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tv   13 News 11  ABC  February 17, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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that shooting again police are calling this an accidental shooting. no word at this point if there will be any kind of charges and once again they do expect the boy to pull through reliant center norfolk general hospital. brian carroll thirteen years now new tonight a robber gets away after hitting a langley federal credit union the gloucester sheriff's office released these surveillance pictures of the suspect they say he went into the credit union on route seventeen this afternoon and had a teller a note demanding cash. he was wearing as you can see right there a white surgical mask and a white stocking cap police say he got away with it in a small dark colored car that anyone with information that might help to identify the suspect should call the crime line tonight several people are coming together to support dozens of people forced from their home to norfolk fire use fire was in the ocean view section of the city last weekend aaron de lobo has more from those rallying to help those families in need
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slice of what america is will be spent with tight knit bunch guy sorensen is one of many who are helping those forced from their homes because of this massive fire last week in the four alarm fire in norfolk. went to several buildings leading nearly forty people without shelter. many had their homes destroyed. now several businesses like sunset grill in willoughby spit and residents are doing a fundraiser to how the fire victims. we pull together strong as community we really rallied to help those friends and neighbors and folks we don't even know until that whatever is raise will be split evenly among those affected by the fire but along with their help the american red cross has been providing temporary housing and assistance to victims but with several fires breaking out of quasi empty rows. this has been an unusually busy week for them they had this to share please
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greet and to just you know make sure that you your family know if a fire hits you how you're gonna get out and get out within less than two minutes in norfolk i'm here you're below eighteen years now. the benefit fundraiser to help the ocean view fire victims is set for saturday marched wealth you can visit the willoughby spit fundraiser facebook page for more details. state leaders are looking for a commitment on light rail from the city of virginia beach city leaders not have an april thirtieth deadline for that commitment. state transportation board passed a resolution this morning virginia beach will get one hundred and fifty five million dollars in state funding if it submits an application to buy light rail cars and signs a memorandum of understanding if the city commits the state funding would be locked in with or without a referendum and even if the issue makes it to the november ballot and voters say no to light rail the city would not be in the hole if the referendum
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i believe the car could be sold to another train to come transportation secretary aubrey layne also said the state is not asking the city to commit money to the full construction of light rail because the final numbers on the cost will be out for another year so a start a house an open house tonight to give the public information about different light rail proposals was held at the weston town center there were details about the preferred route for the extension of the tide as well as potential light rail stations. the information was based on several studies a decision is expected later this year a murder suspect in postman has turned us off then but three of his alleged accomplices are still on the run tonight. break one short is in custody accused of killing a seventeen year old woodrow wilson high school student last year another man also turned himself in last week but police are still looking for andre keel jail and trotter and roderick bread
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custody on murder charges but the commonwealth's attorney released them saying prosecutors ran out of time to prosecute so they let them go to restart the clock dropping the charges and then re in dieting but now police can't find the suspects a former prosecutor. rb brian says releasing murder suspects is very rare very very uncommon for prosecutors something you don't ever wanna find yourself in this situation do everything you came in the choo choo ready within the limits of the speedy trial act play still thirteen years now they have contacted other agencies to try and get these murder suspects back behind bars on charges are dropped into other portion of cases taking our lewis white was the kings of leading police on a chase that ended with a deadly car crash last year to young girls died in that right but lewis white is a free woman
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file those charges and back in december our partners at the pilot reported all charges were dropped against the route to every she is one of three people connected to a deadly home invasion in two thousand five fort smith's commonwealth's attorney said she did not have time to try the case but new indictments are now re filed through math lab buses in newport news in a week on the same street we brought you this second incident is breaking news last night of eleven police found all of the materials needed to make mad inside an apartment in hiding with north apartments on middlesex road location is across the street from where police busted another meth lab on sunday. police charged michael adkins and again i can do not shed a net with a long list of charges. she also has two children police say they are in care of other family members tonight a sailor will be tried for a
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fellow sailor reward a court martial will proceed against austin green. he is accused of shooting another sailor and a fight over a video game months in prison after pleading guilty to involuntary manslaughter while that was in a civilian court. now the navy is making its own case and if convicted this time crain could face life in prison. south announced tonight she's backing marco rubio for president the endorsement is expected to give rubio pretty big boost heading into the south carolina primary this weekend. meanwhile hillary clinton today promised voters she would continue many of president obama's policies issue where the next president. abc's lana zach has more. there are just three days until republicans vote in south carolina governor nikki haley is hoping her endorsement
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rubio lady the if we elect marco rubio everyday will be a great day in america. south carolina's popular governor has enjoyed approval ratings of eighty one percent and rubio pulling up fourteen percent could use the boost it we lose this election we lose more than election i believe we lose the american dream. ted cruz throwing down the goblet with donald trump donald i would encourage you to file a lawsuit challenging this at claiming it is defamation files. trump has been threatening legal action over this cruise at least in the wake of justice scalia is every respect. we cannot trust the serious decisions on the trail from says cruz is a liar who said he's not can't lie about people like that money and doesn't seem to be hurting trump poll numbers in the first southern primary state will hold a sixteen point lead over his
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in fact even adding together the numbers for rubio bush carson and k sick. the total is less than the number that gives trough the lead and in a once rare but increasingly common campaign for anyone but from senator mike lee will be campaigning for crews in the morning and rubio in the afternoon on a zach abc news washington working life that president obama is planning a visit to cuba next month as the two countries continue normalizing relations. a formal announcement is expected tomorrow. the presidents of both countries announced in late two thousand and fourteen that they would restore relations after a half century of cold war opposition the two nations signed a deal yesterday were storing commercial air traffic for the first time in five decades north carolina governor pat mccrory is calling the general assembly back to raleigh to redraw the state's congressional map the special session is set to
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lawmakers had hoped the u s supreme court would block a lower court ruling that two current districts were racially gerrymandering the high court has not ruled on the request of redistricting committee today will now draft for a new map the full house and senate must vote on the boundaries to make them official they've been ordered to draw up the new maps by friday apple ceo tim cook is fighting a federal order to hack into phone of one of the san bernardino sudanese suspects a magistrate ordered apple to help the fbi get past the security light to access information on the phone. cook says following the order could threaten the security of millions of i phones a white house spokesman says the order would only impact this one found it belongs to sayyaf are row one of the suspects in last year's mass shooting. now pope francis has wrapped up his first trip to mexico will take you to his last big event in the country a final
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the river from el paso the duchess of cambridge has started a new job today will tell you about her mission to help others and how she's essentially working from home plus where and when you can expect to hear some jet noise in hampton roads next week and why it will sound a little different from your routine jet noise and even chiller countries expected here my short term forecast and we already cooled off
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. pope francis has said goodbye to mexico his his laid back too. he spent five days addressing some contentious topics affecting people on both sides of the mexican and u s border. abc's martha gonzales watch the pope's last mass from just across the border in el paso texas pope francis left mexico tonight his message still going through the hearts of the faithful on both sides of the border but you still hungry still after holding mass in the violence torn city of juarez the and praying just steps from el paso for the thousands would die trying to cross into the united states and for the families still separated by this fence. we are tying
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countries might be going to the river together and praying together. isn't that wonderful pope francis and get focused on one of the most heated issues this cases for money yet donald trump's claims that motivated as the pontiff again called for compassion put the man's combustion in visit with workers in juarez where he spoke out against exploitation and his emotional one on one time with prisoners of hope heading home from what was once the murder capital of mexico the scene he was touched by the growing contrast here of all the uncle francis has a hopeful message of his own saying there is still time for change and what he calls the suffering of countless
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solace abc news paso texas the duchess of cambridge is fighting the stigma of mental health issues as she guess and it's an edition of the huffington post. kate middleton began her guest editor shift today the huffington post is also starting a campaign called young minds matter raises awareness of mental health issues in children the duchess is the patron of several charities dealing with that issue. she spent the day working with huffington post staff and mental health experts at a temporary news from her home at kensington palace the navy is taking steps to boost morale by improving the way and gets your letters cards and other mail to sailors the naming process is more than thirteen million pieces of mail a year at the regional navy nail center at naval station norfolk. so starting march first the navy will start using a new microsoft program that ana makes the mail processing
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for it where it needs to go and sin of having to do everything by half about thirty five percent of male a ghost ships has to be re addressed to the folks in the military and change addresses quite often move in command isn't changing locations. now all the sailors addresses are incorporated within a database were called nailed to the is a big job in hampton roads with more than three hundred and twenty five thousand active duty sailors news the price some call it the sound of freedom. some call it jet noise a little ladder of next week or on any as she and i from the murray twenty second through march for the air crews will practice flight routines for air show season practice flights are scheduled mondays wednesdays and fridays in the afternoon we're told some of the high performance maneuvers will be noticeably
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used to hearing about if you ask for the asheville itself and is set for september ten and eleven last sound high school in virginia beach is seeing the light they cut the ribbon this morning at the school's new solar panel one kilowatt system converts sunlight into electrical power dominion virginia power says that's enough to power fifteen desktop computers thirty three aquariums are for flat screen t v's lansdowne is one of the first school selected by demand for its solar for schools program january broke another record for the hottest month ever on earth nasa says that's nine record breaking months in a row. scientists say january's average temperature was two degrees above normal and those records go back to eighteen eighty. meanwhile we're actually talking about warm weather fairly shortly or by the weekend one that is second in a very short term it's going to get colder tomorrow we hit the bottom so
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starts back up again course that's after yesterday's warm talk about a couple sprinkles moving down from northern virginia during the evening and likely falling apart despite the computer saying there'd be some and as you can see they did indeed fall apart didn't get any reports even of any sprinkles ever making it down the ground so right now are talking about forty two degrees that's actually up a degree or so has been dropping in and sorta holding steady or drop a little more later on as the winds begin to pick up right now normally at nine mph. you can see forty forty one forty two in mostly okay there's a forty three just change and chest because the new reading came and gloucester and thirty seven mill for thirty seven took over to the north thirty eight thirty nine from west point down to williamsburg over wakefield and also some thirties down here in north carolina because you don't have the effect of the water the water right now in the forties and hence keeping readings in the forties right near the shoreline. meanwhile temperatures the wind chill
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slightly chilly or any actual air temperature by tomorrow we'll be talking about wind chills again that will be lucky if we get up in the mid thirties most of the day and the entire afternoon the best we're going to do is twenty six to thirty four four when chiles that are spot on forecast we'll see if we write today forty eight and i meant to check the out was official he said so far forty eight is now officially actual hike a minute forty eight so that makes eight forecasts in a row. tempers meanwhile showing that did appear in the east you can see the jet stream right there and then back up across the east coast. this is the kind of air that moves in though as we head into saturday. so tonight couple harmless clouds out there those clear out temperatures by morning down well into the thirties near the coastline it will be barely in the thirties but for most of us down into the thirties pretty comfortably and then during the day tomorrow the sun comes up tempers rise back up into the forties and that is it in one spot you'll be
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forties most of us probably more like the lower forties and that means a chill evening tomorrow nice clear skies but as we get into the day friday will start to see some changes. not a huge temperature difference but just enough that you'll notice that and that just sets the stage for saturday you can see a little bit of a disturbance to our north but in general things clean around here couple of hundredths of an inch very early this morning a few sprinkles temptress tight and thirty four degrees mainly clear breezy and cold and then tomorrow forty one not quite as bad forty seven friday and sixty two saturday and sunday so mild monday a chance of some showers moving in tuesday wednesday parts of virginia could get a little snow from that one for natalee good looks great as it does except where tracking the other day and night before you head out the door tomorrow morning check in with thirteen news now at day break starting at four thirty are a joke in a better rivalry in college basketball or maybe in any sport
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the micro level one two three four five i cried. let's get this over with to be the jerseys hickenlooper can have a simple name like muck for the north carolina governor pat mccrory is making good on those super bowl wager e maid left colorado governor john hickenlooper. this is the alamo ca resolve is released it today. you may see in the area is putting on the governor's personal denver broncos jersey korea now see shipping cases a butterball beats to food banks in colorado and north carolina is also sending pet food to animal shelters in both states governor mccrory took the high road saying everyone is a winner even though the denver broncos beat the carolina panthers repeating that over the one i got her a lot to watch tonight north carolina
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turns out in the best rivalry in college hoops duke and north carolina after a struggle in january the duties fell out of the top twenty top twenty five the first time in nine years their back and he'll just kind of cruising along in first place again tonight in chapel hill us go there as i said a terrific game. let's talk about bryce johnson will be showing here is what the rebound putback slam i mentioned earlier this week not been rockin' the cat barber being player of the year candidates in the acc how about bryce johnson he's from and it's there is often not much defense being played and hit a double double in the first half eighteen points eleven rebounds there is again not promised look like they're dominating this game for duke just gonna hang around grayson allen puts up the unorthodox shot and duke was only trailing by four halftime second half moore johnson inside with a dunk to finish with twenty nine points nineteen rebounds and then joel berry gets roughed
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the meals and they led by six but you just can i hang around grayson allen another sweet move by him here hanging get stuff out there within two and then more than just hanging around doing bottom of your screen looking ard for three don't want to lead with two minutes ago grace noun the couple free throws so duke led by one with eight seconds ago here comes carolina what the chance to win not happening no starter tonight in north carolina seventy four to seventy three. let's talk virginia tech against miami tonight hope is lost four straight road games miami has lost a home all year. the game was in miami as chris clark of course some cake i've read he's a dynamic player he is a great rebounder is a good score both of them showing up here in our two highlight for him to renounce to score their first every oregon right defensive game early in this game dylan hudson knocked
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it was really all miami angel rodriguez with a score here and the canes won sixty five the forty nine virginia was when trying to sixteen first place in the old act a ride home tonight against guilford off the fast break aaron stern offense is at hickory high school nice looking bucket there for the marlins tim jones puts up a three pointer he had nineteen. his teammate corey moore led the marlins in scoring he had twenty there's more off the brake and right before halftime jones tim jones going to put up this buzzer beater at what happened. the marlins lead at halftime but they had to play the second half and guilford played a better second and then the marlins did the campy them on senior night. well they did seventy one sixty the quakers went to college took time to talk
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. bad apple starting a seven game homestand tonight with the florida am her blades great for checking here scott allen with the score for the animals for checking is when you hit the guy's hard in their own zone and keep them from getting out of their zone like wright never happen again. greg chase terrific for checking the scores and then it was to nothing after one ever blades came back that i did too but the admirals get the go ahead goal from braden christopher the animals would die for it to the everglades then have the best record in the conference in first place loud tonight for the job tonight to weather a little chilly but not bad fairly typical for this time of year tomorrow be colder than normal post p fifty one will
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above normal by the weekend yes that is it is now an eleven day break starts tomorrow morning at four
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