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tv   13 News 11  ABC  February 19, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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they call it the windy city high winds caused two walls to come tumbling down the news starts now a college to william and mary grace archer is facing several time forty six year old michael wilson was arrested by campus police today for possessing child pornography. aaron d lebeau has reaction from for sure. students at the college of william and mary found it hard to believe that someone affiliated with their school was arrested for having child porn friday forty six year old michael wilson was arrested by campus police. this is a pitcher wilson posted on the college's website for the center for conservation biology. he's a researcher there has been with the college since two thousand for now he faces four felony child porn
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wilson has been placed on administrative leave and as this is an ongoing investigation. he's not allowed back on campus academic all stuff we did take a good attraction to renew the person from cameras and friendly grounds near the administration say something about it in williamsburg i near new beau thirteen years now. no time or working to get more information about a reported stabbing in virginia beach and happened around nine o'clock on wimbledon way that's in a neighborhood off holland road in woodhaven parkway a police dispatcher tells us they received a call about a stabbing and a teenage victim was taken to a hospital. it is believed the victim will recover but there's no word on whether police are looking for suspects fifty three year old chesapeake man is still missing tonight this is a picture of andre isa were told the last time anyone saw him was in late january this on hoover avenue near cascade
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worried because it's not like eason to disappear like this if you have seen him call police right away on his own time. i mean i think a matter not but i think we are trying every ways d comes to me in a family demanding answers as they remembered and daughter suzanne story was killed a little more than a week ago a newspaper ad that attacked her while she was cleaning its crate still devastated her father spoke with to her saying someone needs to be something that was anderson says he'll never hear again we're taking call me his ally be getting the reality still painful for him to wrap his mind around his daughters suzanne story was killed a little more than a week ago
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says she found it to add the virginian pilot which they claim described the dog as good with small children anderson says the ad was false that the dog attacked and killed story about a week after she got it ever mean go to the ed ago praying for something not of decay of stories family says she got the dog for free from its previous owner cheryl the view from norfolk to her home to see if i could speak with her the one answer i waited and not to get the still no answer at the door a phone message i left was returned. anderson said devito should be held responsible. he'll come forward and patience as we get to it because he needs answers for his only daughter who was also the mother of two teenage girls to the best out of a man who knew from
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knew her thirteen news now requests county sheriff's office tells thirty news now that the veto is not facing criminal charges the dog had a microchip showing it was updated on shots and did not have an aggressive history that ella's this case is now closed and pitbull has been put down the mother of a woman's son killed by virginia based police is in hampton roads this weekend demanding answers seemed last spoke with the police chief today about the death of our daughter indicator glasses sometime barak anger and hope maybe we're in a car with antelope carry a person of interest and a homicide police got into a shootout with perry both perry and kay girl were killed the baby was not hard. last was inconsolable as he left police headquarters today soon there has been no update on the five month long investigation. she also wants
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from the night of the city no mother should ever feel ignored and disregarded to the point of desperation and not because i never got a call from the police department's amazing in what prosecutors say they will not release the surveillance video until their investigation is complete gina bos has several more protests planned for the week a busy week in newport news three meth labs busted in one week please tell us all three incidents are connected and one boston lead to the next twenty five year old tanner meeks is the latest person arrested in connection with those meth labs is in jail tonight without bond investigators found the third meth lab overnight in a shed on sydney place the same aches was making meth in both his house and his shed. he also allegedly sold drugs. neighbors told us they saw a lot of people coming and going all hours of the day and every time i saw a car come around here i was
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pass and runs or they come in peace what's going on now that whole months in the place has been condemned three people are facing charges in connection with the first two of those meth lab bust police arrested thirty one year old michael atkinson forty two year old dana shorten that they reportedly found meth inside a home on hardwood north apartments on middlesex road tuesday night and twenty eight year old autumn wells is charged in the first case that happened just across the street on sunday. hampton police tell us these cases are connected to a suspicious substance they found on cynthia drive on wednesday more security in the virginia based town center parking garage to city officials want to make the area safer. late tuesday morning someone vandalized about thirty cars in a parking garage. some cars had windows shattered and being stolen. the city is adding a second security guard to help patrol the area
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hours patrolling the five public parking garages the town center and guard the money for the extra security measures will come from a fond of that town center businesses already pay into the city hopes the extra security will deter vandals from doing something like this again. the battle continues between the fbi and apple tonight the justice department offered a compromise to apple over the encrypted i phone use by one of the san bernardino shooters. the fbi is trying to access phone belonging to sigh up for it. officials say after breaking the security code to get into the phone apple could then destroy the software apple has refused to develop such software saying it risks people's privacy. federal prosecutors say apple is allowing its technology to control access to critical data rather than the law thousands of people a pass through the supreme court's great hall to pay their
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antonin scalia. public visitation was put on hold for about an hour as president obama the first lady stopped by to visit the president is not attending the funeral mass tomorrow vice president joe biden will attend. instead the white house as they made that decision with respect to the president's large security detail and biden's personal relationship with the scaly a fan. tomorrow is the next big day for the race for president hillary clinton and bernie sanders will face off and the nevada caucuses meanwhile the south shore line a primary will likely be a make or break a race for several of the gop stragglers abc's mega news reports voters in the palmetto state have surprised candidates before we gotta get out tomorrow we have to vote with polls showing is leaving south carolina dwindling donald trump is fighting on several fronts. he's taking on apple for refusing to help federal investigators hack
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bernardino terrorists boycott apple this one day after saying it was disgraceful for pope francis to suggest run was not christian or wanting to wall off the mexican border on friday trump softened his stance that i will say the pope was great and is a very nice man ted cruz is facing ballot challenges in several states over his canadian birth marco rubio campaign with south carolina's popular governor nikki haley after winning her endorsement in god's hands in the voters' hands and jeb bush trailing badly in south carolina campaigning with his mother the former first lady will be here she whispered in my ear you really are my favorite the nevada bernie sanders of rushing to beat hillary clinton to the finish line but i hope we have a very long very very long each voter turnout tomorrow i need to get said saturday. hillary clinton picking up a crucial endorsement from south
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democrat. my father has always been with hillary clinton the race in nevada right now too close to call here in south carolina the latest polls show from on top with cruz and rubio gains in recent days mega news abc news. columbia south carolina where new information coming in late tonight in the fight over north carolina's congressional district lines the u s supreme court is refusing to stop a lower court order that demanded state legislators draw the new congressional map the decision means house primary elections will happen next month the schedule instead they'll be delayed until june the federal court ruling called to a majority black districts racial gerrymandering the ruling ordered new boundaries by today. fire crews kept busy in recent weeks as part of those who say they average more than a fire every day this safety tips or sharing and hopes of preventing some
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oil spill on the potomac river state regulators say they're making sure someone will pay the consequence and extra wendy and chicago today will tell you and anyone was
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i turns out a misunderstanding led to a big scare today at fort eustis
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lockdown after three civilian contractors reported hearing shots fired. this happened around eleven thirty this morning a building six fifty the fort eustis soldier support center security forces eventually determined there was no active shooter and a sitting of the victims they say one possibility is of the shots may have come from a nearby firing range that's exactly what we deduced if you think about katrina goes on for used is also on the couch like a funeral detail practicing for funeral and the news times weapons will be discharged and is the noises throughout the installation prices return to normal a little over an hour later. army officials say they are still investigating the case of virginia beach firefighters are investigating another house fire tonight the rest of the arch in the green run section of the city earlier today i found heavy flames and smoke coming from the top of the house crews kept the fire from spreading to other homes a car park down
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in the home escaped on his own. no one will search the red cross is helping the family that was displaced fire officials tell us it has been a busy month for them crews have responded to fifty seven possible fires in the past sixteen days and wanted to share these safety tips first make sure you have working smoke alarms in your home second keep safety in mind when operating heaters and when cooking. also make sure to properly maintain fireplaces and chimneys and lastly make sure power cords are in good condition and never use extension cords with electric space heaters the manpower is accepting responsibility for an oil spill in the potomac river state regulators are issuing a notice of violation to the man in the company could face penalties and be forced to pay for the cleanup costs diminish as more than ninety five percent on the oil has been recovered a transformer failure earlier this month
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virginia released more than one hundred released more than thirteen thousand gallons and mineral oil into the river testimony and a coast guard hearing on how some of the pharaohs boiler parts had deteriorated severely company engineers believe that was normal wear and tear and still safe enough to sail the boilers were scuttled for servers a month after its final with a cargo ship sank in hurricane joaquin last fall after losing propulsion all thirty three crew members died including a man from virginia beach windy weather today in chicago the wind strong enough to cause two walls to come down crashing down you'll see it right here at a construction site you can see the collapse right there in that video were told workers were putting up the walls of the building when it came down like pieces of cardboard one of the walls crushed a parked car across the street luckily no injuries were
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the room with the whole like the whole building so the chicago police said a close up sidewalks because of falling debris. one man was injured by falling bricks is the way to bustop high winds also took down the street light. gusty winds also caused problems in iowa look at that authorities were called out to several crash scenes involving tractor trailers. this is one of those incidents semis was blown onto its side by the high winds. no one heard in this accident. some of the wind gusts were reportedly more than sixty miles an hour a little cool out there this evening little chilly temperatures though have not dropped much last couple of hours. nothing on radar again that'll be the same tomorrow location is me talking about earlier i think we will start to track something within forty eight hours from now the words by sunday evening will be looking at a little bit of moisture starting to work and we're still got cough are pretty nice day
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sunday right now forty again we dropped down to about that level in sort of stuck there and the reason for that southerly winds you can see right now forty one newport news forty encourage cut little chilly thirty eight thirty nine from areas of gloucester up to parts of the eastern shore back in one well in lynn conway and suffolk also into the thirties right now but most of us pretty close to that number are forecast for tomorrow is temperatures at least ten degrees above normal and will probably be more like thirteen or fourteen degrees above normal one forecaster day set a high of forty six degrees actual was forty eight member yes they were tough on ourselves and graded it as being wrong even though is a pretty darn good forecasts but we're going to start over again and say that we're now at one's temperatures out there currently. to show you what they were like around the region i normally don't show this map except for this week and the reason is because i was trying to highlight the big changes two days ago i was showing
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here we can draw on it because two days ago the warmer air in the middle part of the country was back just about here and then yesterday i remember it was right about here from st louis back down through tennessee right now obviously it is way ahead a look at cleveland the warm air goes all the way up here around cleveland and back down the eastern and western edge there of the appalachian mountain so that is the warmth it's headed for us and you can see that in the forecast mainly clear and cool tonight or chili actually guess i should call it by tomorrow quickly upped morning and then all the way into the sixties with some dim sunshine by afternoon and then tomorrow night little fog in a few spots especially right near the coastline with that win has to come in across the bay but during the morning we'll have sunshine then thickening clouds and it's not until late afternoon or even this
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the same more like evening is when we start to see some showers showing up here across the region as you look at evan. on sunday night help i've been tracking a few things so there is the satellite shot again generally fair conditions in the forecast then goes like this sixty six tomorrow sixty six with a nice day sunny just not as much sun thickening clouds during the afternoon some showers by late afternoon or evening more like evening and then monday chance to shower in the morning a little chilly with two separate systems one tuesday one wednesday bringing a chance of some wet weather sixty the back and while we're tracking the weather all weekend before you head out tomorrow check in with thirteen news now weekend starting at six o'clock i might not be march madness yet but high school playoffs are here coming up
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six seven nine ten. citing those were two local military families to teens admitted to the finals of the military child of the year contest
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walton advanced to the final round. they were among four local kids named as semifinalists recently operation homefront tells us the two are in the running for different awards representing different branches. winners will be announced early next month a young nascar race driver and a big honor today macy causing from yorktown receive this trophy she is holding right there for her racing skills nascar presented to her at the daytona speedway macy is only fifteen c is the youngest female ever to race at langley speedway and one nascar is especially good news ends. she got nascar as a young racer award to the man in the car especially with people that are older than me and especially being only female and the underside and assembling a backing that same time i've adopted at the school has adopted new folks racing is in her blood nathan's grandmother diane
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win a nascar sanctioned race back in nineteen eighty two thanks everyone that if we destroy her last or they just went through just continues to get better she still very young. well it's time to get serious about high school basketball regionals around the corner tonight for conference is actually more than that had their tournament championship game with conference twenty seven nor can the white against famous durian allison underneath the bucket and anoka grants with the first seven points in the game and one miles goes the length of the court for the phantoms then watch travis ingram is not going to be denied here takes along the baseline and then get outta my way with the floss big night for travis fields number five he had twenty six nice pull up jumper their lights and an action actually was mostly in organs and may their fields again eighty eight to sixty nine or one lake taylor against king's fork in
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tournament championship game titans and whites great passing here dairy and see bryant scores for the titans then the big man for kings for chris roscoe driving the lane with a strong move jt won the football player can also place a box. he's number ten for like taylor went to pull up jumper lake taylor then gets the job ryan can be a long three pointer the titans won it sixty five forty eight tonight the admirals taking on the everglades remember wednesday at florida being the number one team in the conference apples being on wednesday and they took the early tonite. greg chase as actually going to score rebound and scoring early. a lot and taking a lead lot lately. sometimes the wrong lane sometimes they don't tonight they did two third period goals actually an empty netter as well and florida beat the average tonight three to one the final scene two teams tomorrow. now i know we're messing with tradition around
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welcome back our usual thursday night tradition which this week is friday night. either way we can almost do an entire sports spotlight of the nba slam
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ammo am road to the holy crimes at the trouble with the burroughs another story with a great chat. once that was one door shuts have ever seen. both goaltenders and stay in the crease because they're lousy passers of the pot and this is i don't know what the connection is between this older guy and the young lady but i hope they're good friends or father daughter or something because the home and gravity happens let's all owe no one gets seriously injured and sports highlights that she find meaning the department the difference too in this pro in you and may they can afford to break his gloves and have the sensor that's
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my bringing up jeff. lebron james with a tremendous passer it's worth watching and wanting to take down line and was watching n i guess i'm i'd hit the deck that happen to me as well that wraps up this week's edition of the series injury or no that was covering us are tired and i was tomorrow if i produce only a little breezy but definitely way above normal smooth on lotus sunday both increasing afternoon clouds. i think sap and that is certain is now an eleven day break starts at six o'clock tomorrow morning jimmy kimmel live is next followed by nightline is always on a thirteen is now dot com have a nap time, waits for no one.
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nap time, waits for no one. good clean food, waits for anyone who orders it. order online and avoid the line. at panera. food as it should be. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- bill maher. from "the danish girl," oscar nominee alicia vikander. jake byrd at a donald trump
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thieves. with cleto and the cletones. and now, as luck would have it, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you very much. hi, everybody. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks for coming. [ cheers and applause ] i hope you're ready to party. i really do. hey, you know, tonight is mardi gras. it's a big night of celebration. mardi means tuesday in french. gras means fat. it is fat tuesday in new orleans right now. everybody is drunk. even the babies. nobody gets a pass on mardi gras. it's an interesting day in america today because we're


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