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tv   13 News 4  ABC  February 18, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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lot of people a danger a danger is very scary situation again as you mentioned no suspects in custody at this point police do not know exactly who opened fire on interstate sixty four another car a lot of unanswered questions at this point but we do now is that of the year two men were traveling inside a car westbound on interstate sixty four when another car approached them that second car there are many of the j clyde morris blvd exit that second car approached and pulled up next and started firing shots into the car the two men in the first vehicle they were hit they were taken to riverside medical center. i'm in today for their injuries during the good news is they are expected to be okay again no one has been arrested yet and that really has a lot it's just out here feeling really nervous. it's uh that we are deep fried or being the if
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the police are looking for the good to be okay. live in newport news marcella roberts and thirteen is now a three year old boy is recovering at the hospital after he accidentally shot himself suffolk police say a blight living on jonathan's way got hold of his power was gone last night and went off and hit him in the field or the boy was at home with his mom and a two year old sibling neighbors forces on first responders rushed the boy to the hospital the cop had the baby in your hands and it was no response i can see their little foot dangling in the quickly just got the kids into the car and the winds were good news here the boy is expected to recover and police say charges are pending. well plenty of sunshine today but breezy conditions are bringing in the coals. we have a live look right now from our non aca skyview
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much cooler than it really does so with that and play just how much colder while ago actually a temptress tighter me down into the twenties but the wind is going to be dying off so we're going expect a wind chill temperatures to be no lower than probably the upper teens and i expect there not even get that close you can there we talked about alot of sunshine that came to fruition and now the big news again temperatures that are anywhere from five to ten degrees below normal and that will continue to go down nothing on radar so what are we looking at tonight with these temperatures they go from the low forties down to near thirty and the metro areas and then tomorrow a little bit of a recovery but the big news for tonight again lots and lotsa locations once you get even slightly roll in. anywhere away from the water is going to be down at least in the upper twenties but without a lot of wind again it will feel terribly cold and after that we're talking about the beginnings of a warm up i will be back in
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about some pretty significant temperatures for this time of year as a chef or a fire broke out in a bedroom of an orphan home that happened this morning on chesapeake boulevard while firefighters managed to contain the fire to one room the home is now uninhabitable. no one was home when the fire started and no one was heard fire officials say the home did have a working smoke alarm the cause of this fire is under investigation. they can take several more years until a man accused of planning the uss cole attack goes on trial on our way he now machinery is at guantanamo bay. authorities apprehended him in dubai in two thousand and two for the october two thousand bombing of the uss cole the attack killed seventeen crew members according to the virginian pilot attorneys believe his trial will begin in two thousand eighteen or as late as two thousand twenty four elements on a rolling stone to uva rays article court documents show attorneys representing the magazine won
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the attorneys claim the discovery period longer than expected and they need more time to prepare for the case they are asking for a new court date in october the current date is july. uva associate dean of coal around will open a defamation suit over rolling stones were tracking article a rape on campus. charlottesville police say they were unable to verify the alleged fraternity gang rape and now the traffic network we're kicking off with the traffic trouble in chesapeake let's head to our camera and i'll explain what's going on here this is on south military highway in chesapeake sell off the interstate right where this tree is here just behind this point when a car that caught fire just moments ago i documented i was able to actually still see a little bit of smoke coming out from either side of the trees here it looks like the smoke at least been put out a bit of good news there
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really see what we can see is this backup you're coming from for sixty four making its way on northbound on south military highway and you can see the traffic here also are completely stops were stopped on both sides of self military expect big delays out there around for sixty four and a creeping back on to for sixty four and if you know this area you know the deal martin bridge has come a bit further south here in the distance we also see those delays on the northbound side of the gilbert and bridge trying to make you a northbound on south military highway that's the biggest trap the trouble that we have coming up in the next few minutes to have the latest on the traffic is moving on south military highway and will check for delays on the interstates. if you check your children's text messages and chats chances are you'll see the museum oh gees but for some and there's more than meets the eye. lasalle discovered some hidden meanings that may startle you you've probably seen these animated icons used to express emotion when texting
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right. well find out what caused a group of moms to have this reaction um the and the environment this guest that was not that you will show you the hidden meaning of some apologies and what do you see what happens when one mom asked her son to clue her in. that's tonight that is now at six in the battle continues today between federal officials and apple sugar company crack into someone's locked phone even if it's for something as important as the san bernardino investigation the conversation is heating up on line and tech savvy experts are taking sides lisa abraham g has more on what they have to say privacy and security supporters rallied outside an apple store in san francisco last night. that's the latest the fbi wants apple to invent new software that
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entering pass coats until a locksmith o apples as they will fight the order earlier yesterday ceo tim cook says creating the hack would endanger the data security of all apple users and many others are following suit you can see here edward snowden this is the latest from him he said something yesterday but today saying at the ag win against apple resulted in security mandate a world where americans can sell secure products but our competitors can now send their child he is the ceo of google he's taking sides lollies as important post by tim cut forcing companies to enable hackers to compromise users' privacy know he sent out five tweets to complement that first when we build secure products to keep your information safe. we give one person access to database on back valid legal waters. so a lot of different conversation here. even donald trump himself chimed in on the controversy. listen i agree one hundred percent with the courts we should in that case we should open it up. i think security overall
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have to use our heads we have to use common sense that i was heard from fox and friends donald trump did a phone are right there as you heard we've heard over the past couple of days. all of these details unfolding and they're going to continue unfold in the days to come seeking count on me to keep an eye on all four you back to the task. thank you very much a heads up if you drive a toyota suv. the company is recalling more than a million suv's in the us because of faulty seat belts. toyota says the seat belts could fail in a crash that's because the metal seat cushion frame could cut through the seatbelt in a wreck and recall covers rav four is from model years two thousand five to two thousand and fourteen. it also covers electric models from two thousand twelve to fourteen contact your dealership about the repair we have a big announcement today from the president says he'll visit cuba next month. what helps to achieve during this historic trip with a pie care be in vienna home we have
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when it comes to renting out
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. stored the city for president obama next month he'll be the first sitting president in more than a half century to visit to cuba is just another stop in an effort to restore u s ties with the country owes about her has more details on what the president hopes to achieve during his trip and beyond. president obama is going to cuba is the first president to visit cuba since calvin coolidge. it's a first for a sitting president since nineteen twenty eight and the first trip to cuba for president obama says he made history shaking hands with raul castro and restoring diplomatic ties with the cuban government back in december of twenty fourteen given the choice between going in december when frankly would just kind of
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going down trying to get some business done. we believe that the time is right to go this trip. the main event among several huge us cuba events in the works including a major league baseball preseason game and big entertainers like beyonce a elton john and the rolling stones negotiating concerts president obama tweeted part he's traveling to cuba to advance our progress and efforts that can improve the lives of the cuban people his decision disappointing for gop presidential contenders with cuban roots senators ted cruz and marco meal on cnn last night elections in cuba there's no choice in cuba and some i hope rob i want the relationship between the u s and cuba to change but it has to be reciprocal for cuban officials. it welcomes his visa waivers and respect for work and improvement of relations between cuba and the united states but as it stands now congress holds the power to fully restore ties between
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trade embargo remains in place that was that her abc news new york a federal judge rejected a plea deal for former nfl star and luminary grad aaron shopper. the judge said the possible nine year sentence doesn't reflect the seriousness of shoppers drug and rape case. sharper has until next month to decide whether he wants to withdraw his guilty plea he pleaded guilty are no contest to raping or attempting to rape and nine women and four states shoppers attorneys declined to comment when they left the courtroom today manny pacquiao responded to ninety cutting ties with him after his controversial comments about gay relationships. the boxer says he respects my decision but he added quote a lot of people were alarmed by the truth. pacquiao said earlier that people in gay relationships are worse than animals. well he apologize nike officials said his words
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stance against discrimination little chilly out there temptress typically in the lower fifties this time of year that to the coastline probably lower to mid fifties for inland areas would be normal. we were only in the forties today and not all that far up into the forties right now in fact we are at forty degrees and with that wind north northeast at twenty one mph that gives us a wind chill right now this afternoon of thirty member that number has more to come up on that in the second pressures holding steady right now and it's a fairly dry air mass going back to this morning lots and lots of sunshine that's all we saw in the morning couple harmless clouds every once in awhile puffy cumulus came rolling through mostly shifted notice that the wind direction from northerly than a little bit more north westerly teachers out there right now again chile or the coastline we had talked about that only thirties on the eastern shore back away from the water
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the fray of some fifties and still a few forties out there but it's definitely milder and when the future cast temperatures overnight and are going to drop us back with a northerly winds continuing but gradually diminishing a little bit as we get into the overnight notice the slower movement that'll give us readings again and many many locations down into the twenties right along the water because it's still the waters chilly but it's not in the thirties so it's hard to get the air temperature down in the thirties or twenties for that matter so once the sun comes up tomorrow morning the twenties will rise in the thirties the thirties know the cause will rise in the forties and will end up tomorrow afternoon a little milder than today and noticed that when starting to shift around maybe not so much here but definitely beginning to shift across parts of virginia that leads to a much warmer flow then as we get into friday night and saturday especially saturday will really start to see some extra warmth returning with
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degrees. some in one spot probably more like a lower to mid sixties so here's the satellite shot couple of clouds around again. early early this morning but for the most part those moved out left us with lots of sunshine despite a forecast for tomorrow. forty six degrees will see if we can continue actually starter streak over while i say that i just chose ice had the sunshine for today had the temperature almost exactly but i chose to go with wind chills is the guarantee and i said twenty six thirty for thirty out there right now but most of the afternoon we were at thirty five thirty six on account that is wrong and we're going to start all over again said tonight twenty seven mainly clear lower to mid twenties for the inland areas to definitely bundle up in the morning and then look at that forty six markets sixty by saturday sixty five sunday and monday. it's a little bit more less mild but still above normal with some rain by tuesday we're talking
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inland areas be more into the forties and there could even be a little bit of some kind a winter weather potentially for parts of virginia but i don't think a whole lot right here in our media area and will look for capture sorta holding back closer to normal again wednesday and thursday that's latest from the weather authority i think step up next a local man who had a bag on a national tv show is back on helping others ever get is chris richardson from
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. welcome back everyone we love it when hampton roads residents shine on the big stage. that's exactly what happened singer chris richardson from chesapeake when he almost won american idol he was close. he let us go back in the studio with them as he continues to make great music is also making his mark trying to help the younger singers achieve
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and a match campground chris richardson is still making is that the thing about the way we put out that it's his passion and he's good day so goodbye and move you move in soon because it has nothing to him that he landed on american idol i was crazy was nerve wrecking be on that stage that was two thousand and seven he was twenty two he made it to the final five and got a lot of praise including from simon nomination my son came and told me my new room and the foreigners has yet to have focus. chris has had some success after idol been blessed to go on the chris brown torrent and sing a single that i have been blessed to be on idol tour but he also saw the rough part of the music industry was in so many people that
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their self esteem you know they're money hungry the big reason he came back all record with his friends derek and andrew own tower studios in portsmouth. it's here where he's happy making new music and now helping other artists to pursue their dreams will come and in the new kids on the right path with songwriter and he deftly ties motivate stand sharp stance mark. don't make bad decisions staying sharp the war match mine. i really love making music and his grave of the idaho school dms to the calendar right here in the seventy five said that of chris is a new single coming out tomorrow. it's called rear view her summer in the piece and has a skype session planned with his fans for tomorrow night as well we have info on the story on thirty is now the comedy making a mark by the way
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chris richardson's thirty sec ken to burn the burn as the makes me feel old because i was working out that one life it is in chesapeake. one day and this was years ago before i know he came up to may because he recognize me on the news in the news that sir robin to be a big singer one day on oh and i said ok cafe to have the mr blank the start line to take the boys for making me feel a connection regulations and story wise it's a fast inexpensive way to find a
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people are something is just fundamentally broken when african americans are more likely to be arrested by police, and sentenced to longer prison terms, for doing the same thing that whites do. ...when too many encounters with law enforcement end tragically. we need investments in education, health care and jobs, to counter generations of neglect. we have to face up to the hard truth of injustice and systemic racism. i'm hillary clinton,
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. tourism a major industry and happier as especially during the summer at the beach for the city and some hotels think red company air b and b could threaten tourism by not
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financial regulations also tells all leaving the question how our taxpayers affected. christine is for j co is live in virginia beach with more beer and well right now short term rentals are not regulated in virginia which means that no taxes are raised from the revenue will see my nano who lives in next door for the next weekend. now lawmakers in richmond are looking to change that but not everyone agrees with their ideas and from house to just a real websites like err me in vienna home away have become increasingly popular it's a great way to make extra money and sherry or house carol jackson said she uses air me and me when she travels in and rents out her house on the website. sure the neighborhood with people it's much more versatile
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been a great experience and although gaining traction the services not yet regulated in virginia but a bill that's making its way through the general assembly could change that but the sun in the house have approved two versions of the bill that would allow all homeowners in virginia to rent out their holes. opponents of the bill argue that it would strip away power from local governments from regulating short term rental companies in her eat the rest of the hospitality business while supporters argue that it would boost local tax revenue in areas like virginia beach with a short term rentals are already up and running really knew anyone with your place you in obviously this is a big topic of discussion here at the oceanfront and all over virginia beach. there are dozens if not hundreds of short term rentals and listen right now on websites like deer b and b in what the city that more in our reporting
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her take up the teen years now. ok speaking of the braves take a look at those waves crashing on the beach what a beautiful scene there. this is a look from the beach quarters resort and that is at fifth and atlantic on the south end of the strip barely any cars in the sky just how long will be sunny days last for several days now i do expect some high thin clouds to come and as the warm air comes in from the south it's definitely not going to be a deep blue sky. some of these days where we're expecting sunshine will be sort of a dim sunshine hazy sunshine but nonetheless it's going to continue for a while you can see obviously with no clouds out there we don't have anything to track on radar so for this evening cold temperatures look as we go to late evening and overnight or have most areas down into the twenties. starting off in the forties so pretty quickly in the thirties binding early to mid evening and then farther and farther down through the thirties as we go through again the early party overnight some really in what
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actually in the lower to mid twenties by morning but we were again today around forty three or forty four were going to go up a little bit and then look at that nice rise in the week and then a debt partly because of a storm and some wet weather moving in at times will talk more about that when i return but this is the part people are going to like i think and some that hazy sunshine as we head into the weekend my skis for spring know there are ashley's is the biggest problem is not on the interstate this time well the last hour we do have a big traffic issue on the interstate at the downtown tunnel to talk about that in just a moment graduate of the update to one thousand military because big backups there is well again off the interstate but come creeping back onto the interstate in terms of the backup so we'll start there and take a look at how traffic is shaping up again south military. this is the twenty five hundred block of learned and that is white
4:32 pm
military highway. the special and bobby for sixty four northbound entrance and that's where this is close to so at this point all of our lanes have reopened except for one headed southbound which is making its way toward for sixty four and toward the gilbert and rigid kind of make out the flashlight still going on here. in between the trees there so we're not only cleared in terms of the scene after that car fire out there but at least traffic is moving. expect major delays coming from for sixty four on to south military highway also expected delays coming from the joe martin bridge to bridge at the gilmer to one of three forty five won it for fifteen to track it was already heavy and is going to be added. adding to it as are headed down south military highway making the way northbound to will continue to follow this in terms of the back up and keep you posted right now but heck that's a good camera and talk about traffic imports within this but i was telling jen about to sixty four eastbound at the downtown tunnel about thirty forty five seconds or
4:33 pm
the downtown tunnel due to a breakdown so now we're going to see these big backups onto sixty four leaving portsmouth and headed into norfolk. so in the meantimimyou can use the midtown tunnel which is going to be slow but is moving into norfolk are other routes are the jordan bridge don't take the yogurt and bread but you can take the high rise bridge also to get into norfolk so that's going to be an issue up to the fall as well. a quick look at the traffic network maps you'll be able to see delays headed southbound the monitor merrimack both sides of the hr bt and a little bit around the high rise bridge it'll slow you down just a bit you're headed eastbound. other than that he should be in fine shape for keep you posted on facebook thirteen years now. ashley was defense officials are airstrikes in northern syria where u s special forces are working with syrians fighting the islamic state. us officials have not pinpointed the u s troops' location but
4:34 pm
avoid broad areas so far the russians have honored the requests. president obama signed legislation imposing new sanctions against north korea for refusing to stop its nuclear weapons program lawmakers approved the bill earlier this month expanded sanctions are designed to deny north korea of the money it needs to develop militarized nuclear warheads and the long range missiles needed to deliver that the measure also authorizes fifty million dollars over five years to transmit a radio broadcasts into north korea and to support humanitarian assistance programs is not too late for low income virginia veterans this item for free estate planning services at a series of clinics next month volunteer attorneys will help veterans by drafting wills powers of attorney and advance medical directives to participate veterans and their spouses must fill out an intake questionnaire. it's
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the attorney general and the state bar association the clinic in hampton roads is march first in chesapeake for more information check out thirteen years now. dot com. the u s military is struggling to provide adequate therapy sessions for thousands of active duty troops suffering from post traumatic stress disorder and depression and thus according to a rand corporation study the study of forty thousand cases found only a third of troops with ptsd and less than a quarter who are clinically depressed receive the minimum number of therapy sessions after being diagnosed. the good news all service branches have improved how they follow up with inpatient ptsd cases after service members leave mental hospitals the military will examine the study findings for ways they can further improve the fcc is paying attention to what you're doing right now watching tv. a second to last way from usa today dot
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for the tv set top box. it was afraid to vote to begin the process of crafting possible rules that could give you new devices and apps to access and manage pay tv programming and other content european leaders are dealing with two challenges at a two day summit in brussels one is keeping britain as a member of the twenty eight nation european union the other is finding a common solution to europe's migrant issues from iran issue has been a huge one oversees the european union has a plan for stemming the flow of people fleeing wars or poverty but it stalled because of disagreements over costs and responsibilities at the different on a buzzer beater in the nba today the deadline for teams to trade for that big superstar to improve themselves and make the playoffs deadline came and went and it just about an hour ago. big name players involved in trade talks before today the speculation including houston's dwight howard in
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those players are staying put i'm not a breath because the check. no big block letters today in the nba some players were traded but not the right thing for the development said that washington d c mansion murder a grand jury indicted the man arrested last may in connection to the murder on twenty felony charges including murder kidnapping extortion and arson prosecutors say aaron wendt will be arraigned tomorrow the case involved the deaths of three family members and their housekeeper inside a northwest washington mansion last year. turning now to an incredible story out of north carolina. an officer uses sign language to talk a team out of jumping from a bridge danielson ask you has the story take a look at this footage the department of transportation camera captured the scene on tuesday afternoon. it appears that the officer is standing to the right near the median on rock quarry bridge and that
4:38 pm
closer to the edge. raleigh police say the officer used sign language to communicate with the girl who was deaf and after an hour and fifteen minutes he had talked her off the bridge on heart. traffic was blocked off the rock quarry road and for over five miles to the u s one interchange during the whole ordeal. now the officers father says his son always seems to be in the right place to save the day and privacy and rollins is a debate about has one school district talking should
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get help right away for unexpected bleeding, unusual bruising, or tingling. if you have had spinal anesthesia while on xarelto , watch for back pain or any nerve or muscle related signs or symptoms. do not take xarelto if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. tell your doctor before all planned medical or dental procedures. before starting xarelto , tell your doctor about any kidney, liver, or bleeding problems. you know xarelto is the #1 prescribed blood thinner in its class. that's a big win. it is for me. with xarelto there is no regular blood monitoring and no known dietary restrictions. treatment with xarelto ... ...was the right move for us. ask your doctor about xarelto . . papa francis opens up about mosaic virus he says one and threatened to lift the vehicle virus could use artificial contraception but not abort their fetus. he says there is a clear moral
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fetus and preventing a pregnancy is a case as a prop that some governments in latin america to urge women to avoid getting pregnant the virus has fielded calls from abortion rights groups to loosen the strict anti abortion laws and the overwhelmingly catholic regions school and technology usually go hand in hand but one school district in iowa is going over its policy on a certain type of technology drones joe kasper a has a story from sporting events to daily activities there's a lot going on with an independent school district recently that got the school board thinking and taking action. it's more of a proactive approach by us were talking about drones which are becoming more and more popular he did really can stay stay on top of those types of things the district says this policy is all about safety that drives everything we do in this district so we
4:43 pm
mean we need to come up with a policy so that we can kind of control. now that drones are more prevalent more more people have done it was best for us to cover the pasta and how to handle this new policy says drones aren't allowed at any district events tournaments or games and are not allowed above school owned property for any purpose. the only exception comes with permission from the superintendent there are those that shoot with teachers out there flying around you never know what could happen with only the people in suits with them on with the equipment but that could be our opportunity person type of incident happens so easily sure we're covering ourselves with the superintendent says policies are created so the district doesn't react from crisis to crisis but instead has a player in with changing technology this new policy really is a sign of the times that the new technology just like with one cell phones came out just like when i passed
4:44 pm
came out no use trying to say ahead of things the district later say the policy is also about privacy maybe not all students or their parents want kids to be video or photograph. if you've always dreamed of owning a tesla electric car but can't afford the real thing there's now a kid version and a toy company is partnering with the automaker to build the sedan for kids. the speed isn't quite up to a tesla however it tops out at only six mph. the costs five hundred dollars and the car begins shipping in one take a look at this video an eleven year old boy that much more than ski on his vacation in canada cellphone video captured the boy dangling twenty to thirty feet above the ground on a tear left apparently wasn't strapped in properly he hung there for about forty minutes waiting for emergency responders arrived. take action within that eventually had to let go
4:45 pm
arms of first responders. my uncle and aunt were hanging on to a nice chunk of something but is too far i look down this kind of scary but this fun the boys as he dried the left again and if he had to give it a rating it would be a nine out of ten taking of one point for that terrifying fall well i thought oh that's going viral right now. elisa has more on a new photo just released by nasa nasa's hubble space telescope captured a photo and some video as you're seeing right here of a distant galaxy that's home to one of the most massive black holes astronomers have ever discovered. take a look the black hole is located three hundred million light years away in the center of the comic luster of the galaxy their calling and you see forty eight eighty nine the super massive black hole is twenty one billion times the size of the sun so to put that in some perspective for you the black
4:46 pm
milky way galaxy has amassed four times or four million times that of the sun lots of space and izzy is as you can imagine are really loving this discovery today. so now let's head over to jeff with water forecast. we've been talking for few days now about a very nice weekend is still looking like that today also we had said that chile is day of the few here sort of in the span of time and that's also working out as you can see the shot from our sky view camera at the oceanfront from these quarters resort very very nice la the long shadows son getting pretty low in the sky so for this evening. clear cold lower thirties and one mid thirties at the coastline little bit of a northerly wind making it feel slightly colder than the air temperature high temperatures meanwhile today forty three at least that the top of the hour every hour north of squeezed up between ours that number doesn't command for
4:47 pm
let us now but generally as you can see mid forties around little bit cooler one or two spots little bit warmer a few others but the big news this evening temperatures again rather chilly and one that northerly wind gets factored and it will feel even colder as we drop back into and through the thirties now later tonight we're going to see the winds. notice how slowly everything's going compared to just a second ago our exclusive wind streams that means that it will be less of a factor of the wind chill later tonight and more a factor of temperatures just getting cold down into the mid twenties and some low to mid twenties very far inland areas law to mid twenties some upper twenties in the more metro locations and right near the water will probably be more like thirty thirty one thirty two because the water is still again above that kind of temperature in the wind blows across it hard to get too much colder. meanwhile as you can see tomorrow morning then rising up through the thirties i think what some hazy sunshine tomorrow to see that thin veil of clouds pass across for a
4:48 pm
that's why i'm calling for sunshine tomorrow but again a dim sunshine and temperatures a little milder than what we saw today and then into saturday's south westerly winds are going to bring in even more war but also i think bring again sort of a high filter sort of hazy sunshine type of the day here are some of those high thin clouds you can see with the warm front already starting to stretch in from north and the west side tonight mainly clear lower to mid twenties for the inland area's twenty seven for most of us probably thirty right near the coastline fifteen mile per hour winds early only five late my ne was only five that ended in sunshine and not quite as chilly forty six for the high without a lot better today but a little bit tomorrow night thirty eight partly cloudy and not as cold and the forecast for the weekend. looking back sixty s and sixty two yesterday. i'm thinking more like sixty saturday but the balancing cited that as i said sixty two sunday and
4:49 pm
degrees so about the same in terms of the average but both very nice days monday chance of a few showers much better chance tuesday and by wednesday as the storm moves out. there's a slight slight chance we could see a flurry into early thursday but overall not too bad especially for the weekend that's an understatement i might say a big toast is trending now telethon i already know what day is today. national data is taken against plano to the one staying with us today for her i don't know well adjusted happy and the toast champagne goes closer now by saying that national drink wine day and social media is going crazy so course we wanted to be nosy and we asked everybody on twitter what wine they like red or white so here's the poll were having a lot of fun with these twitter plus it's really nice to hear from everybody out there what they like cell forty four percent said brad and thirty seven
4:50 pm
got nineteen percent said neither so i wonder really what they're drinking fruit juice. yeah maybe higher we've all heard about how kind the west is fifty three million dollars in personal debt. it's been all over social media. pray for the philadelphia police department decided to capitalize on that the raiders of the us to go into this. the department has come up with a way to help help con us out by joining the force the philly pd posted this on social media today and the internet is loving it it says we're hiring tiny west starting salary of forty seven dollars forty seven thousand dollars could be debt free by the year three thousand one hundred and twenty two soaps are hoping that a little bit the department has an extended version on their website along with this whole area is a photoshopped picture that you're seeing right there and finally take a look at this comedian tyler fisher if he didn't recognize i know it's kinda hard to see right there he's posing as a
4:51 pm
the decor looks so nice trying to counsel couples through the process of shopping you know it's kind of stressful when you're like yes so much to look at fisher also told shoppers that ikea had created a new dating app since the store was so big he told them they can log on and meet up with other singles in the store. now the video already has a good chunk of use already severe looking in your day with a nice little laugh about it very nice marketing campaign yes definitely the heaven hell rich the family needed help and all the family fight with the next night ride tonight on abc and all new grey's anatomy starts at ten o'clock than a new episode of scandal and nine at ten o'clock in on the opposite of how to get away with murder then join us again for thirteen years now and love that uva gets recognized for student volunteers will tell you about the honor with a global impact then non thirteen is now at five
4:52 pm
investigation into a shooting on i sixty four in newport news we have the details about that situation and a three year old from suffolk
4:53 pm
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the mind for it. it is a judge denied bond to a richmond woman charged in the death of a three year old girl the woman danielle turner is charged with felony child neglect the death of her goddaughter in court the prosecution said an autopsy revealed the girls cause of death to be blunt force trauma to the head family says turner was watching the child while her mother was at the hospital giving birth. however turner claims the child slipped in the tub in her head she did not call emergency responders until the next morning northampton county residents will cast their votes for the presidential primary with a new optical scan voting machines. the method which replaces the touch screen voting machines involves
4:56 pm
is then inserted through a scanner and the university of virginia made the list for having the most peace corps volunteers peace corps received more than twenty three thousand applications last year breaking a forty year record and the organization released a list of schools that produce the most volunteers and university of virginia had the most and other schools included american university and george washington university and that's all we have for you today at four thirty news now in five starts now. gunfire on the highway only thirty news now his close up video of the scene on i sixty four the shooting has drivers afraid to get behind the wheel of a three year old shot in the shoulders of the police say it's an accident that should never happen. a bill that could change the course of education in virginia is making its way through the general assembly tell you how this could change
4:57 pm
for high schoolers. had a lot of unanswered questions right now after a shooting on i sixty four in newport news state police tell us two men were in a car when another car pulled up beside them and started shooting. we brought you this is raking in some thirteen years now they break marcella robertson has been digging for new details all day and she joins us live near the interstate also does a lot unanswered questions at this point. state police still don't know exactly who shot into a car here on interstate sixty four early this morning. they also don't know what may have led up to the incident what may have sparked the shooting in all of those unanswered questions really has drivers out here feeling nervous interstate sixty four is typically the scene of heavy traffic or car crash in the two were you doing to save anymore but this morning it was a shooting crime scene the city is looking like those to say police say someone pulled up
4:58 pm
they were driving westbound on sixty four and fired several shots of someone's rather than a scene on what's one more in its fight to get what's coming through the windows of that car sat on the side of the road near the j clyde morris exit riddled with bullets as police investigated the victims were taken to riverside medical center and are expected to be okay but the incident has a lot of drivers with an air of the event by bing issued different matter from shooting me sound issues every day on the news so gathered in a state that's for some of that again still no suspects in custody at this point and the good news out of all this is that those two men are expected to be ok that we have also learned that i just a policing bureau of criminal investigations has since been called into investigate lived in newport news marshall roberts and thirteen is now accused of shooting his mother inside
4:59 pm
still in california police arrested twenty year old dante williams in los angeles last week we checked in with police today and they told us they expect williams to be extradited back to virginia sometime next week williams again accused of shooting his mother on cattle drive. she survived it is not known how williams ended up in california right now a three year old boy is in the hospital after getting shots of the police say the boy accidentally shot himself. erik ainge is here with an explanation of how the toddler got that bond simply say this with a gun the boy's parents used for protection but last night that our got a hold of it and hurt himself the kenya cup cars came. denise david describes the scramble to help a three year old boy when everything started moving so fast with the latter i am the suffolk police racing to the apple wood farms neighborhood around seven thirty wednesday evening after a boy living on jonathan's way had
5:00 pm
with his parents gun woke up had a baby in hand and it was no response i can see their little foot dangling in a quickly just got the kids into the car and they went where police say the boy was at home with his two year old sibling and his mom when he found the gun to his parents use for protection. it went off sending a bullet into the boy's shoulder. i kept raining then you know the one hit a nato partners like ok that's a good sign. the boy is recovering at a norfolk children's hospital and police say charges are pending. no one came to the family store when we stopped by only thing i can think of is you know somebody's skin cut her i don't know why and it doesn't happen in a neighborhood when he does this kind of a shock and again the boy is expected to recover and police are reminding parents to lock up their guns the suffix sheriff's office is giving away free safety locks at


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