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tv   13 News 6  ABC  February 17, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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started crunching the numbers to see exactly how much these light rail cars will cost and if it will fit into the city's budget he said he hopes to meet with him in the next few days to discuss it for now reporting live in virginia beach i'm jumping the thirteen years now and then tonight a murder suspect has toward themselves and we just learn to break one shorts is in custody accused of killing a seventeen year old in portsmouth. well the bad news here three of his alleged accomplices are still in the run those men were in custody on murder charges but the commonwealth's attorney released thirteen is now four erik ainge is looking into how this happened four guys essentially prosecutors ran out of time to bring this to trial so in order to restart the clock they had to drop the charges and let them go they re indicted them but the problem is police can find some of them the portsmouth commonwealth's attorney on the defense as three murder suspects remain on the run after running out of time to prosecute stephanie morales is office dropped charges
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drive by shooting that killed seventeen year old is a b a hill last may after five months in jail the men were let go a couple weeks ago prosecutors re indicted and the police still have not found andre keel jaunt writer and roderick brit reviewing new evidence took longer because of a staffing shortage are prosecutors must make every effort to ensure that such evidence is available for trial in order to secure the best possible results including delaying prosecution when absolutely necessary. even when continuance options are unavailable turning murderers loose is the prosecutor was part of the citizen's nightmare retired virginia beach commonwealth's attorney harvey bryant says releasing murder suspects is extremely rare. it's very very odd couple for prosecutors something you don't ever wanna find yourself in this situation. morales says office says it's up to
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priority to again arrested the missing suspects brian says she could go a step further and call the feds will things that can be done now is to contact the fbi the marshals service or both police did not say whether they have called in the feds but they did tell me they have contacted other agencies to try and put these men back in jail again. eric came thirteen years now to assess a court martial for a sailor convicted in a homicide the navy says it will try austin greeting for the murder of another sailor and twenty thirteen and off the court convicted greening of murder but he got a new trial and pleaded to involuntary manslaughter he serve six months in prison well now the navy is making its own case and double jeopardy doesn't apply since the new charges a federal offense if convicted green could face life in prison also know i think the suspect in a two thousand a bit more of a homicide will face a grand jury next month. a
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today from michael brown on his second degree murder charge police arrested brown last year in north carolina and extradited him to virginia. police say brown killed angela left lightning or a worker and norfolk botanical garden whole body was discovered in her home and she for st. six years ago a virginia beach middle school student known for his big smile and personality disappears one day there was no word of him for more than ten years until his decomposing body was discovered in the trunk of his mother's car. yesterday we found out his mother thomas leighton is charged with his mother. now everyone wants to know how that quincy davis venice without anyone noticing. thirteen is now a reporter marsala robertson joins us now that is a question a lot of people want answers to and one a child abuse prevention groups as situations like when c davis' happen often and unfortunately too easily
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trooper pulls over tanya slain for expired tags finding human remains in the trunk of her car the remains were those of her son quincy davis davis' virginia beach middle school friends say they never saw him after seventh grade in two thousand three investigators believe davis was murdered sometime between july two thousand and four and july two thousand and five that means he was done for more than a decade before his remains were found but how did a child fall off the radar for so long without anyone questioning it the clock prayer room. anyway the coil is executive director of champions for children a group aiming to prevent child abuse. you can count on them are very close by to keep embossed with the families who have questions that they teach it well says what happened today this is unfortunately too common and can happen easily
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was never involved in it to another jurisdiction or another day or you just tell where you can stay will be in town and people forget the schools on the follow up to make sure that you enroll in school in the next day and even once lived and served four years in prison for shooting of her boyfriend's home in two thousand and seven. davis' whereabouts weren't questioned he would have only been seventeen at the time she was locked up close as vigilant community is the only way to prevent this from happening again there are people that protect children like that the bystanders to have the power of christ and if we should be more concerned that the welfare of children that honestly was indicted on the second degree murder charges two weeks ago slate will appear in hampton court for that murder charge. next thursday. marcella roberts and thirteen is now the ceo of a shipping company answering questions about a vessel that sank and killed thirty three men would have to say about the elf are and
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the blame emergency room doctors treating more and more a hover board riders thirty news now investigates why the gadgets are linked to serious health issues and even chili or tomorrow than today. today was a big drop
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. company executives testified today about the elf are all cargo ship that vessel sank during hurricane one teams last year virginia beach man and thirty two others died today they say all of the shipping company testified in a hearing he said any ship captain's son of a plan in place to avoid any dangerous storm. legal experts say his answers seemed to deflect blame for the tragedy and i think this is an attempt to insulate the company from liability for the accident and put it
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alive. this is the first of two hearings into how the elf are sinking was handled the other hearing will be violated because gardner spots that it is improving the way to get your letters cards and other mail to sailors they processed more than thirty million pieces of mail here at the regional navy mail center at naval station norfolk starting march first the navy will fully implement a new microsoft programs that automate the mail processing and record keeping the idea is to do more quickly this process to ensure that mail is re addressed and forwarded where it needs to go instead of having to do everything by hand the ghost room of the gentleman's business is going to minimize errors of writing the navy has a whole lot of mail to keep track of with more than three hundred and twenty five thousand active duty sailors and two hundred and seventy two ships
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a warning near oceania virginia beach utility crew started installing a new sewer main today and bought agave because of that in the road is closed on twentieth street signs are in place to warn drivers if the weather cooperates the job to be finished by march for other ports of the hottest new toys but federal investigators say they are also some of the most dangerous will explain the risks before you bring one into your home the temperatures will drop some more before a big warm
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i know the unexplained explosions broken legs cracked skulls suburb or injuries and fires have powers pushing for
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that's a feeling a strong warning thirteen is now investigative reporter laura geller joins us with what you need to know if you or your child is riding a hover board here in hampton roads swell the numbers are difficult to nail down a local hospitals that don't keep track of the statistics by what caused the injury still local emergency room doctors say they've seen a spike in patients hurt while riding hover boards that on top of the federal safety investigation we've been telling you about as parents keeping a close eye on their kids' writing these hot wheels helmets clip on the smile spread and the thumbs go out but when your children step on their hover boards does the danger level also go out wif at night to hear about all of the hazards. i gave it a second thought. dr todd parker with chesapeake regional healthcare says the concerns with hover boards are real and i'm personally more of a born and raised by far the unseen skateboard or bicycle
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the viral videos. writers take him down to the ground smashing their heads and crushing their limbs. dr parker sees the aftermath the broken and fractured bones even concussions are a part of iraq its people to stop and you're going to continue going forward that's somewhat predictable reaction if the hunter born to rock it may not just stop it might be something completely opposite encounter that something you don't expect if you're not ready for that first landed on the ground pretty quick those risks are part of the consumer products and safety commission expanded investigation we've learned to the agency is looking deeper into the design to see if hover boards present a hidden hazard but that's not what sparked the probe the agency notes at least forty reports of hover board fires in nineteen states that with a big concern for me it's that statistic that has handed mom should equal mass
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for her two kids to always watch it when you're charging it never charge it at night it honestly from nels and i follow instructions. if the instructions don't say do it don't do it her time in six year olds know the risks they could explode game during our house and all these other bad things can happen is that scary. he now a little while there are safety standards for things like treadmills and bicycles we've also learned that non existent for hover boards the cpsc chairman calls that unacceptable massive bird agrees the rules are necessary at least i know some thought was put in to technology as far as sapiens is concern in the meantime like many parents holding her breath will become as routine for her as putting on
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kids mean just candy hundred percent sure it is all for the mess while the cpsc continues to investigate it urges consumers to wear safety gear charge hover boards in an open area and keep the fire extinguisher nearby. laura geller thirteen years now. nice and clear out there this evening getting a little darker although critically can see the plane obviously good visibility out there later tonight we have just a couple of clouds we've seen a little bit of light light light sprinkles. in fact these are even reaching the ground they are heading to the south in the southern middle peninsula northern neck. maybe the eastern shore slight chance the sprinkle again most that's going to tend to evaporate later so the big news will just be some fairly typical cold temperatures right now are down quite a bit compared yesterday of course today was quite a bit color are spot on
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exactly forty eight. so even when up a degree or so between ours looks like that'll be eight in a row were saying tomorrow we're going to guarantee wind chills between twenty six and thirty four during the afternoon right now at forty one feel in one spot to be slightly chilly but let's say on average dropping back into and through the thirties as we go through the evening hours and then way down into the thirties overnight just mentioned it's forty one here south side but it's forty five on the pencil forty three alleged that city and pretty similar forty two right now on the eastern shore. here's that little bit of cleverness sneaking through tonight with maybe a hand to sprinkle on radar but very doubtful doubt the ground temperatures falling back as we said through the thirties lower thirties and one mid thirties at the coast and when you factor in the wind it'll even be a little bit colder than that the ones knocking the howling but will be just enough to make it feel a little chilly or tomorrow in the morning during the afternoon we're going see lot of sunshine but that's not going to help temperatures much with the water coming air when
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water still or to see highs near the coastline in forties though when she get back inland and then tomorrow night even slightly colder as we're not going to have much wind at all and then look what happens as we get to the day on friday the wind becomes lighter and more variable in direction so we don't see a huge rise on friday just a little bit of a saturday that's when we get a little bit more wind gust you can see the same exact thing with a northerly winds becoming a little bit lighter going fairly light on friday and then here they go friday night. that's more important is saturday showing the winds pretty gusty out of the south now to bring his temp was right back up into the lower sixties there's a little hint of that sprinkler pointed out to the north thirty four then tonight little chilly air and land tomorrow thirty two to start forty one in mostly sunny by afternoon and clear and cold thirty five tomorrow evening and then a morning low of twenty nine thursday
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high of forty five to forty eight on friday saturday sunday little breezy but still sixty two should be pretty nice right. yeah all right we're tracking the weather for you day and night before you head out the door tomorrow morning checked in with those folks right there. thirteen is now at day break starting at four thirty. now we get to brag about a young lady from virginia beach the olympics this time around much manila too young to realize that you never know the future. and normally we go with an upperclassmen but this time a freshman certainly grabbed our attention our fn the affluent is an up and coming jim this salem high's madison little rants may be only fourteen years old but she has this gymnastics thing down. she finished second in the south regional individual overall but is not as simple as it looks wise kind of an up and down and having issues with like my mental life here
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like that and trying to just think i'd like to do my best and it's got a lot better she cried a ton of experience a ton of spunk and positive energy and the other roles. this kind of that often that the team is on to the state tournament for the first time since nineteen ninety eight. they seem to feed off of each other i like best that this team has written you want and it's very odd. it teaches me determination and focus she likes a challenge and so if i present her with something to try something different she likes this has been writing off that she put a lot of effort into gymnastics but there's still time to excel and other things. she's super talented little girl supposed violin here in the academy has a four point eight gpa seized he said that perfectionist side is nature like i get mad at myself if i don't keep it a year like i get a bag or even so
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even better and get better at what i'm doing. it's very fun to learn. actually should remember that it's fun to learn. good luck to madison and her teammates at
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at humana, we know when you have your health... ...great things are ahead of you like seeing old friends or making new ones, learning some moves or showing off your skills and being free to keep on exploring. choose a humana medicare plan for the care you need... to help you have better health for everything that's ahead.
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. for all you nascar fans the wait is almost over. yes there was the sprint unlimited last weekend i was a points race in just a good feel for racing again. the real deal a sunday of course the daytona five hundred at daytona international speedway one o'clock they have j so it will be on the pole we know that already but there are two races tomorrow remember every thursday the week you have can and do all to figure out how the rest of the field is going to line up now unless you're from an expert about jimmie johnson he knows a little bit about winning at daytona is one the summaries there three times he's won the daytona five hundred in two thousand and six and two thousand and thirteen. oh yes he's also a six time points champion sell this restrictive plate racing you wonder if it's all about skill or maybe it's something else dragged a break to push all the cars back and eventually the energy comes back for the timing is right in the energy gets seen you
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you can make a move some sour notes for it's impossible to get lucky though it's light till the end when the fighting scots that
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breaking news tonight. the new national poll. is donald trump no longer the front-runner? also, late today, the south carolina surprise. just three days before the high stakes republican primary, the major endorsement. could it sway the race? governor haley is not for donald trump. also developing, the fbi standoff with apple. after the terror attack in san bernardino, the fbi desperate to break into the gunman's iphone. a judge now demanding apple help the fbi. apple refusing. under fire. the two officers trying to arrest this man. he pulls out a gun. their quick action in the moments that follow. the alleged imposter accused of posing as a doctor for more than a month, undetected, examining patients. the sting right here tonight. and, lucky couple. winning hundreds of millions,
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handed the check. good evening. and we begin tonight with breaking news in the race for president, and it comes just three days before the high stakes republican primary in south carolina. a new national poll moments ago showing someone other than donald trump leading nationally. and south carolina's hugely popular governor, nickykki haley, just moments ago, endorsing someone else. haley making it clear she wants senator marco rubio to be the republican nominee. and that new national poll tonight showing senator ted cruz ahead of donald trump, 28% to donald trump's 26%. a statistical dead heat, but it's the first time cruz is on top. marco rubio at 17%. another poll earlier today showed trump still ahead, but these new numbers, just as we come on the air tonight, could reveal late momentum before this crucial primary. abc's tom llamas is live in south carolina to lead us off tonight. >> reporter: david, good evening to you tonight.


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