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tv   13 News 530  ABC  February 19, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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pick up about it and we have new new for her huge event to the best out of a anderson says he was at work when he heard the news but couldn't leave despite the questions he had and the pain he felt what is happening as i can believe it gave me a shot me hurt me real bad story a mother of two teenage daughters got the people from cheryl devito of norfolk for free. about a week later story was attacked by the dog while cleaning its crate story found the dog through an advertisement in the virginian pilot that stated the dog was good with small children. anderson tells me he's not buying it she did wrong when he brought that dog vest and tie dyed in the front yard however humans county sheriff larry tilley says the dog had a microchip which shows it had all of its shots and didn't have an aggressive history but anderson says his family still can't let this go going all right that assure fair tilley told me
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if you know is not facing any criminal charges they are also no signs that pointed the dog being a vicious animal. the people has since been put down to her thirteen years now. alcohol related crashes and deaths are on the decline in virginia. data from the department of motor vehicles shows there were more than seventy three hundred alcohol related crashes and twenty fifteen that's compared to the nearly seventy seven hundred cases in twenty fourteen alcohol related deaths on virginia roadways also declined over the past year by twenty two percent and now the dmv is looking into whether ride sharing companies like wilbur and left are contributing to these lower numbers are generally when a ride along with an uber driver to talk about what is uber driver told me that he's competent and ride sharing services are taking from people of the roads especially on a friday and saturday night when people are hitting the bars. it's like fishing you never know what you're going to catch when when when you hit that button and go to
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driver in two parts has had some interesting late night pick ups to see the least had a couple incidents where people had too much to drink and had let out a car the nets twenty drunk people he's keeping off the roads lot of people that have given rides to said that wasn't true for their chance and probably drink and drive the proof is in the numbers are preliminary data from the dmv shoes that drunken driving deaths in virginia are significantly down by twenty two percent over the last year the dmv says it's too early to definitively say that ride sharing services like uber and lift are contributing to this decrease but there is a casual connection and it's something the dmv will study with you right actually got to have a better time than i have even worry about how to get home. andrew says he
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because of the number and left. i've had hundreds of people say this is a great thing for drinkers he's happy to help keep our roads safer and make you feel like you've done something good for the day i don't consider myself a hero a thunderstorm job jenny b thirty news now doing something to ensure the nation's cybersecurity that was the goal of the gathering today in hampton to a local military and business leaders and senator mark warner currently the commonwealth experiences of around a hundred thousand attempted cyber attacks on its website everyday warner wanted to meet with private sector companies that are already working with local state and federal government agencies helping them protect their vital computing assets and warner and the others said that national security is most certainly address one most important security threats we face right now is seven and this is the new
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fight our enemies on land sea and air. cyber is a whole new area and candidly it's even with the president's increasing the budget and nineteen billion dollars which dramatically underfunded today's gathering comes just weeks after the air national guard had announced that his chosen joint base langley eustis the host and therefore cyber operations squadron in a few days portsmouth will have a new top cop tiny chapman will take the oath to become the chief of police on monday chapman replaces chief and harvests who retired last year chapman has more than twenty five years of experience in law enforcement she served as the state deputy secretary of public safety and homeland security and as richmond's deputy police chief the swearing in is monday morning at city hall a house fire capt virginia beach firefighters busy today they rush to get county arch in the green run section of the city and this is what they saw when they arrived heavy flames and smoke coming from the top of
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from spreading to neighboring homes with the flames damaged a car parked out front one person in the home escaped and called for help no one was hurt and the red cross is helping the family find a place to stay because of the fire is under investigation the driver is facing charges after hitting a u s postal truck in hampton happened just after noon today unless mercury boulevard police say a man driving an suv rear ended the postal truck causing the truck to flip onto its side. both drivers were taken to the hospital but should be okay and the driver of the suv is charged with reckless driving. boy things are about to get a lot louder near oceania in virginia beach practicice flights for the airshow start next week the flight team needs to put in a certain number of training hours and practice flights before any air shows you may notice extra noise some afternoons beginning monday behind bars a former school nurse supervisor a sentence for hiring a hitman
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the identity of that hit mad max and pennsylvania do i'll try to get away with the senior citizens purse but the suspects did not expect what the victim did next have you been waiting for some of the warmer weather that we thought the beginning of the winner to return if so you might want to stick around for my forecast and as we take a look at our first thirteen years now track the camera. this is that the midtown tunnel traffic will stop just a few minutes ago due to an accident. it's moving now but expect major delays and our second camera we had now to newport news accidents still blocked
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. a senior citizen in pennsylvania chased a couple of person actors down in her car which led to their arrests. pocono mountain regional police say william may hurt or hate her stand there and then later we're talking to the woman threw her car window when they grabbed her bag while back didn't fly with the eighty one year old she rammed their car and
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track down the two. now the suspects are facing robbery and other charges. a charlotte nurse will spend the next ten years behind bars that's the sentence she got for trying to hire a hitman to kill her ex husband police say the woman agreed to pay to undercover police officers four thousand dollars to kill her ex boss to davis's attorney plans on appealing her conviction cameras rolled as the helicopter fell from the sky in the still ahead comments from the person who jumped in the water to pull the victims a man in trouble with the law for stealing a tablet how detectives were able to catch a picture worth
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and right now national transportation officials are lest ana boy in ctical contion five peoe including a family of four on that chopper in hawaii thankfully some good samaritans jumped in the water to pull them to safety. abc's brandy hit
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of the terrifying helicopter crash was captured on camera a little surreal it was very scary to his chopper scene here plunging into the water near pearl harbor visitor center thursday. just feet from shore a fifteen year old boy among those on board we just take ten years most of us to just jump in and help you can see where this is diving into the murky water to rescue a family of four and the pilot anybody else on the same thing luckly the helicopters only about ten feet of water and it had no doors after one by one they all surfaced from the water but chris carter says the teenage boy could not free himself from his seat belt got a knife and we're able to slightly cut through it took a long time six or seven minutes the bell two o six a single engine fighter aircraft was built in
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the tour company run by genesis. aviation is not commenting on the crash itself is that him and the water. witnesses say they heard the chopper sputtering and two large bangs before it went down. ntsb investigators will be on scene today that chopper is still in the water and the navy is helping in the recovery process. brandy had abc news los angeles connecticut is the latest state to effectively in homelessness among our military veterans is the second state to receive this certification from the federal government after us here in virginia the governor there says they have the means to find permanent housing within ninety days for any veteran who becomes homeless last year connecticut was the first state to end chronic homelessness among veterans virginia taxpayers to foot the hefty bill for a luxury box last month some guest at last month's
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game with a two thousand four hundred and thirty five dollars food and drink though our tax dollars picked up the slack at tabby for more than a hundred dollars per person. a spokesman for the governor said wednesday that the food drinks were pre ordered by officials who were expecting a larger crowd of business prospects at first glance how much do you think this detroit house cos the owners are selling this abandon unit for four million dollars mess because it sits next door to what will be the new detroit red wings arena public records show it last sold for twenty five thousand a few years ago the new price tag makes it the most expensive home on the market in detroit right now. the realtor says who shows the house as the phone is ringing off the hook with buyers and using abandoned homes last weekend when there was the winter blast. i don't know what was going on but i got a lot of time out of
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about the house was built in the eighteen hundreds and so far no offers have been made on the place. there may be no buts about it. the new jersey beaches of one bill passes state legislature re introduce a measure that would ban smoking at publicly owned beaches and parks the law would allow designated smoking areas though the first offense that costed two hundred and fifty dollars repeat offenders could shell out five thousand dollars supporters say it would cut down on the effects of secondhand smoke while others are against banning outdoor smoking altogether if the picture is worth a thousand words this selfie might be worth a misdemeanor conviction. the lapd says a photo of a stolen on a stolen kendall led them to the person accused of stealing at the picture uploaded automatically to the owners cloud police at the pressure was on the twenty six year old to return the tablet because his mother was in the picture should have anything to do
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that the man will face a misdemeanor. i pretty chilly today but it's gonna get warmer for the weekend and jeff has all the details on that and it's going to be pretty similar saturday and sunday temperatures will be very very similar. he was a lot of sunshine tomorrow is your day if you want some sana little clouds and want to make sure you don't hit rain well you might not want to send especially late in the day sunday we said yes a setting sun he would still be both very nice and they will be but will move in the sunday night rain up a tiny bed just a few hours to potentially sunday evening so again most of sunday being a lot more on that a second nice picture here you can see some of the high thin clouds out there though giving a sort of a dimmer filtered sunshine we've had that at times today meanwhile temperatures this evening dropping under partly cloudy skies and breezy conditions back to around forty degrees we usually pick around seven o'clock is an average temperature for our evening forecast you can see
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greenish color green a shade indicates mainly well up into the forties or in the fifties and that's sorta the western part of the area. the blue is down more into the forties or even some thirties and that's closer to the coastline that's what happens this time of year when you get a wind off the water and we continue to see that the first part of tonight so we'll drop back into the thirties upper thirties and then hold steady that of the coldest part of the night will be a late evening because by morning we're going to have noticed a little bit of a chef at the south in the southwest unkempt or should not only hold steady but even come up a little bit of warming temperatures while the sun's not up yet. like we'll have tomorrow. you know that can lead to above normal readings during the day and sure enough lot of sunshine again sort of unfiltered sunshine at times but still a pleasant day. i don't think it kind of people will be out lounging around in shorts tomorrow especially with a little bit of a southerly breeze but if
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in the yard or whatever and the other a lot of people in shorts at least for awhile tomorrow then the difference starts to move in during the day on sunday saturday night sunday or even both days with the wind off the water you get cold water this time of year warm air coming in over and you can get some low clouds forming that's why some of the spots close to maybe the outer banks are the eastern shore certainly have the potential for some fog and that's what i believe it is showing here in terms of our sky cast but sunday will be another nice day just a little bit of an increase in the clouds satellite is clear right now so partly cloudy thirty eight tonight not as cold temperatures rising a bit toward morning and then the seven day forecast sixty two and quite breezy tomorrow sixty five sunny early sunday clouds in the afternoon and evening showers are likely and overnight as well lingering chance to shower early in the day on monday and then a system on tuesday with a few showers another
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showers but in general next week should be close to normal is just this weekend's well above i say to me than aries the bearded dragon and i like it was so cold when deputies found her on the side of the road a few nights ago she was nearly frozen solid. deputy stopped the reptile was dead but decided to take or two of that anyway. the veterinarian says if they had waited any longer to rescue her. it would have been too late for this lizard when he was holding her she was literally stiff as a board like stiff as a board about an hour before she could just gonna do this with her head while after some time under a heat lamp to mary's was back to our old self and the vet is going to keep the reptile to help educate exotic pet owners busy week for newport news police after officers find a number of meth labs third meth lab bust in
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police say they got wind of the operation then and six the mother of a woman killed by virginia beach police is demanding answers. but tonight here i cannot embrace he might kill her and the way that is my aunt is air that is tina bass a moron her intense sit down with police on reports of gunshots at fort eustis into lockdown
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their father died rescuing his nine year old daughter from a house fire early this morning. buffalo fire officials say the man rescue
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back inside to help the rest of his family he and another man in upstairs apartment did not make it out alive neighbors say the family just moved into the building a week ago right now the nine year olds in the hospital with severe burns to ninety percent of her body of an entire bag grab it now rather than at the and the and iran as the other hand the meat was lamb while four year old and a two year old involved in that fire also are being treated firefighters are investigating the cause a prison bus carrying more than two dozen inmates crashed in texas today it happened about ninety miles from waco texas the bus driver was killed nearly all of the inmates were hurt and taken to local hospitals none of those injuries was life threatening the international spotlight was on pope francis for a different reason this week when he suggested donald trump is not a christian this comes after the republican presidential
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wall between the united states and mexico. those comments have people in the vatican weighing into it's it's a difficult question there's some good some not so good from all the people coming but i can understand where he's coming from donald trump but it may not be the correct solution pope francis is also speaking openly about abortion and physique a virus suggesting women in the affected area should use artificial contraception that's it for thirty news now at five thirty thirteen is now at six starts with a mother demanding answers in her daughter's death. i'm grieving mother tina bassett just finished talking with the virginia beach police chief she wants answers from investigators five months ago beach police killed best daughter in decatur. hagar
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car with antelope area person of interest in a homicide police got into a shootout with perry and killed him and cake or the baby was not hard or king is live for the police station while regina supporter of bess said the chief took all of her questions and didn't set a timetable on this but despite that's she left here in two years with very few answers the console of the jena best walks at a virginia beach police headquarters the heartbroken and able to speak after me with cheap gin surveyor over her daughter's death. this is not excuse of all this is not humane i would hope that everyone in this country thinks that we are better candidates gerald sanders sat with bass during the hour long meeting that she says left the grieving mom with a lingering questions here the interests of an apology
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ignored and disregarded to the point of desperation as the best along with supporters and members of the black lives matter movement drove down from maryland this morning kicking off a weekend full of demonstrations the first of a church where best met with the small group from the community delivering a heartfelt plea the estimated more transparency in the september police shooting that left her daughter in the cave are dead in the crossfire are content with that knowledge in the thought that if it were reversed and her ethnicity with southern african american to have the best tried speaking with commonwealth's attorney call installing about the ongoing criminal investigation but she instead sat down with two of his associates. i went in to render a fair determination of the events that happen. prosecutors will not show best the seven eleven surveillance video that captured the deadly shooting until the investigation is complete its best says that video is crucial to understanding
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the past five months to have to caution to make a conscious decision to try the surprise when you heard to this degree. theirs is not even on the spectrum and that the pain and the common also attorney says it could take up to a month to release the findings of their criminal investigation best is asking for the department of justice to step in for officers remain on administrative duty reporting live in virginia beach area came thirteen years now investors received a lot of public support lately and emotional facebook video she posted has gotten close to two million views online. in that pose she also calls for justice for her daughter to see more of that video log on to thirty news now. com we are just hours from a weekend warm up but you still have another cold night ahead of us check in now with us yet enters tonight a little above normal but since this post to be cold this time of year still certainly going to be


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