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tv   13 News 530  ABC  February 18, 2016 5:30pm-5:59pm EST

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becoming more popular i think people are doing with your place you on the golf course and many in the hospitality industry including hotel owners are very concerned of what this bill could do to their business. read more of their thoughts on our website at their teen years now. dot com reporting live in virginia beach and receiver jacob thirteen is now a new survey from goldman sachs shows that once people use air being be they are more likely to keep using the site of the two thousand people surveyed only forty percent of people who stay in peer to peer lodging said they still prefer traditional hotels the survey also revealed it's not just younger people using sites like they're being be home away and flaky in the survey twenty nine percent of people forty five and older said they'd use peer to peer lodging at least once a worker is recovering after the injured on the job in portsmouth this morning something fell from a construction site at country and washington streets hitting that worker crews are
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apartment building there firefighters had to rescue the injured worker from the scaffolding. medics rushed at work or to sin tear it off in general there is no word on that man's condition a crime alert in your county sheriff says someone robbed the shell station on hampton highway near victory boulevard this morning investigators aren't releasing many details but we do know the suspect had a weapon and that no one was her pieces of evidence in the murder of a thirteen year old virginia girl being kept a secret. a judge sealed the search warrants in the co level pace to virginia tech students are charged in level staff the blacksburg teen vanished last month police found her body in north carolina. the montgomery county prosecutor is considering if the case could warrant a capital murder charge. the attack happened more than fifteen years ago but experts predict the accused mastermind behind the uss cole bombing might not stand trial until two thousand and eighteen right
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planning the attack or our ic mal machinery is sitting in a cell in guantanamo. this will be a drawn out legal process his lawyer told our partners at the virginian pilot that he doesn't think the appeal case would be heard until two thousand twenty four. there's new information right now from the u s coast guard's elf our own hearing today the second mate who was on vacation when the freighter sank testified that he warned the captain about the looming storm. charles baird says he sent the captain a text message saying the storm was forecast to become a hurricane there said the captain replied that he planned to go south of hua kean baird said no company alert was sent out for the hurricane. all thirty three people onboard the ship died including the ship's chief engineer who was from virginia beach. one person is in critical condition after a helicopter made a hard landing in the water off hawaii near pearl harbor. a coast guard official says five people were onboard earlier tonight when that helicopter went down near the arizona memorial a
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the official also describe it as a civilian helicopter possibly a news chopper all five people onboard were taken to the hospital. vice president joe biden is weighing in on the search for a new supreme court justice on a radio show today biden said that president obama is looking to nominate someone who's had passed support from republicans this the first indication of the president's criteria in replacing the late justice antonin scalia the eighteen year old who opened his own medical plan it is speaking out about the charges against him why he says he'd do anything wrong and the pope is questioning donald trump's christianity hear how the gop presidential candidate is reacting as we head toward the end of the week a little bit of a warm up but a much bigger rise in temperatures for the weekend but will it rain will let you know and now to a big traffic alert in virginia beach as we take a look at our camera and take a look at this separate multi
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of two sixty four new lynn haven parkway. so here's eastbound traffic the three left lanes are blocked eastbound at it with the oceanfront with a two and a half mile back up to rosemont road on the backside something is just fundamentally broken when african americans are more likely to be arrested by police, and sentenced to longer prison terms, for doing the same thing that whites do. ...when too many encounters with law enforcement end tragically. we need investments in
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to counter generations of neglect. we have to face up to the hard truth of injustice and systemic racism. i'm hillary clinton,
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. right now fbi agents are searching the home of san bernardino shooter scion for rick's brother in california witnesses say they saw agents carry out our loads of papers milan clubs and a computer tower the fbi says they have not taken anyone into custody but for luke's father was detained for safety through and his wife are accused of killing fourteen people in that december attack. new developments in a standoff between apple and the fbi the two are locked in a battle between privacy and security the feds are demanding the high tech giant help them crack the encryption on phone belonging to the san bernardino terror suspects investigators say that phone may hold important clues about accomplices in the deadly attack some of those who lost loved ones in
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should cooperate complying with this order we may get some justice i mean it's not going to bring my daughter back. apple is folly to appeal ceo tim cook said in a statement the software is quote something we simply do nomhing we considered too dangerous to create microsoft and google are standing behind apple abc news has learned the fbi hasn't ruled a third militant in the san bernardino killings out tonight we're hearing from the florida teen arrested for impersonating a doctor there are many types of degrees of the little timer stopped or whether they indy melt i love robinson was arrested after a sting operation in west palm beach florida the eighteen year old said his practice new birth new life medical center was meant to offer a
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for people but police said love robinson was practicing medicine illegally are you in big trouble. i mean it seems like you've spoken to a lawyer who's prepared you for just not own to the media but the police as well. i don't know where you should use information from but it is an actor and on sometimes and have to cut this in this entry short one woman already pressed charges against him she says love robinson diagnosed her with her with arthritis she told police she was missing checks and learn from her bank they were forged and cashed by love robinson an attempted robbery turns into a boxing match in the middle of the pharmacy and the whole scene is caught on camera. now the man who stopped that robert explains why he did donald trump versus the pope after the pontiff said the billionaires policies were not christian. trump is
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well fred this is making headlines in the race for president. the pontiff stepped into the political fray when he criticized republican front runner donald trump for plans to build a wall with mexico. now trump is firing back in
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weighing in on the comets abc stephanie ramos as more on this controversy. returning to rome from his visit to mexico. pope francis was asked about donald trump's plan to build a wall along the southern border the party said he didn't tell americans how to vote but said no no when a person who thinks only about building walls wherever they may be in not building bridges is not christian trump had this response the pope's comments if and when the vatican is attacked by isis i can promise you that the pope one of only wish and pray that donald trump would have been president from said that the pope's trip to mexico and his mass of the border showed that the pontiff is a political figure and accused the mexican government of using him for a religious leader to question a person's faith is disgraceful. another gop challenger was asked if the posts comments about border security. apply to him
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sometimes and when they come and how the nations their state as a result the united states has the right to do that as well. however john casey had much kinder words about pope francis said pope is a pretty remarkable guy he's a remarkable person with just two days before the next vote or cast a new national poll shows the gop race tightening with donald trump in a virtual tie with ted cruz. donald trump is in second place with twenty six percent i expect a storm of tweets a minute. cruz adds to the race should be about who will appoint conservative us supreme court justices stephanie ramos abc news and regent university announces a presidential candidate senator ted cruz is coming to virginia beach. she's going to be part of a presidential candidate forum next friday evening a number of candidates and whining like jeb bush and john k six have made their way to reject donald trump and ben carson
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within the coming days. north carolina senate approved new congressional maps today during a special session the state house still needs to approve the new plan lawmakers hope the u s supreme court would block a lower court ruling that two current districts are racially gerrymandering the high court has not ruled on that request so the general assembly was ordered to have the process done by tomorrow some robbers got more than they planned for when customers fought back in florida it would be pharmacy fees when a few rounds with a professional boxer to go get the video recorded near tampa florida police say the robber jumped on the counter and demanded pain medicine but boxer david west was there visiting his pharmacists girlfriend he knocked the suspect out in four punches he started with his hands and went to reach into his pants matches when i reacted i was protecting what i love west held the suspect until police arrived and that suspect is charged with attempted
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robbers fun with customers and a piece of pizza shop police say the young men in the hood these are the suspects they had to fight their way through customers after robbing the clerk even swung chairs and tables trying to escape eventually the suspects got away. the breezy and cool day for hampton roads you can see the win right there blowing at the oceanfront and our temperatures are about to go up pretty soon jeff has more on this warm. yeah about too not tonight though temperatures are going to be cold tonight down in the twenties for many of you the good news is that won't be a lot of wind chill little bit breezy this evening after that the winds die down there's not a track on radar nor do we expect there to be anytime soon so that's good news if you like the and the work week and weekend to feature a cloud free or rain free conditions as you can see looking over town center toward the southeastern virginia beach little bit of haze but other than at a nice clear evening is going to
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thirties for the inland areas and thirty five or so will say in this order urbanized or downtown metra low type locations in all high temperatures today forty six in newport news same thing in hampton. slightly cooler forty three with a little bit more of a wind off the water north of forty seven virginia beach forty eight in chesapeake already in the next hour going to see those readings dropping back quickly into and through the thirties by later evening the temperature will be in the low to mid thirties already by nine and it will feel more like the upper twenties because of the win but then the wind continues to ease overnight exclusive when streams the faster these are moving the faster the wind the slower moving the slower the wind and you can see compared what they were just sort of meandering along that will not be a lot of wind in the morning that's good news you'll still need to bundle up with readings in the twenties and then as we head in the afternoon. notice how we start to see a tiny bit of a ship very little when these are really barely creeping along organise a variable
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mph that's it for tomorrow and then by evening they start to shift a little bit more of the southeast so it will not be as cold tomorrow night friday evening as your out going to dinner a late movie or something you can find readings in the thirties verses tonight and wake up in the thirties vs wade out in the thirties tonight and then by saturday morning winds out of the southwest notice some of the clouds it'll just be high thin clouds and give us a day in the sunshine at times during the day and readings by afternoon the surge all the way up near sixty degrees right now that we have that northerly wind coming in and again generally clear skies across the region so for tonight let's call it lower to mid twenties for the very rural very inland area's most of us mid to upper twenties and probably about thirty ish or so right near the water's edge when to running ten to fifteen right now will drop down to five or less by morning that's why someone have a lot when she'll deal with omar forty
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as chilly sun rises at six forty nine getting earlier and earlier my thirty eight partly cloudy and not as cold and the seven day forecast well tomorrow's a little typical high this time of year our normal low is in the mid thirties so that's almost ten degrees below normal anyway. and then tomorrow about five below the week and nine above fifteen above normal for sunday cooling off slightly monday a chilly tuesday some point in there we expect to see a little bit of a system making its way towards potentially could cause some snow in the western or central virginia but doesn't look likely around here except for maybe wednesday night as it leaves slight chances we head toward that low of thirty seven early on thursday that we could see a couple of very brief flurries or something. alot alot more on that coming up for now enjoy the weekend. that's the latest art jeff thank you department homeland security
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restrictions for foreigners usa today reports citizens of libya somalia and yemen will now have to get a visa to enter the us the rule also applies to people who travel through those countries since two thousand eleven last year homeland security also ordered more restrictions for european travelers the hope was to make it harder for people from terror hotspots to get to america close to ten percent of america's bridges are considered structurally deficient including many in virginia and north carolina american road transportation builders association put out a new report today in north carolina almost twelve percent of bridges need repairs. about a percent of virginia's bridges fall into that same category of those virginia bridges on that list is the two sixty four overpass and lynn haven parkway in virginia beach almost three million suv's are included in a recall tonight toyota says there's a problem with the seatbelts and rav four suv is a design
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the seat belts to break during a crash. dealers will fix the issue at no cost route four is made from two thousand five to twenty fourteen are impacted and delaware elementary school is apologizing after hurt feelings report was sent to parents the sarcastic documents states its purpose is to assist and whiners and documenting hurt feelings and one section of the document asks for the name of the person who hurt your pansy feelings. it also lists i am aware i am a crybaby as possible reasons for filing a report a school district spokesperson says the staff member accidentally sent the form out and the document is not actually use the school. what's a shootout shuts down traffic on i sixty four in newport news the state police hunt for suspects after a shooting on interstate sixty four and is the breaking news we first brought you last night of three year old wife and wife
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have new details about how this happened and how that child is doing. parents check your child's phone and innocent looking in monday's may have hidden meanings use to disguise bad behavior thirteen years now is cracking the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you.
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the defense is making its case of the trial for murder virginia police officer kevin quick the prosecution rested yesterday in the trial being held in roanoke a cell phone expert testified that quick and one of the suspects were in the same place just before the officer died in twenty fourteen six people are charged in connection with the killing. the defense is expected to finish its case by tomorrow. two deputies in buckingham county are suspended after fatally
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man police say the deputy shot the man south of charlottesville saturday deputies say they shot and killed by sean perkins while investigating a home break in authorities have not said of perkins had a weapon state police are leading that investigation did you spend weeks if not months hunting for the perfect house for your family you finally find it and the price is almost too good to be true you might be surprised to find out here in virginia a real estate agent is not obligated to tell you why thirty news now uncovered a website which might give you some insight into what happened inside your new home we found dozens of houses in hampton roads where someone has died of either natural causes or tragic circumstances and the people living in those homes had no idea something gruesome happen there until they were already locked into the deal registration notice
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you to make the decision to become law it would bother me and a whole lot of people to the ghost tours and paranormal experiences of the people living where someone else tragically died will also tell you how you can find out the history of your house or potential purchase by or be scared is i t thats all for thirty news now at five thirty but we begin at six with the latest on an interstate shooting a gun shots on interstate sixty four brought traffic to a standstill overnight in newport news. we brought you the story on daybreak state police tell us two men were in a car when another car pulled up and started shooting. but tonight police are still trying to figure out what led to the gunfire as officers investigate other drivers are worried about such a bold shooting a busy interstate. marcella robertson is live near that
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situation so lot of unanswered questions at this point state police still do not know who fired shots into a car early this morning here on interstate sixty four we also don't know what you mention exactly what led up to that shooting with all those unanswered question that has some drivers out here feeling very nervous interstate sixty four is typically the scene of heavy traffic or car crash in the two were you doing to save for more but this morning it was a shooting crime scene the city is looking like those to say police say someone pulled up to two men in their cars they were driving westbound on sixty four and fired several shots of someone's rather than a scene on what's one more in its fight to get what's coming through the windows of that car sat on the side of the road near the j clyde morris x is riddled with bullets as police investigated the victims were taken to riverside medical center and are expected to be okay but
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drivers with an air of the event by bing issued shooting me sound machines every day on the news so first among them are that bad and the good news out of all of this is that those two but again police still looking for that suspect or suspects it tonight and we have one meanwhile that other state police bureau of criminal investigation has been called in to help with this investigation by the new port news marcello robinson thirteen years now. the six a woman is accusing off a police officer of indecent exposure police tell us they are looking into the allegations but no charges have been filed the alleged incident happened over the weekend in a walmart parking lot in portsmouth. the officer said to be off duty at the time that woman can go to a magistrate and take out charges but she is not done so at this time charges are pending against us some good mother after her three year
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himself. we broke the story last night at eleven and happen in the apple wood farms neighborhood along jonathan's weight yesterday erik ainge has more on how the boys doing today. a toddler continues to recover at a norfolk children's hospital a day after he accidentally shot himself with his parents the new cop cars came to me stated saw first responders rushing to help our neighbors boy from this house along jonathan's way it's epic wednesday evening the cup had a baby in the hands and it was no response i can see their little foot dangling in eight quickly just got the kids into the car and they went police say the boy was at home with his two year old sibling and his mom when he found the gun his parents use for protection. it went off sending a bullet into the boy's shoulder. i kept raining and you know the one hit a nato partners like ok


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