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tv   13 News Noon  ABC  February 19, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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. yes a call for justice several rallies are planned today demanding justice for two people shot and killed by virginia beach police officer and remembering justice antonin scalia his body later pose right now will have a live report from the supreme court but we're going to get started in the weather lab this afternoon we are ending the week on a chilly note that some warmer temperatures are on the way meteorologists credible or is in the weather lah but with the details has a contract it's looking pretty good guys with you partly sunny skies right now i see some high thin clouds drifting by not bad though really and i was just taking a look trying to get some updated wins just make sure nothing was really kicking up and it isn't right now nothing gusty we give ne winds about five to ten mph shifting around a little bit more to the east know eventually come around to the southeast you can see with the satellite radar images what's going on at this moment we get some high clouds kind of pushing
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half the area down south more sunshine really a beautiful morning if you're gonna go out this afternoon making the object with you and also some sunglasses you want those as well. temperatures are a little cool still forty eight nor fix so we pretty much on track for a high today officially around forty five maybe forty six degrees there will be warmer conditions inland like yesterday from the spots get up close to fifty degrees now warmer weather is calming effect on the twenty four hour temperature change we're very close to where we were yesterday a little bit cooler temperatures will be warming is happening around forty five maybe forty six and mention officially warmer inland but what goes on tonight and into tomorrow when shifting that's going to warm us up significantly through the weekend so hang in there again is warming a bit this afternoon but the big warm up coming tomorrow with highs in the low sixties and mid sixties for sunday are the ford center forecast talk about a weather pattern
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come in and year career talk continue to monitor it for you before heading out the door people to be sure to download the thirteen years now whether caster app you can find it free in the app store google play. another math bus on the peninsula police say two earlier investigations led to an arrest overnight of the latest buzz happens and sydney place in newport news just before one thirty this morning police say they found meth making materials in a shed or csr j cohen joins us live at that scene. the guys in we were just able to confirm by newport news police department that it was twenty five year old terri meeks who was arrested and charged with allegedly making math and spelling math out of this newport news hold. now the raid happened early in the morning and police and hazmat team have now cleared the scene but this house remains can band neighbors on sydney place here describe what happened overnight is something we see in movies of course some relief for those who live here as they say they have their
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been going on the same meeks moved into this house about july of last year. now he lives right across from the street from this house told me there's always tons of traffic around this house people coming in out our hours. other neighbors down the stream just i mean they're glad police car window what's happening when they did push here and across three very cool blue of his get her schedule for once again this is important to know that this is just start a meth lab in newport news and this week alone and investigators have been working hard figuring out what the connection is between all those courses is a very developing story and will stay on top of it for you reporting live in newport news christopher j co thirteen years now. ty casino thank you always have a crime alert for you this new now to virginia beach town center says it is stepping up its
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break ins as according to our partners of the virginian pilot the city has added a second security guard after tuesday morning's break in at the city owned garage on main street crooks broke into nearly thirty vehicles even busting out some of the windows in several cases the cars had items taken from them. no arrests have been me row thirteen is back open and i collect county after a deadly crash that claimed the life of north carolina man the police a nineteen year old australian was killed in the wreck late last night according to troopers linda stephens turned her truck into the path of the band just before eleven thirty. the man stopped and was hit from behind by a tractor trailer the impact killed rainy stevens now facing charges of threat shuts down of virginia military academy and we're hearing home the message may be from and a precaution school officials are taking today. plus this. he's got an awfully big wall of the vatican. things are heating up on the campaign
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trump takes all the pope and coming up and our second half hour the bats would be a tourist helicopter that just fell from the sky in hawaii the whole thing caught on camera. this noon we're hearing the conditions of those who are inside of the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you.
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new avenue suspected threats from my sis keep a virginia military academy closed today. this is happening right now at hargreaves military academy that's just outside of danville. that warning came in the form of a direct message to the school's facebook page. the school is working with law enforcement to figure out who actually sent this message increase security is being added to the campus in the meantime and we're also following a developing situation in libya this morning a u s airstrike killed more than thirty islamic state recruits
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according to a report from the york times a military official told the paper that the warplanes were targeting a senior operative linked to two terror attacks last year in tunisia. well these are getting heated up on the campaign trail with just one day own till the next voting contests in nevada and south carolina candidates are holding back taking jabs at one another. abc's megan uses in charleston now with good morning america sticking to his stance. we have to the drugs from pouring into this after the pope said a person who thinks about building walls and not bridges is not a christian trump in a cnn forum last night. he's got an awfully big wall of the vatican candidate marco rubio and jeb bush are backing up trying inappropriate for the pope to intervene at the height of a contested primary rubio campaigning again today with the popular south carolina
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cruz appears the duck dynasty star phil robertson in myrtle beach to talk about a man that knows how to shoot a duck a citizen there says he's worried his canadian birth will disqualify a cruise is known about this issue for years and he could have done something about it he didn't lift his little finger to do anything about it on the democratic side it looks like a dead heat in this weekend's caucuses in nevada hillary clinton is not going down without a fight not just making speeches and lectures are free this and free the three every year in south carolina polls show the race is not as close trump has a double digit lead with cruz and rubio following many believing after tomorrow this could be three man race mega news abc news. columbia south carolina. well it's been almost two weeks since fiance super bowl appearance but it's still causing a buzz
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un known some star power will be behind spring commencement commencement of the college of william mary as jill alice she will speak at the may ceremony alice who graduated from william and mary in nineteen eighty eight coached the world cup winning u s women's national soccer team will also receive an honorary degree. alice was inducted into the college's thousand and two. well some sad news from the world of literature we're learning that author harper lee has died. she was eighty nine years old she died her
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alabama publisher confirmed the news via a tweet this morning the elusive writer authored the bestseller to kill a mockingbird widely considered to be one of the most culturally significant novels of the twentieth century a proposed bill could change roles associated with bbt card. the new york state lawmaker wants to block the use of food stamps luxury items like high end steaks lobster food. the bill was introduced wednesday further restricting the types of purchases that are high end or not nutritious. many critics say the bill would unfairly target low income people who rely on public benefits democrats have opposed measures like this in the past in two thousand fourteen the senate state or the state budget restricted the use of benefits for buying alcohol or tobacco apple is getting support in its battle with the fbi the tech giant is refusing to help investigators break into phone of san bernardino shooter say it for roque now facebook is siding with apple joining twitter and microsoft
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apple to break into the phone would set a very chilling precedent the social network pledged to fight against government efforts to weaken the security of consumer tech products. twitter ceo also expressed solidarity with apple tweaking we stand with tim cook and bill cosby is fighting back the seventy eight year old comedian has filed a civil suit against a woman whose sexual assault accusations led to his recent arrest caused these demanding that the accuser give back money he paid her in a confidential settlement because she cooperated with the police investigation was reopened in to this case the alleged victim is a former temple university employee who says cause we gave her pills and wine before sexually assaulting her cause he was arrested in december just before the twelve year statute of limitations expires at the ones that even count is back in court today and it could be a very important hearing. after today the team could be transferred to adult court. the texas team was
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driving drunk. he then fled to mexico with his mother when he was allegedly caught on camera drinking which would have violated his probation after his mom returned to the us in january fraternal order of police of vowing to boycott working security at one of the usa's upcoming concerts members of the miami chapter of the fop voted to boycott the april show happening in miami. well now they're calling on police officers everywhere to boycott all of her concerts included in her upcoming world tour. they believe that the singer used her super bowl performance to promote an anti police message. art will take a look right now the weather up in hampton skies are partly sunny we do have temperatures that are currently in the lower to mid forties up along the pencil five there in williamsburg newport news and forty one and we have low forties around fort eustis. right now
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mid forties in chesapeake and suffolk than elizabeth city forty four sectors generally down a little bit right now from where we were yesterday but it's not a bad day weekend is looking really good for us but it is chilly right now winds are north northeast at seven mph as we take a look the forecasts over the next twelve hours are going to see the temps topping out around forty six or so i think officially and following up later right now again it's a little cool the temperature should come up a bit to the mid afternoon and then drop into the evening the good news is that if you like warmer weather the winds come around to the southwest and that drives our temperatures up for tomorrow low sixties mid sixties on sunday released more merit to the west that will blow into the region so get ready for that will tailor the future cason again we are going to see the mix of clouds and sunshine across the region through the afternoon and tonight partly cloudy skies tomorrow looks to be partly sunny as well. you can see it's gonna be pretty peaceful as far as weather goes through the weekend and early next
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change up whether out across parts of kentucky and tennessee early sunday morning work eastward. i'd say by sunday evening into monday a chance for scattered showers around here initially again sunday afternoon still looking good to have outdoor plans sunday should be in great shape but sunday evening. it looks like a few showers could develop and will see that chance overnight monday. isolated showers and then it looks like tuesday was a little bit better chance for some more scattered what weather. so temperatures today close to forty six again it's become partly sunny and temperatures a little bit warmer and one but generally a little bit below normal thirty nine for the low tonight and then tomorrow we're back up to sixty two much warmer temps will be warmer still on sunday for tomorrow night you see that becoming mainly clear little break overnight going to see the temperatures really warm on sunday and then dropping off monday the mid fifties upper forties tuesday chances for scattered showers but with overnight lows down into the low forties that's obviously
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scattered showers rain showers and not snow or wintry precipitation this time so enjoy a warm weekend that's going to be nice chance for showers early next week. not a terrible looking seven day forecast and i don't think so much for this breaking news to tell you about right now there's a report of shots fired at fort eustis. the base is going on lockdown officials tell us they have no evidence of an active shooter on base we're going to keep following the story we'll be checking with a base for updates on this very important story just a military police investigating right now to determine what exactly is going on where the shots were fired was on base off base for the latest on her facebook twitter pages of course throughout thirteen years now and new one at a north or northern california ski resort area slept right through an avalanche one avalanche pushed a bus off the road into a roll up garage door a second one
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meadow employees on their way to work and somehow woman slept in a cabin right next door slip right through it in here even though i don't now much rather find you sleeping here they are and you heard nothing tired of the cafe and the aftermath of the flu is a silly statement right but as long as nobody was hurt but the good thing that's all that matters said is true which is a very heavy sleeper with the ski resort remain close the rest of the day because of the high wind and continuing avalanche danger and check this out betty richie decided to celebrate her eighty fifth birthday with some snow angels or can say that she has always had a very playful spirit and this video has made her into a local celebrity with this warmer weather this weekend it's time to get out of the house up next all to leave his raw nose here with a look at some
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. well if the warm weather is enough to get you outside this weekend we have plenty of other reasons. put your detective skills to the test or hear from a pulitzer prize winner here with the details he's got to go that everything going on around town as all dailies and a throttle hello and welcome back to back with those higher than what i know i've been interested in talking about the mouse talk
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playing at the narrow yes and the system by taking the whole weekend and this is one of our all daily movies jessica hill the fighter and reading the shining. yes simply the perfect light and winter on the fifth obviously not real chance this is where the adults only have made but we did some awesome stuff we do constant contact surprise as we have an o'connor beer bar and that benefits them use this to you even go to regular movie comes off and then a totally different kind of murder thriller going on with this marinated eight pm. it's the improvised murder mystery at the push comedy theater so you know like a murder mystery dinner theater thing while this is an improv group sell its all based on audience suggestions so anything can happen until the audience as they do this and then the iranians to gates the action of life in the present and it's only five dollars the tickets to interact and hang out have
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naturally good land on tomorrow at two p m totally different kind of arena pulitzer prize winning photographer and author preston giveaway is going to be at the chrysler museum of art. so the book that he journalist a process of the double in the deep blue sea and it's all about the ocean view neighborhood yeah how about community is kind of shaped around i'm coming up on the chesapeake bay that is used on its own state s and it's won a pulitzer obviously invented in all sorts of national news and is a free event see what would a pulitzer what our area exam to go with the world that he has protested are we have the a robe your grub and a barbecue competition now what exactly that is rounded out the services sunday at two pm this is going to be at the canary institute of virginia taking place at the virginia beach convention center fifteen dollars gets you into this bank and its the students from conway institute they're all kind of coming up with their own
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and toffee stone who is an international bbq met master he's going to be the judge as well as the on the vote the people who attend can vote there are only a hundred tickets available really get your tickets and i forgot to mention they're only ninety nine seats in the push comedy theatre will get you to get your tickets right away that the park i announced the nhl and get those tickets right
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. hi guys i've made it to friday for the weekend coming up spending part of it with the sun news at noon and lucy bustamante laundry see or
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live look from our virginia beach oceanfront camera over skyview their crib will have an update to your forecast just a few minutes but first let's recap the breaking news we told you about this a short time ago there are reports of shots fired at or around for eustis the base on lockdown right now and were told that they have no evidence of an active shooter on the base at this point we will keep checking with the base for updates else's but mission leader but it's thirty buses in that area as well. apparently the route number one zero six will be experiencing some back ups because of what's going on there so you may wanna consider an alternate route as well also updating this on our twitter pages right now will have all the latest information as it comes into us you will know. also this new police say tips from two previous bus led them to a third meth lab in newport news. this must happen overnight on saturday place at a texas found items used to make meth in a shed behind the house police say one man is in custody with charges pending in the home and
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and right now one of several demonstrations are taking place in the demanding justice for the two people killed by virginia beach police officers of the first was held this morning and not that this church you may remember that in september police shot and killed angela perry of perry an indicator that was after perry allegedly opened fire on officers from inside of a car that was driven by indicators caters baby was inside of the card the time but did not get hurt. police say they cater was just an innocent bystander honoring justice antonin scalia officials and the public are lining up at the supreme court to pay their respects. he was one of the most influential and controversial justices to sit on the high court. abc stephanie ramos is in washington d c with more stephanie under a lacy flies will fly at half staff here for about a month here the supreme court of honor justice antonin scalia now both mourners in u s
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the court gathering to remember him almost a week after his passing supreme court justice antonin scalia is mourned in our nation's capitol court police serving as pallbearers and former law clerk serving as honorary pallbearers. the casket carrying slowly his body slowly brought up the supreme court steps to lie in repose in the great hold the court on the same pedestal that held the casket of president abraham lincoln one of the great rooms of washington and somber but filled with light inside the justices standing in the order in which to sit on the supreme court bench. let's pray for the coming of the kingdom scalia son who is a priest father paul scalia offering a prayer in your wisdom you have called your servant and ten out of this world the conservative icon the first italian american on the high court and the longest serving justice the anger of the conservative wing of
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sudden death marked by republicans and democrats alike influenced a generation of judges lawyers and students and profoundly shaped the legal landscape justice scalia was an american hero he was a lion of the law justice to his family including his ninety children and thirty six grandchildren and friends as well as president obama and the first lady will pay their respects today inside the building where he built a legacy after the private ceremony this morning the public viewing began the mourners can view school his casket until eight o'clock tonight. the funeral is set for tomorrow here in washington dc at the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception vice president joe biden will attend the funeral of the supreme court. stephanie ramos they're doing is now a dramatic helicopter crash caught on camera the most
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this noon. we're hearing from those who pulled the victims from the water and can throwing a temper tantrum
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. i are we just got some new information about the breaking news we'll tell you about reports of shots fired for eustis right now
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about an hour ago shots were fired outside a building six fifty that is what we're told by the base officials say they have no evidence of an active shooter on the base right now. also there are no reports of any casualties that just came with last few minutes we have a reporter on the way to the sea right now look for a live update as soon as they get there right now one of several demonstrations are taking place demanding justice for two people killed by virginia beach police officers of the first was held this morning and not baptist church you may remember back in september police shot and killed angelo perry and indicator after perry allegedly opened fire on officers from inside a car driven by kate figures baby was inside the car the time but was not hurt. we seek agar was an innocent bystander. now there is a call for justice in her death thirteen years now reporter erik ainge is live at one of those rallies right now. eric
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this was the first of several demonstrations that will take place this weekend gina best coming down from maryland to virginia beach where her daughter idiot kicker was shot and killed by police five months ago and a seven eleven parking lot. her daughter was an innocent bystander who got caught in the crossfire that's what police say. but after months of investigation there are still few answers for gina's so she wants police to answer some of them one of them are the names of the officers that were involved she wants to know the names of the officers that are in administrative duty pending the outcome in investigation right now she also wants to see the surveillance video at the seven eleven that captured the deadly shooting there were two officers inside this gathering here and they told her it was somewhat of an awkward exchange that while they express their condolences. it would be unlikely that police released the video because the investigation still going on. he also talked about a
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facebook that has been seen more than a couple million times to listen to what she had to say about that just the transparency and this tone in his life full significant and his wife mrs company in indiana does but soon i hear i cannot embrace he might kill her and the other day that is why i had to be the air. and@from here gina and her supporters are going to the commonwealth's attorney they are the ones handling the criminal investigation they're the ones that will decide whether or not before officers are involved here will be charged were told by the commonwealth attorney that they cannot release the video because they're still having it examined in there trying to enhance its no word yet on when that video will be released but we do know gina is on her way at least will be there in a
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the commonwealth's attorney demanding some answers will be there with their reporting live in virginia beach area came thirteen years now the hill to look at that unbelievable yet terrifying chopper crash in hawaii see right there all caught on camera. the dramatic picture filled the final moment in spectacular fashion with this new hearing from those save the lives of those who are on board the chopper was five taurus that were on it when it went down all of them pulled from the wreckage alive but they did get hurt a fifteen year old passenger remains in critical condition at the c scale we were in ny now with details a heart stopping moment caught on camera the helicopter carrying torres near pearl harbor. suddenly plummeting into the ocean just twenty feet from shore a family of four including a fifteen year old boy and the pilot on
12:39 pm
from the sky then crashing into the water sinking near the popular pearl harbor visitor center witnesses frantically jumping and how they'll jump the wall in right over the health and everything in my pockets witnesses say almost immediately three people swim to the surface but the fifteen year old reportedly trapped underwater for several minutes before he was finally pulled out of the wreckage the uh the first responders performed cpr on the boy before he was transported to the hospital in critical condition the house this morning the ntsb is investigating what caused this doors off helicopter to go down. bystanders say the last thing they heard the chopper sputtering been too loud bangs before it crashed all right we are continuing to follow breaking news out of fort eustis
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now the base is on lockdown the slow start about an hour ago when we got a report of shots fired outside a building six fifty. officials say they have zero evidence of an active shooter on base also no reports of any casualties. we do have a reporter on the way look for a live update as soon as possible. we are staying on
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alright guys back to that breaking news on the peninsula there is a report of shots fired at fort eustis right now is in building six fifty. however reports have no casualties have been confirmed at this point. also no evidence that the active shooter is there yet right now the base is on lockdown about an hour ago the shots were fired outside building six fifty the address six fifty munro avenue course newport news was that officials say they
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there's an active shooter on the bass part of any casualties once again so we do have a reporter headed there. you can look for a live update as soon as we get here and we're back with a health alert this new regarding kidney health human trials for an artificial kidney could start as early as next year there's been a team of scientists from vanderbilt university combining living kidney cells with special microchips powered by the human heart to filter out toxins in the bloodstream which is what your kidneys due. researchers say the project is driven by the lack of kidneys available for transplants a new form of stress relief is proving to be quite popular. i could see why adults are being encouraged to throw temper tantrums listen to the accompanying his sin now providing rooms filled with whatever the client chooses trash or other donated items to destroy the clients can choose five ten or fifteen
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sledgehammer to a tv or baseball bat to a coffee mug it's all about getting out that frustration am pretty sure there's a prize no thought about this already and when i just yelled yeah well again i agree the aggression out there and go while we're staying on top of breaking news once again out of four uses reports of an active shooter on at this point early shots fired there in the base is on lockdown we have reported on the way to see right now they're also our newsroom is working to get very latest information
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we are staying on top of breaking news on the peninsula there's a report of shots fired at fort eustis. yes right now based on lockdown. by now or go faster farther outside building six fifty munro avenue field base officials say they have it no evidence
12:47 pm
shooter on the base and all also there are no reports of any casualties as well we do have a reporter on the line right now my thinking here is a what do you know mike well you know want go toilet after all is right now to this gate at the das office five hundred times in my life and it looks just like a regular day the only starters though with nothing to suggest anything unusual at this point it looks exactly like that would normally look all that said i have read of the press release from the army came out of about fifteen minutes ago has just now saw a few of the life we start to discuss the case anyways that the flesh at least it makes it clear that something of some sort after they shot a floral with a
12:48 pm
to the army outside this building which i don't know what the point of this happened sometime after eleven this morning that they emphasize not an active shooter situation that there were no casualties. it boggles the mind is forced to think of what could have half of the obviously could've happened after that just part of a weapon of them but i would not speculate because i have no idea the army has not been forthcoming yet as to what the situation was possibly can he repeat his shots were fired outside a building to be sometime after the morning on an active shooter situation look at what i can see right now what does the use of the total lockdown of you out of patience with mike was a function of that base we know it's an army base what kind of operations go on the face of great aka army training
12:49 pm
little lobsters the plot strategy is actually considered a future up of army operations around the world all through the seven suspended for gays to move cargo and personnel around the world is essentially the officials here have been affected so it's not a place to use and how it differs in that sort of army base is more of a logistics base at the mall the central command were especially great because we all like to thank you so much for your insight to what's going on there right now we'll check in with you a little bit later about what is happening at tough for you sissy army son of the installation of their building six fifty the military says us six shots were fired around eleven thirty this morning however they have not been
12:50 pm
happened who was shot how someone was shot but they do see the girl looking into the active shooter at this point right now we've been getting most of our news at this point not just from their press releases that are sending us but also their twitter feed and a lot of you all have been sharing information either hearsay or actually people that have said that they're there in that building but that there is no active shooter we actually have a leash on standby right now looking at the social media feeds a leash are you ready. ok let's go over to lisa to see exactly what she is learning and the clarity and decided i just want to tell you though that hrt they did send out a message that there could be some delays in that area because of the of the activists of the situation so does watch out if you do take a bus that goes in that area there might be some delays going there again my goody was just at the scene he says he saw couple of police cars screaming through the gates of four uses but he does not seem overly overly aggressive police presence at the base at this point we're going to go over right now be going over to weather guys that
12:51 pm
we're gonna get an update on your forecast at this point crack yet we will be getting a lot more in the story from fort eustis in just a know it will quickly touch on the weather for the weekend sixty two minus sixty five on sunday skies can be partly sunny there's a chance for a few evening showers spawn forecasts yesterday we actually reset it because the actual wind chills a little bit warmer than what we were thinking for yesterday but we had a perfect forecast in a row going to start the streak over going friday around forty six right now at forty norfolk forty five in virginia beach and williamsburg forty six forty one in newport news we have low forties around fort eustis and again watching temperature change last twenty four hours we're down just a little bit. skies are partly sunny in the windsor north northeast and seven were to see those winds shifting around and eventually with southwest winds. this former ops the western attempt this for the weekend and it will warm up significantly so look for a nice weekend with partly sunny skies a few snow showers farther north that
12:52 pm
us partly cloudy through the afternoon tomorrow is going to be a partly sunny day should be a nice one with those low sixties looking forward to that mid sixties on sunday coming up so we give a great looking weekend or next storm system produces a threat of showers sunday evening you'll see that is because of the afternoon sunday still dry around here but by sunday evening a few passing showers especially to the north and then we dried out early monday but they'll be additional opportunities for showers later monday so today's temps around forty six degrees skies become partly sunny again the wind shifting around as we go to the evening thirty nine with partly cloudy skies to mas high back up around sixty two and obviously it's going to be warm or how about a low tomorrow night a forty six sets today's high here to see temperatures in the mid sixties on sunday and then a little cooler next week but above freezing so we are looking at a chance for rain showers early next week as a day or following that for you the situation closely with center back over. yeah right thank you very much we're
12:53 pm
quick there is a parallel shots fired report on fort eustis just outside of building six fifty happened about thirty to forty minutes ago yet they were eleven thirty so army not saying exactly what is happening they all they will say at this point is they're not searching for an active shooter but i will tell you a lot of people have been on our facebook page is common to people prayed rather commenting about what is happening over there to base right now let's go over to lee shaver who has been watching the social feeds on this yet with the entree you know this is such an interesting situation we got this message from it we actually start doing some more digging and you know the first place people go when these incidents is to social media to find out what's going on so we've been looking at j b l e news this is their official twitter account and even posting updates throughout the morning to kind of keep us updated here. i want to see this other map this show's twitter activity around that area c can see some of these twitter icons these are people on the base actually physically there on the beast weeding again they don't have much information
12:54 pm
are on lockdown so a lot of interesting information going on here a lot of unconfirmed information we're going to keep watching in social media and to be updated accordingly things that you so much i think we have live pictures from the scene over for use this right now to share with you see right there. all right we just got renewed for a show about the zoo the lockdown of cali has been lifted about a minute ago. once again my coding said that everything did look pretty normal when he was there with the exception of a police car going through the gates with the lights on but once again a lockdown at fort eustis has been lifted after reports of shots fired at fort eustis about an hour ago that is just outside of newport news is the center of trade aka it's very high level of training for army officers and now once again we will keep you updated as to what happened where those shots came from and if there was ever any signs of imminent danger as we can to look life in the senior couple things
12:55 pm
pulled the trigger right who was shot in the press least it's a shot fired if anyone with a company gets a shot if anyone was injured and who was heard in all of this my coding at the scene right now is that he was being moved back away from the base a crew there was being moved back away from the base according to our crew there were not really sure why they're pushing them further away from this area are working to find out that information right now as well as dickinson details about what's happening there alright my cutting do we have you on the phone again ok we're still waiting on but it's definitely some conflicting information if they're removing mike from just outside of the base and then we hear that lockdown has been lifted though there is still there so many details guys that are. we have to learn here we will definitely keep you posted as we get it but the people the scene treating on social media no reports of anybody getting hurt more when we see things like this lot and it escalates very quickly this has stayed very calm out of the reports of shots fired
12:56 pm
sometimes it's a precaution that they take when there is an accidental discharge of a weapon on this is where met a lot of security training goes on so of course there are a once in the early going. my coding is joining us once again from for you guess what more he learned the mohammed lockdown has actually been lifted at this point so we're still awaiting details of what actually transpired here that as you're reporting on throughout the last hour so there was a situation shots were fired at some point that the security forces responded though there were no casualties there was no active shooter and the lockdown was lifted said the lockdown was in place for some some period of time some twenty thirty forty minutes but during the time we've been here the pass office we haven't been able to detect anything other than business as usual it appeared as though vehicles were going in and out just as they normally would so obviously waiting for a lot of the details to
12:57 pm
lockdown lifted the shots fired no active shooter no casualties that's about all of the forty at this point i think i kidding we will definitely keep an eye on the situation is different more developments on every still coming at this point though we're still waiting and trying to get in touch with the folks over at the base to find out exactly what transpired when that one some sort of a weapon did go off to discharge their building six fifty eleven thirty this morning. now our president military reporter mike getting is not sure what the operations are well within the building. six fifty eight is a very large base just outside of newport news. but it's definitely something that just does not happen often we've seen a lot of the situations lately unfolded if they say yan cylinder nine. not very good in fact what this does not appear at least right now in the service to be anything more than shots fired police were told and there's no
12:58 pm
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now he something is just fundamentally broken when african americans are more likely to be arrested by police, and sentenced to longer prison terms, for doing the same thing that whites do. ...when too many encounters with law enforcement end tragically. we need investments in education, health care and jobs, to counter generations of neglect. we have to face up to the hard truth of injustice and systemic racism. i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message. from television studio two in new york city, "the chew" brings you flashback friday, legends of hollywood. we are rolling out the red carpet and getting you ready for oscar sunday. mario's serving up an award-worthy dish that definitely can't be beat, then michael symon's going for the gold with a mouthwatering dish
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