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tv   13 News 4  ABC  February 19, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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answers us guard for tuesdays we have fresh details on what triggered a lockdown. plus she isn't even old enough to drive but nascar is honoring this local girl today at daytona. this is serious girl power. the news in four starts right now. our big scare today at four uses the base was ordered into lockdown by the army following reports of shots fired at buildings were secure and canine units responded and the search for an active shooter and victims was launched but in the end it appears to admin a mis understanding like that and joins us now with details jennifer g unfortunately this ends up being a good news story no shooter no shots fired no victims and the fort for protection security mechanism worked perfectly. it ended up being
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been something something bad will happen to building six fifty to four years to soldier support center where all incoming troops check in around eleven thirty a m bass nine one one operators receive reports from three civilian contractors that they'd heard shots fired and thus began the lockdown. we since we didn't know what was going on the timing is better to think of the worst and we retract offer that we do security forces determined there was no active shooter and no shooting victims and guessed that whatever shots may or may not have been heard were not a threat but more likely a nearby firing range. that's exactly what we deduced if you think about eustis and also on the couch like a funeral detail the news times weapons will be discharged and his noises throughout the installation by twelve forty five pm some seventy five minutes after it started the lockdown was lifted and everything returned to normal but in an
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criminals can and have attacked military installations like fort hood like the washington navy yard like the uss my hand at naval station norfolk the seven thirty third mission support commander says it was prudent to take this threat seriously just in case we have lessons learned as though we've got some ways we've got a new better but nonetheless the media that is that the emergency managers and nurses mothers did exactly that and the army says that the cause of the incident is currently under investigation although if no improper shots were actually fired there may not be much to investigative reporting live by getting thirteen years now i tgif the whole day today the weekend looks like it's gonna be absolutely beef let's get the party starter right now and take a look at newport news omar al of cu skyview at oyster point one of us might just be nice a little chilly but temperatures fairly close to where we would expect them to be this time of year meanwhile as you can see there's just nothing on radar
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thin clouds at times. talk about those yes to giving us little bit of sort of a dim sunshine at times so for this evening typically were around fifty for a high today we were somewhere in the upper forties so again the slightly below normal that starts the trend towards the modern conditions but obviously this evening we're going to see those readings falling back here a little bit into the thirties but notice how they don't go all out lower and in fact even seem to not only sort of steady but maybe go up a degree or so into the middle of the night that shows obviously that will not be nearly as cold as last night and then this is what we were approximately at for a number today forty six to forty eight depending on your location. that's the weekend and then that's next week so the warmest weather coming up is the next two days but with the warm air from the south comes the chance of some rain eventually by later in the day sunday how much later when should you plan your
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that coming up just a few minutes i paced out today a grieving mother is demanding answers from virginia beach police about what happened to her daughter gina passed on in decatur died during a virginia beach police involved shooting back in september her son's or daughter's death. bass has post for more details on what happened that night erik ainge ones is live from virginia beach headquarters where tina bassett just arrived a few minutes ago erich jaeger regina gina just went inside she's having a one on one meeting with chiefs of air right now trying to get to the bottom over what happened to her daughter she's frustrated with the lack of transparency the department has had in investigating her daughter's death last september list recent video from when gina best first arrived in virginia beach she came down this morning from maryland speaking and crying into a small gathering at a church bess gave an emotional plea for answers she along with
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lives matter group called police out that she did send two police officers to attend that mean the officers extended their condolences but best in her supporters demanded that police released this surveillance video at seven eleven that captured the deadly shooting. she says that police had dragged their feet with investigating this and she's had enough. no mother should ever feel ignored and disregarded to the point of desperation is not because i never got a call from the police department's amazing and it took three days for them he would call me back. we came here to see the video if you have the answers for the community for this mother and the common also attorney is not releasing that video yet they are the ones doing a criminal investigation so they're going to be the ones
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charges they say they need to review the tape further and see if they can enhance it more to get to the bottom of that tape. gina just came from the prosecutor's office she met with a couple of them she says it was a cordial meeting but she still is pushing for an independent investigation. yesterday she went to the department of justice and ask them to step in reporting live in virginia beach area came thirteen years now in a few days portsmouth will have a new top cop the time to chat men will take the oath to become chief of police on monday chapman replaces cheese and hard as he retired in june two thousand fifteen. she secretary of public safety and homeland security and as richmond's deputy police chief the swearing in is monday morning at city hall alright it is friday it is rush hour and it is busy out there were taking a look at not one but two multi vehicle crashes causing three mile backups let's start in
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four east. here's a live look at the remaining seed at which top row you can see here blocking the right lane a solid two and a half to three mile backup to military highway in norfolk and you can't really see it here but at the point where the back of his most of the year was really between military and i would say really approaching the accident scene right before this point i was speaking with us the best law schools are david executive producer. he then took him thirty minutes to move half a mile so if you do not have to use to sixty four east this afternoon i advise you do not at least until you can get past which tough road and the year moving smoothly as we headed the direction of the oceanfront. we also have big traffic trouble in virginia beach and chesapeake on sixty four east. i'll talk about that when i come back but it's one way kids used to get around but is there trouble you know one of those hover boards today a federal safety agency sent a strongly worded message to hover board
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make changes or risk the consequences investigative reporter mark allen joins us with an update to the hover boards hot wheels investigation she bought two just two days ago we got our hands on this just really slattery was sent out to all manufacturers importers and retailers of hover boards reports of fifty to hover board fires causing more than two million dollars in property damage in just the last year alone prompted a strongly worded reaction right now they're only voluntary safety standards for hover boards the director is urging manufacturers and retailers to comply with them for the safety of their consumers. this goes a step further however the latter says the cpsc officers in the field will consider any hover boards at not meeting the standards to be defective and imminent hazards. here's what that means agency officials find such products being imported vacancies them
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domestically officials can seek a recall. this is the strongest action the cpsc has taken at dealing with the hot toys it has been investigating for several months now of course we have been investigating the hot toys as well. on wednesday we told you local emergency room doctors right here in hampton roads are seeing a spike in people injured while riding hover boards. we've put the full letter online so you can check it out for yourself laura geller thirteen years now. in other tech news if you're the owner of a drone now is the time to register it with the government today is the deadline for drone pilots thirteen years old and up to register drones but before december twenty first if you bought a drone after that you must register it before you can fly outdoors you could face a hefty fine of up to two hundred and fifty thousand dollars and even three years in jail if you fly in on registered row
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the race for the white house is getting angry with two more contests on the line this weekend candidates are lashing out and trying to rally one of those big races down in south carolina his abc's mega news donald trump fired up the myrtle beach crowd about his plan to build a wall who is going to pay for the wall. ooh days after pope francis that a person who builds walls not bridges isn't christian. back in clarifying this morning the pope and wasn't referring specifically to trump trump says he thinks the mexican government manipulated the pontiff. they had him convinced that illegal immigration is like a wonderful thing but wonderful for us. wonderful for mexico the latest polls show trump
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south carolina voters i think they fit best for way more going forward so it's six before it could be a three way race after tomorrow cruz appearing today with duck dynasty star phil robertson talk about amanda knows how to shoot a duck the texas senator is under fire himself with court challenges to his name on the ballot now in several states the latest illinois and new york. cruz was born in canada but says he's eligible for the presidency because his mother was a us citizen. democrats hillary clinton bernie sanders are both focused on his weekends caucus in nevada shown the world that democracy is alive and well here in about the queen and sanders are neck and neck heading into tomorrow's caucus is the primary here in south carolina may not be as tight knit me in the past mega news abc news. columbia south carolina and we have more analysis of south carolina and nevada stay with us because janet speaks with abc news political director rick
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on the race as it stands right now that's coming up just a few minutes before i was all virginians are showing their support for presidential candidates in the form of campaign cash here are the numbers from the virginia public access project. hillary clinton received the most funds from virginians out of all the candidates. she pulled and two point nine million dollars for her campaign. jeb bush came in second with one point three million mark on the other came in third with more than six hundred and sixty five thousand dollars prompting even making to the top six but south hampton roads is one of the strongest regions of support with more than six thousand dollars in donations. now a new project ahead for the scientists to expose the water crisis in flint michigan mark and words from virginia tech will assess alleged contamination york colin powell made on the team's whether he will test private wells and the richmond area the nonprofit hands across
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edwards because of his high profile record if you're a big carolina panthers fan you'll have to dig a bit deeper into your wallet to buy tickets for game the panthers announced they'll raise ticket prices for the third straight season ticket holders are expected to see a price increase anywhere between five dollars and twelve dollars at bank of america stadium after winning the division title going to the super bowl the panthers sent out renewal packets to permanent seat license home owners in the stadium is in the middle of its final renovations. not too bad out there today obviously a lot countries a little below normal but not much nothing on radar that's going to stay the same. not only tonight tomorrow tomorrow night in the day sundays will give you the details on what part of the day you should i think you can probably
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now forty seven degrees again typically in the afternoons right now we're around fifty to fifty one. pressure is falling slowly but no major systems headed our way anytime soon so i'll sort of steady off later tonight i laugh from this morning pretty nice sunrise and then again we talked about sort of some high thin clouds at times they giving us a little bit of a dim sunshine you can see we certainly had that and then as we got in the afternoon but more of the bright sun trying to return temperatures out there right now forty eight in newport news a little cooler forty two in smithfield forty three in gloucester look at mel for the land wall of silence that matter in the thirties they are all we have fifty showing up in a few areas especially sort of down the south and or western little bit places like suffolk down in part to north carolina. this is why we're expecting such a nice weekend the different wind direction that starts to move in later tonight and partly because of that with a southerly breeze
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cold tonight typically were lower to mid thirties for a low tonight we're only going to see temperatures in the game at the airport inland areas it's definitely lower thirties would be a typical night and look at tonight upper thirties in your forties so well that is chile is again above where we should be and that leads to temperatures well above where we should be for tomorrow as they rise up in the sixty couple days ago i was going lower sixties yes i said i was dropping that only sixty some very minor change now go back to where i was originally going to say lower sixties officially and areas away from the water of the summit sixty still call for mid sixties on sunday as well so that's the good news by late in the day sunday though as those temperatures warm up will start to bring in some moisture from the deep south and we will look for some showers very late in the day sunshine in the morning clouds in the afternoon rain least some showers in the evening so the earlier you make your
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sunday the better for you as you can see some as high thin clouds moving and spawn forecast says at least ten degrees above normal tomorrow today we said forty six and so far with forty eight sore back that looks like a starting a new streak of one in a row and seven day forecast and looks like this sixty two tomorrow sixty five on sunday with clouds in the afternoon and by evening a few showers possible possible shout likely showers sunday night possibly in a very early on monday and then tuesday wednesday bringing temptress or to settle him back where they should be right up next a local girl gets a big honor today dad and anna came from nascar and
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five the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you.
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. welcome back
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racer at thirteen macy coffee the middle not the other driver's permit. but she got a big honor from nascar today at daytona speedway in mark and she's getting and you with love and support from her grandmother who also made some noise of her own behind the wheel back in the day i get to know her name because this thirteen year old restaurant manager may think of you may seek all these on the fast track to something special that's a card with the pink thirty three atom and enjoy the same time it's like the money to the manner that is in the car especially with people that are older than me and especially being the only female and the other side were assembling a backing that same time i have a job honoring her with a young racer award at daytona five hundred yes not as a minority or girl who's overcoming challenges to pursue their
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industry. i'm never gonna forget it in the hopewell the race in daytona five hundred monday the former macy's fueled by law for her grandmother diane teal but diane isn't your ordinary grandma made the two of them at some of them are a nascar sanctioned race so to accomplish something like that and had me do i do now is really cool on this that about me and not just on the track. grandma loves macy's good heart she felt she had breast cancer than to school every day she came to my house to watch the duchess amanda foreman said it was there for me now. grandma holmes may seek an answer in the nascar history books in my car being there one day ac has a message for children the when it comes to overcoming challenges they face their future which i do it's just exciting to get that one day and all the trials of this shot that
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hall of fame in portsmouth which is really cool i think it was ricky rudd scar is that ok she said she hopes to have her car in there one day i bet she will know what she has a choke your hands right now because they want to show you just end up picture of macy and a brand new trophy that she got back to daytona in the next great one. she's thirteen she has the distinction of being the youngest female to ever race at langley speedway in awe at the next we saw all the footage of her number thirty three going around in grandma's a racer to grab the bus and macy will be at the daytona five hundred this weekend watching today for its bird roberson emigrate see that i have the time maybe somebody watches are there some bankers are one attack showdowns continue
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. a nice sunny weather on this the last cold day of the week because tomorrow is going to be kind warm and jeff has all the information on just how warm is going to get as we look at this video. holly avenue in norfolk va and it will be very nice now granted it's not going to be seventy or seventy five like it will be a maybe at times another month from now that's not the average but occasionally will hit that as we get into march. tomorrow only going to be sixty this sixty five this weekend. so again that compared to what we've seen lately especially is very nice there's nothing out there to track in terms of any precipitation there won't be tomorrow. late sunday though there will be so early in the day you get out sunday the batter. although for almost the entire bulk of the daylight hours you have to worry about any rain until sunday evening temperatures
4:30 pm
spots now williamsburg you're down to only up one in virginia beach and newport news. most areas i would say that averages out to three or so degrees higher. tonight spots to near forty i think will make some upper thirties for the more rural locations but again that is significantly above last night we had a lot of twenties and then look that's a nice little climb we have into tomorrow. talk more about that timing for the rain later in the weekend when i come back in just few minutes i ashley is here is friday afternoon's work am afraid to ask. yeah i'm kind of afraid to look i'm going if it's busy out there the bridges and tunnels we have those backups. we have to un usual backups two to two multi vehicle accident when i dive into that for folks that are about to head out to take a look first at the traffic network maps and you see all the red working across the south side here you can kind of make out of the top there will be on the peninsula as well so be watching all of your rush
4:31 pm
to talk first about those multi vehicle crashes and we start with the look between chesapeake and virginia beach tx that we haven't yet discussed here. sixty four eastbound just past new river road approaching greenbrier parkway. you can see what's left of the accident right now is blocking the right lane before this point a three and a half mile back up starting before you get two to sixty four so try to avoid if you can maybe using military highway is another route i'm going to keep you posted on this. the accident on tuesday for ease of which stuck in virginia beach and all the rush hour delays on facebook twitter and of course right here on thirteen years now. i think so much a call to over is just a click away on your phone and it might be a click away from saving a life of the dmv is looking into what role ride sharing companies are playing in a decrease and rocking driving crashes deaths in virginia. the agency reported a four percent decrease in alcohol related crashes from
4:32 pm
fifty are jimmy lee has more will the dmv commissioner says it's too early to definitively say that gruber and laughter are playing a role in this he says there is a casual connection to the dmv is looking into it expensive. it's a lot better than trying to drive down here on the edge too drunk to drive just taken over with new reich actually got to have a better time not even worry about how many get home thinking driving deaths in virginia are significantly down over the last year preliminary numbers from the dmv show like twenty two percent decrease from twenty fourteen twenty fifteen hundred over driver andrew parks says he knows the numbers are down because of ride sharing companies lot of people that i've given rides to set it that it wasn't for over their chance and probably drink and drive on any given friday or saturday night andrew says he
4:33 pm
people just had too much to drink what you can pick somebody up a couple incidents where people had too much to drink in hand let out the car he says it's gratifying to know that he's keeping the roads safer and potentially saving lives that make you feel like you've done something good for the day i don't consider myself a hero a thunderstorm job jenny be thirteen years now. potential terrorist threat may school officials canceled classes today at a private virginia military academy. that's hard gray military academy in chatham long force man and school officials say the threat made on line could be linked to the islamic state the school's president says the message was sent to one of the school's social media accounts local and federal law enforcement are investigating the threat turning now to the dock of an inspirational american author and pulitzer prize winner. harper lee. her book
4:34 pm
an enduring best seller in classic film for most of my life lee divided her time between new york city in her hometown of monroeville alabama which inspired the book's fictional may come feed either the age of eighty nine the latest news now from that helicopter crash at pearl harbor that tops the headlines for us we check usa today docked on a sixteen year old is holding on for his life right now he is in critical condition look at that he was trapped underwater in that tourist helicopter that crashed in a pro harper you just saw the crash a moment ago the other people on board made it out of the chopper they're okay but witnesses say the teen had become free from the sea but crash happened yesterday about twenty feet off shore right next to the lawn of the pearl harbor visitor center for the first time the federal government is using biometric technology to verify the identities of foreigners leaving the united states on foot before now people who left the country were rarely check by us authorities as
4:35 pm
canada through ports of entry will now travel to stand in front of a futuristic looking machine that reads facial features and the iris of their eyes and the affluent the team is back in the news right now the new development today his case will move to adult court. ethan couch was originally given ten years' probation for killing four people in a drunk driving crash back in twenty thirty min he was sixteen then police say he and his mother fled to mexico after video surfaced showing him at a party where alcohol was served while he was on probation couch could face one hundred twenty days behind bars right thank you regina. well plans are in the works for reducing resources right here in virginia beach a special free screening of ocean frontiers and panel discussion will take place tuesday at walden university to talk more about the progress is mark's legal director of research and conservation of the virginia aquarium marine science
4:36 pm
joining us tell us about the goals of the screen. well the screening is is trying to take a rather complicated processes you can imagine is ocean planning trying to manage all the very many things that happen out there in the ocean and make them understandable to everyone and be and help us to plan what we're going to do out there in the ocean the fundamental concept is that two to promote the development of sustainable economic activity in the same time protect and restore green eco systems a lot at stake our area of core course were some of the issues that will be discussed specific to the hampton roads area. well i think like a lot of areas along the east coast things like offshore energy development is probably one of those things will be high on the list whether it's wind energy or oil or gas those are the kind of things that are really on everybody's mind but there's some lesser known things like like mining like sand mining and minerals mining they can take place out there has even some plans for offshore aquaculture and
4:37 pm
worked around maritime uses the military needs of the ocean and things like that and the research some about the resort we are looking into. well there's a lot of research going on right now mainly because when you have a baseline we need to know what's happening out there right now we're doing research on whales and sea turtles and other marine life it's out there trying to get that baseline in place so that when we when it comes time to actually plan these developments offshore will be able to understand the impacts. again it is a free screening mark thank you so much for john thank you dan and i knew i was spurred giant presidential head statue sits on a farm abandon from amuse and beating preservation. the owner
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i hide the next voting in the presidential race is tomorrow with the south carolina gop
4:41 pm
democratic caucuses. this comes as the race tightens between hillary clinton and bernie sanders and as front runner donald trump feuds with the pope after the pope question drums christianity we spoke today with abc news political director rick klein i actually think the pope gave them a favor usually donald trump has to work really hard to change the subject and to get to talk about something other than his record on things like abortion or his support for the iraq war and opposition after that so i think the fact that he's having a fight with with the pope elevates him in the minds of voters. i don't think any candidate wants to have their faith questioned by the pope himself but he's got a pretty effective response to that about his own fate and i think it may play into some longer term concerns that voters have around him but in the immediate term donald trump is just too strong a political figure for even the pope to bring down the real race going to be for number two number three and beyond that ted cruz and marco rubio locked in a tight battle to be the alternative
4:42 pm
merge and then beyond that jeb bush does his campaign continue on if he finishes a distant fourth. add the other side of the aisle you have hillary clinton and bernie sanders of me is extremely tight race in nevada if hillary clinton doesn't win this caucus was i going to say for her campaign that would set off alarm bells because what happens in las vegas is going to have a long term consequence in other states starting with south carolina next week in states like nevada have to be states that hillary clinton secures pretty soon you're talking about bernie sanders is a legitimate contender for the nomination. i will see what happens and the primary in virginia by the way will be march first north carolina health officials are reporting the state's first of a cold virus case the person with the virus traveled to a country where an outbreak of the virus is ongoing. health officials and the person has already recovered from the virus symptoms including mild
4:43 pm
including fever rash joint pain and red eyes. we told you yesterday virginia health officials confirmed three cases and the state. north carolina's air national guard in charlotte will be home to so much some larger military aircraft. if approved by congress a new proposal shows that charlotte will lose the eight c one thirties thirties used in firefighting missions but will receive a to c seventeen twenty eight in fiscal year the air national guard says the c seventeen is used for military cargo and shows a shift in air force structure plan one c seventeen know is unable to do is more strategic in nature of which the budget and not that bad b o d department advanced and has decided this is as being a campus aside the same once our days are expected to go to other bases and the country in north carolina
4:44 pm
was already built for c seventeen. so no major adjustments will have to be made to accommodate a virginia woman is stepping on the music stage with a big time country music star. all while battling stage four breast cancer. masa para has more on the story the other stuff like clean country air with cowboy boots and told me she think is ready for her country during jason aldean just three years ago she was living a nightmare i was honestly nine s which are making a breast cancer in january two thousand and thirteen which was hard for the mother of a large family i have been added to marry from twenty one years and we have five children four daughters and one fun but she says they made her strong i haven't been able to just not function without breast cancer had to keep going even on days i didn't feel like even going. she's undergone chemotherapy radiation and
4:45 pm
a double mastectomy three months after my last surgery i found i had a brain tumor after all of that the cancer still spread and she was deemed a stage for patients since then she's gone into the business of inspiring others through the susan g komen foundation not just about the pink ribbons in the celebrations of survival that there are so many women in our country that are continually fighting breast cancer after years of dedication. it's her turn to get the star treatment country singer jason aldean is choosing a different breast cancer fighter as his vip for every concert and this time he chose we see think or stroke writer with such an honor to pinch myself the next morning she her husband were all smiles right before entering the arena to meet the country star lights in life have been happy with the lacy says this special honor is just a small part of a much larger picture gets really really important that people see you but someone
4:46 pm
fighting breast cancer their life expectancy average for stage four breast cancer patients three years and almost three years and i don't think i'm going anywhere anytime soon especially not my plan. we certainly wish her the best country singer is a supporter of the susan g komen foundation also is losing a dear friend to breast cancer in two thousand for aldean has given about two points seventy five million dollars to the susan g komen foundation since two thousand eleven forty two concrete the president of the statue has on the williamsburg farmer getting attention on social media and the owner asking for your help. lisa abraham g has more on what the future holds for the statues hands are definitely going to roll after ec somewhere in this video and they were supposed to be an attraction that drew history buffs and williamsburg taurus two presidents park near williamsburg biden giant
4:47 pm
of the united states never did try the crowds that their creators had hoped this presidential park hoping that in two thousand four and closed six years later in two thousand ten. well fast forward six years further here we are according to williams for presidential museum projects facebook the organization is now raising money to restore some of the statues and continue to build more exhibits. this is the go fund me account that's been set up your scene on your screen right now we'll have all these details in more on how you can help this project up on thirteen years now dot com shortly back to the deaths i think you will lots of sun in the hampton take a look at our sky view their tempers are looking to warm up this weekend jeff has the latest hit temperatures are going to warm up quite a bit this weekend from highs today that were a few degrees below normal to at least ten degrees above normal and probably closer to thirteen fourteen degrees above normal
4:48 pm
sunday. nothing on radar can promise you won't be anything to track during the day tomorrow. eventually by late sunday we dance and sunday will be a nice day at will and we said to be a decent man assigned worse now saying sign in the morning clouds in the afternoon and some rain potentially by evening we talked last night about how we were moving some of the rain up to sunday evening instead of monday early morning but overall life back in effect or we can really offer the most part this evening a little chilly forty degrees is what will drop to on average around seven o'clock will call a partly cloudy will be breezy and chilly. the rest of the forecast then as you can see high temperatures today these are within a degree or so usually of what the official number ends up becausehere were again at the top of the hour just a few minutes before every hours when they report it in between an hour it crept up to maybe forty nine we'll find that out for a little while until they put the summary out but this
4:49 pm
within degree or so most times of what the actual highs were so slightly below normal. tonight temperatures will be actually a little above normal were supposed to be in the lower to mid thirty s for lows tonight many areas won't get down much more than let's say thirty eight thirty nine or forty degrees and certainly not this evening as we dropped into the thirties and then now will soar to stabilize we make it as cool as we're going to get on my late evening import about midnight before temperatures steady often maybe even rise a couple of degrees toward morning is that when chefs the southwest elisa chile lower forties for a lot of spots let's say eight o'clock tomorrow eight thirty by nine thirty we're already looking at readings well up into the forties and and nice sixties during the afternoon these are the high thin clouds i talked about we had some intimate times today giving a sort of a dim sunshine same thing tomorrow these low gray clouds here and this is something we
4:50 pm
get this spring with the chilly water. if you get a warm air mass going over it you can get some fog so we could have that's what this i think is trying to indicate is some fog during the morning hours or even at times during the day on sunday as we get that flow of air again coming across one flow across cool water so remember this is for most areas on sunday we will see very warm temperatures sunshine in the morning increasing clouds in the afternoon and by evening a chance of a couple of those showers few light flurries well north of us otherwise partly cloudy skies expected tonight not as cold as last night thirty eight about forty some odd him sunshine windy and warm temperatures at sixty two but the wins will be a little bit brisk at times tomorrow night forty seven mainly clear breezy and on a call that cool but again that's ten to fifteen above normal and than sixty five on sunday another very nice day
4:51 pm
potentially a better chance of some overnight scattered showers maybe into early monday temperatures cool off a little bit during the day on monday and then one sister thought can rain all day both tuesday and wednesday those are two separate systems that come through with a few hours of rain that a break in a few hours the rain that a break and then by the end the week will be back where we should be that's latest from the weather authority thanks just the latest now on what apple will help the fbi break into a cell phone check back in with lisa what's trending so it seems like there's an update every day to this story you know this is a very fluid story in every game and keep learning more so there's new developments in the san bernardino shooting cases all involving this one cell phone apple group will receive more time to respond to the court order asking the tech giant to help the fbi break into that i phone owned by one of the killers in the san bernardino california shootings. apple have now until february twenty six to formally respond to
4:52 pm
of that february twenty third date as originally requested or if you have a teen driver in your household year the listen up to this next story and update rolling out later this month will allow the car's owner to be able to get notified on their phones when the vehicle leaves a predetermined area or dries faster than a set speed. so basically your teen can stream a sore head to the mall when use when they say they're going to do homework because guess what mom and dad they're going to now. in addition to the location and speed alerts this month update will also enable location tracking and writing log which measures the troubled times and in idle times and average speeds this is really smart technology here. com is run through verizon wireless and the plugin for your car costs about fifteen bucks a month and finally a really great cause is happening on line on social media and it's very very simple to participate take a look here for every
4:53 pm
people wearing a mickey mouse here or hat or something creative along those lines disney parks will donate five dollars to make a wish foundation. anytime between february eighteen in march fourteenth up to a maximum donation of one million dollars is going to go to this organization so you can upload these pictures on facebook instagram and twitter doesn't matter. we have the will is where some of these and that his picture over the years that no thank you i bet you get the hint that i will do it it's okay the olympics are months away but preparations are underway for the dog is real de janeiro games. the footage just released showing the preparations ahead than thirteen years now at five a mother of a woman feel my virginia beach police just brought a list of demands to the police chief. find out what information she wants released to the public and
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
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it i do a big achievement for tidewater community college or renovated student services center at tcc is the first public use building in virginia completed using new state energy efficiency standards. this is the bayside building that opened late last year on tcc is virginia beach campus students can find assistance with that mission and career placement in this building and the new standards touch on site development land use indoor environmental quality and water conservation are check out this drone video this video shows the two thousand and sixteen olympic park organizers say construction is now ninety seven percent complete but a new report from espn says there are still major concerns about trash and contamination of the waters off of brazil's coast so we
4:58 pm
thirteen years now in five starts now. virginia beach police killed her daughter after months of waiting for answers she says she's had not know whether to ever feel ignored and disregarded to the point of desperation about a lockdown over at fort eustis would cause police to swarm the base back to back to back math busts rivera who blew his gator mascot of newport news police say the cases are all connected just enter the news from twenty five year old tanner makes mug shot he is the latest person to be arrested in connection with three a meth lab bust in newport news. please tell us each one of those bucs led to the next one. overnight police said they found everything needed to make meth in a shed on sydney place we're told that case is
4:59 pm
found earlier this week on middlesex road hampton police tell us those cases are connected to a suspicious substance they found on cynthia drive on wednesday christina's for j co has more than twenty five year old cannery meeks is in jail without bond in idaho where he has been living condemned all while neighbors who live nearby tell me they're just glad he's out of their neighborhood when the scene last night. elaine i seem like one out of the movie all the whole three hr and a fire truck police cars hazmat teams at the center of the action. this house on sydney place in newport news i don't know much about mid way and that's what i've been here he is a map laid back and not familiar with that kind of thing that is until just bright realize that she had a front row view of one of her almost a year. scary wei. not kidding. police say twenty five year old taylor meeks was making meth in both
5:00 pm
in the backyard. he's also accused of selling the drugs from out of his hole neighbors like bread say they now understand why this house receives so much foot traffic at all hours of the day every time i saw a car come around here i was wondering are they coming to pass and runs or they come in peace what's going on investigators say they were tipped off to this meth lab after busting two others earlier in the week. newport news police say this is a big step towards making their city safer. all i want around here is peace and quiet in newport news christine is for j co thirteen years now and there are three people facing charges right now in connection with the first two of those meth lab busts police arrested thirty one year old michael adkins and forty two year old a match and in that after reportedly finding meth inside an apartment and hide with north apartments on middlesex road tuesday night and twenty eight year old autumn wells is charged in the first case that happened nearby on sunday all cleared for use


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