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tv   13 News 5  ABC  February 19, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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in the backyard. he's also accused of selling the drugs from out of his hole neighbors like bread say they now understand why this house receives so much foot traffic at all hours of the day every time i saw a car come around here i was wondering are they coming to pass and runs or they come in peace what's going on investigators say they were tipped off to this meth lab after busting two others earlier in the week. newport news police say this is a big step towards making their city safer. all i want around here is peace and quiet in newport news christine is for j co thirteen years now and there are three people facing charges right now in connection with the first two of those meth lab busts police arrested thirty one year old michael adkins and forty two year old a match and in that after reportedly finding meth inside an apartment and hide with north apartments on middlesex road tuesday night and twenty eight year old autumn wells is charged in the first case that happened nearby on sunday all cleared for use
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fired officials say a group of contractors working on the roof of building six fifty reported hearing gunshots at eleven thirty this morning as a precaution the army closed off the base we brought you this is breaking news at noon during the lockdown the army says it didn't find any victims they are still also trying to figure out if the shots were in fact ever fired me bigger better save than sorry as we did know what was going on the timing is better than you think of the worst and we were checked off of that weed out the army says the cause of the incident is currently under investigation a list of demands tonight from the mother of a woman killed by virginia beach police last september police shot and killed angela perry an indicator after perry allegedly opened fire on officers outside a seven eleven police a kayaker was an innocent bystander. his mother gina best is meeting with the police chief right now she's demanding he releases the names of
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the shooting any video from that deadly night or cane is live at the police station aired any response from the cheat so far no janet that meeting is still going on right now we spoke to police spokeswoman in she expect to release a statement because there's nothing new to reports and the lack of new information after five months of investigating is exactly what dr gina best down to virginia beach today gina best walking into headquarters meeting one on one with chief jim surveyor in search for answers over her daughter's death. no ignored and disregarded to the point of desperation as i wept because i never got a call from the police took three days for the week on the back best along with supporters and members of the black lives matter
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maryland this morning kicking off a weekend full of demonstrations the first of a church where best met with the small group from the community delivering a heartfelt plea the estimated more transparency in the september police shooting that left her daughter in the cave are dead in the crossfire are content with that knowledge of the thought that if it were reversed and her ethnicity with southern african american without having to do the best tried speaking with commonwealth's attorney colleen story about the ongoing criminal investigation but she instead sat down with two of his deputies. i went in to render a fair determination of the events that happen prosecutors will not show best the seven eleven surveillance video that captured the deadly shooting until the investigation is complete its best says that video is crucial to understanding the cause of the overwhelming grief is
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to have to caution to make a the surprise when you heard to this degree. theirs is not even on the spectrum and that attorney said he wouldn't speak with the best unless her attorney was there it could be up to a month before the criminal investigation is complete and four officers remain on administrative duty reporting live in virginia beach area came thirteen years now. the best is planning to war protests for tomorrow one of them will be outside the seven eleven where india cake it was caleb s wants the u s department of justice to investigate this case yesterday she hand delivered a petition to the doj her sister tweeted this picture of that event so far more than twenty six hundred people signed an online version of the petition right now a fifty three year old chesapeake man is missing please ask us to show you andre t since picture we're told the last time anyone saw
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fifth at his home on hoover avenue that is near cascade park. his family is worried because it's not like him to be gone this long if you have seen use and call police right away to beat says it is ramping up security after a rash of car break ins there's a live picture from town center earlier this week nearly thirty cars were vandalized inside a parking garage there. now the city says it is boosting security to try and make sure that doesn't happen again marcella robertson has the story the early tuesday morning the rash of car break ins at town center the scary nearly thirty cars vandalized some had windows smashed and being stolen the right but how someone got away with breaking that many car windows with no one noticing has some people concerned that is why the city is adding a second security
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brings the number two to both work from ten pm to six in the morning patrolling the five public parking garages for the money will come from a fun town center businesses already pay into this in hopes that extra security will deter vandals from doing this again. one guard in virginia beach marcella robertson thirteen years now i have a date april phase is when the virginia beach city council vote on whether to make a commitment to the state about extending light rail for years city leaders have been talking about extending the norfolk line the commonwealth transportation board wants city leaders to promise to buy light rail cars the board said in april thirtieth deadline before the city council votes on the contract you can weigh in on the decision and were told there will be a public hearing on march fifteen there's a big group here in
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shape our future and you may already know some of them very well with blanks explains these people might be living in your house. i'm talking about your children there is a huge number of middle and high school students going up right now and is a mission here in hampton roads to understand them because of their influence and potential power they are incredibly important one for the wee one of the society coming together and accept each other for our differences i see it daily then talking about drugs everybody wants the blue devils secret then talking about games like this is the final straw and racism and discrimination. we can fix or how they are starting could they be part of the next great generation that's tonight on thirteen is now at six virginians contributing millions of dollars to presidential candidates find out who got the biggest haul of campaign cash and dizzying for a
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silence what's inside the cargo hold. plus the sunset beach resort hotel has been here for decades on the eastern shore joe flanagan coming up we'll tell you about new ownership and new renovation and i'll tell you about warm temperatures moving in just in time for the weekend but eventually will have a little chance of rain as well find out when you want to plan ahead be outside and expect residual delays to sixty four eastbound at which the crowd as well as sixty four eastbound just past indian river due to earlier accident and at the midtown tunnel due to an earlier break down and as we take a look our camera in newport news i'm following
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eastbound before fort eustis
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that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you.
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if you've been to the seashore lately you may have seen the sunset beach resort on highway thirty near the chesapeake bay bridge tunnel the property is undergoing a big change joe flanagan talk to the new owner about the renovation water development corporation a maryland has purchased the sunset beach resort hotel property has already started renovation the hotel will be upgraded and three over twenty new rv sites are being installed on seventy five acres that goes all the way down to the beach on the bay this is a big deal ecotourism is the tourism is the focus of the future of the website at both sunset beach and blue waters other development veracity get macy's landing shows upscale amenities and fun of the sun
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tv and then we're also doing why fire is or why the high speed internet y five for all the sites in the hotel the entire complex is thirteen and a half million dollar tree is not far from cherry stone seven hundred plus campsite they had no comment and we'll wait and see what happens with the spot is the nature with the beach and the water boaters to come out the guests that will be coming out and just have that interwoven experience with the restaurant bar and the beach in the bay so the three hundred twenty rv sites in the seventy two rooms in the hotel are all set to open up on the fourth of july a major upgrade for this property here on the eastern shore in northampton county joe flanagan thirty news now is getting ready for launch at wild island on monday nasa will send the multiple use ur sub orbital instrument carrier or music and space the rocket will carry
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and experiments from west virginia university the launch was supposed to happen back in december but was delayed because of weather and other issues the back of lunch dates are tuesday through friday in the race for the white house now fewer than twenty four hours until voters in south carolina and nevada head to the polls. recent polls in south carolina showed donald trump lead shrinking. next is senator ted cruz who campaigned today with duck dynasty star phil robertson there is on their heels senator marco rubio who was campaigning in columbia south carolina governor nikki haley may see the race spinning very soon. i think this at best a four way more going forward so it's six before it could be a three way race after tomorrow is good news right now for democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders a new ap poll shows voters find him more electable seventy two percent of democratic registered voters polled now believe sanders could win the general election. that number is up
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december more than seven million dollars as how much virginians donated to presidential candidates this cycle. the virginia public access project says that democrat hillary clinton and republican jeb bush took in the most cash from virginians senator marco rubio came in third. raking in nearly six hundred and sixty six thousand dollars senator mark warner says something is missing in president obama's new budget warner says the budget doesn't include any money for another va hospital clinic in hampton roads a new one hundred thousand square foot center on the southside is seen as a way to lessen the load at the hampton va hospital last july the deputy va secretary visited the hampton va and said building another medical center was a high priority for him when he says he's looking for different ways to make the new center a reality now or see certain bureaucrats in washington have decided that you've got to have all three hundred
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year lease up front before we can perceive that a stumbling block. we've got knocked down that obstacle so that we can build an additional facility in the south side and make sure that veterans get back here in a timely and efficient in the southampton road center would offer things like primary and specialty care and a surgery to solar centers are up and running in north carolina not a bad day out there temperatures tonight little chilly but actually above normal for this time of year today was below normal but by tonight will be a little above normal and by the weekend much above normal so that's a trend and a lot of people been telling me that they like and then in the right direction in their opinion. obviously we had a lot of sunshine today as you can see from our skyview still few high thin clouds up there occasionally times we've had that game sunshine we talked about but a fairly
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this time of year nothing on radar that's going to be the case again tomorrow starts the change late in the day on sunday right now forty six wins out in the south southeast. that's the direction that brings the warmer air and that's the shift we've seen even from earlier this morning said temperatures where we had a winner still have a little bit above onshore component or a little cooler you can see this sort of blue color with the upper thirties to mid forties and then we start to get more of the mid or upper forties more the green we get back here and one fifty right now and along the fifty at the chesapeake regional airport. close ur upper forties or near fifty again that sort of greenish shade back here in lund parts just on the west side the james river on the east side it's a little cooler more like near forty through the lower forties same thing eastern shore same thing here right near areas along the bay peninsula northern neck those types of locations and as you expect when coming in off
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slightly cooler air here near those locations than once you get back less of an influence on the water but that all chefs as we talk to show you the southerly when we start to get us pretty decent south westerly flow heading into the weekend and it picks up and that's going to lead the temperatures that are ten to fifteen degrees above normal so a lot of people as i said very happy about that this evening there's that exclusive wind stream shawnee that shift in wind direction you huh high thin clouds work on a partly cloudy tonight the coolest spots will only be mid thirties and most of us will be upper thirties near forty if you wake up tomorrow morning for the early morning ryan are just going to head out and enjoyed a walk around be a little cool to start temperatures near forty are in the low forties but decided sleep in an extra hour or two later than normal and then go out and run some errands or take that walk around the neighborhood little arty be approaching
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afternoon i no longer see a lot of people out tomorrow running on bikes through first lady state park that kind of thing as readings will be up into the lower to mid sixties a very pleasant day will be a little bit breezy. especially with wins subtly or south westerly wind at times near the water especially on the eastern shore could cause only to cooler temperatures a little bit of fog is the warm air comes over the water cooler waters that's sort of a recipe for faux watch out for that. temperatures not bad to start out the day on sunday a nice first half of the day and by afternoon an increase in the clouds rain should hold off until sometime sunday evening so a lot to be out there enjoying sunday hampshire as well tonight then partly cloudy thirty eight not as cold in the rest of the forecast looks like this sixty two for tomorrow sixty five with sunshine early giving way to clouds later in the day on sunday
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chance of a shower early as that system first one moves through and then two more systems pretty quickly back to back neither of the monsters but enough to cause several hours of rain at times both tuesday and into wednesday and temperatures are pretty close to where we should be a cabbage that all out for this weekend which is above nor the race economics ida vacation disaster a helicopter filled with tourists crashed in hawaii the whole thing caught on camera hear from witnesses who wants to help the victims plus the nation paused to remember the late supreme court justice antonin scalia
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. i but other public is paying its respects to the late supreme court justice antonin scalia in the past hour or so president obama and first lady visited the supreme court building to honor the late justice for his service. stephanie ramos
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remembering scalia been hundreds of mourners lining up in the cold at the supreme court to honor the late justice antonin scalia believes been a figure in my life for my whole life and his opinions are very influential. he said an example for americans that you can stand up on principle you can stand up for the law court police serving as pallbearers and nearly one hundred former law clerks serving as honorary pallbearers. the flag draped casket slowly brought up the supreme court steps to find repose in the freehold the court on the same pedestal held the casket of president abraham lincoln inside the eight remaining justices standing in the order in which they sit on the supreme court bench and so his family attending the short private ceremony early as two thousand seven portrait on display. flanked by treats from the senate and house of representatives let's pray for the coming of the kingdom one of
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father paul scalia offering a prayer in your wisdom you have called your servant and ten out of this world new york made a conservative icon the first italian american on the high court and the longest serving justice president obama and first lady michelle obama among those paying their respects this is an opportunity for the present it that paid personal respects to those who look is this belief but also pay tribute to the outsized impact that he had in our country and our legal system mars can view the casket until eight o'clock tonight vice president joe biden and his wife will attend the funeral mass tomorrow at the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception here in washington at the supreme court. stephanie ramos abc's. the virginia dmv says they're saying and decrease in alcohol related crashes and they think over unless maybe the reason why more on the push to confirm that connection plus an
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. a mother of two who attacked and killed by a pit bull tonight the call for justice from a family member a significant decrease in the number of drunken driving
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looking into whether uber and lift are playing a role in flames or through an apartment building a father's heroic last move that saved his daughter's life. tonight is family is grieving a mother of two killed by a family pets now they are demanding justice from responsible thirteen news now reported she knew her or has the latest espn story was attacked and killed about two weeks ago and today her father spoke to thirty news now about the tragedy he says their families still shaken up and they want the previous owners to take responsibility the tragedy still sits a freshman luis anderson's mind attacked and killed by her own dog almost two weeks ago
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pick up about it and we have new new for her huge event to the best out of a anderson says he was at work when he heard the news but couldn't leave despite the questions he had and the pain he felt what is happening as i can believe it gave me a shot me hurt me real bad story a mother of two teenage daughters got the people from cheryl devito of norfolk for free. about a week later story was attacked by the dog while cleaning its crate story found the dog through an advertisement in the virginian pilot that stated the dog was good with small children. anderson tells me he's not buying it she did wrong when he brought that dog vest and tie dyed in the front yard however humans county sheriff larry tilley says the dog had a microchip which shows it had all of its shots and didn't have an aggressive history but anderson says his family still can't let this go going all right that assure fair tilley told me


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