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tv   13 News 530  ABC  February 17, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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homeschooling develop the proposed project is a sixty two and a senior living community. i don't think retirement community is fit for this area team bronze wasn't too fond of baggy on first off but says he isn't totally opposed. hey it's this kind of sits back up so now the way with everything else so it might fit in i really see that would that that would be an improvement others like linda locations are all for eight from the storm and senior citizens want to be close to convenience. i know i do because i'm a senior citizen has a seedy city leaders tell me can take up to four months for them to me and officially discuss this idea of a senior living community reporting live in chesapeake receiver jacob or team is now investigators say a fire that put ten people out of their homes started in an electrical box that said last night on at every court in virginia beach neighbors we spoke with say they have been having problems with the electrical box since january. they tell is maintenance came out several
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they are not pointing fingers just yet. some residents came back today to salvage what they can only spread to one of my bedroom in soledad that particular room is pretty much damage and the roof and everything in the attic is gone. everyone got out safely last night medics treated one firefighter for cuts in right now the red cross is helping families forced out by the fire crime alert at yorktown were told someone burglarized the bargain box thrift store and derr road near daryl him entry school deputies say the suspect pictured right here pried open the door to get inside but it looks like nothing disappeared from the store if you know this is contact the crime line. it was the celebration today at lansdowne high school in virginia beach officials cut the ribbon this morning at the school's new solar panel a one kilowatt system
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electric power dominion virginia power says that's enough to power fifteen desktop computers thirty three ten gallon aquariums or four flat screen t v's lansdowne high is one of the first schools selected by dominion for solar for schools program. thanks to the generosity of dominion power in all parties involved in delivering the solar panel to as the students here now have the opportunity to learn in the field about the rapidly expanding field of solar energy. a spokeswoman for dominion says solar power is nothing new for students at lansdowne students in the governor's stem academy have worked on several renewable energy projects including the creation of a solar powered remote control car alligator hunting season is on hold in north carolina the state's wildlife resources commission decided against holding an alligator season this year they say the state received hundreds of comments and letters urging them to council that the agency will set up a taskforce to decide what to do with the gators and
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allowed in areas where the creatures are considered a nuisance six hundred new jobs are coming esophagus target expand its distribution center the retailer has fifty eight stores in virginia and other distribution center outside of waynesboro hiring will take place all during the month of march in to find out how you can apply head to our website thirteen is now dot com we have a link on our homepage and target is not the only one putting up the help wanted sign another fifty jobs are coming to d the shakers chesapeake offices right now the international shipping company employs one hundred and thirty five people at the greenbrier location by two thousand my team they want to increase that to one hundred and eighty five people among the jobs being added sales customer support an iit the elimination of sixty three hundred navy job small herd manpower additions
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richardson he says most of the cuts come from disbanding a carrier wing out of california and speeding up training in addition the navy says it plans to boost other ships cruise by downsizing cruiser crews extended hours are coming to the navy's childcare program starting in april were told. hours will be extended by an hour in the morning and in the evening. that means kids can be dropped off as early as five am and picked up as late as seven the navy says the new hours are being offered to better accommodate work schedules and other reading this needs families enrolled in the program can use the program up to twelve hours a day. the school's apology has some parents he did one group of community members oneself virginia school divisions to rethink their response to a video others called racially charged. imagine seeing a six year old wandering by him self in the freezing cold that's what happened to one virginia man and how he reacted next and tempers quite a bit colder today than
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yesterday's types of readings more than we wanted the ground for my forecast and heads of virginia beach and norfolk as we head to our camera. this multi vehicle accident right here sixty four westbound just before you get two to sixty four is blocking the right lane that exits two to sixty four and there's a two mile back up to indian river road or
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a virginia community is calling this man a hero after he saved a wandering child from the freezing streets gregory tyler was driving his tractor trailer early friday when he saw the child chesterfield county police say it was below freezing and the boy was barefoot and without a coat or call nine one one police said the boy had spent the night at a friend's home and just walked away. john protective services is investigating new fallout from a video causing controversy in henry coe county public schools the group is circulating a petition demanding the school
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video shown during high school assemblies. the film depicts several runners on the track with black mothers facing more obstacles than the white mothers. after several parents complained the school issued an apology now an online petition is asking the superintendent to take that apology back critics say the school is keeping kids blissfully ignorant about racial inequality. the petition already has two hundred and fifty signatures. the supreme court of virginia is considering arguments on a natural gas pipeline pipeline would cover three hundred miles across virginia and west virginia landowners in the appalachian mountains refused to let surveyors come onto their land to plot pelines passmakers argue surveyors should be able to enter their land under virginia's eminent domain law the court is questioning if that law is applicable legal battle is brewing on the campaign trail donald i would encourage you
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challenging this ad claiming it is defamation filed the loss donald trump sending d ist order to ted cruz over an ad he says is untrue. other pros campaign is reacting and the fight to fill justice antonin scalia as a seat continues a big name republican says he'll consider a nominee from president obama and coming up
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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now to the race for the white house the democratic presidential hopeful is about to set up shop here in hampton roads hillary clinton's campaign office in norfolk is scheduled to open in less than thirty minutes until the office on west twenty first st will serve as a call for organizing activity in the region. third district congressman bobby scott and several other local leaders are expected to attend that opening. we're just days until a new round of caucuses and primaries and we're getting a look at where everyone stands in the polls hillary clinton holds a clear lead in south carolina polling shows she is favored by fifty six percent of vote in the palmetto state. bernie sanders comes in with thirty eight percent those same polls show two democratic candidates neck and neck in nevada on the republican side donald trump has thirty eight percent of the vote in south
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lead over senator ted cruz trailing behind in third and fourth for marco rubio and jeb bush as we look toward south carolina abortion is once again a hot button issue is the subject of a potential lawsuit between two of the candidates abc's linus tactics up our coverage from washington. there are just three days until republicans vote in south carolina governor nikki haley is hoping her endorsement could give a win to marco rubio and want someone that's really going to make a difference not just our party but for every person they represent south carolina's popular governor has enjoyed approval ratings of eighty one percent and rubio pulling up fourteen percent could use the moose the direction we're headed now is not the direction of greatness that is the direction of decline. if we don't win that means the next president of united states will be named either bernie sanders or hillary clinton ted cruz and throwing down the gauntlet with donald trump donald i would
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file a lawsuit challenging this ad claiming it is defamation files. trump has been threatening legal action over this cruise and released in the wake of justice scalia is death. i am pro choice and who respect me cannot trust the serious decisions on the trail from says cruz is a liar who said he's not pro life as a pro life you can't lie about people like that money and doesn't seem to be hurting trump poll numbers in the first southern primary state will hold a sixteen point lead over his nearest competitor ted cruz in fact even adding together the numbers for rubio bush carson and k sick. the total is less than the number that gives trump the lead and in a once rare but increasingly common campaign for anyone but from senator mike lee will be campaigning for crews in the morning and rubio in the afternoon on a zach abc
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what we're looking ahead to with the south carolina primary coming up in the nevada caucuses the party's vote on different days of the week in south carolina republicans are voting this saturday democrats head to the polls the following week nevada kicks off its caucuses the same time with democrats voting on saturday and republicans weighing in the following tuesday february twenty third the fine to delays to fill justice antonin scalia seat could be weakening the senate judiciary committee suggests he might be open to considering president obama has yet to be named nominee the chairman of the committee of course in a press conference yesterday president obama said he still plans to pick a nominee meanwhile we know who walter be filling scoliosis eat california attorney general pamela harris is making clear she does not want to be considered. harris told reporters yesterday she's focusing on her senate campaign currently harris is serving her second term as attorney general. she's been
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court consideration since justice scalia passed away over the weekend turning now to weather and the sunny skies over downtown norfolk still light out there that sunshine will be sticking around for the next two days jeff lawson is in the weather lab where he's talking about a week and warm bed just the nick of time of course most people happy to see the warmer temps is on the weekend. if you work the weekend ship likes of our floor crew in your off like tomorrow. you're probably not as happy to see again a lot of sunshine out there and nothing at all on radar. we are starting to pick up a couple of very very light hints of something though up northern virginia. of course earlier today as you can see we had a few sprinkles around there early in the morning those gave way then today the sunshine and the sun shines been out there throughout the day little bit of a haze out there right now and that live picture from the oceanfront temptress falling this evening metro
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little bit better by the sidewalks all the roads that's a falling down about forty two by seven o'clock upper thirties though for the end when there is little breeze making it feel just slightly colder than the actual air temperature highs today in many areas in the fifties while most spots close to the water were in the forties one exception to that was virginia beach although even then with a northerly wind is back in wonder and oceania where they take that cell again in general forties right near the coastline dropping back then this evening that hint of a sprinkle i talked about forming up in areas north and west of fredericksburg and up toward loudon county faulkner county drifting to the south will be a few clouds around later this evening but the odds are that most air in fact hardly anybody should see a sprinkle probably not even anybody but i wouldn't completely rule it out i expect for the most part it just to be a chill evening that'll be the big weather news as we head into tomorrow rising back up through the thirties but only in
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for a high tomorrow. here again the media area down south to north carolina maybe some mid forties but overall very much chilli or the normal day as we get into thursday. that's when temperatures will again be the chili s before we see a bit of a rise for friday for saturday for sunday. not so much for friday somewhat but especially for saturday and sunday. here's that first of baffling not reaching grammy at this point now be drifting over toward maybe the northern neck or possibly the middle peninsula tight and thirty four but again colder for the inland areas will be a little bit breezy and then tomorrow forty one for the high and one in his mid forties mostly sunny breezy and chilly winds gusting as high as twenty five mph tomorrow evening they will start out in about ten mph and then diminish to five mph or even on most common in some spots late overnight early in the morning and allow campers
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spots into the twenties but look what happens after that despite the cold start. we recover back up to forty seven on friday saturday sixty two sunday sixty two so we go from ten below normal tomorrow to ten above normal as we get into the weekend number of events it's starting to be a season for the concerts are going out to the carrie underwood concert fifty six degrees at the hampton coliseum that is mild for this time of year and still mild into early next week and then a coastal solo will come close enough to probably give us a chance for maybe a little bit of a brief mix over to some rain but mostly rain with that storm and temperatures again in what areas can be cold enough for snow but that's more like central virginia probably one a lot more coming up i checked this out the surfers aren't off the coast of hawaii these massive waves are right here along the outer banks the surfer who posted this
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storm waves nearly twenty feet high to the outer banks now i saw a whole different picture in upstate new york this is what the folks are dealing with the play arrow dozens of cars stranded on the roads as heavy wet snow piled up is the first widespread heavy snow storm of the winter for the empire state. tow trucks and plows working around the clock. aaa had more than eight hundred and sixty calls for help yesterday and wrote crews expect yet another busy day today. pope francis wraps up his trip to latin america today but what caused the pontiff to lose his temper at those excited to see him and virginia based facing a new deadline for the light rail project virginia beach has two months to sign an agreement and commit to buying light rail cars or can lose a hundred and fifty five million dollars in state funding as the tide in your child may be asking for were talking about the hover board but the fans
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dangers with these devices
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. i it's strange isn't it for passengers aboard a disney cruise to the cayman islands the ship spotted to stop rather to pick up twelve suspected migrant south east of cuba earlier this week the migrants were brought aboard and turned over to grand cayman authorities say it's not clear if the migrants were headed to the us in greece migrants and refugees are now being processed at a reception for the set up by the government to financially struggling country is the main gateway for people from the middle east asia and africa seeking a better life in europe where the eight hundred and fifty
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from nearby turkey greece faces heavy criticism by other european countries for failing to adequately screen the migrants european union leaders will hold a summit later this week regarding greece's immigration policies pope francis wraps up his trip to latin america today he was greeted by thousands at the juarez airport this morning. it's the final stop of the positives five day visit the holy father met with inmates at the city's prison considered to be one of the most violent prisons in latin america in just a few minutes is expected to hold mass on the u s mexico border the faithful by the thousands expected to fill a soccer stadium in the city to hear the positives message like i'm getting a system to go my skin just having that the pope here that says you know that's like a gift a gift from god on a highway that separates the temporary
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river the mass will be simulcast live on giant screens on the other side of the river at the sun bowl in el paso texas u s officials expect thousands to arrive there and something everyone's talking about with his visit the pope not only getting angry in public but also scolding the crown that happened yesterday while greeting a crowd and mariah and overly eager person tug on his sleeve almost causing the frustration right there on the part of spaces he tells the crowd with a cross look don't be selfish. some say this is the first time here shown anger in public that's it for thirteen years now at five thirty the news continues at six with the latest on the battle over light rail funding. and right now hampton roads transit officials are talking about extending light rail to virginia beach as the city faces a new deadline on that
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commit to buy cars by april thirtieth state officials could take back one hundred fifty five million dollars in funds are jimmy lee joins us live from town center to tell us what this means if the issue hits the ballot in the fall. well this is really good news for light rail supporters because the city enters into this agreement signed the agreement and commit to buying those light rail cars a referendum would not at all jeopardize the one hundred and fifty five million dollars in state funding they are well set since told me today that he is just so happy and relieved after numerous phone calls with secretary of transportation are relaying he said he is grateful to operate waning hopes that city council can reach an agreement they really were trying to make something work that would allow for a referendum and not jeopardizing that hundred and fifty five million dollars putting the light rail extension project on the ballot will not
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virginia beach commits by april thirtieth for a whole lot better position than we were yesterday. the city would have to sign a memorandum of understanding or agreement and submit an application to purchase light rail cars. mayor wilson says that the risk would be minimal if the referendum should occur in it should fail. i believe the course could be sold to another train to come. light rail opponents like city treasurer john atkinson say that if council members take a position on this now their seats could be in jeopardy when they're up for reelection in november councilman bobby dyer told thirteen news now that it would be irresponsible for the city to sign this agreement without hearing from the public next month he says he will put forth a resolution to put light rail on the power is cheaper than driving lot of people depend on public transportation myself included take the bus everyday just on the surface so it's a it's something the city filed its essence as
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started crunching the numbers to see exactly how much these light rail cars will cost and if it will fit into the city's budget he said he hopes to meet with him in the next few days to discuss it for now reporting live in virginia beach i'm jumping the thirteen years now and then tonight a murder suspect has toward themselves and we just learn to break one shorts is in custody accused of killing a seventeen year old in portsmouth. well the bad news here three of his alleged accomplices are still in the run those men were in custody on murder charges but the commonwealth's attorney released thirteen is now four erik ainge is looking into how this happened four guys essentially prosecutors ran out of time to bring this to trial so in order to restart the clock they had to drop the charges and let them go they re indicted them but the problem is police can find some of them the portsmouth commonwealth's attorney on the defense as three murder suspects remain on the run after running out of time to prosecute stephanie morales is office dropped charges


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