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tv   13 News 6  ABC  February 18, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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himself. we broke the story last night at eleven and happen in the apple wood farms neighborhood along jonathan's weight yesterday erik ainge has more on how the boys doing today. a toddler continues to recover at a norfolk children's hospital a day after he accidentally shot himself with his parents the new cop cars came to me stated saw first responders rushing to help our neighbors boy from this house along jonathan's way it's epic wednesday evening the cup had a baby in the hands and it was no response i can see their little foot dangling in eight quickly just got the kids into the car and they went police say the boy was at home with his two year old sibling and his mom when he found the gun his parents use for protection. it went off sending a bullet into the boy's shoulder. i kept raining and you know the one hit a nato partners like ok
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say charges are pending against the boy's mother. no one came to the family's door when we stopped by only thing i can think of is you know somebody skipped the herd i don't know why he doesn't have a new neighbor happily does this kind of a shock and suffolk police are reminding parents to keep their guns locked away and unload it that simple step could prevent another serious accident like this from happening again. reporting in suffolk. erik ainge thirteen years now. virginia beach police are still working to extradite a man accused of shooting his mother police in los angeles arrested monty williams last week he had spent days on the run. police say williams shot his mom in the head at a home in ocean lakes we reached out to beach police today they told us they do not know exactly when williams will get back to virginia beach but they say they hope it will happen before next wednesday a federal trial began forty four use a soldier on tom
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communicating with three underage girls online court documents say he also admitted to communicating with more than a hundred other girls online. he lived in newport news of the time investigators say he tried to get them to sent an explicit images and try to visit at least two of the salad served to do tours of duty in iraq and afghanistan. new information about three homes and two cities are connected to a meth investigation police a suspicious substances found yesterday in hampton are connected to the discovery of two suspected meth labs in newport news hampton police on cynthia drive yesterday newport news police busted two meth labs on middlesex road earlier in the week a teen was found in a home and one of those spots. now we're told all three situations are related but is not exactly
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arrested three people but the investigation into the three locations is ongoing. hundreds of dollars a boo a spot with a fake credit card take a look at your screen right there virginia beach police say these two cloned someone's credit card then they headed to the abc store were told on northampton boulevard and got themselves some high priced liquor. now they are wanted for fraud call police or the crime line if you know these guys are and often family is forced out of the home because of a fire a witness spotted smoke coming from the house in chesapeake boulevard this morning firefighters rushed to the scene and put out the flames but the home sustained a lot of damage. no one was home at the time fire investigator said there were no working smoke alarms in that house and the cause of the fire tonight under investigation because of a woman does not contain things in western brands and based on her following on facebook she's not alone. kathy young
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twenty fifty. he now claims that ten percent of western branch residents like her page and want to do something about certain things in the area they have established communities and assisted residents who need help and create what they call a virtual meeting place one is who they are acting on those unwanted signage the city has partnered with kathy and having a training session tonight for a new team called sign sweepers i believe tonight's training is all about what's legal what's illegal. um and when it is illegal what you can do about it. she's also very active with the establishment of a sports field house in western branch one like a virginia beach and the williams on the pencil on city council voted tuesday to delay a vote on the field house for sixty days weather could have brought a casino to portsmouth has failed again state senator louise lucas and others pushed for a bill to create a state casino gaming commission under
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to pass a referendum to allow casino in their city but the bill died in the general assembly. lucas and others think a casino could help bring revenue to portsmouth to pay for transportation issues but opponents worry the casino would attract crime. a helping hand for some people who could really use it we're talking about the more than twelve hundred workers who have gotten laid off in newport news shipbuilding since last september. today the food bank of southeastern virginia and the united steel workers local eighty eight eighty eight teamed up with the united way to distribute food to the laid off workers steelworkers president is grateful for all of the generosity and guarded lee optimistic about the future hopefully should be awesome. you can see only on the ride out of the real story may be the end of this year was lulu's a rebound from these people back and the next food distribution will take place we're told next wednesday that's february twenty fourth at the steelworkers headquarters
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the morning until three pm preparing virginia stands for the real world a bill that could change the course of education in virginia is making its way through the general assembly tell you how this could change the graduation requirements for high schoolers go slow in most days can add a fun tree conversation but what they're hiding something sinister or thirteen years now investigates how kids are using those symbols to send some explicit messages
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local educators are speaking out tonight about proposals to change high school graduation requirements of bills moving through the general assembly would put more emphasis on real world skills for virginia students and less
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experts who think these plans could change the course of education in virginia too much testing past me so well that former teachers by barbara white are happy to see that virginia is taking steps to put less of an emphasis on testing and focus more on college and career readiness. i think a more broad based education kids critical thinking that counting is definitely a good idea. that's what two bills in the general assembly are aiming to do it a new vision for high schools across the commonwealth students would take four classes in their first two years of high school then in their junior and senior years they can choose to take courses that prepare them for college or they can take a pack paper piercing for the work force by getting an internship or apprenticeship and maybe some big changes may local educators are praising the phils virginia beach education association told
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the bill is intended to put her high school students on a solid path to work or college with a focus on real skills not just test scores in virginia beach school board chairman dan edwards said we are delighted and supportive of the inclusion of workforce credentials and industry certifications as potential offset to some current as the well requirements i definitely think that would be a lot better because there's a lot of students as as me myself i didn't test very well. if the bill passes the new requirements would begin for the freshman class that starts in the fall of twenty eighteen. jenny we thirty news now they vote is in your child's text messages may not mean what you think they mean well explain the double meaning some of those images have and what you need to watch out for are
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i want parents to never tell your children to watch their language you might want to watch their language to literally motives have changed the way your kids communicating tax and chats online now most of them are harmless but it's the other ones with those hidden meanings that may shock you with the blanks explains will young people may look at the story and laugh but parents. it may surprise you or make you cringe because with some of them oh geez looks can be deceiving with their hidden messages from the time you first get to know then you watch your kids express themselves doesn't get any easier as they grow up doesn't include didn't seem like you're constantly trying to keep up. technology
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you gotta say he got to stay with you even be left behind parents you may want to watch their language. something's taken over texts and chats and cell phones calling to mosey i really like someday hard imo g are giving them anything or find a laughing face the moment and you have animal a medieval dragon in there and he also really like using a moody's feel like holidays and things christmas tree motif there you really think of mary being with the midget if the cyst on my desk in the same question when in shock but a motive can i go live in vain about wanting since that's where you need to be a lookout because some of these emotions can make you a translation and the new babe and middle finger. maybe you have the wind and maybe have a beer maybe they have like cigarettes and stuff like that had nothing to do on a weekday these moms in education with this one is not one to stomach while
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shocked to see food in the short form them into the mood to have to see through mean something much different body parts oh it was enough for her to have a chat with her son the old fashion kind is allowed to enter the ag that they do about this tomorrow then it's like it's a grim and my phone is part of the night of the year and update what my stomach not to steal something that phone bill parents these kids are all united in saying i'm old geezer here to stay late to wish you could go back to a simpler time doesn't it. this place i want anymore they are made from here on out without lights thirteen news now if you are more hidden modi meetings check out the story of thirteen is now dot com or social media expert of the sheep or him j will help you dissect more of those symbols are the photos of the cape hatteras national
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changes for the park and there is talk of keeping some beach is open at night and extending the beach driving season. you can weigh in on the idea is there is a public meeting next monday night. it starts at six of the hilton garden inn and kitty hawk. if you can't make it to the meeting go to thirteen years now dot com for a list of other meeting times the eastern shore health district is working to control the mosquito population the goal is to cut down on mosquito borne viruses especially as more seek a virus cases are found in the us three now confirmed in virginia health officials are asking people to get rid of any standing water near homes and keep trash bins covered you should also plant mosquito repelling plants in your flower and vegetable gardens and also around or doorsteps. well unlike today probably not gonna love tomorrow will be a big difference but you'll probably like the weekend as
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more more daily come every day here we got about an extra minute or so most evenings in terms of how late the sun sets so of course it's what three weeks i would guess a little over until we actually changed to daylight saving time so a lot of good news here in the forecast thirty seven out there right now that certainly chilly very chilly it'll be cold by nine o'clock an avid camper by the end of thirty two and then around thirty already by midnight lot of areas tonight are going to go down into the twenties low to mid twenties for the most moral and in one of the locations one at a second not quite as cold though newport news at forty two was that city of forty and wallets island even colder thirty three. compare those numbers to yesterday and almost everybody looks like everybody in fact is down at least one degree in most cases three four five degrees here across the immediate metro area tonight will continue to drop
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twenties and as i mentioned my morning right near the shoreline probably anywhere from thirty maybe thirty two most of us are going to be down in the twenties though closer you get to the metro area's more to be probably upper twenties but still model ana winds that's the good news we want to deal a whole lot with the windchill and then tomorrow morning notice of the high thin clouds starting the command instead of deep azure blue skies. i'm going to see mostly sunny tomorrow but sordid in the sunshine at times the summer's high thin clouds come tortoise as campers will be a little milder than today not by much but by a few degrees lower tomorrow's readings i think a degree or two over what i had said yes table by saturday morning chilly just not cold and that really heralds the start of the warm up into the weekend when starting the command at the southwest pushing us up to near sixty degrees and on sunday even higher than that you can see some of those high thin clouds already starting to stream and with that next influx of warm air tonight twenty seven for most of us
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mater right near the shoreline tomorrow twenty seven to start so cold forty six and dem sunshine are mostly sunny skies by afternoon and as we get into tomorrow evening not bad partly cloudy as you head out to celebrate the end of the workweek for most of you in the seven day forecast really nice on saturday. it's not seventy but for this time of year that is very nice sixty five on sunday a little rain possible early next week alright enough we are tracking the weather for you day and night so before you head out the door tomorrow morning check in with thirteen is now a day break starting at four thirty by scott cast tonight checking in on the super duper captain crab or crab just remember that and i think you just need to see cat barber play one time when he was younger to know he was going to be something special that nobody calls him antony anymore that was the superstar hanson high school mcdonald's all american as a crab or then of course he took his talents to riley plays north
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the lead the acc in scoring just keeps getting better and has been in motion the law in oswego and no teams that return to god that she was so not my best ability to drive so that my job to get his college coach mark gottfried came to hampton when cats jersey was retired. it brought back memories. well you first watched it you could see the speed and quickness and he's flying around a hundred miles an hour and the more you wash your bras are followed with his game had a player he was and then i got to know him as a person and you really start to like it even more so with the mentor program. he just does such a great job you know a lot of people realizing he's on track to graduate is a great role model around our communities been a great player this year the wolfpack is just three in ten in conference flights till the whole experience has been great for barbara
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me personally have been doing a great job is to nominate him or why this might seem so is this just isn't great he's projected as a second round draft pick right now he came out of school early to play in the nba is this something to talk with my family sometime i worried about our damages caused due to some frozen after he sure is fun to watch at any level of the place now we come back
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consider this a public service announcement you've got six more chances to catch the norfolk admirals over the next two explosive in the longest homestand of the season the season doesn't end up just telling a lot of chances to catch him and the way they play last night my lunch i got to play florida everglades. that was scott allen with the first goal of the night for the avs who did a good job of keeping the everglades in their own zone and they coughed up the pocket never scored again great chase it was to nothing after one the everglades who wore number one in the conference with the best record in the conference but the brain christoph or took them down as the admirals beat florida for two. they play the everglades tomorrow night and also saturday at school. thanks scott and
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o'clock you're up to date is
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the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you.
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breaking news tonight.
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the helicopter crashing into the water near pearl harbor. civilians on board. a popular trip for tourists. witnesses say it dropped from the sky. several on board. the heroes jumping into the water. also tonight, donald trump takes aim at pope francis, after the pope suggests trump is not christian. the moment on the pope's plane. and tonight, trump's fiery response. the terror attack in california, and this evening, major developments. the fbi moving in. in san bernardino, what did they find? forced to pay. the hackers locking personal computers, trapping your personal information, your photos. forcing you to pay to get it back. now, a hospital, patients' medical records hacked. and drivers beware tonight. some of the most troubling bridges in america. millions still traveling over them. we've got the list. good evening and we'll get to that feud by donald trump and the pope in just a moment.
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breaking news, the horrific chopper crash, not far from pearl harbor. the images coming in a short time ago. the chopper with several people onboard, crashing there into the watter off hawaii. the helicopter belonging to a tourist company, a popular flight for tourists. witnesses jumping into the water to save the passengers. the ntsb is investigating at this hour. abc's david kerley tonight on how they all survived this. at least one passenger in >> reporter: it happened in just seconds. the helicopter, just short of land, romming over in the water. >> holy crap! >> reporter: bystanders jump in to help the five people onboard. free one of them. all survived. one in a neckbrace. a 16-year-old male in critical condition. the chopper coming down in pearl harbor near the uss arizona memorial. >> it was scary.


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