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tv   13 News 11 Weekend  ABC  February 21, 2016 11:00pm-11:20pm EST

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are extremely upset because there are lots of kids in this neighborhood and they had no idea what was going on for several hours sunday people who live in this four unit apartment building say they weren't allowed into their homes. the bullies will i get out get out so we had to stay outside norfolk officers tell us they found a meth lab in the second floor unit after a dispute between a man and his domestic partner people from the building described both men is quite calling them high in by neighbors the kind of neighbors we see only in passing with a day you will be living downstairs to somebody who has a whole lap to be a tony armas i was shocked that i was living you know under the play you know i live in a row that but i was little i know nothing while police and fire crews investigated. neighbors watched venting to each other voicing their anger and frustration was draw so much emotion is pathetic because
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do that when you're able body may in due to go get up to get a job to blow all of us i'm you know does this vary with the frustration comes a message for the man whom police took into custody i think the city to put us at risk right there and i don't have any sympathy for any of you whatsoever nor fiction to her thirty news now this is the fist meth lab police say they found in our area since every twelfth things started off in chesapeake officers found an operation in a shed off of meadows landing in western branch last sunday please newport news city busted a meth lab on middlesex road that led them to two other locations in the city last week. those are all the drugs produced in addition investigators say the newport news cases led them to a location on cynthia drive in hampton in that incident police said only that they found victims are found items rather use to
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have not called it a meth operation officially norfolk police are investigating a shooting that took place tonight in northview dispatchers tell us that happen on alexander street that of northview avenue and runs parallel to chesapeake boulevard. no other details about the shooting were available. the coast guard rescued three people who are on a boat started taking on water off of the outer banks the boat was about forty miles from oregon inlet at the time. coast guard members got the boat and helped pump water off of it they then escorted the boat to oregon inlet. no one was hurt. a local navy veteran who was an advocate for his fellow vets and for the families of the sailors killed in the bombing of uss cole died this weekend luke on was a familiar face and voice in the military community and you're thirteen years now once on sharon was one of seventeen sailors who died in the terrorist attack on the cole in yemen in two thousand gun work as a veterans affairs grief counselor he is survived by
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the police are asking for help to find a missing teenager seventeen year old jarrett ellis it disappeared friday the last time anyone saw him he was on evelyn court that's back behind the old newmarket north mall ellis has a social disability if you see him or you think you've seen him and to please ask that you contact them. the city of portsmouth officially welcomes its new police chief this week tanya chaplin will take the oath of office tomorrow morning in city council chambers chapman's experience includes serving as richmond's deputy police chief and working in the state's department of public safety and homeland security. she replaces chief ed hart has left the apartment in june of last year the ceremony begins at eight ten am and is open to everyone democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders will be making a stop in norfolk this week sanders will speak at a rally tuesday its co volunteers at his local campaign office are getting ready for the visit
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call you know his stance with it socialism or democratic socialism you know that's just a label we put on i like his views and i like what he stands for what you want on it in its scope is open to everyone doors open at nine thirty. the rally begins at noon. republican presidential hopeful john casey also will be in virginia this week the ohio governor will hold a town hall meeting at george mason university tomorrow. from there he'll head to charlottesville. then he'll make his way to richmond where he'll hold another town hall meeting at virginia commonwealth university. his republican opponent donald trump dani at the south carolina primary this weekend trump won all fifty delegates in the state in second place marco rubio who edged out ted cruz both are working to take trump down in their own way rubio hopeful it can be done we need to remember here over seventy percent of republicans nationally have basically said we're not voting for donald trump trump who has question ted cruz's
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president because cruz was born to an american in canada seemed to the scene to review today he re tweeted a message that suggested rubio may be eligible to run. rubio was born in the us chose to laugh off that tweets a shooting spree in michigan six people killed another person seriously hurt police are struggling to find the reason behind the shootings coming up later on sunday sport special a thrilling finish to the daytona five hundred price that has highlights as
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the police in michigan still don't know the reason behind a deadly shooting spree that took place in kalamazoo this
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teenager was left with critical injuries. the queue shooter jason dalton has no criminal record and investigators don't think he knew any of the victims dalton was in hoover driver was picking up fares hours before the shooting began abc's elizabeth r has more on dalton and a community that is coming together in grief community a morning offering prayers not only for the victims were also the alleged gunman now in jail very relieved that we have someone in custody i know the shooting spree started just after five forty saturday evening the first a parking lot where a woman walking to work or was shot several times. the second four hours later at a car dealership a father and son were killed here. the thirty minutes later outside a cracker barrel restaurant where four people were killed
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year old mary jo nine a retired teacher with no reason to believe that there was more than one person involved in any of these incidents the suspect jason dalton hoover driver was taken into custody hours after the final shooting matt allen says he was one of dalton's customer saturday afternoon the ride so frightening. he called nine online kind of guy he is gentle on speeding ally and then finally once he came to stop i jumped on a car ran away in a statement. hoover says our hearts and prayers are with the families of the victims of this devastating crime. it's a crime not just her freaking but baffling for police and dalton fevers very unexpected you know this is why guys stuck himself never really had any problems cops never bow to his house before also baffling because boomers that the suspect passed their background check and police confirm he has no criminal
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in court as early as tomorrow it was that her abc news new york. very nice weekend with temperatures running twenty degrees above normal. looks like cooler weather set to move in just in time very funny and back to school and back to work tracking a cold front that is set to move to a little bit later on tonight bringing with it a few showers we saw some steady rain a little bit earlier this evening track in just a few showers moving through parts of hampton roads has been isolated as we've gone here to the evening hours and that's the case out there right now few sprinkles up to mathews county middlesex county down here through hampton a few more over towards the eastern shore cast doing a very good job showing these isolated showers scattered around the region tonight and midnight. also showing the cloudy skies out there cold front will drop you a little bit later on tonight to my five o'clock tomorrow morning. quite a bit cooler than what we're looking at temperatures right around
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couple of isolated showers with an early start to the morning commute as we go through the morning will start to see the clouds breaking up a little bit sore say partly to mostly cloudy skies during the day on monday been much cooler with wins coming in now the north at fifteen to twenty mph t t hold temperatures in the mid to upper forties to right around fifty degrees right through the afternoon hours as i mentioned a few peeks of sunshine as we go through the afternoon to head to the evening the clouds will start to thicken back up the next batch of rain set to move in so as we head into the morning commute on tuesday looking at temperatures in the forties and a good deal of rain moving through the region has a look and to be a very wet day with occasional rain the morning hours and even the scattered showers to the afternoon with temperatures in the lower to mid fifties silhouette of a great tuesday night and another batch of rain moving in on wednesday i have a cold front will bring some showers and thunderstorms in the middle part of the week and some cooler temperatures as we head into the weekend how much rainfall looking out over the next forty eight
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an inch to this time tuesday night because another half inch to an inch again on wednesday so pretty what pattern coming up at least the middle part of the workweek cloudy skies outside right now a temperature on the southside sixty one degrees winds coming of the west southwest at nine mph. those winds will switch around towards the north dropping temperatures later tonight we'll go for an overnight low of forty seven degrees with those northerly winds picking up gusting up to twenty mph a few of those isolated showers and one mostly cloudy white decor only forty eight degrees for an afternoon high with these north easterly winds ten to fifteen mph increasing clouds tomorrow night with rain developing late an overnight low of forty two degrees northeast winds continue on tuesday will see the occasional rain high temperatures around fifty degrees c temperatures back up into the sixties on wednesday for a high of sixty five with scattered showers and a couple of thunderstorms is another co from moves through a few lingering
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five and as we enter the weekend of sunshine returns will see temperatures pretty close to normal in the upper forties to around fifty degrees. although not too bad but too bad i guess you know if you have to have the rain is better during the workweek and we had a nice weekend workouts i mean which mistress much that i think london coming up later in the sunday sport special it was the closest finish in daytona five hundred history here from the virginia native who
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volunteers spent part of their day making sure thousands of people will be able to eat. members of st andrew's episcopal church again for the assembly line to put together meals for people who are in need in two hours they were able to pack twelve thousand meals that decorate the other and work together and do something that will really make it the meals will go to people who get help from
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agency. stop hunger now time well spent there. that's a hundred miles a minute it's i mean that's pretty impressive thousand meals coupon for a couple more hours. had they gotten through this awesome awesome time spent with us to brian smith is up next on the sports press remember to
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one of the tightest a top five hundred finishes ever since richmond area native became the first time winner of college baseball the defending national champions in the university of virginia looking to stay perfect on the season and here in town the spartans play to end their season opener. buckle up your seat belts for another crazy ride on the sunday sports national now five or whatever brian smith and welcome to the sunday sport special we begin with the great american race with an emphasis on great all the talk going into speed week was how hendrick motorsports drivers were among the heavy favorites to take the checkered flag by days and the surprise coming from the joe gibbs racing team who hadn't seen victory lane at daytona since dale jarrett to the back in nineteen ninety three let's go racing chase elliott the youngest pole winner just twenty years old when im born with jeff gordon. i've started sprint cup driving in
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elliott would have to leave long four laps and dale earnhardt junior has had a motorsports teammate passes the meantime kevin harvick led a team gets close but somehow catches it and doesn't wreck know it not so fortunately turn forges come to wreak havoc on some drivers today ellie would lose control here and then check the damage to the splinter out cz i he was done finishing thirty seven meantime that would be denny hamlin taking first at the halfway point. thirty laps to go on the favorites going the way side that still earnhardt jr get loose in turn four once again try this evening to create some space in one of spinning outta control. hence the inside barrier he was ok would finish thirty six now to the final at the same actions of the twenty car trying to hold off hamlin will get some help from kevin harvick to take the lead with


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