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tv   13 News 4  ABC  February 17, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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buying light rail cars that deadline is april thirtieth jimmy lee joins us live from virginia beach and jenny if light rail goes to the ballots that could be well. state funding for the night that the city signed this agreement and commit to buying these light rail cars and no referendum would not at all jeopardize the one hundred and fifty five million dollars in state money to basically this state is promising this money to the city if the city signed a memorandum of understanding and it's in its application to purchase these cars now as we know city treasurer john atkinson has been leading an effort to put this issue on the ballot and several city council members have also expressed that they want to see this on the ballot as well but again if the city signed this agreement by april thirty s they're getting that one hundred and fifty five million dollars no matter what referendum or no referendum no secretary wayne also wanted to reiterate that
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the city to commit to funding the construction of the project just wants to know that it is on the right timeline on schedule with buying just the light rail cars. now i spoke to me are well set since today he said he was on the phone all day with secretaries lane yesterday and this morning to see if they can figure out a way to make this working here he said he is just so happy to see that the referendum is not going to jeopardize this funding. so now the city has just over two months to figure out how much these light rail cars will cost us and said the city manager is already crunching the numbers he's going to meet with him in the next few days to discuss in twenty years from virginia beach and hit the roads do not have a true multi modal transportation system of belief will be left out in the cold and we will fail at our young people
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they'll bring in new businesses. so what happens if this issue does end up going to referendum in light rail does go to the ballot in november and the city does sign despite april thirtieth that one neighbor says and says he has an answer right back to tell you why he believes this would not be a big risk for the city coming up at five reporting live in virginia beach on january thirty news now a bright sunny day across handing those tough losses as we have turned the corner when it comes to cold weather fresh air out there on the virginia beach oceanfront no hits guy right there he has on shorts and some even brave enough to take a death in the ocean or from your baby is not the one without for a swim but a lot about it when i say we turned the corner i don't mean we're never going to have the cold weather again on this spring right laugh and laughter we did that in the march twelve was march was our coldest day of the season by far
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the mid twenties so yeah not bad out there today a little chilly temperatures actually below normal. i guess compared to what we've seen a lot lately and feel specially the sheltered areas all that bad a lot of sunshine out there as you can see little bit of sort of a hazy as some out there. meanwhile there's nothing on radar right now to track and it'll be a little bit before we do certainly a few days anyway so we're going to drop in the next hour back into the mid forties lower forties here pretty quickly by seven pm notice some of those chapters though as we start late evening maybe for about the movies are coming from a late dinner you'll definitely want the jacket is it will be dropping down through the thirties and that's the air temperature when you combine the wind is going to feel more like the twenties much of tonight but again there's really nothing in our immediate area there a few clouds expected well north of us and even that i think that's overdone i think a lot of that would tend to be a loss so really for the most
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skies and chilly conditions you have a loved one in the navy listen up this could be a big morale booster the navy is improving the way i guess your letters your cards and other mail to sailors more quickly and more than thirty million pieces of mail a year at the regional navy mail center at naval station norfolk starting march first the navy will fully implement a new microsoft programs that automate its the mail processing and record keeping for given to man the idea is to more quickly ensure that mail can be re addressed and forwarded where it needs to go instead of having to do everything by hand. we've got right now is a lot of time that is being spent on going to record file system alphabetical card file system and pull in the car now taken then transfers the information is on the face of that cord to
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hampton roads is a huge endeavor with more than five hundred individual commands here and sixty three ships home ported at naval station norfolk alone. overall the navy has more than three hundred twenty five thousand active duty sailors and two hundred and seventy two ships in the fleet are migrating will have much more for you coming up on thirteen is now a five and right now we're going to take a look and traffic conditions across hampton roads not dealing with any accidents on the interstates but certainly some delays let's take a look at thirteen years now track the camera. starting with a look at traffic headed to the hr bt in norfolk sixty four westbound traffic starting taken just around grammy's tree six miles from the hr bt also notices a little bit slow as you had sixty four eastbound in the direction of five sixty four on the traffic network map just a few other delays to discuss here picking up six sixty four north penn to sixty four west in hampton also hampton sixty four
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he also received heavy traffic that the east and westbound in norfolk. not too far from the midtown tunnel a few other odd delays when the high rise bridge a little bit onto sixty four in virginia beach. i'm into another check and give your full update on traffic conditions coming up in a few minutes i thanks ashley several people are homeless after a virginia beach townhouse fire the red cross is helping families forced out by the flames the fire started last night in and are very core to elise brown spoke to neighbors as they try to support each other and move forward. one woman tells me someone came pounding on her door yelling there's a fire a couple of homes down and that she needed to get out. timothy harold jr says that was his wife brittany morning neighbors after flames broke out and their townhome on canterbury court tuesday night it started shortly after he his wife and kids came home from bible study the most six year old says he ran out to the store
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a bath to make sure the kids wouldn't be cold and getting and the time she turned the heat on mccain for all the snow smoke. carol told his family did in the house a spokeswoman with the virginia beach fire department says it started in an electrical panel box. this after harold tells me they have been having problems with the box since january he and his wife had maintenance come out multiple times to check the box located in the back shed the light came on the situation at this point the family isn't pointing fingers but wants to get to the bottom of what went wrong the charter school plan to start the fire also jumped to two mere wiggins home on this spread to one of my bedroom since so bad that particular room is pretty
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everything in the attic is john one firefighter was caught fighting the fire the results of the wonderful job. elise brown thirteen years now a burglary suspect is on the loose and tessa please please tell us just before noon someone tried to break into a home on edgewood arch near parker road the suspect ran off before officers arrived police have not released a description of the suspect police believe to virginia beach. skinny dip robberies are connected he was a suspect in surveillance photos from this past saturday and the skinny dip on virginia beach boulevard video from another robbery the night of january twenty fifth of the skinny dip in the providence square shopping center and can smell the suspect got away with cash in both robberies there are no reported injuries. if you know anything about these cases call police super
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and that means presidential candidates are bringing their campaign efforts to our key state of virginia were speaking about the commonwealth's and packed with dr carol pop low tech giant apple and fbi are at
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. i can the government force attack company to hack its own code a federal judge wants apple to do just that attempts to get into san bernardino shooters sia la i phone had been unsuccessful. the fbi wants apple to create software to help with the process but that doesn't settle well with apple ceo tim cook. white house press secretary josh earnest further explained the request today they are not asking apple to redesign its product or to create a new back door
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they're simply asking for something that would have an impact on this one device police shot and killed for rove and his wife tess female lead after the couple killed fourteen people back in december investigators want to recover information from four weeks phone to assess the influence of isis and see if there were any other accomplices. so after hearing all of that you may be wondering how exactly does i phone encryption work and how do other tech experts feel about the fbi asking apple to disable it. alicia easy for him he is here illegally you want to explain this to us huge talker very confusing but i can tell you this right now i phone users have the option to set a security feature that only allows a certain number of tries to guess that correct password to unlock the phone before all the dead on the phone is deleted. it's a security measure apple put in place to keep importing data out of the wrong hands. well federal prosecutors looking for more information behind the san bernardino shootings
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coat now if they guess incorrectly too many times the data they hope to find will be deleted. that's why the fbi wants apple to disable the security feature once the security is crippled agency would be able to get as many combinations as possible and today i talked to the local cyber security firm for some context. so basically i go in that big brother that everyone in the three m waite contends. apple has access to information and you know the federal government doesn't have access to a whole corporation has access to all. so what is apple actually have to say about this ceo tim cook said late tuesday night that the company would oppose the ruling he published the full message on apple's website and additionally edward snowden has come out and pledged his allegiance with apple as well saying the fbi is creating a world where citizens rely on apple to defend their rights rather than the other way around
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case in the past ten years so i'll continue to keep my eyes on this and update you accordingly right thanks alot for natalie show will sports betting at casinos and racetracks could be legal in new jersey a federal appeals court in philadelphia is revisiting the measure for the third time today supporters say that the legalization will boost state revenue would help out as casinos and racetracks it's not a winner for everyone out there some pushback from the nc double a and four major pro sports leagues. paris is upping the ante on efforts to host the twenty twenty four olympic games today paris officials said they could offer a new era for the olympics was a plan that involves existing venues officials say that means they can spend less and reap more benefits if they host the games paris hosted the olympics in nineteen hundred and nineteen twenty four this time the city of light is competing against
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budapest hungary a florida couple came forward as powerball jackpot winners and they received their big bucks today. husband and wife david called schmidt and maureen smith claimed their share of the one point six billion dollar jackpot was look regina maybe they are relatives the day that this can for the lump sum of three hundred and twenty eight million dollars before taxes other winners but they're like the tickets in california and tennessee in that tennessee couple cashed in their ticket last month the california winter still hasn't come for. meanwhile by this weekend i think some of you are going to think we hit the jackpot here in terms of the weather forecast should be very pleasant not super warm. just very pleasant for this time about ten degrees above normal not so today today captures not bad though in most locations it was either right about where we should be or officially
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lower than we typically find this year one that just a second but especially at the wind not too bad out there right now for example still forty seven. typically this time of year were up more like fifty or fifty one wins also again keeping it a little cooler out of the north northeast. the sun nice picture from this morning a very very nice sunset and then we saw again a few clouds at times but generally the clouds around in the morning gave way to a lot of sunshine as you can see during the afternoon hours. more the same this evening although we do have a very weak disturbance to the north that is going to slip down to bring us a few clouds but in general just partly cloudy this evening then mainly clear later noticed the cooler temperatures right near the shoreline when she got back in when it was a little milder made it up in the fifties in fact right now fifty six in petersburg fifty seven in williamsburg fifty seven in gainesville especially with less wind in line that is feeling pretty nice future cast look at tonight shows the forties
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more of the area and we still get a little bit of a north easterly breeze not terribly strong but enough to put a little bit of a nip in the air and then into the morning hours we're going to find readings down mid thirties at the coastline lower thirties for the inland areas before the sun comes back up and tries to help things out but during the afternoon. it is going to be not again very warm forty forty one forty two and a lot of spots but after that we start the trip back up other just not at night because at night it'll be even colder tomorrow night that will be tonight by a few degrees and then it's really during the day friday that we start to see things changing during the afternoon will start to climb higher up into the forties and that just sets the stage for a very very pleasant weekend as you can see couple clouds now moving out of the mountains there the clouds that were around earlier suggest a few of those who are encroaching upon the region this evening when shells tomorrow afternoon that sore spot on
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and thirty four degrees so little to chilly today we said forty eight so far we are at forty eight gives us eight forecasts in a row. so here's the forecast then as we look ahead to tomorrow only forty one for the high forty seven or so on friday but then sixty two saturday same thing on sunday and then remaining fairly mild into next week although a pretty big storm come through on tuesday into wednesday and bring parts of virginia some snow it looks like around here and just generally be rain that's latest from the weather authority i faced up to you know someone who works outside this winter while joe's job is all about coal jobs during
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how often do you have to work outside as news people we've all done at mud during
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flanagan is trying out cold weather jobs today is out of the lesser branch near the water conditions can get even colder and joe you are all over the job site on shore drive. it's right there short drive we were on down the lower parts for the segments are being tracked and forth with a no no upper parts were all over the bridge. way cool and like you said it's even colder when the wind blows in off the water checking out i was training with j murray the safety officer with the claim construction mcclain is the same company that built the original as are bridge fifty years ago the film where the wind was picking up and the temperature was falling when to come up to the top here it's more the wind that slows down were then the cold it depends on investigations of the bridge we can't get too cold like this in
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chair by the way it cannot do anything like that does not like a specific cold this day started with a meeting at my company rests update everyone on progress reports and a few of them wanted us to stress to the public the importance of obeying the warning sign or a world out for their safety as you know it's a safety issue or nor to get her a nestle we work about us or care about beach strollers can wander way too close to construction we don't want the public and or care where they are protected with the right pee pee on his gums issue of all respects i was a safety officer makes his presence known as the huge concrete bridge segments are hoisted off the flatbed portsmouth it's an amazing process seen in this animation how the launcher travels the length of the bridge to drop the segments hot job in the summer and cold one in february though as much glee as close as possible and the delay right now i got
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of these guys and more lotsa layers and i think it worked to make bread every week only two or three of the locals would be in with the workers just deal with the project manager is thrilled to be working on a bridge to last a hundred years is now law is not a lot of bridges going up like this in virginia beach and i'm really happy to be part of this particular project how i'd use a safety officer and they define what a little more training thanks boss for the last boss and his safety officer the perfect guy to follow because it was a very doable job and a cold day out there next week run the carrier george washington checking out some of the coal jobs the sailors have to do think show. thank you i we all want to know what our kids are up
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right now crews are tearing down a movie theater this the ante for years that's the old movies ten behind chesapeake square mall and press with boulevard that area just feet away from the six year old son mark chesapeake square and accepted a movie theater and about six miles from the regal cinemas harbor view grande sixteen and plans for a new development or in the works christine is vertigo has more. while this become almost like a landmark here in chesapeake today we saw dozens of people stop by here get out take pictures of the demolition work and most everyone i talked to today tell me they are ready to see and new project move forward here on this land and city leaders say this is the first step. it's the end of an era it's time to move our time to make change for it by breaking the old chesapeake said of art movie theater is
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burns stopped by shortly after demolition began to progress into remember the good times during the holiday season would bring our kids here. movies like the polar express christmas with the cranks visit to good movies we saw here in movie theater that was once a community stable has stood vacant for years the city took over the property now tearing down the building is the first step to redeveloping the area the proposed project for the space is a senior living community that would be nice we need more beds that idea sitting well with the little kids she says anything is better than they've been in theater that would be an improvement over that area just sitting there vacant like that and senior citizens want to be close to convenience. i know i do because i'm a senior citizen and it's important to know that city leaders here in chesapeake have not yet approved or even to review the potential project but
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coming up in about an hour reporting live in chesapeake or c is for take out their team is now part is creating six hundred new jobs and enhancing the company's software distribution center the location is also adding new equipment and product lines in an effort to get items to customers faster target will start hiring for the distribution center throughout the month of march and you can apply at the target upstream the distribution center that's on three hundred manning bridge road in suffolk. i take a look at those sunny skies at the beach a live look from the beach quarters resort skyview in the south end of this trip and we are all just geoff lawson has more on a cool down tonight and it looks like that everywhere hears from downtown norfolk same thing lots and lots of blue sky clear conditions that'll be the case to the evening a little bit later tonight there's a weak disturbance to the north couple of the models are showing a sprinkle trying to
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while that's possible i don't think it's unlikely for most of us the big news the temperatures again and it's not going to be abnormally cold but it will be colder than we've seen the last twenty four thirty six hours dropping back down here into the thirties and these are sort of metro or downtown temperatures urban areas it will an inlet right near the beaches inland areas will certainly be colder and colder in any really somewhat rural location and then tomorrow definitely temperatures below normal and talk about a roller coaster we go from yesterday up in the sixties way up here down forties forties back to the forties back to the sixties down to fifty so as you expect it's springtime in hampton roads that means these big swings up and down jeff we have a summertime like traffic problem going on a midtown tunnel o' year alternating lane closures out there so we had a breakdown at the tunnel and it's a tractor trailer so we have that trouble. it's gonna take awhile to clear some of the bridge or tunnel this again alternating those lane
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moving but you should expect substantial delays on both sides of the tunnel give you a live look now and when i'm continuing to fall he will head to the camera here in just a moment just to show you what's shaping up out there between norfolk and portsmouth at this point. at this particular camera resting any movement can take awhile for the lane closures to an all to get traffic moving through the midtown tunnel. this is the camera i will be watching i will let you know when that broken down tractor trailer has completely clear from the midtown tunnel when traffic starts moving again on both sides in the meantime oh boy the midtown tunnel use the downtown the jordan the high rise where the gilmer two bridges on the traffic network maps will talk about the rest of your delays six sixty four south of the monitor merrimack eastbound and westbound in the hr bt a little bit leave naval station norfolk as well on five fifty four east sixty four eastbound has the high rise bridge and you'll see a little bit leaving norfolk and headed into virginia beach on to sixty four east keeper post on facebook and
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here from thirteen years now i think sasha late later this evening democratic presidential hopeful hillary clinton will open a new campaign office here in hampton roads and offices along west twenty first street in norfolk and will serve as a hub for organizing activities around the region third district congressman bobby scott and several other local leaders are expected to attend the event is set to begin at six o'clock tonight the democratic presidential hopeful bernie sanders is coming to virginia sanders will appear at virginia state university in petersburg next wednesday february seventeen the time seven o'clock at night and on the gop side republican presidential candidate than carson will take part in regent universities candidates forum on february twenty nine the event includes a live interview with the region's chancellor pat robertson and questions from the audience
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attend the forum and regions on wednesday february twenty fourth and ohio governor john casey who will be at virginia commonwealth university on monday for a town hall. more details check out the thirteen years now. dot com or write yet here they come virginia is proving to once again be a very important state in this presidential election. and joining us to talk more about the campaign stops in hampton roads and what they mean is professor dr carol pratt well thank you for coming on thank you for inviting me ok so here we go battleground virginia. this isn't just about the primary election when you think about candidates coming to virginia now because overall most americans even though we talk about the primaries and caucuses the davies in this love the end result and so you're looking at this site what if this person becomes oppressive than me and dan what are what if their
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constant state of flux and so we're also going to be looking at region as being a big battleground right. ollie it truly truly is full numbers of years we have the packaging as being the one they could make the differences for example an obama election cycle the first time we focus friday and continue what was happening he and this a number of reasons right. what do you think virginians want to hear from these candidates you know i think virginians want to hear the same things most americans want to hear that you're concerned about the economy that is so concerned about education that is concerned about health care and of course the taxes that support all of those and i think there's a general feeling of i don't want to say anger but when you see people in the two hundred and fifty thousand plus some tax rains not paying as much as those of
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concern about things that i so there was a poll that came out i guess it was yesterday see in you and has dropped in the lead for the gop and hillary clinton in the lead for the democrats is that surprise you anyway it doesn't actually before i came on the night i was mine claim what year they got elected to see who would win now we do a lot of us think well hillary would definitely win season at eight years of experience as a publicly elected person she's visited a hundred in twelve countries as secretary of state he has the experience there but on the other side to look at people's reactions to politicians in the political environment in which sick of politicians with sicko is the most establishments here's the alternative. well the alternative doesn't exactly talk about specifically what he's going
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located and then within that involve us in a massive war and how much with that hope we don't have specific to a bed and threatened china economically how in what way so this the philosophy and i so there's still a whole life that we need to hear about that will be watching this every step of the way thank you so much thank you for inviting these nine at lasalle and there are a whole lot of headlines and usa today dot com right now the pope speaks up against gang violence. pope francis finishes trip to mexico visiting war as of the city of one and a half million people that sits along the u s mexico border and he wanted to highlight the city's recovery from gang violence and drug trafficking crime he held a mass with around twelve hundred invited migrants parents of slain women and victims of violence juarez recently began to rebound from violence that led to a reported three thousand homicides in twenty ten five thousand uniformed officers were part of
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today protecting the pope a bomb explosion in the capital of turkey at least twenty eight people are dead in ankara and at least sixty one others are wounded. turkish officials believe it was a car bomb that went off three hundred twenty eight yards away from military headquarters that is about the distance of the football field so far no one's claimed responsibility and a show of force from the united states to north korea take a look at this today for us f twenty two stealth fighters flew low over south korea and landed us on air base near seoul they were escorted by other u s and south korean fighter jets now the us wanted to show north korea want to continue to defend its allies south korea from potential aggression and apparently united states often says powerful warplanes to south korea in times of tension with the no i think srk a surprise that leaves a vietnam vet and here's the story of his house
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adderall abuse is on the rise in young adults us according to a new study by researchers at johns hopkins university. adderall is a stimulant drug often used to treat adhd and narcolepsy. the study claims that while the number of prescriptions for adderall for adhd have not increased there is a sharp rise in the number of young adults ages eighteen to twenty five years old abusing the drug the murder of a blacksburg team has parents questioning what their kids are doing online and on their phones police say thirteen year old nicole level met her alleged killer using the cake messaging app and website design by end may for parents is there to help its called careful parents dot com alicia has been following this issue and has more on how the website works. it's
4:41 pm
the site's goal is to help parents better understand the dangers their children face in the digital world. so parents have a question about the phone app or a new street drug. there's a good chance this site has all the answers no you're looking at the same right now if you look at the top there's tabs for almost everything under the sign that a parent would wanna know about if you click saying you'll find out texting terms slang terms that your child may be using on my terms that you may be seen on social media site so it's a really comprehensive tool parents checking on their children is nothing new but technology and social media have really made it easier for kids and teens to communicate with our mom and dad knowing we've got a link to this website on thirteen years now to calm and peace are interested us airstrikes destroyed millions of dollars in its islamic state cash the spokesperson for the u s military operation against isis says the bombings are part of a larger effort to limit and the islamic state's ability to finance its
4:42 pm
of strikes in recent days targeted their cash collection areas. he is home sweet home for one vietnam vet in dallas texas thanks to the help of the nonprofit group he has a new house after the last one burned down monitor attendance has a story at a vietnam veteran chris callaghan has seen a lot of pain in his life but these tears are different well this is callahan told of more than forty years and this is his reaction when he sees it for the first time newly rebuilt it burned in a fire on september eleven twenty twelve. everything was just on this but no more no more. the but now i'm home again. the group rebuilding together helps callahan get here when they heard about
4:43 pm
volunteers started on september eleven of last year three years to the de pere it's this amazing and i got a scare. god is good to see the stated aim of magnificent and they didn't just to rebuild his home. they reinforced his faith. you can tell he was a man with troubles on his mind and through this process we've seen a whole new curtis emerge separate space this to say it from were was sent to where it is now the sun label makes you want to thank god i'm never going away and look at that smile that revealed kicked off and on president project to begin work on sixty homes for vets in sixty days. well last night in chester the dog won best in breed at the westminster dog show that dog named old leo is a hundred and fifty pounds
4:44 pm
now smoke with the owner about water dog will get to celebrate the big one our favorite tree is banana pudding though he will get a homemade batch of banana pudding. when we get home this instant. oh leo is only seventeen months old and he's on his way back home from new york with his owner to do a little chilly out there today temperatures slightly below normal same thing as we go through this evening and then tomorrow it's going to be much more below normal and would gradually get colder for a day or so before we start back up the other direction and that's just in time for weekend that's what i've been highlighting and that's what i think a lot of you are going to like nothing on radar nothing right now in terms of even any clouds out there although there are some clouds building in northern virginia they're sliding se
4:45 pm
partly cloudy mainly clear early becoming partly cloudy temperatures dropping the upper thirties already this evening for inland areas with light northeast winds most of the metro areas will be in the lower forties precipitation since midnight talked about yesterday gathered be a few very light very isolated showers late at night and into early this morning a few sprinkles around as you can see a lot of spots with nothing and a few areas literally just a hundred two or three hundredths of an inch with the sprinkles. they moved out now we're going to watch captures falling again back through the forties here comes this little bit of a disturbance from the north but as i said i think anything that does show up on rader would be so light when they are pretty dry it should tend to dry out. we're going to continue to watch them later tonight into early tomorrow morning. a typical chill for this time of year were generally low to mid thirties. this is the expected temps are in the morning low to mid thirties but during tomorrow
4:46 pm
despite the sunshine really don't go up anywhere close to where they should be must be fifty or fifty one were only going to be in the lower forties for a high tomorrow so that's the coldest of the next several days then tomorrow night. not quite as cold and then during the day on friday temperatures rebounding back closer to normal but still slightly chilly but that just leads to the weekend forecast as you can see here some of that little bit of sprinkle activity very light that came through here early this morning. now we're seeing again the clearing for the most part we're going to say mainly clear tonight with a few clouds at times especially the farther north you go but overall even there should just be partly cloudy a slight risk of a sprinkle my forty one mostly sunny breezy and chilly winds gusting to twenty five those that's the coldest day my mid twenties and one twenty nine for the rest of us that is still pretty cold but how
4:47 pm
thursday we just talked about it forty one degrees by friday forty seven and sunny look at saturday's sixty two with a low even starting off only near forty that's a little above normal sixty two is way above normal forty five very mild for this time of year for allowing and sixty two on sunday is again very muddy can see the normal high appear is fifty one degrees cools off slightly on monday as the system approaches twenty five percent chance of rain. then tuesday the storm is going to be pretty close to us coastal spots eastern part of virginia will likely be chilly forties to near fifty while back inland it'll be cold enough maybe and center virginia to bring some snow will have to watch for that wednesday though looks like i'll start to heat back up with some showers possible so again enjoy the weekend but until then you'll need to bundle up a little bit thanks to elise is back with something you have to say it's trending now. yeah this
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university's sore ministry team of creative video is incredible. they don't get a little too hard at central baptist church in portsmouth take a look at this one amazing the old lacey and i got some good news got only slightly i and o when the seventh guy on their team laid out there down to dc not lay down a slam dunk that literally crashed the entire backcourt. the reaction of the duggar toward the bottom left corner says it all he can see it. the videos being shared nicely right now because that old self is a pretty weird thing happen if women violated and no credible have clothes on her website if you wanna take just another will write this next story is definitely going to be your last of the day. a new yorker recently lost his wallet in the big city and thought he would never get it back again will a very new york miracle happened two weeks later he lost it. the man received a plain white envelope in the mail inside was his license his credit card and
4:49 pm
your wallet in your driver's license and your address so here's your credit cards and other important stuff. i kept the cash because i needed to lead the metro car because well the fair's two dollars and seventy five cents now and the wallet because it's kind of cool. enjoy the rest of the day tools anonymous oh my was the shooting that note on social media right now you can see why i write actors vanessa hudgens and her boyfriend actor austin butler earned a little bit of trouble right now. she posted this photo on instagram that appears to show that they carved their names into one of sedona arizona is a precious red rocks on the view of the purse right but that's a vast problem is it's illegal to damage the donors rocks in any shape or form and surprisingly guys people don't know that but the punishment for this is at minimum a hundred dollar fine and or three months in jail and a maximum five thousand dollars fine or six months in jail so the incident is currently under investigation
4:50 pm
on full but of course keep my eyes on it and keep you up to she can pay up and everything be okay i know i'm sure that's chump change for her right we'll see what tonight on abc and all new episode of the middle starts at eight o'clock then the goldberg's at eight thirty. modern family comes on at nine o'clock and black ish and nine thirty and join us again in thirteen years now and loving to learn more about the chesapeake bay cleanup a new tool is just a click away then on thirteen is now at five three murder suspects are trying to avoid getting arrested again for the same crime. we'll explain why they were released from jail in the first place and come back or lose one hundred and fifty
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line tool to track the chesapeake bay's restoration the website called chesapeake progress gives visitors an overview of the multi state effort to clean up the bay after decades of neglect a show's goals and outcomes of the chesapeake bay watershed agreement. the aim of the agreement is to clean up the bay and help restore marine life such as oysters and blue crabs and that's only half the day at four thirteen is now in five starts now. murder suspects now in the run after being released from jail the rare circumstances that led to their freedom. a virginia beach student fell off the grid for more than a decade only to be found dead in a car were asking how did this happen a one hundred and fifty five million dollar deadline what virginia beach city leaders need to do to
4:53 pm
light rail. we've come a long way from the school. that breaking news a murder suspect is now behind bars in portsmouth police are looking for a quite short for weeks he's accused of killing a seventeen year old woodrow wilson high school student he is the second person in this case to surrender to police but there are three other suspects still on the run the unusual thing about this case is all of the men were behind bars just a few weeks ago but the portsmouth commonwealth's attorney dropped charges before charging them again. eric is here to explain how something like this could happen. well basically the prosecutors ran out of time to bring this to trial a former prosecutor says it's possible more could have been done to keep these murder suspects behind bars without letting them go andre keel jawad trotter in roger and britt all of them suspected murderers and all of them still on the loose after the portsmouth commonwealth's attorney let
4:54 pm
turning murderers loose is the prosecutor was part of the citizen's nightmare retired virginia beach commonwealth's attorney harvey bryant says releasing suspects charged with first degree murder is extremely rare. the commonwealth read them and because they hit the five month mandatory window to prosecute the case prosecutors re indicted the man but now police can't find them. it's very very odd couple for prosecutors something you don't ever wanna find yourself in this situation do everything you came to maturity to ready within the limits of the speedy trial the charges stem from the drive by shooting that killed seventeen year olds is the v a hill last may i believe that no matter what our baby is not coming home to us and the fact that the matter is our family is suffering because of it and late this afternoon we did hear back from the commonwealth's attorney's office they told us they are reviewing new evidence in the case but that
4:55 pm
down an investigator they also said obviously the commonwealth's attorney's office does not have arrest powers but we have requested that the portsmouth police department prioritize the location and apprehension of the suspects however that decision is up to the police departments. well the police department told me that they are actively searching for the remaining suspects and of course if you have any information that could help them find them call the crime line david eric charges or drop into other portsmouth cases talkie r lewis white was accused of starting a police chase that ended with a deadly crash two young girls died in that wreck last year lewis why does a free woman tonight but prosecutors could re file those charges and back in december our partners that the pilot reported charges were dropped against a full room to area she is one of three people connected to a two thousand five deadly home invasion force miss commonwealth's attorney said she did not
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