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tv   13 News Daybreak  ABC  February 17, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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ice out there you can see a little bit of this across parts of chesapeake out there around deep creek backing this up they cannot back off to the south west along i ninety five little soggy this morning so we'll see a chance for a few sprinkles or get a little bit of that approach in the lynn haven area a little bit up around the bay. this couple moved to early this morning in the big improvements coming up later this afternoon and welcome skies becoming partly sunny i say close to forty eight officially that'll occur between one and say three o'clock and then after that temperatures dropping back down to the low to mid forties as we head to the overnight it will turn cold. have a chilly day for you tomorrow and much nicer weather to the weekend stay tuned for that let's check naval station norfolk with ash are great we've been talking about bass trap and probably for about an hour now because that's when things start to pick up roughly around five o'clock we're still seeing a delay out there you can make it out here on the maps and as we take a look now at thirteen years now track the camera here's five sixty four
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boulevard so that's where the leaves are beginning now the runway tunnel right there come off in the distance to expect that slowed traffic they're headed toward the base and also see a little delay on bay avenue if you're taking that gate into naval station norfolk this morning on the traffic network maps we still have an accident scene working sixty four westbound in the outsides of the blame at little creek road. it also left shoulder not causing major delays but do something to be cautious of. as you had either twenty five sixty four or make your way up in the direction of the hr bt i definitely wanna remind you of your bill martin bridge less we have a lot for this rush hour for at this point six fifteen that in just a few minutes. six forty five to seven fifteen at eight fifteen the jr b is going to open at seven this morning and twelve thirty this afternoon. the brooklyn bridge at eleven o'clock this morning so we're busy already and the rush hour coming up in a few minutes we had the fifty eight second traffic into norfolk at the midtown tunnel. aaron ashley thank you all knew this morning. a firefighter supposed to be ok after he got hurt in a two alarm fire
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last night a group of townhomes near new town road and baker road firefighters tell us that everyone said of the homes did make it out safely. the fire damaged three homes leaving at least two entire families without a place to stay in to check back with the investigator said today to see if they know what started that fire well we could find out today if there's enough evidence for trial in the case of a man charged in the murder of a norfolk botanical garden employee michael brown is set for preliminary hearing this morning police arrested brown in may of last year the twenty seven year old is accused of murdering anti lick lighter inside her home shave for st not a crime alert this morning the search continues for the thieves who broke into nearly thirty cars in town center and some of those cases the crux actually bust out the windows to officer say that someone broke into the vehicles between two and three o'clock in the morning yesterday outside of encore apartments that is on main street many of the cars had items stolen
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area often say that these break ins serve as a reminder to them but no place is really as sick as safe as you feel it maybe if you know anything about these break ins call the crime line newport news police have identified a second suspect in the double murder but they're still looking for him this morning investigators believe twenty six year old steven hayes killed country great and clinton kelly last month another man or audio dance ler is in custody facing charges for their deaths. officers found the victims' bodies inside a van near fourteenth street and wickham avenue police shot and wounded a suspect caught running from the sea the eastern shore cannot catch a break during this presidential race. ted cruz is facing backlash after he left out in the eastern shore on a map of the commonwealth his campaign corrected its after posting it to cruz's facebook page you can see these two maps side by side oops not the first time this happens though it specially
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campaign debate ben carson campaign they also love the area into a separate map a map of maryland. so they fixed that as well it was in reference to the syrian refugee crisis in norfolk international airport is getting a new executive director wayne shank is retiring. he's worked at the airport for forty four years and has been the director since two thousand nine his last day will be february twenty ninth airport's current deputy executive director robert bowen will take over. bowen was chosen after a national search six o five now in lansdowne high school in virginia beach is going green the school will receive solar panels along with the technical support and other educational materials that come along with it this morning. it's part of dominion power's solar education program the president of the dominion foundation says this program allows students to get firsthand experience with clean renewable energy has after parents the school year will be a little shorter next year for students in virginia beach. the school board voted to shorten the calendar by
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days. the debate over the counter centered on the value of extra time before this vote virginia beach had the longest school year in the region later that terrifying video that is making the rounds online there one minute and gone the next to father is taking to facebook to warn others about what he called the most frightening experience he's had as good at last getting rid of germs could be as easy
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good morning what a pretty start there looking off to the sun breaks in the clouds visibility is great temperatures are chilly are a lot chilly actually than yesterday but still above normal temperatures pretty close to forty this morning i don't think it's too terribly bad. now there are some sprinkles out to the last we'd talk about that will get there just a moment we'll take a look at the first the wide picture when to zoom in take a little closer look at how the stuff is moving in the progression has been off to the east northeast. we had a batch of rain moved through overnight that is now offshore but this last little batches sprinkles coming through. we talked about this yesterday and they break that we'd see a chance for a few light showers early this morning exactly what we're seeing it is all moving up to the east northeast and it's going to come through again just a few sprinkles right now pushing through
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creek and into something down into gates county harford county back to northampton in north carolina passing roanoke rapids another batch of showers a little bit heavier downpours and feel but the trend has been as a step moves off to the east it does weaken so i'd say more than anything just a chance for a few sprinkles this morning so that's we're looking at temperatures close to forty in as we kick it through the day the temperatures will warm up to about forty seven around lunch and forty eight for the afternoon recess skies becoming partly sunny through the afternoon i would take a look here at the coming days and after today's high in the upper forties low fifties in one will see cooler conditions and breezy weather tomorrow low forties back into the upper forties friday plenty of sunshine and even warmer into the weekend how about highs in the low sixties i see more on that but here's ashley. all right craig was single it now in traffic at the midtown tunnel was picking up just a little bit. portsmouth into norfolk and is a minor pickup in
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things are still moving well in this lane here and leaving port and then headed into the midtown tunnel traffic dropping down a little bit in terms of speed so to prepare for that you're about to take the midtown tunnel here in the next few minutes westbound traffic into portsmouth does a pretty good on the traffic network mask an update in norfolk that crashed sixty four westbound in the outside to blame the little creek that has cleared my still see the flares down but other than that you have anything to worry about no delays as you head toward five sixty four but on five sixty four we still have those delays starting halfway down by sixty four west at chambers field in that he dropped down from fifty five to seventy mph flocking to watch traffic headed to the base and coming up next a live look at traffic on sixty four in newport news. all right ashleigh think you will sleep is not always come easy in health at risk at six thirty
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hi dad. uh huh. yeah...sorry about that. think about it there must be higher love down in the heart what do you think? and in the stars above hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you're going to like these numbers. bring me a higher love
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. new this morning a fun day of fun turned to terror for one fan only out on the slopes there could be a little hard to watch for you it shows a father panicking when the sun falls into a tree well going down the mountain to point to note
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the head of the best food that gets stuck under there the post is from winston ga says that his son were skiing in idaho when the boy just that now costs as it's just a reminder to know the dangers around you and never ski alone again the boy is doing fine. gma is going to have a lot more this viral video along with ways to keep than love when the people that you love safe on the ski slopes that is ahead at seven six the teaser time a new this morning a hospital packed and their information held for ransom what's known as ransom ware got into the computers of hollywood presbyterian medical center in los angeles ran somewhere is a virus to locks of a computer system and forces users to pay to re gain control during the two patients were transferred to other hospitals for treatment hospital officials say the hag didn't compromise any patient information the fbi now investigating this morning if you want to take a trip to cuba travel is getting a little easier the u s and cuba signed an
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the first time in fifty years u s airlines can now start bidding on routes for as many as one hundred and ten flights between the country a day. the flights could start within the next few months although maybe she's a new refrigerator that does not contain any of the cheese as advertised a bloomberg news study found that many brands of parmesan for example. even so the target and walmart contained unsafe percentages oh my goodness of wood pulp industry insider believes up to twenty percent of parmesan sold in american stores isn't even real stocks more food here. hershey's classic is getting a special spring flavor for all. there's pumpkin spice. winter is peppermint or paul rather there's help of a spy for winter peppermint hershey's kisses debuting a carrot cake flavor the chocolate maker says they will be sold exclusively at night the thing is although i write everything they ever go there
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every time i was in it that story turned out to not be true to say that's pulp fiction plane come on that the ads and viewing the sadly he'll be here all week the final push now but i juz keep the city is it that we are right now skies are partly classy overhead. we had some breaks out there but we also have a few sprinkles were tracking and will topple bit more about that after we take years of business with the spot on forecasts yesterday we were called for a warmup suit was going to be at least twenty degrees warmer during the afternoon and generally the range was between twenty and twenty five degrees warmer so we didn't get that straight to extend to seven forecast and we should hit it again today's were going for a high near forty eight so i think that's a real good number for today as you take a look here in general temperatures coming up into the mid and upper forties around noon we might reach for it i think in one ear is below fifty so a
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will be your running our forecasts treat we always keep track officially reported at norfolk international that is the reporting station for hampton roads so that's what we're going for the airport few sprinkles down to the south this is light activity we had one bad troll through early this morning that came to leaving the red stamp this stuff really winding down it's not going to be a big deal but a few sprinkles out there was maybe a little damp off to the southwest over parts of northeast north carolina i will tell you it is warm enough that were just talking about some rain sprinkles and not snow or any type of wintry mix of good news there you can see it is much quieter out to the last two were actually in for a great stretch of weather after those sprinkles come through this morning skies going to be mostly cloudy to very oblique ready for awhile this morning and then becoming partly sunny to mainly clear late afternoon evening partly cloudy skies initially but clearing overnight and tomorrow looks to be mostly sunny. really looking forward
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be chilly so mostly sunny but want that jacket tomorrow temperatures start to come back a little bit back in the upper forties and then as we get into the weekend temperatures in the low sixties it's gonna be really nice to get outdoor plans i know baseball season just around the corner on twitter i heard from the indian river braves baseball boosters yes or say come on enough with the weather fix it we had season starting before too long and yet are going to start practicing outside when you get the temperature is up for all the area high school sports temperatures right now forty one windsor com will see heidi close to forty eight mention that tomorrow's highs in the low forties and then warm it back up to the weekend looks good chances for showers again monday into tuesday but since the traffic is moving steadily up on the peninsula how about if we focus on newport news park ride will take a look now at traffic in newport news and actually it
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though volume has picked up a little bit so if you live with my mom bland boulevard overpass there as you can see we have to rush our volume of traffic is still moving veryy well on both sides. here's a westbound traffic eventually maybe head up to fort eustis and eastbound traffic making its way in the direction of jefferson avenue. we don't have any delays right now to report no slow downs to sharing the road with a few more folks out there in newport news on sixty four on the trap of network map let's head back to the south side and the latest about naval station norfolk. i'm still saying that the way back to chambers field was halfway down by sixty four west and now you're dropping down to sixteen mph. as you approach the bay state and hampton blvd this morning. eastbound traffic in portsmouth start to flow as you head into norfolk. you can see there the western freeway you drop down from thirty five to twenty five mph so here's to moving out there but you certainly slowing down and as we head over now supports sixty four in south norfolk right now we look pretty good
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chesapeake and norfolk live look at the jordan bridge here coming up in the next few minutes are so good having this conversation behind the scenes with the millennial turned a journal in iraq almost millennials will have the brains were just outside the letter liao. oh good now i know you've been to was wrong physically just a quick note here are three two the brendan ryan showed us one of six one every day this week will frighten them with all aspects i've got to be fine. i don't know maybe he's a millennial two therefore we should all be drinking the wine in the study found
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this morning tear to my will to give your house might lead to the house and a co payment to hear this. perry sharon williams is now selling shields and it's a pity that they say kills bacteria. it contains a chemical often used in cleaning supplies. sherwin williams has a couple of coats of this can remove anything that can cause infections like staff more some or even eco live for up to four years or millennials are fairly sure do love their wine according to a new study researchers found that people's people ages twenty
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forty two percent of all the wine in the country last year that is more than one hundred and fifty nine million cases of wine or about two cases for each meal and leave some for me congratulations to all our love week winners. hopefully the one with the mirror. we were unable to get pictures of everybody but here's some of the winners here. eric michelle and kristen. one weekend getaways to the williamsburg winery thanks for watching daybreak and have a great trip well the moment you've been waiting for today's can work hard every contest is musical giving away a trip or two to new york city which includes airfare hotel and tickets to see good morning america which is probably right next to the ago and now that you have worsened over the thirteen is not accomplished all the features tab and enter it for a chance to win the league also fined the official count is that we're at a rate of price hike
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little bit more steady force for the rest of the fingers crossed here after some morning showers with the past few days greg talking nothing but blue skies no mary goes very proud of that and in the headlines the latest on the investigation into the san bernardino terrorist attacks a new demand on apple that could bring a break in to the investigation here at home a big day virginia beach the city wants your opinion on a controversial transportation issue believes
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mini babybel. snack a little bigger. . feel it the recipe for trouble hazmat teams swarming neighborhood investigating a possible meth lab for the second time this week is expanding light rail into virginia beach still on track will live with the key issue facing the project and our own sandra parker puts herself to the task for a sleep study this nor mike is in place now. stick around to
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starts right now. good wednesday morning to you is coming one six thirty right now i'm on tracy and embassy bustamante thank you for joining us this morning we'll talk about a swing in temperatures. it's going to get a lot cooler today. yeah meteorologist greg miller's here tracking the change to morning temperatures down right now quite a bit from where we were yesterday right house in about forty at the airport forty one now that's the updated temperature winds are calm will see the winds coming in from the northeast but the temperature changed since yesterday morning is much much cooler you remember yesterday we were in the upper fifties to near sixty across much of the area now it is warming up this morning even though it's cooler it's warm enough that we are looking at some rain sprinkles passing by this morning i mention this yesterday if you are watching that chance for a few showers pushing through early this morning really more sprinkles than even showers very very light activity we had a batch of showers moved through earlier this morning that left the ground and now just
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work to the east so as we take it to the day i want to keep that umbrella handy because there's any chance of a few sprinkles through the next couple of hours bleak early this morning becoming partly sunny through the afternoon with highs in the upper forties at the airport temperatures you will be a little bit warmer right now let's check the jordan bridge and say she's been busy watching your traffic. all right good morning crying headed out to jordan bridges to give you a live look at your head between chesapeake and portsmouth there are coming either from four six before making your way out about reports that there's a lot of traffic headed east boundary of what two cars at this point and we're off for sixty four in chesapeake. wes brown looks great if you're headed to portsmouth south norfolk naval shipyard workers or any boats making their way into port this morning coming from for sixty four he will like the ride across the jordan bridge on the trafficking of action a second camera thank you director five sixty four westbound around chambers feel things are improving edward naval station norfolk but notice as you get closer
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something those delays they are making their way into the bay so i'm still watching that we are improving at this point a bit of good news they are on the traffic network maps the midtown tunnel still slow portsmouth into norfolk eastbound traffic flows of the western freeway drop down from thirty five to twenty two mph coming up in just a bit the latest on your delays to have the latest on the bridge before today i will check traffic on six sixty four in western branch and breaking news an overnight stabbing one man to the hospital in newport news dispatch a stellar the first call came in just before two this morning a man with knives on jefferson avenue this is not far from jefferson latter turns out though that that man actually just down the knives was trying to contact police about them but within minutes another call came in that a man with stab wounds to show up at riverside regional medical center know we're so far on the extent of his injuries. if you know anything at all they can help police with this case you are asked to call the crime line said are they so much. it is six thirty two and later today there will be a public
6:30 am
and funding of the light rail extension tempted road transit officials will be holding that meeting are released brown is live in town center in virginia beach with more on what will this will be discussed at tonight's meeting police andre lucy and there's a lot going on with the light rail from funding to engineering executives only here at the westin later today to discuss the engineering portion about the proposal that could bring the light rail here to town center right now there's a lot going on with the funding for this project is in serious jeopardy virginia beach city council members want a referendum in november due to this the state secretary of transportation aubrey layne is threatening to pull state funding he says he doesn't want to allocate funds that are based on a vote to get those multimillion he says within the next two months he want to see the sign in agreement that could include the purchase of light rail cars and construction beach mayor will says and doesn't want to lose the money
6:31 am
the city has been on course doing what it means to be done on its and to move the project fort wayne isn't however convince the city is one hundred percent commit but says he will bring up a resolution today before the transportation board clearly there's a lot going on with light rail now if you are interested in attending the westin is scheduled to start at six o'clock to nine of you wanna know more about discussed today will be continuing to fall that updating you throughout the day live in virginia beach elise brown thirteen is now ten o six thirty for a recipe for trouble in newport news where police found what appears to be a second meth lab in the city. that's right last night officer say that they found meth making items inside of a unit at the height would north apartments undetected sellers that they got a tip for finding similar materials at a nearby house on sunday officers found two adults and a thirteen year old boy inside that apartment. two
6:32 am
old later showed up. police released them. the two kids are now staying with a friend on the docket today a judge could decide whether there's enough evidence to send a man to trial for drug related murder a preliminary hearing is scheduled for an told holland the forty one year old accused of killing jose luis rodriguez the victim was found inside a home on arch street back in november holland was arrested hours later inside a neighbor's house we will update you after today's scheduled hearing later today third district congressman bobby scott will host a roundtable in hampton to discuss the effectiveness of veterans and drug courts scott introduced new legislation that aims to improve the federal sentencing and corrections system it would increase the use of evidence based sentencing alternatives by encouraging the use of probation and other problem solving what programs the event begins at four thirty this afternoon at city hall today is your opportunity to say thank you in person to our service members the hampton va nc is
6:33 am
salute to veteran patients just like activities nationwide event will include special work visits recreation activities and veteran recognition programs begins at two o'clock this afternoon in the building number one forty eight and the public is invited to a presidential hopeful is going to set up shop right here in hampton roads we're going to tell you where and when hillary clinton's new campaign office will be located when we come back than the feds are trying to force apple to give up access to someone's i phone but
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. six thirty nine right now skies are invariably cloudy there are some areas receiving a few more breaks in the clouds looking up to the east you see a little bit of that out to the west more clouds and even a few sprinkles out there who will check the radar for here just let you know the temperature currently in the low forties and upper thirty s across most of the area so that's what's out there right now as we take a look at those sprinkles again very very light activity and it's actually kind of falling apart is at work each week we had a batch of rain pushed to earlier this morning and that sets clear the coast now you see the trend here and look like is more intense right their in house really does kind of falling apart so a few hit and miss very light sprinkles this morning in improvements coming later today with partly sunny skies
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make it very far to the east and through the day we start out very bleak cloudy temps is coming up into the upper forties as we head to the noon hour and that these spots in the lower fifties in the inland areas you can see at towards franklin emporia down to a husky i think virginia beach may hit fifty degrees or so the official airport temperature probably stay pretty close to forty eight degrees and then through the late afternoon falling back down to the mid forties and into the low forties by the scene this evening skies partly cloudy but it will become mainly clear overnight and it looks like tomorrow to see more sunshine but cooler weather it's going to be breezy tomorrow as well. the winds picking up from the north and that's going to keep temperatures down so. highs tomorrow in the low forties back into the upper forties on friday temperatures this weekend even warmer and if you just now waking up stay tune i think ill of the weekend we'll talk about another chance for showers next week. let's check in a western branches ashley clark
6:38 am
traffic on six sixty four i'm not too far from bowers hilton wanna show you that this is a portsmouth boulevard so obviously not too far from bowers fill in maybe between virus kill them on demand that you can see traffic they're headed southbound in the direction of ours who moving very nicely there and northbound traffic at it with the monitor merrimack also in very nice shape of your traveling between chesapeake and suffolk now headed out to two sixty four in norfolk our photo journal is written below is out there looks like he is not too far from the berkeley bridge may be headed in the direction of downtown norfolk to sixty four west and his job coming up on city hall ave it looks like it here the next couple of minutes. yeah that looks like just about that area things are still moving pretty nicely not too far from the downtown tunnel not seeing major delays as of right now if that changes i'll let you know right here but i am seeing delays on the eastbound side of the hr bt if you're headed to norfolk in the next few minutes i'll have the latest in just a bit. all right ashleigh the heels isn't a luxury it's really a
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so many of us and oh yes we do at c r sanford parker put herself to the test in her
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this morning a federal judge has ordered apple to help solve part of a huge mystery behind the san bernardino terrorist attacks but apple is vowing to fight the judge's order. the ruling requires apple to supply highly specialized software to the fbi to de code the smartphone of one of the terrorists the fbi tried already unsuccessfully for months to break into this phone in december cited farouk in touch the millie opened fire at the luncheon killing fourteen people in california the couple later died in a shootout with police six forty five to time a republican senator who heads the senate judiciary committee left open the possibility of holding a hearing for president obama's choice to fill a supreme court vacancy. there's been a battle over justice antonin scalia seat since his death last weekend. republicans want the next president to decide however democrats say it's the president's
6:43 am
the public will pay its respects to scaly on friday and good morning america will have much more on that coming up here to daybreak and later today democratic presidential hopeful be setting up shop right here in hampton roads hillary clinton is scheduled to open a campaign office today in norfolk. we're told it's going to be located on west twenty first streets. it will be a hub for organizing in the region. third district congressman bobby scott and several other local leaders are expected to attend that opening the event is supposed to start at six o'clock to republican presidential candidate than carson will take part in reading university's candidate forum on february twenty nine the event includes a live interview with regents chancellor pat robertson and questions from the audience all candidates have been invited to take part in the form jeb bush john casey visited last fall when i don't run will be returned on wednesday february twenty fourth year this morning a new usa today suffolk university poll shows voters are quote scared of what
6:44 am
presidential election when given the choices they were either an enthusiastic satisfied dissatisfied or scared. a majority said that the prospect of donald trump winning the republican nomination in hillary clinton winning the democratic nomination truly left him fearful. the findings underscore the increasingly bitter divide in american politics. new details about a blockbuster new foe a video posted on simpson's indonesian website hints that the company's next flagship galaxy s seven could be water resistant and have wireless charging. it's expected to be unveiled next week and a new shopping site has a unique premise only sells items that lasts forever. every product listed as by me once has a lifetime warranty and while by the wants category doesn't boast a huge selection. it does have toys cookware
6:45 am
or two on for socks to the store where they built that website has no idea what my sons do decide sunday whether outside playing pickup basketball in only some cash and donate them to even try that with the buy me one today while welding temperatures this morning still a little bit above normal but it is a lot colder temps are down fifteen to twenty degrees last time yesterday. i think that really speaks more to the freakish warmth that we had yesterday morning so it's all kind of relative pickle yesterday's high was sixty two but the morning temperatures are also in the upper fifties to near sixty sell a lot warmer yesterday morning the good news is that we're going to see more sunshine later this afternoon. there are a couple sprinkles that are passing by this morning is here rain chances today greater this morning for isolated to scattered light sprinkles and then it drops off significantly later this morning and certainly through the afternoon to see clearing skies beautiful weather temperatures today getting up into the upper forties and then falling off as we go
6:46 am
the evening with more sunshine so i can keep an umbrella handy this morning i mention that chance for sprinkles over the next hour so the stuff is working east really is kind of fall apart so i don't anticipate much here but that few sprinkles you may want to just carry the umbrella just to be sure and as we go through the morning this will eventually kind of fizzle out work off to the east as we go through the afternoon going to see that clearing trend that out to the west much more peaceful conditions isn't that kind of fills and here we will see the skies are mostly sunny tomorrow and it looks like mostly sunny for fridays while in the week and partly sunny but it's going to be warmer so that's really nice as we take a look today to find the clouds this morning and maybe a slight chance for a few sprinkles here and there early but through the afternoon becoming partly sunny looking good. partly cloudy this evening then clearing overnight. lots of sunshine tomorrow and friday for saturday with the wind shifted around a little more
6:47 am
but we should remained rivals saturday and sunday as we get into monday and tuesday that schools here next chances for now the temperatures to range in the upper thirty s to low forties for most it's forty two virginia beach forty one in newport news still cooler up on the eastern shore mackinac county with temps in thirties at the outer banks and thirty six for lisbon city skies invariably cloudy right now the winds are calm but we'll see the winds blowing north east about five to ten mph so that i officially close to forty eight chance for morning sprinkles and partly sunny clearing overnight tonight and tomorrow's high staying near forty one note the wins breezy so it is going to be a chilly day tomorrow after that the look for to another warm up friday upper forties than low sixties saturday and sunday what a weekend it's gonna be showers again early next week. what's a good hr bt busy time in the morning typically when we got ash that gregory know usually around this time we're kind of creeping up on seven
6:48 am
hampton and making its way to norfolk sixty four is one of the eight r bt zero strip of red right there so they want to give you the latest on the delay here making its way east bound for the hr bt this is where the slowdown began at the hampton river bridge a mile and a half away from the hr bt that's only going to continue to grow before it gets better so if you're headed to the south side you don't wanna deal with the delay use the monitor merrimack that's moving well to some but also the g or b looks good if you can have from newport news tyler white county on the crappy network maps an update on your bridge lift the golden bridge probably should be open right now because an opening at six forty five opened again at seven fifteen and then again at eight fifteen the chair be opened at eight this morning twelve thirty this afternoon and the berkeley bridge at eleven o'clock this morning on the latest delays working right now in five minutes behind ashley thank you as sleep wake continues on daybreak here's an interesting thought. have you
6:49 am
when you're sleepy yet. well our santa barbara got the chance to find out firsthand by taking part in the sleep study at eastern virginia medical school sandra what was it like a cat have to admit it was a little strange knowing the people or watching me while i was sleeping but the information that i learned in the process. it was well worth it. i went into the sleep study with my overnight bag my favorite pillows and an open mind but so are patients actually sleep better here to there own home. dr robert for ana says that's because here you don't have the same distractions might have a home like a snoring spouse pets where the kids but before you're allowed to get some shut eye here you have to get wired up marrying my nurse gave me a few forms to fill out and i got my pajamas on and ready to get started the first guy on the measure late movement. then she play some on my chest along with elastic bands to measure breathing a lot of wires were attached to my head to measure brain waves among other things the marin used a marker to make sure that all the probes are put in the proper position. she says everyone is different so they
6:50 am
it's very precise. oh and yes they do measure sound here as well. this nor mike is in place now but she saved the best for last. there was one measuring device that had to go up my nose to measure my breathing and once everything was in place all the cords were tied together so they didn't get caught up in them while i slept in then they were connected to this one box which gets plugged into the water but before i can sleep mary has to make sure that all the wires are working correctly now speaking of breeches three of those for about thirty seconds. everything is working and i'm off to dreamland i actually fell asleep within eleven minutes and i have to admit i slept great. that's not just my opinion the study proves that i got deep restorative sleep a normal sleep efficiency with which means the amount of time you were sleeping in the bed was quite normal ninety percent or above normal and achieve that and the did not store but also i found out that turns out women actually do a better
6:51 am
deep restorative sleep than men and have another tip that they can help all of us out napping is okay but timing is everything a nappy twenty to twenty five minutes optimal anything less not enough. anything more might be too much i really think that doesn't work for me afternoon the afternoon after our nap see so much in my head right now something
6:52 am
south africa it's always worth remembering... that icing the cinnamon rolls is a privilege not a right. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. look at this sweet face. so sweet. ok, we're going to need a napkin
6:53 am
hi dad. uh huh. yeah...sorry about that. think about it there must be higher love down in the heart what do you think? and in the stars above hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you're going to like these numbers. bring me a higher love
6:54 am
this morning coming up next on the morning america it's a showdown now between the fbi and apple this morning a federal judge siding with the fbi is investigating the san bernardino massacre ordering the company to work with the bureau apple pledging to fight the order we will have the latest on the court battle. next on jeans and your top story the morning rush there will be a public meeting in virginia beach tonight to discuss the future and the funding of the light rail extension. yer right now a one hundred and fifty five million dollars in funding for the project is in jeopardy when telling about that will hit the road transit officials will hold a meeting at the western virginia beach town center is set to begin at six o'clock in the public is invited to attend and on the docket today the case of a north carolina man extradited to virginia charged with the two
6:55 am
a norfolk botanical gardens employee michael brown is set for preliminary hearing this morning that means that a judge will decide if there is enough evidence to go to trial. police arrested brown in may of last year the twenty seven year old is accused of murdering angie let light in or inside her home on schafer street a recipe for trouble in newport news where police found what appears to be a second man fled in the city last night officers say they found meth making materials inside the unit in the hidden would north apartments. detectives tell us they received a tip about finding or after finding a similar tears in a nearby home sunday. officers found two adults and a thirteen year old boy inside the apartment to women and men and a four year old child later showed up. police released them to children are staying with a friend and ashley's back with the last of the traffic as well the biggest play of the morning now that the hr beat easily take a quick live look there will be two to two and a half mile back up starting at king street
6:56 am
and speaking of the south side we do have delays headed out toward naval station norfolk but they're minor at this point the leaf into norfolk at the midtown tunnel just now picking up headed westbound toward the high rise bridge. don't forget the gilbert and opens in just about fifteen minutes then again at eight fifteen a day or be in eighteen twelve thirty at the berkeley branch at eleven this morning few sprinkles on to guys but not a real big deal russian accent to a lot of the positive in that positive includes clearing skies later today in beautiful weather for the next couple now will be a little cooler those sprinkles sizzling out as we speak so not looking for much better chance for a couple of those light a m showers skies become partly sunny upper forties today chilly and breezy tomorrow and then a little rebound on friday but the big warm up sixty two for saturday sunday our nice hours early next. of the oppressed under the stars are the liberals here on
6:57 am
updates your top good morning, america. breaking news, the fbi takes on apple demanding the tech giant help with the terror investigation. are critical clues to more plots hidden on the phone of the san bernardino shooter. why the ceo is refusing to help. it could affect everyone with a smartphone. teaming up to take down donald trump. ted cruz, marco rubio and even the president taking aim at the gop front-runner. >> i continue to believe mr. trump will not be president. >> as hillary clinton tries to avoid another bernie sanders upset, a brand-new poll showing them in a dead heat ahead of the next big vote. winter warning. a new alert about dangers on the ski slopes. the terrifying moment this young boy slipped dangling 30 feet above ground and the hero bystanders who helped rescue him. the new best in show crowned
6:58 am
from thousands of dogs, c.j., the german shorthaired pointer walking away with the biggest bone of all now joining us live in times square only on "gma." all right, and good morning, america. there he is, c.j., the winner of the westminster kennel club's best in show award. he's just arriving here in times square. he took a walk there on our green carpet in case you missed it. we cannot wait to meet the top dog coming up. hear what he has to say about his win. the biggest bone of all. >> a great-looking dog. >> walks like a winner. we will get to that. we have breaking news overnight. apple is refusing to follow a government order to hack the san bernardino shooter's phone. the fbi believes important clues about accomplices and more plots could be hidden on the phone but apple says complying with the government order could endanger
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