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tv   13 News 11  ABC  February 20, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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the clippers, doc rivers is trying to get them to trap earlier. so valuable time didn't get wasted. the steal, the near turnover and the prigioni three makes it a one-possession game and steve kerr goes back to his starters. >> they have a foul to give. there's the foul on curry with
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now golden state will inbound again. clippers do have a couple of timeouts remaining. golden state has one timeout left. >> this game was all but over. they were talking about the next step for golden state. the clippers reserves, iguodala looking, looking. inside. the ball is knocked away. picked up by wilcox. wilcox puts it up, won't go, and the game ends! how about that. a final shot could have tied it and force overtime. doc rivers could even smile about it. golden state survives the final couple of minutes. >> good job of active hands and denying the basketball. keep it away from curry, away from thompson. force a turnover. wilcox actually has a chance to send this game into overtime. had open shooters on the wing.
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ball, but what a great run by the clippers. >> just another golden state/l.a. clippers game. klay thompson led scores with 32. he's with lisa. >> thank you, mike. klay, what happened? it seemed like this game was over. what happened? >> we got careless with the ball and before you know it they scored 8 points i about 20 seconds. got to learn from it and learn it's a 48-minute game. they're never going to stop fighting. >> you got the win and before the game you told us you could not have another game like last night. so what was different tonight for most of the game? >> the intensity here was special. it's crazy, it's the regular season. it's always fun to play the clippers. electricity in this building got us up and ready for 48 minutes and our turnovers, too. we didn't have 13 turnovers in a quarter like we did last night. >> you did have 30-plus assists tonight.
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franchise record for you guys, what does that say about your team and all the assists that you had night after night. >> that's just how we play. we modelled the offense after sharing the ball. it's contagious when one person moves on and the next guy gets an open shot. it's always going to come back to them. 30 assists is crazy. it's a testament to how unselfish we are. >> a win is a win, so congratulations. >> thank you. >> mike, back to you. >> lisa, the win makes them 49-5 on the season. much more nba action on espn coming up wednesday. at 8, wizards and bulls. then the sturs and kings. coverage begins at 7:30. wild finish as the warriors hold off the clippers 115-112. for jeff, mark, lisa, our producer and director and our wonderful abc crew, mike breen
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watching as the warriors defeat the clippers for the third time this season in three games. thanks for watching abc, home of the nba finals. to the couple who set aside the whole day to sell their old car
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oops. nana's got the kids til 9... but it's only 2. guess you'll just have to see a movie... ...then get some dinner.
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. after a warm day a comfortable night with temperatures above normal warm weather is expected to stick around for another day meteorologists and stores in the weather lad with a look at the temperatures that will be staying close and you're looking for some showers to be in the next twenty four
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talking about some showers rolling through but another mile day tomorrow as well the high today of sixty nine degrees that came after low of forty this morning and we saw temperatures in much of hampton roads in the upper sixties to lower seventies the record by the way seventy seven to nineteen ninety one remember last year we set a record low of nine degrees so certainly a far cry from what we saw a year ago but as brian mentioned i'm tracking another system out towards the west couple areas of low pressure that will sort of come together to give some showers as we go through the later afternoon and evening hours of your son that was weak on things out for you will start the day with temperatures in the lower fifties will see temperatures climb into the upper sixties to near seventy degrees tomorrow afternoon the clouds will start to thicken up for the afternoon hours and a chance of a couple of showers by four o'clock better chance for some wet weather as we move into the evening and early overnight hours tomorrow with a cold front will drop temperatures for the start of the work week i'll have more on that in the seventy forecasts coming
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business communities coming together to support dozens of people who are affected by huge fire and will be spent last weekend the support is coming in the form of clothes and money and today both seem to come together in norfolk to her has a look at the effort to help people regroup and rebuild the ocean view community is gathering here that there are c campbell for a benefit to help those affected by the willoughby spit fire last week. organizers say they are extremely proud of those stepping up to help the week after a massive four alarm fire raged through more than a dozen buildings on willoughby spit neighbors are helping neighbors reaching out to those impacted by the fire. it's been a it's been a tragedy but the other side was seeing the outpouring from everyone in the community will be realtor judy boot to collect clothes early saturday to raise money later in the day
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the word who knew his victims whatcom fire survivors and on because they don't want to feel like a victim and they feel very very fortunate because their lives. boone says the bar grill is donating ten percent of proceeds from ticket sales to help survivors. that's on top of any cash donations customers make. who says she's been collecting for a few days and so far has already raised and handed out thousands of dollars in money and gift cards. it's just amazing how everyone came together and nothing really had to be said they just came back showing that was to her a well known charter boat captain from north carolina died today after an explosion at his home burned seventy five percent of his body can county sheriff tells jim brings field captain jim passed away center norfolk general hospital prince fielder was her what a burn barrel exploded in his backyard yesterday. captain
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carolina and virginia joe flanagan spend time with them last year when he helped to take on the role of pirate ship captain for joe's job the sheriff described prince fielder is a community leader who carried a quote deep desire in his heart to help others for the second day in a row people demonstrated in virginia beach in the name of india cake or cake or died in september after virginia beach police shot her and angela perry officers say they were looking at perry connection to a number of crimes and he started firing at them in psych acres card caper was there with them as well as her baby the baby was not her. there was a rally today the seven eleven with the exchange of gunfire took place kickers mother gina best was there with supporters. she's calling on the police department to be transparent and believes the demonstrations help call attention to what she considers police brutality my daughter a woman was not viewed as a human. she's in her great today and to the babies have to be raised now without a mother. best is asking for surveillance
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be released for the commonwealth's attorney's office says it can't release the video until it completes its investigation. yesterday she tried to meet with commonwealth's attorney cullen stalin but declined he declined rather to meet with how her attorney present we're waiting to hear exactly what happened at a hotel that wound up requiring a large number g beach police officers this morning dispatchers got a call about a robbery at the knight's inn on when hayden parkway around four forty five am the supervisor tells us the nature of the call changed several times. hours later police still were there and at least two people handcuffed someone who works at a nearby business says the problem stemmed from a party and then it's not the first time there has been an issue at the hotel in a good neighborhood good or bad hotel so we need to do so go to although we did see two people handcuffed police have not said if they arrested or charged anyone virginia beach police are looking into a robbery that took place in a hotel at the oceanfront this
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twelve twenty the super eight on atlantic avenue officer say that someone into a room and took money the person may have had a gun was not released any other information about that incident for people in virginia beach are out of their home tonight after a fire there this afternoon firefighters were at the colonial run mobile home park on baker road around twelve forty five present the flames out about fifteen minutes after they got there the fire started in a bedroom but investigators aren't sure what caused it to people how to be treated for smoke inhalation today after a garage fire in hampton emergency crews wrong watkins drive around eight thirty this morning firefighters were able to contain the flames to the rise but the rest of the house had smoke damage to people who inhale the smoke went to the hospital for treatment. investigators are trying to figure out how the fire started. democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders brings the stumping to hampton roads next week sanders will hold a rally at
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at nine thirty a m the rally itself will start at noon it's open to everyone that the campaign encourages you to rsvp ahead of time with instructions on how to do that on our website. thirteen years now. com some may have doubted us but we never doubted each other sanders democratic opponent hillary clinton pulled off the win in the nevada caucuses today she needed it to dawson are lopsided loss to hand in new hampshire on the republican side a lot of big news donald trump easily won the south carolina primary and after a poor showing there jeb bush decided to drop from the race. here's abc's making whose hillary clinton and donald trump now teach those two wins in race for the white clinton sounding confident in taking swings we need more of the plan for the big banks the middle class needs a re the south carolina voters
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the outsider now firmly on the inside track is nothing easy about running for president. it's tough it's nasty it's mean it's vicious it's beautiful the way you win it's beautiful. long lines to vote in both states reflecting a heavy turnout ted cruz and marco rubio polls with strong performances the after another for showing emotion and jeb bush called it quits tonight i am suspending my campaign the value of new banner bernie sanders emphasizing that he knew that the gap with clinton the use of sanders has also been training here in south
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here next saturday mega news abc news. columbia south carolina thousands of people attended the funeral supreme court justice antonin scalia in washington today school his sons and sons in law carried his casket the aisle the basilica of the national shrine of immaculate conception. vice president joe biden and his wife former vice president cheney and scaly his fellow justices were among the people who were there a private burial took place after the mass scalia died just a month shy of his eightieth birthday close friends and family of author harper lee attended a small funeral service for her today in her hometown of monroe hill alabama for literary masterpiece about racial injustice to kill a mockingbird brought her fame after it was published that was until last february she released the sequel to set a watchman lee who died friday was eighty nine years old a captain calls for help
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from the captain of the all foreign to his company's emergency response line before the freighter sank plus hear from safety officials who let that call for help go to voicemail apple not backing down in his battle with the fbi in our alleys are coming across the country to support the tech giant plus one hundred and eighty mile an hour winds and damaging floods ravage fiji we have a look at some of the destruction left behind
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what you are paying for, right. the final answer. chevy. the most awarded car company two years in a row. wow, it's like a luxury car. i was shocked. i mean it's like, this is chevy? current qualified gm lessees can get a sign and drive lease on this chevy cruze limited for around $179 per month. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. the new secretary of commerce maurice jones is in cuba he's part of a regional delegation that includes people from virginia maryland and washington d c together the group will discuss future trade and tourism opportunities. the greater washington hispanic chamber of commerce organized the trip which is meant to lay the groundwork for future relationships and potential economic and cultural opportunities in cuba demonstrators are planning to rally more than thirty
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for apples are backing the company's decision to defy a court order telling it to unlock encrypted by phone that belongs to one of the shooters in the terrorist attack in san bernardino internet rights group fight for the future put together the nationwide event which will take place on tuesday the demonstrations come a week after the fbi went to court to force apple to design a way for ages to access phone. although this involves a specific case apple argues that doing that would create flaws in security protocols in the long run back allow people to hack any i phone anytime. prosecutors have been slamming apple for refusing to unlock the phone the only thing that we're doing is no different than write a search warrant or somebody is home to search for did somebody say it right a certain somebody is computer apple ceo tim cook says people's information quote needs to be protected from hackers and criminals who want to access it steal it and use it without our knowledge or permission the captain of the l farr said in his final call for help before the freighter
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ticking. captain michael davidson called the tote maritime emergency response line and told the operator the ship had a whole preach was taking on water. he also said the freighter wasn't able to maneuver. davis' call was transferred to company safety official captain john lawrence that call went to lawrence's voice mail that the thought cross your mind that he was in close proximity to hurricane joaquin at that time i did not the you put the two together the elf are assigned in october it was sailing from jacksonville florida to puerto rico when encountered hurricane watch in all thirty three crew members died including engineer richard pushed the terry from virginia beach recovery efforts are beginning in cg after travel cycling winston tour across the island in
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brought one hundred eighty per hour winds mph was i should say and gusts of more than two hundred and twenty mph. that's the equivalent of a category five hurricane the storm killed at least one person there are reports of damage and flooding remains a major concern. these government has declared a state of natural disaster. and trouble cycling winston looks like it is at least the strongest hurricane to tropical system ever in the southern hemisphere so another record that tropical system around here fairly tranquil weather today we had those high thin clouds move in sordid in the sunshine a little bit loose on the warm temperatures up to sixty nine degrees a few spots that the lower seventies and will be warm once again tomorrow and admonition of the top the broadcast this is the next storm system couple years of low pressure that come together to give us a chance for snow showers tomorrow afternoon a better chance into the evening and
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those high thin clouds we saw today created some nice sites up and this guy chris evans from virginia beach said in this picture to us easily several of what we call a second horizontal arc it looks like a rainbow but of course we didn't have rain today. this actually occurs high in the atmosphere when the sunlight is reflected by ice crystals in the clouds move heightens fears that are up there about twenty five thirty thousand feet were forty fifty sixty seventy degrees below zero so it sorta acts like prisons and bends the light we had some reports people talking to me about that so many messages even geoff lawson sent me a text earlier today saying that he saw a couple of those arcs out there in a couple of sunday on the skies have since cleared since then and we're looking at mainly clear skies as we head to the overnight hours as we start things on your sunday morning we are looking at temperatures around fifty degrees. clouds will thicken up as we go through the day so look for partly mostly sunny skies in the morning increasing clouds through the afternoon. here's the next system approaching from the west notice by three o'clock. scattered showers already developing across
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southside backwards wakefield and korea though showers will roll through tomorrow evening and even into tomorrow night we'll look for some scattered showers and could be a leader a shower early monday morning a cold front will slide through that will drop temperatures as we go through the day monday the dissenters at seven am in the upper forties and will continue to fall as we go through the morning hours and will see temperatures topping out in the upper forties to around fifty degrees with lots of clouds out there we head into tomorrow night and then in the tuesday here's the next batch of rain that will be moving and looks like a wet little part of the workweek with scattered showers and occasional rain on tuesday and wednesday by skyview showing mainly clear skies fifty six degrees was coming on the southwest at fourteen mph it's breezy out there. fifty seven chesapeake fifty four newport news fifty five in current us fifty nine of the wallet on his fifty four in seven games till and fifty four in elizabeth city so mainly clear skies tonight overnight lows around fifty is very mild for this time of year. increasing clouds as we go to the day tomorrow you will need
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certainly will by the afternoon evening hours with southwest wind five to ten mostly cloudy skies with scattered evening showers tomorrow night then on monday mostly cloudy skies and cooler slight chance of a shower was on the north ten to fifteen mph gusting up to twenty seven day forecast we are looking at cooler temperatures as we start the workweek fifty degrees on tuesday with scattered showers and occasional rain back of the fifty eight on wednesday down the fifty two thursday. skies will clear out by friday and saturday with your normal temperatures highs around fifty degrees so a little bit of a wet week but more is going to be another nice day with mild temperatures at least huskers are from a year ago he said the trial of mexico yes and savor run around people in shorts or sleeveless. that's right our thanks a lot of the big day for basketball for the hokey sissy day two when we come back we mention the virginia tech okies an impressive win over florida state and tonight the lady monarchs get a road test in
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ask your hep c specialist if harvoni is right for you. . the last novel dominion faced off against marshall it was the first on the two ever met trey freeman headed then to a career high thirty seven points in the state re meeting of the two schools as the thundering herd won it on a late three pointer by a count of seventy eight seventy five tonight the rematch of the monarchs try to make a game of it re frame my sil school often under going old school beats native nod on going inside
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at six a pace more from frame in the next prey to a good day to buy it at halftime more from freeman off the feed from jordan baker from hampton the shot goes he had twenty points. they also had read instead with a team working hard for them on it's just running out of steam as the thundering herd goes on the false the eighty two sixty five when other acts of the virginia tech okies back and hope for the first on a couple weeks this afternoon they played host to florida state with ted was sold out cassell coliseum took down by as much as eleven in the first half chipped away as justin bids for three years had twelve points that cut into a van jail and hudson streets the line for two i caught it before nap attack on the brake again justin robinson issued a new battery would feel like they were down eighteen at halftime second half scary moments at ballot will collide with the seminal player card over his eye he would leave the game but were turned rookie starter alec
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death is an advantage is three and sixty four to sixty one. now it was actually days to his nice little jump hook good. two of his twelve points the dow just one big get there first and the games it's going up to nothing and it's appropriate. alan go to the whole two lbs twenty three off the bench to go up sixty seven sixty six and then they put away from aaron robinson adding thirteen points hope he's going to post the eighty three seventy three when it was senior day over waynesboro women are hosting drexel tried using the backdoor to perfection early john sheldon the layoff of thirteen ramallah now ski with a lay up then daniel dixon layout deadlocked at forty at halftime. second temple more pro in driving to the rack that tied the game at thirty two piece probably not done. this is when you know you're shooting well three pointer and the shooter's bounce try
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dixon also get involved with this one three pointer with a defender in his face trial in a long proven however down the stretch. check the dry contact and the fao had twenty nine points to lead the tribe but too much to the dragons for the second year in a row they play spoilers on senior day drexel a winner over the tribe seventy four to sixty nine norfolk state gets tripped up on the road act delaware state the final sixty seven sixty four as part one a blown a seventeen point lead and one of losing by three other acts of christopher newport perfect in the conference eighteen innovate felt marymount eighty nine fifty nine twenty the capital athletic conference as topsy lynchburg by five over virginia wesleyan eighty to seventy five james madison no problems with the lower seventy five to fifty on
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monarchs of voting hosting a martial vigour of the hottest most early g smith formatting norfolk the nice runner the goats tied it to know the course that is ej a jumbo working inside for two points of the blame are still down five more inside work jenny sans fighting smith with a bucket tool for ten points and then it was. kiana brown twelve points for her that included four three pointers then off the inbounds on a cappella pena but the lady mocs trailed by seven at the break they will come back to rally jennie simms despite the miss tool for twenty two points they going to post five when the end of two women not so fortunate they too would lose the delaware state the final sixty four to sixty was expended game series racing from daytona today and what a way to make a debut in her rookie season
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member last week about being the youngest looking to be on hold for the five hundred he's now the first winner is the first time winner that very track meet out joy logano got on a restart with thirteen laps to go ol we come back we turn to hockey and the norfolk admirals that they were back in action
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