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tv   13 News Noon  ABC  February 22, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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pronounced dead not long after he arrived at right now there is no suspect information to tell you about brown though has been following the story since it broke this morning she gives us the very latest details one neighbor says loud noises woke him up at first he thought someone was trying to bang his door down b looked outside and quickly realized what was happening by her like this chaos the whole of spain to see if either one of the baggers and their direction after this and something about a day to keep the law of believing they're in court or makes brian winston and then you those loud bangs must have been gunshots just before four a m police found thirty antonio jackson shot multiple times police say he was sitting on the driver side of the car behind a whole new intersection of pilot in parkway and shell road will be okay to be okay but
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died shortly after medics brought him to the hospital socks also woke up. winston's daughter and i never had access before history. so like those that are scary police blocked off the street. detectives in a k nine unit cold and snowy for clues trying to figure out what led up to the shooting i told her three years. this actually scary because i come from a rough environment which didn't want his family to live in a safe area. he's not sure if he'll stick around the neighborhood our cart traffic didn't try to keep myself in what is two additions to the sumo fighters in conway police details on who they're looking for. if you have any information you can call the crime line in the hampton police brown thirteen years now. we did the following news that we broke early this morning a cruise ship passenger had a medical situation off the virginia
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helped to take him to shore in virginia beach where us workers took him to the hospital. no word yet on passenger which cruise ship he was on work to get more information to you and will continue to update you on air and online at official portsmouth has a new top cop for this morning at city hall tanya chapman took the oath chief erik ainge was there for this morning swearing in and eric along with the soaring and came to protest apparently lucy is put on by the family of william chapman the unarmed teen shot and killed by ex be on trial for murder next month but chase and video some supporters walking through downtown it was a peaceful protest that started at the courthouse before they headed over to the swearing in ceremony at city hall the new chief tanya chaplin officers to the highest a reception following
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chief chapman actually met the chapman family. there's no relation there but it was a civil exchange of words her swearing in today was historic because chief chapman became the first black woman to be appointed chief of police in portsmouth and in a city that's predominately african american the chief says it's crucial the department reflects the community they serve is very significant to me. i mean just you know to be a role model for all the police department police officers on is always been significant to me on but you know that complete surprise we should be reflective of the community as much of the camp and before coming here to portsmouth chief chad was a mcauliffe administration official eric came thirteen years now hearing this morning for norfolk police officer michael and ten officer in
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manslaughter in the death of david lay some lace and threatened an officer with the knife back in two thousand fourteen prosecutors say they intend then shot and killed david lee some ravens mother said her son suffer from mental illness into involuntary manslaughter charge carries a max sentence of ten years later today newport news fire officials will put out a safety message following the discovery of several meth labs in the city the what the public to know the hazardous and dangerous coincidences that happen when first responders raced to the scene and when they respond to those situations in newport news low police busted three meth labs in one week is also about a meth lab in norfolk at home there over the weekend it was an all systems go what will it fly scrubbed the schedule sounding rocket launch today because of weather and other issues a launch delay for this rocket happened several times in december will try again tomorrow but there will be back up days in place for
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the rocket was launched that projects and experiments from west virginia university. if you are in virginia beach expecting to get a little louder near oceanic practice lights for the airshow are starting this afternoon those flights will happen mondays wednesdays and fridays all the way up to march forth the flight team needs to put in a certain number of training hours in practice flights before any airshow the show is set for september ten and eleven. we continue to follow that shocking story out of kalamazoo michigan that is where in over a driver allegedly went on a deadly shootout the latest developments on the tragedy and the deposition today for bill caused something is just fundamentally broken when african americans are more likely to be arrested by police, and sentenced to longer prison terms, for doing the same thing that whites do. ...when too many encounters with law enforcement end tragically. we need investments in education, health care and jobs, to counter generations of neglect. we have to face up
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i we continue to follow that story out of kalamazoo michigan were uber driver is due in court today on charges that he allegedly one of the shooting spree killing six people and wounding two others was with her has the developments on
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people are dead two others injured. one suspect in custody but so far no motive right now according to police started shortly before six saturday evening in this residential complex. a woman was shot several times she survived and about four hours later in this car dealership parking lot a father and son were shot and killed minutes later outside his cracker barrel restaurant. five people were shot four of them died including retired teacher mere human eye. these victims apparently selected at random. this is your worst nightmare. hours later the suspect uber driver jason dalton was taken into custody without incident police are now looking into reports that dalton was working between shooting this man who asked to remain anonymous says he was one of dylan's customers during the rampage i have
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are you and he a he said no i say sure and he said no i'm just really tired and matt millen says he will but don't just about an hour before the first shooting kind of guy he is gentle on speeding ally and then finally once he came to stop i jumped on a car ran away. it was nothing in his book reviews indicate that he was appalled today police say they have new hope for the youngest victim the fourteen year old girl was initially believed to be brain dead but he eventually managed to give doctors. two thumbs up. it was that her abc news new york. all arguments this afternoon for the company that made the rifle used in the sandy hook elementary school massacre. lawyers for the company that made the rifle used to kill twenty first graders and six educators won a connecticut judge to dismiss a wrongful death lawsuit families of the victims filed the suit they argue the aar fifteen is too dangerous to sell to the public. freedom group or madison north carolina says
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thousand by federal law that law shields gun manufacturers from most lawsuits over criminal use of their product and in massachusetts bill caused his wife camille cosby is slated to answer questions under oath in a defamation lawsuit against her husband seven women filed the lawsuit claiming the comedian sexually assaulted them decades ago. this is believed to be the first deposition camille cosby will give since the many allegations came to light. defense lawyers for cars be filed an emergency motion this weekend for a delay. i judge decided the deposition can still take place no wife wants to go into a deposition or public forum and have to testify about her personal relationship with her husband definitely not testify about his relationships with other women a lawyer for the women who filed the suit says camille cosby could have useful informations and she was bill cosby is business manager and spouse dozens of
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claims of sexual misconduct against bill cosby a presidential hopeful is coming to hampton road. oh yes a look ahead at the bernie sanders rally taking place tomorrow here in africa and right now at some mostly cloudy sky out there are some breaks in the clouds in the sunshine is trying to
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we're going t there has to be a way. carry the centimeter,
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[ beeping, whirring ] great caesar salad! and now the name your price tool shows people policy options to help fit their budget. is that a true story? yeah! people really do save an average of over $500 when they switch. i mean about you inventing it. i invented the story, and isn't that what really matters? so... what else about me? the democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders will make a campaign stop here in norfolk sandals will speak at a rally tomorrow at scope depth and can stop by the senator's
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his benefit from the nevada primary bernie sanders will make a stop in norfolk on tuesday. well ahead of the big super tuesday presidential primary that could become a make or break day for some presidential hopefuls sam over brought his son along with a volunteer to spread the message of the democratic socialists and or whatever you want to call you know his stance with it so close are those of you know that's just a label we put on. i like his views and i like what he stands for i don't care what you call centers offices near east linn creek road and time warner drive organizers told us they did not have the budget for an office like hillary clinton's on west twenty first street in ghent older two i think of that eighties headband but he's saying that they will also give them some difficulties in the shadow of school since the first man has destroyed a
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presidential candidate announcing he was coming to school right across the street right beside you i would like to listen i like haven't decided. march first will be the virginia presidential primary for both republicans and the democrats bernie sanders is working hard to win hampton roads votes by coming to scope on tuesday. whoever i'm a boho i hope that the somebody is going to help buyers and help the country in over two hundred and thirty news and on the gop side for double at regent university in participate in the presidential candidate forum on wednesday. the event with university chancellor pat robertson followed by question and answer session with the audience. doors will open at eleven thirty and the event is scheduled to start at noon and republican candidate john case it will be making his rounds in
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he held a town hall this morning at george mason university in fairfax. he has an event in charlottesville after that and then to wrap things up. case in richmond tonight for a town hall in virginia commonwealth university a trial starts today for a virginia voter id lawsuit lawyers for the democratic party of virginia argue that the state's voter id law is unconstitutional a two thousand and thirteen law requires voters to show a photo id at the polls. some people argue that this law makes it difficult for minorities to vote more than thirty states have some sort of voter id requirements and lawsuits are pending in several states. a judge is expected to rule on north carolina's in just a few weeks. today was the first time the u s supreme court met since the death of justice antonin scalia the justices took the bench this morning to resume the courts work after school his funeral on saturday justice clarence thomas previously said it would be hard to imagine the court without scalia who served as a justice for almost three
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still in the works in a major point of debate senate republicans' pledge to block anyone president obama puts forward are i would have a pretty good day right now across hampton roads some chairs a lot cooler than yesterday no getting around that but that let's talk about some weather headlines for you today. much cooler than mention temperatures down twenty degrees from this time yesterday is going to be mostly cloudy with some breaks in the clouds generally temperatures upper forties that's where we are right now tensions are going to warm up much. some of the lanier is a little warmer in the lower to mid fifties rain moves in late tonight and occasional rain tomorrow or wednesday with some afternoon or evening storms and stu and i were just talking about the potential for a few stronger storms question is going to be with that front comes through will it be with that p feeding or will the storm's way to help a little bit later in the evening and
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those storms could be quite strong. wednesday afternoon evening cooler but nice as we head to the weekend to get some good stuff to look for it if you've got to plan this weekend should be in great shape right now forty eight degrees at langley up and hampton airport also a forty eight fifty two now virginia beach as i mentioned some of the inlet there is more like low to mid fifties but the temps are going to move very much and we are down as i keep mentioning from yesterday quite a bit. twenty two degrees cooler right now in virginia beach from this time yesterday. speaking of virginia beach of the oceanfront to see the waves coming in right now is pretty quiet out there but you won't be too long before we see more more folks tend not to the beach is forty eight degrees at the airport keeping the temp staff had a couple light sprinkles early this morning we had showers pass matter the north that in one cell race across eastern north carolina that's out of the picture and we are dry as we expand the view though we have a system down here and
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its act together this was the track through and you see in the future kasper knew the chances for rain late tonight notice for drive through the afternoon or early evening but as we go through the overnight rain likely to develop and i expect to be busy tomorrow morning with daybreak tracking showers across syria pretty good chances for rain to the morning commute as we get the afternoon it becomes more hit and miss and dispatcher move through so that by tuesday evening just a few showers left over that our next system comes in you can see this one's more vigorous we have cold air the backside of it snow back across eastern parts of missouri into illinois even indiana back down to this out there in arkansas so cold on the backside the area of low pressure spinning here it will track off to the northeast is going to drag a cold front through our area so wednesday afternoon scattered showers but as we get in the late afternoon evening. you see the line of more intense storms that may develop and is already watching seat and eleven even
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moves out by early morning thursday think should be much quieter slight chance of leftover shower but that's about it as far as rainfall goes next forty eight hours not looking too terribly bad happen it's certainly possible in some areas lesser amounts down to the south will continue to watch this again and this is through early wednesday morning to that next patch likely to bring heavy rains late wednesday and wednesday night. so again today upper forties lower fifties and one cloudy skies rain developing out well we've already added you know early this morning to look for some more to develop later tonight and then tomorrow temperatures near fifty and will see good chance for rain tomorrow night here's reza seven a forecaster weekend will be mostly sunny but cooler so we get the chance for storms late wednesday and then things to improve is with another tease right yes and yes sixty five and moved back and a cousin enjoyed clear skies looks like this weakens
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imagine this a life size noah's ark construction is almost complete in williamstown kentucky check that it's more than five hundred feet long and fifty one feet tall and of course the inside look at that the design team is working on creating animals to go inside wooden cages creators want to prove there was plenty of room for animals on the ark is not millions like some the species and every size oh and that was pretty small land all seven of some plenty of room on the show that our the one hundred million dollars project was completely raced through encounter is scheduled to open in july. pretty cool what next to lace up those shows we're speaking with relay for life officials about a fun event that you
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everyone this weekend in chesapeake people in a lace up their shoes for the five k ma left on for relay for life to benefit the american cancer society this is especially important because hampton roads is a color a rectal death hot spots. it's actually one of the top spots in the nation joining us today from the american cancer society is richard life thank you for being here and also tracing the clearer the event's leader thanks so
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us why this type of cancer is a hotspot or were hot spot for the sake of cancer percent of those a few reasons why colorectal cancer is a major concern in hampton roads area. one of the first is education folks don't know how serious colorectal cancer is my the second has access to treatment to prevention screenings such as such as the costs could be great or other screening tests that your doctor can do and then the third is access to treatment so the screening colon colorectal cancer colon asked these are scary for a lot of people because it can be an invasive procedure well after a lot of folks don't know is that there are other screening opportunities that would be base on a conversation with you your doctor and it's available for everyone. tracy what made you get involved with this particular day that while this event came about from the actual relay for life
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several years ago to breast cancer and i got involved with relay for life and in order to get the information out to people about the american cancer society we started and at the greenbrier where to stay were greenbrier mall of the set up a table give the information out one coordination with them all we put together this five k event and then over the years and ground we've got more backing from sponsors the mall has been just great great help to us and as well as chesapeake regional medical center has gotten involved as well which is an increased awareness with that two people are wondering what can this one event do for the american cancer society explains them how much of an impact. well one of the causes for us being a collector and a hot spot is access to treatment for some folks simply do not have transportation to receive their cancer treatment can sell with our road to
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hundred dollars that we raise about twenty rides to treatment can laugh and expect different huge differences in literally saves lives. monteith information is on your screen right now is this saturday at seven o'clock in the morning greenbrier mall in chesapeake it's good either rains or not
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we're back thank you for joining us today right now we are taking a look at downtown norfolk from our norfolk sky to camera. stay with us because in just a few minutes craggy going to join us with this forecast. but first our top stories at this new and hampton man is dead after being shot multiple times police found thirty five year old jermaine jackson early this morning in a vehicle parked behind a home on power
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at the hospital right now no suspect information this morning at city hall in portsmouth. tommy chapman took the oath of office to become chief of police and protesters showed up at the swearing in today william chapman's family who was not related to the new cheap protested at the courthouse then marched to city hall william chapman died after a portsmouth officer in officer involved shooting. former portsmouth officer stephen rankin is charged in his death this morning to coast the coast guard made a rescue off the coast of virginia beach according to dispatch a cruise ship passenger had a medical situation. coast guard helped taken to shore to virginia beach where ems workers taken to hospital. no word yet on the current condition of the passenger or which cruise ship he was new in this new lumber liquidate years the stock plunged in pre market trading today this comes after the cdc said people exposed to types of the company's laminate flooring are three times more
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previously predicted the cdc now estimates the risk of cancer is six to thirty cases per one hundred thousand people the agency says that people should take steps to reduce exposure haven police are asking for help to find a missing teenager seventeen year old eric ellis disappeared on friday the last time anyone saw him was on evelyn court it's back behind the new market your small alice has a social disability were told if you see more you think you've seen them call hampton police immediately closing arguments today in the trial for people charged in the death of a police officer jury deliberations could begin today as well. six people are facing charges in connection to twenty fourteen kidnapping and murder of waynesboro reserve captain kevin quick if convicted for the six people charged could face life in prison a mother found pushing her dead son in a swing in maryland was found not criminally responsible for his death mr. sims was charged with manslaughter and
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charles county sheriff's office her son died of dehydration and hypothermia he showed no signs of trauma though his mother says her daughter suddenly became mentally ill before the boy's death is still unclear how the mental evaluation will play out in the case the director of the fbi is weighing in on his agency's legal battle with computer giant apple. the fbi wants apple to help unlock the san bernardino shooters i followed with an apple is fighting a court order to do sell apple supporters are planning to rally today in thirty cities across the world. abc's by the conniving is in washington with the latest a new plea in phone battle pitting security against privacy. the fbi against apple. the fbi director writes we don't want to break anyone's encryption or said a master key loose on the land i hope thoughtful people will take the time to understand that director james conley defends his agency's demands that apple help them open phone
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roo. the shooter in san bernardino who along with his wife killed fourteen people the fbi says his phone might have critical additional clues in the investigation including whether others were involved. we can't look for survivors in the eye nor ourselves in the mirror if we don't follow this lead rice call me in a new blog posts and press release. apple is also working to rally public opinion taking to the airwaves. there's no limit to what the government could require apple to do if if if it succeeds this way attorney ted olson a former senior justice department official whose wife died in one of the planes used in the nine eleven attacks is helping apple fight a court order to unlock for oops phone he says creating a way to override a phone's pass code would put the privacy and security of all apple customers at risk. this is a pandora's box. we can surrender our civil liberties on and give the terrorists a
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of the san bernardino attack plan to support the fbi in this legal battle. their attorney says they will soon file a legal brief with the court by the county abc news washington here's a question for you do you sleep at night with your phone in your bed. we might wanna think twice about it after a
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the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagage. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you.
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. a mysterious tattoo that just
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charlottesville this weekend has gone down the center was propped against the lewis and clark statue on west main street. it appears that the statues made of masking tape and features a person holding a bow and arrow. we may never know who put the statue there and whine police say they are going to investigate because the statues placement didn't break any laws. a lot of people think of their cell phone charging on their beds but now there's a warning about this potentially dangerous habit. check out this picture from the new york police department's that would be a scorched below and she is in the pillow ended up on top of a chart of a charging phone and then the phone overheated and started a fire police and firefighter safety want to keep your phone you at night make short on hard surface like a table or nightstand ford is tripling its investment self driving cars the automaker ceo mark feels made that announcement in a massive technology trade show in barcelona. deal says
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upgrades like one button parking assistance and guidance to keep the car in its lane and help breaking in heavy traffic. ford is also promise to keep making traditional cars as well. a mega bus is heading down
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new developments in the johnny manziel domestic assault investigation. dallas police now say they have surveillance video that could help in the case it's a key piece of evidence after manziel allegedly attacked his ex girlfriend she says he struck her with his hand over her left ear causing her to go deaf. police have not released details about the video but sources tell espn that may show footage from the hotel where the incident at a bus full of passengers catches on fire on a busy highway sending those people running for their safety. you can see the fire and the smoke coming from the mega bus that's near chicago. it was headed to
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smell something burning moments after everyone got off that bus exploded the passengers watched as their belongings just went up in flames in a loud boom the explosion and fire smoke or thirty feet near the fifty no one got hurt in that explosion right now the cause of the fire still under investigation and icy rescue with a very happy and oh yeah ohio police and fire crews went into action to say two
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well it was all hands on deck for the rescue of two dogs that fell into an icy lake police and fire officials from bath township ohio came to help zoe and zeus after they wander too far onto the ice and fell through to the water we suited up to plunge in and help out
12:44 pm
was all caught on police body camera do you write this and got to two hand he had just gone under. he actually reached down just as he went under he had to scoop him up and around the water pump warm fluids through the dog for hours to save them both the dogs made a full recovery it turns out the link is actually in the dog owner's backyard. she says after the scary incident that still put up a fence now tonight keep your eyes peeled for the full snow moon. so what is the snow according to the farmer's almanac every full moon has a name. it dates back to native americans using in the northern and eastern u s tribes can keep track of the seasons this way so february snow moon is the perfect name because february is usually the snowiest month for the last. no snow in our immediate forecast this week
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i hate that no snow across our immediate area anytime real soon. temperatures are a lot cooler today though. in fact are spot on forecasts seven through this out last night going to be well for degrees above normal guess what we can about twenty degrees above so we're good for that bring our spot on streak to three and today we said this afternoon would be twenty degrees cooler at least twenty degrees cooler than yesterday afternoon and you know what date with the temperature change in the last twenty four hours norfolk eighteen degrees cooler but here's the deal yesterday we read seventy two were at forty eight right now and temperatures are going to hold and follow up to the afternoon so our spot on streets in really good shape right now forty nine at the airport but temps are forecast to fall off later down the oceanfront things pretty quiet right now neways twelve mph. it is because the afternoon to see the temps are dropping back to forty eight around one and
12:46 pm
whereas yesterday we had the temperature in the low seventies so we should be in good shape that spot on forecasts tree as we take a look at the big picture here what weather down to the south. big storms approaching nor was down that way it's going to be a wet one down by the way you can see the wet weather back across mississippi alabama georgia the atlanta metro area little soggy right now some spotty showers early this morning for parts of the caroline is really not much shaking right now but we will look for some additional wet weather as we go to the overnight here is that our future cash to see come into play whether moving through late tonight early tomorrow expect what conditions for the morning commute tomorrow and then as we go through the afternoon evening tomorrow night. still some scattered showers be possible but it's this next system that's going to give us a better chance in niger showers maybe some heavier storms coming out late wednesday into wednesday night in seattle had that we have this surge of warmer air temperatures up in the mid sixties maybe even mid to upper sixties so it's going
12:47 pm
wednesday with that front coming through late in the potential for the stronger storms one cent clears were in great shape to some snow back over the mountains but again locally should be good shape temperatures will trend down as we head through the afternoon our human through the day on thursday and then much cooler friday and saturday a week and looks good highs back into the upper forties so this is what we have for you today the high around forty eight mostly cloudy again temperatures cooler. lows tonight you're forty three rain developing overnight tomorrow's high around fifty occasional rain look for the showers kind often on certainly in the morning and then i think a little later in the day. more showers possible tomorrow night at the next good chance for rain coming up wednesday with the chance for storms wednesday evening that we will see that thursday side chance of a leftover shower with partly sunny skies as we get into the weekend skies will be mostly sunny and temperatures will be in the upper forty so that's
12:48 pm
bad weekend were certainly well above normal for rain so we don't really need additional rain the rain i think we get over the next couple of days here probably a half an inch to an issue that tent for some locally heavier amounts as we get into a wednesday night that the most part we're doing fine and then the next week and looks great this little snow moon was it so interesting we hear terms like that. wait a second is so the forget anytime soon but things are going okay it will get cooler but normally work fifty two fries so temperatures in the upper forties by step what happened to our saturdays off. this really isn't that far from our right to solicit think about the summer when the temperatures took a hundred degrees it's hot outside so naturally the bike tomorrow on daybreak we're going to do reason. revisit your resolution a gas oven tomorrow to do financial debt and you also have what people tend to spend the most money on just every day. the one thing and i guess yet on
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spend the most money are we looking for but like all my goods i will say i made this simple cut back my wife said the difference is as evasive and the yes i can say why hasn't he tomorrow on a day or a girl talking hundreds of dollars yes i was amazing to know because it's little bit of a building from seven thirty that would do the next
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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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something is just fundamentally broken when african americans are more likely to be arrested by police,
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for doing the same thing that whites do. ...when too many encounters with law enforcement end tragically. we need investments in education, health care and jobs, to counter generations of neglect. we have to face up to the hard truth of injustice and systemic racism. i'm hillary clinton,
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if you think some dishes deserve a standing ovation, then join us because we're about to induct our favorites into "the chew's" hall of fame. it's "chewer challenge week," and today i'm being put to the test. clinton is joined by one of our favorite viewers to create a fame-worthy cheesy creation. plus, michael's in the kitchen anthony anderson and they're stirring things up with a hearty soup that'll keep you warm all winter long. we're going for the gold right now on "the chew." [ cheers and applause ] [ cheers and applause ] >> hello, and welcome to "the chew."
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we are dedicating the show to the people and the food that make our show what it is. [ applause ] yes, my friends. we're using this hour to celebrate the dishes that make us weak in the knees. the foods that we look to for deep satisfaction. >> mmm. [ laughter ] >> that was terrible timing. the recipes that make us jump up and down with joy. >> whoo! >> and they're all being inducted into "the chew's" hall of fame today. >> yes. [ cheers and applause ] >> we're excited about that. >> and, guys, today is also clinton's birthday! [ cheers and applause ] >> i thought 50 would never come! [ laughter ] >> only 47. >> thank you. [ cheers and applause ] thank you. >> in addition to some delicious chicken wings which we know you love, we got you a little something else from the rest of us. >> aw. >> a little present. this is from mydavinci. it's a portrait of mary. >> aw, mary.


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