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tv   13 News Daybreak  ABC  February 17, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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now are looking a good visibility had some showers work through the area earlier there's still a chance to conceal a little bit more rain before all send them this morning a few passing sprinkles or showers early on and then big improvements later for the day temperatures right now. upper thirties to low forties obviously well above freezing so we are talking about rain showers not snow or ice little bit of light activity at two the last we had the showers pushing earlier this morning and clear the coast that first batch right there coming through and now i'm sure we give a little bit more hour on i eighty five and they will continue to work easter and some of that activity may fall apart a little bit but still a chance for a few sprinkles say me wanna keep your eye. keep your umbrellas handy right now obviously the wind's not a big prob the only guests reported adirondack pier thirteen mph but it may become a bit breezy are times a little later today. hour by hour we go mostly cloudy this morning a chance for a few sprinkles as we head into the afternoon temperatures in the mid and
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become partly sunny to get some good stuff to look forward to it does get colder tomorrow but hang in there the weekend looks great now she wore in that moment right now getting an early check in the downtown tunnel. let me be the first to say good morning to ashley smith. good morning craig and you want to check the downtown tunnel now because it was closed overnight the eastbound tube at sportsman into norfolk for roadwork is scheduled to reopen at five o'clock but i've been watching this camera and it looks like we have just a couple seconds ago right before i walked over here. i did see a few cars making their way past this. the scammer point here and making its way into the downtown tunnel so it looks like we are open as you head into norfolk. i'll do a double check with elizabeth river tunnels and make sure but i think at this point will be in buying cheap one to sixty four east on the traffic network maps we had up to sixty four now on the peninsula where traffic also made it very well very calm and quiet the williamsburg are headed in the direction of newport news with seventy five as you pass all state and that word which meant passing newman
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that we have several bridges ports to get to talk about that coming up at four forty and we've got breaking news we've just gotten word of an overnight stabbing in newport news dispatchers tell me the first call came in just before two this morning a man with knives on jefferson avenue not far from jefferson lab turns out that man just found the knives was trying to contact police about that but within minutes another call came in that a man with stab wounds to the riverside regional medical center no word on the extent of his injuries. you know anything at all they can help police brass to call crime line a park or the team is now four thirty three tommy later today there will be a public meeting to discuss the future and funding of the light rail extension hampton roads transit officials will hold a meeting today elise brown is live in town center in virginia beach with more on what will be discussed at tonight's meeting elise executives we here at the westin to discuss the engineering behind the proposed extension here into town center giving
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information right now the one hundred and fifty five million dollar funding for the project is in serious jeopardy. virginia beach city council members want a referendum in november in regards to the project due to this estate a secretary of transportation aubrey layne is threatening to pull back state funding lane says he doesn't want to allocate funds that are based on a vote to get those multimillion he says within the next two months. there must be a significant financial commitment now coming up at five thirty you'll hear mayor will says also your interest in attending this meeting is scheduled for six o'clock here tonight at the weston live in virginia beach police brown thirteen years now for thirty four time a recipe for trouble in newport news where police found what appears to be a second meth lab in say that they found meth making items inside of the units inside the heightened would north apartments. detectives tell us that they received a tip
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materials at a nearby home on sunday. officers found two adults and a thirteen year old boy inside of the apartment two women one man and a four year old child later showed up. police released them to children are staying with friends on the docket today a judge could decide whether there is enough evidence to send a man to trial for a drug related homicide. we're hearing is scheduled for and one holland the forty one year old accused of killing jose luis rodriguez his bond was that he has been found. he found the victim rather in a home on arch street back in november. holland was arrested hours later inside a neighbor's home and we will update you after today's hearing later today third district congressman bobby scott will host a roundtable discussion in hampton to discuss the effectiveness of veterans and drug courts scott introduced new legislation that aims to improve the federal sentencing and corrections system it would increase the use of evidence based sentencing alternatives by encouraging the use of
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solving court programs. this event begins at four thirty this afternoon at city hall well today is your opportunity to say thank you in person to our service members be handed the amc is hosting its annual national salute to veteran patients just like activities nationwide event will include special ward visits recreation activities and veteran recognition programs begins at two o'clock this afternoon building one forty eight and the public is invited to attend a presidential hopeful is going to set up shop right here in hampton roads can tell you where and when hillary clinton's new campaign office will open when we come back than the feds are trying to force apple to give up access to someone's iphone but
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. good morning it's four thirty nine i hope your days off to a good start i know it's early and you know what it's cooler out there that was yesterday by quite a bit visibility is good we did have some showers come through. lol damn early this morning that first batch is rolled through. we are picking up a little bit more activity out to the west this is really pretty light in as it moves through i think it's going to continue to can weaken a little bit a few sprinkles of the possible certainly but aside from that we have some big improvements coming later the day not mention temperatures are cooler than this time yesterday were down sixteen degrees in norfolk international where we currently sit forty one forty three inch sb forty three williamsburg temps in the thirties in the eastern shore right now forty four in virginia beach will expand the issue is happening
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around the great lakes region we're in for a cooler day today in a really chilly day tomorrow despite sunshine it is going to be alot cooler tomorrow temperatures warming out to the last we will see the warmer conditions return to hampton roads as we get into the weekend so hang in there right now are looking a day that's going to become partly sunny days for shea the national picture here quickly we'll zoom into our region. if you're up to dc today partly sunny to mostly sunny and forty four beautiful around charlottesville forty nine fifty six in charlotte locally we're looking at highs in the upper forties and low for an official high right around forty eight i think we'll see temperatures ranging from the mid forties right on the water to the low fifties farther inland stature general range looking pretty good off to the north down south where to find temperatures also in the lower fifties in the northeast north carolina art cool weather comes tomorrow but the warm up for the weekend more on that moment let's check the berkeley with ashley. all right craig ahead of
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because later on this morning almost at lunchtime the vertebrate is scheduled to open at eleven o'clock opening week noted that it will be crossing the bridge during that time they will use the midtown tunnel aka jordan the gilmer ten or the high rise to get between norfolk and portsmouth. right now those who take a look at the brooklyn bridge. not much to deal with that you're headed in to portsmouth in fine shape one to sixty four west and eastbound traffic headed into norfolk in very nice shape as well about the intrepid network maps to other bridges reporting live today the jordan bridge opening twice during the morning rush hour at five forty five and again at six fifteen the jr be opening at seven this morning that is a rush hour left and then again around lunchtime at twelve thirty this afternoon. coming up here in just a few minutes i'll keep you posted on those bridge lesson how they shape up throughout the morning but in just a little bit with over sixty four into traffic teacher bt sorry ashley think you will sleep isn't a when people like they do in a
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barbara spoke to an expert about how you're paying for
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i know. this morning a federal judge has ordered apple to help solve part of the mystery behind the san bernardino terrorist attacks but apple is vowing to fight it. the ruling
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highly specialized software to the fbi to de code the smartphone of one of the terrorists the fbi tried unsuccessfully for months to break into that phone in december said farouk and pashmina league opened fire at a luncheon killing fourteen people. the couple later died in a shootout with police for forty five feet on the republican senator who heads the senate judiciary committee left open the possibility of holding a hearing for president barack obama's choice to fill the supreme court vacancy there's been a battle over justice antonin scalia seat since he died last weekend republicans want the next president to decide however democrats say it's the president's constitutional responsibility to do so the public will pay its respects to scaly on friday look for more ahead on good morning america later today a democratic presidential hopeful will set up shop right here in hampton roads. hillary clinton is
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twenty first street will be a hub for organizing activity district congressman bobby scott and several other local leaders are expected to attend that opening the event is set to begin at six o'clock tonight's republican presidential candidate ben carson will take part in reading university's candidate forum on february twenty ninth. the event includes a live interview with regents chancellor pat robertson and questions from the audience all candidates have been invited to take part in this forum. jeb bush and john casey visited last fall frontrunner don't rub will be at region on wednesday february twenty four and new this morning a new usa today suffolk university poll shows voters are scared of what could happen in the upcoming presidential election when given the choice of four options enthusiastic satisfied dissatisfied or scared. a majority said the prospect of donald trump winning the republican nomination or hillary winning the democratic one left them
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underscore an increasingly bitter divide in american politics knows when there is a new top dog cj a german shepherd german short hair pointer with so they are from southern california took home best in show at the westminster kennel club dog show last night the three year old beat out nearly three thousand dogs in one hundred and ninety nine different breeds to win the nation's most prestigious doc absolute view. i'll miss sleep we here on daybreak sort of give you a chance to win a trip for two people seeking its contrast to the city that never sleeps in her city and includes hotel and airfare tickets to see good morning america i live in times square. so here is how you enter watched a break during the six o'clock however show to learn the key words and over thirteen years know that complex features that ensure that he worked for a chance to win most of
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you'll have a good night's sleep will be back soon though. the irony i hadn't even thought about that worsening sleep week winners to the city that never sleeps something unnerving sense you know what the good sleeper your way up there on the french room party down and back at three different conversations and the value doesn't talk argue it's not cold hands on what you are the wintry storm the heavens of everything. well looking forward to this kathmandu in the plazas and years of good stuff coming up now i will tell you it is going to get a little cooler certainly today and tomorrow. attempts to rebound and one things back up as we head to the weekend so hang in there right now his abilities cadets for the things i like to report early on in the morning we do have a chance for a couple of stray sprinkles early it's not a great chance but about fifteen percent maybe twenty percent and the ritzy clearing later today take a look at the temperatures you can find those times climbing up into the upper forties right around forty eight or so fishy we might reach forty
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will be a little warmer some spots the low fifties clearing skies this afternoon but again this morning slight chance of the sprinkles so let's take a look at where we have those isolated sprinkles in this very light activity little more rain out to the west west of i ninety five ninety five veteran rocky mountain resort to the west of that as we take you through the day you would see again drier conditions generally developing a while with some cloud cover this morning as we look ahead through the late morning into the afternoon. eventually we're going searching more breaks temperatures by eleven thirty twelve o'clock in the mid forties upper forties for inland areas and as we head into the afternoon some of those spots could reach the low fifties away from the coast and down to the south you see the clearing skies it a place out to the west so we are going to enjoy more sunshine later today and the temperatures again cooler than yesterday and really not too far from normal were typically around fifty one expect an official high cost forty eight right now are
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the airport forty in suffolk and wakefield and thirty nine de hace que forty four in virginia beach. elizabeth city this morning a forty one degrees winds are calm right now and media pressure that is rising to nine point nine two inches. highs today again close to forty eight with those warnings for the possibility skies become partly sunny later today generally the ones in the northeast at about five to ten mph tonight the winds increase partly cloudy early but clearing skies overnight lows around thirty two here's a look at the seven day forecasts for temperatures to rebound back to forty seven by friday after dipping in the low forties tomorrow and then how bout saturday and sunday low sixties and that sure sounds good another chance for what weather early next week i post sixties put a smile on ashley's face and see if the traffic does the same tempo and five about fixing over the weekend i also thought about traffic conditions at four fifty in the morning of how we do have good flow right now as you can see the green behind me
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taking a look at our camera is one to give you a live look around the teacher bt focusing on him to norfolk wide for the traffic report and this is eastbound traffic passing the hymns were crossing an ocean say to him for breach of the settlers landing road one mile and a half away from the hr bt as u can see no delays or issues to report. westbound traffic also moving well if you're headed toward six sixty four on the traffic network maps will head over now to the chesapeake bay bridge tunnel that same story here if you're coming from the eastern shore center virginia beach the usual ninety minute ride across the bridge and head to build tunnels with no issues out there at the chesapeake bay bridge tunnels were in fine shape. coming up here at five o'clock we'll head over to sixty four will take traffic from battlefield greenbrier in the river. so richard is the tune to tolerate ashley pink heels and clashing views over controversial methods now being considered to combat the dangers that the virus will explain the approach and why
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use of a popular adhd adhd
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hmm four fifty four to time a new this morning a british biotech companies developing genetically modified sterile male mosquitoes to mate with females carry disease a virus in multiple trials
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the population of mosquitoes by ninety percent within six months. however environmentalists criticize this approach saying wiping out insects could badly affect the ecosystem the virus that's been spreading across the americas has been linked to a spike in babies born with abnormally small heads here this morning a new study reveals more young adults are mis using adderall is a drug used to treat adhd researchers say the number of prescriptions for adderall did not change between two thousand and six in two thousand and eleven but the non medical use of the stimulant rose by sixty seven percent. now emergency department visits also increased dramatically during that same time period the study says a significant number of cases were among college kids who took the drug to help them stay awake to study. gma is going to be sitting down with its medical expert to discuss the findings that is at seven o'clock right after delivery new this morning a new federal proposal would require certain stores to stock up on healthier foods
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compel retailers who accept food stamps to offer better options. well those stores would have to include more fruits veggies dairy and meats on their shelves fresh meats the rules however would not require food stamp recipients to purchase those options right now more than forty six million americans receive food stamps. new this morning you've probably heard the benefits of eating organic is supposed to have fewer additives like pesticides hormones antibiotics the researchers in britain found there are other benefits to eating organic foods organic milk and meats contain about fifty percent more omega three products in omega threes are linked to improved cardiovascular health as well with authority has been tracking the ups and downs in the weather today and today temperatures have tumbled again i can describe a little break down the temperature swing on the other side is breaking and knocking out viruses with a slice of the brush head the paint they could keep your kids healthy
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school year will be slightly shorter for students in one of the seven cities were
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i am a late night fire forces firefighters to call for backup now investigators are trying to figure out what started the two alarm fire this week and a presidential candidate getting cut down for cutting out part of the commonwealth is five o'clock this is thirteen years now and a break right now ashleigh keeping track of rows for any trouble spots and then create a crack as you're the hunter check the forecast before you walked off the high riding shotgun and a love for you i just knew exactly what the hell with the use of the stress of my life if it was the one i think everybody is getting a little giddy when we look forward to the weekend because we get some great weather upcoming alice helen them on during the show are before we
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up low sixties so we're looking forward to that right now across the region we had skies were mostly cloudy it is going to be cooler today so we get through today and tomorrow being even chilly air and after that we look forward to a beautiful weekend. pressure is rising right now to nine point nine three inches forty degrees that's at the airport forty three chesapeake in williamsburg we have temperatures in the upper thirties on the eastern shore thirty eight a husky and thirty nine for lisbon city ga beat right now forty two now we have been tracking a little bit of what weather out to the west we had a batch come too early this morning that one cleared the area roads are damp give a chance for a few more light sprinkles this morning this is not going to stick around all day but rather just a chance for a few more passing sprinkles early this morning one sec those skies become partly sunny and we welcome very nice conditions but the temperatures staying a little bit below normal there you go partly sunny and forty eight. i have the full


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