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tv   13 News 530  ABC  February 16, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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in the high profile case she writes the stifling presence of so many law enforcement officers will have a chilling effect on the jury's ability to deliberate with open minds the high rankings defense attorney to call below it says the motion is rare and unnecessary because the jury's duty is to only follow the facts of the case her character i now appreciate the fact that there are people reporting but ultimately the report to the point here that the outcome of the kings thirteen is now legal analyst and former prosecutor kevin duffy insists the effect of the officers' presence on the jury is hard to measure jurors are human too and george pay attention to a lot more than just the facts that are presented to them in case well if the court rules against the commonwealth's attorney the prosecutors are requesting only up to ten uniformed officers in the courtroom in only three of them would be allowed to sit next to each other
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motion asking the judge to allow more testing on lincoln's taser. despite the chance that it could be damaged because of that hearing is scheduled on nats next week. erik ainge thirteen years now. a madison police custody after norfolk police say he threatened to bomb a banker told the suspect pulled up to the drive thru window at suntrust bank on west little creek road this morning police said the man passed the teller a note saying he left a bomb in the bank and he threatened to detonate it if the teller didn't give him money. the bomb squad didn't find anything. police say they'll file charges against that man soon. right now charges are pending against four teens accused of robbing a woman outside an off the grocery store that happened over the weekend outside of the harris teeter and grand the street the woman told police the teens walked up and pulled a gun or a she sat in a car police said the teens demanded money and the woman's car then drove away the next day officers found the suspects in the stolen car on leo st that is more than three
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reading a smokehouse in surry county is trying to get back to work after a huge fire last month the fire destroyed every building but the break room today the business posted on its facebook page that employees are using the break room as a new command base the posts also said there's still no word eight new jobs are coming to virginia beach and this is a result of two companies expanding class consulting group got a grant from the city to add a third location in virginia beach building to hire sixty five full time workers for solutions group which makes flexible packaging plans to expand its headquarters adding fifteen new jobs canadian pacific is not giving up on trying to acquire norfolk southern cp will reportedly ask federal regulators for preliminary approval of a proposed merger norfolk southern has rejected all offers from canadian pacific norfolk southern has said cp has undervalued the railroad and
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approve the deal. note major rail mergers have been approved since regulators impose tough rules in two thousand was it abt is your home security company they've been fought in a nearly seven billion dollar deal by apollo global management the sale approval. the combined company will be based in boca raton florida but will still operate under the adt brand scalia will lie in repose at the supreme court on friday sources close to the family say the funeral is saturday at the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception in washington dc. scalia died over the weekend at a luxury ranch in west texas in accordance with supreme court traditions billy as bench chair and the bench directly in front of it are draped with black wool crepe this tradition dates back at least as far as eighteen seventy three the flags on the courts front plaza will fly at half
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the same time the debate over whether it should be president obama or his successor who appoints the next supreme court justice is heating up the number three democrat in the senate chuck schumer of new york says he expects the president to select the candidate who can get bipartisan support but senator ted cruz who's running for the republican presidential nomination has vowed to filibmster any nominee marathon runner is recovering after something went terribly wrong. around mile seventeen analysts and i felt my lower back the impact it has a yellow know what happen to the woman in white race organizers are apologizing. plus the feds are trying to encourage people who use food stamps to consider healthier choices the plan announced today and we just got rid of one that terrain there's another one already moving into western virginia that's headed for us to let you know what that means for your forecast. plus the track in trouble one
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camera in norfolk a crash has cleared sixty four eastbound before fourth you but this two and a half mile followed backup remains on the hampton side from king street all the way up to date are bt following that crash and in williamsburg on our second camera offender and a half mile back up sixty four westbound from one ninety
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a bill to protect the rights of people who oppose same sex marriage is heading to the state senate. virginia's house of delegates approved a bill that would prevent the state from punishing individuals and businesses that refuse services to same sex couples transgender people or someone who has sex outside of marriage opponents say the measure would open the door to discrimination but the bill's sponsor argues the state must protect people who are constantly under attack by the shifting cultural when it's the ag department wants to make it easier for those who use food stamps to eat healthier today government officials
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retailers to accept food stamps to stock a wider variety of foods the rules would require stores to stock at least one hundred and sixty eight items that the department considers healthy a person using food stamps could still buy junk food but they would have more options to buy fruits and vegetables dairy meat and bread was a little sore after running a marathon in taxes but her legs aren't what hurt she says she suffered a concussion and neck injury after a car hit her while she ran the austin marathon on sunday police say a car drove right through barricades landed her on the pace analysts and i felt my lower back impact housing around and if i can think of anything as my head at the back of the cardinals' planning to attend the full marathon medal here from boston marathon and in the place at the hospital was feared in all medics took her to the hospital then released are a few hours later. race
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the mail and once she's healed she can finish the twenty six point two miles thirty three mariners killed when their cargo ship sank in a hurricane today the owners of the elf are all faced investigators to try and explain what went well high winds heavy rains and
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. we are hearing about the sinking of the elf are all started today in jacksonville florida the alvaro sank last year during hurricane joaquin with thirty three crew members onboard one of those crew members was richard closet area virginia beach. his family recently reached a settlement with the owner of the ship today investigators began questioning the shipping company about what led to the tragedy the hearing is focused on the l far as regulatory compliance record and crew members. company officials said there were some questions about the ship's captain but the ship was in compliance with regulators toad is always maintenance as a top bernie we've only spent the money requires to do the maintenance more items took to be a way to look after and make sure that are in compliance. well this is one of two hearings planned for this elf our own investigation. developing now this story three americans
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after being held captive in iraq they are at the u s embassy in baghdad right now iraqi authorities said someone kidnap the americans last month from an apartment iraqi and western officials said they suspected a powerful shiite militia was behind the kidnapping those americans are reportedly in good health. the u s surgeon general spoke with residents of flint michigan today about the water crisis the water became contaminated with flat after flat switched its water source to cut costs the surgeon general said as the recovery continues it will be important to provide support to families with children exposed to lead lead poisoning can cause developmental issues in kids two days after finding a meth lab newport news police have announced an arrest in the case the bus started as a home invasion call on middlesex road in the hive with area police say they found meth making materials in the home along with several people one of those people on wells is now
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possession of heroin local state and federal officials all came out to the scene. it took them nine hours to clean up the hazardous materials no word if anyone else will face charges after a weather delay testimony in the kevin quick murder trial resumed today in roanoke which was a waynesboro police officer found dead in kuching county back in twenty fourteen four people are charged with murder two others are charged in connection with the crime with a four hundred pieces of evidence had been entered in the trial and dozens of witnesses are expected to take the stand. severe weather creating issues for much of the eastern part of the nation in the northeast of warm up is a problem in boston snow and sleet have turned into rain and warmer temperatures are melting snow on the ground were told there is a flood risk for the city today as well as tomorrow look at that mass but there is a chance of snow flurries on thursday the rough weather
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travelers to cancel flights and now a third council fly to charlotte to laguardia the deal with whatever is an adventure keeping a positive federal agencies in washington dc open three hours late after freezing rain coated the nation's capital a nice in florida now strong winds and heavy rains hammered the state look at the damage to this is near pensacola. there were reports of a tornado and several homes were destroyed but the good news is there are no reports of any injuries so we started the day with our own wet weather. this is the rain in norfolk at some point a downpour got pretty heavy now the rains moved out of the warmer warmer air date is well and jeff has a look of the dropping temperatures tonight there's a gradual process tonight in and the pretty chilly as you said but not quite down to normal then tomorrow we actually going to be below normal so it sort of a gradual process nothing on radar right now i normally don't show me this long of a loop i want to show
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across the region again late last night and early this morning started out the center virginia late last night and then around eight nine o'clock again to move often now there's nothing behind it. with that store but there's another one moving in pretty quickly so nice clear skies you can see our good camera at the oceanfront shawn watson lots of clear conditions and the evening mainly clear breezy and turning cooler temperatures dropping down about forty nine degrees here by seven o'clock high temperatures today will get all across the region even up to richmond up to west point williams part way up into the fifties and near sixty it was just as warm and some of these northern areas as it was here across parts of north carolina the warmest spot virginia beach were made up to sixty seven. here we go through the evening again clear conditions for the most part but then already here's another storm system tracking
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talking about it and it comes through late tonight and early tomorrow with a lot more rain on radar that will actually appear at the ground notice how it tends to dry out again as it runs in the drier air here east of the mountains but we will have a few areas most likely they will see some rains take the umbrella tomorrow morning is waiting out there to bust up some of you might need it captures much much cooler than today and in fact because the cold air aloft i can't rule out a couple of sleep alex mixing enter some snow flakes mixing and late tonight early tomorrow with one or two these isolated showers breast cancer that would be north and west temperatures during the day on wednesday again tomorrow as we talked about below normal but then they get even chilly air as we go into thursday thursday's highs are only gonna make it up into the lower forties at best. so here's that next system already the first ones just leaving us. and here's the next one quickly coming
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thirty eight breezy and cold with some isolated showers not this evening but very late tonight mark couple of morning showers are possible otherwise becoming partly sunny and much cooler a high of only forty eight by night mainly clear and colder again northerly winds coming back and then the seven day forecast is gonna look like a little bit of a roller coaster back down thursday to forty one friday backed up forty eight than sixty twos and we start to slide in and out by tuesday back into the forties some parts of central virginia will get some snow and be in the thirties by tuesday tuesday night and we love to watch for that even some of more on that coming up over the next week guys. jeff another recall of the kata recalling about two hundred thousand saab and saturn cars in the us and canada officials say two kata airbag inflated can explode during a crash and roll metal shrapnel at least ten people have died worldwide. this recall
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threes and our fives also included in the recall of two thousand eight to two thousand nine saturn astra is if you own one of these cars take it to your dealer for a replacement tackling the high cost of higher education that was the goal of a student debt and college affordability roundtable in norfolk state university local college students met with congressman bobby scott and his role as the ranking member of the house committee on education and workforce three years ago we passed the tax cut extension three point nine trillion three point nine trillion just a matter of parties you have a three point nine trillion dollar tax cut than you know anything left over to help the students go to college he actually seven out of tune student and better right now actually in day more than thirty thousand in the start of the statistics that believes congress can make college more affordable so students can have access to
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without being overburdened with debt after graduation to high school students in portsmouth will get a technology boost every student at church when i see nor commit woodrow wilson high schools will get a crumble of five hundred and fifty three thousand dollars state grant paid for the new computers students will get to take them home like textbooks in addition to the grant the school board will give schools more than two million dollars for internet upgrades where four days away from the south carolina republican primary and the war of words between donald trump and ted cruz is escalating the latest attacks from the candidates a boy's body found in the trunk of his mother's car now that mother is charged with murder thirteen years now was and the courthouse breaking into the indictment. we've all seen on line donation sites like go fund me but are some
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i another race for the lighthouse time is slipping away as the field could now after the senate is republican primary in south carolina all of the candidates republicans and democrats are hitting party loyalists with their message. abc's lana zach as an update from the campaign trail year is back to their beef is more republicans than democrats on the campaign trail but paul wasn't one percent owns almost as much wealth as the bottom ninety percent
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clinton we're talking about socio economic issues the work that each and every one of your organizations do is in furtherance of civil rights and economic justice and social justice and political participation. well the republicans focused on the military is president you know you can talk a good game every word is listen to but if you don't have a military to back it up it's dangerous lobbing rhetorical grenades at one another. marco rubio taking on ted cruz. people ask me often when ted cruz are alot alike what's the difference they will look ted voted for and paul's budget which reduce defense spending. i'm not going to do that when president ted cruz taking on donald trump. it was less than encouraging him prior to me mr did not know with the nuclear triad was donald trump taking on most everyone what they learn these politicians are dishonest people really really like this on skype and
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the campaign trail came from donald trump who fanned the flames of conspiracy theorists by suggesting that supreme court justice antonin scalia as death may have been caused by foul play. one zach abc news washington and the democrats also stepping up their efforts to woo local voters coming up we'll look at how hillary clinton and bernie sanders are campaigning in hampton roads that's it for thirteen years now at five thirty thirty news now in six starts with new details about a virginia beach student who vanished more than a decade ago somebody have a voice songwriting and his mother's car and now that mother is charged with second degree murder thirteen news now has new documents in that honestly cases a reveals shocking details about slain and her son quincy davis troopers discovered the boy's roommate since lincoln struck
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year in hampton reporter marcella robinson has a closer look at this tragic case according to court documents investigators believe that tanya slain murdered her son quincy davis sometime between july two thousand four and july two thousand and five. that's nearly ten years before a state trooper found davis' remains at this point the circumstances surrounding his death are unclear but we do know investigators believe they have enough evidence to move forward quincy davis seem to be an average kid is so happy goofing off and he chose his so nice to everyone everyone was suspect and his childhood friend spoke with us a few months ago during a vigil being held for him for years they wondered what had become of the virginia beach middle school are the smartest way he was funny because i've been a doctor a lawyer. last summer a state trooper found a message remains in the trunk of a car his mother tawny asleep was
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fleeing men charged her with concealing a body now eight months later she's charged with her son's murder in court tuesday prosecutors dropped the previous charge and announce the murder charge. the grand jury indicted slain for the second degree murder of davis two weeks ago. details are still unclear and we don't know exactly what new evidence may have served this to spark a new charge court records however show investigators believe davis' mother murdered him sometime between july two thousand four and july two thousand five ten years before state trooper found his remains the last time anyone remember seeing day this was in two thousand for no missing persons report was ever filed on a plane is still in police custody she'll be back in court next week to appear for the murder charge in hampton marcella roberts in thirteen years now right now two people are in custody after a police chase that she started this
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area of portsmouth and ended with a crass on portsmouth boulevard police were watching a silver ford fusion this afternoon the car was believed to have been linked to a few to ten with more than fifteen warrants police say when they try to stop the car the driver floored the silver car drove through a rec center yard and crashed into a civilian car before coming to a stop three suspects inside the vehicle got out of the vehicle and ran. officers pursued this to individuals and they were able to apprehend two of them one of those individuals being the individual that they were doing the initial surveillance moines police say a third person in the car was questioned and released one of them and i rested took one harper was wanted for assault an alarm for smith office was a rainy and warm start to the day and temperatures climbed into the sixty s in a much drier and a lot cooler let's check in now with job. yeah but you


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