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tv   13 News Daybreak  ABC  February 18, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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itself but in terms of a major backup or delay or an issue like that not seeing that just yet so again good news there. now we do have these two left lanes blocked i've been watching traffic and you can see that what is out with his truck right here but once the traffic in this kind of light central eight approaches the scene. it seems like it's all moving off to the far right hand lane some wondering if this scene is actually kind of partially blocking one more lanes with my kind of the two and a half lanes blocked at this point. so again as the morning progresses. this will become of the traffic issue but as of right now it seems like a little traffic out there is moving pretty well so a bit of good news there will continue to fall the scene of the very latest for you coming up in eight minutes right now let's get a check of the forecasts with craig good morning good morning ashley right now obviously that's an active scene there on the peninsula sixty four but it's much quieter around hampton with our lives skyview and that's where we're starting right now with this weather update the wind really had a big issue but we will see becoming breezy little bit
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to see ten to fifteen mph sustained winds gusts up around twenty to twenty five mph. pressure is rising right now thirty eight degrees at the norfolk international beach and oceania forty one in chesapeake at center on grass field high school at the regional airport thirty one in your forties thirty wakefield and thirty four down and husky out as we go to the de evolution of cloud cover up this weekend drifting through the skies going to become mostly sunny should be beautiful to the afternoon but chilly temperatures staying around forty one and back in the mid to upper thirties as we head to the evening will be cold overnight lows in the upper twenties officially little chilly here in la and we will warm it back up tomorrow and looking forward to a great weekend with even milder conditions. stay tuned for more on that i have for you coming up. i can't thank you later today. a fort eustis soldiers scheduled to be in federal court on child pornography charges. daniel sal gets is accused of
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underage girls online court documents say that he tried to get them to send him explicit pictures and try to visit at least two of them sow get served two tours in iraq and afghanistan five o three virginia beach woman is set to go on trial today on felony charges of stealing a dog. this comes reporters at the virginian pilot. bettina rodriguez and two others are accused of taking the animal from a napa county home according to the sheriff's office someone saw the trio take a dog and put it in the back of a u haul back in january of twenty fifteen rodriguez denies the accusations saying the group was delivering dog food and supplies a three year old southern boy is recovering this morning after being injured in an accidental shooting police say it happened on jonathan's away apple wood farms last night. medics treated the boy on scene that flew him to sin tear it up a general officers expected to survive but did not say how badly he got hurt to check back with c police today to see if they know
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and any charges will be filed overall those days the cold weather twenties and thirties will lease twenty eight people in virginia beach who lost their homes and saturday because of fires and on tuesday this fire never very core display sixteen people investigators say this fire started in the electrical panel. another ten people lost their homes monday after a fire on link or debate at the link or the apartments and two people are still in the hospital after a fire early saturday morning and we told you tuesday that the norfolk fire department has been dealing with the same issue. they fought for fires since added a new one because the latest displaced around forty people a special session of the north carolina general assembly is set to start today to redraw the state's congressional map. lawmakers had hoped that the u s supreme court would block a lower court ruling that two current districts are racially gerrymandering. now the high court has not ruled on that request the full house and senate must vote on the boundaries to make them official. they have been ordered to draw up new maps
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the anti defamation league is up in arms over a bill passed by the house of delegates it would prevent the state from punishing individuals and businesses that refuse services to same sex couples transgender people or someone who has sex outside of marriage. the adl calls the bill immoral and unconstitutional is calling on the virginia senate voted down. well there's the big heads up at five o five for people in suffolk this morning some of you may go without water for few hours while the city fixes a water main break at the intersection of willow road and myrtle st the repairs also going to cause traffic delays starting around eight thirty this morning the city says the work may extend into the weekend depending on how bad the break really is a story out of washington is making a lot of people feeling great the other question that this heroic marine was asked before he was beaten and robbed. com
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the war and stuff plus pushing the kids too hard heidi you know when you're being encouraging verses crossing the line and expert will weigh in and we're following breaking news out of newport is how the shooting on interstate sixty four near the j clyde morris boulevard overpass that shuts down two westbound
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i good morning it's five oh nine things are looking really really get across syria right now it is chilly and it's gonna be breezy later today temperatures are going to stay in the low forties for the most part made for the first meal in spots in the north winds blow occasionally gusting from twenty to twenty five mph right now is partly cloudy to mainly clear depending on where you are the temperatures upper eastern shore little cooler low to mid thirties their bsn chilly conditions along i ninety five petersburg richmond it's cold out there forty one right now just be thirty six in elizabeth city and thirty nine for virginia beach as we expand the view cold up on the great lakes
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pinks and purple showing up on the map the warmer push of air across the south central u s texas and oklahoma and kansas. this warmer it will build into our region as we head into the weekend. today get ready for a lot of sunshine isn't much it will remain on the chilly side though if you're heading up to new york or boston today hais it that way in the low thirties. richard you reach about forty four thirty seven while fifty two and riley norfolk officially closed forty one that the inlet there is a little warmer as you can see lower to mid forties for many of the spots around the area on the peninsula mid forties for newport news williamsburg low forties for hampton thirties for the eastern shore and low forties up on the middle peninsula as we looked and the outer banks also low forties there is a little warmer inland a nice looking gay but you know what it's like the warmer weather. you gotta like the forecast as we head to the weekend there is a warming trend here's ash to the look that traffic situation on the finance and
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on this in newport news sixty four westbound up the harper's villa j clyde morris boulevard overpass you can see here again the two left lanes are still blocked as i continue to watch traffic passing the scene initially i thought maybe the center white lane may be partially blocked as well because all of the traffic is moving over to the far right lane but as you can see here and up the contract is now moving in that right center lane so we do have two lanes open good news there. i again traffic right now have little to do this with the camera here but as you can see traffic has not really picked up just yet but again we're getting closer and closer to five thirty and six o'clock we will see more traffic out there. stick with us all keep it there cos i'm a traffic situation out there to give you the latest on sixty four coming up in just a few minutes are a dashing hero later date or sleep we can we've been talking alot about thinking affirmations so at five thirty actually ties
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i want to update john breaking news we've been following just got off the phone with state police and i'm told that there was a shooting but at this point we do not know exactly where
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do know is that state police are conducting their investigation on interstate sixty four westbound u j clyde morris blvd this is in newport news now this is a new picture that we just got man of the car on the interstate. we also got a live look at thirteen is no traffic camera this is near harper's mill road overpass right there and told by state police that there are injuries but we do not know how many people or the extent of their injuries at this point we are working very hard to bring you more information will get you as soon as possible. our lease brown also headed to the scene look for a live report from her coming to write a thank you. new this morning police in dc are looking for at least four people they say beat up and robbed a marine you might not know christopher marquez by his name but you've probably seen his image. marquez is the marine on the left in this no man left behind statue in two thousand and four he and another marine risk their lives to save their team leader during an intense battle in iraq he got the bronze star for that
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friday. that is when marquez says that a group of teenagers at a dc mcdonald's started to taunt him the afternoon. i believe that threatened out there trying to make me look bigger is going to keep my food my food and hope for this thing alone because i was responding back march as it says that he has a very hard time remembering what happened next but police say that surveillance shows one team hit mark as over the head and took his wallet physic seizure time this morning an update on the race for the white house with the list next two days until the summer color primary republican candidates are pulling out all the stops they participated in a town hall last night on cnn trying to sway undecided candidates marco rubio who has just endorsed by south carolina governor nikki haley ted cruz and ben carson to questions from the crowd. meanwhile donald trump appeared on msnbc where he downplayed new
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trailing behind ted cruz this morning for a lot of teenagers it is time to start thinking about college and most parents want what is best for their kids. how do you know if you're pushing just a little too hard experts say it is all about finding a balance academics are very important but so are sports and extracurricular activities. the abc affiliate in richmond spoke to one college dean about this issue he says it's about what a student can quote contribute to the campus community. he also said students should be the driving force and parents need to take a back seat to that effect a contentious topic aside any age but really you know this pegged at three in all different size there really isn't often i can tell you with each one we learned a little bit more so after i have two or three more kids adventure the next play and realization that not happen and i know but you know it is it's a tough call finding that balance you know you have these hopes and dreams for kids but yet to
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their own. that's what really comes down with you an idea we all do the best we can sign his real hand book that comes of this but you can figure that what we have for you right now a good start today wan talk about the spot on forecast yesterday called for forty eight. yesterday's high was forty eight so right on the money sponsoring at eight and will see if we can stretch a little bit more today we're looking for after the wind chills twenty six to thirty four. i think that's pretty fair because we are going to see the winds increasing in with the winds blowing up around fifty maybe even twenty mph and temperatures close to forty degrees at afghanistan into that range that we should be a pretty good shape through the afternoon of the official at the high around forty one of the airport sunday and there's a little bit warmer than that says some spots may be old the warmer but when we measure our spot on accuracy for the spot on street we talk about what's going on at norfolk international so we'll keep tabs on it and will let you know how we did
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cloud cover locally we have just a few thin clouds pushing through that's actually going to thin out and skies become mostly sunny today so we're looking at a decent day really beautiful when you look out there the winds will come in from the north it will be breezy it's gonna be chilly as well so be prepared for that as video really cold conditions lows down to the upper twenties thorns worries and then tomorrow temperatures start to come back a little bit back to forty eight like yesterday the big warmup really coming saturday and sunday as the winds will shift around with a southerly flow developing temperatures will climb into the lower sixties that's going to be nice and we will see partly cloudy skies both saturday and sunday at least mostly to partly cloudy mostly sunny to partly cut at some time to get our temperatures a little chilly this morning petersburg and twenty six twenty nine at richmond and temps in the thirty for most it is forty one right now in chesapeake inn at the airport we have north with a twelve
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highs today staying close to forty one at the airport i mention that in when there's a little bit warmer it does stay breezy and chilly though across the region. tonight's lows down into the twenties with upper twenties you the coast mid twenties and one and tomorrow's high around forty eight. look for a few more clouds tomorrow night and as we head to the weekend that warm up a lot in that sixty two saturday and sunday chances for showers late monday into tuesday and wednesday are dashing been busy this morning with a bridge lift a much earlier of course a break in traffic on the peninsula we have now that's going to be the big focus until that scene starts to clear up at this point we don't know when that will happen so until then we head to the cameraman take a look in newport news sixty four westbound before you get the j clyde morris in mind about harper's mill road. you can see here the two left lanes are still blocked following what police are saying the possible shooting out there working to find out more details but right now you can see again those two left lanes blocked and the two right lanes still
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as we get closer to five thirty and traffic volume really starting to pick up between five thirty and six you can see the little traffic out here right now it does slow down a little but as a pass at the scene but it's moving well and notice before this point not seeing substantial delays if you do have to head out there you will be in pretty decent shape yourself a couple more minutes just to kind of compensate for the flight slow down you have as you pass the scene and they know that you'll be moving pretty well there are no quick look at your second camera and went into another part of sixty four has a wide wooden chest because the high rise bridge had some road work on the eastbound side where george washington looks like that has clear and would double check and just make sure here coming up in the next few minutes but then we should be good on sixty four in chesapeake newport news was only really watch her and yet it probably will be going on for quite awhile so late in the morning will probably have to tell folks to avoid the area but your
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should be a shape that i have to learn and yet our own here
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morning a high school orchestra us stranded in a washington d c airport due to winter weather decided to make the best of a bad situation unbelievably cool down while they put on impromptu performance for everyone was stuck the band's captive audience said of the music helped to calm them and all of the stranded travelers nerves well the virginia department of alcohol beverage control having some fun on facebook this morning check out these pictures that early deer wandered into an abc store and allegheny county. they say the doe walked into the front doors and headed straight for the bourbon i'll acc must've been tapping for for what we made it out through hunting season even ask about other people to caption the pictures. kevin said on on our twitter page or facebook page says i hope that here is that weighs twenty one or i know who the manager was on duty have another one here from faces
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know two westbound the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job.
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. that breaking news out of newport news state police are working on a possible shooting on i sixty four near j clyde
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telling you about this when we came on the air at four thirty this morning to see the live pictures there at the thirteen news now from our thirteen is not traffic camera now state police dispatcher tells us that the shooting happened in the westbound lanes of harper's bill wrote. elise brown just got to the scene to give us the latest on this story elise when she learned morning with deandre the highway is right behind her you can see what's going on because it is blocked but this is a very active shooting investigation although we do not know where that shooting happened. there are several state police cars on the highway i saw the largest the police truck parked behind a car that we saw has bullet holes on the side there's also what looks to be an evidence bag behind that car looks to be a cadillac dispatch said the call came in around two this morning and sixty four west near harper's mill road were told medics did respond that there are injuries two lanes on westbound side are close right now traffic is
5:30 am
that could all change once the rush hour starts if you're going to be in this area you probably want to make other plans to your travel again we do know that this is a shooting investigation however we do not know where the shooting happen again we saw a car with bullet holes at the side we are in constant contact with state police and we will keep you updated as we get more information live in newport news. elise brown thirteen years now and of course that is shut down two lanes of traffic westbound or j clyde morris but divert traffic flowing smoothly okay but i could change right now we're going to head on over to ashley smith she has been watching the traffic in that incident all morning long ashley has always come in to the little bit that would just pass five thirty so it still kind of the early bird commute but once we cross over into the morning rush hour things can change and they can change very quickly let's get back to the scene now and take a look our camera bag and sixty four westbound before you get to j clyde morris boulevard the two left lanes blocked again notice as we said
5:31 am
nicely as it passes the scene noticed a slight bit of a slowdown there as you pass the scene itself and then you're off to a nice commute there you're in fine shape i'm checking the cameras before this point just to make sure things aren't ingesting as it approaches the scene. we still look good as of right now but this is extremely active and the closer we get to that morning rush hour the more activity that we should see also sixty four eastbound passing bob harper jill rocha made new in that direction you will see more activity on that side as well probably a little bit dude onlooker delay so expect that if you're headed in the other direction sixty four going to be busy in newport news this morning right now we need to check in with greg who i think probably has a bit of good news four s at least for the rest of the day right now i do as far as weather goes generally no major problems that will be a little chilly out there so i guess if you maybe not real but this forecast highs today expected to stay around forty one at the airport will be a little bit warmer in the now much right now things quiet around town center to see that also
5:32 am
norfolk as we look live with the skyview i would say from the peninsula south of hampton certainly newport news hampton down across the james river back toward surgery in those areas very quiet this morning the winds a bit stronger at the coast so we are seeing north winds at twelve mph and we had some gusts close to twenty mph down the outer banks of his lover looking at thirty s to low forties this morning and the temps are just are going to war much all take a quick look hour by hour forty around noon in the official high close to forty one i have more details on a warm up to look ahead to a nicer weekend when you expect later today several food distributions will be held for newport news shipbuilding workers were laid off earlier this month more than seven hundred shipyard employees lost their jobs company they say there's a ton of work right now today in norfolk a food distribution will be held at the iron workers union hall on virginia beach boulevard from one thirty
5:33 am
afternoon another one will be held next wednesday at the steelworkers local eighty eighty eight on huntington avenue newport news from ten until three. there will be two other distributions next month for more information on those events thirteen is now back on later today newport news shipbuilding parent company huntington ingalls industries will release its fourth quarter twenty fifteen earnings results. the largest shipbuilding company in the nation will stream the results on its site during a webcast at nine o'clock this morning the president and ceo mike peters and other company leaders will take part in the call huntington ingalls industries employs more than twenty thousand people at newport news shipbuilding you this warning center healthcare had said settle a massive lawsuit into the suspect over use of implanted cardiac defibrillators the department of justice announced that more than two hundred and fifty million dollars in settlements had been reached back in october terror heart hospital in norfolk entirely
5:34 am
virginia beach general along with four other four hundred and fifty other hospitals are accused of violating their medicare requirements now to a construction alerts if your commute takes you through virginia beach even wanna listen to this the dot crews will permanently close a barbarian lane at nine o'clock this morning we're told the tours will be posted this closure is part of the new holland road connection project the project will change the existing two lane road to a new four lane divided roadway connecting damn neck road and mill parkway. it is supposed to be completed in october of next year by thirty five know the fbi apple a new one case involving an i phone is pitting security hawks against privacy advocates how it could set a new precedent for all americans moving forward. the first major developments in the washington d c manson murders. the new charges against a prime suspect and we're following breaking news out of him for his we've just gotten confirmation from state police that there was a
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going to come in about ten to fifteen mph occasionally gusting twenty to twenty five haven't really seen much in terms of the winds gusting so far this morning a little bit down on the outer banks but not really too much as we had the afternoon the winds are forecast to pick up a little bit you can see the temperatures right now in the mid thirties rights african franc the lee of low thirties for wakefield also newport news captures milder at the coast thirty nine now in virginia beach current tack and chesapeake when talking about the bigger picture here we can expand the view this warm up this pushes warm air you see across the south central u s tech snow cold in kansas this is going to work each fort while still will be quite chilly today for the northeast and hear the mid atlantic the warmer air will build in for the weekend temperatures trending up tomorrow and getting really warm for saturday and sunday with highs in the lower sixties you can see some unsettled weather idle in the west coast here across the mid atlantic things that did
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looking beautiful spring training officially begins today first official practices today down and pour the cactus league at an arizona so it's getting to be that time of year lot of folks get their little early over the past few days but to now officially workouts begin temperatures are in the afternoon higher enrichment fifties for riley in charlotte so temperatures are going to be cool this is all below normal temperatures will warm those unmentioned in the weekend and we'll look forward to that i would give some messy conditions on the road in terms of traffic and some issues out there after we watch our crate this is something we've been following from several angles this morning in newport news sixty four westbound before j clyde morris was possible shooting here on the art to a block in the two left lanes i should say and you can see your traffic in the two right lanes still moving. ok but every time we checked his camera to make it a little bit more traffic out there somebody continue to follow
5:40 am
passing the scene right now and are still moving. ok if you're headed eastbound on sixty four passenger quite what harper's bill you will see little more activity on that side probably due to onlooker delay so very close eye on this camera quickly on the traffic network maps abridged list for today to martin bridge opening at seven fifteen eight fifteen this morning. the jr be opening at eight o'clock this morning on the very latest for you and sixty four in newport news coming up next well thank you so much as it is five forty one it can be hard to get a solid shut eye when your mind is running wild in talking about this following week continues on daybreak are ashley smith spoke to an expert about what you can do to slow down your brain and if you're looking to save money on your medicare part d prescriptions, walgreens says, carpe med diem.
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oh the ri one of the breaking news we're following all morning long state police now confirming that there has been a shooting on interstate sixty four in newport news happen around two o'clock this morning we know two men were traveling westbound on the interstate when another car pulled up beside them and fired shots in those two men were hit that been taken to riverside regional medical center with non life threatening injuries right now. no information on the suspects' vehicle still a very active investigation going on there right now she can see this is a live look at our thirteen years now traffic camera is near the harbour school road overpass winner j clyde
5:44 am
know she saw the pictures nash has been telling us to lay still shut down working hard to bring you more information and we will get you as soon as possible. our lease brown also on the scene for a live report from her coming up at six. all right andrew thank you for that new this morning the man who prosecutors say ruling ordered murder for people in washington d c mansion now faces twenty felony charges even as police continue to investigate whether he had help in committing those heinous crimes. a grand jury indicted aaron went yesterday he is accused of killing the populace family and their housekeeper and in setting their mansion on fire in twenty fifteen. he is scheduled to be arraigned on those charges tomorrow at five forty five later today will be the defense's turn to call witnesses in the murder trial of waynesboro law enforcement officer kevin quick the federal trial is underway in roanoke for the four alleged gang members charged with killing the gooding county officer back in twenty fourteen and were told the jury could start deliberating as early as monday. new this morning
5:45 am
supporters rallied outside of an apple store in san francisco last night they protested the u s government's demand that apple helped the fbi on lock in. i followed used by one of the san bernardino terrorists the fbi wants apple to invent new software that would allow them to keep entering pass codes until unlocks the phone right now when you enter more than ten the races the phone's data. apple is vowing to fight that order ceo tim cook says creating the hack would endanger the data security settings of all apple users and you can look for much more on this controversial story ahead on good morning america that is at seven o'clock right after daybreak later today the white house is expected to formally announce that president obama is planning to visit cuba next month only twenty fourteen the president of both countries announced that they would restore relations after half a century of cold war opposition the two nations signed a deal on tuesday restore commercial air
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alright yesterday forty eight was the high in today talking a really cool we will remain well below average said to be close to fifty one today were to be around forty one temperatures will warm back up tomorrow back close to what we saw yesterday is the end of the weekend we'll get back up in the low sixties so hang in there temperatures will be worn with four point six six inches that's the rainfall surplus we're that far above normal for the year twenty six teams so far we aren't a lot of sunshine is an attempt or staying close to forty one around noon i think we'll be right and forty just not a lot of fluctuation with the temperatures through the day today aren't we a little bit thin cloud cover the steps go away pretty quickly it will become sunny or lease mostly sunny later on the dsi little bit of snow from parts of new york state and maine a little more action up or across minnesota to look at how quiet it is out to the west we're in for a nice stretch of weather today tomorrow really
5:48 am
mostly sunny so really nice weather and sun a few more clouds because we get into monday and tuesday of next week that's when the pattern changes up you will see chances for the wet weather once again but until then let's enjoy some nice weather albeit cold weather across the region today i take a look guys mainly clear through the afternoon into the evening things looking good as well. think as we go through the overnight tonight we start to the wind shifted around a little bit south easterly winds developed tomorrow and that's why we push our temperatures back up in the upper forties still very quiet in the early saturday through the day saturday could see partly sunny to mostly sunny not a bad one in with the temperatures up to the low sixties it's going to feel great saturdays are looking for that. then i get those juices flowing thinking about some outside spring type projects around the home or whatever were definitely feeling that saturday into sunday temperatures right now though leaving you thinking about winter time with temperatures in the upper twenties along i ninety five
5:49 am
have or lease we had a couple areas close to forty right now chest began down to thirty nine so even chesapeake or warmer eating earlier his trot north wins twelve mph that's at the airport highs stay close to forty one. plenty of sunshine breezy and chilly cold tonight with a low near twenty nine mid twenties and one and forty eight tomorrow so temps are staying a little bit below normal but getting above normal for your weekend timing is everything what a perfect time for temperatures to warm up chances for showers next week that's the latest on the weather we now have the latest on some breaking traffic. here's ashley record something we've been following all morning long for you in newport news sixty four westbound just before you get to j clyde morris as we head to our camera we are we now know that this is a double shooting out there in newport news blocking the two left lanes these active scene right now are they really have been going on for quite awhile and probably will be going on a well into the morning rush hour blocking those two left lanes notice the traffic this is what you need to pay
5:50 am
well past the scene so every time we checked this sometimes the pocket rocket minister set them out right now though we're still kind of flowing for the most part ok it's not going to substantially impact the morning commute. jess yet you can see your eastbound traffic to even though it's picked up a little but in terms of volume probably due to those on looker delays again we are still moving. ok the trees that was as though we are nine minutes away from the morning rush hour. i'll have the very latest on how traffic is moving past that incident scenic and sixty four west in newport news just before j clyde morris coming up in just a few minutes right now though it is day four of sleep we here on daybreak. and let's be honest we all lead very active lives work family and other responsibilities we take on not only keep a very busy during the day but they can make it tough to get the rest we need at night. of course adequate sleep is essential to everyday function and your overall health. so if you're worried that lately you've been sleep
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do. starting tonight to get you back on track most important thing is that you did hope to have a good good people so they have to have a regular backpack i'd have rather died than a week of time. i guess that's the main thing basically set a schedule and stick to it and now the race of the problem of when to go to sleep but not necessarily how you probably heard of some widely believed tips and tricks to help you fall asleep at the end of the day and many of you many of us have tried them out but are they hurting you more than they're helping you coming up at six thirty i round up some of the most commonly accepted ideas about how to fall asleep faster and i ask a pulmonary and sleep specialists who bought the court to separate fact from fiction. riley reported that ashley thank you so much time now it's five fifty two got some extra cash laying around a fan of giving others the chance to donate money to
5:52 am
time goal and the embarrassingly small results and we're following breaking news a shooting on interstate sixty four newport news happen to the westbound lanes were just five words boulevard overpass to have been shot in the hospital to westbound lanes shut down while the investigation continues. it's a live look from our vision is no traffic ever asked someone to shut down lanes were working to get your vision of a shooting
5:53 am
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. the latest in the sky in a west sweeter side versus the office p them over the weekend was sent out several tweets claiming he is fifty three million dollars in debt. he then reached out to facebook founder mark zuckerberg and asked him to invest a billion dollars into his ideas whatever those may be fans of the rappers are doing their part to help him out of the red sort of defense are the go fund me page to help him with his dad the goal fifty three million dollars the first they brought in twenty five dollars to seventy nine other goal while publicly addressing her loss to holly holm ufc fighter underestimate the emotional confession to own the jenner show on the show she admitted to being so broken after
5:56 am
she briefly thought about suicide. derosa said that the loss made her feel like she was napping she quickly changed her mind listen it's honestly like i thought i was like in the medical room in a lockdown in the courthouse in the corner was like what am i anymore if not this and knows lily sitting there in like thinking about killing myself in the exact second i wanted nothing of it so hard to watch that poor thing rouse he says that she hopes to challenge home once again and come out on top gross is currently gracing one of three covers for the latest edition of sports illustrated swimsuit edition. parise let's get this over with to me the jersey hickenlooper are lucky to have a simple name like look for it i did a lot to go to bed the glories of making good of the super
5:57 am
hickenlooper. this is a video recorders office released yesterday see him putting on the governor governor hickenlooper is personal and from his teachers in korea now says shipping cases of butterball means to food banks in colorado and north carolina is also sending food to animal shelters in both states of course took the high road saying everyone is a winner even though the duchess kate of cambridge who wears the tiara so well but on a new cap yesterday she was a guest editor for the huffington post. kate middleton is trying to shatter the stigma attached to children with mental health issues she spent the day that every news room set up in her kensington palace home working to bring change had to get that sign that he wrote an article asking parents not to be afraid to ask for help if their children really do require that storytellers
5:58 am
mission and i he rises picture does have nice and friends did something most of us would never think of doing the purple line posted up with the fort peck on twitter it is going viral right now none of us ever look that could actually get this certain rules that friends will know if you can smile in your passport picture but i know it was too big to face whatever that is the symbol for the formerly known as how he looks great will be the guy at the zoo but i never age that i saw blast in august. yes the guy still looks to solve the problem was the very trendy right now stay with us for much more breaking news weather and traffic at six that breaking news out of newport news where state police are working a confirmed double shooting on i sixty four near j clyde morris boulevard you
5:59 am
years now traffic camera and here's the issue right now traffic is backed up right now as rush hour starts in that area this is the westbound lanes of harper's mill road. elise brown arrived at the scene about thirty minutes ago she's been working to get the latest information what else to have elise good morning lucy nine three right now i'm off the j clyde morris exit and sixty four but beyond the trees behind me. police are investigating the shooting police tell us two males were driving in a car on sixty four when a vehicle pulled up beside them and someone inside started firing of those two males were injured and taken to the hospital but are expected to be okay there are several state police cars on the highway i saw a large police truck parked behind a cadillac sedan that has several bullet holes on its side in glass shattered. a spokesman when police say the call came in around two this morning at sixty four near harper's mill road
6:00 am
westbound side are closed on it that's really affecting traffic no actually as commuters get out and had to work this morning what to expect what do you suggest they do well. elise is we take a look at our camera now someone just go ahead and head to that we do a little bit more to talk about in terms of traffic. now we've crossed over into the rush hour take a look at this as elise mentioned we have those two left lanes blocked but notice at this point. traffic is now totally stopped in the area. i'm assuming that that's because crews are trying to maybe clear up the scene. i'm hoping that's what it is right now i'm not totally sure all i know is that there's no movement passed the scene again this is sixty four westbound just before you get to j clyde probably have about a half mile back up approaching the scene. i'm so not the huge delay but certainly something is going to slug it out or mess you up for the morning commute so i'll continue to watch his camera i'll let you know when traffic starts moving. if you don't want to deal with this like the layout here or the back with a temporary


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