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tv   13 News Daybreak  ABC  February 17, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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up low sixties so we're looking forward to that right now across the region we had skies were mostly cloudy it is going to be cooler today so we get through today and tomorrow being even chilly air and after that we look forward to a beautiful weekend. pressure is rising right now to nine point nine three inches forty degrees that's at the airport forty three chesapeake in williamsburg we have temperatures in the upper thirties on the eastern shore thirty eight a husky and thirty nine for lisbon city ga beat right now forty two now we have been tracking a little bit of what weather out to the west we had a batch come too early this morning that one cleared the area roads are damp give a chance for a few more light sprinkles this morning this is not going to stick around all day but rather just a chance for a few more passing sprinkles early this morning one sec those skies become partly sunny and we welcome very nice conditions but the temperatures staying a little bit below normal there you go partly sunny and forty eight. i have the full
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we look to the weekend things will be warming up. let's check in on chesapeake right now as she's got a minor traffic down that way. that's right just after five o'clock traffic volumes are still pretty light and steady across the area just because a good example of that so offends or thirteen years now traffic camera will take a look at how things are shaping up now on greenbrier parkway in chess piece you can see on sixty four but rapid writing toward your screen headed westbound passing greenbrier headed toward indian river road was you can see not much to deal with at this point in the morning and come to be on the top right of your screen you can see traffic heading eastbound toward battlefield also in fine shape as we head back to the traffic network maps and take a look now at your bridge list i do have an update for you at the gilmer ten bridge is now set to open at six fifteen and six forty five that is a change from the last time we checked lists of the gilmer to bridge the jr be still set to open at seven this morning and twelve thirty this afternoon and the brooklyn bridge still set to open at eleven o'clock this morning
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minutes we had over five sixty four. we'll see if things are picked up and westbound into naval station norfolk. sorry ashley think you are new this morning. a firefighter is supposed to be ok after getting hurt in a two alarm fire in virginia beach. it happened last night at a group of townhomes near new town road and baker road firefighters tell us that everyone inside the house is meted out unharmed. the fire damaged three homes leaving at least two families without a place to stay in to check back with investigators today to see if he knew exactly what started that fire we could find out today if there's enough evidence for trial in the case of a man charged with the murder of a norfolk botanical garden employee michael brown is set for preliminary hearing this morning police arrested brown back in may of last year twenty seven year old is accused of murdering angie like lighter inside her home country for street crime alert this morning the search continues for the thieves who broke into nearly thirty cars in town said. that's right and some of those cases
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to officer say that someone broke into the vehicles between two and three o'clock in the morning yesterday outside of encore apartments on main street many of the vehicles had items stolen from inside of them some who visit this area often say that these break ins to serve as a reminder to them that no place is really as safe as it may feel if you know anything call the crime line logo for your time in newport news police have identified a second suspect in a double murder book are still looking for him this morning investigators believe twenty six will see when he's killed carter gray and clinton kelly last month another man laurie lori otto gansler is in custody facing charges for the deaths. officers found the victims' bodies inside a van near fourteenth street and wickham avenue police shot and wounded a suspect caught running from sea the eastern shore just can not catch a break during this present presidential race ted cruz is facing some big backlash after leaving
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map of the commonwealth his campaign corrected that map after posting it to cruz's facebook page you can see them side by side the bad this is not the first time that the eastern shore has felt the lack of political of fellow gop candidate ben carson loved the area in with marilyn on the map demonstrating the syrian refugee issue lets out a high school in virginia beach is going green the school received solar panels along with technical support and other educational materials this morning. it's part of dominion power's solar education program the president of the dominion foundation says this program allows students to get firsthand experience with clean renewable energy. had supper parents the school year will be a little shorter next year for students in virginia beach. the school board voted to shorten the calendar by three instructional days the debate over the counter centered on the value of extra instructional time. so before the vote virginia beach has a longer school year in the region is a
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good morning right now temperatures are a little cool out there we're talking about a temperature change of the last twenty four hours were down about fifteen sixteen degrees from the way we started yesterday and there's still a chance for a couple of sprinkles now it is warm enough that what's out there falling ashes rain showers no snow or ice nothing like that the temperatures are in the forties this morning so that's good news we haven't comes close to forty right now at the airport and these are just rain showers that are kind of pressing eastward so a chance for a couple light sprinkles very icy this morning the temperatures over much cooler than yesterday i mentioned at the airport the temperature difference and you can see temps down about twenty degrees ron elizabeth city and chess be
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this time yesterday so quite a difference you see the timeshare as we go through the day than sprinkles move out early and then we're going to welcome a decent amount of sunshine through the afternoon is going to be some storm this along the west coast good chance for rain if you're traveling that way but in the midwest to see up fair weather pattern shaping of high pressure will build an inn while it is cooler tomorrow we're going to enjoy a lot of sunshine and temperatures through the weekend will read that we are going to see partly sunny skies later this afternoon temperatures in the upper forties to low fifties and as we go tomorrow low forties after that more sunshine for friday and temperatures warming into the weekend so a nice stretch of weather coming up just keep the umbrellas with his view of those isolated sprinkles this morning and then some improvements are nashua the watcher on naval station norfolk. all right well it's just past five or just whatever it is five ten i should say and we do have a lot of delayed now on and head toward naval station norfolk even see it here behind me. not severe but
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out for especially if you're headed toward a three day has passed the runway tunnel were three quarters of the way down five sixty four and you can see the brake lights bother making its way toward that the state are headed toward him to boulevard still moving pretty well and before this point may be minor delays starting ron chambers field is you get through the runway title but at this point that's the bulk of the delay some people very close eye on naval station norfolk traffic i'll give you an update in just about eight minutes and also coming up next a live look at the monitor merrimack aren't actually think you will sleep is not always come easy and that could be putting your health or illness occurred at five thirty santa becomes a
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. i this morning the girl behind the controversial video shown to students and michael county high school for black history month is firing back at school officials for pulling the class executive director of the african american policy forms as the educators are not allowing students to confront the racial inequality show several people running a race
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countless obstacles. alright light runners are on heated now school officials pulled the video after many people complain. those five fifteen an update now to a store you probably remember a florida woman who got drunk and caught four live streaming it has been cents in the video shocked many people with the bill pleaded guilty yesterday to her dui charge a judge sentenced her to twelve months probation and ten days of work release or license has been suspended and she must also complete one hundred and fifty hours of community service this morning a day of fun turned to terror for one family out on the slopes of this video can be pretty hard to watch your character can heal the wounds of my goodness the post is from winston costs he says he and his son
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the boyf al ga says it's just a reminder to know the dangers around you and never ski alone again that little boy is fine gma is going to have a lot more on this video it's going viral along with ways to keep the ones you love safe on those adventurous slopes that is at seven o'clock today some are calling it a miracle an electrical fire broke out of our lady of guadalupe church one of the oldest churches in colorado. parishioner started cleaning not happen that would be half million dollars in damage that's when they notice something very unusual at the altar smoke damage left behind what appears to be a crown above the head of the virgin mary painting an interesting twenty four at oregon as well a lot of great wow oh my the world with its distinctive you know how some things will have to wonder i was thinking about and in that video just before that story with the little boy
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very scary stuff. it's amazing even in in well groomed ski resort areas you can really get turned around especially this key difference is i'm coming from utah i know you know getting very disoriented a couple winter storms came on the mound while we were up there all this and you don't know where you are so many slopes by nice the last of the great sport at some time now said video i'm sure we'll hear a lot more but so glad that that little boy is ok this year that panic in his voice right now we're going to see no snow across our area and that isn't great news for as i assume you probably still open for a little bit and they are out there for me occasionally we do have a chance for a few sprinkles and we are going to see temperatures turning will cool over the next couple days yesterday sixty two is a high we are calling for temperatures to be at least twenty degrees warmer in the afternoon and the actual rain to fight their source streak is now to seven today jess cohen fry and forty
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it will be very close to that somewhere there is a bit warmer. right because it may be around forty six forty seven but i think that's a real good figure to shoot for today and we'll see how we do hope that streak will extend to eight and beyond as we take a look here you can see the different times at twelve and three o'clock will be around forty six at some point during the early afternoon to mid afternoon we should briefly touch forty seven forty eight. again that's for the airport we have a few sprinkles out there early this morning but as we take you through the days guys going to become to that we're starting off temperatures close to forty around hampton newport news wakefield norfolk. even franklin right now at forty elizabeth city and forty two in virginia beach at calm we will see the winds from the northeast generally about five to ten mph today temperatures today will top out as i mentioned in the upper forties skies becoming partly sunny as we
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be a few clouds over our during the evening hours but as you go past midnight and into tomorrow mainly clear skies beautiful but chilly forty one and keep in mind we're normally around fifty one so them separately cool clear and cold tomorrow night in lows in the mid twenties north winds about ten to fifteen mph sk obviously a couple cooler days. look what happens after that we go back up will see highs back in the upper forties on friday and then low sixties saturday and sunday what a great weekend we have in store make sure not worry too much about the showers monday and tuesday we can focus on such a nice saturday sunday alright we're checking on them onto my mac right now it's time this morning we're thing sometimes sec pick up that way we'll little bit pregnant of course sophia will get more traffic than we've seen since the show started at four thirty but at this point things are still moving very well at the monitor and act let's give you a live look now at our camera and you can see
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making its way across the bridge headed to the tunnel headed toward newport news moving very well with that in just a very minor pickup in activity if a pickup at all and you can see southbound traffic headed toward something. also moving very well known traffic network maps though we do have that spot of red you can see there behind me around the oval station norfolk. at this point five sixty four west slows about halfway down the interstate at chambers field you can see where that green turns to yellow and turns to read right around here at chambers field in that we dropped down from fifty five mph down to fourteen and that that stopping the ride into the base to watch out for that coming up at five thirty will head over to sixty four right now traffic here at the high rise bridge moving very well but will take a live look at how things are moving around george washington and south military that's coming up in just a little bit and as we zoom out again things are moving pretty well but i do have an update on your bridge lift as
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and bridge in chester beatty going to be pretty busy so we'll talk about that coming up really so much coffee the this layout was ran out the nice memories you hold your radio to am on the radio all week long in posting on us one of six one hundred countries and kill it for thirty seven of the bread in the right field that's the latest picture from the arm when we co hosted this we start re caulk of british rule is always susceptible to five though at the plate. i mean it's a long day. so listen this there were a lot of fun with the owners in i think this to be the next show around mark off a workout buddy found out how much wine and listen to this guy's a really interesting story. the mole in heels all about the millennial the faith how much wind or they really
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word that the thirteen years now. com click on the features tab and enter the keyword for a chance to win also find the official contest rules there as well congratulations to all of our love week winners were able to get pictures of everybody when there are some of the winners out there you see the new screens or faces or names eric michelle kristin one weekend getaways to the williamsburg winery thanks for watching daybreak and for the two other people would mistake me as well and have a fantastic great romomtic trip very lives were wondering. mother nature is getting a little more steady force the rest of the week guests after some morning showers grace talking nothing but blue skies the men in the headlines the latest on the investigation into the san bernardino terrorist
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the hazmat teams and police swarmed a neighborhood investigating a possible meth lab for the second time this weekend
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this morning. what's a future virginia beach will live with what could happen at coming up on five thirty it was the morning tea was hump day and this is thirteen years now daybreak fundraising numbers to bustamante talk about a swing in temperatures well we're in for a much cooler day. yes we are all just regular tracking all the force this morning when pregnant spend some time to ride over the last week as a tween wintry weather setup friday in the cat eyes of the weekend we had more wintry weather as we get into monday thunderstorms yesterday was a damaging wind across north carolina today still a couple of light sprinkles temperatures are going to be cooler again but we will enjoy more sunshine later today. i think as we go over the next several days and the payoff will be nicer weather does get a little cooler tomorrow but after that beautiful as we head to the weekend forty right now winds are calm we will see winds picking up in the northeast about five to
5:29 am
forties right now i get a few sprinkles and showers down to the southwest. we're going to see the chances for the showers early this morning that they'll move out and then after that. skies become partly sunny later this afternoon so things are looking good there should a glance. temperatures in the mid to upper forties low fifties and here's ashley with a look at the high rise all right craig are taking a look now just past five thirty in traffic at the bridge where a half hour of course away from the top of the morning rush hour but things are still moving pretty well the high rise bridge will give you a quick live look as you can see for yourself as our camera glitches and we head to the second camera button or that or pay the high rise bridge again still moving very well you have any issues there are sixty four east and west to do are taken out of five sixty four west of i am starting to see those delays they're headed toward naval station norfolk sell fish on here at chambers field halfway down five sixty four west and that we see a little bit of a slowdown as you approach the railway tunnel and helps the bay state l a traffic network maps and the people at the gil martin
5:30 am
live schedule there so i just listen to the list here. six fifteen six forty five seven fifteen and eighteen a very busy gilmer to bridge this morning. make note of those less than what he is the high rise with the jordan during those times that really kind of smack dab middle of the morning rush hour there and have some more bracelets to discuss and of course traffic onto sixty four in virginia beach coming up next and breaking his one man is in the hospital after tonight's outing in newport news dispatchers tell me the first call came in just before two this morning of a man with knives on jefferson avenue this is not far from jefferson latter turns out that man just found the knives was trying to contact police about them but within minutes another call came in that a man with stab wounds to show that we reach riverside regional medical center so far no word on the extent of injuries you know anything at all i can help leaps with this case you are asked to call the crime line vegas after time those five thirty two later today there'll be a public meeting
5:31 am
of the light rail extension to hampton roads transit officials will be holding that meeting are lisa brown is live in town center in virginia beach with more on what will be discussed at tonight's meeting elise good morning and realize that there's a lot going on with his light rail from bonding to engineering executives will meet here at the westin to discuss the engineering portion of the proposed extension or bring a light rail here into town center right now the funding portion of the hundred and fifty five million dollar funding for the project is in serious jeopardy. virginia beach city council members want a referendum in november due to this estate secretary of transportation are real aim is threatening to pull state funding he says he doesn't want to allocate funds that are based on a vote not to get those multimillion he says within the next two months he wants the city to sign an agreement that would include the purchase of light rail cars and construction virginia beach mayor will
5:32 am
the money time thirteen years now the city has been on course doing what needs to be done on it sent to move the project forward lane isn't convinced the city is one hundred percent commited but says he'll bring up a resolution before the transportation board to today and clearly as i said there's a lot going on with this if you are interested in going to hrt meeting here at the westin is scheduled to start at six and also her interest in hearing more about the funding portion of this project we will keep you updated throughout the day live in virginia beach. elise brown thirteen years now keep following that story townhouse five thirty for a recipe for trouble in newport news where police found what appears to be a second meth lab in that city last night officer say that they found meth making items inside of the units at the height and one north apartments detectives tell us that they received a tip after finding similar materials at a nearby
5:33 am
found two adults in a thirteen year old boy inside the apartment two women one man in a four year old child later showed up. police released them. the two children are now staying with a friend of theirs on could decide whether there is enough evidence to send a man to trial for drug related hearing is scheduled for it and one holland the forty one year old is accused of killing jose luis rodriguez the victim was found inside a home on arch street back in november holland was arrested hours later inside a neighbor's house. will update you after today's hearing later today third district congressman bobby scott will be hosting a roundtable discussion in hampton to discuss the effectiveness of veterans and the drug courts scott introduced new legislation that aims to improve the federal sentencing and corrections system it would increase the use of evidence based sentencing alternatives by encouraging the use of probation and other problem solving court programs the event begins at four
5:34 am
and today is your opportunity to say thank you in person to our service members chanted the amc is hosting its annual national salute to veteran patients just like activities nationwide event will include special ward visits recreation activities and veteran recognition programs it begins at two o'clock this afternoon building one forty eight the public is invited to attend a presidential hopeful is going to set up shop right here in hampton roads are going to tell you where and when hillary clinton's new campaign office will open when we come back then the feds are trying to force apple to give up access to
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good wednesday morning things are looking pretty good across the area we give a chance for a couple of sprinkles so through out the door early this morning you may wanna take an umbrella and if you're going to do and maybe a little jog or get in a walk early this morning before going to work or where he maybe had he may want to keep the mobile app before heading out because there are a few sprinkles out to the west now see the radar just a moment temperatures right now in the upper thirty s to near forty along the eastern shore for the northern neck middle peninsula generally upper thirties although in some spots already forty degrees low forties for many locations along the peninsula
5:38 am
wife enters and forty two forty two a crestwood ie can see back over towards western branch forty forty two in downtown south down into north carolina little cooler and greens cross gates phil and thirty nine thirty eight morgan's corner in forty one degrees. that's a look at our temperatures again very light activity just a few little the south side a little more wet weather out there tough life in it will continue to weaken as it pushes towards the coast still doubt that chance for just a few light sprinkles this morning so we'll keep an eye to the radar aside from that things are going pretty good today temperatures will top out in the upper forties to low fifties away from the coast. skies become partly sunny you could see up to the north mid to upper forties for most and down south a little bit for fifties and there's that chance for a couple of sprinkles out towards a husky this morning. our temperatures will be cool tomorrow and then warming up as we had the weekend let's check in now with ashleigh are taking a quick look at traffic in virginia beach mainly because traffic onto
5:39 am
very nicely this morning here's a live look at westbound traffic passing rosemont road and eastbound traffic headed in the direction of the oceanfront again we're in good shape out there into sixty four with no issues to report as we head back to the traffic network maps update around naval station norfolk five sixty four westbound still slowing about halfway down chambers field in that we dropped down from fifty five to sixty mph mostly hearing about some traffic trouble one sixty four heading toward five six and force them to check on that in just a few minutes and also give you a live look at to ride sixty four westbound to him dinner at the hr bt will sleep sometimes it is a luxury but it's also more than a necessity and its people often. yes we continues our santa barbara's book to an expert about how you're
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this morning a federal judge has ordered apple to help solve part of the mystery behind the san bernardino terror attacks but apple is vowing to fight the ruling requires apple to supply its highly specialized software to the fbi to de code the smartphone of one of the terrorists the fbi tried unsuccessfully for months to break into the phone in december cited for rupee
5:43 am
fourteen people. the couple later died in a shootout with police to me about five forty five a republican senator who heads the senate judiciary committee left open the possibility of holding a hearing for president barack obama's choice to fill a supreme court vacancy there's been a battle over justice antonin scalia seat since his death last weekend republicans want the next president to decide. however democrats say it's the president's constitutional responsibility the public will pay its respects to discuss scalia on friday look for more on the story ahead on good morning america. later today and democratic presidential hopeful will set up shop right here in hampton roads hillary clinton is scheduled to open a campaign office in norfolk. we're told that the office will be on west twenty first street is going to be a hub for organizing activity in the region. third district congressman bobby scott and several other local leaders are expected to attend the event is set to
5:44 am
republican presidential candidate ben carson will take part in regent universities candidate forum on february twenty ninth the event includes a live interview with regents chancellor pat robertson question from the audience all candidates have been invited to take part in the form jeb bush and john casey visited last fall frontrunner don't trump will be at reading university on wednesday february twenty four new this morning a new usa today suffolk university poll shows voters are scared of what could happen in the upcoming presidential election. they were given four options enthusiastic satisfied dissatisfied or scared. a majority said that the prospect of donald trump winning the republican nomination for hillary clinton winning the democratic one left them feeling fearful. the findings underscore an increasingly bitter divide in american politics this morning there's a new top dog that's been crowned take a look see see a german short haired pointer the southern california took
5:45 am
the westminster kennel club dog show last night three year old beat out nearly three thousand dogs in one hundred and ninety nine different breeds out when the nation's most prestigious dog competition with a piece of dog rescue dog that i will let us sleep week here on daybreak so we're gonna give you a chance to win a free trip for two people to the city that never sleeps new york city so it includes your hotel your tickets to get there and also tickets to see good morning america live in times square so here's how you can enter watched a break during the six o'clock hour to learn the key words and over thirteen years now. com click on the features haven't enter the keyword for a chance to win you can also find the official contest rules on our website so much for me a lot of ferocious absolutely love getting away to new york my wife is hitting me up right now for another trip to the house and when i think is the actor from outlander idea that
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the sink. she's really the outline and apparently he's a grand marshal of some parade in our shower on the planning this trip like mine dragged me aside like she's gonna see her along the parade was a hater and malaria the same thing. so anyway she's going to try to win a trip to new york unlike an idea of what we have for you. rain chances this morning a few sprinkles out there early this morning one sentence to the skies become partly sunny really a good looking day as we go to the afternoon temperatures going to be a little bit below normal upper forties were typically around fifty one or so for the high today after going to see an official high close to forty eight nineteen forty nine in what areas will be a little bit longer than that. so look forward to more sunshine come like yesterday after you turn out to be gorgeous but we knew the chances for the sprinkles this morning and you see on the radar this up the sliding to the east northeast. so a few sprinkles out the early keep an umbrella with you. that's my advice temperatures are
5:47 am
thirties low forties across the area and as we take a look you can see the visibility is very good the winds are calm and the pressure is rising so this is the way things are looking right now in a step back out here just for a second and i want to make sure we've got a good look at the conditions out there in what we're going to do is switch things up here just for sake because i want to show your future cast and talk a little bit more about the conditions coming up with respect to the chances for showers in the general forecast is looking great across the area we will enjoy the sunshine in the nation here's what we have out there get a few sprinkles just out of the south the clouds for awhile this morning that through the afternoon and into the evening you see some of the clearing some snow back out over the mountains a decent amount of sunshine here and not just later this afternoon i think tomorrow and into friday saturday and sunday a nice stretch of weather fair conditions and
5:48 am
saturday and sunday so look for the temperatures getting up into the lower sixties at that point i basically across the region today what we're going to find the temperatures topping out in the upper forties low fifties and when there will be low side down around thirty two so does get a little chilly air and stays cool tomorrow forty one the high after that back into the upper forties on friday and then low sixties saturday and sunday another chance for showers early next week are i kind of a bummer here hate to hear about it but we have to an accident just popped up in ashes going to phyllis and when taken out of sixty four in norfolk so if you're headed around five sixty four may be making the way up to the hr bt give you a live look. the scene is not major but it's certainly something to watch out for sixty four westbound in the outside to the blaine and bull creek road. it looks like what's left of this accident at this point it's all to the left shoulders at the bit of good news for you and notice behind me. not a major delay
5:49 am
scene so again it's not a slow you down substantially as one to watch out for it as you pass little creek and either head toward five sixty four or up to the hampton roads bridge tunnel and speaking of that let's head to our second camera and take a look now at sixty four west thirteenth we were about two to one half miles away from the hr bt year as you head out to hampton you can see traffic they're moving very well with no major issues to report. also nice if you're headed eastbound on sixty four making the way in the direction of i sixty four as being the five six before we do have those delays into naval station norfolk have the latest there coming up at six all right asleep week here on daybreak santa gets the whole day of the three and today were talking about sleep deprivation so are you getting enough sleep but something that we ask each other a lot on the schedule oh yes but were not the only ones who may be sleep deprived turns out a lot of you are to our st. parker's been looking into this force and boy is what i found out guys you know sleep is so important because at some point so many aspects of our
5:50 am
are going to feel the effects and just something important when it comes to men and women there are some differences a sparsely cats sleep isn't a luxury it's a necessity but for most of us getting enough sleep isn't easy. we americans were twenty four seven lifestyle to decide that sleep is almost an inconvenience but there are too many data now show that we don't get enough sleep. the bill comes due. dr robert harass sleep study specialists with eastern virginia medical school says that bill comes due in the form of more car crashes impaired performance and problems with your mood and your health when we don't get enough sleep long periods of time when they have more what question would divest more heart disease doctor and says there is also research that shows a link between lack of sleep and obesity. so how much sleep is enough the data really suggest an adult would do best a number of parameters when he gets and eight hours of sleep per night for many because of work schedules and other obligations that's not always
5:51 am
you and your body need that deep restorative sleep. women have more insomnia symptoms in men while we look at the plate most studies have shown that women can hold on to suggest another way all are better physiologically this man now all i don't suffer from insomnia actually quite the opposite i can actually fall asleep pretty much anywhere but after talking with doctor and i thought we should do a sleep study to see what kind of sleep i'm actually getting and coming up at six thirty you're being warned now on to take you on my sleep study to see what's involved and what they found out that cannot play area right center that is so much as five fifty three now and still to come on daybreak a heartwarming proposal caught on camera see the video has gone viral after the spring to lead slight of the brush head
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. i apparently it's easy to get bored when you work in the australian outback. yet the two workers headed to a job in
5:54 am
the and the ammo and the water in the know as well that slur again is classic i will survive these gillett loaded into facebook on the fourteenth just in time for valentine's day with a similar bill last year with the news and nothing is worse that one either. it's already started a trend on line with almost one thousand s in paris or did you know that dinosaurs like to go fishing really go figure a lot of videos going viral recently showing people in this popular t rex costume shoveling snow fort out of it was when he was writing for stacking really wasn't hungry it was just really adore this came from awful it is our guest here at the crack in the dinosaur up with this look like a typical elementary school rally even with the giant chinese dragon dancing around with the person inside the dragon
5:55 am
that an army soldier who secretly returned home was inside his girlfriend was the first grade teacher at the school. oh yeah this is a marriage proposal is intended that is intended to share a year ago we responded with i love you called upon which to kill you and finally yes the answer he was looking for and those words will continue to progress as of no actually i love you and how it goes i love you back when i didn't have it deserves an oscar use of video games and that happens this fall for the rose red carpet rampage players helped leo chase after the award lot dodging photographers and outlining other stars nominated for best we have will use the bible but the tech bubble the globe were so well she won a golden globe nominated for an oscar while the crowd
5:56 am
week's super bowl and now we gotta go have our dinner sister designing doll from mattel s monster high line will be released this silhouette doll with her girls to be me and receives proceeds will benefit the singers. born this way foundation will hit store shelves sometime this fall and it only got to see the successes and we know that some pop stuff is so much fun and everything else but when she's kind of taken off the makeup and don't think straight yet in a spectator had trouble believing and yet people are starting to realize yesterday and i though the story's pretty right now stay with us for much more news weather and traffic right now at six o'clock late night fire forces firefighters to call for backup now investigators are trying to figure out what started the second alarm fire this week and a presidential
5:57 am
for cutting out part of the commonwealth. this is thirteen years now and a brigade is just about six o'clock right now ashley is watching the road to the top rusher for any trouble spot greg is here the check of your forecast before you walk out the door lock with a cracked yet i will be cooler and you know going into the last break there andre was talking about me doing whether the dinosaur suit i could never do whether the dinosaur suit because as a t rex you can never like really make it up to the top part of the screen with the little tiny arms so i will say here you can see skies right now starting to break up but we are partly cloudy to very bleak windy conditions. it's a little bit cooler that you're going if this actually quite a bit cooler from where we were yesterday morning now the good news we don't have thunderstorms in the forecast rain damaging winds anything like what we saw across north carolina yesterday morning we do have a chance for a few sprinkles of sherry that down to the southwest here in just a moment and the temperatures warm enough that we are talking about just a few
5:58 am
ice out there you can see a little bit of this across parts of chesapeake out there around deep creek backing this up they cannot back off to the south west along i ninety five little soggy this morning so we'll see a chance for a few sprinkles or get a little bit of that approach in the lynn haven area a little bit up around the bay. this couple moved to early this morning in the big improvements coming up later this afternoon and welcome skies becoming partly sunny i say close to forty eight officially that'll occur between one and say three o'clock and then after that temperatures dropping back down to the low to mid forties as we head to the overnight it will turn cold. have a chilly day for you tomorrow and much nicer weather to the weekend stay tuned for that let's check naval station norfolk with ash are great we've been talking about bass trap and probably for about an hour now because that's when things start to pick up roughly around five o'clock we're still seeing a delay out there you can make it out here on the maps and as we take a look now at thirteen years now track the camera here's five sixty four
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