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tv   13 News 11  ABC  February 16, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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apartment he found items they say they are used to make meth. we also found three people who were inside that included a teacher police cleared them out they got several other people out of other apartments is well now around that time a car connected to the apartment showed up at the complex the driver saw detectives took off. officers stopped that car and then inside there were several people including the woman whose name is on the apartment lease and her four year old daughter that woman by the way is the mother of the teacher who was in the apartment a lot of information here trying to keep up with that but again you have all these people who have been stopped. officers have been talking to those people who were in the car all of them will have to be contaminated and charges police cells will be coming face or trying to figure out who will be charged what charges they will face the children who i mentioned are now with a family friend now here at the apartments crews will be clearing up and the freaking items please can see at this point is there if there is rather a direct
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the earlier investigation that started sunday and this particular investigation now taking place inside one of those apartments we lived in hyde was in newport news brian carroll thirteen years now and again police busted a meth lab on the same street on sunday and today we learned autumn wells is charged with making meth and possession of heroin meth lab bust happen after a home invasion call. no word if anyone else will face charges a travel alarm tonight on the interstate in tent city county beyonce as all lanes on i sixty four westbound are blocked and the colonial parkway overpass. crews are clearing a crass and major delays are expected the gun officials say a de torre is in place of accident to forty two a which is route one ninety nine to capital monday rash of car break ins in the virginia beach town center area police said they got more than two dozen calls from people whose cars were vandalized overnight in parking garages and the lobos
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area who were shocked to find out something like this happen. this marking the rise in town center is actually pretty well with soap or something like this to happen in a place where a lot of people frequent and liv has caught some by surprise. one after another someone or people manage to pull off several smash and grabs into virginia beach town center parking garages. police say within the hour of two and three a m tuesday nearly thirty cars were vandalized and many had things stolen from inside a very quite unfortunate because counting is supposed to be in the prime place to be majority of those break ins happened in this new or parking garage that's part of the encore apartments but how exactly someone managed to smash the windows of so many
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is what has people baffled the area back there every time i come here that's pegged as a park and doesn't have to go in the bin and then worry about my car's been broken into and some who visit this area often say these rash of break and serve as a reminder that no place is really as safe as you think it is in virginia beach i never knew both thirteen years now. no tie the school year will be a little shorter next year for students in virginia beach the school board voted to shorten the calendar by three days that's because the city's public school calendar has three more school days than required by state law. also tonight the board decided on a name for a new school owned the nation school will open in the fall of twenty seventeen were told and will combine camp from landing magnate school and all donations central school virginia beach where wilson's is fighting to try and keep state funding on the table for light rail extension
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letter from transportation secretary bobby lane in that letter. lane said if the light will issue goes on to a referendum this november the project would be delayed in the state would pull one hundred and fifty five million dollars in funding lane says he wants a written commitment from virginia beach referendum the referendum. it's my responsibility is here to do what iraqi and to make sure that those hundred and fifty five million dollars are not in jeopardy. this is the killer plot isn't as to say i was still place as he is coming up with a resolution i will ask the transportation board for guidance in making a decision noted held in the death of a man on the eastern shore yesterday morning a friend found a seventy year old leo and homestead are dead inside his home on north side road near hancock we first told you about this last night and eleven. the aca nye county sheriff says homestead or had
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hearing from the friend who made the discovery he says and look like a heater a felon hamster. i opened the door and i saw a propane heater that was toppled over and the like plants over color and i found the dead in the air. investigators say the fire appears to be accidental how whatever the cause of death is still undetermined newport news police have identified a second suspect in the double murder but tonight they're still looking for investigators believe twenty six year old steven hayes killed cod ray graham clinton kelly last month. officers found the victims' bodies inside a van near fourteenth street and wickham avenue police shot and wounded a suspect caught running from the scene right now the ratio dance floor is in custody facing two counts of first degree murder but police still are searching again for
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facing charges of second degree murder after her son's decomposed body was found in her car according to court records investigators believe tanya slate and killed her son quincy davis sometime between july and two thousand for him to lie in two thousand and five that is ten years before a state trooper found the boy's remains during a traffic stop last year in hampton. the last time anyone saw quincy was in the year two thousand for slate and is still in custody and will be back in court next week. tonight a fugitive is in custody after police chase and crash and forced twenty one year old kwan harper was wanted on more than a dozen warrants including assault on a law enforcement officer. police say they had harper under surveillance this afternoon in the trust an area the chase started when police tried to stop the car that harper was and told the driver rammed an unmarked police car tore through a rec center yard and finally
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car on portsmouth boulevard officers took copper into custody. nearby coast guard member learns his punishment for attempted indecent visual recording thirty two year old petty officer first class michael cote eight pleaded guilty to a lesser offense as part of a pretrial agreement happen were told during a special court martial in norfolk on friday but he was sentenced to six months in the navy brig reduction of rank and a bad conduct discharge he was assigned to the portsmouth based cutter north one when this misconduct happened. new tonight the ceo of lumber and look for gators announced he has leukemia. john pressley told employees today that he has a very treatable form of the cancer and that was caught early. presley also says he will soon start to a thirty day treatment program now earlier this month that orlando based company will pay more than thirteen million dollars for illegally
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last year company officials pleaded guilty to environmental crimes a u s magistrate is ordering app folder held and the san bernardino shooting investigation. today's ruling requires apple to essentially help the fbi hack into an i phone belonging to one of the suitors. fbi investigators have apparently been unable to get past a security feature to unlock the phone belonging to say it for a fool and his wife twice the money leak killed fourteen people and a holiday party in december the couple died in a gun battle with police. also new tonight france's parliament voted to extend a state of emergency following the recent deadly attacks in paris the declaration was imposed back in november and now it will continue another three months until the end of may france officials say the threat of new terrorist attacks remains very high the state of emergency expand police powers to carry out arrests and searches and
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restrict people from going to certain places at certain times. meanwhile a concert comeback in paris tonight the american band which was playing the night of those deadly terror attacks returned to the city of lights abc's alexander marquardt was that it was an emotional return to paris tonight for the eagles of death metal three months after some ninety people were killed at their show is about the whole peter pan place was sold out house outside the famous olympia concert whole rows of tight security and streets blocked off the sofa stay away for wounds and the nerves still raw but there were three tickets for survivors of the attack as well as therapists at the ready in case of panic but it was a different venue this time and no direct
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the significance was lost on no one to remember for the eagles of death metal and many here was a moment to remember try to move on like the marine burger november concert ticket to a friend was killed and a wish he was here and i wish he was here instead of me but i felt so happy to be in their rooms turn and bite people the band so they wanted to come back to paris to finish their concert tonight they did that and more clearly a moment of closure for them and for so many here alex marquardt abc news paris we know the saying to us for the job you want but one florida team took that and way too far. more on the impersonation that landed an eighteen year old behind bars plus the latest in the political battle over justice scalia see what lawmakers plan to do next and could the thick of virus through a wrench in those
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now the caribbean is bracing
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they're magically delicious. down goes the nearly seventy year old oklahoma bridge crews demolished the wagoner county bridge this morning the oklahoma department of transportation already built
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opened last month the price tag on the entire project was almost sixteen million bucks is like a real life filling of catch me if you can today sheriff's deputies arrested a florida eighteen year old proposing other doctor the sheriff's office and the health department zain malik i love robinson was practicing medicine without a license. he is accused of giving an undercover officer at the sokol and sad and concerned family members tipped off reporters when asked about the allegations the teen said everyone would hear from his lawyer from her because of the accusations and allegations but like i said this is not the first time where i've been accused and i will pursue this love robinson's bail was set at six thousand dollars officials say the teen was cited and different time back in october for practicing medicine without a license for a miss america contestant is critically hurt after a car crash in new jersey state
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spun off the road and hit two treys and then ended up in and bang the column is twenty four and won the miss new jersey pageant in twenty thirteen. police say she was not wearing a seatbelt at the time there could be a hearing on president obama's nominee to fill a supreme court vacancy. that's coming from the republican senator who heads the senate judiciary committee. there's been a battle over justice antonin scalia seat since his death this past weekend says republicans want the next president to decide on a nominee democrats on the other hand say that president obama has the right to make that make that selection the public will play pay its respects to scaly on friday by republican presidential candidate ben carson is the latest hopeful to take part in regent universities candidate forum carson will speak at the forum on february twenty nine the event includes a live interview with regents chancellor pat robertson and questions from the audience
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the form of jeb bush and john k singh visited last fall the front runner. donald trump will be at region on wednesday february twenty fourth time is ticking away in the race for president south carolina and nevada voters have just a few more days to make their decisions as abc's lana zach shows some of the candidates are firing at each other the of the year to sell the republican than democrat. it was back to their bases on the campaign trail can just show up at election time and say the right things and think that's enough democrat bernie sanders and hillary clinton battling over the african american votes while the republicans were focused on the second amendment and the military is president you know you can talk a good game every word is listen to but if you don't have a military to back it up it's dangerous bush meeting this photo of a
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it along with one more america the gop candidates also lobbing rhetorical grenade at one another. marco rubio taking on ted cruz voted for and paul's budget which reduce defense spending i'm not going to do that when president kennedy is taking on donald trump when radical islamic terrorists wage jihad on the united states of america the answer is not to tweet insults at donald trump taking on everyone including president obama who said this earlier i continue to bleed midst of trouble not be present and reason is because i have a lot of faith in the american people this man has done such a bad job he said his back so far we have to say that actually is a great complement to view one another and the biggest bomb dropped on the campaign trail came from donald trump who fanned the flames of conspiracy theorists by suggesting that supreme court justice antonin scalia of death may have been caused by
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news asked the fda is asking blunt bangs to turn down donations from people who have traveled to the affected countries within the past four weeks the agency is also refusing donors who have had sexual contact with people who have traveled to those places within the past three months the first week of virus case transmitted through sex was reported in texas earlier this month the red cross is asking travelers to wait at least twenty eight days after traveling to donate blood now officials in the caribbean are bracing for the impact of the virus might have in the travel industry some latin american and caribbean countries are dealing with an increase in secret cases officials say puerto rico has reported several whining and business count conference cancellations a lot of rain
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we're tracking a lot of rain again nothing to do with each other completely separate systems going to show you more in a minute how much fell earlier as well as how much will fall with the storm to let me start out with radar and you can see this very large area of rain now on to do is on to highlight all the locations the official reporting stations in there a lot of them where we are seeing rain hit the ground as well same thing nothing tears literally not one station anywhere in here where this is reaching the ground now does that mean that somewhere in between one of the reporting stations it isn't not necessarily but the point is a lot of this is obviously falling to the very dry air and completely going away right now temperatures have dropped from sixties earlier now down in the forties and with a little bit of a northwest when that wind will be picking up by the way a little bit later tonight can usher even chili
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enough that we're not seeing any that we share the ground just yet. the forecast for temperature of forty eight during the afternoon for today we said it would be at least twenty degrees warmer this afternoon versus yesterday afternoon all afternoon we were running anywhere from twenty to twenty five degrees warmer officially at the airport back in all the reports and forecasts thou seven in a row spot on how much will we get with this next system. well we were talking about earlier spotty areas of maybe a couple of hundredths of an inch but mostly it's out or sent to virginia. the only spot that should get anything even over attentive and so again said earlier i'll say it again i still think only about thirty percent of you if that will get a chance of a shower later tonight into early tomorrow. that bike why the daylight hours is probably down to fifteen or twenty percent doctors out there in the forties most spots still fifty at virginia beach the high temperatures
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mild but now look at this dip in the jet stream you can see where it is operating there is that jet stream that brings the air to us over the next couple of days and drops readings but then that mild air in the central u s that's what headquarters by the weekend so here we go overnight notice a lot of what's out there against shrinking as it gets here to the eastern parts of virginia north carolina a few isolated showers how quickly they disappear here on future cast and that is why we don't have any rain sega and significant rain a way in the forecast here comes that system the first ones gone second one spinning through pretty rapidly. precipitation since midnight anywhere from around a quarter of an ancient chesapeake to nearly an inch out in wakefield forecast then looks like this a low of thirty eight tonight isolated showers will little bit of a chance a lingering shower early tomorrow and then chile or forty eight forty one on thursday friday he and saturday we see a
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should be really nice great fun in the car and we all had our eye redskins they're going to do the best they say to keep kirk cousins as their
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i hello again everyone. while kirk cousins had a terrific season the problem for the redskins is do they pay him the money and just hope it wasn't a one year thing they've been in contract negotiations with those negotiations were called off today with no resumption schedule. don't panic at redskins fans they could still sign him or they tag on which means unlike a lot of money for at least one year he was last ten games this year he was terrific on to the playoffs redskins team president bruce allen was in richmond today. he sounds pretty confident cousins will feel comfortable with that because curtis said he wants to be a watchman rats can and we told them we want to be our starting quarterback so we have some time and those things usually work out and i think his future is bright
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better each week in the season. more nfl news ticket and high lama patriots two time pro bowler to ride mail was going to retire he hinted that on instagram earlier today then his agent confirmed that he's only twenty nine years old was a pitcher's first round pick and tenth overall in two thousand eight. all eight years of his career with new england patriots. he was great when he played very good but the last three years he ended the season on the injured reserve list today was media day for the daytona five hundred. we stocked up on interviews for the rest of the week let's get to start with danica patrick will enter the file and all we had was her with godaddy sponsorship which was early sponsor till this year she's still driving car number ten and he's still driving for tony stewart and stewart haas racing but as a new sponsor starting a fourth season full time sprint cup no wins yet known top five but she says she's learned a lot coming over from the indices have learned a lot that's for sure i feel
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other situations on the racetrack outside the racetrack but learn a lot of other cars especially they're much different than in indycar and um you know just understanding the car really we don't have a lot of time to practice overseen the car really helps the crew chief make better changes and that i'm able to give him better information to help point us in the right
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whatever's prospects and for the nba for the people who make decisions at the next level of the ones that want guys that when that do the things that show up in the win column. he's golden that way when malcolm is right and he's you know just has a way about him defensively was efficient offense we left the game come but then being aggressive just a heckuva player high school hoops and let's just get right to a high school hoops it was the calm the coastal conference that ornament. this is tall one against the lansdowne tyree boston for the lines up with the hoop at the other end you got lansdowne who is number two seed areas was seen in the win this one to get to the conference championship game. we have a buzzer beater at the end of the first quarter love this one from ken smith. he makes it and then shows off to the crowd
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- gwen stefani. secretary of state john kerry. and guillermo at the 2016 grammy awards. with cleto and the cletones. and now, step aside, here's jimmy kimmel!
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>> jimmy: thank you. [ cheers and applause ] i'm jimmy. i'm the host. thank you for coming. thank you for watching at home. i appreciate your coming. that's very kind. [ cheers and applause ] it's very quiet in l.a. on the night after the grammy awards. the sanitation crews have cleaned up all the uptown funk that was all over the street. [ laughter ] everything is back to abnormal here. the big winners at the grammys last night. did you watch the grammy awards last night? [ cheers and applause ] i have no stake in it if you did or you didn't. but kendrick lamar, who gave a memorable performance, took home five awards. taylor swift won three grammys including the big one, album of the year. [ cheers and applause ] the show itself ran 3 1/2 hours long. so not everyone stayed for the entirety of the program. most notably, ice cube. ice cube was a presenter last night but as soon as he was done presenting he took to snapchat
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