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tv   13 News Noon  ABC  February 17, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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make a financial commitment to buy light rail cars no transportation secretary of release as the city doesn't have to make a commitment for full construction but must at least set a schedule to buy those cars. if the city does not sign an agreement and submit an application to buy the cars the board may re allocate the one hundred fifty five million dollars of funding to other projects as a night light rail is going to the main topic of hrt meeting having its transit officials to hold that meeting at the weston virginia beach town center to set to begin at six o'clock by jimmy lee is going to be this together in the latest details we look for up to her later today started out for dinner parker thirteen years now. tights and a thank you new information on a meth lab bust in newport news right now thirty one year old michael adkins and forty two year old dana as sal shannon a are behind bars at the newport news city jail there be in charge of possession manufacturing meth and conspiracy to violate the virginia control officer say that they found meth
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the units at the height and would north apartments on sunday police say that they are still investigating this right now crews are cleaning up after a hazmat situation in hampton. around one forty five this morning crews were called to cynthia drive that's near jefferson davis middle school. when officers unknown substance located outside a home that's what has makers were caught were substance was taken to a lab to be identified so far police have made no arrest in this case new information on a townhouse fire that left several people homeless check the red cross is working to help the families that were forced out by the fire the flame sparked last night and adam berry court are elise brown has been in the neighborhood all day. she spoke to the neighbors as they try to support each other and move forward. one woman tells me someone came pounding on her door yelling there's a fire a couple of homes down and that she needed to get out timothy harold jr says that was his wife brittany morning
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out and their townhome on canterbury court tuesday night it started shortly after he his wife and kids came home from bible study ran out to the store while his wife gave the girls a bath to make sure the kids wouldn't be cold and getting and the time she turned the heat on mccain back in our woods are now the smell smoke. here he told his family did in the house. a spokeswoman with the virginia beach fire department says it started in an electrical panel box. this after harold tells me they have been having problems with the box since january he and his wife had maintenance come out multiple times to check the box located in the back shed the light skinned about the situation at this point the family isn't pointing
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the bottom of what went wrong the charter school to start the fire also jumped to two mer wiggins home on this spread to one of my bedroom since so bad that particular room is pretty much vanishes and the roof and everything in the attic is don one firefighter was caught fighting the fire wonderful job. elise brown thirteen years now we also have new information on a double homicide investigation in newport news police say the second suspect is now in custody investigators say the twenty six year old steven hayes has just now turned himself in hayes is charged with two counts of first degree murder three counts of use of a firearm in the commission of a felony and three counts of attempted robbery police say at that low ratio gansler shot and killed country gray and near fourteenth street and wickham avenue last month
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he took off from the scene new information on an norfolk were getting a first look at the suspect in the case that we first told you about yesterday and thirteen is now at noon right now james crowder is in the norfolk city jail charged with attempted commercial robbery and threatening to bomb the twenty eight year old accused of pulling up to the suntrust bank on west little creek road yesterday handing the teller a note that said there was a bomb in the bank robber allegedly demanded money or he would set the device off police caught a short time later still to come slamming trump i continue to bleed midst of trouble not be present as a south carolina primary nears president obama comes out front runner plus a presidential hopeful is going to set up shop here in hampton roads are going to tell you where and when hillary clinton's new campaign office will open then the feds are trying to force apple to give up access
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i we are back this noon with a brewing legal battle between apple and the federal government the fbi is using the courts to compel the tech giant to all our data on i've only used by suspected terrorists safer oak apple says it's not as easy as unlocking a phone call now it is sparking big security debates that could affect your private information here's abc's land is a master key to unlock all phones. that's what apple says the government is requiring them to create and the dangers of that could have future ramifications for all americans according to apple ceo tim cook at the heart of the issue covering information off phone of one of the san bernardino killers. we still have one of those killers phones that we have not been able to open its been over two months now we're still working on it the government
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the involvement of isis in that terrorist attack that investigators have been unable to crack the pass code on the iphone five c used by saeed farouk their concern is that ten unsuccessful attempts to open the apple phone would cause it to automatically erase key data and make the phone quote permanently inaccessible but apple says they don't have the ability to just unlock the assistance of the government needs they have to literally create a whole new system to back door these phones and apple's basically saying look once we create this it's going to get out and as a result everyththg we've built in terms of protecting security and privacy is going to be out the door. legal analysts say this case will not easily be resolved and they ultimately need to be decided in the supreme court long as zach abc news washington coming up a story that proves that anyone can be a hero him and say that our wandering around the turnpike in
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itself how we got the kit home safely. plus some heart stopping video caught on camera a ski trip to turn really dangerous. how a family member saved the day after child falls off a ski lift and we've got a cooler day today things are going to
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ongressman bobby scott and several other local leaders tonight's six o'clock candidate ben carson will take part in reading university's candidate forum on february twenty ninth the event includes a live interview with regents chancellor pat robertson the questions from have been invited to take part in the swarm jeb bush junkies already visited last fall for one adult role will be at region on wednesday february twenty fourth and from the virginia presidential primary in three days on to the critical south right the latest poll actually have donald trump with a sixteen point lead their abc's thomas has the very latest from charleston. i continue to bleed midst of trouble not be present and reason is because i have a lot of faith in the american people president barack obama is doubling down on his prediction that
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president wrote to same prob steals for help from the white house. it's not hosting a talk show or reality show. it's not promotion marketing the chart and a lot of people count on us getting the right role for the firing back a direct message. phew lucky i did and because you have been a one term president but the president's criticisms of trump sound alot like with the other gop candidates are saying when radical islamic terrorists wage jihad on the united states of america the answer is not to tweet insults at donald trump is somebody you would feel safe with protect our country well i don't think donald is shown yet an understanding of our national security situation has really been sort of in depth knowledge about the issues confronting the country bush state four shots at his brother's administration over nine eleven is nonsense. no one
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i don't care what donald trump says the guy's a complete loser with the statements about this and the job bush campaign making a different type of statement on twitter tweeting the work america with this image of a new goal in bush's name etched on the barrel the what the campaign may have fired too fast. jeff apparently unaware that we explain the going was to get the notes those criticisms of president bush on nine eleven may actually cost him votes here in south carolina governor nikki haley who's very popular with republicans is expected to make an endorsement before the primary which she says she's definitely not going to a strong white she says it's embarrassing that someone attacked president bush a war the worst days in american history thomas abc news charleston a new usa today suffolk university poll shows
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could happen in the upcoming presidential election when given the choice of four options enthusiastic satisfied dissatisfied or scared. the majority said the prospect of donald from winning the republican nomination or hillary clinton winning the democratic one left them fearful the findings underscore the increasingly bitter divide in american politics new at noon a virginia man save the six year old who was wandering around them and mopey and turnpike near richmond happened last week gregory tyler was driving his tractor trailer for work when he saw the boy before sunrise last friday it fell below freezing outside. he was barefoot not wearing coats tyler brought the child into his truck and called the police to check them out of the hospital and thankfully the little boys okay. authorities called cps and they're still investigating what happened there and this new image has lots of hearts racing. take a look according to our sister station king five in seattle an eleven year old boy from
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ski lift in canada. his uncle quickly grabbed them lift quickly shut down and a group of skiers act fast and got to talk to soften the landing the boy was dropped and landed safely. he's doing alright this afternoon and check this out you're not looking at surfers off the coast of hawaii. these massive waves are right here in the outer banks the surfer who posted this video said that the recent winter storm brought these waves that are nearly twenty feet high to the outer banks in california waves out there never want to call our home here where are you guys i thought my reaction live a more than tackling the huge out of the that's amazing i believe this a winter storm about that cruise ship in trouble so easy that is near shore waves you know there's a lot of activity farther offshore. you know with that big system so amazing video to see i can't believe i hadn't seen that up until now. right now but we're starting to see across
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we're going to see more that through the afternoon. you know we talk alot about our spot on forecasts and the accuracy of things were really proud of our record here thirteen years now. jeff and evan i shall work very hard to bring accurate forecasts but i will tell you i'm marveling right now at the accuracy of the models that we use in a future catcher hears talk about that if you watched yesterday really for the past several days we're talking about the chance for a few sprinkles this morning we saw exactly that a couple of showers overnight a few stray sprinkles this morning and then this morning at daybreak the temperatures right around forty seven degrees at noon and that's where we are here in norfolk at noon and i'm not surprised that it is really interesting to see how great the forecast models are becoming. he said the area zealand in the low fifties or seeing that virginia beach chesapeake the temperatures are down quite a bit from this time yesterday was so warm yesterday and as we go through the afternoon i'm actually calling for temperatures to drop off so
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cooler air will move in as we have winds from the north northeast about five to ten mph right now some high cloud cover out there but we gradually see increasing clouds later today we'll get into the future cason moment we sit at forty seven is a mention with north winds at eight mph the pressure is rising. there's look at those sprinkles early on now seeing the clouds are starting to thin out were seen some more clearing out to the last should be a very nice overnight for us and tomorrow the winds will increase and it is going to be cooler so plan for that. temperatures tomorrow staying in the low forties really feeling very much like winter normally were around fifty one prize will be about ten degrees below normal for tomorrow in with the wind on top of it will feel like it's in the upper twenties low thirties as those winds can reach about twenty mph gust to twenty five very chilly there. the reason for that well again another fraud and this front is going to slide eastward and again kind of gives us a little reinforcing shot of cooler air tomorrow
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can see other clearing trend should continue through the afternoon and overnight tonight we're looking at a very nice night for thursday plenty of sunshine but again the north winds picking up and it's going to stay chilly or tomorrow so we'll see that lotsa lotsa sunshine thursday and i think friday it looks pretty good while to get to the weekend was going to shift around a little bit and with the southerly winds were to see the temperatures climb back up low sixties for saturday and sunday little more cloud cover but we'll take it with the warmer weather so here's the forecast for the afternoon temperatures close to forty eight partly sunny again cooler by late afternoon temperatures easing down to the mid forties and eventually the low forties overnight lows around thirty two partly cloudy early but clearing overnight and tomorrow mostly sunny breezy and coolers and mention north winds ten to twenty gusting to twenty five and that's going to keep those wind chills down to the day tomorrow tomorrow night twenty nine mid twenties and one how about the good news that the warmer weather this
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closer to lucy because we did this warm up when it stays cold you get a little lane sometimes the tiny bowl while a little bit i know that nothing they cry or complain about this week and sixty two and partly sunny. i like the enemy good right i am just doing what the viewer into the fear of getting the population was a warm about a young ish. thank you great article today is your opportunity to say thank you in person to our service members the hampton va and ca is hosting its annual national salute to veteran patients just like activities nationwide the event will include special ward visits recreational activities better recognition programs it begins at two o'clock this afternoon in building one forty eight. everyone is invited to attend again make that event don't despair this weekend there's a whole pair
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. well hope is all the way for local veterans this weekend montero medical missions will host a health care for vets they will offer a variety of services to help keep those who serve healthy it tells more about it again this year. tomorrow linda retired army colonel and current chairman for the health fair for veterans thank you so much joyous pleasure. all right let's talk about this you know
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our vets getting medical care tell us about this particular bent that you have coming up here. well you know that the fear in this particular event were reaching out to veterans and if you're a veteran out there right now in pencil on paper you may want to write this information because it's an opportunity for you it's going to be on the twentieth of february is coming up this saturday is going to be at od you at the webb center at the forty ninth street and blue stone avenue right so you'll know the us or north korea but it gives an opportunity for veterans to either have a medical issue that they know about or even think you may have a medical issue because we'll have a number of doctors there from all aspects of the medical field to help you know the big one for veterans is dental and we've been doing a lot of work to try to do a better job of providing some dental assistant so that will
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there. we've gotten up to optometrist it'll take the prescription beach i care to pick me from taking part around and he'll do the prescription you can take the prescription to the alliance club they've got ten thousands of glasses and they can go in there pull your prescription hand you a pair of glasses you can walk out there with a freak or greek or last year. if you just have an idea that you might not be seeing right just get to this event absolutely you know maybe we might say well they can get these things done at the va but this group was formed specifically to address issues going on with the wii right now those long wait times getting in to this event can say well you know that's a great point because when we started this program the va has taken some i think some unnecessary hits they deserve some of it i will say it but there's some great people at the va trying to do great jobs but sometimes the bureaucracy gets in the way are but by them going to us versus the va they can walk in they can go in and get some of
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to get a push up unemployment they don't have to wait six months to get an appointment this is going to be and be represented by the way right there right information you can walk a lot of people don't even know they are the benefits see two things a one serving of nerds are seeing you to get these health services are some of the vehicle provided with other services the va as well so it's the conclusion of the picture. that's right we've got some of the va representatives example with benefits. we've got people from the concern veterans organization habitat for heroes to can build provide homes for them i mean there's all kinds of information and while this ability by the way you know already you twenty five percent of their population is involved in either veterans or military or families. so for us to partner with the eu is a win when we're young man by the name of dominic ramos who was a volunteer went back and said you know i like to start something and have and you will be part of us and within
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organized we met with the president's office they saw the advantage and we have set up and this is why we're having this us this saturday this saturday i told you that yeah right but all this information is on your screens earlier our website
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. they were joining us this half hour for thirteen years now at noon on monday received a number system on terror top story this half hour is a crime alert in virginia beach police are investigating a rash of car break ins at virginia beach town center is a live look overlooking town center from atop the westin building. police say that they got more than two dozen calls from people whose cars were vandalized in parking garages in that area. erin
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out something like this and haven't missed marking the rise in town centers actually pretty well with soap or something like this to happen in a place where a lot of people frequent inlaid has caught some by surprise one after another someone or people manage to pull off several smash and grabs into virginia beach town center parking garages. police say within the hour of two and three a m tuesday nearly thirty cars were vandalized and many had things stolen from inside a very quite unfortunate because counting is supposed to be in the prime place to be majority of those break ins happened in this in your parking garage that's part of the encore part mates but how exactly someone managed to smash the windows of so many cars without anyone noticing is what has people baffled
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time i come here that's pegged as a park and doesn't have to go in the bin and then worry about my car's been broken into and some who visit this area often say these rash of break and serve as a reminder that no place is really as safe as you think it is in virginia beach i never knew both thirteen years now. s own lists of high school in virginia beach is going green just about two hours ago the solar receiver to school rather receive solar panels along with technical support and other educational materials. this is new video of the ribbon cutting is part of dominion power's solar education program the president of the dominion foundation says this program will allow students to get firsthand experience with clean renewable energy. third district congressman bobby scott will host a roundtable in hampton to discuss the effectiveness of veterans and drug courts scott introduced new legislation that aims to improve the federal sentencing and corrections system it would based sentencing alternatives
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probation and other problem solving court programs the event begins at four thirty at city hall the eastern shore just can not catch a break during this presidential race. ted cruz is now facing big backlash after he left the eastern shore off of a map of the commonwealth his campaign people corrected them after posting it to cruz's facebook page you can see the different side by side just off to the right they're not the first time the eastern shore has felt the lack of political of fellow gop candidate ben carson actually loved the area and with maryland on a completely separate map demonstrating the syrian refugee crisis. marilyn could soon be ground zero in the battle against the virus a special task force to study the virus and develop a vaccine is being formed right here in our region the baltimore based global virus network recently formed a task force to develop a vaccine is ego mosquito borne virus has been linked to birth defects. no one knew what the costs of prescription drugs on the rise americans are always looking for ways to say
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there's a new company that slashes prices by ninety five percent. it's call blink health and it basically bypass insurance companies here's how it works go straight to the drugmaker you pay online for not receipt and take it to your pharmacy link features more than fifteen thousand medications at sixty thousand pharmacies nationwide. first of a penny and now the one hundred dollar bill one official says the bill should be phased out why he thinks getting rid of the bill will cut down on crime. plus could this be the new theme song of the bernie sanders campaign and keys are right and youtube star is feeling
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music video is taking again! again! again! again! again? again! again! general mills is removing artificial flavors and colors from our cereals. so you can love cereal... again! i drive a golf ball. i drive to the hoop. i drive a racecar. i have a driver.
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tell your doctor before all planned medical or dental procedures. before starting xarelto , tell your doctor about any kidney, liver, or bleeding problems. xarelto is the number one prescribed blood thinner in its class. well that calls for a round of kevin nealons. make mine an arnold palmer. same here. with xarelto there is no regular blood monitoring and no known dietary restrictions. treatment with xarelto was the right move for us. ask your doctor about xarelto . . today will find out who is one of the winners of the nation's largest powerball jackpot now you may remember three people won the one point five billion dollar drawing last month but not all of them came for florida will hold a news conference today to announce the winner from that state and to award them the prize mcdonald's is adding a new beverage to the menu beer the fast food chain is planning to open a new
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serve premium burgers and draft beer. one big collective sigh hit the studio right now the move comes as the number of young people visiting mcdonald's has dropped in south korea the legal drinking age in that country is nineteen so far there are no plans to serve beer and mcdonald's here in the state tell me that all whether the signature used to be on it now a former treasury secretary wants to get rid of the hundred dollar bill lawrence larry summers served in the u s treasury under bill clinton he says getting rid of the one hundred dollar bill would make it difficult for criminals to move large sums of cash. he's also says calling is also calling for and a large denomination bills in other currencies like the five hundred euro note media presidential candidate can be a big deal for a person so about taking a selfie with every candidate details on two teenagers missions next. all right we're going to come up with
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they'll be one or two self is
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trending now teen sisters from new hampshire have created one heck of a scrapbook and you never have taken a selfie with almost every single twenty sixteen president candidate which isn't so hard when you live in the first in the first in the nation primary state and is favored get was maryland governor martin o'malley because he was outgoing donald trump was emma's because he was an amazing get the only candidate who turned them down. democrat jim webb also trending this afternoon of possible new theme song for the bernie sanders campaign listen to this and
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should adopt song and the cheese fondue. she writes the singer who brought the viral video crush on obama is back and she is now feeling the burn the song is called bernie bay just released this video this week already lighting of you to go madonna video that does the only data i will sleep is not a luxury but it is a necessity and it's one thing that people often lie ahead cr sandra parker put herself
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sleep study i do everything on the internet. but it's kind of slow. my friends say i should get fios because it's the fastest. i just downloaded 600 photos in 60 seconds. that's seriously better. we're out of 2%
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i heard that. switching to better internet is now easier than ever. only fios has the fastest internet available, with uploads up to 5x faster than cable. get 100 meg upload and download speeds plus tv and phone for just $69.99 a month online with no annual contract. switch to better. switch to fios. . here's an interesting thought for you ever wondered what you do when you're slipping of thought. wallace had a bar to get the chance to find out firsthand when taking part in a sleep study eastern virginia medical school sandra would you like what you learn what i learned a lot i have to admit though it was a little strange knowing that people are watching me
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that i learned in the process it was well worth it and i went to the sleep study with not only my overnight bag my favorite pillows but also an open mind and so are patients actually sleep better here doing their own home. dr robert for ana says that's because here you don't have the same distractions might have a home like a snoring spouse pets are the kids but before you're allowed to get some shut eye here you have to get wired up marrying my nurse gave me a few forms to fill out and i got my pajamas on and ready to get started. the first wire on the measure late movement. then she play some on my chest along with elastic bands to measure breathing a lot of wires were attached to my head to measure brain waves among other things the marin used a marker to make sure that all the probes are put in the proper position. she says everyone is different so they have to measure everything it's very precise. oh and yes they do measure sound here as well. this nor mike is in place now but she saved the best for last. there was one measuring device that had to go up my nose to measure
12:43 pm
everything was in place all the cords were tied together so they didn't get caught up in them while i slept in then they were connected to this one box which gets plugged into the water but before i can sleep mary has to make sure that all the wires are working correctly announced the breach history are those for about thirty seconds everything is working and i'm off to dreamland i actually fell asleep within eleven minutes and i have to admit i slept great. that's not just my opinion the study proves that i got deep restorative sleep a normal sleep efficiency with which means the amount of time you were sleeping in the bed was quite normal nine percent or above normal and achieve that ok good enough for your guys i am normal and i did not snore yes also import to point out that women do a better job of that deep restorative sleep than men which i bought was interest that is fastened and napping actually can be good for you i'm not a napper but
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moderation time is everything twenty to twenty five minutes optimal time for naps not have a significant gap in the middle seat with that sweet as that is the question everybody asks. actually all those wires that box s comes out of the wall where it attaches to the marines and it's got a look or to put around your neck and you can go and did have to use its like a test to obtain having all those wires and it really wasnt really honestly i want to sleep right away to my answer is wishing i was really surprised to see the women do better job getting into the deep restorative sleep because i was sick and tired of it as the us i know moms feel like my life. we hear the gurgling in every room should be up i'd be like a log that is true that in a guy gets up on sleep we get to four stories ashley does one tomorrow morning i've got one on friday scheduled for sunday break right now in talks weather and i hope my message will put you to sleep and think your ears will perk up because we are talking about nice weather is getting to the weekend right now you can see the ocean waters the little rough there some ways common in little bitty chop farther out we are
12:45 pm
breaking about four to five feet or so and there are sparked small craft advisories up for the ocean waters. you'll notice a few black that's after the water with those eyes those are surfers so they're out there know what she's trying to enjoy the surf that we do have a spot on forecasts from yesterday we are calling for temps to be at least twenty degrees warmer the afternoon in generally the actual temperature about twenty twenty five degrees warmer to the spot on street now has seven in today going for a high of forty eight were in hit this one as well right now at forty seven. we should go up another degree in the next hour and then temperatures hold steady in afternoon so we are really good shape and as for norfolk international nokia when there is a little bit warmer as i said they would be on as you can see the skies are brightening and we had wins from the north right now to eight mph the pressure is this morning that that's that's gone now in skies are very oblique ready but we will see some clearing looking at more of that out
12:46 pm
over here expand the view and show you what's going on let me go ahead and select the tool here are drawing tool and what i want to show you why pick that up right there behind this front another push of cooler with wins coming in from the north in the northwest this cold air up behind the front. this front is going to sway off to the east and through the area it'll pass by just to our north but again this colder air moves in tomorrow so we will see temperatures tomorrow generally a little cooler than today like low forties and were looking at when the north winds blowing about fifteen to twenty mph gusts of twenty five tomorrow so it is going to be breezy and chilly as well why does go through the overnight skies clear out tomorrow mostly sunny look pretty when you look outside and stepmother to feel those north winds the sea the wind stream to bring that colder air in and as we go through the day thursday continues north winds friday we start to moderate the temps a bit in the winds get a little
12:47 pm
on friday may see a bit of a wind shift and eventually south winds will develop later friday into the weekend that drives our temperatures on saturday and sunday were looking at highs in the low forties this afternoon partly sunny los night you're thirty two and then tomorrow forty one it will be breezy and
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. for in commander is happening daily entries but i doubt many college students are getting ready to graduate course in
12:51 pm
students are actually getting ready to start college in march to talk about this money griffin joins us she is the marketing director of admissions with bryant and stratton college when he expects so much for joining us to know what a great experience for kids who maybe have had to wait for various reasons to to get into college and see how this new mark semester starting a few weeks to wait for people to get financial aid to enroll what's going on all the clean not too late this gives people opportunity to that have not taken a step on their new year's resolutions the go ahead and start classes with us. classes begin on march nine so they have the opportunity to come in funds are still available financial aid has been a proponent of us a call and what's different about this new march semester while the difference that this master piece on the other ones that we have. this is a shorter term is six seven eight weeks compared to fifty weeks that we normally do and students are able still to graduate in the same time and how does that happen so classes start in march when can you finish a degree. well if you take an associate's
12:52 pm
two thousand and seventeen if they're taking a bachelor's program will be august two thousand and eighteen. that's pretty accelerated how does brian stratton get students to be able to complete something i mean it's only a four year experience in college but you're talking about about three years definitely well traditional schools normally have about two terms four semesters per year. brian stratton operates on three terms per year so it's a little different so we actually have more classes throughout the year and you offer a lot of support for through this accelerated process right. yes minus ten colleges based on support for students not only do we have student services that helps our students we also have what's called the children center children's center for the student to have children ages two years old up to twelve years old we support have children they can go to school while they're actually going to classes a great opportunity i receive a big open house coming up we'll going happen. while march
12:53 pm
from ten a m to six p m you can come and bring a friend with admissions representatives for the school teacher financial aid funding we can actually find out about that and just learn more about our program or is it actually come on campus into this open house is very important you don't get the feel the same touch of talking people overflowed as you do is actually coming in a meeting with our experts fantastic right knee griffin thank you so much for joining us today right so let's get those details about the open house up again so everybody can see what is happening again if you're interested in going back to school and maybe with a little bit too long after the new year had a little bit too much wine or whatever. humm it's not to wait march is still enough
12:54 pm
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(singing) i just can't wait to meet you, sweet child you're on the way, i'm filled with expectation, and you're growing everyday...
12:56 pm
get ready for the coolest and hottest party in town. it's "the chew's" fire and ice ball. mario and michael are getting the party started with a duo of delicious dishes that'll heat things up in no time. then brace yourselves for a decadent frozen chocolate dessert with "empire's" ta'rhonda jones. plus, we're taking daphne on a birthday adventure. >> we have cleared your calendar. we've taken care of child care. and here comes our ride. >> so let's all have a ball, y'all, right now on "the chew." [ cheers and applause ] >> good afternoon, and welcome to "the chew." thank you very much.
12:57 pm
it's as cold as ice, but we're not willing to sacrifice our love, oh no. of an hour of delicious dishes, that is. [ cheers and applause ] cold as ice that was good, right? >> i think foreigner gets the best of you. >> i thought it was fantastic. >> thanks. today we're cranking up the heat in our first ever fire and ice ball. whatever that is. [ cheers and applause ] >> i did this in college. >> you did? >> fire and ice theme parties. i don't know about a ball. they were like luges. one was like jagermeister, and one was something with ice. >> that's what i wished we would have done today. [ cheers and applause ] >> i think i might be too young to remember that. >> really? >> oh, i remember those. those luges were dangerous. >> that would be amazing with iced tea. [ laughter ] >> maybe cinnamon iced tea. >> all right, before we talk about anything having to do with fire or ice, we have to say,
12:58 pm
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