars were damaged if you know anything about these break ins call the crime line virginia beach mayor will substances said it will take state funding to extend light rail. we told you yesterday
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aubrey layne essentially gave the city an ultimatum in a letter lane said a polite will issue goes to referendum the city could forget about one hundred and fifty five million dollars in state funding to de mer systems responded to that letternd jimmy lee is live with his reaction and even to hear of a ladder that was nice and sent aubrey layne today he basically told wayne that he believes the city has been doing everything in it suppose to do to show its full commitment to this project by setting aside funds in their budget and supporting the design effort for this project he says is news just caught him off guard and he believes that the funding should not be jeopardized because of a referendum referendum the referendum is my responsibility is beer to do whatever i can to make sure that this hundred and fifty five million dollars are not in jeopardy. they are well seh sen says the city has been doing everything it supposed to do to show its
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the light rail extension project. but secretary oddly wayne says the state meet that commitment in writing he says the city has two months to sign a binding agreement to purchase light rail cars and fund future construction is not the city will lose one hundred and fifty five million dollars in state funding and it will have to re apply for that money next year. this is the killer plot is intended to say that we still do what you did your week and a committee mayor says and says the city cannot afford to delay the project's mission question i think we could get some money again i do question if we could get a hundred and fifty five lead into the light rail issue could hit the ballot in november. city treasurer john atkinson is leading one effort to bring it to referendum and several city council member saying that they want to see this on the ballot as well. secretary lane believes the referendum
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written commitment from virginia beach. the state cannot fund the projects right now the city has acted in last year's budget the money was put in there to bring light rail to trails and lanes coming up with a resolution tomorrow he will ask the transportation board for guidance in making a decision now says and says that if the state comes back tomorrow with a memorandum of understanding that he looks forward to reviewing it with the city manager and city council members to see if the terms of agreement or acceptable for now reporting live in virginia beach on jimmy thirteen years now well light rail has its critics of course the group say no to light rail needs twenty seven thousand signatures to get the light rail issue on the november ballot the group's organizer tells thirty news now he has seventeen thousand signatures and he believes he will get the rest is actually aiming for thirty four thousand signatures just to be say websites like you caring and
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the way to go when seeking donations and a special investigation thirteen is now is digging into the crowd funding phenomenon status for j co takes a look at where your hard earned money can really be going all these websites were created with the idea that people would have an easier way to help others and fortunately for some people. this also means it's easier to scam others out of money just summed up on me alone there was more than ten billion dollars in donations last year when the soaring popularity of crowdfunding websites fraud is also on the rise. you know how works you read this story and click the donate button if you want to help some scammers have been exposed for cashing in on the generosity of people i spoke to the ceo of go funny about the threat of fraud. he told me the best
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discretion year the five million dollars on the news is the view of the things the way much more on the phenomenon of digital panhandling in how you can ensure you're not the victim of this game coming up at six christopher j co thirteen years now find just two weeks until super tuesday in virginia a look at how two candidates are setting up shop and stepping up efforts to win your vote. speaking of your vote. the new polls out to look at who virginia voters are favoring to win and chesapeake police are looking for this man he's accused of attacking a woman in a bus stop. the one detail that makes this case even more scary. a really nice evening out there right now but that is about the changes we see some colder air and live in the rain trying to move back in and as we take a look at our camera in norfolk this crash sixty four eastbound just before four through st. still causing
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inside of the hr bt traffic right now back in to king street you can see not really moving too fast on the norfolk side either. and the second camera in williamsburg a five mile backup sixty four westbound between colonial and life but that in part due to this
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. for us suspect got away after a crash in portsmouth police tried to pull a car over this afternoon but the driver took off. we're told the chase ended with a crash near portsmouth boulevard and
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live there with more details that i actually had three people in that police were pursuing that i eventually start here awful portsmouth boulevard when it hit a civilian scott police tell us that this happened just before two this afternoon they had been watching a silver ford fusion in the area trying to pin down a person who had several warrants until the winds were somewhere within the number of fifteen a firearm violations but eventually that car actually sped off from police who were in unmarked cars hit one unmarked car and then sent police on a chase kind of in this neighborhood a slow pursuit rather in this neighborhood before coming back here to portsmouth boulevard hitting that civilian car and stalling here's what police had to say three suspects inside the vehicle got out of the vehicle and ran. officers pursued this to individuals and they were able to apprehend two of them. one of those individuals being
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doing the initial surveillance more in knowledge flies the person that police were not able to catch police tell me that that person does not pose any type of immediate danger or threat to the public that the person that they were looking for reporting in portsmouth and mary were both thirteen years now just fourteen days virginia voters will head to the polls march the presidential primary day in the old dominion one sure sign the big day is getting close. the campaigns are beginning to set up shop here in hampton roads by cutting tells us who is here and soon roads has already seen a few of the presidential hopefuls with republican donald trump's visit and not a case last october and jeb bush's appearance before the vfw back in august with thirteen electoral college votes at stake. this is an important state but now a true sign that the region may have arrived politically speaking maybe this with exactly two weeks to go until
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road a campaign headquarters opened last week for democrat bernie sanders and hillary clinton's campaign is expected to open one tomorrow on west twenty first street in norfolk. it is virtually impossible for a republican elected president united states the democrat wins which i guess the combination of states have to be going in the states that republicans haven't won in twenty years in order to offset virginia's electoral votes so if we can carry virginia again we've done it twice in a row we can do it again. the democratic nominee will be in good shape third district representative bobby scott is backing clinton which is the most qualified people we can have to serve as president of united states but we have two good candidates and they'll help find out the primary but in virginia will be key in the general election. indeed if the recent past is any indicator scott may have a point barack obama won
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percent in two thousand and eight and by three point eight percent in two thousand twelve and both times was elected president mike getting thirteen years now i notice a new poll shows who's favored to win the virginia primary which ann mobley is here to break down the results look at where just two weeks away from super tuesday. this new poll shows virginia voters are ready to cast their ballots sixty three percent of the seven hundred thirty five people polled say they've given a lot of thought to the upcoming primary elections when it comes to the gop candidates twenty eight percent said they would favor donald trump florida senator marco rubio came in second with twenty two percent hillary clinton leaves bernie sanders by twelve percent among virginia democratic primary voters one thing that stands out in this poll even though more voters say they would vote for trump
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as the most favorable of all the candidates and trouble the highest unfavorable view you can read the entire poll results in our website regina mobley thirteen is now a bill to help veterans better access higher education past the virginia house today. delegate scott taylor's bill would put full time veterans advisors at several community colleges including tcc. it also requires community colleges to open the veterans resource center on campus. the measure now moves to the senate a lot of rain this morning probably don't need me to tell you that but i will tell you about some increasing clouds and a few showers again tonight looking at the skyview shot looking to the east and it's nice and clear. if i would turn around and look at what passed it would still be clear but it would give up the clear skies a lot earlier then looking again in this direction because we do have another system already starting to
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virginia from the west heading to the east more on that a second you be able to see it but there's nothing on radar right now so we can skip ahead to the current conditions a very pleasant fifty nine degrees. after highs in the lower sixties little bit of a westerly wind with the front moving offshore pressures rising it'll do so through the evening and then start to drop later tonight the forecast for tomorrow big difference over today only forty eight for the high that will be significantly colder than what we saw today for today we said at least twenty degrees warmer in the afternoon and actually it was between twenty and twenty five warmer this afternoon officially crossed the south side almost everywhere else assure you that a few minutes ago gives the seven forecasts in rome tomorrow hopefully we can make it a doctor's right now look at a few sixties out there still sixty four and ten tras la de fifty eight fifty nine was a very popular number back in one not quite as warm but still fifty seven
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difference you saw after midnight last night with his captors really climbing and to the north not quite as warm but still mid fifties for the most part down to the south we have some mid fifties while in line for north carolina but most spots are in the lower sixties are right near sixty so this evening dropping back and fairly quickly through the fifties and into the forties by nine pm already down in the forties notice overnight little bit alike moisture works its way toward a so for the morning rush hour are waiting at the bustop make sure you take the umbrella a lot of you will not need even though this looks like everybody well a lot of this is not going to tend to reach the ground i think it will certainly reach the ground in a few spots so be on the safe side take the umbrella and did you notice some of those colors back in one especially slight chance couple of very light sleet pellets can be mixed in as well during the afternoon the winds continuing out of the north will give us rather chilly
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the forties i said fairly typical tomorrow night in terms of the temperatures but then during the day on thursday it goes down another little notch not like what we just went through with the twenties and near thirty for a high but definitely well below normal here's what i was talking about starting to already encroach on extreme western areas of virginia tech gets here much later tonight so breezy and cold isolated showers not this evening but later tonight tomorrow forty eight for the high with about fifteen percent chance during the daylight hours of a morning shower during the early morning like five four five six o'clock before the sun comes up i'd say it's more like thirty percent chance of seeing a shower in any one spot only forty one on thursday but again it's better than twenty eight or whatever was the other day with that cold snap and then sixty two used by saturday and sunday should be very nice a bigger storm system possible by next week. i want to bring some snow to parts of virginia probably not hear
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after police found a meth lab in newport news investigators made a big break in the case find out who's facing charges now and tomorrow seven miles of the texas border was shut down its all
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. rain out as the police are searching for the man who they say attacked a stranger investigators say late last month. this man got into a fight with the woman at the intersection of western branch and church lined boulevards. they both had just gotten off the bus police say the man assaulted the woman ran if you know who he is called a crime like a fire severely damaged an apartment in norfolk today investigator sells the building of victory drive off of west little creek road did not have working smoke alarms thankfully no one was home with the fire started fire department sent us this picture of the damage inside the apartment and the cause
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investigation right now pope francis is getting ready to fly to mexico city he spent the day in the rally of the heart of drug trafficking in mexico spoke words of encouragement and mexican clergy as they try to minister to a country dominated by drug fueled violence and corruption tomorrow is his last full day in mexico. the pope plans on visiting a prison right near the texas border because of the pope's top there's extra security at the border a seven mile stretch of border near el paso was shut down nearly a million people are expected to gather along the mexican side and the texas side local and federal authorities said to be standing by for anything from illegal border crossings to large scale attacks are going to be watching another piece of the face of the campaign is alive and well it's about a robot watch it all. you know everything what you think the people that he would take a us border protection agents say they brought in hundreds of agents from different parts
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security here in developments in a trial of a former portsmouth officer charged with murder. why the commonwealth's attorney says officers can come support stephen rankin just not while in uniform was taking another shot at a
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. a portsmouth prosecutor wants to be in uniform police officers from attending stephen lincoln's murder trial coming up court documents reveal why the rights of those who oppose same sex marriage legislation to protect those rights is one step closer to becoming law in virginia as the rays continues to tighten up the democratic presidential hopefuls are making their appeal to african american voters thing that we cannot accomplish. no uniformed police officers at steven lincoln's murder trial that's the request of the portsmouth commonwealth's attorney who's prosecuting the ex cop from or ranking is charged in the shooting death of unarmed teen william chapman to
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ainge has reaction from both sides. well prosecutors say a large number of uniformed police officers showed up in support of ranking could sway the jury. chapman's family agrees but the defense says it be hypocritical for the prosecution to ban uniformed officers when they so often rely on them to testify in courts hearing after hearing uniform portsmouth police officers have come to court supporting their former brother in bloom stephen rankin charged with murder but a motion filed by commonwealth's attorney stephanie moore alice asks to limit the number of uniformed officers during the trial was a long time ago earl lewis the cousin of alleged murder victim william chapman says the officers' presence during pre trial hearings has antagonize the family with iphones justice math and goofy overgrown constable was one for police to reason why because they are endorsing the killing of innocent man in her motion rao says the officers show of unity
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in the high profile case she writes the stifling presence of so many law enforcement officers will have a chilling effect on the jury's ability to deliberate with open minds the high rankings defense attorney to call below it says the motion is rare and unnecessary because the jury's duty is to only follow the facts of the case her character i now appreciate the fact that there are people reporting but ultimately the report to the point here that the outcome of the kings thirteen is now legal analyst and former prosecutor kevin duffy insists the effect of the officers' presence on the jury is hard to measure jurors are human too and george pay attention to a lot more than just the facts that are presented to them in case well if the court rules against the commonwealth's attorney the prosecutors are requesting only up to ten uniformed officers in the courtroom in only three of them would be allowed to sit next to each other


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