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tv   13 News Saturday  ABC  February 20, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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the next president the calming all at amazing a lot of father mourning the death of his daughter who he believes should take the blame. plus honoring a legal legend. one final goodbye for supreme court justice antonin scalia. and thank you for joining us other canoes now daybreak i'm joe flacco have all those stories in a minute but first let's get to your wakeup weather forecasts what a wonder we have it's the day been waiting for. after months of cold winter weather finally a taste of spring febuary twentieth yes a taste of spring we are all just say shes got tracing tracking weather clear skies and mild temps good morning i should tell us more please go mornings our morning everybody you know we've got some really nice conditions in store for your weekend but chances for rain later on we'll talk about that in just a little bit. here's a look at the numbers we are starting off mild this morning we've got temperatures in the mid
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should be for afternoon highs were forty six right now in norfolk as was current at virginia beach for a fifty right now are coming in in the low forties and add in conway and forty five and allows the city now the winds this is the big story out of the south and southwest were bringing and that warmer air is breezy as well with those wins the state about seventeen at the airport in norfolk and eighteen mph in virginia beach. it will remain a bit breezy as we head throughout the day and we will keep those high clouds around as well you'll notice on satellite but i'm not tracking any rain but again we do have those high clouds and added in the sunshine just a little bit today but still a really nice day temperatures climbing into the low sixties by deception in a climate of the mitts are low fifties by mid morning and then as we headed to the evening will start to fall back into the upper fifties will talk about chances for rain and an even warmer day on sunday that saw coming up just a little bit. so thanks pei
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crews home and for the water norfolk work and learn more here's what we know so far police dispatchers tell us they responded to reports of an avenue that's near the elizabeth river trail and norfolk southern terminal drive. dispatchers say they arrived and now hold them and out safely around three o'clock this morning. no word yet on how he ended up in the water. we also have new information this morning on a reported stabbing in virginia beach police tell thirty news now the victim is a fourteen year old boy incident happened around nine o'clock class that on wimbledon way that's in a neighborhood off holland road and lynn haven parkway a police dispatcher tells us they received the call bell a stabbing medics took the team to a local hospital with non life threatening injuries. no word yet on whether police are looking for a spa suspect cases still under investigation. developing now
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answers on his own time i mean think about ah but i think we are going anyways d it comes to me in a family demanding answers as they remember their daughter suzanne story was killed a little more than a week ago by her dog she found through a newspaper ad that attacked her while she was cleaning its crate still devastated her father spoke with her knew her saying someone needs to be held responsible. it's something that was anderson says he'll never hear again we're taking call me his ally be getting the reality still painful for him to wrap his mind around his daughters suzanne story was killed a little more than a week ago by her own dog her family says she found it to add the virginian pilot which they claim described the dog as good with small children anderson said the ad was false that the dog attacked
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after she got it ever mean go ahead and go praying for something not of decay of stories family says she got the dog for free from its previous owner cheryl the view from norfolk to her home to see if i could speak with her the one answer i waited and not to get the still no answer at the door a phone message i left was returned. anderson said devito should be held responsible. he'll come forward and patience as we get to it because he needs answers for his only daughter who was also the mother of two teenage girls to the best out of a man who knew from the reporting in norfolk. she knew her thirteen news now for coins county sheriff's office tells their canoes now that the vino is not facing criminal charges. the dog and a microchip showing it was updated on shots and it did
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history tells this case is now closed in the pit bull has been put down. well this week and the mother of a woman shot and killed by virginia beach police is in hampton roads demanding answers. gina best spoke with the police chief yesterday about the death of her daughter in decatur last september caterer baby were in a car with angelo perry a person enter of interest in the homicide police got into a shootout with perry and both perry and keg or die the baby was not her best was in console a bushel of police headquarters saying there has been no update on the five month long investigation. she also wants to see surveillance video from the night of the shooting no mother should ever feel ignored and disregarded to the point of desperation about because i never got a call from the police department's amazing in what prosecutors say they were not released
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the investigation is complete gina best has several more protests planned this weekend just ahead on daybreak today's the day the country comes one step closer to choosing presidential nominees candidates pull no punches as they battle it out for your vote the files in the last president of a heart pounding close call a school bus ends up facing off for the train. plus this little piggy went to market this little piggy stayed home and
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what's with him? he's happy. your family's finally eating vegetables thanks to our birds eye voila skillet meals. and they only take 15 minutes to make. ahh! birds eye voila so veggie good . well that saturday morning
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on a mild note this morning they know that means we're going to see some mild conditions as we headed to the afternoon hours now temperatures are over twenty degrees warmer than this had yesterday morning and spots were twenty degrees warmer right now in wakefield also franklin twenty degrees warmer in virginia beach are also three degrees warmer and mouth and she could see and as we head into this afternoon we're going to see those temperatures above normal were going to climb anywhere from ten to fifteen degrees above normal by this afternoon. now on tap as we take a look at a live shot here from raleigh tavern is in williamsburg where nice and dry this morning for no rain in the forecast today look at these temperatures forty eight degrees right now in williamsburg that wind out of the west southwest at eleven mph and again that when is really key to these warmer temperatures now the wind as it has been pretty gusty this morning i reported about eighteen mph and now five twenty eight in virginia beach and twenty one and doubts will see those wind gusts today up to about
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do have those high clouds overhead that's going to continue as we had throughout the day will call it mainly clear to partly cloudy again to some high clouds out there's a no rain in the forecast if you are traveling today looking pretty good all across the region sixties up and down the middle and six sixty three in d c alley down to near seventy and new birds will talk about cooler as seven day forecasts and will talk about those chances for rain coming up just a few minutes just sorry i should check out this story this morning. you've heard of therapy dogs and therapy horses but how bout a therapy pig and try to meet maximus new jersey's first certified therapy pay. max works for a non profit that offers mental health and life skills program experts say the therapy animals have been successful reaching people with alzheimer's elitism and all kinds of disabilities and while therapy dogs are more common customer say max is
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fluffy cold to make a difference they say so. well check this out. virgin galactic unveiled its new space plane the spaceship to the new ship will showcase just sixteen months after the first ship crashed in the mojave desert versions owner says this is the next step in his plan to take riders to the edge of space and just in case you're wondering that ride will cost to a cool two hundred fifty thousand dollars per person fire crews kept busy in recent weeks an official say they average more than one fire each day the safety tips there sharing in the hopes of preventing some of these destructive fires that
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i today is the next big and the race for the white house hillary clinton and bernie sanders will face off in the nevada caucuses meanwhile the south carolina primary will likely be a make or break race for several of the gop stragglers abc's megan hughes reports voters in the palmetto state have surprise candidates before we gotta get out we have to vote with polls showing is leaving south carolina dwindling
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several fronts. he's taking on apple for refusing to help federal investigators hack into phone of one of the san bernardino terrorists boycott apple bisque after saying it was disgraceful for pope francis to suggest run was not christian or wanting to wall off the mexican border on friday trump softened his stance. i will say the pope was great and is a very nice man ted cruz is facing ballot challenges in several states over his canadian birth the marco rubio campaign with south carolina's popular governor nikki haley after winning her endorsement in god's hands in the voters' hands and jeb bush trailing badly in south carolina campaigning with his mother the former first lady will be here she whispered in my ear you really are my favorite nevada bernie sanders of rushing to beat hillary clinton to the finish line but i hope we have a very
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voter turnout. i need to get said saturday. hillary clinton picking up a crucial endorsement from south carolina's most powerful democrat. my father has always been with hillary clinton news abc news columbia south carolina experts say the race in nevada is too close to call in south carolina the latest polls show trump in tiles on top rather with cruz and rubio gaining in recent days well you can count on thirteen years now to keep you updated on the primary results for the latest news head or website thirteen years now dot com and click on the national politics tab you can also look for an update tonight on thirty news now at eleven virginia beach firefighters are investigating another house fire this morning. they rushed to the arch in the green run section of the city yesterday they found heavy smoke of flames coming from the top of the house crews kept the fire from spreading to other homes a car parked out front was
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the home escaped on his own no one was hurt the red cross is helping the family that was displaced and beach fire officials tell us it's been a busy month for them. crews have responded to fifty seven possible fires in the past sixteen days they wanted to share these safety tips first make sure you have working smoke alarms in your home. second keep safety in mind when operating heaters and when cooking. also make sure to properly maintain fireplaces and chimneys lastly make sure power cords are in good condition and never use extension cords with electric space heater incredible new video this morning a dozen teenagers are lucky to be alive after a train nearly smashed into their school bus surveillance cameras capture the whole thing in spring texas students say the school bus driver started driving across the tracks and then stopped a train was headed right toward the only feet away from
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student in the back of us jumped out of his seat and ran only seconds before it passed ran out to the front and brace myself for impact because i knew that if that rain would hit us then out and head back there to say the bus shook as is the trains that by missing quickly fired the driver students say they're just lucky no one was her. also new this morning an incredibly rare sight in yosemite national park check this out. light hitting yosemite national park where normally the sun doesn't shine is making a waterfall look as if lama lava rather is flowing off the side of a cliff not a llama la vie. he said it's an optical illusion
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out of the year and it just the right moment at the cato with the pretty early and i think i left ankle again and temperatures were off to a warm start we'll call it mild for this time of the year this is actually where we should be closer to the afternoon hours so we shouldn't be in the mid forties early in the morning reporting for right now next more were coming in at forty three and now fall on the on the peninsula with the forty five right now in salute of gloucester the morning to you coming and at forty seven and as we head over to the peninsula we also have a mix of forty them on the map forty eight right now at the williamsburg jamestown airport are coming in at forty six in hampton and down onto the south side look at this fifty degrees right now and centrists forty eight cape henry in virginia beach are also at fifty i know she and i and then northeastern north carolina we've got forty five was the city forty three in core peak and forty eight right now and outs of mild start to the day all due to the south westerly winds winds have shifted yesterday
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that cap but a little bit below normal today we're going to get that south westerly wind that's going to bless our temperatures ten to fifteen degrees above normal as we head into this afternoon. now satellite and radar right now are sleeping nice and dry but we do have those high clouds overhead that will continue as we head throughout the day. real time tracking our next cold front still out to the west helping to produce some of those clouds. this front will swing through our area late sunday into monday and that will bring us a chance for a few showers as we head throughout the rest of this morning we'll see those high clouds again we're not in a sea full sunshine will call it filtered sunshine and then sunshine but by lunchtime temperatures already near sixty degrees and will top out in the low sixties by this afternoon and then later on this evening. notice temperatures falling into the fifties i do think our overnight hours will see temperatures starting off tomorrow near fifty degrees but we could see some fog developing especially over
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monitor that as we head into your sunday. some i'll start your sunday morning and then by sunday afternoon temperatures climbing into the mid to upper sixties with a notice that rain arrives we will have chances for rain late sunday but not for today we're going to say mainly dry sixty we're going a little bit lower than the models about sixty three an orphan mid sixties on the peninsula and the northeastern north carolina you'll likely harm and to the mid to upper sixties and some spots here the look of the seven day forecast sixty four today upper sixties on sunday but i am tracking chances for rain closer to normal next week. wow great coming up in sports it's not time for march madness yet but we do of high school playoffs
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it is time to start getting serious about the high school basketball season. time for the conference tournament championship sports director scott cash explains in your sports weekend with the coffers twenty seven championship game nor come against me this north along the border early this were the first seven points in the game that was dairy in alice in them for free this and one miles clicked the link of the pork the big man for nor from travis ingram with a party near an icelandic friend ms fields had a big night and number five for the greyhounds he had twenty six and and actions mostly in the north from greyhound and as they won eighty eight nine in the conference seventeen championship game. lake taylor in white against king's fork darien see brian after some great passing and ball movement of the titans
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chris roscoe takes it down the lane for the two jt was number ten for like a local place in football can also play some hoops and then don't cry in the long three make taylor wins easily sick sometime this afternoon at daytona it's the x mini series race and while you're waiting for the daytona five hundred that we hear from the two winners of the candles dale earnhardt junior and kyle busch's they talk about restrictive plate racing. you walk through this maze all day long making choices on right or less straight and you know it it when it comes down like indigo kind of take stock in what you didn't see i am i in position to win i win you can get out front it tends to be easier to hold guys off yes the problem is being able to get out front because it is easier for that wrong guy to hold people off so that guy's pretty smart guy like a denny
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something like that it's going to research a place and it's hard to get by those guys. the admirals at school last night taking on the florida everglades they beat florida on wednesday night for two last night that took the early lead on the rebound is great chase the bad habit of scoring early lately. sometimes they hold on sometimes they don't last night they didn't florida came from behind win in three to one same two teams tonight at school for thirteen used our daybreak i'm scott catch the uh uh around rio these women's soccer team punched their ticket to the olympics with an easy five zero win over trinidad tobago the defending world cup champs will go for their fourth straight gold medal this fall. well if you like warm weather you're gonna love my shoes forecast ahead to break down your neck of the woods and
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good morning everyone thanks for joining us on thirteen years now and a breakup joe fleming advices gotta wait to hear more about this weather today temperature and the upper fifties it's febuary twentieth or you can last and highways in the low sixties by deception and that's even better last weekend we had temperatures twenty to thirty degrees below normal. it was cold last weekend in akron to be the case this weekend you know i we've got a really good concert going on at the hampton coliseum. joe is tearing and he knows someone that's heading to the concert tonight are going to see carrie underwood. it starts at seven o'clock we'll have partly cloudy skies. that's pretty mild though for
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by seven o'clock so again you will need an umbrella if you're heading out there maybe just take a light jacket look at temperatures right now off to a mild start this morning forty six degrees in norfolk. also forty six in newport news we've got forty five and allows the city and low forties right now and while silent on the eastern shore but the wind says the big story breaking and all of that warmer air to our south is a bit breezy and it will stay that way as we had throughout the day seventy mph right now be reported in norfolk a scene in virginia beach about fifteen right now and hansen so again it will be a breezy day but a mild day overall and will keep those clouds around another satellite radar was sleeping mainly drive but we do have those high clouds again not to be full sunshine will call it filtered sunshine so we had to add the rest of today temperatures and the mid fifties by midmornininwill climb to the low sixties by this action is someone a little bit cooler than this model and as we head into the evening hours will drop
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so a very pleasant evening and store but i am tracking rain chances as we head into the second half of the weekend i'll let you know when the rain will rise coming up just a few minutes joe carter thanks asia politics have been put on hold this morning as we look at a live view therefore a man who helped shape the country's legal landscape justice antonin scalia is set to be laid to rest later today following a funeral mass at the basilica of the national shrine of immaculate conception. abc's bahs economy is in washington d c where loved ones are saying their final farewells this morning thousands will fill the largest roman catholic church in north america the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception is another chance to say farewell. thousands more stretched for blocks outside the supreme court friday lee's been a figure in my life for my whole life he said example for americans that you can stand up on
6:32 am
for the law of justice scalia is former clerks lined the way as he was carried into court for one last time the other eight justices are waiting in the light filled a great haul their scaly his body lay in repose on the same platform that one til the casket of abraham we can pray for the coming of the kingdom. so yes i call a priest offered a prayer you have called your servant and ten out of this world the president and first lady bowed in silence after meeting privately with scaly is family. also there to pay their respects. judges patty millet and sri sri the boss and believed to be on the list of potential nominees to the supreme court even though republican leaders have said again friday in the washington post they don't plan to confirm the next justice until after the presidential election president obama is not waiting to act that binder he carries the left the oval office friday is filled with notes he's reviewing it this
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nominees. justice scalia passed away a month shy of his eightieth birthday. after this morning's funeral his family and friends will attend a private burial reporting from the supreme court nominee. abc news washington and the u s supreme court just refused to stop a lower court order the demand in north carolina legislators draw new congressional district that the decision means house primary elections won't happen next month as scheduled. instead they'll be delayed until june the federal court ruling called to a majority black districts racial gerrymandering the ruling order new boundaries immediately turns out a misunderstanding led to a big scare at fort eustis the base was ordered into lockdown yesterday after three civilian contractors reported hearing shots fired it happen and building six fifty four used a soldier support center security
6:34 am
there was no active shooter and no shooting victims they say one possibility is that shots may have come from a nearby firing range. that's exactly what we deduced if you think about katrina goes on for used is also on the couch like a funeral detail practicing her funeral in the news times weapons will be discharged and is a noises throughout the installation operations return to normal little over an hour later. army officials say they're still investigating the incident the feds are investigating a threat against a private virginia military academy in happen at hargreaves military academy in chatham. that's about two hours southwest of richmond the school superintendent released a statement saying the threat was made online and could be lying to the islamic state school officials canceled classes postponed an open house scheduled for today officials say they increase security just in case
6:35 am
mary research or is facing several child pornography charges forty six year old michael wilson was arrested by campus police for possessing child pornography ernie lebeau has reaction from the campus is shocking that's for sure due to the college of william and mary found it hard to believe that someone affiliated with their school was arrested for having child porn friday forty six year old michael wilson was arrested by campus police. this is a pitcher wilson posted on the college's website for the center for conservation biology. he's a researcher there has been with the college since two thousand for now he faces four felony child porn charges. school officials say wilson has been placed on administrative leave and as this is an ongoing investigation. he's not allowed back on campus academic all stuff we did take a good attraction to remove the person from campus and friendly grounds near
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something about it in williamsburg i near new beau thirteen years now. well as the government versus apple as the fbi tries to gain access to the phone when the san bernardino shooters coming up why apple still isn't backing off to the mono way going cameron newly bought mercedes bursts into flames on the highway and pour another cup of coffee could actually undo some of
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. welcome back everybody we're starting off with a look at our spot on forecasts for yesterday this is for friday the actual temperature was forty eight degrees are forecast at forty six so that makes one street forecasts in a row so we had to restart that streak over and again as long as more than three degrees at that temperature them are good to go the spot on forecasts today at least ten degrees above normal the normal high this year right about fifty two. i'm forecasting a high of sixty four degrees it could be a great day today and look outside overlooking downtown norfolk we've got those high clouds in place and it is mild outside as well temperatures forty six degrees right now in norfolk
6:40 am
news enough on the eastern shore also a forty three dollars the city are coming and at forty five degrees now is a bit breezy probably saw my camera. it was shaped shaking i just a little bit but we are seeing wind gusts up to about twenty three mph right now and now for twenty eight in virginia beach down to eighteen and suffolk and twenty two and outflow will be a bit of a breezy day today to do is keep that in mind if you have any outdoor plans now satellite and radar we do have those high clouds in place again you saw the camera overlooking downtown norfolk not producing any rains we will stay dry today but temperatures they mention into the sixties sixty four degrees partly cloudy again with those high clouds got mild and breezy with a south westerly winds gusting up to about twenty mph it's gonna be a gorgeous weekend especially compared to last weekend where it was just brutally cold i in some spots it felt like the single digits were over that now are
6:41 am
conditions and more tolerable as well sixty four when he can do with sixty four now and say anything about an age that comes close. forget the age thing but the temperature is going to be great out there that's going to be gorgeous today are thank you. moving right along. still ahead there is a reason they call it the windy city. how high winds caused two walls come tumbling down plus new information about an oil spill in the potomac river state regulators say they're making sure someone
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developing an hour of battle pitting the fbi against apple's media after the just department slammed the tech giant for refusing to help unblock the san bernardino killers i phone. they say the company's only worried about its reputation. apple publicly vowed to fight the court order demanding they hacked the phone saying it would open the door for private citizens to be exposed. still prosecutors and the white house say apple needs to help. we don't want to allow terrorists to establish a safe haven in cyberspace the government filed an order asking the court to force apple to comply. dominion virginia power's accepting responsibility for an oil spill in the potomac river state regulators are issuing
6:45 am
dominion. the company could face penalties and be forced to pay for cleanup costs dominion says more than ninety five percent of the oil has been recovered a transformer failure earlier this month in a substation in northern virginia released more than thirteen thousand gallons of mineral oil into the river this morning two people are lucky to be alive after their new car burst into flames on the highway it was all caught on camera check this out. the driver recorded this video on his cellphone in portland oregon he says he was driving his one week old car when he tried to change gears car struggled and the engine light came on the driver says he tried to maneuver the car over the shoulder but the engine kept turning off and as soon as i thought might try to turn the car on it wouldn't turn on and a lot of smoke coming from the engine mean a friend got out of the car soon as we could and just three minutes
6:46 am
and exploded now the owners insurance agent says the cause of the fire is under investigation. the abc affiliate in washington and or the car's vehicle id number into a national highway traffic safety administration database. it says there's a recall for this line of cars involving a power steering problem but there's no mention of any fire when the weather in chicago the winds strong enough to cause two walls come crashing down at a construction site. you see the collapse in this video were told workers were putting up the walls of the building when they came down like pieces of cardboard one of the walls crashed a parked car across the street been working inside the room with the whole like the whole building shook. chicago police had a close and sidewalks because of falling debris. one man was injured by falling bricks is the way to the bustop high winds also
6:47 am
gusty winds also caused problems in iowa authorities were called out to several crash scenes involving tractor trailers. this is one of the incidents the semi was blown onto its side by the wind. no one was hurt in the accident. some of the wind gusts were reportedly more than sixty miles an hour here at home and fell pretty windy when i came into the studio isn't going to be a windy day for a citation yet is going to be a bit of a breezy day job but not quite as windy as what they're dealing with in chicago luckily i know those really conditions that bring and that warmer air to our south so here's a look at the wins at the southwest we actually seeing sustained winds at the airport in norfolk up to seventy mph right now ten miles in newport news and eighteen mph right now in virginia beach again it's gonna be a breezy day are already starting off pretty breezy as well or sign of mild to do is look outside with those high clouds in place overlooking the virginia beach oceanfront this is from our dairy queen candidate seventy the atlanta
6:48 am
degrees right now the winds at the oceanfront about seventeen mph with two out of the southwest that is a warm when fried. so that's really going to boost our temperatures as we head into the sectional. here's a look at satellite and radar showing you the high clouds that we have in place not producing any rain it will stay dry today but i am tracking our next system a cold front will offer to our north and west this front will swing through our area late sunday into monday and that will bring us a chance for rain so as we go through the rest of the morning hours will climb near sixty by lunchtime. a lot of sunshine will call it filtered sunshine with those high clouds and then by this afternoon will top out in the low sixties and by this evening if you have any plans or maybe you're heading out we'll see temperatures dropping back into the fifties now overnight tonight with the warmer air moving over the relatively cooler ocean we could see some ocean fog start to develop that could push a little bit farther inland so we'll monitor that as we head
6:49 am
though it's been another mild morning with temperatures pretty close to where they are this morning and the upper forties and then bites my afternoon. that is what happens temperatures once again in the mid to upper sixties but notice and tracking chances for rain already approaching rich man by the early evening these rain showers will get closer to us as we head into the evening and overnight hours. so for today sixty four degrees partly cloudy mild and breezy with those winds gusting up to twenty mph forty seven degrees tonight under mainly clear to partly cloudy skies his look at the seven day forecast sixty four today. sixty eight for your sunday again better chance of rain on sunday evening into the overnight hours on monday and will get a break from the rain monday before more rain arrives late monday into tuesday. pretty unsettled tuesday and wednesday but temperatures dropping back closer to normal joe. all right sounds great nation. how long have you been using the same credit card you're passing on
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abc's chief business correspondent rebecca jarvis explains the simple steps you can take to make the most of your credit card a new survey revealing twenty five million americans haven't changed their bill to credit card in at least a decade. another twenty million have never changed at all. now the experts say when it comes to that plastic your loyalty really doesn't pay to want to walk amongst the cards that are out there and find who's offering the best deal cards with some of the most valuable sign up bonuses today the chase sapphire preferred card. the city thank you from your card and a sparkly card. these cards can give new users between forty and fifty thousand rewards points but before you do always check for easing restrictions compare using sites like credit cards stock comic nerd wallet and credit karma and remember there always have yet to opening new credit cards. that's right it could have an
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history if you're opening too many cards also could have an adverse effect if you close cards with the longest history that was abc's rebecca jarvis we all know a cuppa joe can help you sober up after a night of drinking while the story but a new study shows that hot brew might also undo some of the damage done by the alcohol. british researchers found a few cups of coffee per day cuts the risk of cirrhosis of the liver four cups lower the risk by an estimated sixty five percent. bring it on. well i felt the winds howling as i drove in this morning not a great day to work i atop the new lesson or bridge construction. those cold weather jobs see that? jill's gobbling up our bird's eye teriyaki broccoli. (mind-blowing sound) and look ben is going for more buffalo cauliflower. (mind-blowing sound) everybody's a veggie lover now. what do you think? (mind-blowing sound) mind blown. bird's eye flavor full.
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. the how often you have to work outside during the month of february i'm trying out cold weather jobs counted sixty four today what happened that this job high atop was the bridge near the water conditions can get even colder. check out joe's cold weather job i was training with j murray the safety officer with the claim construction mcclain is the same company that built the original was no bridge fifty years ago the film where the wind was picking up the temperature was falling when to come up to the top here it's more the wind that slows down work then the cold. it depends on the specifications of the bridge we can't get too cold like this in segments of removing lawn chair by the way it cannot do anything like that does not like a specific cold this day started with a meeting of the mine company rests update everyone on progress reports and a few of them wanted us
6:55 am
the importance of obeying the warning sign or a world out for their safety as you know it's a safety issue or nor to get her nestle we work about us or care about beach strollers can wander way too close to construction we don't want the public and or care where they are protected with the right pee pee on his gums issue of all respects i was a safety officer makes his presence known as the huge concrete bridge segments are hoisted off the flatbed. portsmouth it's an amazing process seen in this animation how the launcher travels the length of the bridge to drop the segments hot job in the summer and cold one in february though as much glee as close as possible and the library i got oboe for males the clothes i took the advice of these guys and more lotsa layers and i think
6:56 am
to us even though both be in with the workers just deal with the project manager is thrilled to be working on a bridge to last a hundred years is now law is not a lot of bridges going up like this in virginia beach and i'm really happy to be part of this particular project how i'd use a safety officer they define what a little more training. thanks boss now short and sweet you define a little more training and so glad my job was with that guy the safety inspector was a very doable one for me walk around sometimes cold weather shuts them down though fortunately got it all done man can have easy times of their work and today sixty four degrees love it next week are on board the carrier george washington to see what their call whether jobs are like me. well great news for you weekend warriors it's going to be a beautiful day you're gonna want to catch ice is forecast changes are on the horizon however. plus the big days here democrats and republicans will make one last push for your vo i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan.
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you may also be struggling with non-24. calling 844-844-2424.
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. in god's hands in the voters' hands i need the nuts added a board decision day only hours ago until voters in two key states cast their ballots on who should be the next president. i and he called me
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mourning the death of his daughter who he believes should take the blame the and the soldering a legal legend one final goodbye in for supreme court justice antonin scalia. and thank you for joining us now thirteen years old a break on joe finding a way of all those stories in a minute but first let's get to the good news for the morning or saturday morning wakeup weather forecasts are gonna love this one is the day you've been waiting for after months of cold wintry weather finally a taste of spring. meteorologists say shes got tracking clear skies mild temps good morning i should tell us more please come morning joe you know we started off the winter on a mild note if you think back to december and now we're off starting this morning on another mild noting that the last week and i think this is a pleasant tree so they can look at the numbers were at forty six degrees right now in norfolk. also forty six a smith phil are coming and the low forties


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